she effing wins

greatbritaingymnastics  asked:

If you could change the results of gymnast who never lived up to their potential/got screwed over by coaches/is always injured who would it be? Eg, Jo getting Olympic Gold in AA or Maggie not getting injured in 2016

I’d make Jordyn qualify to the London AA, I’d give Katelyn Ohashi a senior career where she went to Worlds at least once and won beam, and I’d make Larisa hit her 2014 beam routine during EFs so she could win gold.

This is How My Orphan Black Rewatch is Going

Sarah is so badass she’s my favorite.

Nope. Beth. God. Beth. Beth is the best one.

Nah. It’s Sarah.

OOH. Sarah as Beth. That’s a good option.

Katja girl, you’re so mysterious. I like you.

But not as much as I suddenly apparently love Beth.

Snarky Sarah. Yes. She wins.

Alison Effing Hendrix. You are my princess and my favorite.

Ugh. But, no. Sarah. It’ll always be Sarah.

No. I was wrong. Obviously my favorite is Cosima.

Sarah as Beth makes another strong case.

But it’s Cosima. Right? Yeah. It’s Cosima.

It’s Alison.

It’s Sarah again.

Oh no, it’s Sarah and Cosima at the same time now.


Oops. Alison rises to official favorite status. Cemented forever.

Oh fuck. Helena’s coming. *facepalm*