she even kept it in style with the rest of the textures

Three Lies

here it is, my 3.5k commission for @summylise! I hope you enjoy the angst and the fluff, dear! huehuehuehue

read it on and ao3

type: canonverse fluffy angst

pairing: nalu. mentions of gruvia and jerza

characters: natsu, lucy, gray, erza, lisanna, and mentions of other guild members

word count: 3,574

“I can’t believe you were stupid enough to do that, man,” Gray said, shaking his head at Natsu. “I mean, I knew you were idiotic, but this is crossing a line, even for you.”

“Shut it, Gray! Anyway, so I hit them with a fire dragon’s roar and it was all over! Those bastards didn’t know what hit ‘em!” Natsu said, pounding a fist into his other hand with a grin, which made Lucy flush a bit when she realized that he was looking at her and expecting a reaction. Erza just smiled softly, amazed that Natsu had the guts to do such a thing.

“Luce, you did a great job on taking out those bandits!” Natsu said, rushing over to his best friend and putting her in a headlock, rubbing her head with his knuckles. Lucy swatted his hand away and pulled his arm over his head, smoothing her locks. Cancer had spent some time putting together this hairstyle, deeming it perfect for a job out with her team. She wanted both fashion and function, and she hoped that the little pieces of hair framing her face drew Natsu’s eyes to her own.

But it didn’t seem to work as he continued to punch Gray in the arm and ignore Erza’s glares. Lucy sighed and looked at the sun setting over the ocean, admiring the colors that encased the sun. She enjoyed looking at sunsets, and one day she hoped that she would be able to look at one with a special someone.

A whisper caught her ear in the midst of her admiration, and Lucy turned an ear to hear her name.

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Belts Part 2 (END)

Summary: For @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash and her 2nd Negan Writing Challenge, this is for a Negan x OC x Simon prompt. OC Maria is Latina and plus-sized.  

Word Count:  9918

Warnings: Foul Language, Sexual Imagery and Language, Dirty Talk, Daddy Kink, Negan and Simon, Choking Kink, Spanking Kink, Threesome, Oral Sex, Cunnilingus, Fellatio, Vaginal Sex, Fingering, Rimming

Author: @genevievedarcygranger 

Author’s Note: I hurt my wrist so it took me foreverrrr to grind this out. I’m super late, but here you goooo. Sorry!

Negan’s smile was like the sun while Simon’s expression darkened with lust, stormy in comparison. Watching as both of the men transformed in front of her, Maria wondered if this was a good idea. After all, a threesome as her first time was going to be a lot to handle, especially with these two no doubt well-experienced and passionate men. But as she considered the state of this new world, this didn’t seem like such an unconventional first time. In fact, this was a fantasy come to life, a dream come true.

Rubbing his hands together with glee, Negan said, “Let’s head on upstairs then.” He grabbed Lucille and his bag in one hand, and then Simon’s bag and Maria’s bag in the other. Giving Simon a nod, Negan headed upstairs first.

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[dream catcher, pt. 4]

PT. 1 | PT. 2 | PT. 3 | PT. 4 | PT. 5 | PT. 6

words: 5.5k

genre: hmm tbh its a bit of a mystery, there will deff be some fluff and angst, and im thinking about adding some light smut along the way..

synopsis: a dream catcher; someone who captures their dreams by placing a memory inside an object that fits the setting. they are able to revisit their dreams by touching said object before they go to sleep, and can bring others into their dream by having them touch the same object as well.

the guidelines seem confusing to you when you accidentally stumble into your friends dream and meet an oddly charming yet sweet individual named joshua. while the experience leaves you feeling a bit shaken, you can’t deny the fact you want to see him again, and again… and again.

its gonna pick up a lot from here, enjoy kids<3

Awakening from your meeting with Joshua had a bead of sweat rolling down the side of your face, your heart beating viciously behind the protection of your ribcage. There was a heavy feeling resting in the pit of your stomach, like someone had just dropped a load of stones within you for the sole purpose of watching you fret. It was only 6:07 in the morning, a grogginess still clinging to you through every other chaotic feeling bustling in your blood.

As you recalled the polished look in Joshua’s deep brown eyes, you remembered the little present he’d placed in your palm before he left, closing the dream himself so you would be forced back into reality. The ivory guitar pick was still safely clutched between the hand tucked at your side, your eyes scanning the small triangular shaped tool. Joshua had actually given you something from the dream world, something that would allow you to revisit the setting of the dream to see him. You spun the pretty pick between your fingers and released a gruff sigh. The visit with Joshua did not go as planned, you hardly discussed what you wanted to with him, the topic of your best friend immediately coming into play and soiling the conversation.

Maury likes Joshua.

And clearly she likes him more than a friend, his charming and flirtatious personality had claimed her and you were dreading the fact it was starting to claim you too. While rolling onto your back, you kept your eyes glued to the ceiling, still not letting go of the guitar pick in your palm. It felt so surreal to have something from the dream world with you, an item as simple as an ivory pick adding double the temptation to meet with Joshua again. He was just so intoxicating in all the right ways; throw together a honey smooth voice and a sweet yet mildly flirtatious personality, and you get a guy who can sucker punch you into anything. The cotton candy haired boy even made a bold statement that you had falling for him just like Maury had, your actions always faltering under his glistening stare.

Nothing but images of his sharp, feline like features flickered past your eyes like an old fashioned movie, all the way from the soft curls to his lips to the silky texture of his tinted pink hair. Joshua was quickly becoming the only thing you could think about, the only thing you wanted to think about, and you knew you were walking on thin ice. Your hands balled into fists to rub at your eyes, the time not ticking by any faster. Finally you set the guitar pick down on your nightstand and flopped around underneath the fleecy warmth of your covers, but sleep never pulled you into its starry clutches. You lied in the same sprawled out position for at least 15 minutes, but your brain was in such a quarrel, sleep became the opposite of what you were getting. After many futile attempts at getting comfy, you crumpled up the idea you would get any more rest and dragged yourself into the bathroom for a shower.

It didn’t take your stomach very long to start releasing low growls of hunger, the constant rumbling edging you closer to having a bowl of cereal under the warm ribbons of water. After drying off and admiring the fruity smell of your body wash, you scampered around in the kitchen for anything to shut up the whines brewing in your tummy, messily slapping together a sandwich, (the cereal situation wasn’t too good.). You were so consumed in eating, you didn’t even notice Maury step into the kitchen, her hair about to fall from the sloppy bun she’d tied it up in. In fact, you wouldn’t have detected a thing if Maury didn’t make a racket of fetching the frying pan, a series of clanging noises almost startling you half to death. You whipped around in your seat at the dining table and came eye to eye with your best friend, an immediate spark crackling to life in your chest. Maury smiled at you,

“Good morning, Y/N.” You smiled back.

“Good morning, Maury. I couldn’t wait for you to make breakfast so I kinda threw together something by myself.” Your voice was muffled from the bite of bread shoved to the side of your cheek, eyes unable to focus on her face without feeling extreme guilt. She only gave you a beaming grin and commenced in scraping up some pancakes, the sound of the whisk whipping through the batter hardly enough to distract you from the deterioration you felt. Without knowing, your fingers began to squeeze the squishy bread in your grip, your jaw smacking up and down while you pondered over the situation you found yourself in. It almost felt like cheating, and you were the cause of it.

When Maury sat across from you at the table, you kept your head down and nibbled on what was left of your so called breakfast. She didn’t press for conversation, the silence not being uncomfortable, but not exactly tensionless either. As you poked the last of the sandwich into your mouth, you leaned back in your chair and let your eyes fall over the hungry girl before you. When it came down to it, Maury was the closest you could get to perfect. She had all the right curves in all the right places, smooth yet thick hair that always looked expertly styled no matter how messy she put it together, hardly any facial flaws minus a tiny scar above her eyebrow, and on top of that, she was smart. Your eyes kept following every one of her pristine movements, from how she drizzled the golden syrup over the sharply cut square of butter that lay on top of her pancakes. Even they were perfectly round and fluffy looking, clearly a lot better than the flat and limp slivers  you got for results whenever you tried making them.

If Joshua were to like one of you, wouldn’t it so obviously be Maury? They both played guitar together for heavens sake, and judging by the fact Maury hardly let you lay a finger on hers, you weren’t exactly expecting an invite to a jam session anytime soon. You weren’t trying to fill your head with negative thoughts, but little by little they were swallowing you whole, dragging you towards a gaping hole you didn’t want to enter. The sigh that brushed past your lips was quiet and light, your chair just about to squeak against the tile flooring as you prepared to meddle with your darkening thoughts under the sheets of your bed. However, your actions came to a pause when Maury decided to speak, her fist shoved into her plump cheek as she took a forkful of pancakes.

“It was so strange,” she began, thickly swallowing down her food, “I swear I put my phone on charge last night, like I literally remember sitting down and plugging it in cause the battery was so low, but when I woke up, my phone wasn’t connected at all.”  She didn’t look at your eyes once, and instead brought her focus to cutting through the fluff of her pancakes, your heart already hammering in your chest. Last night you hardly breathed trying not to make a noise, all the tiptoeing and lip biting purely due to the fact you didn’t want Maury catching you in the act of clutching her necklace. The urge to smack yourself was becoming hard to fight. Amongst all your cautious actions, you forgot to plug her phone back in when you used it as a source of light, the thought never ringing once in your head when you scurried out of her room.

You’d been successful in reaching Maury’s dream necklace, and that was what mattered to you, but now that she seemed on edge about something she specifically remembered doing, the panic was beginning to bubble.

“I don’t know, I just thought it was weird… You didn’t go into my room, did you?” A pulse of white heat flashed in your chest when Maury’s eyes finally flickered away from staring at her plate, her irises clouding with suspicion. Like you had mentioned before, you never faired well with being put on the spot, and of course you had to go and stumble out a faulty reply.

“N-No, of course not! Really I didn’t, Maury. I would never-,” she quickly cut you off, a lighthearted giggle rattling from her chest. Your fingers dug into the hard surface of the wooden table, your head cocking to the side at her sudden change in demeanour. While you remained clueless and ready to defend yourself to the grit, Maury was finishing her giggle fest by poking her fork into the pancakes left on her plate, a few locks of hair twirling in front of her face. She glanced up and you and shook her head, a smile still painted on her rosy lips,

“Relax, I’m just joking around. I’m sure I’m just mixing things up, no biggie.” The sparks buried in your chest fizzled away, a light chuckle vibrating in your throat as you tried to play off how guilty you acted.

“Oh, well if it’s charging now then it’s no worry.” You couldn’t risk another minute slumped at the dining table with her, and trying to make your actions as casual as possible, you took your plate to rinse off in the sink. Maury’s beady eyes were undeniably burning ashes into your back while you scrubbed away the grit stuck to the plate, your fingers beginning to shake at the thought of weaselling away from her gaze and hiding underneath your covers. She definitely knew something, and you fought a sneaking suspicion that Joshua blew your secret. It would be his ideal plan if he really shared Maury’s fluttering feelings, simply waiting on you to crawl back to him so he could expose what a horrible friend you were to her. On the other hand, Joshua seemed too sweet and gentle to throw you under the bus so easily, the way his gleaming brown eyes soothed yet set aflame every part of your body, making your past gloomy thoughts hard to believe.

“Welp, I’m going back to bed.” You said with a curt wave, dismissing yourself while you padded towards the exit of the kitchen. Maury was just finishing her breakfast as she glanced up at you, her lips edging into a tiny smile. Something was definitely off with her, and you couldn’t help develop a sneaking suspicion that Maury was onto your little acts of secrecy.

The day went by fairly quick. There wasn’t much for either of you to do, the dishes were all cleaned and put away, the countertops were gleaming from the recent wash down they’d received, and the garden outside was flourishing with bright yellow tulips. When you said you were going back to bed, it really translated to; this atmosphere is more dense than a block of butter straight from the fridge so I’m leaving, and as you slid under your blankets, you could only hope that Maury didn’t really suspect you of sneaking into her room.

The young girl was sitting on the edge of her bed, her prized guitar comfortably resting in her lap as she delicately plucked at the strings. It was Thursday, and that meant tonightMaury would be off in dream land, different melodies flowing from her guitar like a river. It also meant she would get to see Joshua again. She could hardly wait to hear his sickly sweet voice, and take in every one of his beautifully sculpted features. Just the thought of it had the feathery wings of butterflies dusting against her stomach, a slight grin forcing its way along her lips. While scuba diving proved to be quite a wondrous and majestic experience, Maury couldn’t think of much that made her whole body fizz with excitement more than her dreams spent with Joshua. She knew where her feelings were headed, but she wasn’t afraid. At least, that’s what she wanted to think.

You were only a floor above her, probably sprawled across your bedsheets watching pointless videos that were oddly addicting. Maury had always thought of you as her best friend, in fact from the moment she met you all those fateful years ago she had no doubt you would become the greatest of companions, partners in crime, inseparable sisters. It sounded overly cringey and cheesy, but it was true. Once you find that awaited connection with someone, suddenly all those blank years of searching feel so worth it, you’ve finally found a person who corresponds with you on every level, and that was how Maury felt with you.

Now that you both had grown mentally and spiritually, certain obstacles would lodge between you, but it was nothing you couldn’t handle. Especially since you’d become a dream catcher, there was only more room to relate, to create a more solid bond that would blossom into many more years of friendship. Maury had never imagined that she would share this gift with you, and now that it had finally happened…

Well, now that it had finally happened, you seemed to be splitting apart. Maury would never openly admit anything, but she did have reason to believe you snuck into her room last night and fiddled with certain things, one of them being her phone and the other her necklace. She struck the guitar chords fairly hard at what she was thinking, her teeth gnawing into the plump flesh of her lower lip. There would only be one reason for you to need her necklace, and it was so you could see Joshua.

What is she telling him? Is it about me, is it about her? Why does she have to be so secretive, she was so on edge this morning, it was obvious.

The only way Maury could quench her thirst for answers was to ask Joshua about it, and though she had met with him so many times, she couldn’t shake the dread that masked her. He might get offended, or even annoyed. Maury didn’t want to lose him, but she didn’t want to lose you either. There was only one way she could possibly get the answers she desired from him without directly asking, and though the plan was dangerous, Maury felt like it needed to happen. It was nearing the time for bed, a heavy drowsiness pulling at her eyelids. Before Maury tucked herself underneath the covers, she took hold of her special necklace, the silver piece of jewelry pooling into her palm. She didn’t hold it for long, only enough to feel a certain tingle surge through her and bubble under her surface. Maury eventually drifted away, her senses turning dull until she awakened in her favourite dream, the earlier excitement that coursed through her veins now returning.

Joshua was always the first one to arrive, his guitar case propped against the wall while the instrument sat in his lap. Maury had always carried an intense passion for the guitar, and would jump at every chance to sit back and learn a new song, or create her own melody. When she discovered Joshua, the emotions that swallowed her were indescribable. How could someone look so ethereal and breath taking, just from strumming a few steel chords? Since then she always considered Joshua to be her little secret, he often brought out a different side of her and taught her to embrace it. Maury no longer had to feel ashamed of her talents and accomplishments, she didn’t feel the need to constantly hide them out of fear that people would dismiss her as a show off, as someone who only sought for the approval of others.

“You play so beautifully, why would you hide that?” Joshua asked her during a certain guitar session. Maury felt the blood rush to her face, her stomach fluttering like an uncaged bird.

“I’m worried that people will think of me as a show off, like I’m full of myself or something…”

“I don’t think you’re a show off. You’re passionate about your talent, and you don’t act cocky or smug.” Maury had never smiled so wide or flushed so deeply. She became obsessed with that feeling, and knew she could only obtain that happiness with Joshua.

The pink haired boy was patiently waiting in the living room like always, his soothing voice ringing calmly through the air as he sang along to a melody he was playing. Maury decided to wait by the doorway and watch, her arms coming to fold over her chest while her head rested against the frame beside her. Joshua’s eyes were aimed towards the coffee table, his talented fingers softly plucking at the chords. Maury could never get tired of hearing his voice or watching him play, and during those pure moments of bliss, it dawned over her that maybe you were slowly falling for Joshua for the same reasons she had.

“I could appreciate this session a lot more if I wasn’t the only one playing.” He suddenly mumbled, the music coming to an abrupt end. Maury felt the familiar rush of fizzy heat bubble through her, and stepped out of the doorway.

Joshua cocked an eyebrow when he saw Maury without her guitar, instead she was standing all shy and biting her lip, her fingers continuously fumbling.

“No guitar?”

She swallowed thickly. “I was hoping we could just talk?”

Just talk. Joshua looked down at his lap and then up at the girl who had confessed to him quite recently. Whatever ‘just talking’ meant, he was sure the subject would revolve around you or the emotions she felt for him. Joshua eventually nodded his head and set his guitar against the arm of the couch, Maury’s form slowly etching around the coffee table to take a seat. She plopped a pillow in her lap and immediately squeezed the embroidered fabric, many thoughts ricocheting inside her skull. Joshua carded his fingers through the silky waves of pink of his head while waiting, not understanding what was taking her so long.

“So, you know how I like confessed to you and everything?” She said while keeping her eyes glued to the pillow. Joshua nodded, “Yeah.”

“Well I don’t know how much of a confession it was, I was just kinda rambling and it came out… Anyways, you said you really treasured our friendship, that it was something that meant a lot to you. We trust each other, like I trust you a lot and I don’t want there to be any, I guess… Secrets between us?” Joshua leaned forwards, his elbows resting on his knees as he stared back at Maury. He caught a glimpse of her eyes and she seemed panicked, a frantic light reflected in their glossy depths.

“Do you have a secret?” Joshua asked, his eyebrow quirking up. Maury remained still for a moment, like she was debating whether or not to continue. He was about to slip something else in during the silence, but his voice was cut off by her quicker response.

“I do actually,” she swallowed the lump that formed in her throat, “I- I need to say this now.” Something felt off, like when you were certain a puzzle piece fit in that exact spot, but it just wouldn’t click. Joshua leaned back on his couch and licked his lips, his hand brushing over her shoulder so he could study the unsettling flickers to Maury’s eyes. His grip momentarily tightened at the words that rolled from the tip of her tongue, her orbs never breaking their bold stare even once.

“I’m in love with you.”

Maury felt like the shadows that constantly hovered around her had finally disappeared into thin air, like she had just inhaled a crisp breath of the sea. It felt like magic to get those simple words off her chest, the panic and doubt that nipped inside her now beginning to settle. Joshua’s fingers hardened around her shoulder as his jaw fell slack, only a tiny croak echoing from his throat. He didn’t know how to respond, how to act. Maury never seemed like the the one to express such bold feelings, yet there wasn’t a twinkle of regret or dubiousness in her eyes. In fact, they were glowing with expectancy, she was pleased with herself.

“I can understand that’s a lot to take in, I’m sorry, it’s just that I don’t want to keep any secrets.” Maury said, her fingers digging into the surface of the pillow in her lap. Joshua nodded his head, the hand that so tightly gripped her shoulder now falling away.

“Well… I wouldn’t want that thought to burden you. You’re brave for telling me, Maury, I- I just-,”

“You don’t feel the same way and I’m cool with that. I just don’t want to hide things, Josh.”

Hide things. Maury gazed over the frazzled (my fave word) boy before her, his feathery lashes batting up and down while he ran his hands along the inside of his thighs. She had him thinking and that was what she wanted, she wanted him to think about the truth, no secrets, no hiding things.

Joshua’s mind was wavering between many thoughts. Could the feelings that Maury focused on so deeply really be love, or was it still a just a simple crush? Either way, she was definitely dead set on prying something from Joshua, and he had a pretty good idea of what that 'something’ was. He cleared his throat and met with Maury’s darkening eyes, her lips stretched into a tight smile as she moved the pillow away from her lap. She slid closer to Joshua, her body turning on an angle so she could better study his usually calm demeanour.

“You don’t like hiding things, huh?” Joshua asked, trying to turn his breathing shallow so he could relax. Little by little he was composing himself, the shock of Maury’s persistence wearing off.  The sleek girl shook her head, her teeth sinking into her lower lip while she studied the tranquil gleam that pooled back into Joshua’s chocolate orbs.

“I’m not pressuring you or anything, but do you have any secrets for me?” Maury grinned while tucking a curl behind her ear. Joshua felt an automatic smile crawl across his plush lips, he had caught onto her game and what she was trying to achieve. He felt there was no harm in playing along, especially since he knew her charms would never work on him.

“I do actually.” Joshua said softly, his tongue swiping along his lower lip. Maury felt her core spark with a candescent flame, her eyes matching the shape of crescent moons as she smiled with pleasure.

“What could that be?” Maury’s voice began to lower, her hand carefully etching to lay just above Joshua’s knee. He kept his composure as she lightly squeezed the tissue, his arm falling over the side of the couch while the other rested close to his stomach. Joshua continued to toy with her a little, to see how far he could push Maury to expose herself.

“I don’t know if I should say, I mean I trust you, a lot.”

“If you trust me than you should tell me. Are you afraid of what I’ll say?” She mumbled, her hand creeping up Joshua’s leg. The pink haired boy raked his fingers through his hair as if he were deep in thought, his Adam’s apple bopping up and down to make it appear as though he were flustered because of Maury’s actions. He softly bit into his lower lip, his brown eyes glistening like snow.

“Maybe, you might get mad.” She released a breathy chuckle and pushed herself closer to Joshua, her back almost resting against the couch. He kept an eye out for her hand that continued to lightly grip the muscle of his thigh, her thumb running along the rough jean fabric. Her eyes were slowly clouding over with a misty look, she probably felt close to getting the answers she came for, just so she could know what you were really up to last night. Maury’s heart was beating like a drum as things seemed to heat up with Joshua. He did have a secret to tell her, and it nudged her to believe you were the centre of it.

“Josh, I won’t get mad, I promise.” She whispered softly, all the while leaning closer towards him. Maury wasn’t sure how long she could remain calm. Every one of her slow yet risky movements was causing her body to flush with a rippling heat, her thighs sticking together like glue. When he didn’t quite budge, Maury knew she needed to give one more push for Joshua to crumble, her confidence close to slipping.

“Is it something to do with… Y/N?”

Bingo. So Maury had been suspicious of what you were up to last night. Joshua wondered how she caught on, until he remembered how easily you grew flustered and stumbled over your words. It was quite possible Maury suspected something from that, and was partially the reason why he gave you the guitar pick. You wouldn’t have to tiptoe around Maury, or fall victim to her constant questioning.

“Y/N?” Joshua stumbled, his eyes flickering away from Maury’s for just a second. “Why do you suspect it’s something to do with her?” He kept his voice shallow and soft so Maury would think he was concerned that something happened between you, and as expected, she leaked out some of her suspicions.

“It’s just that, I think Y/N snuck into my room last night. Some of my things were tampered with including my necklace. I thought dream catching would bring us closer, but I think we’re shifting apart.” Joshua slipped his hand over Maury’s which was still resting on his thigh, his lashes feathering up and down.

“Why do you think she would see me?” The girl paused and for the first time since her more adventurous side came out, and cast her eyes towards her lap.

“This is probably so untrue, but I think she likes you and is saying some stuff about me behind my back. She wasn’t with you last night, was she?” Maury asked, her voice almost quivering. Joshua tightened his jaw out of fear it would fall slack again. Did she really think you were spreading lies to Joshua so he would fall for you and not her? He supposed there was a sliver of reason to believe that, though he had a hard time wrapping his head around it. Joshua delicately squeezed Maury’s fingers, his voice dropping lower as he whispered soothingly to her.

“That’s crazy, you and Y/N are best friends. She wouldn’t say anything like that about you.”

“So that must mean you guys weren’t together last night.” Maury said while angling her head to face the wall. Joshua pulled his hand away and reached for the neck of his guitar, it was almost time for him to go.

“Not at all.” Joshua knew it was a lie, you clearly had visited him and he very much enjoyed your presence. You always seemed in denial about certain things, and he found it quite amusing. After spending so much time with Maury, you were like a refreshing dip in the ocean, a taste of something new. To put it simply, he liked you.

“I have to go.” Joshua mumbled and moved to put away his guitar. Maury nodded while sinking into the couch, a large puff of air tumbling from her lips. She put herself on the line just for Joshua to deny all her suspicions, and though he was confident and didn’t  waver in his answer, things still weren’t adding up in her eyes.

“Bye Joshua.” Maury called, however it might have been too late because the door was already closing.

“She actually thinks that?”

Your voice cracked at hearing the words tumble from Joshua’s pretty lips, about how your best friend actually thought you were telling fake lies about her. One thing was for certain, Maury knew you had been scuttling around in her room, though the reason why might have been unclear.

“I know,” the pink haired boy grumbled, “I said that it was crazy and denied you coming to see me.” A breath of relief heaved from your lungs. Joshua really hadn’t gone ratting you out and he hadn’t even returned Maury’s confession, which left you incredibly shocked. You thought her feelings were nothing but a simple crush, not some passionate love that had her completely head over heels. Things were starting to click into place, and though a lot of it remained a blur, you were starting to think Maury wasn’t as perfect as you always viewed her to be.

“I can’t believe she’s in love with you.” The words came out in a whisper, almost too quiet for Joshua to hear. The boy scoffed and took a long sip from the coke bottle in his hand, his legs stretching out from his seat on the countertop. Maury slept in this morning, you didn’t even catch a glance of her until the afternoon. It was strange for you seeing as the girl was always super chipper during a time when most people would be groggy and easily agitated, a deluxe breakfast usually prepared in advance and steaming at the table. You leaned forwards and ran your fingers down your face, a sour feeling brewing in the pit of your stomach. While Maury was busy chatting up Joshua last night, you’d been especially lucky to wake up in a bakery, which was a lot better than a dry and sizzling desert. To add to that, you found yourself in a good mood after getting out of bed, and actually had the motivation to make yourself a decent breakfast. But of course that mood was now fading away at hearing about how Maury thought you would stoop so low, your heart feeling rather dull.

“I’ve known Maury for awhile and I don’t think it’s love.” Joshua hummed from beside you.

“Why do you say that?” The boy released a chuckle at your words, his eyes falling towards his lap. You didn’t understand.

“Don’t laugh, I wanna know.” You whined while lightly slapping Joshua’s arm. He took another sip of his coke instead of replying, your eyes subconsciously trailing along his sharp jawline and Adam’s apple. His eyes flickered open as he placed the empty bottle next to him on the marble, his form slipping off the counter.

“Y/N, you know that girl better than I do, you really can’t tell why it’s not love?” Joshua mumbled. Your face scrunched up.

“No?” You replied in confusion, your body dropping from the counter as well. Joshua would have to leave soon, the grip you had on your own coke bottle leaving a small amount of silver powder on your fingertips. The boy scoffed, his chocolate orbs smoothly gliding over you.

“You’ll have to look a little harder than.” Your eyes were already rolling into your skull. Joshua still never answered your questions and it made your skin prickle with anger.

“You have no idea how much I want to hit you when you don’t answer me like a normal human being.” The words fell from your lips as you followed the boy to the door, your arms folded over your chest. Joshua smirked before coming to an abrupt halt, the tip of your nose close to colliding with his back. He turned to face you, the twisted expression plastered over your features quickly dropping upon the proximity you shared. His voice was low, yet still soft and smooth as he cupped your burning cheek.

“Then hit me, Y/N.” He whispered, this thumb brushing the supple skin under your eye. You felt like someone injected you with ice, your limbs freezing as well as your thoughts.

“I- I won’t,” you stuttered, finally swallowing the thick lump in your throat, “you might cry and I don’t want to deal with that.” Joshua couldn’t hold his serious gaze with you any longer, his tongue clicking against the roof of his mouth as he pulled away, a fluttering laugh rising from his chest.

“Bye, Y/N.” Joshua said warmly, his body soon slipping out the door. You stumbled after him, your hand curling around the brass handle. But when you opened the door, a large gasp forced its way from your throat, your eyes turning hollow. Nothing but a sheer blackness coated the world before you, the tips of your toes peaking into the swallowing void. You immediately slammed the board of oak shut, your heart hammering in your chest at the thought of falling into that haunting abyss.

Just another thing that almost kills me in the dream world, you thought, how pleasant. Also how pleasant was it that Joshua left you to ponder over another thought regarding Maury, another thought that would scratch at your skin until you solved it. You clearly didn’t know your best friend as well you thought you did and maybe she didn’t know you that well either.

I don’t think it’s love. Joshua’s words echoed inside your head while you felt yourself get weighed down into reality, your body dripping to the floor like syrup. If it wasn’t love, than what is it?

A/N: it took me a lil longer to write this part :c anyways i hope y’all are enjoying the series so far, sorry if some things are going slow, it gon pick up from here:))

Up and Away (Jungkook x Reader)

Requested by kookminisbeautiful: Okay..okay. First request ever but can I have a kookie smut. He’s only one year older than you and he sees that you’re that you are different from other girls and you dress like a tomboy. That’s why he likes you also because of your quirky attitude. Thank 

[[A/N: I’m sorry I took so long to write this, hopefully you’ll like it even if it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to turn out]]


“Why does she dress like that?” A question people would ask about you every time they caught sight of you “Is she desperate to be a boy?” Another question that became too common and too stupid for you to even care. You wore your earphones completely isolating all the muttering sounds of your ‘classmates’ that surrounded you feeling too content with life to acknowledge them or anyone for that matter. Making your way to your literature lesson - which you were really late too. Fortunately for you, your teacher was a man approximately in his late 50s, too passionate in his literature to be easily fussed with the attendance of a student.

You left a note on his desk to excuse yourself of your lateness whilst taking your place at your own desk. Carefully, you took out your earphones to enable yourself to focus on what you’re teacher was saying - doing your best to take the notes which were positioned behind him on the interactive board. A few seats in front of you sat a boy with black hair tinted with highlights of a light brown colour. He raised his hand waiting patiently for the teacher to pick on him, “Well, sir even though the poem touches on the factors of love it’s revolved around deceit and delusion. The woman wants to be treated like a queen as other men present themselves like birds - because it’s well known that male birds are often the ones who do all they can to attract the female that they are going after, which suggests the idea that she wants men to put in a lot of effort for her until they are pleading her for her hand in marriage.” Your teacher nodded whilst gently scratching his chin “Yeah interesting, so you’re saying that it’s almost as if she’s asking for a lot more than she actually deserves - the idea that her fantasy can never truly be reality, again linking back to the theme of deceit and delusion … Be honest, show of hands from who would rather be gifted a balloon instead of a bouquet of flowers?”

Your hand shot straight up and you were unable to stay put in your seat due to the excitement immensely building up inside you, making your pen fall loudly to the floor as the whole class turned their attention towards your direction. Nearly everyone was giving you disapproving looks, everyone but the guy who had held his hand up. His eyes glistened with admiration as an alluring smile placed itself on his lips. You thought of his front teeth to resemble the teeth of a bunny which is what made his overall charm. You couldn’t tell whether he was smiling at your action or secretly mocking you. “Really?” Your teacher said with raised eyebrows, either genuinely surprised by you raising your hand up or genuinely worried about you. Nodding your head vigorously you responded “Yes” Your teacher chuckled slightly at your response “I guess balloons are a little bit more original than a bouquet of flowers but that’s not the case in the poem.” You went back to taking notes and everyone turned their attention back to the teacher … Everyone, but that boy - who was still looking at you. You looked up at him, letting the corners of your lips turn upwards as he exchanged another smile with you.

As soon as your literature lesson finished, the boy from your previous lesson was waiting by your locker wearing, yet another beautiful smile that made your cheeks brighten in a faint colour of red - barely noticeable. You had seen him a couple of times before but never knew who he really was. “Hi, ____” he said as you unlocked your locker “Hello …” you mumbled letting your hair cascade in front of your face “Jungkook” he replied seeing how much you were struggling to remind yourself what his name was.

From that day onward, Jungkook and yourself became friends. Everyday, he would greet you with a different coloured balloon. Everyday, he would eat lunch with you in the canteen. And everyday, he would walk you home. Eventually that friendship progressed into a relationship. You kept thinking of the day Jungkook had decided to confess to you on the way home from school, you remembered feeling confused - glad that he confessed to you before you did. That day you couldn’t understand what he saw in you and up to today you still couldn’t understand what he saw in you.

“Jungkook … I know what I’m about to ask you is a bit strange but why do you like me? I mean, it’s something that I can’t help but wonder considering you’re the first person I’ve ever been in a relationship with.” You said as you rested your head on his shoulder. The both of you were supposed to be revising on poetry in your room. “You’re just different,” you looked at him with a confused expression. What was that even supposed to mean? “Different?” he nodded “But different is bad … People at school don’t like me because I’m different.” He held on to your hand and started caressing the back of your hand cautiously “Look, I don’t know who lied to you and told you that different was bad, because, I personally don’t think anything wrong with you being different. You dress differently to other girls, you’re unique … You have your own style. You’re just you and I love that” You giggled gently, feeling unsure of yourself “Really?” He bit his lip while humming in response “Do you know what else I like?” You shook your head. “I love your quirky attitude … I find it so sexy.” 

“Your smile can’t be compared to any other girl in the world. Your smile perfects my day a little bit more every day. Your eyes … Your eyes contain this indescribable mesmerising beauty that makes me feel little butterflies in my stomach.” He cupped your face in his hands “And them lips … Mmh … They drive me insane.” All in matters of seconds the texture of his delicate lips could be felt against your own. They were of a smooth and soft texture. Your hands slowly reached the nape of his neck as his hands moved on to grab your waist. He hesitantly broke from the kiss “When are your parents getting back home?” Truthfully you didn’t even know “Umm … In like 3 hours.” One of his eyebrows arched up in uncertainty “Are you sure?” You nodded, proceeding to kiss him, his tongue entered your mouth - engulfing the passionate intimacy you obtained.

Gradually his fingers impatiently fumbled with the buttons of your blouse, deepening the kiss while doing so. Your lips felt so sore leading you from breaking the kiss. You usually always got nervous whenever Jungkook and you were about to have sex because every time you did it felt like you were losing your virginity again for the first time. You laid back on the bed with your blouse opened. He quickly opened his blouse, too, and unzipped his trousers before his hands slid up your thighs pulling down the fabric of your trousers that prevented your panties from exposure. Hooking his fingers on the hem of your panties he slowly pulled them down until they reached your ankles causing you to lightly kick them off without a care of where they would land. Along with his trousers he let his boxers fall down to to his ankle. Your eyes examined his fully erected member, he rested both of his hands on the bed to allow himself to properly hover on top of you. Usually, you would both interact with one another by the use of foreplay, but, clearly neither of you had the patience to engage in foreplay. He pumped himself a few times before entering himself inside you. It started with a couple timid thrusts where you found yourself whimpering softly as you tried to adjust yourself to his length. He lowered himself so that his lips were only centimetres away from your ear “Don’t worry baby, I’ll be really gentle.” he whispered, you gripped on to his shoulders really hard “It’s okay I can take it.” He planted a kiss on your neck “Are you sure?” you hummed in response.

Overtime his timid thrusts began to gain confidence, his speed accelerated to an extent which you could actually adjust yourself to, he seemed to be reaching further inside you causing the atmosphere to progressively get hotter. Mind you, it must have been because your bodies weren’t fully bare. Your moans filled the room. To him, the sounds that you were making were only encouraging him to push harder into you every time he pulled out. Deep down he wanted to last longer but he could feel himself reaching his climax. “Jagiya” he groaned still whilst penetrating into you. You arched your back as he finally reached your spot, feeling waves of endorphins drowning you in pure gratification. Your walls clenched against his member making him decelerate his speed whilst panting for air, some sort of tingling sensation could be felt at the tip of his penis as his warm releases swam inside you. Slowly, he pulled himself out of your entrance and got off of you, but then, after you sat up you enclosed his length in your hands licking his remains. To your disadvantage you were so in the zone that you hadn’t heard the lock click down stairs, “_____ honey, we’re home.” Your parents called out from downstairs but neither you or Jungkook could hear them through the closed door of your bedroom.

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Sole survivor finds a guitar and begins singing beautifully (romanced companions plz)

Thank you so much for such a precious ask! I really enjoyed writing these!

Sorry they got a little like, extra long again. STILL NOT AS LONG AS THE OTHER ONE I’M WORKING ON UH.

If anyone wants other characters added, feel free to inbox me and request! (includes other companions that are not canonically romancible and NPCS)
EDIT: Added Nick & Deacon

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Lighting Mary 2 - TSOT and HLV

First: Huge thanks to constancecream for sending me her #setlock photos! It helped me answer some questions about how they lit the Leinster Gardens outdoor scene. I also got a kick out of hearing your whispered conversations in German–while on set in the UK–and then you send me the file in America–what a world we live in!

Also, I’ve just learned to make gifs, and I’ll update this post with them when I get my hands on some .avi files. In the meantime, reams of screencaps.

Sooooo much Mary mystery in TSOT and HLV. So much to look at.

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My Mad Fat Zombie Diary, Prologue

Fandom: My Mad Fat Diary

AU Synopsis: Set in 1996, Rae is a patient at a mental home. Four weeks prior, a mysterious epidemic left her stranded with two other patients alone. The three friends are struggling to understand what happened to everyone, if their families are still alive, and how to survive. Along the way, they meet a gang of people who may be their only chance to make it.  

Fic Master Table of Contents



Rae slid down to the floor, her back against the wall. The texture rubbed against her shirt, pulling it up. Fuck. Her breath was shaky and she pushed her palm down on the journal wedged between her legs and stomach in an attempt to steady her hand. The tip of the pen pressed into the page. She considered where to start, closing her eyes firmly and listening to the deafening silence filling the room. Don’t cry. You have to stay strong for Tix. She opened her eyes and set her mind to writing, hearing the words in her head as the pen moved along the page.

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Zootopia: Addition (spoilers, romance)

It started when Judy asked Clawhauser if he had room for a roommate, and he winced.

“Ooh, sorry,” he said. “Bruin is very territorial.” Affectionately; “Silly old bear.”

Judy blinked. One of these days, she really needed to figure out what exactly was going on there.

“Well, it’s just that I’m about ready to move out of my starter place, and I’d appreciate it if you could put the word out. Oh, wait, the bulletin board.”

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So what are your favorites from the 1989 album? Also, which ones do you believe are definitively about Harry?

This ask has been in my inbox for almost a week because I was paralyzed by indecision. WHAT ARE MY FAVORITES. What AREN’T my favorites???  But ok I have been DEEPLY PREOCCUPIED with BLANK SPACE, so sharp and sly and catchy as fuck. And obviously, obviously, STYLE. WHAT YOU HEARD IS TRUE BUT I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT YOU AND I I SAID I’VE BEEN THERE TOO A FEW TIMES wow listen I didn’t even know I could have that many orgasms. OUT OF THE WOODS. By the time 1989 came out I’d been obsessed with this song for weeks and I’m happy to say that I am STILL AM.

ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS STAY. I’m so into the high note on “stay,” the way it swerves and cuts away from the rest of the line. Which creates a double meaning, because the word “stay” exists both as part of a thought—this relationship would’ve worked if you’d stayed—and as a separate imperative: “Stay!” So that she’s simultaneously saying “go away because you didn’t stay” and “STAY RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.” I love that she’s expressing two opposite things at once because EMOTIONS ARE COMPLICATED.

I love WILDEST DREAMS what kind of shimmery sexy PRECISELY CALIBRATED swoon WHO ARE YOU TAYLOR SWIFT?? I love bouncy-cute HOW YOU GET THE GIRL. So much of this album is about how we tell stories about love and how we know the stories before they even start and I love how she knows the story YOU should start telling right now. I love the chorus toward the end when she’s going I! WANT! YOU! FOR! EVER AND EVER! because it’s like half-song, half-cheer. MOTIVATIONAL LOVE COACH TAYLOR SWIFT. But then everything else drops out for the last line “That’s how you got the girl” and all of a sudden the whole song feels past tense—you got the girl that way because you told the right story. Dunno though if you’ve got her anymore.

And I’m currently listening to CLEAN and THIS LOVE painfully often but I mean really I’m just obsessed with the whole damn thing and I have a new favorite every day. “Oh, I’ve only listened to this track a few times because I kept listening to this other track 75 times on repeat, let me give it a try though.” And then OH MY GOD WHY WASN’T I INTO THIS BEFORE???

As to your second question, to me the HAYLOREST songs in terms of specifics are Style, Out of the Woods, All You Had To Do Was Stay, I Wish You Would, I Know Places, Clean, and Wonderland. But I totally accept Wildest Dreams, How You Get the Girl, This Love, and New Romantics as Haylor anthems as well. Even for the songs that are more general THOUGHTS ABOUT LOVE instead of super-specific about Harry, her Harry experience is still there, part of the texture of the song. Everything about a relationship that is off and on, or feels doomed, or deeply significant, or is tormented by outside pressures, is IMBUED WITH HARRY FEELINGS even if she’s not singing about green eyes. It feels like her relationship with Harry wasn’t just one of a series of relationships but a real watershed experience that caused her to find a new sense of self and shift her whole…way of being in the world. And that’s what the whole album is about.

anonymous asked:

I saw Recently a pic of Simon hafl nakeD and he's one handsome bastard! And if you could write (maybe a continuation of the second first kiss) with a lot of details from Demi's POV that her and him are making love and she's savoring his body, like every little detail, in almost every fic or drabble he's admiring her body and we get description of her body, but maybe you could do this time a little different. Love you! 

Part ONE is here Second First Kiss

It’s 2.400 words long! and Sweet! and RATED.

I tried making it different, more about him than her this time so I hope I did accomplish what you wanted anon! you lemme know pwease.

You can drop new ideas and plots in my ask, I will go down with this ship and it’s not going to end here. Help me keep it up please <3

Love you guys. 

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