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Request:  Hi honey ! <3 I was wondering if you could write an imagine, where Jughead always sees a little girl in Pop’s, she eats ice cream or drink milkshakes after school, and she is really talkatvive, annoys him a lot, but she reminds him so much of Jellybean so he never was mean to her, only in playful way, and when he find out, that she has a cute older sister at his age (reader) he likes her even more ? ^^

Word Count: 1,913

Warnings: None

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On Sansa’s hairstyle and clothing style

It is so interesting to observe how Sansa dresses and does her hair throughout the series; because as Sansa undergoes her journey - starting with Southern dreams only to have them crushed and progressively returning to Northern realities - so do her hair and clothes follow and parallel this journey.

At the start of the show, we see Sansa wearing a pale blue dress with a heavy fur coat when she greets the royal family when they visit Winterfell. Her hair is let down. Arya is also wearing blue. This is the most Stark Sansa looks before a long time. Observe though that out of the whole Stark family, Sansa is already wearing the most pale of the coats - her parents, her sister and her brothers all wear darker tones. This marks her as the least of her family bound to their Northern roots. Indeed Sansa is presented as the child leaning the most towards the South and the one that could easiest adapt to it. Sansa is quick to shed her coat and upon arriving at King’s Landing, quickly adopts a Southern style, favoring a flowery purple dress that would easily please House Tyrell - a motif that she displays from the very beginning of the series. She still likes to wear pale blue though and although her septa points out she also quickly adopted a southern hairstyle, she still lets her hair down sometimes. She wears it southern-styled more heavily - and happily - towards the end of Season 1 as a way for her to get inspiration from Cersei.

Following the death of her father and with her dreams shattered, we see Sansa still choosing to wear southern colors - pale pink and blue - and she still sports a southern hairstyle very often. This reflects her initial fear of being left alone as hostage in King’s Landing; thus she keeps dressing like she does belong to the court as a means to protect herself, a way for her to blend and fit in. Notice though that as she finds some footing - learning to not give into Cersei or Joffrey but not yet standing up to them - she subtly starts to detach herself from the Southern culture. When the mob attacks the King, she is wearing her hair southern-styled but finds a way to have them semi-let down and after the riot, she lets them down entirely, simply tying them lightly behind her head while also dismissing explicit southern colors, choosing instead a more neutral violet colour - warm enough to fit the South but dark enough to stand out as particular.

This trend continues during Season 3 where we constantly see Sansa wearing the same purple dress, a rich contrast to Margaery’s pale dresses, the likes of which Sansa wore previously. In doing so, Sansa subtly reaffirms that she is alone here, that she does not belong in King’s Landing and that she knows it. Sansa copies Margaery’s hairstyle but it allows her to let her hair down. Never once during her time in King’s Landing do we see Sansa wearing sleeveless dresses like Margaery; she always has clothes with long sleeves. Furthermore, Sansa does not really care anymore about appearing like a proper lady and even less a Southerner. The only time Sansa dresses Southern style again is for her wedding. Being married to Tyrion and effectively becoming a Lannister, she once again sports a Southern hairstyle and wears a very Southern golden dress. Notice in the next episodes that she quickly reverts back to her previous purple gown and hairstyle even though she is now Lady Lannister.

It is during Season 4 that we see Sansa change her clothing style the most drastically. At Joffrey’s birthday, Sansa - reeling from the news of her mother and brother’s deaths - does not even bother to do her hair and simply lets them down. She makes one last effort and sports a Southern style for the last time for his and Margaery’s wedding but still chooses to wear purple instead of warmer colours. Following her escape, she regains some sort of freedom and we see her wearing a cloak - not yet a fur coat but this is a first, more explicit step towards her Northern roots. We also see Sansa’s hair braided for the first time, in the style of her mother. In the Eyrie where Sansa regains strength from the snow and the cold and under Littlefinger’s tutelage, she starts finding confidence and learns how to stand up for herself; she lets her hair down again and sews herself a new dress - a dark one this time - effectively shedding purple and abandoning the Southern style at the same time .

In Season 5, Sansa returns to her Northern roots but finds that she cannot fit there completely anymore. Her hair - dyed black - is tied at the back of her head and let down and she wears her black dress and a black cloak, embroidered with light fur - the first time since Season 1 we see Sansa wearing fur. Back in a much changed Winterfell, Sansa adopts heavy greyish dresses, more plain and practical and far from the warm-coloured, light and adorned gowns from the South. Even for her second wedding, Sansa sports a more Northern hairstyle and she is all in white - a cold colour - and she wears fur again. Following this, she is often seen with a dark grey cloak and a plain greyish gown. Sansa has stopped alltogether caring about appearing beautiful and ladylike; throughout the season, we see her starting to own up to her Stark heritage and stand up to people on numerous occasions (Theon, Ramsay, Myranda).

Sansa finally embraces her Northern heritage. Her hair in Season 6 is braided in the style of her late mother; notice that in all her political meetings (with Littlefinger, with the Northern houses, with Ramsey) she always braids them and with the exception of her brief stay at the Wall, no longer lets them down - a sign that she has stopped being a child. She is wearing a heavy fur coat - her first real Northern-style fur coat since the first season. Notice this time her clothes and the coat are not pale anymore; they are fully dark. In doing so, she regains her full strength and confidence. Her choice of color is important here; she does not  simply go for the black/grey or even the blue - she chooses a dark green, as a way to also show her Tully heritage. Furthermore, Sansa is affirming her position as Lady of her own House, sporting the Stark wolf embroidened on her clothes. This enables her to assert herself as a leader of the two Houses. This shows how well she now understands the tactics of politics. At the end of the season, now that she has reclaimed her home, Sansa feels comfortable enough to let her hair down again - like her mother before, the previous Lady of Winterfell - sporting a Northern hairstyle.

Overall, Sansa finally looks the most Stark she has ever looked, the looks of her parents and her siblings  at the start of the series - the last time they were all standing together as a family.

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So I want sure who to ask this, so I'll ask you. And I don't know if Amy died her hair after they got back from wherever they were for the project thing, but if Amy had her hair died for the project and Mark said he was playing a lot of characters so it might be the egos, do you think maybe she was playing some of her egos like Peevils and Peebstache? I didn't do research on this or anything, so it might be wrong, but I'm just curious.

I heard through the grapevine (grapevine being the tons of asks I got about Amy’s hair) that it was originally supposed to be a peach color but that it turned out pink instead? So idk? I remember her saying back before she dyed the ends of her hair yellow that she has always wanted to dye her hair, so while it would be awesome to see Amy bringing in her own Egos, I doubt that’s what the hair dye was for…

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I like to think that once Marinette saw silver hairs appearing, instead of dying her hair back to black, she decided to go straight for grey. Go bug or go home. Also tfw you realize Dom and Adrien have matching green hair oops lol

That is 100% what happened and tbh she rocks it

Also I love my green nerd sons <3

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Y'know what. If we wanna get real technical every fictional chr EVER is an OC to its original creator. Undertale. Harry Potter. All those chrs were original ideas to the creator. Some OCs don't even belong to a fandom or big story. They're just a fun idea the creator came up with. That anon can take their cringe and shove it up their ass. That anon makes me CRINGE because they're an asshole. They're the one that's cringy. ~Chamomile☕️

Not exactly how I would word it, but I got the idea haha. Honestly the whole “cringe” culture is so detrimental to children’s imagination. Let kids have fun with their eye color changing, rainbow hair colored OC because why not? Why shouldn’t a character have fricken pink eyes that make everyone falls in love with them? No shouldn’t a character have every power in the world? Sure, their story probably isn’t going to published into a New York Best Seller, but the important thing is that they are practicing and having fun. 

I use to have this OC whom I love dearly because without her, I probably wouldn’t have become the writer I am today. Sure, I’m not the best right now, but I could be a lot worse. I remember, I created Luna in 7th grade and she was the living human embodiment of the moon. She had curly auburn hair that she dyed black, then back to her natural hair again just because she wanted to and her irises were deep purple and in the shape of a crescent moon. She fell in love with the living embodiment of the sun and together, they had crazy adventures like defeating an ancient spirit that kidnapped Luna because she was a reincarnation of his past lover or saving Ethan, the sun, from an evil version of himself. I had the best time of my life writing those stories and if I read them now, I would laugh at how ridiculous and over the top it is, but I don’t regret creating them. 

The point is, OCs are just a way to express oneself and it shouldn’t be looked down upon. Let people have fun and do what they want if they’re not hurting anyone. 

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I'm going to be honest....I don't like TouKen. Like at all. I really like HideKane. I think Touka is to harsh on Kaneki and I don't think he likes her very much. She keeps trying to bring anteiku back, like she dyed her hair back and stuff. I just think Kaneki deserves better.

okay, brace yourself for a super long explanation.

it isn’t about whether or not you ship it, tokyo ghoul is not a romance and definitely not fan service. it’s about the character development & the meaning behind it all, whether or not you like the pairing.

for example, where kaneki asks touka to come with him. think about it like this, for most of the manga, kaneki has been pushing touka away in order to protect her and out of fear. when he left anteiku, he didn’t get her involved for a number of reasons; 1) he didn’t want her to get involved with the ghoul world anymore, 2) he’s worried she’ll die and it’s talked a bit about in the latest chapter. by asking her to come with him is a HUGE step forward for him, as he’s trusting himself & her and not pushing her away anymore. he finally realised that people care for him just like how he cares for them, which is something he never really thought or even considered.

you shouldn’t really be thinking about your ships, because this is important. i know some fans have taken to sending hate to ishida on twitter over the matter which is so dumb ?? it’s his story so he can do whatever he likes to lol, none of us have any say or power in what he wants to write.

touka isn’t trying to bring back anteiku days, because she’s already brought it back & it wasn’t even forced ( another user made a post about this, i can’t remember the username but yeah ) touka dying her hair back, people at :re who were also in anteiku, shows that the story is back on track. for example, when kaneki left anteiku, the story went off the original plot and focused on kaneki & other character’s journey. now that kaneki has returned, the story is back onto its original plot because kaneki is home. tokyo ghoul started off with the idea of equality between ghouls and humans, but after kaneki was abducted by aogiri, the story went into kaneki’s journey and what he learns on his way until he came back home to :re. the story is continuing on its original purpose. this was kinda badly explained, but once again, i got this idea off another user which i completely agree with.

and lastly, ‘kaneki deserves better’, i don’t really know what put that idea into your head ! tokyo ghoul is NOT a romance after all. i think hardcore shippers should focus on the story as well, not just about hidekane ( i have nothing against the ship ) romance & shipping isn’t the focus of this series.

You're Perfect, Can't You See That?

Song: Star Shopping - Lil Peep




Juice stood on the other side of the clubhouse as he watched her face light up mid conversation with Happy and Tig. Her smile painted on her face and her blue eyes twinkling.

He couldn’t help but not stare at her. She wasn’t the skinniest around but he fell the moment she said his name with her thick southern accent. She turned head to look at the clubhouse door opening only for her eyes to lock with Juice’s from where she stood by the dorms.

Her smile only getting bigger as she watched Juice mouth beautiful to her. Her heart beating like crazy and butterflies fluttering in her stomach. She tucked her dyed red hair behind her ear as she looked back to Happy and Tigs direction with the smile painted in her face still.


She sat on top of the roof as she looked up at the sky watching the stars twinkle and show the beauty she was always told stories about as a child. Her mind wondering on how something so beautiful could be stuck in the sky for no one to touch.

Juice sat down beside her and wrapped an arm around her, “Hey goregous.”

“Hey you.” She cooed.

“What are you doing up here by yourself?” He asked her as he moved some of her hair out of her face to get a better look at the woman who could always take his breath away.

“Thinking and drinking my beer alone.” She whispered as she held the miller lite bottle up for him to see.

“You know, it’s nice to come up here and just watch the stars.” He said as he looked at her face studying the sky.

“It just melts my thoughts of the day, makes me know everything is gonna be okay.” She said as she took a swig of her nearly empty beer.

“You’re beautiful like the sky.” Juice said just as fast as he thought it.

“You’re lying.” She giggled as she punched his shoulder.

“I’m not.” He said quickly.

“Right. Well i’m gonna go throw this way.” She said as she pulled herself up from the ground.

“When will you see you are perfect?” He asked her as he chased after her.

She shrugged her shoulders before turning around to face him.

“You are perfect, always have been. When will you see that?” He asked her as he cupped her face. She crashed her lips into his.

“You are my kind of perfect. Please don’t let anyone ruin that.” He said against her lips as he put his lips back to hers.

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Namjoon/jimin fluff please?

Falling in love with everything Park Jimin was in all the right ways people like him deserved to be loved. 

It feels like all Namjoon could ever ask for.

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It starts with flustered kisses in the back of Namjoon’s car.

Jimin in seventeen and Namjoon is eighteen, and all Jimin can think about is the boy with the bleach blond hair and dimples leaving him behind for college.

“Jimin, college is like, twenty minutes away,” Namjoon says between kisses when Jimin begins to pout. “I’m literally a bus ride away. I’m not even moving out of here.”

Jimin grins a little at that. “I won’t see you around at school anymore, though.” Namjoon rolls his eyes, clawing at Jimin’s shirt.

“They wouldn’t miss me anyway,” he says at last, sighing. “Not someone like-”

“Not people like us,” Jimin finishes for him and Namjoon nods and they don’t say anymore because they know what it means. They know what it means to live in a tiny town where everyone knows everyone else and people talk for weeks about some girl dying her hair pink until she finally changes it back. A town that had no place for two boys in love.

So they continue to sneak out of classes and lectures for those minutes in the back of Namjoon’s car, hot and hurried lips amid silence, fingers clawing on backs, Jimin on Namjoon’s lap, forever careful not to leave any marks, hunger and adoration mixed in a singleminded intensity to let the other know how much they needed each other to keep themselves sane in a world like theirs.

Sometimes, they just sit in his backseat and with the windows down and radio on, soft conversation going nowhere but meaning everything all at once, tracing each others lips once in a while, talking till it becomes dark outside and Namjoon drives Jimin two blocks away from his house so people wouldn’t raise eyebrows.

“Fucking hell, Namjoon, I missed you.” Namjoon smirks.

“You’re the one with finals, you know.”

“Wow,” Jimin scoffs. “The least you could do is say it back, you know. You haven’t seen me in two weeks.”

“I fucking love you, Jimin, like I need to say it.” Jimin grins, reaching for Namjoon’s gigantic hand and wrapping it in his tiny ones.

“No homo.” Namjoon cocks an eyebrow.

“We’re two guys who make out in the back seat of my Hyundai. That’s as homo as it gets, Jimin.” Jimin shrugs, laughing.

“They talk about us at school, sometimes,” Jimin says, quieter. Namjoon’s heart clenches. “About how we might be together.”

“Do they - ” Namjoon gulps. “Do they hurt you?” Namjoon doesn’t want to know, but he would rather die than be the reason the only person in the world he needs like oxygen hurt and that too because of him.

“No, they just - they just talk. It sucks, hearing it in the corridors. Like it’s a goddamn disease.” Namjoon keeps quiet, pulls Jimin closer. He doesn’t know what to say, or how to say it so he doesn’t say anything at all.

“I can’t wait to get out of this place someday. With you,” Jimin adds. Namjoon looks at Jimin then, eyes softening.

“Me too,” he says, squeezing Jimin’s hand. They stay like that, engine on, radio humming, holding each other till they watch another sunset pass them by.

The year Jimin turns eighteen is hot, but no one cares because he’s graduating high school and everyone is so goddamn proud that despite the heat, his whole family shows up.

Namjoon comes too, standing at the back, large cap and sunglasses hiding most of his face so that he wouldn’t be seen. Namjoon is grinning so wide when he sees Jimin up on the stage, black robes on despite the heat, everyone clapping for the class of 2016, his face feels like it could split.

Jimin sees him standing there at last, eyes widening and Namjoon gives him a tiny wave, unmoving from his place at the back. Jimin whispers something to his mom and she looks at Namjoon with hate he can feel standing over a hundred meters away. Namjoon unknowingly tugs his cap down lower. Jimin doesn’t even notice, running over to Namjoon and before Namjoon can register it, Jimin has thrown his arms around Namjoon, knocking off his cap and pressed his lips against his. Namjoon stands there, eyes wide, taking in the gasps and stares from around the whole room. Jimin is the first to pull away and Namjoon is the first to speak.

“Why?” Jimin considers this for a heartbeat.

“Because I’d lose my fucking mind without you.”

So Namjoon grins, ruffling Jimin’s hair, the bubbling feeling of laughter at leaving this shitty town and it’s people behind, the feeling of freedom spreading in his chest to fall in love with someone somewhere other than his own backseat.

Falling in love with everything Park Jimin was in all the right ways people like him deserved to be loved.

It feels like all Namjoon could ever ask for.

“Fucking hell, Jimin, I missed you.”

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Miss Shimada and Dr. Zielger

So the theme is role swap and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but this idea kind of came out of nowhere and I went with it??? I don’t even know if it works with the theme but, here it is anyways. 

I give you Genderbent Genji and Mercy. I kept Genji’s name the same as it seems to be a unisex name and Angela changed to Anders. Brief appearance/mentions of other characters. 

Gency Week Day 5 — Role Swap

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Carmilla lessons on flirting

Okay folks so I’ve been obsessed with Carmilla and I feel like writing about the things I learned from watching all episodes in one sitting.

Being an innocent brainiac that I am, I suck at *drumroll please* flirting. Yes. I suck at that big time. Like I just freeze over when there is an attractive lady talking to me. Or if my crush text me something flirty, I will reply with the weirdest and stupidest things ever. Here is an example:

*texting a lesbian friend who I have feeligs for*
me : “I dont know I am just sad right now”
her : “aww dont be sad. Here 😘”
me : “thanks for kissing my foot”

yes I replied with that. Thanks for kissing my foot! Like what is wrong with you Claris?!

Anyway, for all those awkward lesbians out there who doesnt know how to flirt, I listed the techniques by Carmilla. I promise I will follow these too. Im freaking 24 yo like cmon, I have to get on my game. Anyway, here it goes:

Flirting 101 by Carmilla

1. When she (person you like) is talking, especially if it is something she is very enthusiatic about, stare right into her eyes. Give her full attention. And smile a little, like show your best sexy smile.

2. Be mysterious enough that she will want to know you even more. Like you are a puzzle that she is dying to solve.

3. Touch her hair. Not in a freaky way. Back off if she resist that means she is either straight or not interested.

4. Wear something nice when you two are together. I remember when Carmilla wears that sexy corset haha. Anyway, depends on your and her taste on clothes. Whatever she finds sexy and that you are comfortable wearing then go for it.

5. Talk in a seductive, bit low and slow voice. It also gives off the mysterious vibes and it is definitely sexy.

6. Show her you care but not too much. It is like you care and will protect her but not suffocate her. Cause if she is straight then you might just scare her away. If she is one of us, well, same thing might happen.

7. When she starts to open up to you and show that she also care for you, then go for it! Kiss her! If she doesnt resist, kiss her again. Then waiti until she is the one who will initiate the kiss.

There you go creampuffs. I hope I can have the chance to work with these tips. Haha!:) and remember, to just be honest with your feelings. :)

Piper's Hair Headcannons

•She had loads of hair when she was younger

•It was wavy/curly and untamable for a while

•When she got older it got wavy/straight

•She dyed her hair blue when she was

•She kept her hair in braids all the time

•She cut it short, about chin length, when she was thirteen because she was bullied for her braids

•She re dyed her hair purple

•She let her hair grow out to about shoulder length, but never let it grow longer than that

•She finally dyed her hair back to its normal brown color pre-wilderness school

•Her hair grew out to about mid back during the giant war period

•Drew and her become best friends eventually and Piper’s hair is her obsession

•Drew dyes Piper’s hair pink as a joke but Piper secretly loves it

• Piper lets the pink fade and adds hues of purple

•Piper learns to just really love her hair and starts keeping it in braids all the time again.

To Know This is Real (1/3)

Well! The BFF Verse makes its magnificent return!

“Wait, this is a sequel?” Well, sort of. It takes place during the events of It’s a Comedy of Sorts (which can be found here), but hopefully I’ve managed to make it independent enough that you won’t have to read the first entry. All you really need to know is this: York and Tex are both alive and are best friends. When I was writing the first entry Wash, Kai and Tucker seemed to be interested in having their own storyline, so here it is. Warning to people who hope to stick around: the chapters after this are probably going to be pretty smutty. I make no apologies. 

Special thanks to @littlefists, who read this over for me, and everyone else who cheered me on in the pursual of OT3 feelings!

Summary: Kai and Tucker know what they want, and his name is Agent Washington.

Agent Washington knows what he deserves, and it’s certainly not Kaikaiana Grif and Lavernius Tucker.

Or: how three people in a canyon learn to talk about their feelings and maybe end up having lots of sex.

Pairings: Suckington, Sucker, background Chex

Also on Ao3

Wash met Kai first, although he didn’t get a name. He didn’t bother. If he’d consulted his files, he’d have figured out that her name was “Private Kaikiana Grif,” and probably just called her Grif, dooming himself for months of confusion with Dexter Grif.

Instead, Wash met her, dismissed her out of hand as a Simulation Trooper who was only slightly stranger than normal, and then went to meet Sarge, who then proceeded to skew the grading curve of “normal” for just about the rest of his life.

It was a long time between meeting Kai and meeting Tucker. Wash didn’t count the days, although he suspected it would be less time than he thought. But the events that happened were pretty damn significant.

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Rose dyed her hair blonde for 2 days in her fourth year because she found out Scorpius had a crush on her cousin Victoire. Rose thought this would be a way to get Scorpius to notice her as more than a friend. When Scorpius saw her with blonde hair he told her that one of his favorite things about her was her red hair. She immediately dyed her hair back.

Not sure if anyone’s pointed this out yet, but amidst the action, angst, and Persephone amazingness in issue 18, I think we may have gotten the return of a (relatively minor, background) character from earlier in the series.

Check out who’s attending Persephone’s grand debut.

Look familiar?

She’s totally Sakhmet’s gal pal from waaayyy back in issue 1! Sure she dyed her hair black, but she’s got it styled almost exactly the same way, ditto for her outfit. On top of that, while everyone’s weeping, collapsing, and generally despairing existentially, this woman’s got more of a “Hey, don’t I recognize that chick from somewhere, possibly a penthouse interview/assassination attempt from a few months ago?” look on her face.

So yeah, no major theory or revelation, just a (possible) cameo I noticed and wanted to be the first to point out so I could feel special…mmmkay, buh-bye!       

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on a side note, what happens in lazarus though

I was very lucky that I got to see the play twice so get the fuck ready for the most in depth explanation I can do without getting in trouble (hopefully). Some of it may not be in order i’m just going to explain it as it comes up. This is a very blunt explanation and i assure you the play was absolutely beautiful i’m just shit at explaining.  

Lazarus takes place years after the movie ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth”. Newton is now living secluded in an apartment in NYC and has very little contact with the outside world. He is an alcoholic still and is also still reliant on the television. He also misses his family very much mentioning his wife, son and especially his daughter. He also misses Mary Lou very much and keeps her clothes underneath his bed; 

There is a woman who takes care of him named Ellie. Later on in the play it is established that she has mental health issues that require her to medicate herself but she stops taking the medication. She also has a husband but their relationship is not good and she is obsessed with being unconditionally loved. 

Anyway, the man running Newton’s company now comes to visit him after finding a picture of them together from years ago and hints at how strange it is that Newton has not aged. Later we see the man back at his home and another man named valentine breaks into his home and somehow convinces him he means no harm but he ends up killing the man and taking the picture of the man with Newton. Valentine’s goal is to find Newton. 

A little girl appears in what we assume is Newton’s mind since Newton is the only one that can see her until later when Valentine apparently can. She doesn’t know her name or anything about herself which confuses her but she knows everything about Newton. There are three other girls who are teenagers but Newton doesn’t really see them and they tell the little girl that she has to help Newton and then she will be able to learn who she is. The little girl decides that the way to help Newton is to somehow get him back to his planet. At first Newton is annoyed with her but she reminds him of his daughter and he begins to care for her. She makes a drawing on the ground of a space ship made out of tape and Newton frequently lays down on it wishing he could go home. 

Ellie finds Mary Lou’s clothing and starts asking Newton about Mary Lou. When she finds out that Newton loved Mary Lou she begins taking Mary Lou’s clothes and wearing them herself. She starts to being to thing she is Mary Lou and ends up dying her hair to look like Mary Lou and starts asking people to call her by this name. The start of this transformation is when she sings Changes and you can see the beginning of her singing this song in this OFFICIAL video.

She confronts Newton while dressed as Mary Lou and at the same time the little girl comes out dressed as Mary Lou claiming she is going to help Newton work pass Mary Lou by reenacting their last moments together so he can find out what when wrong. She begins yelling things at him that Mary Lou said and at the same time Ellie is trying to get closer to him. It ends up being too much for him and when the little girl realizes whats happening she talks off the wig and hugs him trying to calm him. Ellie can’t see the little girl and believes she is the one helping Newton. For a moment Newton really thinks Ellie is Mary Lou but when he realizes its not he tells her to leave. 

Meanwhile Valentine ends up talking to this couple in this club about their relationship. He acts as though he is interested but later on you find out he is annoyed by their love. It is hinted at that the man in the couple works for Newton and Valentine is trying to get on his good side to help him find Newton.

 Eventually what actually happens is he finds Ellie having a breakdown because Newton has rejected her. Valentine is a very smooth talker its shown throughout the entire play and he comforts Ellie and calls her Mary Lou. Ellie trusts him because of this and brings him to see Newton who basically has a mental breakdown with everything happening at once. Valentine pushes Newton over the edge with questions about the rocket ship he once built (Valentine says he was a child at the time) and the one that’s one the floor. He then yells something along the lines of “It’s because you’re an alien aren’t you!” Newton realizes he recognizes Valentine because he saw Valentine kill the man who ran his company in a vision the same way Newton would see things in the movie. Newton panics when he realizes this. Ellie also starts calling Newton Tommy and he yells at her to stop calling him that since that’s what Mary Lou would call him. Eventually Valentine runs out with Ellie when he realizes he is getting no where with Newton. Ellie leaves with Mary Lou’s clothing. The girl comes back and Newton tells her he needs to go back to his planet as soon as possible and he lays on the tape rocket-ship again. The little girl promises him it will be soon but then the teenage girls try to take her away from Newton saying she has helped him and now its time for her to sleep. Newton is now alone laying on the rocket=ship and the Girl sings life on mars to calm him. 

The little girl is then forced onto the bed by the other girls and she falls asleep. Then the play goes to Valentine and Ellie who are now with the couple from earlier. After singing the song all the young dudes they end up talking to each other and Valentine claims Ellie is his girl friend. He tells the story of how they met but its the same story the guy told before about how he met his girlfriend. Valentine takes out a knife and kills the man. Ellie panics and runs away. After Valentine killed the man it became a wake up call for her and she goes back to her husband after dying her hair back and changing into her actual clothes. She sings always chasing the same car. So then it goes back to the little girl as she wakes up and on the screen in the middle of the set is a man and they have a conversation with each other. We find out the girl was once a real girl and she was murdered by this man. She finds out her real name and realizes she had parents and an actual life. The man had killed her just because he could. She asks him if she is dead and he says that she is not yet properly dead but Newton can help her. It then goes to Valentine who is now covered in blood and the room goes dark as he sings valentine’s day. He ends up in Newton’s apartment and he has his knife and the little girl is there too. This is when Valentine acts as though he can see the girl. He tells Newton he has to kill her and puts the knife in Newton’s hand. Newton refuses The little girl tells him he needs to and tells him her real name which Newton seems happy for her for a moment about the name time but immediately is upset again when Valentine pushes him to kill her. The teenage girls come out and are helping valentine leading you to believe they have been helping him the entire time. They sing a new bowie song as tension builds. The little girl is laying on the ground and Newton is above her and Valentine pushes Newton’s hand holding the knife into the girl and she screams then begins coughing and is presumed dead. While liquid begins pooling around her filling up basically the entire stage like its blood seeping from her body. Valentine and the other girls leave since their job there is done and Newton is crying. He does a beautiful monologue about how she reminded him of his daughter and how he needs her. Eventually she wakes up and begins speaking with him. She says something that he mentioned earlier in the play to her that his daughter used to say to him. They start saying memories that Newton had of him family. 

She says she can’t stay with him and she has to leave and has to pass on. Newton says something along the lines of at least they are there together in the confines of his mind. Together they sing a beautiful slightly altered version of the song heroes. The girl disappears behind the screen as the song ends and the play ends.


Lazarus - Newton
It’s No Game - Newton
This is Not America - little girl
The Man Who Sold the World- man running the company
Love is Lost- Valentine
Changes- Ellie
Where Are We Now?- Newton
Absolute Beginners- Newton and Ellie
Dirty Boys- Valentine
Life on Mars?- little girl
All the Young Dudes- The couple, Ellie, and Valentine
(bowie singing sound and vision is feed into the room after the song scared the living shit out of me)
Always Crashing the Same Car- Ellie
Valentine’s Day- Valentine
Heros- little girl and Newton

There are also three other original songs I believe.

Any questions about what I thought of the play or about the play please ask. 

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Here you go fandom-ultra-geek, steampunk SoMa. Thanks for the prompt, I hope you like it!

What she would have given to replace the chatter of all these people for the hum of the various machines in her little shop. It wasn’t that Maka did not like people, she loved being around people, it was just that she did not particularly like being around these types of people.

Rich. Connected. Corrupt.

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