she even looks like a goddess here

ckay but when Anakin and Padmé are alone on Naboo who the HELL is doing that girl’s hair and wardrobe because half that shit would have to be sewn onto her body i stg like let’s just take a look shall we

we have this elephant trunk looking bun over here that’s like sewn together k how the fuck would she do that jfc and how would she tie that shit behind her neck i can’t even tie a fucking bikini and i don’t even wanna mention how she’s making that dress fucking levitate on her ass.

and here we have the front of her magic sunset dress; first, how the fuck is she not choking on that piece of metal shit tied onto her neck by a little string???????? and i would assume that it’s a little uncomfortable to have to keep your arms stuck to your sides so your fucking useless sleeves don’t fall down because they’re being held up by a piece of metal(????)

now this shit’s like a fucking net over here, i mean, look at this shit k its like half string. i can’t even wear those frayed skinny jeans without ripping a hole the size of Africa through the knee and she’s just like “hey boyfriend husband dude imma go to sleep not in my string sleeves goodnight babe” like??? how the fuck?? and i’m not sure how she didnt get strangled in her sleep because of all that neck shit going on. i cant fucking braid the back of my hair, how the hell does she have time for straightening that shit out and tying it and making it look all nice like idk maybe she was a fisherman/women whatever before she was the queen of i dont even know what.

and here is my personal favourite: the Space Dominatrix

so first of all, she gotta shimmy those leather sleeve things up to her armpits, then manage to look like a goddess instead of a sausage. she has to find some way to get that dress on which is fucking impossible because im fairly certain a long time ago that didnt have fucking zippers okay they can have blasters and lightsabers but zippers are a whole other level AND she magically has her boobs look amazing so idk maybe she got some force in her. after all that she has to get that kinky ass leather collar leash thing on and, again, not look like a sausage OR have it fall down like a fucking hula hoop. so now she’s walking around kicking this leash thing and hoping that she doesn’t fall on her perfect fucking face.

and this shit’s just fancy

Castaway {ACOTAR/ Chapter 1}

Word Count: 3,001

Summary:  A modern-day University AU, from the A Court of Thorns and Roses universe. All characters belong to Sarah J. Maas. The idea for this fanfic hailed from prompts sent in by Anonymous, and @queen-archeron.

Author’s Note: I want to begin by stating that I am not for Feylin, nor do I support them as a couple. But, as in ACOTAR, it is vital that the story begins with them as a couple. I have been so excited to share this with you, and already can’t wait to share chapter two. As for chapter one, I hope you enjoy. :)

August 16 – It felt like the first time.

My first time having sex was not romantic.

It was horrible.

To say it was awkward would be an understatement. Hell, it would be an improvement.

The only articles of clothing removed were our pants, and my panties, and it took place in the bed of his truck behind his parent’s barn. He kept making uncomfortable grunting noises, and his shoulder kept bumping into my chin.

I think we kissed once during the entire atrocity.

Oh. And he called me Claire.

That’s not my name.

Tonight was different, though. He made me feel like a princess, like every inch of my body was longed for and respected. He took his time with me, and there was nothing awkward about how he touched me, or how he held me, or how he looked at me.

And when he whispered my name, my entire being unraveled.

I won’t be sleeping tonight.


Wide Awake but Lost in a Dream


September 2 – Move in day

Feyre could hear their voices before she turned the corner, her heart nearly pounding through her chest with every step.

Trailing behind her, Elain was carrying a box full of art magazines and photographs, while Nesta was hauling so many pillows that she couldn’t quite see where she was going. Feyre, on the other hand, only carried her clothes, which she managed to stuff into two old duffle bags that she had managed to save from decaying in her dad’s attic.

“Shouldn’t your new boyfriend be helping?” Nesta mumbled, tripping over her own two feet. “He could probably carry all this himself.”

“He’s moving in today, too,” Feyre proclaimed, defending him, although she did wish he was there with her.

They had been dating for a month, just about, and Feyre had to admit that she was loving the honeymoon stage. They spent hours kissing until their lips became chapped, and holding onto each other until ridiculous hours in the morning. 

They had met at orientation while Feyre was waltzing through the Greek Row booths.

He was there, with his fraternity, watching her move from booth to booth. He was quiet, a little bit awkward with his words, a little bit stiff and short when he spoke, but there was something about him Feyre could not ignore, could not forget.

He was mesmerizing.

Their first date was the next night. 

And they had spent nearly every day together since.

She sure wished he was there, though, helping her move in, to begin this new chapter of her life. She was finally free, gone from the small town an hour away that held her father, the man who was too lazy and too far broken for Feyre, or either of her sisters, to heal. They had been trying for too long. And Feyre was exhausted.

The thought of leaving used to make Feyre feel guilty. She was the only one left, as Nesta had moved away five years before and made a life for herself in the city. And Elain, sweet Elain, had left just a year after to chase her own dream.

Feyre was his last hope, and she had failed him. He doesn’t want to be helped, Nesta would always tell her, and near the end of her time spent under her father’s roof, Feyre was beginning to agree.

You need to make yourself happy. You need to take your own path, Elain would follow, more graciously than their elder sister.

So, she did.

She had applied to the University of Velaris a few months before, and before she could think twice about leaving her little, dinky hometown, and her father, Feyre was moving to the City of Starlight. She couldn’t wait for her first night there, to find out how the city got its nickname.

Soon enough.

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K A I R O S | 05 |


(n.) the perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or movement

An arranged marriage AU.

Paring: OT7.
Genre: fluff, angst, a lot of suggestive parts and eventual smut.
Waring: Mild sexual content
Word count: 6.1k
Author’s note: Part 5 is the final chapter, I am discontinuing the series. An ending post with a summarized ending will be posted along with a short explanation as to why I’m discontinuing. Overall, thank you for reading guys!

Parts: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 (M) |

“But mom, I’m not going to live with a bunch of strangers-!”

“I had the maids pack your things last night, your bags are outside.”


Cliche is underrated.

Especially when you just got kicked out of your own house by your ever so loving parents to stay with seven boys you’ve only heard notorious things about.

Oh, and you’re supposed to pick one to marry by the end of next month

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Diana Prince + “Will you marry me?”

You weren’t sure what the thread count was but her sheets were soft like the clouds and smelled like home and as she cuddled against your naked chest, sleeping soundly despite the layer of sweat that coated her, she looked more like a goddess than she ever could on a battlefield.

She was like a star, in your eyes at least. She was so bright and beautiful (and hot) and timeless.

You frowned. She was so old, so forever and you weren’t. You were a mortal that’d age and die and she was this Amazonian goddess that’d forever be the same. You were a grain of sand and she was the beach.

“Why are you thinking so loud?” she murmured.

“Since when could you read minds?” Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled sweetly at you. Her lips were so pink and kissable and she was amazing and you were so lucky that she chose to be with you when she could have anybody on Earth.

“I can’t, I just know you.” You ran your fingers through her hair, careful not to yank the tangles.

“Now,” she ran the tip of her nose against the underside of your jaw, “What has got you thinking.” You sighed.

“It’s nothing,” you tired. You smiled at her, abet it was a weak, sad excuse for a smile but you tried. You didn’t want to worry her with what was going on in your mind. But the look in her dark eyes make you wonder if she even needed the lasso of truth or if you were just so in love with her you’d tell her anything.

Probably the second one, but hey the first option might also be somewhat the truth.

“Do I matter, to you? I mean you’re a goddess Di, and I’m not. I’m going to grow old and die and you’re not. You’re going to be here looking like this and falling in love with someone new and, and I’ll be ninety years old in some retirement home and still in love with you.” Diana stilled and frowned at you, you hated when she frowned, it never looked right, she was made to smile and laugh and be perfect not frown and brood, that was Bruce’s job.

You sat up when she rolled over to the edge of the bed; for a moment you thought she’d leave you there, but instead she opened up her bedside table and pulled out a watch. It was old, thought the leather straps were new and the metal was somewhat shiny it was worn from being rubbed.

She sat up in bed and looked at you. There was a small smile on her face and her dark eyes held so much love you wondered if your heart would burst because she had on the same expression you did whenever you looked at her.

“The man who gave me this watch told me about marriage. He said marriage is something where two people cherish and love and honor one another until they die, and I know you’ll die long before me but,” she held out the watch to you, your heart was beating so fast you wondered if this is what Barry felt like all the time, “I want that, with you. I want to spend a fraction of the time I have with you. I want to be with you until the day you die.”

“Why?” You didn’t realize you were crying tears of joy until Diana wiped one away. You did the same to her.

“Because I love you.” This wasn’t the first time you’ve heard her say it, in fact the first time she said it felt like nothing compared to this time stopping moment.

“So,” she asked, “Will you marry me?

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All the Things I Didn’t Say

All the Things I Didn’t Say

Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 3350ish

Warnings: Angssst, 2 curse words

Part one HERE!

A/N: This took longer than I wanted it but im a lazy piece o crap. I think this is canceling out my other request for “no happy ending” but like I cant ignore this request so here you go.

Originally posted by tmholland

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critical role relationship week: day 4

kashaw & pike

1: scanlan & cassandra
2: percy & gilmore
3: cassandra & allura

Every day, Kashaw’s route from the training grounds up to the castle takes him past the temple to Sarenrae. At first, it’s not on purpose - Whitestone’s still something of a maze to him, as most cities are, and it takes him a while to get used to the place. But every time he walks past he feels a warmth on his skin, and every time he stops outside the old, broad doors, feeling a prickle at the nape of his neck and in every scar lining his arm.

One day, though - when Vox Machina has raced off for some overseas trip in search of… a cloak, or something, Keyleth hadn’t been clear - he stops outside the temple and looks at it. Really looks. It’s built of whitestone, with thick, sturdy walls meant to help block out the cold. The windows are polished and made of many small pieces of glass; it’s a style he’s seen in some larger chapels of the world, though there seems to be no particular design shaped from the glass pieces. That shivering sensation runs across his skin again, like something is calling from far, far away.

Kashaw shakes his head and pushes open the double doors.

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anonymous asked:

Drunk, facetious, glory, pony, singing

Hey Anon! I know this is very late but hey better than never I say! And lucky for you, I’m in a prompt filling mood lately!

So, see below for your 5 words prompt!

Summary: Jon is a bartender. Sansa is his regular.The rest… well, is up to them. Modern AU, bonding over drinks.

Rated E (like do y'all not know me)

Mood music: Pony by Ginuwine  (some lyrics for context, ahem)


~ Elle xx

Come Ride (Me)

 “You’re not trying to make me drunk now, are you?”

 Jon smirks at Sansa as he downs his third glass of whiskey that evening. The bar was quiet, oddly so for a Thursday night. But for the best, now that she’s here.

“Who, me? No, never. Besides, you look like someone who can hold their whiskey quite well. I’d be disappointed if you weren’t, Mr Bartender,” Sansa peers up at him, her dark lashes flutters flirtatiously as the corners of her mouth upturns into a Cheshire cat grin that only she can pull off.

Jon adjusts himself behind the bar, tugging discreetly at his fly. Only Sansa can make him hard in seconds, with that smile. A smile that had Jon convinced she was one half goddess, the other half a lethal temptress.

My own femme fatale.

“Quiet night tonight,“ she remarks, quickly looking around the bar. There was only an older gentleman smoking a cigar a few seats away from her, engrossed with texting on his phone and barely paid both Jon and Sansa any attention.

“Great observation,” came the facetious reply and Sansa turns to see Jon filling her glass with another shot of whiskey.

“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t mean that-”

“Relax, Red. It’s rare I give you that but it happens. Guess you’re stuck with me till closing.”

Sansa chuckles at her new nickname. There was no one else who called her that. She was always Sans, or Sansy as Rickon calls her ever so often and sometimes “oi!” if Arya was back home - but never Red. A plain colour, she thinks, nothing to shout about and hated it even because it made her stand out more than she cared for. But coming from him, the way it rolls off his tongue… made her heart pound and set her loins on fire.

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When We Were Young

*Image Not Mine*

Characters: Jongdae x You

Genre: Angst / Fluff 

Type: Oneshot 

Requested?: No

Word Count: 1.5k 

Summary: You reminisce your relationship with Jongdae after you guys break up.

For @praisekinkchenanon, with all love. 

- Your Satan #2


When we were young, we thought anything was possible.

When we were young, I thought you and I would be forever.

When you were young, you loved me like there was no tomorrow. 

When I was young, I thought I would be enough. 

Enough for you to stay with me. 

Enough for you to smile and laugh with me. 

You thought I was enough for you

But I didn’t think so

And now that I’ve changed. 

We, ended. 


“It’s complicated. I don’t know how they made that up.” You would say, whenever I would ask you why you were caught in this rumor. But you’ve never explained why it was complicated or how it became complicated. It all just seemed confusing for me. Untrusting, insecure, crazy; me. But I could never imagine how it was like for you. 

I guess that’s my fault. Scratch that, I know it’s my fault. For never considering how you felt when I asked those hurtful questions. For just ignoring your feelings. Everyone said that I was annoying and a moron behind my back, everyone except you. Towards the end of us, I was always annoying. And I knew that. I still can’t understand how you put up with me.  

But everything wasn’t always like this. Everything was surprisingly okay and exciting in the beginning. Everything seemed actually interesting and lively. 


Jongdae and I met while I was a trainee for SM and well, he obviously succeeded and I had to just give up and get a stable job. 

He was always the sweetest person out of EXO and also, the whiniest.

 Despite me leaving SM, EXO and I still remained as close as ever. He asked me out on New Year’s Eve, when I was over at their dorm to celebrate with them.


January 1st, 2015

“Happy New Year!” Everyone shouted as we watched the clock strike 12 AM. And the tradition was to kiss someone on New Year’s so I turned to my left and locked lips with Kim Jongdae. 

I knew it was him. That’s why I turned left. He seemed to respond well to my sudden action. 

When we parted, the rest of the boys looked at us in shock.

 “You two… are a thing?” Baekhyun’s eyes danced between Dae and I.

 “I never saw that coming.” Sehun remarked with an annoying amount of sass in his tone.

 “They are now. Finally, I’ve been watching Jongdae flirt with you since our trainee days, Y/N.” Kyungsoo addressed.

Kyungsoo’s dry humor made everyone burst into laughter and a seemingly endless string of high fives and happy wishes came towards us that night or should I say morning? 

Well in the end, we drank some champagne and fell asleep to a stupid rom com on their sofa. 

The next morning was the best. 

I woke up to Jongdae spooning me in his bed. His steady breathing fanned my neck as I felt his legs tangled with mine and his arm slightly draped over my waist. I tried really hard to move a little because it was honestly getting sweaty but that failed and I woke him up.

 “Morning.” Jongdae rubbed his eyes as he sat up.

 “Sorry I woke you. Did you carry me here last night?” 

“Yeah, you seemed very uncomfortable on that sofa with the rest of the boys so I carried you to my room. And boy, was that work.” Jongdae joked.

“Shut up.” I felt a smile creeping onto my face. 

“I know we are kinda official but I just want to make sure. So, will you be my girlfriend, Y/N?” 

“Of course.” I displayed a smug smile on my face. 


Everything was okay from then on. Yeah, we would have fights here and there but that was to be expected from couples. We would fight about stupid things such as what to get for dinner or what movie we should watch. 

But there were also the cute moments. I remember going to their fan sign during the “Call Me Baby” era and pretending to be a Junmyeon fan. Dae had this jealous yet impressed look on his face I can’t help but recall every time I think of the event.


“Hello.” Chanyeol greeted me at the beginning of the table. I was the last fan so they seemed a little tired. 

“What is your name?” Chanyeol asked, even though he was already addressing the signature to me. 


“How have you been, Y/N?” Chanyeol smiled. 

“I’ve been great. How about you?”

“We’ve been promoting so everything is very exciting. Who are a fan of?” 

“Junmyeonie oppa.”

 “Really?” Chanyeol started to laugh as I just smiled. “Yeah. He’s really handsome and a great leader.” 

By the time I reached Dae, I’ve already told the rest of the boys I liked Junmyeon and he didn’t seem impressed at all. His lips were in a flattened into a straight line. All the boys have been sneaking glances at our interaction and by the way I saw it, they were planning on teasing him in the van when we were done.

 “Hello.” I smiled brightly. 

“Hi! What is your name?” 


“That’s a really pretty name, Y/N-shi.”

I blushed and thanked him. 

“So, I hear that you like Junmyeon hyung.” 

“Yeah, he’s really handsome and sings really good. And he’s such a excellent leader.” I went on and on about how perfect Junmyeon was until he finally stopped me. 

“Are you sure your bias isn’t me?” 

“No. Why would it be you?” I questioned. The boys almost died at my remark.

 “I could sing better, I’m actually funny, I’m more handsome, and I’m extra perfect.”

 I ended up giving up and smiling really big as he made all his arguments going against Junmyeon. I put my hand on his and squeezed it a little. I whispered “I love you.” to him and he did the same to me.

But in the end, I had to leave. He seemed really sad to see me leave the venue.

 On the bus ride home, I read the message he wrote to me. 

“To my dearest, I’m so happy you made it to this fan meeting. I was really excited to see you in the bunch of fans today. But I waited very long because I was at the end of the table :(. And who’s this Junmyeon guy you like? I don’t know him at all. You must stop liking him and love me. Well, I know you love me. I missed you so much. I’ll call you tonight though. I love you.

- Jongdae <3

I smiled so much that day my cheeks started to hurt.


But as EXO became more popular, there was less time for us to spend together. Less time for us to even have a 5 minute phone call. 

We started to fight a lot more. It was to the point where every time we met, we would fight. And not about the stupid stuff. But just about simple loneliness and jealousy.

 It all stemmed from the fact that there was this rumor about Jongdae was dating an idol. It was already 2016 and around the time they started to promote “Lotto”. I was of course, furious. And my jealousy got the best of me.

The idol was rumored to Girls Generation’s Yoona. How could I not be jealous? She was a complete goddess. All of the boys fawned her. She was funny and even knew how to cook. She was the perfect package. And here I was, being me. Not even half as beautiful as she was. I was insecure. 

I questioned him. I didn’t trust him. I asked him questions that hurt him so deeply I don’t even want to picture the expression he had plastered on his face anymore. He looks so hurt, so upset, and like someone just killed his family.

 I would question why he showed up late to my apartment. I would ask him where he was all the time. And I became, crazy. Even after the fact that he denied my accusations multiple times.

 I blamed him for things that weren’t even the least bit related to him. I blamed him for stuff he had no control over. And over time, his beautiful smile faded. His eyes began to look tired all the time. The calls stopped. The cute texts stopped. We, stopped. 

I had made him leave me. I understood why he broke up with me. By 2017, I was this controlling bitch who was insecure about herself. He and I were both suffering. When he dumped me,I hated him the first few days but I came to the realization that it was my fault. That I made us drift apart. I made us end the way we did. 

But what if I say I still love him? What if I say my heart shatters into millions of pieces whenever I see him on billboards or on TV? It shatters because I feel bad for the way we ended. For the way I tortured him for months to the point where he had enough. For the way I was being. Those eyes are still in my dreams. That smile still haunts my nights. That beautiful voice still replays in my head. Those pictures still remain on my walls. The bottle of cologne he left me is still on my vanity.

 I still love him. 

 I still need him. 

But I ruined it. 

I ruined his love and destroyed him. 


   We’ve already established that a lot of feminine names in many languages favor the -a ending, which includes Astra, Alura, Lara (Kal-El’s mom), Kara, Faora (Zod’s second-in-command in Man of Steel). Now, this is purely speculation (I don’t know as much about Krypton linguistic culture or comical background), but those also favor the -ra ending, at least enough to assume it common practice. 

    Lara. Alura. Astra. Faora. Kara.

   It’s common knowledge and/or presumption that Astra considers Alex to be at least one of the exemplary humans. A little bit better (or at least braver) than most. Going out on a limp here, what if the -ra ending was connected to the Rao-centric religion, becoming synonymous with “god”—hence, if one is to assume things (and I will because it does not look like the show will explore Kryptonian linguistics beyond the occasional untranslatable word exchange between Superman and Kara) — “ra”, its feminine counterpart coming to mean/imply goddess.

    Astra insisting on using her full name, Alexandra, not only to distance and defamiliarize herself (something she may not even realize she’s doing) but also because it fits within her culture and low-key calling Alex a goddess because she fits the (at least military) ideal view of a Kryptonian woman (strong, bold, fierce, with authority)?

anonymous asked:

A blurb about Eric always spying on his hot neighbor while she changes constantly? Please :-)

This should be a blurb but I got carried away….it just happens! Also I know that Eric’s room wasn’t on the first floor but it’s easier like that! I will never proofread or send blurbs/bulletpoinst to someone to proofread because those are just not worth it so accept that there are lots of errors and just read, thanks

(Y/H/L) - Your hair length

(Y/H/C) - Your hair color

(Y/E/C) - Your eye color

At first Eric hadn’t really cared that new neighbours moved in and he wasn’t particularly interested in getting to know them either. It was summer and to talk to the people that would from now on live next to his house was the last thing that was on his mind.

But on Saturday evening that attitude changed. Eric was getting ready in his room. It still surprised him that Brooks and him got along since a few weeks even after all that had happened between them. Tonight him and the boys were meeting at Brooks’ house, nothing special just a typical night with beer and video games. He grabbed his car keys and turned the lights off before he went to the door but suddenly he spotted light outside across his window. Eric looked over to the other house only quickly but stopped and slowly moved to his window to pull the curtain to the side when he realized what he saw.

A girl, surely not older than him. (Y/H/L) (Y/H/C) hair that harmonized perfectly with her (Y/E/C) eyes, at least they seemed to be (Y/E/C) from this distance and a beautiful face with a small nose and full soft lips. Eric felt like he had to sit down for a minute and sunk down to sit in his chair, his hand still on the curtain to hold it open. It was a hot summer night and she was barely dressed, probably in the process of changing. The only thing she wore was a black lacy bra and some shorts. He cursed internally, angry at himself that he hadn’t gone with his parents and Kevin when they had went over to say hello to the new neighbours, if only he had known that- Eric sucked in a breath when she suddenly opened the zipper of her shorts and slowly dragged them down her long legs to step out of them. He couldn’t believe that this goddess was now living right next to his house and that she obviously had never heard of window blinds either. He watched her picking her shorts up and neatly folding them before she laid them on her bed. Eric knew that his senses weren’t even remotely capable to determine what he saw right now but even from here her legs looked smoother than anything he had ever touched and he didn’t even want to allow his mind to wander and think about the perfectly shaped body and what he would like to do to that body. His fingers tightened around the curtain when he saw her hands moving to her back to unclaps her bra.

Suddenly his phone rang and Eric jumped up quickly, a little bit startled. He picked up and lied to Brooks about the reason he was late, telling him he’d be there in a minute. When he turned around again he noticed that the girl in the other house had already left her room, likely to take a shower. He groaned in anger when he saw her underwear laying next to her shorts on the bed. He secretly blamed Brooks for this.

Nevertheless Eric managed to leave the house and get in the car. The entire evening though he had nothing else on his mind but you. His thoughts distracted him so much that Eric was almost ashamed when Dylan even beat him in Doom.

On Sunday when Eric lay in bed at night he really didn’t want to be sneaky again and risk a look if you were about to prepare for bed but his curiosity got the better of him and he stood up and walked over to the window, leaning against the windowsill. He was disappointed when he saw nothing but darkness in your room but as if luck was on his side the light was suddenly turned on and you walked into your room.

He carefully pulled the curtain to the side and leaned against the window frame. You of course did not notice anything. You had no idea that the boy from next door was being not quite a gentleman but rather a voyeur. You were lost in your own world. You had just moved to Littleton and it was not really the place to be but you liked the nature here and had grown familiar with the people as well. You were glad that you moved here during the summer holidays and were curious about the school you would go to after summer. But the weather here was awful. It could be cold and rainy on one day and on the next day humid and hot. Today was one of the hotter days. You sighed relieved as you finally got to take of your dress.

Eric watched as you pulled your dress over your head in one swift movement and felt his body tensing. He hadn’t known that some girls apparently did not wear bras all the time and not underneath every piece of clothing. He however knew that he would probably sound like a fool if he’d speak the words out loud and even if he had never seen any breasts in real life except for in porn, he was sure that yours were the most beautiful so far. If he was an asshole he’d get his phone and take a picture right now but he was definitely not an asshole and he already feelt quite guilty for watching you.

The days went by and Eric had realized that watching you had become quite an unhealthy obsession but he couldn’t bring himself to stop or change his behaviour. He didn’t even need porn anymore.

It kind of became a ritual. One time he almost crossed the speed limit on the way home because it was not possible for him anymore to miss your nightly show.

He had never felt so relieved before when he stormed into his room and caught you as you walked in your room. He was at the same time disturbed about how addicted he had become to this but that was quickly forgotten as soon as you buttoned down your shirt.

On the next day in the morning Eric woke up earlier than usual and immediately walked over to his window. You were still sleeping. He smiled and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and shower. When he walked back into his room, wearing nothing but a towel loosely wrapped around his waist he walked over to his window again. You had already woken up and had already changed into your underwear, currently brushing your hair.

It was no longer a sexual need that he had to satisfy by watching you but he had fallen a little bit in love with the gestures you made or the way your lips curled into a smile when you were on the phone with one of your friends. Eric pulled the curtain to the side, watching you as you searched for something to wear. You had something about you that had awoken his interest. The way you did everything with careful and gentle movements. The way you stretched after a long day or the way you ran your fingers through your hair. The way you walked over to the window right now to open it and the way those beautiful eyes looked straight back at him while-

Eric stumbled when he quickly retreated from the window and fell over ripping the curtain off in the process. Damn it! He had been so careful all the time and now this. He stayed on the floor for a few seconds. Maybe you hadn’t seen him.

Suddenly he could hear the door bell ring. This didn’t have to mean that this had to be you. It could be anyone. That could be Dylan. That could be Kevin, really anyone. Eric wasn’t sure if he should dare to open the door. Sparky began to bark nervously when the bell rang again and Eric snarled before he quickly stood up. He went down the stairs, still only wearing the towel and being strangely entangled in the shreds of his curtain. He gently pushed Sparky to the side and swallowed hard before he opened the door. His heart almost dropped when he saw no one else but you standing in front of him. Eric cleared his throat and adjusted his towel, pulling it up a little bit.


He said and you looked the boy in front of you over for a second before you said a quick ‘Hi’. He was clearly the boy you had seen before, the one who had stood at the window and had stared at you. His chest was still dotted with drops of water, the towel around his waist already hinting that he had taken a shower before. A shred of fabric was wrapped around his neck and hanging from his shoulders. You knew that this was a curtain.

“Interesting style.”

You commented and grasped the shred that was wrapped across his neck, gently tearing it off. Eric leaned casually against the door, trying to seem laid-back.

“Uhm yeah, we wear it like this in Colorado sometimes.“

You let out an amused huff. A voyeur but a pretty funny voyeur.

“And you also sometimes spy on your neighbours through the window? Is this another one of Colorado’s traditions?”

Eric blinked and licked his lips.

“Yeah, we sometimes do that too.”

You watched as his face turned red. He was cute, you couldn’t deny that.

“I’m (Y/N).”

You said and gave him a smile.


He rasped back and pulled and grasped at his towel which seemed to slide down slowly.

“Okay Eric, listen! I have to be at the mall in 30 minutes. I would have taken the bus but my time is limited now that I had to notice that I’m not as unobserved in my own room as I thought I am and had to come over to get to talk to the person on the other side of my window. You have a car and you will drive me and we can forget about this.”

You said with a grin and watched amused as Eric’s eyes widened a bit.


He said and nodded.

“Perfect. Oh and don’t forget your scarf.“

You mocked him and wrapped the curtain around his neck again before you turned around to leave. Eric smiled and closed the door behind you. Maybe this summer would get more interesting than the last summers.

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71."kiss me, quick!" Nalu please?

Send Me a Pairing and Number: Nalu 71 (in italics)

Natsu had no desire to go to some bar. He’d broken up with Lisanna a couple weeks prior but he still felt so shitty. While he knew his friends only wanted to cheer him up, it was still difficult for him to acclimate to being the seventh wheel in their little Nakama. 

The music was terrible, the drinks were watered down (hence the swap to whiskey straight), and the company was terrible. The three couples had hit the dance floor while he looked on from the bar, downing his third glass. He was dragged from his zombie-like state by a jaw-dropingly beautiful blonde in a skin tight fire-red dress. 

“Hey, can I ask you for a huge favor?” the goddess asked, her voice smoother than his drink of choice. He found himself nodding before he could even think to ask what she wanted. “My ex is here and won’t get the hint. Could we make it look like we’re here together so he leaves me alone?” 

The protective streak in Natsu was immediately ignited. “Which guy?” he asked, slightly more tense than he intended. She pointed out a redhead wearing sunglasses inside (like a douchebag) but he was also craning over the crowd, trying to find her presumably. 

The other guy locked on and the blonde panicked under Natsu’s arm. “Kiss me! Quick!” she instructed before turning and grabbing onto his chisled jaw, quickly pressing her lips to his in an explosion of surprising passion. It was hot and needy but tender and melting at the same time. Looking up, he noticed her shadow was leaving the bar and took advantage of the situation. 

“I’m Natsu,” he breathed against her lips, trying to regain what little composure he had left. “If I’m gonna have to keep playing your boyfriend, do I at least get to know your name?” 

“Lucy,” she giggled softly, her fingers carding through his salmon locks. “Thanks Natsu.” 

so shaw never really wears makeup, like as a character (obviously the actress does but its made to look minimal and nonexistant)

but like shaw definitely did when she worked at bloomingdales for her cover in season 4, and i can just imagine shaw in her bathroom staring at makeup shes swiped from the store and not having a goddamn clue what the hell is the difference between foundation and concealer, or why some eyeliners are pencil, felt-tip, or just liquid

and the first time she tries, she puts on way too much, and shes annoyed and scrubs her whole face clean off, and is about to give up, but maybe root shows up at her apartment with a smirk, like, “heard you could use a hand”

and shaws all “from you? no thanks” but secrelty shes like okay thank fucking god cause i dont know how this shit works

and the first couple times maybe root does her makeup for her, and its perfect, cause root knows how to work eyeliner like a goddess, and maybe the third time shaws waiting for root to show up, like she always does, and shes glancing at the clock, bitching that shes gonna be late for work, and eventually she just says fuck it and does it herself

its a little sloppy, but you cant even tell because of how minimally she does it, and shaw always looks good anyways

and when shaw gets to work and root shows up in the blue dress with her coffee, shaws like “seriously? now, here?” and while shaw is putting root’s lipstick on for her, she keeps making little jokes like “oh how the roles have reversed” and “see sweetie? its not that hard, i could stare at you all day. though, not that that’s much different from usual”

and maybe shaw purposely overdoes root’s lipstick and root looks in the mirror and just smirks

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OH YES YOU HAVE FINALLLY MET PRINCESS SAILOR MOON. Any thoughts on her in the 4 minutes she spended blowin' shit up and being possesive and angry?

OKAY YOU ASKED FOR THOUGHTS YOU ARE GETTING THOUGHTS. (No spoilers please, I’m just going to talk for a little bit!) 

First of all, I love that this show makes it VERY CLEAR that Usagi and Serenity are completely different people. As far as I remember, the anime never really addressed this, and the two were functionally interchangeable. Here, they are distinct in looks and in personality. You can even see the moment when the switch happens: 

Usagi, her feathers ruffled, and then


Serenity takes over as soon as her possession of “Endymion” is threatened. She seems to have a single-minded focus of MIRACLE ROMANCE, while Usagi’s interests are slightly more varied (friends, food, cats, family, et cetera). And yet, her obsession doesn’t seem like love; it seems like control. She’s the dormant goddess of horrible all-consuming jealousy that was living in Usagi’s subconscious for millennia. 

Sailor Moon also becomes WAY more powerful when under Serenity’s influence, just throwing around balls of flame and creating bolts of energy like it’s just another Tuesday morning. But this massive amount of power comes at the expense of a loss of control. Serenity only wants this one thing, and is willing to risk a lot to get it. Usagi wants many things (the aforementioned friends, food, cats and family). Things that Serenity would perhaps sacrifice if she needed to. 

Where I am a little lost is where the MIRACLE ROMANCE is involved. Serenity and Endymion fell in love, and their reincarnated souls found each other again in the bodies of Usagi and Mamoru. So why is Serenity’s portrayal so different from Usagi’s? Maybe Serenity and Usagi DO share a personality, but they choose to focus on different goals. Usagi has a part of her that is dangerously uncompromising, but she pushes it to the side because she wants everyone to be happy. Serenity loves her friends and family, but the bitterness of two young lives cut short turned her mind from love to revenge. 

I’m just throwing around words. I don’t really know what’s going on, but hopefully the story will take me where I want to go. 

Hawaiian Souvenir

‘Levy, would you watch Nashi & Happy for us?’

‘Sure, Natsu.  What’s the occasion?’

‘Since we never got to do it, and our anniversary is coming up… I was thinking of taking Lucy on a real honeymoon.’

‘Really!  That’s a great idea Natsu, of course I’ll watch Nashi for you.’

‘Thanks Levy…’


Natsu watches from the door with a smile as his wife tucks their sleeping daughter into bed.  “She’s so adorable…”  He whispers as he wraps his arms around his wife and kisses her cheek.  “I’m such a lucky guy to have two beautiful women in my life.”  Their daughter was the spitting image of her mother but with his pink hair and green colored eyes.

“Alright, what do you want Natsu?”  Lucy teases

Feigning shock, “I already have what I want…” he leads her out to the living room and sits her on the couch.  “But do you?  Are you happy with how things turned out Luce?”

“Of course, I am, Natsu, why wouldn’t I be?”

He puts his arm around her shoulder, “We had Nashi so young, and the wedding was kinda just thrown together…  I just worried that there were other things you maybe thought you were missing out on…”

“Well…” she leans against him.  “Having Nashi at eighteen wasn’t easy and rushing the wedding before she was born…  sigh, but I don’t have any regrets.  Natsu I loved you and that’s all that mattered to me.”

“But still, I wish I could have, I don’t know, given you more.”  

“Like what?”

“For starters, I couldn’t take you on a honeymoon.”

She laughs, “That wouldn’t have been much fun being 8 months pregnant.”

“I know, but now that Nashi is seven and we’re more stable financially…” he pulls out the two tickets he had hidden behind a pillow…  “…I thought for our anniversary this year…” … holding them up in front of her…  “I could make that up to you.”  

Her eyes widen, “Are you serious!!” she grabs the tickets from his hand.  “Hawaii!!”

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Can I request 33 with g-dragon please? :)

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Kwon Jiyong: “Look, you texted me while drunk!”

The sound of her phone vibrating against the bedside table made her open her eyes groggily, instantly unlocking the phones so the vibration was stopped, but whoever was texting her had other plans and continued to make their annoying appearance through text. A soft groan leaves her lips and she sits up on her bed, looking over with tired eyes to the alarm clock only to see that it was three fifty eight at midnight. As she pulls her covers down a little bit, welcoming the coldness of her room, she unlocks her phone, looking through the texts before a dumb smile appeared over her features.

It was Jiyong.

Jiyong was none other than the person she worked with and she’d often be called his manager, but she knew that they were good friends. Not that she would admit it to anyone, but she really liked Jiyong, like a crush even. Perhaps it was his hardworking personality or maybe it was the edginess of his lifestyle, but she loved it so much…she adored him to no end. Even when it was midnight and she was on her day off –as well as Jiyong-, she had always a good time when she was around Jiyong and if the man wanted to talk, she’d do so with a few whining here and there.

Then, she sees he had sent her a photo of herself, probably one that he had found on social media, but what caught her attention were the five hearts emoticons that followed soon after.

Look how pretty you are.” She guesses that’s what he’s saying even when they are some spelling errors. “You are like a goddess.” He continues. “My manager is freaking gorgeous…” Those words make her smile widely and she read through the other texts. “I hope you never become someone else’s manager or I’ll haunt you.

Jiyong, you’re so freaking drunk.” She texts him quickly and the answer is even quicker. He must be laying on his bed after hours of drinking with his friends. She had never quite known why he liked partying so much when he was really quiet, but she guesses one doesn’t have to do with the other.

…Yeah.” He answers and she chuckles groggily. “But you’re still pretty.

You’ll regret saying that in the morning.

I won’t regret saying the truth.

And she hoped he reacted the same way in the morning.

She stumbled inside the practice room as she carried one cup of coffee in one hand from Jiyong’s favorite café, one bag of takeout hanging from her arm and Jiyong’s car keys in between her fingers since he had asked her to park his car since he wasn’t really feeling well. Jiyong was tapping his fingers against the wall and he was humming the song under his breath, sometimes mimicking the dance moves that had been taught to him and other times simply creating new ones for performance.

“Here’s your coffee, lazy ass.” She tells him and Jiyong rushes towards her, taking everything away from her grasp and placing it over a small table in the corner. When he turns around, she had an adoring look on her face and she chuckled lightly. “Jiyong.”


“You’re cute, you know that?” The dumbfounded look on Jiyong’s face had her laughing even louder and she reached for her jeans’ pocket, taking out her phone before scrolling down through his texts before standing by his side, letting him see and she notices how the blood rushed to his face when reading his texts. “Look, you texted me while drunk.”

“Holy shit, I am so sorry-”

“Was it really true?”

“Well, yeah-”

“Then, what’s the issue?” She tells him and she puts one hand over her hip. “I am your manager, you’re my superstar and we’ll keep this professional, alright?”


But…they quite failed at that already.


I made that theory about the next new Union leader in Union Cross being Kairi’s grandmother… but then some people said, “What if she’s already here? What if she’s Skuld?”

And you know… the bodies for both Kairi and Skuld’s hair looks sort of similar to me here. Because Kairi’s hair looks longer in 0.2, and all that.

And I’ve realized that Skuld does have a bit of Kairi’s snarky attitude and teasing. And if Skuld is her grandma, that would be where she got it from.

Both of their names have five letters in them… Which probably means nothing, but I’ve learned not to put things past Nomura.

You could maybe even say that Skuld being named for a Norn–and seeming like a goddess appearing from Kingdom hearts to Player–could be where Kairi gets her Princess of Heart-ness from? IDK.

The shape on Chirithy’s coin person is even the shape of Kairi’s lucky charm. And so maybe Kairi learned that shape from her grandmother Skuld in the first place.

If it is Skuld, it would–most of all (but this would work even if it isn’t her, and the fifth Union leader is perhaps the grandmother instead)–explain how Kairi’s grandmother learned of the Keyblade War at all, when everyone but the new leaders were supposed to have their memories wiped of it (so far in the canon, anyway).

Do I really believe this theory? No. Because for one thing, it look like Skuld’s in the Realm of Sleep and has never left it since getting there, so… she probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have a granddaughter in the Realm of Light.

She also doesn’t have the eye color of Kairi’s grandma (but they could explain that away, if they say Skuld was Norted but broke free of it), but here’s some food for thought, anyway.

2017 Miss Universe:  All the Weird of Hieronymus Bosch, but Fabulous and Feathery

If I can I’ll get back to the SAG awards, but Miss Universe national costume takes precedence over everything, including work.  Especially work.  I wait all year for this shitshow, and from last year’s…creations, you can see why.  Because I’ve always wanted to know what Hieronymus Bosch would have produced given the chance on Project Runway.

Angola came as a techno angel ice-queen, and its Miss is desperately trying to see past that headdress sliding down her face.  Should have included goggles.  Just completely cyber-ice-punked this whole thing out.

Joined by Brazil, the cyber-punk Black Parrot.  If someone had asked me to draw a picture of a “sparkly parrot dominatrix,” this is not what I would have come up with, but it’ll do.

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