she drinks the water while she swims

Scars and all

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The Annual Rossi Pool Bash was a BAU tradition. It involved sitting around Rossi’s pool, drinking wine, eating sweet treats and not swimming. The Rossi Pool Bash occurred exactly on the hottest day of the year, this day changed every year. It was Dr Spencer Reid who determined said day because he was the only who volunteered to do said job. He took said job very seriously, always handing every a copy of the day’s heat index,temperature, humidity and a bunch of other stats in a manila folder with smiley suns whilst everyone entered the house.

Today however was different, special even. Today was the first day everyone had agreed to swim. Luke has suggested it, considering it was his first time here after all and then slowly Prentiss and JJ and even Spencer agreed. The only people who had refused were Rossi AND y/n. Now to be fair Rossi had no right to not swim. He owned the pool. 

Who owns a pool and doesn’t swim in it?

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Dr. Destiny #4

Dr. Destiny #1
Dr. Destiny #2
Dr. Destiny #3

A long time ago, a young boy was playing with his mother by the lake.
But while she wasn’t looking, they boy was gone. She searched for him for days until she found his body washed up on the shore.
Stricken with grief, his mother would do everything to get her child back. She learned the dark arts and summoned him back from the dead.
But when her boy was back, she was repulsed by him. He had transformed into a monster of weeds and moss.
She cast him out, exiling him. With nowhere left to go, the boy returned to the lake from which his body came.
Saddened and alone, the boy cried, and his tears woke up the spirit of the lake. She felt sorry for the boy and guilty for causing his death, so she allowed him to live with her, caring for him and nurturing him like his mother wouldn’t.
One day, after years of living in the bottom of the lake, the boy was crying again.
“What’s wrong, my child?” asked the lake spirit.
“I was watching the people play in the lake above. All of my friends have grown up, found love, and had kids of their own. And I am still a boy.”
“Worry not, my child. For you will grow.” the spirit blessed her child with a song.
As more years went by, the child grew and grew, until his body was the size of an island and his head was tall enough to see above the water.
And from where he sat he could watch all of the people play.

”That’s a beautiful story.” Lilac said as she leaned in closer to read the old inscription on the sign. A warm breeze blowed from the lake left and brushed through her ginger hair.

“It’s probably just a story. And even if there is a kernel of truth to it, it’s probably not nearly as beautiful.” Dr. Destiny said. She was holding onto Lilac’s hand and looking up at the wooden sign. Above the inscription was an old illustration etched into the wood, an island with a face peeking above the water, with a wide warm smile looking directly at the viewer. Above that was the title of the sign: “The Story of Benagam Island”

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Beach Headcanons

Izuku: He is that one person who goes to the beach to explore. While looking in nearby caves and swimming underwater, he thinks of Pro Heros with Quirks that would have an advantage in such place. He also watches other people and keeps record of their different quirks. His beach towel, swim wear etc. have All Might on them.

Shoto: He came along for practical reason such as relax and forget his problems. He doesn’t swim much. He will probably be sitting under an umbrella reading something or play on his phone

Katsuki: He didn’t want to come, he was forced to by the others. He is the type of person that is going to complain about everything: the sun, the waves, the sea creatures, the big family that sat right next to them with their kids screaming their lungs out, Izuku etc. He doesn’t want to join in any activities the others do but in the end he does because Kirishima challenges him to. He is a really good swimmer, and he exceeds in any game they play: Cliffdiving, Swimming, Holding breathe underwater, finding stuff underwater faster etc.

Ochako: She is a sociable person so she went to the beach to have fun with her friends. She knows how to have fun at the beach. She sunbathes too and she is open to any suggestions for activities. She collects seashells and strange looking pebbles while she explores with Izuku.

Tenya: He is the type of person that has everything prepared for the beach. He’s brought sunscreen, food, drinks, first aid kit, floaties, swimming and diving supplies, umbrela, refrigerator etc. He acts like a parent to the others since he makes sure everyone is okay, that they have put sunscreen on, he scolds those that followed Kirishima and did cliffdiving. He is also the one who counts the time they need to digest before it is safe for them to get in the water, h acts as an “embassador” for the others when Katsuki and Kirishima get in trouble with people around them, he is the one to clean and take everyone’s trash when it’s time to go and he is the one carrying most bags.

Kirishima: One of the reasons he wanted to go was to show off his manliness that’s why he suggested all these activities, like swimming race, diving race, frisbee, volleyball, tennis. He also brought the equipment for that. He is too noisy which causes not only Katsuki, but also the surrounding people to complain.
My [28M] girlfriend [24F] has a weird obsession and I don't know how to deal with it. • r/relationships

However, she is weirdly obsessed with water. I don’t mean that in a ‘oh yeah, she takes four showers a day and only drinks water.’

I mean, if she feels like it, she drives 20 minutes to the beach and spend the entire day immersed in the sea, swimming and floating away. Or she does the same thing in the tub, or the lake behind her mother’s house, or the pool in our apartment. And that’s not the worst part. Sometimes she closes her eyes, holds her breath and goes underwater and she can stay there for a while. When she comes back, she gets some air and then goes under again.

I’m always sick with worry because I don’t know if she’ll come back, what if she gets a cramp or something and I’m not there, what if she drowns.

Yesterday I was sleeping, woke up at 4 in the morning, found a note and then followed her to the beach. She was SWIMMING in the freaking ocean at 4 in the morning. Not only is that dangerous, but she didn’t even stop to think about the kinds of lunatics that could be roaming around at that time, just waiting to attack her.

Not too long ago, she spent an entire weekend alternating between the ocean, being with me and then spending some time in the tub. She had breakfast and that was it.

I tried asking her why she liked the water so much and she shrugged and said she just felt good there, at home. I told her some of the things she was doing, like sneaking out at 4 in the morning was dangerous, she said nothing had happened and if something happens, then it happens.


• Reynalypso: Fairy/Mermaid au •

“And I call it magic when I’m with you”

Many people think that all mermaids live in the ocean. But Calypso wanted to see different places, so one day she left her people and started to swim up a river until she ended up in a pond in the middle of a beautiful forest. That pond became Calypso’s home and she loved it, but it did get a little lonely sometimes.

Reyna was a beautiful fairy who loved nature. The forest she used to live in as a child had been destroyed by humans, so she had been searching for a new home for a while now. Finally she found this lovely forest full of friendly animals and decided that it would become her new home. On her first day living there, she was going to drink some water from a small pond when she noticed a mermaid swimming in it. Reyna had never seen a mermaid before, but this one was beautiful. “Hi”, the mermaid said. “I’m Calypso.”

Love between fairies and mermaids was pretty rare, but it did happen sometimes.

Day at the spring

Tracer and widowmaker at a spring and widow goes right in because she’s cold and the water is cold. So widow doesn’t know why tracer won’t come in and she pulls her in or something idk

Submitted by @spacewlzard

I loved this idea and I just had to do something about it so I made a thing.

Here is the thing. 

     "Are we there yet?“ Lena whined as she propped her leg up on a rock, reaching down to knead the aching tension in her calves. "We’ve been walking up this damn hill for nearly an hour now, and my legs are killing me.”

Amélie glanced at the slope. She could see the peak if she stood on her tiptoes. “Almost there, chérie. And trust me, the springs are going to make you feel much better.” 

Her girlfriend glowered as she stretched, her brown eyes flashing in the weak morning sun. “It had better be,” she muttered, and then continued to complain. “You let me get completely and utterly legless last night, and then you woke me up early, so now I’m knackered and hungover. Plus, it’s freezing, I tripped over three logs in the past ten minutes, and I really wish nature would just bugger off.” 

Amélie frowned and climbed a few meters down the slope, heading over to Lena and reaching out to rub her shoulder. “Well, to be fair, Drunk Lena was hilarious. And why are you complaining to me? I got a little tipsy myself, remember? Why didn’t you take painkillers this morning?”

“Forgot to pack them,” she murmured, rubbing her eyes with her thumbs. “Was I really that funny last night? I don’t remember it at all.” 

Amélie smirked. “You sang a beautiful version of a Miley Cyrus song on top of the lodge bar, if that’s what you’re referring to.” 

Lena winced. “Great Scott. Did anyone see me?” 

“Hana recorded the whole thing.” 

“Can you use your ex-assassin voodoo and wipe it off of her camera roll?” 

Not without saving it to my hard drive first. “Sure. We definitely wouldn’t want that to get on the Internet.” 

Lena gave a resolved nod. “Alright. I appreciate it, love. Now, let’s go see these springs you’re so excited about.” 

Amélie grinned before turning away, and they continued up the rocky slope. Amélie never got too far ahead of Lena and always went back to help the shorter, British girl when she needed it. It took them another twenty minutes, but eventually they reached the natural springs. 

“Blimey, would you look at that.” Lena said as she peered into the water. It was like a windowpane: smooth, and incredibly clear. Amélie could see the pebbles on the bottom. “It’s like nature’s own little swimming pool.” 

“Your lack of eloquence never surprises me,” Amélie muttered as she bent down to untie her boots, then slip off her socks. She laid them out on a rock and then proceeded to stick her toe in the water. 

“How’s the water?” Lena asked, staying a meter away from the edge of the spring. “Is it warm?” 

“No, chérie. It’s freezing cold,” Amélie murmured, but slipped off her jacket, shirt, and pants anyway. She had remembered to wear a black swimsuit, and she hummed as she reached back to pull her hair out of its usual ponytail. “Are you coming in or not?” 

The British girl inched towards the water, eventually sticking in her finger before recoiling sharply. “Oh, absolutely not. It’s as cold as ice! Love, you’ll freeze to death.” 

Amélie shrugged and waded into the water, feeling it splash up to her thighs and hips as she continued. “You just have to get used to it. And it’s actually very refreshing, dear. Especially for aching muscles.” 

Lena looked tempted. Eventually she crossed her arms, frowning. “I said that I would walk up here to see the springs. I didn’t say I would go for a swim while I was at it.” 

“I know, but it’s worth taking a dip,” Amélie said before splashing water on her face. Then she rubbed her eyes and blinked out water droplets. “See? That woke me up more than a cup of coffee.” 

“I drink tea in the morning.” 

“Tea, then.” 

“Whatever. I’m still not getting in.” 

“Well, I’m not getting out, so you’re going to have to wait.” The French woman realized far too late that her tone was a bit more snappish than what she had intended. But Amélie Lacroix was too proud to apologize, so instead she swam off. 

Lena scowled as she watched her girlfriend dive under the water. She could see her swimming, her body moving as easily as the water. Her legs were still burning from all the uphill climbing, so she decided to spread out on a rock, bathing in the sunlight.  

It wasn’t until Amélie came up for air when Lena spoke. “I’m going to leave you here.” 

“Fine. Have a wonderful walk back to the lodge,” Amélie said coolly before diving back under. 

Lena’s scowl deepened at that. She hadn’t been expecting Amélie to retaliate so sharply. She laid her arms over her eyes, blocking out the sun, and tried to drift off to sleep. 

It didn’t take long for Amélie to thoroughly explore the depths of the spring, discovering nooks and crannies and even a few seashells. She became bored, swimming by herself, and a small part of her craved Lena’s company. The woman popped back up to the surface, taking a few breaths before glancing at her girlfriend. Lena was still sprawled out on the rock, trying to sleep and failing miserably. Amélie grinned devilishly as a new idea began to form in her head. 

Untying Lena’s boots was easy. It was sliding them off of Lena’s feet that was the difficult part. Luckily, Amélie knew more than a few techniques, and quickly pinched a few of Lena’s nerves, numbing her legs before quickly removing her boots and socks. She tucked her socks into her boots before setting them aside, then slowly, ever so slowly, reached out. Her hands slowly inched towards Lena’s hips before darting out quickly, grabbing her and pulling her off of the rock. 

Lena let out a very shrill scream of surprise when she was suddenly grabbed off of the rock. She lurched forward, ready to attack, and immediately smacked her forehead against Amélie’s. “Ow! What the hell, love!?” She cried, grasping Amelie’s shoulders to keep her balance. 

Amélie had the biggest evil grin on her face. “Just wanted to give my girlfriend a surprise,” she said simply, then took a few steps backwards before Lena could notice. She was holding Lena up, her hands on the undersides of Oxton’s thighs, while Lena had her legs firmly wrapped around Amelie’s waist. 

“I swear to god, don’t do this to me,” Lena muttered, closing her eyes with an exasperated look on her face. The look only intensified when she opened her eyes, looked around, and realized that she was far from shore. She squeezed her eyes shut, letting out a quiet whimper before burying her face into Amelie’s neck. 

“What’s wrong, chérie?” Amélie cooed as she shifted her weight, holding Lena with one arm while she used to other to rub her girlfriend’s back. “Didn’t Overwatch teach you how to swim?” 

“No,” Lena grumbled tightly, keeping her eyes shut. “And to be honest, I never really had the urge to learn, so will you please take me back to shore?” 

“I don’t know, dear,” Amélie rumbled. “I think it’s quite romantic, don’t you?” She purred before tilting her head to kiss a hickey on Lena’s neck. 

“Romantic? I think it’s anything but-” Lena gasped as she felt Amélie press a tender kiss to her neck, her fingers and toes curling as her muscles tightened. “Don’t do that,” she said through clenched teeth, trying not to break apart.

“Don’t do what?” Amélie asked innocently before nibbling on Lena’s jawline. She could feel Lena’s fingers digging into her skin, although she didn’t mind the pain. “I’m just trying to show my girlfriend how much I love her.” 

“Mm, yeah, love you too, babe,” Lena groaned out, her whole body coiled tighter than a spring. “Can we please go back now?” 

Amélie smiled, deciding to count this as a win. She kissed Lena one last time before pulling away. “Sure. We can go back to shore-” 

Lena let out a relieved sigh. 

“-As soon as I dunk you under.” 

The remaining members of the Overwatch crew could hear Lena’s shriek of anger and surprise all the way back at the lodge.

Tayvin Baby Blurb

“Watch her,” Taylor warned, wading away from Adam. She pushed herself up out of the pool, biceps flexing as she pulled herself out, kicking her legs for an added push. She snatched a towel hanging from the back of a chair and wrapped it around her waist, water streaming down her legs. “Don’t let our baby drown, babe,” she trailed, quite cavalierly.

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Pool Party

Based on Anon Prompt : “I have an idea- Owen x reader where reader’s friend is the mososaur trainer, and the mososaur is very small and quite harmless. The island is caught in a heat wave, and reader gets a call from mososaur girl about swimming in mo’s tank because Claire is out on business and they won’t get in trouble, and just like, playing pool games and cuteness”

A/n: I forgot how fun Platonic!Owen x reader is to write. I can totally see reader being best friends with Owen even if there’s no romance.  

Claire has given you two warnings about swimming in the Mososaurus tank. You don’t see what the big deal is as long as it’s after hours. The Mosasaurus is only a few weeks old and like three foot long; she’s not going to hurt anyone.  Besides, it’s hot as hell on the island normally, but it’s summer now and the temperatures are in the low hundreds. However, Claire just left the park for the mainland for a board meeting and you have two whole days in which to go for a swim. You call up Olivia, the trainer raising the Mososaurous, and tell her Claire is out of town; she has the same idea as you.

The next day, you’re picking up beer and snacks at the park’s food mart. Olivia invited a few people and you invited the whole crew from your paddock so you get enough for the small group. However, you run into one of the lab assistants as she stops you in the aisle.

“Hey Y/n. I was just wondering what time the party tonight was? I keep hearing five o’clock but some people are saying seven.”  She gives you an expectant smile, waiting for an answer but you look at her confusedly.

“Umm, it’s at five. Did Olivia invite you?” You ask, looking down into your practically empty cart having only planned on a few people coming.

“Oh, no! There’s an email going around about it. Everyone’s been invited!” She sees the upset look on your face and misunderstands. “Oh, well not Claire! Don’t worry, we all know how to keep our mouths shut. No one wants you to get in trouble.” She gives you another smile and waves as she walks off, telling you she will see you later. You stand there staring into space wondering who sent the email when your phone rings in your pocket.

“Y/n, did you send out an email?” Olivia practically shouts at you through the phone but you respond quickly.

“No! Someone just told me they got one too! I don’t know who did it.” You think for a moment of the best plan of action. “Should we just call the whole thing off?” You ask, and she remains silent on the line for a minute.

“Well, everyone’s already heard about it. Least we can do it make it a fun one.” Her tone sounds more chipper and you let out a heavy sigh.

“Great. More beer?” You ask sarcastically, knowing you will need much more if the whole staff was invited.

“More beer.” She says before hanging up.


Barry and Adam arrive at 4 to help you set up, bringing a few bags of ice with them.

“Where’s Grady?” You ask, “He avoiding the work?” You give them a smirk and they laugh.

“Well, he said he had to do some paperwork,” Barry says, but nods his head. “But yeah, I’m sure he will show up just in time for all the set up to be finished.

As you put out coolers of drinks, some of the girls who work with Olivia throw tubes and floating chairs into the tank. They see the look in your eyes and assure you that they will make sure everything gets out of it before Claire gets back. You’re a little anxious about getting fired, but it should be a fun night so you try to forget about your worries.

When people start showing up, you stop acting as hostess. These kinds of parties usually end up with everyone helping themselves anyway. Olivia approaches you and grabs your arm.

“Come on, I’m dying out here, lets jump in!” You laugh as she practically drags you towards the tank but you stop in your tracks as Owen Grady pulls up on his motorcycle in between the tank and the two of you.

“Oooh, look at Mr. Cool over here!” You say in a mock awed tone to Olivia.

“Wow, he has a motorcycle; don’t you just wanna bone him?” She returns your banter and you both laugh. You can never get enough of messing with Owen as he can be such a meathead sometimes, but he’s always quick with a comeback.

“Down ladies, I’ve got time for both of you.” He gives you a smirk but Olivia pipes up.

“Yeah, I’m sure two minutes is plenty of time for you!” The both of you pull your t shirts over your heads and toss them at him as you take off running towards the tank laughing. You stop at the edge to pull your shorts off, but just as you do, you feel arms around you and scream as someone throws you into the water.

You pop up to the surface and see Olivia do the same seconds later. Barry and Owen stand on the edge of the tank laughing at the two of you and you reach for a miniature football that is floating behind Olivia and chuck it at Owen.

People begin to follow your suit and jump in and you see Olivia’s coworkers heading your way and you shout.

“Hey boys! Why don’t you join us in here? The water’s great!” They shake their heads and laugh but the girls get the idea and they shove the guys over the edge before jumping in themselves.

Barry pops up next to you and Olivia, but you don’t see Owen come up. It’s starting to get just dark enough that you can’t see Owen in the water and panic bubbles up in you for a second before you see him pop up a few yards away.

He runs a hand through his wet hair and shouts, “Hey guys, looks like someone crashed the party!”  You guess rather than see who he’s talking about and as he swims over closer to the group, the small Mosasaurus stays by his side.

Everyone comes over to pet him after being assured he loves the attention and you and Olivia head over to the ladder.

“Were gonna go get some drinks. Do you guys want some?” She asks, while she climbs up the side of the tank above you.

“Nah, We’ll just stay here and enjoy the view.” He smirks up at you two and you laugh, knowing that there’s no way to keep him from staring at your asses. You’re following behind Olivia towards the drink stand when she stops hard and you smack right into her back.

“Whoa, Liv, what the hell?” You ask, before looking up at a fully dressed Claire.

You keep your mouth shut as to not stutter and she crosses her arms with an expectant look.

“Claire, it was all my idea.” Olivia says, stepping forward slightly. “Don’t blame Y/n for this.” She’s such a good friend to try to stand up for you, but you won’t let her get in trouble.

“No, it’s okay Olivia. I’m big enough to accept my consequences.” You give Claire a worried look, “Should I pack up my things?”

She continues to stare at you hard, still not having said a word when a smile breaks across her face slowly. “We spent so much goddamned money on team building training for each paddock, and in one night you get almost the whole staff out here together bonding.” She uncrosses her arms and just shakes her head, smiling. “You’re not in trouble, but you need to start following orders.” You both let out a sigh of relief as Owen approaches the three of you with wide eyes.

“Oh shit.” He says, but Claire laughs.

“Don’t worry Mr. Grady, you employee isn’t in trouble.” She says, giving you a wink and turning towards him. “However, next time you send out a park-wide email about a pool party, make sure you don’t send it to the boss.” Your eyes go wide and you and Olivia lunge at him, hitting him on the chest and arms.

Claire says goodbye and turns to leave and you look up at Owen.

“You’re an idiot, you know that?”

“She could have gotten fired because of you!” Olivia adds.

But he just laughs unapologetically. “Aw, come on, I would never let her fire you.” He ruffles your hair as he reaches for a beer. “I would never find another person who can keep up with my wit.” You shake your head and reach for a beer yourself.

“Aw, don’t go getting all sentimental on me now Grady.” He opens his mouth to respond when a water balloon pops against his face. He swears and you both look around for the culprit before finding Olivia standing beside a huge bucket. She picks up another one and throws it at you, popping it against your back and you run from her, right towards Barry and his super soaker.

You look towards Owen playfully, “Got a plan there Mr. Alpha?”

He smirks and says, “They can’t hurt us if we’re already wet. He grabs your wrist and the two of you tear off towards the tank, jumping in side by side.

You can’t help but think how much fun you’re having surrounded by your friends and coworkers. You decide that you will talk to Claire to make sure this will not be a one-time thing.

Although, it might be a little more frowned upon once the Mosasaurus reaches sixty feet long.

I Wouldn't Have Had It Any Other Way: Pre-Rinn One Shot

Finn sat next to Rae as she lay on her stomach reading. Chloe was laying on her back with her eyes shut on Rae’s other side. Chop, Archie, and Izzy were standing waist deep in the water. Rae was tearing through the second Harry Potter book she picked up when she and Finn were picking up drinks for this little vacation. It was silly, but Finn promised himself he’d stay with Rae. They were still friends so he was still trying to find a way to convey to her that he cared about her.

“Finn don’t you want to go swimming?”

“The suns nice right here.”

“But you’ve been banging on about swimming all week and you haven’t even gone to dip a toe in.” Rae had to squint her eyes while she looked at Finn. With the sun beating down from just behind him he looked like a greek god. She had to make sure she wasn’t drooling over his tan, muscular torso- Finn had taken off his shirt not only to reduce tanlines, but also he wanted to impress Rae.

“Nah, I’m fine here. Unless you want to go swimming?”

Rae looked back down to her book instantly.

“You can go swimming if you want, don’t let me hold you back.”

“You’re not holding me back….” He trailed off, not sure how he was going to redeem himself. “I just think it’d be fun- ya know going into the water with ya.”

It was hot out, and Rae desperatly wanted to go swimming, she had planned to, but the beach was more crowded than she expected. There were loads of teenagers that she knew would mock her as she swam. Lots of cute boys around, and yet she only wanted Finn’s attention, which she was getting.

“How about in a little bit.”

“You promise?”

Rae needed sometime to talk herself into it again. She’d spent the first hour at the beach in the mind set that no one was going to even get a glimpse of her in her costume. The thought of actually dying before anyone saw her had crossed her mind. She tried to focaus back on the words of J.K. Rowling, but Finn’s words wouldn’t leave her head. I think it’d be fun… going in the water with you.

“Ya ready?” Rae asked Finn without looking at him, putting the book mark in to hold her place.

“What? Ya, course!” He jumped up before realizing he might have seemed a bit too eager. Rae grinned to herself as she stood. Shedding her too big t-shirt Finn couldn’t help his eyes as they scanned hungrily over her body. When he blinked his mind wandered to a place where he imagined Rae’s wet body next to his.

Chloe didn’t stir next to them.

Rae skipped through the sand to the edge of the water. She watched Izzy effortlessly climbing over Chop trying to dunk his head into the water. For a second she let her mind tell her she and Finn wouldn’t ever be able to do that, but was gladly interrupted as Finn came up next to her taking her hand in his to lead her into the water more.

A step ahead of her Finn looked back to see Rae’s face lit up with joy. The corners of his mouth pointed up at the sight.

As they went deeper into the water Finn had to refrain from tensing up his muscles too much, the water wasn’t that cold but it was a bit of a shock.

“In the count of three we both go under.” Rae said both just over waist deep. Finn nodded, not trusting his voice not to falter. “One.” Rae plugged her nose. “Two, three!” He watched her for a moment before pushing his body down so he was fully under the water. When he surfaced Rae was also, throwing her hair over her shoulders and wiping her eyes. “Fuck.” He saw the beads of water rolling over her skin back into the water. She looked perfect.

“It’s not so bad.”

“No, not now, but only just then did it actually feel comfortable enough to not get hypothermia.” Rae said making Finn laugh. The swam over to the other three. “Thanks for bringing me out here.” She said just before they reached the others.

“I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

a/n: Here is the beach one shot that i was talking about yesterday. I still hae a bit to to finish for Razor girl, but that new chapter will be up tomorrow. THanks for being patient, thanks for reading, and as always, feedback is appreciated!!!