she escaped her room

Be More Chill Headcanons Michael's Snake

-when Michael was little he wanted a pet so bad but he was allergic to any animal with fur

-his parents took him to the pet store looking through small animals like frogs and birds when Michael see’s her

-his parents have a mini panic attack he points to the Rosy Boa in the tank saying he wants that one

- “Honey are you sure? There’s a nice toad-”

“You promised any animal I want, I want her!”

-on the way home Michael looks into the box and pets her deciding to give the snake the name Slippy because of how she feels

-Jeremy is terrified of Slippy but one day Michael manages to get him to hold her but she regurgitates the mouse she just ate on him

-Jeremy never holds Slippy after that

-it only took a few days for her to figure out how to break out of her tank but instead of escaping she just crawled into Michael’s room and fell asleep on his bed

-she is the reason all of their sleepovers are at Jeremy’s house

-after the SQUIP Jeremy had a weird nightmare in which Slippy had SQUIP’s head making him even more scared to visit Michael’s house

-he regrets telling Michael about the dream because now he has the running joke of Slippy SQUIPPY

Mine - a Peter Parker/ Spiderman imagine

Woah two Tom Holland imagines in one day! Ya girl got a new obsession.

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“Hey Pete! It’s Y/N…but you already knew that because your phone probably said you had a voicemail from me… and like 20 texts…because thats how phones work… haha… Anyways I was just calling to see if you were still coming for our movie night tonight. You kinda bolted from school today and yesterday… aaaand the day before that so I haven’t really had the chance to make sure you were still on. Yeah, um call me or text me.” Y/N paced around the floor of her room, her had running through her hair as she stared at her phone after pressing the end call button. 

Y/N and Peter had been best friends since diapers. And Ned of course, but Y/N and Peter were inseparable. She plopped her self down on the edge of her bed, a heavy sigh escaping her lips and she glanced around her room, her eyes landing on a set of Photo Booth pictures of her and Peter each one more silly than the one before. She grinned as she picked them up, holing them gently in her fingers as though they would shatter under her touch. Things had been so different lately, her parents were constantly fighting and slamming doors and leaving and Peter had been seemingly avoiding her like the plague when she had needed him most. 

She pressed Ned’s name on her phone, hopping Peter was with him and that maybe he had just forgotten his phone or something. But to no avail, Ned was ignoring her also. She tossed her phone across the room with a groan. “I guess friend night is just for you and me now.” Y/N said to her dog who was curled up at the bottom of her bed before pressing play, turning the volume up to drown out the sounds of her parents screaming.

“Ned you can’t tell anyone.” Peter stared at his friend who already was beginning to lose his shit. Peters phone began to ring yet again in his pocket, he let it continue to ring while and New continued to talk. Ned phone began to ring only a moment later, the ringer specifically picked out for when Y/N called echoing In the room.

“Does Y/N know?” Ned asked and Peters eyes widened. He shook his head quickly. “No she doesnt. And she never will. After everything she has been through lately she can’t know that people try to kill me everyday. I’m pretty sure t would give her a heart attack.“Peter couldn’t bare the thought of hurting Y/N. She was his person, at least that’s what he liked to call her, if anything happened to her it would kill him. He already felt bad enough ignoring her and leaving her hanging so often but he couldn’t risk it. 

 Y/N leaned her head inside her locker, sniffling away the tears she had been crying all night and morning. Her dad had completely abandoned her and her mom. Packed everything and left them screaming nonsense. Her mom couldn’t handle it and left Y/N to go drink and didn’t return home. She had tried to reach out to Peter and of course was sent directly to voicemail. Y/N reached her hands up, forcefully rubbing them over her tear stained face. With a deep breath she slammed her locker shut. Peter and Ned stood on the other side of the door both with cheesy grins plastered on their faces. The grins quickly fell as they saw how Y/N looked, no makeup which never happened, puffy red eyes, tear stained cheeks and stain covered baggy sweatshirt drowning her already small frame.

“Y/N.. you look..” Peter stared.

“Awful.” Ned finished. Y/N rolled her eyes shoving past the two, hitting them both with her shoulders. 

“Definitely the way to any girls heart. Tell her she looks awful.” MJ leaned against the wall near them staring as though she had been there the whole time. The two looked at her for a moment before quickly turning to go and catch up with Y/N.

“Y/N waits whats wrong?”  Peter ran quickly and grabbed her hand, pulling her into an empty classroom and shutting the door before Ned could come in. He had a feeling this was something just the two of them needed to talk about. Y/N stared ahead at the empty chairs, not turning to Peter who stood behind her. Tears threatened her eyes once more and she took in a shaky breath. “please… you can tell me anything… Its me." 

 Y/N let out a sad and sarcastic laugh. She could feel her anger building up inside of her the closer Peter got to her. She turned on her heel and looked him in the eye. "Anything? I can’t tell you jack shit! You haven’t been here for weeks Peter! You bolt the second the final bell rings and when I talk to you during school you are always staring at the clock or your phone." 

 "Y/N I can explain! It’s the internship I- I have been waiting for a really big call and it takes up all my time!” Peter begged. But Y/N just shook her head an annoyed smile plastered on her lips honestly scaring Peter. “I thought you were happy about me having the internship!”

 "Would you just shut up about that stupid Internship!!“ Y/N screamed, Peter stepping back slightly. ” you aren’t listening to a word I say! I can’t tell you anything because you don’t listen! If you actually cared you would have actually listened to me and been there for me when I needed you Pete! And I fucking needed you. If you even cared a little bit you would have been there. But you weren’t, so clearly you don’t. You have completely shut me out Peter. If you want to end it and not be my friend any more please just end it instead of dragging me along like this because I can’t take it anymore.“ Y/N wasn’t even trying to hold back her tears at this point.

“Y/N… Please…” He reached out to her, they were standing so close yet they had never felt so far apart. 

“No Peter. If you won’t do it then I will. Don’t talk to me ever again, its the least you can do.” She sniffled, wiping her tears away before walking out of the room, walking past Ned and MJ and walking straight out the school doors. Peter stood frozen in his spot, silent tears slipping down his cheek as he stared at the empty space where his best friend and the love of his life had been standing just moments before. He was at a loss of words, the only sound filling the room was that of his heart breaking. He was so worried about hurting Y/N because of being Spiderman that he didn’t realize how much he himself had been hurting her. 

Peter sat on the rough of the apartment building across from Y/N’s home, he could see the window he had snuck into countless of times before to Y/N’s room, the flickering of a candle as the only light coming from the room. Her curtains blew slightly in from the light breeze that was blowing through her wide open window. He hadn’t seen or heard from Y/N the rest of the day no matter how many times he called her and looked around the city for her. He ripped his mask from his face feeling suffocated suddenly. He let so stupid for being so blind to how she had been feeling. Its not like she didn’t reach out to him, he was just so caught up in everything that he flat out ignored it. He could hear her mom yelling something at Y/N from where he was sat followed by a loud slam and her mom storming out of the townhouse with a large packed bag. This was his chance, slipping his mask back on he slung his web to attach to her roof, swinging down to land outside of her window.

“Fuck you too mom.” Y/N spoke with no emotion as she closed the door to her room, leaning against it and letting her body slide down it to be sitting on the floor in front of it.

“Now thats no way to talk to your mom.” Y/N’s gaze shut up as she stood quickly, Her eyes grew wide as she stared at The Spider-Man standing in the middle of her room. “Now I know what your thinking and no I’m not here to put you in jail or anything for using that language. I had heard from my pal Peter through the Stark Internship that his best friend Y/N was having a tough time and that he was a complete dumb ass. I figured I would come and try to patch things up. I hear you are a fairly big fan of me.” He stepped closer to her as she stood still, her mouth dropping open in disbelief. “Close your mouth sweetheart,  it would be a shame if a bug hereto fly in here.” He laughed slightly as he reached his finger up to gently lift her jaw and caress her cheek for a moment. 

“This can’t be real life.” Y/N shook her head quickly, pacing slightly in front of him. “I must be dreaming. Or I finally died, jeez that was a bit morbid…” Peter chuckled in front of her and her attention was drawn back to Spider-Man again. A small smile on her lips.

“What?” He asked as she stared at him.

“Oh nothing, you just..  your giggle sounds a lot like Peter’s. I love his little laugh.” She smiled as she bit her lip, thinking of all the times she had heard him let out his stupid little giggle. 

“Sounds like you love a lot more than his laugh.” Spiderman pushed stepping close to her once more.

“What? I mean- oh hell this is all a dream anyways so I might as well just say it. Yeah I love everything about Peter. I love him more than anyone or anything in this world. Thats why it hurt so much. Because no matter how much I say I hate him or how much he hurt me,I will always love him. I know he was just so caught up in the amazing Internship he got. I mean its his future, And I know how much it means to him. I know I was just being selfish. I think I will always be in love with him.” Y/N sighed as she sat on the edge her bed, playing with her chipped paint on her finger nails.

“Well… I know how hard it was for you to tell me that secret. Can I let you in on my own big secret before I give you some advice on what you just said?” Peter was trying his hardest to not stumble over his words, he knew what he said didn’t make the most sense but the love of his life just admitted she loved him too. Y/N glanced up at him her eyes shining with tears. 

“Go for it.” Peter took a deep breath as he reached his hand up, grabbing the top of his mask and pulling it off. Y/N’s eyes looked as if they were about to pop out of her face as she stood up and looked at Peter who had a small smirk on his lips. 

“I’ll always be in love with you too.” Peter said as he closed the distance between the two, pulling Y/N against him and connecting their lips in a passionate kiss. The two finally pulled away as Y/N continued to stare at him her brain unable to think of anything to say.

“This is why I have been so distant, I couldn’t risk you getting hurt from knowing but I was so caught up in that that I didn’t see how badly I was actually hurting you.” Peter admitted. Y/N reached up and punched him on the shoulder with all her strength. He jerked back slightly, his arm reaching up to nurse the light ache.

“Thats for being an asshole.” Y/N said sternly. She reached up again, Peter flinching and closing his eyes only to be pleasantly surprised when Y/N was kissing him once more.

“What was that one for?” 

“Thats for being my asshole.”


Pairing: Peter paker x reader

Request:like where the reader and peter are in a good and happy relationship but it gets twisted when the vulture is actually the readers dad.- @pastelpeter

word count: 1849


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Peter was a lucky guy. He had everything he could wish for. Well, not exactly everything, but he had you, and that’s all that mattered anyways.

Y/n and the boy had been good friends ever since high school had started, and without even realising, Peter had fallen for you hard. He had realised in his sophomore year and pinned for you for half a year before he finally got the courage to ask you out. He still couldn’t believe such an awesome and beautiful girl as Y/n could be dating him, but hey, he wasn’t complaining.

At first it had been difficult trying to hide his so called Stark Internship from her, but eventually she found out about him being Spider Man. Of course she would found out! His girl was just too damn intelligent. Anyways, Y/n worried like crazy about him but she also supported him and help patch him up after certain fights, especially lately, as he was fighting a particular villain who had him pretty tired.

He avoid telling her who was he fighting, but after so many bruises he would have to give her a little something. She knew he was fighting some bird dude selling alien tech to thieves and criminals, but that was all. He didn’t want her getting to involved. He would die if something happened to her.

They had been dating for 2 months now. Everyone thought it was getting too serious for a couple of teenagers, but they didn’t get it like Peter did. Y/n was the one, he just knew it. He couldn’t stop thinking about her smile, her eyes, her lips and her fingers interlocked with his. He wanted to hold her forever and never let go. Everytime he saw her his heart did a little jump, like it was their first date all over again. He would do anything for her.

And that’s exactly how he found himself going to her home to have dinner with her family. The boy had met her mom and sister before, however he still had to met her dad. Apparently he kept going on business trips every time he was down to visit, but tonight was the night. He was a little nervous if he was honest, after all, fathers were really protective of their daughters right?

It was supposed to be a sit down dinner, so he had brought a pie and some flowers. They were celebrating Y/n’s sister getting into college, so he wanted to be a nice guest, plus anything to impress his father in law right?

He got May to drive him in front of her home just in time for the dinner to start.

“Call me when dinner is over alright? I’ll come pick you up”

“Yeah sure, thanks May”

He got out the car and ran over to the front porch, knocking on the door as he waited. Y/n’s mom came to open the door as she welcomed him.

“Hello Mrs. Y/ln”

“Hello Peter, come in, Y/n is at the kitchen”


He got in and made his way over to find his beautiful girlfriend making some mashed potatoes over in the corner. He got the flowers and the pie in the counter before hugging her waist from behind, placing his chin in the crock of her neck.

“Hey beautiful”

Y/n smiled as she felt the warm of her boyfriend. She had been worried since she saw him last night a little more bruised up than usual.

She turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck giving him a bright smile before saying.

“Hey handsome”

They lined in for a quick kiss before they were interrupted.

“So, where is that boyfriend of yours Y/n? I want to have a couple words with him. Teach him a lesson or two.”

Y/n let out a giggle before she turned around smiling. The voice that interrupted them came from the living room, where he guessed Y/n?s father was. His voice sounded kinda familiar, but he couldn’t place it. Her girlfriend took his hand before dragging him outside the kitchen.

“C’mon, I want you to meet my dad”

He followed her like a lost puppy, having eyes for nothing but her, but it all changed as soon as he she led him to a man he had definitely seen before.

“Peter, this is my dad. Dad, this is the guy I’ve been dating”

The man standing in front of him had fancier clothes than the times they’ve met before, and looked a hell lot more friendly, however Peter could recognize him everywhere. He stared wide eyed as he realised this was the same man he had been fighting for the past days. Yn made sure to patch up his wounds while his dad opened new ones.

Her dad went for a handshake while he stood there, still staring. After what felt like an embarrassing long time Peter lifted his hand, shaking the man’s hand.

“Don’t be scared kid. That lesson thing was just a joke”

“I’m sorry, sir. Ni-nice to meet you”

“So, I’ve heard you guys have been dating for a while, Is he treating you right Y/n?”

“Yes dad” She said as she rolled her eyes at her father’s words. “He is the best”

“Well, then that’s all that matters to me”

Her dad gave him a final nod before he turned around, heading towards his wife. Peter couldn’t help but stare some more. He didn’t want believe it. What the fuck?

Why was the universe against him? He finally met a cute nice girl who wanted to date him, God knows why, and she is the daughter of the person that is trying to kill him!?

Y/n kept on talking to him, but he could barely listen. Did she knew about this? Obviously not dumbass, she knows about you! But then, what did Y/n thought her father was doing every night?

The boy interrupted the girl as she was talking, trying to understand what was going on with that family.

“What did you say your father works at?”

“He is a salesman, he buys stuff to companies and sells it back to bigger ones. Why you ask?”

“Umm- Nothing, he just seemed familiar”

“You’re probably confused, he has to leave the state a lot to sell all that stuff, you’ve probably never seen him”

“Wait, what stuff does he sell?”

“Well, I’m not sure? It’s mainly tech things, you know, just a family business” The girl shrugged her shoulders, not giving importance to the topic. However it did matter, it mattered a lot to Peter.

Her father was in fact a salesman and he did sell tech stuff, however his family wasn’t aware of what kind of business he had going on.

“Babe, dinner is ready, let’s go”

The rest of the night went on a blur. Peter tried not to talk or make any eye contact, he didn’t want to give anything away. He didn’t knew what to do!

So what now? He couldn’t just come up and say ‘Hey babe remember the bird dude? Well, he is your father and is beating the crap out of me, love you lots bye’. He could not break your family apart like that! He needed time to himself.

Peter excused himself, making up some excuse about May needing him and left early, trying to get away from that mess as soon as possible.

After the dinner Peter distanced himself. Y/n wasn’t sure why, but with each passing day they had seen less and less. He claimed he was just busy between Spiderman and school, but that had never been an issue before.

She wanted to have her boyfriend back, but she didn’t knew what she had done to upset him, or how to even get him. She had told Peter to come by tonight, to talk and maybe figure things out.

Meanwhile the boy knew exactly what he was going to do. His chest got a little too tight when he thought about it, but he knew he had to do it. He had to break up with you.Being a superhero came with responsibilities, and he had to take care of them. Queen’s safety came before him.

Peter got into his spidey suit and left his room, swinging his way to your house. With your father already “back to work” there was no problem running into him in his suit. He stood outside your window with his heart beating fast in his chest as he saw you approaching to open it.

“Peter come ins-”

“ I can’t, I have to go back, I just came by real quick”

The girl sighed as she got out of her room to the fire escape next to Peter.

“What’s up Peter? You’ve been really distant lately”

The girl seemed concerned as she looked into his brown eyes. God he wanted to tell her the truth, but he couldn. He could never do that to her, make her choose.

“That’s what I came to talk to you about”

“Good, cause I’ve been wan-”

“I want to break up”

The boy said it in mere whispers, but he knew she had heard him. The girl stared at him with a heartbroken expression. She couldn’t believe what he had just said. She didn’t want to believe it.

“Wait what?”

“You heard me”

“No Peter wait- What- Why would you want that? I don’t-

“I don’t want to be with you anymore”

Tears started to form into the girl’s eyes. She didn’t knew what was happening but she wanted it to stop. She wanted her old Peter back.

She refused to let the tears roll down, but somewhere along the line she had started sobbing, trying to find the words.

Meanwhile the boy couldn’t bare to look at her. Her hair was messy and her eyes were wet, while she kept talking nonsense. She tried taking his hand but he kept denying it.He wanted to hold her and tell her everything will be okay, but he had to look after her.

“But Peter I-We love each other! Tell me what happened and We’ll figure it out”

Peter wanted to believe in her. He wanted to think that their love could overcome everything and that they could be together. But he knew it wasn’t true. He had to go fight her father, at least try to stop him, but he couldn’t do it behind her back, so he’ll rather not have her at all.

“I don’t love you anymore”

The girl had suddenly stopped crying. She stare as Peter got away from her, with each step putting more distance between them. The girl couldn’t do anything but watch as the boy got on top of the fire escape, ready to leave.

“I’m really sorry, but it’s better like this.”

With these finals words the boy took off, looking behind one last time as he broke not only Y/n’s heart, but also his in the process.

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Prompt: jealous jousef

“Too loud in there?” Yousef’s voice had a soft, understanding tone, yet he still managed to catch Sana off guard, making her nearly flinch. She put down her glass of water - that she had presented as an excuse to escape the room where her friends and her brother’s friends we’re loudly enjoying themselves at the very moment - and looked up at Yousef.

The boy was standing at the doorway of Eva’s kitchen, leaning on the doorway in a seemingly careless manner; his eyes bright with a smile that curved slightly more to the right and which was a detail that Sana most definitely shouldn’t be paying attention. She shook her head at her own silly thoughts, and it took her a while to remember that he was actually expecting a response. Sana let the silence continue for a few more seconds, attempting to find the right words, while Yousef stared at her with a question in his eyes.

“No, I just… Needed some water,” Sana lied and nearly jumped when she heard Eva’s alcohol-infused laughter chime from the livingroom. “And yeah… It’s loud. It’s often like this, being the only sober person.”

Yousef looked understanding, and he took a few steps closer and grabbed a glass from above the sink. “Yeah, I bet. Do you ever get a feeling like you wanna do it too? Get drunk and loud and fucking annoying?”

Sana laughed at the way he said the words - his tone was strange, and she couldn’t quite figure out if he was serious or just joking. She shrugged, drawing incoherent patterns on the outside of her wrist. “Doesn’t everybody?”

“I guess,” Yousef said with a careless shrug. In the livingroom, they could hear Chris and Vilde laughing loudly at something, quickly joined by the guys. “The girls seem to be having fun.”

Sana nodded and said: “Yeah, the girls are excited. They really like the guys - I think Mikael and Adam are particularly popular, since they’re single and all.”

There was something in Yousef’s eyes when she said it: for a fleeting second the joyful glimmer was gone, and for a moment it was disappointment that was so visible in his expression - like a little kid robbed of his candy.

There was a silence of about ten seconds between them, during which Yousef looked like he was building some courage to say something. After a while, he huffed his breath out in a loud manner and asked: “Do you like them?”

“Like who?” Sana asked.

“The guys - I mean… I saw you talking to Adam tonight and before and I just - I don’t know. He seemed pretty excited about you,” Yousef explained, his voice suddenly quieter. It was like he was trying to examine Sana’s expression when he talked, clearly looking for a reaction. Testing the waters.

The truth is, Sana had noticed Yousef looking at her earlier in the evening, when Adam had come up and talked to her. He had stood at the other side of the livingroom, talking with Mikael, but his eyes had kept slipping on Sana and to the back of Adam’s head. And each time his gaze glided over the two of them, his expression had sunken with a shadow of irritation, but every time the expression had disappeared in a few seconds - but Sana noticed. She noticed even the little things with Yousef, even when she really didn’t want to.

“Oh, yeah. He’s pretty nice,” Sana said, examining the patterns on the wooden floors below their feet. She could feel the boy’s eyes on her, but she didn’t have the courage to actually look up to him and meet his gaze.

“Okay.” Yousef’s gaze was burning her, but she didn’t look up.

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If you are stil taking request, how about a what if? -What if JD had broken down at the sight of Veronica faking her suicide and takes his gun to shoot himself instead of going to Westerburg to blow it up? Personnally, I'd like a happy ending (even if it is bittersweet) with Veronica succeding in saving him please^^



Once she had visited Martha Dunnstock in the hospital, Veronica Sawyer walked into the Sawyer residence, weighted with guilt. This was all her fault. If she hadn’t given into the Heathers’ pressure and popularity, Martha would probably be all healed and happy and watching rented videos on the couch.

Why did I let this happen? Veronica thought as she opened the door to her house, head hanging down sadly. If I had just said no and let the Heathers torment people themselves. Martha wouldn’t have tried to commit suicide, Heather Chandler might be alive, and so would Kurt and Ram. Maybe JD wouldn’t be so psychotic. This is all my fault. I should be the one on that hospital bed, unconscious and dying. I should be the one in Hell coughing up drain cleaner. I should be the one shot to death with bullets. I should be dead. I should be–

“Where have you been?”

Veronica’s head shot up as her mom ran over and pulled her into an embrace. “We’ve been worried sick,” she said to her, cupping her face. “Your friend JD stopped by. He told us everything.”

Veronica’s stomach tied up in knots at the mention of JD. And the word “friend”, as well. The Sawyers were clueless of what happened. “… Everything?” she croaked out.

“Your depression,” her dad responded. “Your thoughts of suicide.”

Her mom thrust a copy of Moby Dick at her. “He even showed us your copy of Moby Dick.”

Veronica flipped through the pages. A lot of the most depressing parts were highlighted and scribbled with depressing words. In her own handwriting.

The Heather Chandler who was to haunt Veronica for the rest of her life suddenly appeared behind her, peering at the book from Veronica’s shoulder. “He’s got your handwriting down cold,” Heather announced, as if it weren’t obvious already.

Veronica’s mom put her hand on the book. “Please, honey. Talk to us,” she begged. Her brown eyes were filled with concern.

Veronica just turned away from her parents. “You’d never understand,” she said coldly.

“Try me!” Veronica’s mom retorted. She grabbed Veronica’s arm as a nurturing gesture. Veronica wriggled out of her mother’s touch. “I’ve experienced everything you’re going through right now. I know it all seems impossibly dramatic.”

As Veronica kept skimming through the book, Kurt, Ram, and Heather appeared behind her mother. “Guess who’s right down the block?” they asked eerily.

Veronica’s mom kept talking, but Veronica’s heart beat fast as she realized that JD was heading over. Now. She sensed someone trying to climb the outside stairs to her bedroom window.

Guess who’s climbing the stairs?” Kurt, Ram, and Heather chorused.

“… I promise, they’re not,” Mrs. Sawyer continued.

Guess who’s picking your lock?

“You don’t know what my world looks like,” Veronica growled before turning away and running up to her bedroom as fast as she could.

As she tried to find a way to escape or hide from JD, she paced around her room, looking for a place to hide herself in.

You’re crazy,” Kurt, Ram, and Heather jeered. “Are you high on shrooms? Do you actually think you can hide from him? There’s no doubt that you’re done for.

Veronica started looking for something to keep JD from coming through the window. No use. There was nothing in her room.

“Notify next of kin, Veronica. No use trying to keep him out!

Suddenly, Veronica heard her bedroom window click.

Too late! He got in.

Veronica scrambled to her closet, locking the door shut.

“Knock knock!” JD sang creepily as he stepped inside Veronica’s bedroom with his gun in his hand. “Sorry to come in through the window. Dreadful etiquette, I know.” But he didn’t sound sorry at all. He closed the bedroom window shut.

“Get out of my house,” Veronica ordered shakily through the closet door.

JD chuckled. “Hiding in the closet? Come on,” he begged, “open the door!”

“No,” Veronica responded. Her voice sounded less shaky and more calm, but she was still scared. “I’ll scream. My parents will call the police.”

JD took no notice of her threat. “All is forgiven, baby! Come on, get dressed! You’re my date to the pep rally tonight!”

“What? Why?” Veronica asked, confused. Didn’t JD hate her? Wasn’t he coming up here to kill her?

“Well, our classmates thought they were signing a petition,” JD answered proudly. He took out a piece of paper with various signatures written on it. “But you gotta come out here and see what they really signed!”

It didn’t take a genius to know that whatever they signed, it just contributed to JD’s proud sociopath personality.

“You know, you should be dead for chucking me out like trash,” JD started to say, attempting to get Veronica out. “But I had a better idea. What if high school went away instead?”

As he continued to beg for her forgiveness and explained his plan to plant a bomb inside Westerburg High and make it look like a mass suicide, Veronica looked around her cramped closet for something to drive JD away. She came across a long bedsheet. Perfect.

“We were meant to be one, Veronica!” JD continued. “I can’t do this alone! Come on out, and let’s finish what we begun!”

No answer.

“VERONICA!” he yelled. He lowered his voice to a frighteningly calmer tone. “Open the door, please. Open the door.”

No response.

“Veronica!” he said again, still calm. “Can we stop fighting? Please?”

Still nothing.

He sighed. “Look, I know you’re scared. I’ve been there. But I can set you free!”

Nothing. JD was starting to get impatient. And impatient plus JD equaled one thing.


“Veronica!” he shouted. His tranquility was starting to break. “Don’t make me come in there!” he threatened.


“I’m gonna count to three!” he warned. “One.”




“FUCK IT!” he screamed as he kicked down the door, only to see Veronica hanging from her impromptu bedroom noose.

JD suddenly fell to his knees, stunned and heartbroken. The only girl he had ever loved was hanging dead right in front of him, all because of him. “Oh… God… no…” he whispered. A single tear rolled down his cheek. “Veronica… Please don’t leave me alone… you were all I can trust…”

Suddenly, his motivation to get rid of all his classmates was gone. He was doing this all so he and Veronica could be together, and now the only place they could be together was…


“I’m so sorry, Veronica,” he sobbed as he brought himself up. “I wanted to do this for you. I’m so sorry.” He put the gun to his head and put his thumb on the trigger. “This was all for you, but if this is what you wanted…”

Out of nowhere, Veronica screamed, “NO!”

She untangled herself from her noose, ran over to JD and smacked the gun out of his hand. “No, no, please don’t,” she begged softly, taking his wrists. “I’m so sorry, I just wanted you to stop.”

“Veronica…” JD wriggled his wrists out of Veronica’s grasp to cup her face with his hand. “I’m sorry, this was all for you. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.” He pulled her into a hug and whispered apologies into her neck. Veronica felt his tears against her skin.

“Please, just stop killing people…” she begged quietly. “Please. For me.”

JD nodded, pulling back from Veronica. He kissed her forehead. “For you. Just for you.”

He held her close. “I worship you…” he muttered. “I’ll do anything for you. If you want me to stop murdering people, I will. I promise.”

With that, Veronica pulled away from him and kissed him softly, still crying. “Let’s just be seventeen, okay?” she asked against his lips.

JD nodded in agreement, this time, meaning it.

Veronica smiled, sniffling and wiping JD’s tears away from his cheeks. “Now, let’s just ditch the pep rally and go bowling. What do you say?”

JD laughed softly. “I think that’s a good idea. Can we stop by 7-Eleven first?”

“Well…” Veronica pretended to think about it. “Will you finally buy me a Big Gulp?”

JD groaned. “You’re defeating the purpose of 7-Eleven,” he teased playfully. But then he smirked. “Fine.”

Then he took her hand and they walked out of the house.

And in the words of Heather Chandler: “And they lived happily ever after.”

What’s My Name?

Young!Sirius Black x Reader

Plot: The reader is a shy Hufflepuff who accidentally stumble upon Sirius Black in the middle of the night. 

Word count: 1092
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything recognisable.
Warning: Nothing

It was the first day of her seventh year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Reuniting students chatting loudly about their summer breaks occupied the Common Room. The smell of alcohol and cigarette smoke filled the air around her, and strangely, it made her feel like home. (Y/N) had the strongest craving for chocolate. Luckily, she knew exactly where to get it. On her way out of the Common Room, she barely escaped crashing into the large body of Alfred Kettleburn; he seemed rather intoxicated, reeking of whisky and beer.  

“Hey, you!” he slurred his words, tempting her to roll her eyes in annoyance.

“Hey, Alfie,” she replied dryly, “How was your summer?” she asked politely, but he seemed to have already forgotten their brief exchange.

“Okay then, bye,” she laughed as the boy walked past her towards the couches. That was her cue to leave the Common Room behind her.

(Y/N) ran down the corridor, standing in front of a large painting depicting a colourful bowl of fruits. It was the Hufflepuffs’ well-kept secret that if one tickled the pear, it would turn into a doorknob. Therefore, that is what she did.

The house elves had left the kitchen by the time (Y/N) got there. Hopefully, they had drifted off to some earned sleep after a long day of cooking for the welcoming feast. As she found the ingredients for her favourite brownies, the door swung open.

A boy entered, wearing a ripped, long jumper and dark jeans. His feet were bare, and his hair scruffy looking. She was not au fait with this version of Sirius Black; lacking his usual charisma.

“Umm..” (Y/N) started, but as the Gryffindor met her eyes, she lost her natural ability to converse.

“Morning,” Sirius replied, but he seemed rather aloof.

(Y/N) shook her head confused, watching intently as Sirius Black opened the shelves one after the other.

Sirius turned around, a small smirk on his lips as he spoke, “You don’t say much, do you, Hufflepuff?”

“Umm, I don’t..” (Y/N) stuttered, “The name is (Y/N), not Hufflepuff.”


“What?” (Y/N) asked confused, “Of course not, but you can have some respect, get off that high horse of yours and learn people’s names.”

“(Y/N)..” He called out, “Do you know where the house elves store butter?”

She rolled her eyes, “The refrigerator.”

“Ah, the refrigerator, that makes sense,” he laughed. When he had gathered all his ingredients, which (Y/N) found to be an incredibly strange combination of foods, he sat down on one of the few chairs in the room.

“Are you just going to stand there?” he asked, his voice condescending.

“No, in fact, I was in the middle of something when an idiot of a Gryffindor entered the room, interrupting me.”

“Sounds like an arsehole,” Sirius replied indifferently.

“He is,” (Y/N) answered.  

“Long summer?” Sirius asked, apparently noticing the girl’s annoyance and short temper.

“Wish it was longer,” (Y/N) disagreed.

“That makes one of us.”

He didn’t elaborate on his statement, but as he finished talking, he stood up and moved closer to where the Hufflepuff girl stood. (Y/N) felt immensely uncomfortable as the boy neared her. She usually did not have a problem with guys, but the infamous Marauder felt like he was mocking her in every move he made.

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost, Hufflepuff,” he smirked, leaning his hand on the countertop.

Raising her eyebrows, moving away from the tired-looking boy, she answered “Not a ghost.”

Her reply made the boy’s lopsided smile grow even bigger, “Not a ghost, you say.”

“Oh, don’t look at me like that,” (Y/N) turned away, picked up her ingredients, and started walking away.

“Why do you wish summer was longer?” He asked suddenly.

It made her turn around, “Why do you care?”

“I don’t; I just find it fascinating,” he replied, his voice lower than earlier.

“Why is Sirius Black finding anything about a Hufflepuff fascinating?”

“Don’t put yourself down like that,” he laughed, but he didn’t disagree, obviously they were on different levels at the school. Sirius was the attractive, mischievous Gryffindor. The boy with the Slytherin family, who still ended up in Gryffindor. He was the boy with a personality to match Merlin himself. (Y/N) on the other side was simply, not that.

“Really?” (Y/N) asked, “What’s my name?”

“Hey, that’s not fair; I just met you minutes ago.”

“Sirius, we’ve had the same classes for six years, that’s no excuse,” she shook her head. (Y/N) hadn’t expected him to remember her name, but defending himself was stupid.

“Okay, okay..” he mumbled, “I’m sorry, I should know your name, but I don’t.”

“It’s fine,” she replied, smiling weakly back at him.

“No, obviously it’s not,” Sirius protested, looking into (Y/N)’s eyes – grey orbs like two moons looking into her soul.

“Why would you like summer to be shorter?” she asked, changing the topic.

Sirius laughed, but the sound of his laugh - a laugh she had heard a million times before as he joked with his friends - it sounded hollow, dried out.

“I assumed everyone knew,” he mumbled, receiving a confused look from the girl in front of him, “I don’t exactly have the warmest family conditions at the moment. I live at James’ places, James Potter I mean-” “I know who James is..” she interrupted with a chuckle. “Of course, well, I live there during the summer, but it is a nasty punch in the gut to feel like a burden every day.” Sirius didn’t look at her anymore; he seemingly hadn’t planned on pouring his soul out like that.

“I don’t want to wake up and just be fine.” (Y/N) whispered.

“What?” He looked up.

“You asked me why I wish for a longer summer..”

(Y/N) smiled, backing away from the Gryffindor boy, “I have to go back, it was nice to talk to you, Sirius Black.”

“Umm, okay…” he seemed a bit confused by the girl’s sudden announcement, “See you around-”



The next morning, they were all back in the same old routine. Green, blue, yellow and red mixed through the corridor. (Y/N) sat down in her regular seat, the same seat she had sat in the past four years of DADA.

Someone sat down in the seat next to her, but not the same Hufflepuff she had sat next to a hundred times. The person next to her made heads turn towards them as he took the seat, not next to his best friends, but next to her.

“Hey, (Y/N).”

“Hey, Sirius.”

bullies | jughead jones x reader

Originally posted by marorra

written by: maddy

anonymous said: jughead x reader where reader doesn’t really have a lot of friends and usually just reads so people don’t bother her. jughead’s becomes her only real friend and even though they get made fun of sometimes they don’t really mind. some bullies steal her books and call her jugs girlfriend and try to kiss her so jug comes in and tries to save the day, getting beat up in the process. his friends come in layer and break it all up and while reader tends to his wounds juggie confesses. thnx

chapter song: angels / robbie williams

geek, freak, loser, y/n l/n.

the young girl with the h/c hair and the e/c eyes. simple and plain, she didn’t stand out. just the way she liked it.

 y/n loved the way things were, but she wanted someone to see her. someone to listen to her. to hold her when she cried. be careful what you wished for.  

“check this out!” a loud voice shouts moments before the girls books are slammed out of her grasp. y/n rolls her eyes and bends down to pick up the things that the stupid jock had pushed out of her grasp.

 as she places her hand on the final book she was yet to pick up, its lifted off the floor by another person.

the girl screams internally. “give it back,” she growls a sudden sense of confidence pulsating through her body. she tilts her head up so that she’s looking at her culprit.

“i’m sorry, i was just trying to help,” a boy, whom went by the name jughead, said offering his hand to her. y/n takes his hand and helps her up from the ground.

“thank you,” she mumbles taking the book off him and spinning on her heel quickly. she begins to walk down the hall but stops before she’s gone too far.

“what leaving so soon?” chuck clayton’s voice echo’s down the hall, everyone stops and stares at the scene that’s unfolding. 

the girl ducks her head, trying to hide from the sight of everyone. people moved to the sides of the hallway just leaving y/n and chuck in the middle. the girls heart rate quickens, her breathing becomes shallow.

 a bell rings through the halls and people rush to get to their classes. the girl takes this as her opportunity to leave and escape the jock. before she gets into the class room her eyes connect with jughead’s, she mouths ‘thank you’ to him. he nods his head a soft smile on his face. 

a few weeks pass, y/n and jughead, who would be forever known as the weirdo and the loser. they became friends, he protected her and she cared for him. they were best friends, just the way they liked it.

 they were inseparable. 

“hey juggie,” the girl says wrapping her arms around his waist as he stands at his locker facing the opposite direction of y/n. 

he places his hands over hers, as his way of letting her know that he knew she was there. he continues a conversation with who ever was in front of him, y/n didn’t care, she just kept her arms around him.  

not even a moment later the bag that sat comfortably on y/n’s shoulder was ripped backwards.

 her arm in forcefully pulled backwards making her squeak in pain. the girls arm unwraps from jughead’s waist and clutches her shoulder as tears spring to her eyes. 

the laughs of the football team ring in her ears. y/n reaches out to grab her bag out of one of the jocks hands.

“dear y/n, you shouldn’t let people take your stuff,” chuck clayton’s voice booms making the girl stop in her tracks.

 her face pales. jughead turns away from archie to see what all the commotion is. he feels his chest swell in anger as he see’s chuck holding y/n’s bag. his y/n.

“give it back chuck,” the girl says voice shaking. archie places a hand on jughead’s shoulder, stopping him for intervening. 

“what’s in it for me?” chuck says getting closer to y/n, his lips almost touching her ear. the girls breathing becomes laboured and all rational thoughts disappear from her mind.

 “how about a kiss?” the jocks all laugh as chuck suggests a kiss. 

“how about not?” jughead says stepping in front of the girl, holding his arms to his sides to hide her from the peering eyes of chuck and the football team. 

“how cute. you’re protecting your little girlfriend,” chuck laughs, throwing a look to the boys standing behind him. jughead’s body tenses and he feels anger flood his system. 

he lunges forwards slamming chuck into the lockers behind him. chucks grunts as his back collides with the locker, he attempts to push jughead back. jughead pulls his fist back and then slams it into his face. 

chuck spits out some blood, his gaze meets jughead’s, each with an equal amount of fire in their eyes. suddenly the two boys are in a heated fist fight, y/n screams for them to stop. 

archie jumps between the two boys, and one of the football players, moose, grabs chuck pulling the two boys away from each other. 

archie shoves jughead’s chest forcing him to turn to face y/n. her face has gone a pale shade and her eyes are wide.

jughead recognises that face, fear, she was afraid of him.

“y/n,“ jughead says reaching out towards the girl. she moves towards him, placing her hand on his cheek.

“you’re bleeding,” the girl whispers, taking his hand and pulling him along to the first aid room. when the pair reach the room, she boosts herself up on the bench and pulls him between her legs.

 he places his hands on her hips as she dabs a tissue onto the cut on his cheek. he gazes at her face, studying every line, every spot, everything about her. 

in that moment as she tried to make the bleeding stop the boy realised that he was in love with her. 

he loved her, that’s why he felt the need to protect her. 

“why are you looking at me like that?” she asks, the boy blinks, he didn’t realise that he was staring at her. 

“you’re so beautiful,” he says leaning forward to press his lips to her cheek. he moves away from her and looks at her red face. a soft smile staying on her face as the girl continues to tend to his wounds. 

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It’s You [ Woo Jiho ]

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BLOCK B - Woo Jiho | 1.4K WORDS

Summary : “It’s always been you.”
A.N : This is from a fic i’ve written ages ago. Let me know what you think! Not really proof-read to there may be some mistakes  

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. His clammy hands clenched into a fist as he tried to calm his nerves. His tousled blonde hair looked messier when he ran his finger through it a moment later. You can do this, he told himself while staring at his own reflection in the mirror. You can do this, he repeated out loud before he grabbed his black leather jacket and the daffodil bouquet he bought this morning from the dining table and headed out the door.

Jiho took his time to walked down the stairs, lips curled into that shy smile he always donned whenever his neighbors greeted him when the old lady who lived one floor below his waved at him. Her 6 years old grandson ran towards him before Jiho left, eyes twinkling in excitement as he flailed a piece of paper in front of him.

“This is for [Y/N].” The little kid said with a serious face before breaking into a toothy grin. Jiho crouched down to his level and accepted the drawing, ruffling the kid’s hair with his other hand.

“None for me? I’m disappointed.” JIho feigned hurt, laughing a little when the boy shrugged his shoulders. “I’ll give it to her. She’s gonna love it.” Jiho smiled.

“Tell her I got an A for the drawing, Hyung!” the boy hollered as Jiho continued to walk down the stairs.

“I WILL!” he answered the kid and burst into a fit of laughter as he listened to the old lady’s rant.

* * *

It took him less than five minutes to reach her apartment. It was located right across his building, a red-brick apartment with black window frames and a beautiful patch of garden just next to the front door of the building. He stood in front of her building, eyes fixed on the second window from the right on the third floor. He could see little trinkets she bought whenever they went out together and made a mental note to remind her to buy a thicker curtain. Oh God, he shook his head. Maybe this is a bad idea. I should probably go back and throw away the flow—

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anonymous asked:

the anon who asked for "phantom hands" is most likely talking about Dorian and his phantom hands... if ya know what I mean. Total Manorian Kink


I’m a sucker for Manorian kink oml

Manon stared across the long, wooden table in the Adarlan meeting room, bored out of her mind. Since the Crochan Queen had regained the Wastes once more and continued to build it, she had gone in an alliance with her lover, Dorian. As a consequence, she had to attend the many meetings that Dorian holds in order to keep up to date with the new information about trade and other alliances from other kingdoms. 

Manon could easily send one of her Thirteen to attend and report back to her. But, she had to admit, she always wanted to spend time with Dorian afterwards and if any of the other allies that attended saw her show up after the meeting, it would leave a bad image upon her fellow witches.

Hence why she was here right now, barely listening to what the other allies are offering up the tables. 

None of the people here would dare to talk to her, always afraid of her reaction. Only Dorian would ever ask her a question but he had quickly learned how she hated being questioned. But he did it anyways. Just to spite her.

“…Do you agree, Manon?” she heard her boyfriend’s voice.

Oh, Gods.

Manon leaned back on her chair, trying to act nonchalant, “As long as it benefits everyone and causes no harm, then it’s fine,” she replied lazily.

None of the people there commented on her, knowing not to reply to the straight faced witch. Dorian only chuckled, shaking his head before continuing his meeting.

Manon huffed, leaning back farther into the chair.

How do I stay awake through this? she thought to herself.

Manon suddenly felt a cold brush against her inner thigh. She sucked in a sharp gasp as goosebumps grew all over her pale skin. She knew this feeling. She knew who was giving her this feeling.

Manon snapped her head up, her eyes turning into slits as she watched Dorian talk to the allies. He was doing this. She knew. She knew it was him and his phantom hands. 

Dorian’s face gave nothing away except the small, small, upturn of one side of his lips. Manon gripped the arms of her chair tightly, trying to contain her emotions. He knew she was the absolute worst in containing her expressions during pleasure.

She felt his icy phantom hands creep up her inner thigh, brushing against her centre. She clenched her jaw, trying to keep the sounds that was about to leave her lips tightly within.

She watched Dorian walk to the other side of the room to talk to another person, maybe a king or prince of another area. Manon didn’t care at the moment. His face was civilised, looking just like the King he was. 

Deceiving, she thought.  

She felt the hand slip inside her, making sure it brushed against her clit before it inserted itself. Manon shut her eyes, trying to savour the feeling while not making it obvious. How he can make her feel this way without him actually touching her is amazing. 

She felt the hand slip in another finger as it slowly moved in and out of her. Manon opened her eyes so everyone in the room wouldn’t be suspicious. She straightened herself a little but widened her leg to give Dorian more access. She bit her bottom lip, trying to contain the sounds that wanted to escape her lips harder. 

She was thankful that no one in the room noticed as she squirmed in her seat. She felt the hand fill her entirely as it moved faster and faster in and out of her. Manon didn’t know how she was going to contain the sound that was going to leave her lips sometime soon when she hit her high. 

She heard footsteps near her as Dorian brushed his hand against her shoulder softly. She faintly saw a smirk tossed her way before he walked off to the other side to talk to another one of their allies.

Deceiving, deceiving, deceiving.

She felt the hand extend inside her as it opened her wider. She was sure whatever underwear she was wearing was completely soaked by now. She could feel it. 

The hand curled inside her, causing a sharp gasp to leave her mouth. She saw as heads turned in her direction as the hand continued to move in and out of her with its finger curled. It pressed on just the right spot. 

“S-Sorry,” she stuttered out, “I thought there was something underneath the table.”

The people within the room seem to take her answer as they turned back to their conversation. She saw Dorian’s small smirk on his face as he talked to a Lady, or was it a Queen? Manon couldn’t care.

She tightened her grip on her chair as she bit down on her lip until she felt blood. She hit her high moments later, squirming in her chair as she tried to stop her moans from escaping her lips.

Manon slumped into the chair, staring up at the ceiling from the pleasure she just felt. She felt the phantom hand slide up her body and caress her cheek softly before it disappeared. She stared across the room, seeing as Dorian’s smirk turned into a soft smile towards her.

When the last ally had left the meeting room, Dorian walked over to her. He gave her a kiss on the cheek before sitting on the chair beside her.


She smirked, “I just might want to attend meetings now if you keep that up.”


Here is my submission to @whispersandwhiskerburn 2 Ways 2 Go! Angel’s 2k Follower Celebration.  Congrats to my bestest bestie on reaching 2k! This was a fun challenge to turn the lyrics into dialog.  Never done that before.  Hope you like this.

Words: 1k

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Dialog prompt:  “You’ll be fine. You don’t need me. You never have.” bold & italics

Song Prompt:  “Don’t Make Me” Blake Shelton lyrics in bold-not necessarily in order I may have tweaked a pronoun or two to make them fit.

Warnings: Angst

Tagging my usual crew:   Let me know if you want on or off Pond tags at the end  @whispersandwhiskerburn @wi-deangirl77 @smoothdogsgirl @zombi3gyrl07 @laurenw1025 @ashleymalfoy@iamflanneltrash @kristaparadowski @mrswhozeewhatsis @plaidstiel-wormstache @atc74@babypieandwhiskey


Sam had excused himself from the room when the shouting started. Over the course of the past month, the fights had been happening more and more frequently.  He wasn’t sure what was causing the tension between Dean and Y/N, but he hoped they’d get back to being their loving selves.  Soon.  Their constant hostility was putting a strain on all three of them.  With a sigh, he put on his noise cancelling headphones and turned up his music as he heard the fight coming down the hall.  

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Breaking Protocol

Written for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash‘s Negan writing challenge part 2.

Prompt: Sheriff Negan

Characters: Negan x OFC (Evelyn)

Warnings: Smut, fluff

Summary: Evelyn, a former FBI agent and her son are kindapped only to be reunited with her old flame, a CIA agent named Negan who she thought was dead.

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Our love has a way about it.

So, yes, after gazzilion iterations and plenty of rants to ppl’s personal chats, I have been finally able to get my version of post that call fic. Plenty thanks to the ever lovely @love-yellow-door for her beta-ing skills and continuous patience and encouragement.

Also posted on here and ao3 here.

“Oh Go-”, she’d gasped as soon as she’d entered her flat. Eyes closed she took a moment to catch her breath and waiting for her heartbeat to become normal. She removed her shoes and hung her coat by the door, noticing then the Belstaff already occupying space on the rack.

Sherlock’s silhouette was backlit by the street light as he reached over and switched on the light by his side. It made his face look sharper, his eyes glinting in the dark like an animal’s on a hunt. But it also made his face look gaunt, a fact that didn’t escape her.

Entering the living room she stood facing him, her face devoid of any expression other than mild resignation at the cancellation of whatever plans she was sure she would’ve made.

“Hungry?” she asked.

He gave a sharp nod, not able to hold her gaze. She sighed as she moved to put the kettle on, removing ingredients from the fridge before finally heading to her bedroom. She usually shut the bedroom door whenever he was in the flat, but today she didn’t bother, instead heading right to her wardrobe to grab her change of clothes and then moving out of sight, into her shower.

He had always found things to keep him occupied otherwise but today he couldn’t take his eyes off her open doorway.

It only seemed right; after all there wasn’t much left for her to hide now.

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Is She Real.

Request: hi! can u do harry hook imagine with #6 when the reader is daughter of jasmine and aladdin. thanks!

Summary: You are the daughter of Jasmine and Aladdin named Lylah, and you go to the Isle of the Lost with a guard from Auradon to help and give the children basic necessities; food and clothes. Harry Hook roaming the streets, finds his new victim.

Warning: None…?

Word Count: 1211


It was hard to convince Ben to do this, especially when you were going there alone, with the VKs not wanting to go there again, and the rest people being too scared. You heard the stories about the Isle by Mal and Evie, and you couldn’t just let the little kids on the Isle go through with all of that torture, with no fault of their own. 
Finally, after tons and tons of persuasion, Ben agreed to let you go, but with a really well trained guard. Ben really cared about you, with your parents away in the Middle East, Ben took your responsibility and treated you like a little sister.
Excited, you bought so much for the kids, not keeping in mind about all the other villains on the Isle waiting to get their hands on the right princess,so they can as they put it, ‘rule the world.’ 
The next day, you took all the gifts and sat in the limo, and in the next 30 minutes you were present at the Isle of the Lost. You got out of the car, and started to roam the street with the well-built guard hot on your heels. Many little kids slowly started surrounding you, and they had such a different sparkle in their eyes, it was gratefulness and happiness. After this, you tried to find Curl up & Dye shop of Dizzy, to give her some gifts from Evie. You told your guard to wait outside and that you would only take a couple of minutes, and went inside.
When you went inside you saw a guy with a hook towering Dizzy, asking her for money. Evie warned you about him, and told you to stay away, but you just coulndt find it in your heart to leave her there.
“Hey! What do you think you are doing?!” You yelled. As soon as he turned around, you immediately how bad of an idea was it to leave your guard outside. 
“Lookie here, a princess” The hook guy said, “ Oh I can’t wait to get my hands on you, pretty little thing.” He winked. 
He slowly started coming closer to you, you actioned Dizzy with your hands to take the package on the table and run out, hoping she would see the guard outside. But the Hook guy was fast to react, he immediately grabbed you by the waist and dragged you out to the back door. It all happened so quick that you lost your sight, your eyes rolled to the back of your head and everything blackened.
You opened your eyes to see a teal-haired girl arguing with the guy that basically kidnapped you. An unexpected groan came out of you, that caught their attention. 
“Keep her in your room, Harry. She shouldn’t escape, this is our one chance to win.” She said and walked out slamming the door. 
The guy named Harry looked at you, with this strange look and your voice clawed out saying the words in your mind, “ I want to go home.” The desperation in your voice made you so much more nervous.
A beguiled smirk appeared on his face, “ And I want to go to the moon sweetheart, but it ain’t happening soon.” as he too, walked out and slammed the door.
The next couple of days, Harry would come to his room and without even noticing your presence he would put a tray of food and then go to sleep. As much as you wanted to say something to him, you were too intimidated by him to say something. 

It was yet another day when you heard grunting outside the door, ignoring your conscience you opened the door to see Harry on the ground almost unconscious, sweating profusely and just then you notice him clutching his lower abdomen, where a big bleeding gash was placed. You gasped and tried your best to carry him back to the room, repeatedly saying ‘Stay with me ‘ or ‘You’re gonna be alright.’

Dropping him on the bed, you tried to look for bandages and after finding them, you wrapped him up so that his injury wouldn’t do him more damage. Properly fixing him in the bed, you sat beside him, waiting for him to wake up. Eventually, your eyes starting drooping and you fell into deep slumber.

Harry didn’t stay unconscious for long, but when he was awake he got startled for a second, noticing how you were cuddled up like a kitten beside him. He tried to move but then remembered him having a fight with one of the guards that found you and was trying to rescue you. He couldn’t believe why you would do that, after all he was your kidnapper and didn’t give a shit about you for the last 2 days. 

He just stared at you for straight five minutes, the innocence on your face looking completely abnormal to him. A feeling of adoration started to take over him, but feeling this uncommon warmth was so petrifying for him. He immediately jumped out of the bed and then right after he fell to his knees with the unbearable pain. Your eyes opened, and seeing Harry on the ground felt so weirdly distressing. You didn’t realise your recent activity, from which Harry jumped away, so you ran towards him and helped him up finding some painkillers. 

“What are you doing?” Harry grunted with pain.

“I am trying to find some painkillers.” Your voice sounded so pure, so angelic to him. It was so new to him.

“Side table, top drawer.” He replied. She quietly poured a glass of water and helped him to the bed. “Why are you doing this?”

“What do you mean?” (Y/N) asked as confusion strike her face. 

“Why are you helping me?”

“Because you are hurt.”

Harry tried but he couldn’t say anything anymore, the only question that was repeatedly coming back to him was, Is she even real? Slowly, Harry laid backed down and as (Y/N) was going to sit on the floor, he grabbed her wrist and directed her to sit beside him. He couldn’t believe that he just did that, the infamous flirt from the Isle was letting her in, even though he refused to believe it. 

You blushed from the contact but still sat down. “ Whats your name? You are Aladdin’s and Jasmine’s daughter aren’t you?”

“Um yeah, I am Lylah.”

The next few days you and Harry just got closer, you were sitting in the room waiting for him thinking about when would Ben come for you, with that another thought entered your mind; your parents were coming to Auradon to meet you in a few hours. Tears started pouring out of your eyes and right then the door opened. Harry entered and noticed your miserable attempt to hide your tears.

“Erm.. Are you okay?”

“Yeah” you smiled the best you could,”Why are you asking.”

“I may be a Villain (Y/N), but i am not blind.” 

More tears started to fall out as you said, “My parents were coming to meet me today, after so many months.” As you said it, Harry’s face fell.

“Okay, get up we’re leaving.”

“What do you mean?”

“I am going to take you home.”


Heyy guyss!! Whats up? This is my first ever imagine, so i hope you enjoy it :) and if you want a part 2 dm me? Requests open!

PS i am sorry if i have a few grammar mistakes.

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To the Beat of His Heart

Pairing: Nessian 

Rated: K 

Words: 1000+

Summary: Everyone finds out about the mate bond, sort of…

AO3, Masterlist

Inspired by 

“Once Upon Another Time” by Sara Bareilles

Nesta could feel the beat of his heart, the sound pounding in her skull. She could feel his rapid breathing, his troubled worry an inch away from her fingertips. She paced around the room, trying to itch a scratch that was entirely out of reach. Her fists clenched, leaving half-moons on the skin of her palms. She wouldn’t have been surprised if she drew blood.

Her mind clutched the pain, grieved with it. One minute she was pacing, the next she was crouched low. Her hands pulled her hair. Her breathing turned rapid and her chest moved up and down, up and down, up and down again, until she was sure no air was reaching her lungs.

She felt the string, felt it tighten and pull. She tried to grasp at its ends, to reach for the tightrope of promise, tried to hold on for all she could.

It ruptured anyway.

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I’ve Made a Mistake (Ch. 4)

Ieyasu/ MC

It’s back! Special thanks to coffee for making this all possible <3 Couldn’t do it without the caffeine. 

I hope you like this chapter, it is definitely silly and light-hearted, which is what I wanted.

His lips seemed unnaturally warm and MC really didn’t understand why she didn’t pull away, honestly she should have right? But she didn’t.

A beat passed and then another.

Ieyasu’s hands rested on her hips, holding her in place against him. MC couldn’t the thrill of electricity that passed through her at his touch.

Finally it hit her. What was she doing? She should not be doing this.

She yanked away, staring at him with wide eyes.

“What the hell, Ieyasu?” Her delivery was not near as indignant as she hoped it would be, coming off much more breathy and interested than she had planned.

His lips had felt…so good. MC cursed her own weakness. She knew better than this. He was her douchebag roommate, dammit! She couldn’t just kiss him, or let him kiss her or-

Oh, he was kissing her again. This time MC could help trailing her hands into his hair, pressing herself against him. She might as well enjoy this opportunity while it lasted, right? It was not every day that an attractive, vaguely evil genius was actively trying to kiss her.

He nipped her bottom lip, and she opened her mouth. His tongue sought hers in a battle that she wasn’t willing to lose in.

Finally when the problem of breathing arose they pulled apart. She stared at him, eyes wide and panting. What the hell. He was watching her, his copper eyes drawing her back to his face, to his lips.

He was a better kisser than she expected.

“Oh jeez.” She breathed. “What are we doing?”

“What does it look like?” His cheeks were tinted pink. Cute “Unless you’re telling me that you are so ignorant of the world, stupid girl.”

“Don’t you think it is rude to call a girl you just kissed stupid, what does it say about you?” Her comment was nonchalant, lazy almost. Like she wasn’t as concerned about his response as she should have been. 

“It says I’m bored, but you’ll do.”  His eyes were cool, and MC pulled away, glaring at him. Her blood ran hot and then cold. 

So he was using her. 

Of course it could never be easy.

Pride would not allow that slight.

“Well then.” She gripped his arms, going to tug them off of her thighs,noting the look of surprise that crossed his face. “If you’re bored, and that’s the only reason. You can find someone else to make out with.”

“MC-” He stared, but she only shook her head, slamming the door to her room behind her.

Who did he think he was, talking to her like that? 

She rested her head on the cool surface of her desk.

He was too good of a kisser for that attitude. 

“Things are…tense.”  MC massaged her temples, glancing over at her companion. “But really, can you blame me?”  She relaxed on the worn couch, looking up at the ceiling. “What do you think about all this? I could use another opinion.”

“I think it is stupid.” The stoic voice cut through her thoughts. She leaned her head over to look at her companion. “And you need to focus on more important things.”

“Aw, Hanbei, you always give me such good advice.”  MC let out a dry laugh, shaking her head. “Such a ball of sunshine.”

“Hanbei is our ball of sunshine.” as if on cue, Hideyoshi appeared, plopping on the couch by MC. “But you sound like you’re in a predicament.”

“Oh hideyoshi, you have no idea.” MC cried, falling back against him. “It’s just…so weird.”

“Is he being weird, or are you being weird?”

“What?” MC was brought to pause. Was Ieyasu being weird? He was the same cold-hearted person as ever, perhaps a little less talkative, but he hadn’t seemed vengeful, or even passive aggressive. If anything he was giving her space.

Now about herself, she had barely been home, and when she was she was in her room, or escaping the living room when he walked in.

Oh goodness.

She was the one being weird.

“Oh no, Hideyooooshi.” She groaned. “Its me, I am being weird.”

“Sorry dear, you are being weird.” He tugged on MC’s cheek, a grin on his face. “Now what are you going to do about it?”

“Umm…” MC frowned. What was she going to do about it? “I guess I should go home and….talk to him?”

“There we go! That is a good idea.” He winked at her ash she pushed his shoulder.

“You’re so lame Hideyoshi.”

“At least I’m not the weird one here.”

“Whatever!” MC hopped up, walking to the door. “If you see the puppy, tell him I stopped by.”

“I’ll see him” Hideyoshi’s voice was sing song. “I’ll tell him to call you later, okay?”


How to make it up to Ieyasu.

MC pouted, looking around the empty apartment. He wouldn’t get out of his clinicals for another hour or two so…what now?

The house was already clean, so she couldn’t do that. Not that she was a particularly tidy person anyways.

She really was only truly good at one domestic task.


But how to get him to eat her food?

After that first night she rarely stepping into the kitchen to cook if he was around.

But she was going to make him something, and he was going to eat it.

Suddenly, an idea. A grin spread across her face. A good idea.

She grabbed a bag, gathering up all of his health food.

How to get a prickly person like him to try her food? Give him no other option!

When Ieyasu returned home, the most obvious difference was the scent, a delicious aroma wafted in from his kitchen, it made his stomach growl, which only made him irritable.

That stupid woman was probably making a mess. HIs eyes sought her out, surprise on his face for only a moment when she turned and grinned at him.

“Ah, you’re back Ieyasu?” She turned, shrugging her shoulders. “I made dinner.”

“I thought I already told you that I wasn’t going to eat any of your unhealthy junk.”

“But this is apology unhealthy junk, it’s yummy.” She wheedled, pushing a plate at him. “And it is done.” MC had worked really hard, she wasn’t going to lie, and he was going to eat it.

Whether he liked it or not.

He stared at her, shaking his head before stepping past her.

“Stupid wretch.” He grumbled. “As if I’d eat your half-poisoned food as a peace offering.” MC shook her head, tutting her tongue as he was opening the cabinet. Wait. He looked into the empty space for a long time. There was nothing there.

“MC.” His voice was low, dangerous. “Where is all of my food.”  Another cabinet, the refrigerator. All empty.

When he turned on his heels she was standing by the door, a large bag in her arms. Filled with his food obviously. When her hand hit the handle he spoke.

“Don’t you dare. If you do it, I’ll kill you with my own hands.” She blinked, flinging the door open.

“I’m sorry, Ieyasu, but I have to do this. I promise I’ll restock as soon as you try it”

“I’m not going to eat it!’

“Well then. I’m sorry, but this is the way it has to be” and she sprinted out of his house, the bag of food still secure in her arms.

MC knew that she didn’t have much time, he was faster than her, and this bag of food was heavy, not to mention that she was running up stairs. Still, she had a mission to accomplish.

When she turned her head, she saw him, and before she even realized she was doing it she reached into the bag, pulled out an apple and threw it at him. He dodged and it splattered against the wall.


She nearly knocked a girl to her feet sprinting up the stairs, uttering a quick apology and tossing a vegetable at Ieyasu.

But she knew that it was…


Her own giggling slowed her down and finally he caught her, all but dragging her against his chest. She was panting and laughing even as he glared at her.

“Ie-ya-su. She took a breath between syllables, holding the food against her.   “Just try my food!”

Ieyasu didn’t even seem winded, he just stared at her.

“Are you even worth my time?” He finally said, shaking his head and letting her go. “I’d just as soon get new food, since you touched all of this.”

“Please.” MC set the food down, grabbing his arm. “Look. here.” She leaned over, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. “I’ll agree to the kissing deal…but only if you eat my food.”

“What sort of freudian complex do you have?’ He demanded, a sharp blush on his cheeks. She was sure it was mirrored on her own definitely red face.

Jeez, why was this so hard?

“Is that a yes?” Ieyasu picked up the bag, going back down the stairs as though she wasn’t even talking to him. “Ieyasu, is it a yes?”

“Fine, but only to humor you, you kitchen wench.”

“Yes!” MC all but cheered, following him down the stairs. When they reached the foot, he turned, shooting her an icy glare.

“If you ever do anything so foolish as this again, consider yourself evicted.”



MC watched him expectantly, as he raised the fish up to his lips with his chopsticks. She wasn’t going to lie, she’d made the same thing she’d made him the first time.

Just so show him  what he had thrown away.  It was her own recipe, and it was damn good.

He took the bite.

He took another bite, yes!

And then another, sullenly eating the food.

“Do you like it?” MC tapped the table with her fingers, a nervous habit.

“Its food.” He kept his face devoid of emotion. “I have no opinions.”

“None?” She sighed. What had she expected? “Okay.” She trailed over to the bag of food and began unpacked.

She had tried and she had failed. Her gambit had been for nothing.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m cleaning up my mess.” She reached up to tuck a can on the shelf. “I’m uh…sorry.”

“For what.” He had finished the plate, eyeing the rest of the food on the counter.

“For failing to please your sense of taste.” She grabbed the food, stepping over to the garbage.  His hand shot out, all but grabbing the plate from her. “E-eh?”

“I didn’t say I wasn’t going to eat it.” Ieyasu’s blush was back, his tone rushed. MC stared at him, a smile creeping on her face.

“Does that mean I can cook for you more often?”

“What kind of dungbeetle wants to do MORE chores?”

“I’m taking that as a yes.”

This really was a win-win.

Ieyasu ate her food, she got to kiss Ieyasu. Nothing was weird….well that was up to each person, really. 

But MC wasn’t weird.


This was all totally normal. 

Plus he ate all the food she cooked. 

So she had obviously won this round.

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ethnic ambiguity; or, what is lily evans? a collection of microaggressions

i am neither pakistani nor turkish, but i am (like lily here) ethnically ambiguous. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve been asked what i am, told i am not asian enough or not white enough, called exotic or “oriental” (good gOD do not call me oriental), and how much i’ve watched my mom and grandmother suffer for their race in this damn country. so this is for @prongsyouignoramus, but this is also for me. may we someday have canon characters who look like us. love you, precious human <3


• she goes by lily, has ever since the first time in primary that a teacher refused to call her by her first name

• she’s always rather liked her full name, ayşa lily evans, she never thought it was that difficult to say, but the teachers and the other kids cant or dont want to learn to say ay-sha, so lily it is

• by age ten she knows her family’s story a lot. her mother is half pakistani (punjab, she thinks, but some details are fuzzy) and half turkish, moved to england in 1951 shortly after india and pakistan split.

• dad learnt turkish for her mother, they say, and lily always liked the language, but her favorite is the way urdu rolls off her tongue

• tuney (mariam petunia) has a hard time with the languages though, she tries really hard but the words dont always sound right when she says them

• she and her sister dont look very much alike at all, petunia looks a lot like dad with blonde hair and a small english nose, but tuney’s skin gets really dark in the summer and she never ever burns, and she has their mama’s long, elegant fingers

• lily looks a lot more like mama, darker skin and kind of rounder nose. she’s short like mama too, has thicker and coarser hair than petunia, but their hands and chins are absolutely identical

• its hard to go to the store with just her sister and her dad, the other people always look at her like she’s the odd one out and the clerks always ask if she’s petunia’s friend from school

• the languages have always been harder for tuney, the prayers too, but they both learn really young how to make chawal kofta and the flat, oven baked bread with mama. Petunia was always better at cooking than lily, but lily still treasured the times with mama making kofte and paratha and whatever else they wanted for dinner

• when she goes to hogwarts, the tables are filled with shepherds pie and everyone’s favorite english foods, but she’s never been able to freely eat meaty english food before in case its not halal, so she has to settle for the vegetable options (which are still lovely and delicious of course)

• professor mcgonagall is the first to notice little first year lily evans isnt eating much at meals, and assures her matter-of-factly that they make accommodations at meals. professor mcgonagall becomes a fast favorite of lily’s

• lily loves her new housemates to bits, but something makes her a bit uncomfortable when little blonde emmaline vance asks “what are you” during their third evening together

• “dad’s british, mama’s pakistani and turkish” she says hesitantly, though what she wants to say is “i’m a person”

• she loves hogwarts, really she does, but she’s also kind of uncomfortable because people are always asking what she is or where she’s from, what muggles are like, and she just wants to curl up under mama’s shawls and eat desserts because she knows there’s not gelatin in them

• “i’m british” she says exasperatedly one day in third year when some boy asks her what she is for the twelfth time that year

• lily’s always been close to her culture, she loves the smell of mama’s mendhi and the cabbages pickling in the pantry, misses speaking turkish with her parents, practicing her writing after school

• petunia’s never been like that, maybe it’s because she’s the firstborn or maybe because no one believes she’s mama’s daughter, but in the summer before lily’s 7th year she brings home a man who wrinkles his nose at the keema aloo they’re having for dinner, and lily just wants to scream at him for his obvious disdain and disrespect but petunia doesn’t want her around anymore, so she eats her meal but doesn’t taste it, and escapes to her room as quickly as she can get away

• she’s back at school, irritated at the world, and the first ravenclaw who calls her features “exotic” and “different” gets punched straight in the nose and earns her a detention on her first week as head girl

• the nib of her quill breaks one day in charms, and she mutters a barrage of turkish and urdu swears, and she doesnt notice james potter look up at her from across the aisle

• he approaches her that evening, “were you swearing in hindi earlier in charms?”

• “urdu, actually,” she says, surprised. “i thought you spoke tamil”

• “i know a couple hindi words” he shrugs. “mostly the swears”

• “typical,” she rolls her eyes and walks away

• she realizes later in bed that james potter has never once asked her what she “is”

• she volunteers the information herself, next time they’re on heads patrol. “mama’s pakistani and turkish. my grandfather’s from west punjab.”

• “i always wondered” he replies easily.

• “why didnt you ask?”

• “because i know what cultural insensitivity feels like”

• a week later remus approaches her. “so. lil-ay” he says casually. “you got a favorite food?”

• she smirks. “you ever heard of lahana turşusu? Or aloo ki bugia? Baklava?”

• remus grins in reply. “no, but i can pass the message along.”

• that evening, sprinkled among the mincemeat pies and hearty stews, lily finds pickled cabbage and half circle potatoes, baklava for dessert, and she shoots a grin at james potter who sits down the row. he pushes his glasses up his nose, returns a shy smile in return, and helps himself to a heaping plate of aloo ki bugia. she asks him later how he did it; he introduces her to the house elves in return.

• james and lily swap travel stories on their next patrol. James talks excitedly about his summers on the southern coast of Tamil Nadu, of curry and spices and how the english can’t seem to be bothered to flavor their food. In return, she tells him about the palaces and museums of Lahore, how she loves the sounds of the call to prayer, the hurried bustle of the streets of Istanbul, and agrees fiercely about the English fear of flavor.

• “my real name’s janardhan” he says quietly one day. “nobody can say it though, so i go by james.”

• “my first name is ayşa” she replies. “it means ‘she who lives.’ mine’s spelled the turkish way, so no one wants to learn to pronounce it. so i go by my middle name, lily.”

• its nice, she thinks, having a friend who understands. it’s different of course; she’s never been denied help or been given lesser treatment by Slughorn, she’s never been outright bullied or hated for her skin color, but he’s never been asked what kind of asian he is or dealt with the odd misbalance of not quite belonging in a category. They both know how it feels to see their mother hated for her skin color, her clothing, her religion, her culture; and she finds it comforting to know that next time john davies calls her exotic, james potter will be near to hex him for her.

Problem ~ Farkle Minkus


Could you do a Farkle imagine similar to rileytown but the reader is in Riley’s place and the bullying is worse and more about appearance because they are in high school and could there possibly be physical bullying if you’re comfortable writing it

Warnings: physical and mental abuse, cursing, mentions of bulimia

Y/n stood in front of her locker , hastily shoving her Allegra book into her locker and glancing over her shoulder ever few seconds. She pulled her hoodie closer to her shivering body. She jumped when a warm hand landed on her shoulder.

“Y/n?” It was only Farkle. She let out a shaky sigh of relief and closed her locker, adjusting her bag on her shoulder.

“Farkle, hey.” She said, giving him a slightly forced smile and subconsciously pulling down her sleeves to cover her bruised wrists.

“Hey, Y/n , I was wondering if you were coming with everyone to topanga’s this afternoon?” He smiled. She shrugged , glancing over his shoulder to make sure no one , mainly Sophie , Jackson, randy, and Carly , weren’t around to hear their conversation.

“Uh, yeah sure! I’ll see you guys there.” Farkle grinned, nodded, and walked away, leaving Y/n in the hallway alone. She would have asked him to walk with her to class but they had separate ones and hers wasn’t very far. She could make it, right? Wrong.

Just as she turned the corner , she felt herself meet the cold , hard , marble floor and She could hear faint snickering over her heart pounding in her ears. She tried to gather herself , and quickly escape to her class room that was only two doors down.

When she grabbed her bag, a clunky boot stomped down on her hand, eliciting a sickening crunch. She yelped in pain, tears springing to her eyes. Where was everyone?

“Where do you thing you’re going, Y/n? Off to find your fuck buddy , Lucas?” Randy, her ex boyfriend and bully, hissed. He pressed harder on her hand and if it wasn’t broken before, it certainly was now.

“He’s just a friend. He always was.” Y/n whimpered pathetically. Randy always suspected she cheated on him with Lucas. It’s the whole reason he hit her. Before and after she ended things.

“Who told you that you could talk, whore?” Jackson growled, kicking her in her side. Sophie giggled and hung on his arm as she smacked her double bubble bubblegum and kissed his cheek leaving a big shiny cherry lipgloss stain in its wake. Carly just stood in the background , not saying a word but shooting daggers at Y/n.

“Please, just let me go.” She cried , hand throbbing and head bleeding from its impact on the floor.

“Y'know , maybe randy wouldn’t have left you if you weren’t such a fat , ugly , slut.” Sophie nagged in her nasally voice as she inspected her new nose in a compact mirror. “I mean you should really lay off on the donuts and pick up a tube of mascara or something’.” She shrugged. Y/n almost wanted to laugh at the fact that she thought that randy left her, but that would never end well. She stayed silent on the floor.

“I’m bored, can we just finish this and get some pizza or somethin’?” Carly groaned in her thick Boston accent. Y/n liked to compare her to a slightly more sane Harley Quinn.

“Sure thing, sweet cheeks. ” randy chuckled , before glancing down at A bruised and bleeding Y/n. He lifted his boot and the last thing Y/n saw before she blacked out was a sinister grin making its way onto his rat like face and mr Matthews quickly running to the scene.

~ Y/n peeled open her eyes to the dull white walls of an unfamiliar room filled with beeping machines that read things she couldn’t understand. The rough sheets scratched her aching legs and her blankets felt like chains as they held her to the poor excuse of a bed.

Her throat burned and she coughed, looking around for a cup of water. She saw one on the small table by her bed and reached for it with her good hand. However, the cup was too far away and she could only manage to brush it with her finger tips. She kept reaching and reaching until the cup slid off the table and fell the floor. She sighed and laid back again.

Just then the door opened and the doctor walked in , her parents trailing behind her with saddened yet relieved looks on their faces. It was very obvious her mother had been crying.

“Good morning , miss y/l/n. Glad to see you are finally awake.” Morning? Had she really been asleep that long? Where were her friends? ‘At school , you idiot’ she scolded herself.

“W-water?” She squeaked out , hoarsely. Her dad saw the spilled water and got a towel while her mom raced to get another cup.

“Now , you seem to have taken quite the beating. How are you feeling?” The doctor asked softly. Her mom came in and she took a sip, the cold water soothing her aching throat.

“My head and hand hurts.” She said quietly. The doctor nodded.

“That’s normal. You broke your hand in three different places and you hit your head quite hard. I would like to discus something with you in private, if that is alright with you and your parents.” She nodded and her parents hesitantly left the room after giving her a kiss on the forehead. The doctor pulled up a chair and sat by the hospital bed. “You are extremely under weight , Y/n. Your parents say that you’ve been eating , but I have a hard time believing that this is natural. ”

She looked down at her cast , picking at the plaster.

“I do eat, I do. But…when my parents go to sleep I go to the bathroom and…” She stopped and the doctor nodded , understanding what she was implying.

“Well, we obviously can’t have you continue on this way. You will have to go through treatment. That includes counseling , medications , and nutrition education. It will be a long process but you can get through this. “He gave her an encouraging smile that she couldn’t seem to return no matter how hard she tried. ” now, onto your injuries. Your teacher says that he found you surrounded by four students. Are they the ones who hurt you?“ She nodded. "What are their names?”

“Jackson Sanchez , Carly Conklin , Sophie Reynolds , and randy karlberg. ” she said quietly. The doctor quickly wrote down the names before leaving and sending in your parents.


You walked into class two days later , head down and hood on. So far, no one had noticed you. You had managed to get through the day without seeing any of the four students that had been harassing her for a year. Finally she made it to her last class of the day. The only class she had all of her friends in.

As she walked in all her friends turned to her , their conversation already forgotten. Farkle was the first to stand and stared at her for a second before running over to her and engulfing her in a warm hug filled with emotion.

Riley was next to hug her, sniffling as she tried to hide her tears.

“I was so worried out you!” The group all shared their concern and happiness that she was okay.

“Why didn’t you tell us , Y/n?” Maya asked , placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. Y/n shrugged, playing with her cast , again.

“I didn’t want you guys to worry about it. It was my problem, I wanted to handle it myself. I guess I didn’t do a good enough job , huh?” She chuckled in spite of herself.

“Y/n, the next time you have a problem, please , I beg of you, come to me. You can always come to me Y/n.” Farkle pleading , grabbing her hand subconsciously before blushing and dropping it.

“Why do you care so much, Farkle? I know you care because you’re my friend but you seem to care a lot more than everyone else.” She raised an eyebrow and Maya smirked , crossing her arms.

“Yeah, boy genius? Let’s see you answer that.” The rest of the group watch you two , amused.

“I-uh-you see- I-”

“Spit it out , bro!” Lucas growled. Farkle sighed.

“I really, really like you Y/n. When I found out you were hurt , I felt like it was some how my fault. Like I could have prevented it somehow. ” Y/n smiled and this time it was real.

“I-I like you too , Farkle. I really do.” Farkle grinned. Mr Matthews walked in. The two smiled at each other before taking their seats.

“How are you , Y/n?” Mr Matthews asked.she smiled at him.

“I’m getting better. Thank you.”

“It’s good to have you back.”

“It’s good to be back. "Y/n looked to Farkle before turning to the board, the smile not leaving her face.

The ending sucked but oh well

At the Drive-In: Part 2

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Pairing: Jughead x Reader
Word Count: 1,988
Warnings: I don’t even think I swore during thi–oh no I definitely did. No proofreading!
Summary: Reader escapes her home at night and runs to the Twilight Drive-In where Jughead is her reluctant host. His little interloper is slowly burrowing her way into his heart.
A/N: So it’s multi-chapter now. How EXCITING???

The second film of the night was just starting when she squeezed through the hole in the fence. The man and the woman had made up in the morning, but by dinnertime Y/N could tell that the storm was brewing. She left before the first strike, but could still feel the electricity charging the air. It clung to her, made her feel restless and on edge. It made her feel wild and unpredictable, even a little scared.

It wasn’t a conscious decision to show up there. It was like a moth drawn to a flame, a magnetic pull, a craving for an addiction she didn’t know she had. Was it the place or the boy that had her put one foot in front of the other? It would take time to answer that question.

She stood outside of the concession, knowing that to enter would be against his wishes. He was behind the counter with the cashier, getting some snacks for the duration of his evening. In seventeen minutes, the concession stand would begin to shut down and the cashier, a college aged girl by the name of Jeanette, would leave to meet her friends. By then, Jughead would be back in the booth. If she went inside, he’d see her and he could tell her to leave.

If she waited, she’d have to pick the lock again. It might make him angry. She wasn’t sure what kind of storm would be unleashed if he were angry. Would it be a monsoon, a tornado or lightning? Maybe Jughead was the kind of guy to unleash a blizzard–silent, but cold and unforgiving. 

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Halfway Point

So my computer could not be salvaged but my data arrived safely home today! So hopefully command the moon will get back on track in the writing. 

In the meantime, here’s more of the Tasertorch I started thanks to the FYDL Drabble-a-thon! Dedicating it to miss BloomBloom for our one month tumblrversary and also in the hopes that it just makes her smile. <3 I’m tentatively titling this verse Approval Ratings.
I still can’t figure out links on tumblr mobile but they are floating in my blog as (to be read in this order)-

5% and Below, 9% and Rising, Halfway Point (you are here!), and the FYDL Drabble-a-Thon Day 1 62%

Words: 947

Rating: G or T, i dunno

Pairing: Johnny Storm/Darcy Lewis

Warnings: wild misuse of actual scientific terms

“So how are things going with Darcy?” Sue asked.

Johnny was resisting the urge to stand on his tiptoes, or a chair, or the bar, and scan the crowd for the woman in question.

“Forty-nine percent,” he said, trying to stretch himself upwards. Damn, he had promised himself he would never feel jealous of Reed and now… now he really wished he could make his neck just another inch longer.

“I think you should really come up with a measuring system for your relationship that isn’t numerical,” Sue said.

“It’s not a relationship yet,” Johnny said. “That’s the problem.”

He missed the way Sue spit a little bit of her cocktail back into the glass and had to wipe the dribble off her chin.

“Never thought I’d hear you say that,” she said after recovering.

There was a buzz in his back pocket, and then a little chime of ‘Burning Down the House’ and Johnny nearly dropped the top-heavy martini glass in his hand trying to get to his phone.

“Wow,” Sue breathed next to him. “What a development.”

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