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Pregnancy headcanons for Kiyoko, Yachi and Saeko please?

Okay soooo since Admin Emma over at @hq-cuties-pls has officially announced her pregnancy I feel like I can properly answer this now since I’m using her experience heavily as a reference - Admin Dad


  • One of those women that has the legendary female empowerment pregnancy (like Beyonce). She has that stereotypical pregnant “glow.” 
  • Never complains about her nausea or back pain, because even though she’s a glowing fertility goddess that first trimester is still rough
  • She mostly suffers from exhaustion and can accidentally fall asleep whenever she’s sitting for prolonged periods of time. She took an accidental trip up the coast due to konking out on the bus one day. 
  • As mild and ideal as her pregnancy was, labor comes hard and when she’s alone. Kiyoko will fight through the pain and get herself to the hospital with enough time to spare like the boss she is. But once she’s in that hospital bed all bets are off and the screaming can begin. 
  • After labor when she’s holding her baby she’ll laugh and kiss them musing how the whole experience wasn’t so bad in the end.


  • The exact opposite of Kiyoko when it comes to complaining. Her boobs are itching and you’re gonna know about it. 
  • Her already large breasts are going to grow beyond her control. By the end of her pregnancy she’s wearing makeshift cloth bras from cut oversized t-shirts, and she doesn’t give a single fuck if her boobs pop out. 
  • Her hormones are completely out of control. Not only is forgetful pregnancy brain running rampant, not only is she crying at the drop of a hat, but her sex drive is through the roof. 
  • Saeko definitely goes through an existential crisis when it sinks in that she’s going to be a mom. At one point in the third trimester she tries to leave, just leave and quit. But when the baby comes all her worry disappears
  • Immediately after giving birth Saeko has her s/o bring her sushi. And after baby eats for the first time and they’re back from the hospital, she’s definitely cracking open a beer.


  • Poor Yachi is nearly inconsolable when she finds out she’s pregnant–because she’s a nervous wreck. She’s convinced that vending machine coffee drink she had four days before she took the test has irreparably damaged the embryo and she needs to be talked down
  • Yachi is the most adherent to the rules of pregnancy books and guidelines and follows them to a T. Even if she has an unbelievable craving for just a spoonful of cookie dough, she’ll take the tears over risking any complications 
  • She’s also horrified at first when she has the unusual (or really, less advertised) side effects of pregnancy, like excess saliva production and a metallic taste in her mouth. After a minor freak out and intense research session, she finally calms down.
  • She doesn’t gain much weight anywhere on her body aside from her stomach, making her look like a child who stuffed a watermelon up their shirt.
  • Late third trimester Yachi turns feisty and occasionally downright mean, and everyone is terrified of her during labor. Yachi falls head over heels in love with her baby and the two take a little hospital nap together. 
Sanvers and Supercorp Christmas Magic (with kids)

Is it too early to talk about Christmas? (Spoiler alert: not here it isn’t!)

There were a few requests for a follow-up on this story from @queercapwriting‘s Danvers Sisters Week about Sanvers and Supercorp and their gang of kiddos. 

This is your follow-up! 

(Tagging @ownyourstage for the original ask/prompt, and @thedayyoudisappear who I also promised a sequel).

Aaaand, as is my way, nothing really happens, there’s very little plot, but everyone hangs out and has a cuddly, fluffy Christmas. (Sorry, I’ve started to just embrace it at this point. Lol.)

It’s also very, very long. I really tried (and really failed) to make it shorter, and at some point just gave up and kept going until there was an end. 

Happy reading! :) Feat. Sanvers and Supercorp and sisters and Christmas still a lot of kids, y’all.

They had a lot of traditions in the Super Family, and the last few months of the year were a whirlwind of chaos and celebration.

Halloween is J’onn and M’gann’s.

Without fail, every one of his Earth kids (and now grandkids) has fallen prey to one of his pranks—and by now they know it’s coming, but he still manages to pull it off. And every one of them loves the one day a year when everyone else at the DEO gets a glimpse of the Space Dad side of J’onn—even if they’re sure to never mention it ever again.

Thanksgiving is Kara’s.

Because all Kara ever wanted was a family, and that’s what their Thanksgiving is all about. It’s endless amounts of food, and chocolate pecan pie, and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons, and after-dinner snuggles, and the whole family together under one roof for the whole day.

Hanukkah is Alex’s.

Those traditions run deep in her veins, and go back to a time before Kara. A quieter, simpler time with just her and Eliza and Jeremiah. Of course, it’s since included her sister—and then her wife, and their friends, and now her sister-in-law, and all their combined children—and she couldn’t be happier about it.

New Year’s Eve is Lena’s.

No one throws a gala quite like she does. She relishes having this one night a year when the adults can be adults, and they all get dressed to the nines and dance and drink and flirt a little more than they would in front of the tiny eyeballs that demand all their attention. It also helps that she knows, every single year, her wife makes it her mission to find an outfit that makes her jaw drop and her heart skip a beat—although Kara would tell you the exact same story.

Christmas is Maggie’s.

She had shed a lot of the religious aspects of the holiday (though the religious upbringing occasionally showed itself—and sometimes she liked it, and sometimes she didn’t), but the magic…the magic of Christmas had stayed with her even after all these years. There were some traditions you couldn’t shake, and despite the few years where she’d hated the holiday, most of her memories of it were full of family and snowmen and baking and cheesy movies—and that was what she wanted to give her kids, and her whole family.

On Christmas Eve, Kara, Lena, and their twin three-year-olds, Audrey and Maddie, pack up to spend the night and all of Christmas Day at Alex and Maggie’s house.

As soon as they open the front door, their blonde-haired, green-eyed little girls take off at a sprint to seek out their cousins. Audrey finds Gertie first—reading a book in the living room—and climbs right onto the eight-year-old’s lap. Gertie’s big brown eyes go wide, and her long, dark curls cover her face when she hugs her little cousin tight.

Maddie takes off down the hallway, while JJ and Lainey come barreling down the stairs in the middle of a sword fight—and if you looked quick enough, you’d think it was a tiny version of Alex and Kara.

Five-year-old JJ’s short, dark hair is similar to Gertie’s, but he’s got Alex’s fair skin and he doesn’t have the dimples that both his sister’s share. Lainey is an enigma—their fiery six-year-old has blonde hair and blue eyes. And although genetically, it’s probably due to her grandmothers, Kara takes full credit whenever she can.

“Hey!” Maggie greets them from the kitchen, where she’s currently mixing up no less than 10 different colors of icing. “Alex is…” she knits her eyebrows, “Uh…I don’t actually know. She’s somewhere though,” she laughs.

“Alex is right here,” comes a voice from behind them. She wraps up her sister and then her sister-in-law in hugs before Maddie runs right into the back of her knees. She picks up her niece and tosses her in the air as she giggles, then places her on her hip, “You wanna decorate cookies, Maddie?”

“Cookie!” she screams—and that gets all the kids attention. They come barreling through the house toward Maggie in the kitchen.

“Whoa, whoa, easy kiddos.” They slow down a little, but still scramble up into chairs, already digging through a pile of cookie cutters before she even takes the cookie dough out of the fridge.

Maggie has spent the last two days baking. It started with her grandmother’s almond cake, then her mom’s thumbprint cookies—both black raspberry and apricot. Then she made stacks of vanilla pizzelles. She made Alex’s favorite chocolate peanut butter buckeyes. She made dark chocolate peppermint cookies for Winn, and white chocolate cranberry cookies for J’onn and Lena, and chocolate pecan pie cookies for Kara, and—thankfully—James’ favorite are the cookies the kids are about to bake now.

And that’s what the kids spend the next couple hours doing. It’s a few hours of cookie cutters and icing and sprinkles—and then every kid needs a bath to get the icing off of their hands, their faces, their hair.

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Free at last

And I’m back with this, finally. I hope you guys like it.

“Are you nervous?” Kati and she turns towards the redhead.

“Nervous?” She exclaims. “I’m excited as hell I’m just desperate to get out of this place of endless boredom and tests and needles and all awful stuff in the universe.”

“And here I thought you enjoyed my company.” Kati laughs and she giggles, she’s feeling so much better now.

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my mad fat diary meme × favorite quote: “You see yourself as a fragile thing. Like a little broken bird sloshing around in a bottle. But if you trust me, if we trust each other.. you’ll be all right. Because, basically, I think you’re a pretty tough cookie.”

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OiYachi though. He takes her to practice one time & Seijoh is like uh oh not another one. But then they realize she's actually really sweet & shy. Then the next time she goes to one of their practices, she has cookies & even Kyoutani is tearing up a bit because they're THAT good. Eventually sometimes when Oikawa isn't able to pick her up, someone else from the team will just go get her & Karasuno is like HOW MANY BOYFRIENDS DO YOU HAVE and BAM another team to protect this flower child/star anon\

No one can resist the Pure Goodness that is Yachi Hitoka

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Is it's okay to ask for some Grandma Sally headcanons? It still kinda irks me because we didn't have her reuniting with Percy & Annabeth & of course because of my uncontrollable feels for percababies~

love, you are always welcome to ask for whatever it is your heart desires. 

don’t even get me started on what BoO was missing. But Grandma Sally is everything to me: 

  • Sally cries the first time she feels the baby kick 
  • she learns to knit so she can make blankets and beanies for her grand baby— she practices by making Percy a series of hats and scarves
  • Percy and Annabeth invite her to a sonogram so she can hear the babies heart beat
  • she stays with Percy and Annabeth for a week after they have each baby 
  • the kids call her Nana and Paul is Pops 
  • she always has blue cookies and even has a cookie monster jar 
  • she loves taking the kids to Montauk for weekends of roasting marshmallows and building blanket forts and telling silly stories about Percy when he was a kid 
  • the day that Percy and Annabeth’s oldest goes to Camp for the first time Sally receives a letter from Poseidon. He apologizes for not being able to be there for her and Percy the way he wanted to be and thanks her for being such an amazing mother to their son. He tells her he couldn’t be more grateful to be able to see his kid be able to have a wife and family, from however far away he has to be. And that Camp Half Blood wouldn’t need a legacy cabin if it wasn’t for her. He will always love her and if her and Paul ever want a Caribbean vacation, to just let him know. He’ll hook her up.

so many Sally feels, anon. Have a great day :) xxx  

fun facts about rey

so i did a finn post and a poe post and now it’s time for a rey post!!!!!

the rey story in BTA honestly gives us less information than the others - it’s still full of Good Shit but i think so much of her stuff is yet to come???? like we learn some really baller stuff but idk So Much To Learn …

so instead of just summarizing and pondering greg rucka’s before the awakening, i’m also going to pull some hilarious shit from the TFA novelization because oh my god rey lmao.  where the book sharply veers left from movie canon, i will make a note of it, but boy howdy does that ever happen at one point. okay anyway lets go

- she built her own speeder

- she built her own speeder literally like… she designed and built it from scrap. she assembled it herself. (richard dawkins would say using scrap was cheating and then have a twitter meltdown; this is irrelevant but it cracks me up to think about so you get to think about it too)

- she also built a computer for herself by piecing together more parts and getting a display up and running

- one of the datachips she found had a really in-depth flight sim on it so she just. started doing that. 

- she learned how to pilot a spaceship by playing computer games for hours on end. like she’d seriously just. she started out barely being able to take off, but she’s a fast learner and after years and years of vidya games she’d start just artifically introducing wilder and wilder problems, just to make it more challenging for her

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OH MY GOD I WAS JUST THINKING OF THIS THIS MEME IS A GODSEND. "Felicity was halfway through her Coke when she finally realized it had 'Share with your Soulmate' written on the side."

She sputters, nearly dropping the can as sugary-sweet carbonation spurts down her windpipe.  

She barely even likes Coke.  She only grabbed the can because the break room, as usual, had been emptied of coffee, and her break doesn’t run long enough to both brew a new pot and run down to the vending machine on the eighth floor to buy those cookies she likes, the ones with butterscotch and chocolate. (Twenty requests, she’s sent to HR, insisting that QC, with its infinite resources, stock the vending machines on her floor with those cookies.  She has even checked to ensure the requests were opened and filed.  She loathes incompetence).  

But no.  Her soulmate is a Coke drinker. He (or she; Felicity remembers the legs on Johanna Marko from Advanced Programing & Calculations and Sara Lance’s impressive abwork) probably likes Lifesavers too, in all their cloying, sticky glory.  Her soulmate is certainly not any of the men she already knows (and really, who uses the world soulmate, it belonged with archaic concepts like destiny and fate and meant to be) - Oliver treats all junk food like it’s out to destroy his pristine body; Dig prefers Pepsi, the traitor; Roy is, well, Roy (very angry, very angsty, and very dedicated to Thea Queen).  

A warning about his (or her) future partner’s feelings towards vigilantism and late nights would have been preferable.  Instead, she’d gotten his feelings towards Coke. As usual, her inheritance - the Smoak Curse - has failed to deliver anything truly useful. 

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PRINCESS MEGAN, MY LOVE. Would you do me the honour, oF WRITING A THING? I have a sudden urge to read Captain Swan baking at 3am and being all cute and stuff. If you cannot, that is perfectly fine I still love you. <333

Because you called me a princess (brb screaming) and because I love you, Lana, here is what one might describe as fluff without plot. (you will literally get cavities and probably collapse into a puddle)

She wakes up in the middle of the night with an insatiable craving for warm, gooey, chocolate chip cookies, of all things.

She tries to shrug it off and just roll over and sleep, but staring over at the door makes her want to venture out and check to see if they still have something that fits that bill in the pantry. Killian’s arm wraps around her at that moment and he breathes deep into her neck, obviously just waking up.

“Go back to sleep, love.” 

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