she drew me and it looked awesome :o

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So this year was my fist time at warped and so I was walking around looking for Beeb’s tent and I found it and wrote down the time of the meet and greet so I walked around for a while and when I saw it was time for the meet and greet I ran to her tent and waited like 7 minutes or so and when I meet her I had tears in my eyes i was just absolutely happy I gave her a drawing I drew of her and she told me how awesome it was and I got like 5 hugs… She is the most sweetest most beautiful person every o(≧∇≦o) she made my fucking year!!!!

reeves3  asked:

May I send another? If so... Bumbleby Thursday: Yang finds drawings that Blake has done of her and is incredibly amazed at her partners artistic talent and curious as to why she seems to be the main focus of her drawings.

“Blaaaake? What’s this?”

“Y-Yang?” The Faunus girl gasped when she felt the sudden presence of her partner over her shoulder. Blake quickly spread her arms over her desk to hide the paper underneath. “It’s… it’s nothing.”

“Really?” Yang crouched down on the floor, then pushed her head up underneath Blake’s forearms to peer at the sheet of paper. “’Cuz it looks a lot like me! Holy cow, you’re a pretty awesome artist, Blake!”

“Yang, don’t look-”

“Aw, but these drawings are so good!” But she didn’t want to upset Blake, so she pulled away and stood up again. “Well then, if I can’t see them, will you at least tell me why you drew me of all things?”

Blake sighed. “…Isn’t it obvious?”


“…People tend to doodle things they can’t stop thinking about.”

Yang felt her face heat up faster than she could blink.


She plopped down in her seat beside her partner once more, hiding her blush with her hand. Blake smiled a bit and returned to her sketches, deciding she liked that image of Yang and opted to draw it.

This time, she added a small heart shape beside it.