she dresses so good teach me

A little while ago I submitted a story about this lady who threw a fit about my dress and lemme tell you there has been an update…
We were really fucking busy today and I’m in the middle of trying to verify a deposit so I can take it to the bank and she comes up to me in my space and says that she wants to apologize and “your very beautiful and I didn’t mean it as an insult” and some how getting more insulting as she kept talking. She bitched about how when she called corporate no one picked up and made it seem like I should be grateful she didn’t get to bitch about my (MANAGER APPROVED) dress. She went on about how smart her son was and how “he wasn’t sexualizing you because he was breast fed and all 100% organic and you know those hormones they put in food” at that point I stopped listening because she’s one of THOSE people who think genetically modified food will lead to cancer and that their kid is so special and perfect and shames other people for their choices.
I just reminded her that I’m a college educated woman and she cannot control what I or anyone else wears but she can control her reaction and teach her son to react appropriately and I left shortly after that to drop off the deposit.
I hope she never comes in again. Or the only times she comes in is where I’m drop dead gorgeous so she can only steam and bitch that I’m wearing clothes that look good on me. It took me far to long to become comfortable with my body and I am not letting anyone tell me what I can and can’t wear anymore. (And anyone else who has a vague dress code like “business casual,” don’t let anyone tell you your clothes are inappropriate because of your body shape. Especially my fellow tall girls in skirts and dresses. Your clothes aren’t inappropriate, their comments are inappropriate.)

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Honeycrisp Blossom never knew an Apple Family without Rarity - the littlest Apple was crawling and toddling behind Rarity constantly as a baby because she's sweet, smells pretty & had a soothing lullaby voice and when she's a kid Rarity teaches her how to knit, brushes her hair, dresses her up & helps her garden even knowing that enthusiastic little kids will always equal dirt everywhere but Honey presenting her with a thank you bouquet of flowers & just her happiness overall is worth it.

…Are you trying to make me cry???? because this makes me so happy and wwwwaaahhhhhh. It’s so cute! I love it! Omg Rarity would be such a good auntie ( she would totally put the bouquet of flowers in a vase on the dining room table) And aggressively tell everyone Honeycrisp has the best eye for flower color combinations and arrangements!

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Luna and Ginny dancing for the first time at the Yule Ball.

  • Luna is dancing by herself 
  • she’s still having fun tho bc she’s Luna
  • Ginny sees her and calls her over to her
  • “Oh hello Ginny…good choice in color for your dress robes. Turquoise repels nargles, you know”
  • Ginny just plays along bc how can she not
  • “Yes, that’s why I wore it! I couldn’t let the nargles interrupt when I’m talking to my favorite girl, now could I?”
  • Luna smiles dreamily at Ginny
  • “So, how about you teach me that dance you were doing before”
  • “Oh! Okay!”
  • Luna grabs Ginny’s hand and goes through each motion with her
  • Ginny can’t keep the grin off her face
  • They stay at the ball dancing all night until McGonagall sends them back to their dorms 
Dancing the World Away

Ok, here is another story. I hope that you like it. I don’t have much experience with dancing (unless you count my husband dancing with me randomly around the apartment), so I didn’t go into too much detail there. Please enjoy, and if you have any feedback, I would love to hear it!



You had now known Bucky for a month. He didn’t walk you home every evening, as you insisted that you would be ok. You still had him over for dinner a few times a week though.

Your conversations were varied, and though you felt that maybe you were boring him with your introverted personality, he seemed to find you the most interesting person in the world.

“Hey, (Y/N), do you want to go out dancing tomorrow night?” Bucky had asked the night before. He tried to mask his shyness, but you could sense that he was worried you would turn him down.

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A drabble: Audey Jensen, Scream

Anonymous said:

could you do 24 with audrey? btw I love your imagines you’re really talented🙏

Awww thanks dear  

24# : person A flirting with other people to make person B jealous.

Warnings: Drinking alcohol, things get also a bit heated, so I guess light smutt-ish, plus few curse words.

(If someone of you know me irl, PLEASE STOP READING. I can’t face anybody’s eyes if I know that you have red this…:DD)

I looked myself from the mirror, and tested yet another dress on. This one was black, with lace, and it looked sexy as it was skin-tight and shoved every curve from my body. I wasn’t sure of this one, so I took it off, and tried another one. This one was red, and a little more breathable I guess. Maybe this was the right one. I went to my jewelry box, and started looking for right necklace, when my hand’s found on particular one. It was golden, and had a golden and black pendant on it. I got it from Audrey when we started dating a few months ago. I used to wear it all the time, but not anymore. My thoughts went out to wander back to a scene, that happened exactly 2 days and 32 minutes ago. (Not that I was counting or anything..)

“I don’t know how to apologize enough, I just can’t be with you anymore”, Audrey said to me in empty classroom. I couldn’t believe it. “B-But what happened? Did I do something?”, I asked as tears started to itch in my eyes. “No, you were and are perfect. I know that this is a cliche, but it’s not you, it’s me”, she said, and looked also to be on the verge of tears. “No, that’s bullshit! I deserve to hear the truth!”, I shouted to her. I started to get frustrated. If I was gonna lose the only good thing in my life, she better have one hell of a good explanation. She didn’t say anything, just stood there. “Tell me the truth!”, I shouted and shook her shoulders. “O-Okay!”, she said, almost crying now. “It’s just.. I can’t be so selfish to danger your life, the killer knows that you are the most precious thing to me, and will come after you. I can’t allow that. Even if it means that I’d lose you”.

There was really nothing what I could say after that. So, I didn’t say anything, just walked away from there, tears now staining my cheeks. I did not agree with her decision, but I couldn’t force her to be together with me, if that was what she thinks. But this didn’t mean that I couldn’t make her think twice about her decision.

So, that was why I was looking for a dress. Brooke was throwing a party this evening, and I was going, and so was Audrey, for what I heard. A voice back of my head shouted that this was bad idea, and I should respect her decision. But then again, I was free to do whatever I please. It was not like we were together anymore, so why not?

After looking again in the mirror, I decided to change back to the black dress. I put my (Y/H/C) hair nicely, and golden earrings and necklace. I decided to go with my slender combat boots, I wasn’t big fan of high heels, and I felt comfortable with my combats.

One final glance to the mirror, checked that my makeup was fine, and then I left. I went in a same ride with Emma, as we lived so close to each others. “Wow, you look great”, Emma said as I went in the car. “Thanks, you too!”, I said smiling. I started to get nervous, I hadn’t seen Audrey since the break up. The car ride wasn’t long, and when we arrived, I had to take a minute before leaving the car, and walking inside of the big house. I tried to gather all my confidence, and calm my heart.

I get to walk two steps before Brooke came hugging me. “(Y/N), I wasn’t sure that you’ll come!”, she said loudly. She had been drinking, I could see. “Of course I came, silly. Free booze and beautiful people? Count me in”, I said laughing, without realizing that Audrey was standing behind me.

After I chatted with Brooke, I took a direction towards the table that held all kinds of alcohols.

I thought for a while, until I decided to go straight to the hard stuff, so I took some whiskey on a red solo cup. I didn’t want to get super drunk right now, maybe later. I took a sip from it, and walked outside, where everyone was dancing and swimming. I scanned through the people, and saw a beautiful girl with bottle blond hair, and super long legs. She was not my type at all, but that didn’t matter. It wasn’t like I was gonna date her or something.

I walked up to her. “Hey there!”, I said smiling. “Hey! You are one of Brooke’s friends right?”, she asked, almost shouting through the music. “Yeah, I’m (Y/N), nice to meet you”, I said to her. “Yeah, same. My name is Lola”, she said and smiled.

Audrey’s P.O.V

I looked from the corner, as (Y/N) walked straight to some leggy blond, not noticing me at all. They seemed to get along quite well, and every time (Y/N) smiled or laughed at something that girl said, I felt a sting at my heart, and I got more angry all the time. That led to drinking more. I tried to reason myself with the fact that I let her go myself, I didn’t have right to be jealous. She can date as many blonds with legs as long as Eiffel tower as she likes. But even tho, I felt like I would throw up, as (Y/N) touched the blonde’s hand and smiled.

reader’s P.O.V

We chatted for a good while, until Lola told that her ride was leaving. We said goodbyes, and she walked away. What now? I got more drink, as my cup started to get empty. I was standing next to the booze table, filling my cup, as some girl that I did not know came to there too. She was very pretty, with her brown curly hair and skin, it looked amazing with the golden shirt that she was wearing. “Hi! I saw you there on the yard, I just wanted to tell you that your clothes look amazing!”, she said out of the blue. I blushed. “Oh, thank you! Yours look gorgeous too!”, I said giggling. “My name is (Y/N)”, I said and offered my hand. “Amelia”, she said and squeezed my hand.

Audrey’s P.O.V

When the blond left, I started to go talk to (Y/N), but when I almost reached her, she went to get more booze. I followed her, but then she started to talk to another girl. I felt so frustrated. I knew that I should just stay away, but I couldn’t. I stood away, waiting for that girl to go away, so I could go to (Y/N). But their chat didn’t seem to have an end.

Reader’s P.O.V

Amelia was so funny! She constantly told jokes, and they were hilarious. “(Y/N), what do you think if we would go dancing?”, she asked then, and leaned closer. “I am not really a dancer..”, I hesitated. “Oh, that’s fine. I can teach you. So, what do you say?”, she asked, with rather seductive undertone. I didn’t even realize that we were now so close to each others. Just when I was about to answer to her, I heard a familiar voice next to me. And that voice sounded pretty angry.

“(Y/N), can we talk?”, Audrey asked, and she was tense. “Oh, I didn’t realize that..never mind. (Y/N), it was nice to meet”, Amelia said, and quickly walked away from the scene. “Thanks a lot”, I said with unimpressed tone to Audrey. I tried to play it cool, but on the inside I was a mess. One part of me was screaming because my plan had worked, somehow at least. Then one part of me was  heartbroken, and seeing her did not really help. “What do you want to talk about then?”, I asked her. “What was that?”, she asked through gritted teeth. I played innocent. “What do you mean?”, I asked. “You know what I mean”, she said quietly. “Oh, you mean Amelia? We just met. She thought that my dress was nice, and asked me to dance. And you know that I am not really a good dancer, but she promised to teach me. And I mean, she is so beautiful, that I couldn’t resist. I was going to go, until you, you know, ruined it”, I told her. I knew that I was being mean, but I wanted her to hurt like she hurt me.

I didn’t get to say anything more, before Audrey grabbed my hand and dragged me to the first empty room. “What are you doi-”, I got to say before she pushed me to the wall, and kissed me passionately. I felt like my heart was gonna burst, I had missed this so much. I just loved possessive Audrey. I answered to the kiss with as much force as she, and tried to hold her head, but she captured my hands, and held them on top of my head, on the wall. She moved to kiss my jaw, and from there to my neck. She held my hands with one of her hands, and the other hand started to wander around my body.  “A-Audrey, please”, I tried to say. “Say that you’re mine”, she growled. I wasn’t gonna say it. So she bit me, and I knew that it would leave a mark, not that I would mind. “Say it”, she said again, as her hand slipped inside of my panties. I couldn’t help it. “I’m yours”, I moaned, and arched my back

Suddenly she stopped, but still held my hands. She leaned close to me, and put her lips close to my ear. “You better remember that”, she whispered, then let go of my hands and left the room, just like that. I stood there for a minute, looking myself from the mirror that was on the opposite wall. My hair was messy, and lipstick was all over the place. I touched my lips, and then smiled in amazement. What the hell just happened?

(A/N) OHhMYGodd. I didn’t even know that I could write that kind of stuff. Jesus.


I have a fantasy for my teacher

Ms Tan( Fake name). She always wears sleeveless and short dresses to work. When she teach she always love to adjust her hair. And when she does that I can see her perfectly shaved armpits. Oh my goodness. Everytime she does that i will stare at her armpits and imagine me have a good time with them. It will always make my dick so damn hard. I always think about me sniffing and licking her armpits and enjoying the taste of them. They look so fucking good. Putting my dick in between her sweet armpit and fucking it until i cum all over it. Then she will lick it all up and swallow it. Oh my goodness. I swear i can go crazy over armpits.

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Sorry if this is weird but thanks for sharing so much of your japan life. Youre doing a lot of cool stuff and you seem like youre having a good time and im so happy/slightly jealous for you. (Also the no face stuff on your sc is the best thing ever

im glad you enjoy it, people asked i keep them updated on my sideblog and im glad its not annoying. well i hope its not annoying. ill keep doing my best.

also im glad you liked that no face thing. my friend works at our university’s english teaching lounge and decided to dress up today. so she just sort of …. idk did that

(also add me @ ecliptique if u wanna see this lol)

It’s A Bet (Jack Gilinsky)

Could you do a G imagine where y/n and him start to fool around at home but they have to go to a formal dinner/event and they make up a “game” at who could seduce who better, and the first one to break and want to go home to take care of it loses. And have it involve major teasing/blue balling to G 😏 thank you!

– This is perfect, thank you so much for your request! - Bri x 

“Finally!” You sing as you and Jack arrive home from being out all day, you throw your things down and take his hands leading him into the bedroom. He smirks, giving you a once over, Jack flicks his tongue over his lips and shuts the door behind you two with a nudge of his foot. 

You stand in front of him, and slowly peel his jacket off, smiling widely as he reaches for the zipper located at the back of your dress, “I imagined myself doing this all day, you’re such a tease.” 

“Mm i know.” You grin, whipping your head around to watch him slowly unzip it, revealing your pretty lingerie underneath that you wore just for him. He slips the stretchy, form-fitting fabric down until it’s dancing on your hips and pulls you into him, slipping his hand underneath to grab at your ass over your black satin panties. You lean up, and sensually press your lips to his, waiting a few moments before you part them. Jack places both hands on your ass, slipping one underneath the satin fabric. He pulls your body flush against his and groans before moving to back you against your bedroom wall. 

“You’re absolutely stunning,” he whispers in your ear. 

You arch your back and touch chests with him, “show me you think that.” You challenge, at to which he leans in and kisses you again. 

Just as the kiss deepens, you hear your phone ringing in your purse that was throw onto your desk, “fuck…” you trail off, looking at him apologetically before moving to answer it, “Hey? Mom…” You cover your eyes with one hand and groan as your mother reminds you that you had a family dinner to go to tonight for your grandmother’s birthday. 

“Oh my god, I’m sorry mom, yeah we’ll be there soon. Love you too,” You say resentfully before hanging up the phone, “you’re going to hate me, but we’re going to have to finish that when we get home.” Your eyes trail down from his shocked face to his growing erection, protruding through his jeans, creating a little tent. 

Jack’s jaw drops and he whines, “are you fucking kidding me? You can’t at least finish me off?” He questions. 

“No! We have to leave line now!” You argue, slipping your dress back on, you walk forward and turn around, “zip me up?” Jack instead, pulls your back to his chest, so you can feel his large hard-on against your ass. 

He leans in and whispers: “if you don’t finish me off right now I’m going to make tonight a living hell for you.” 

It was your grandma’s birthday, and you knew it would be a long boring night, so you were all for making something interesting, “not if I blue-ball you first.” You retort. 

He zips up your dress and nibbles at your neck “Fine let’s make a deal…first to give up and come home loses.” 

“Sounds fair, what will I win?” 

Jack shrugs, “Sex…which is what we both want anyway.” 

You nod, sounds fair enough, and he was right, “Deal.” You shake hands and are off to your parent’s home for the party. 

It was a dinner party, and since you were at that age where you weren’t too young to help and not too old to help either, you got stuck doing a lot of the work. You were in the kitchen, icing your grandma’s cake when Jack walks in, wrapping his muscular arms around your waist. 

“Pretty,” but he wasn't looking at the cake, his dark eyes were looking directly at you. He knew complimenting you turned you on because it made you more confident. You slowly dip your finger in the frosting and turn around so you’re facing him, his hands on either side of the kitchen bench. You put your finger in your mouth and suck off the frosting, making low moaning noises as you do so. 

“It tastes so good,” you express, watching his eyes widen as he gazes at you, he couldn’t take his eyes off of you. You lick off the frosting on your thumb and smirk turning around, “go talk to my dad or something and leave me alone, will you? God you’re such a pervert.” You laugh because it was just a joke. Jack squeezes your ass once before walking back into the room where everyone else was. 

A few hours later, you were all seated around the dinner table, reminiscing and chatting. Jack was so good with your family, they absolutely loved him, even your grandma. He asked her if she could teach him how to make your favorite dish one day and that just about made her day. His hand rests on your thigh, and he gently hikes up your dress more every few moments. Goosebumps arise on your thighs and you look down as your breathing hitches. You go to cross your legs but his hand flies up and he holds down your thigh so you can’t. You glance at him and he smiles at you, giving you a playful wink as his fingers walk up your inner thigh. You were getting more turned on by the second, but you didn’t want to right now. So at the right moment when he can’t stop you, you cross your legs and squeeze them together tight enough that he can’t get through. 

“Baby…” Jack whispers pouting. 

“Jack…” You whisper back, the same tone as him, rolling your eyes. 

Afterwards, your family sat at the couch watching that night’s football game. There weren’t enough seats so you ended up sitting on the floor in between Jack’s legs leaning against the wall with a blanket over your laps since you did have a quite short dress on. You lean right back against him, pressing your hips against his. You would fidget every few moments and he would breathe a little heavier. By now, you were both extremely hormonal and just wanted to go home but you wouldn’t give in. You lean back against him and place your hands behind your back, pretending that you were stretching. You palm him against his jeans, granting an extremely quiet moan in your ear. 

His grip on your waist tightens and he finds your sweet spot, he would nibble on it every chance he got which made your body ache. You knew exactly what to do to each other. 

Looking back, you make eye-contact and without words decide that you’re both giving in and it’s time to go home–if you can even make it home, “Hey guys, I think Jack and I are going to head home. We we up at 4:30 for work.” You explain, before saying your goodbyes to everyone, promising that you would both see them all soon. 

As you walk outside, Jack pulls you close, “how does car sex sound?” 

You look up at him and laugh, “let’s just drive to the next block–I don’t want to be to blame if my grandma strokes out if she finds us.” 


Babies Repeats *Neymar Da Silva Santos jr imagine*


“You’re just so frustrating Neymar” I yelled 

He rolled his eyes, and crossed his arms. “And you don’t think that you aren’t?” He asked

“Look sometimes I wonder what’s going through your head when you’re going to speak, because I can tell that you don’t think at all” 

He looked straight into my eyes, “Looks like I wanted to ask the same thing” 

I groaned, “Just fucking leave, go somewhere else please” 

Neymar shrugged his shoulders, and took a seat on the chair. “And where in gods name do you expect me to go at this time in the fucking night?” He asked

I put my hands on my head, and then opened our bedroom door. “There’s three spare rooms pick one and leave” I said 

Rolling his eyes, he got up and left the room. I slammed the door shut and threw myself on the bed screaming into the pillow to let everything out. Sometimes I just can’t stand this man’s ignorance, it’s like he’s a child who doesn’t think at all which is sad. 

Our own daughter has more common sense and brain knowledge than he does. After debating with myself for a while I finally fell asleep.


As soon as I woke up, Meeka, our 5 year old daughter jumps on the bed . “Mamma I’m hungry” She says her hair flying everywhere

I chuckled at the sight, “Alright go sit at the counter I’ll go get your breakfast ready” I said as I sat up

She headed outside to the counter, and I sighed getting up and heading into the kitchen. It was a while before Neymar woke up rubbing the back of his neck as he took a seat next to Meeka giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Daddy why were you sleeping in that room?” Meeka asked looking at Neymar

He looked up at me before answering her, “Um I came home a little late, and I didn’t want o wake up Mommy so I slept in there” He said

I scoffed, and Meeka looked in between us. “Are you sure?” She asked

He nodded his head, “Yeah baby why else would I sleep there?” Neymar asks

Meeka tapped her chin, “ ‘Cause Mamma said 'You’re so stupid Neymar”

At this the both of us looked at her, and then to each other. “Meeka where did you hear that from?” I asked her putting down the knife

She pointed towards our bedroom, “Last night I had to go potty, and I heard it” She said


She nodded, “Yeah, and then I heard Daddy say, 'And where in gods name do you expect me to go at this time in the fucking night?’ ”

“MEEKA!” We both yelled

Meek just giggled and then gave us a toothy smile, “I heard it” She said

“Hey uh-Meeka why don’t you go get ready for school? When you’re finished your breakfast will be done” I said

Meeka nodded before going into her room, I waited until I heard the door close shut before I spoke. “We have got to stop cursing” I said

Neymar chuckled, “Is that the only thing we need to stop?” He asks

I rolled my eyes, “You know what I mean Neymar, she’s repeating it now what if she says that in front of her teachers?” I said

“It won’t be so bad” He mumbled

“Yes it would be bad, we have to teach her that it’s not okay to repeat what other people say”

Neymar nodded his head, and sighed, “Look Y/N I’m sorry about what I said last night. I wasn’t in the right mind” Neymar said as he looked up at me

I looked at him, “Me too, I didn’t meant to kick you out… Well I did but-you know what I mean” I said

Neymar chuckled, “So we’re good?” He asked

I smiled and nodded, “We’re good”

And right on queue, Meeka walked out of her room with a little white dress on. She came and sat on the counter and looked at the both of us, clearing her throat. “I promise I won’t repeat other people’s words” She said

At this both Neymar and I died laughing, “Meeka where you eavesdropping?” Neymar asked

At this she shook her head, “No I was listening”

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Can you do Mira drawing? AND dress her in whatever you think looks best(: You have good ideas!(:

Okay! As I started to draw I felt like she kinda had that teacher aesthetic so i went for it ! I hope you like it! :’) 

Also shout out to @clankclunk who tagged my last Mira drawing as “shes beautiful please step on me” - I bet you regret teaching me how to use xkit to look at tags now! Bwah ha hahaa~! 


Old LuLi stuff (and other junkies) from 2012 ~ 2013

You can tell why I favor Lisanna than Natsu LMAO…I like to dress up Lisanna in suits? She would look good in it O)—<

the last picture if my version of Levy and Gajeel’s son (I named him Leah). I feel like…sometimes whenever I see future kids, they just inherit their parents and it got me super annoying like…I’m pretty sure some cant even inherit their magic (unless the dragon slayers teach them….then they’ll be a new generation of dragonslayers). I think for Leah, he would born magicless but his physical strength replaces his magic…so he first joins the castle as a messenger and later on he gets his magic super late (like 18 lol) and he joins magic council (IDK WHY I GAVE HIM THAT FT GUILD MARK IN THE ART THO LOL)….I think his magic is to turn his body into diamond? how pretty is that heh U v U) but he’s weak against magics that has to do with sound wave.

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But like how did the rest of the hockey team react to bitty in a dress?

Probably something along the lines of “Oh hey Bitty’s in a dress and gosh the spooky scary skeletons song sure has been playing on repeat for four hours."  Also I’m pretty sure they’d all be too busy gawking at Jack actually wearing a costume to care about Bitty’s.

But that explanation doesn’t mention a desire to touch butts even once so here you go

(I hear tumblr’s been fucking up read mores recently so if this one doesn’t work let me know and I’ll move it)

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Found and Found Again

OQ Smut Week 1 - Robin and Regina as swingers.

She knew she’d seen him before – from the second she saw that tattoo, she knew that Robin was the man Tink had promised was her soulmate all those years ago. It wasn’t until she kissed him in the woods that night that she knew  - that she really knew him-  in every sense of the word.

Did he remember too? Did he feel it – that charge that she felt deep within her belly when he kissed her, that taste of whiskey and smoke on her tongue that called up a memory of a dark night, in a dark tavern, where dark people did dark and dirty things all those years ago?


She’d been so young when she met Mal, so young and so naïve. Not innocent anymore, Cora had seen to that with a satin-gloved fist crushing Daniel’s heart and an iron will ruling over Regina’s life. Once she pushed her mother through the looking glass, though, Regina had been able to create some semblance of control over her life. She had secrets that Leopold never guessed, secrets that taught her to conjure magic, to control life and death, to punish her enemies. And she had Mal, the woman whose brittle tongue and soft words kept her from falling completely over the edge into the darkness. Mal, who teased her and tantalized her and taught her about pleasure. Mal, who didn’t believe in love, didn’t believe in monogamy, but did believe in happiness.

Mal hated Leopold. She hated the hold Regina’s husband had on her, and more than anything, hated to see Regina powerless to escape him. So, she helped Regina escape. With words, with silence, with soft caresses deep in the darkest night while Leopold was asleep.

Another night, another ball celebrating Snow’s birthday, and Regina was too angry to be soothed by Mal’s words, or hands, or tongue.  She paced back and forth in her room, heels clacking angrily on the flagstone floor, and ranted about her husband, about her stepdaughter, about the happiness that was ripped from her only to cast her into this prison.

“I can’t take this anymore,” she said, when her rage had finally been spent. “I’d rather die than live like this.”

Mal studied the young queen, took in the high flush of color on her cheeks, the bloodied crescents that her nails had dug into her palms, and the almost visible fury radiating from every fiber of her being. “You need an escape,” she said finally. She extended a hand to Regina. “And I know just the thing.”

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Captain Perfect (Part Two)

A.N.: Months ago, I wrote this little fic. And some people asked me to write a part two to this. Although, it’s been so long, they probably forgot. But a few weeks ago, I passed a certain milestone in terms of followers and I thought that I should write the part two I promised as a thank you. I wasn’t sure about posting it, but I did promise. So here. 

The first week after Killian Jones left, Emma went to a tavern by the docks. She casually enjoyed a drink there and if she paid particular attention to the sailors’ gossips that night, it most certainly had nothing to do with him.

She kept the broach he gave her hidden in her socks. Away from the slippery hands of some of the less recommendable fellows that hung by the water.

After a month had passed, she had learned that Liam Jones was the Captain of the Jewel of the Realm and that he and his crew were on their way to the Kingdom of Beauvais to bring back a good witch. But again if the sailors liked to gossip in her vicinity, there was nothing she could do to prevent it.

Sometimes, when she was alone, in the forest, she got Killian’s gift out just to admire it. She even wore it a few times and tried to look at her reflection in the water. It was beautiful after all and it was not like she had many occasions to wear jewelry. She was not being sentimental.

By the time he was gone two months, she had stolen a map and had tried to decipher where he might be. Surely, he must have been on his way back by now? She heard rumours of a storm that sunk many ships down south, right where he was. In her dreams, he drowned and Emma couldn’t pretend she didn’t care anymore.

It made her feel ridiculous and silly, but everytime she held his broach in her palms, her heart fluttered. He gave it for her to keep. He trusted her. And most importantly, he wanted to see her again. Her, Emma, the dirty orphan, the thief, and the gambler. He wanted to see her again. No one ever did. But he did. A handsome Royal Lieutenant gave her his mother broach to make sure that he would see her again.

In her dreams, the kiss they shared was much longer and a lot less chaste. She couldn’t pretend that these thoughts did not haunt her waking hours.

After three months had passed, Emma decided that she was being an idiot. She knew the man for less than a day. He couldn’t mean anything. It was nothing more than a passing fancy.

She didn’t touch his gift anymore even if her hands itched to do so. She wondered if he thought of her and her stomach knots at the idea that he might have forgotten her; that he might have met someone else, someone of his standing. He most certainly did in fact and she should not care. She did not get emotional over men. She wanted to throw up.

The fourth month was the month he came back.

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Prompt for Winter days or prom! xx

(Prompts List Here–but feel free to send in your own!))

a/n: Why not both, anon? ^__^

Months of fighting took their toll. Scars kissed her skin with their permanent marks, black bags painted under her eyes from the exhaustion, and she could barely keep her head above water with the constant stress of crime fighting dragging her bare ankles back into the dark sea of confusion.

Suddenly, the idea of prom–or in this case, it was just a dance–wasn’t as haunting to get wrong as it should have been to a teenage girl. In spite of that, Marinette was there, sat outside with a glass of punch in her hand, watching as the snowflakes settled in their new home in the Parisian night. 

“Doesn’t seem as exciting after all the build-up, does it?”

She lifted her head, and smiled at the sight of Adrien. Chat Noir. The two identities merged so well lately it was hard to remember he had two names. He came and sat next to her, black shoes settling in the snow.

It was hard to keep her eyes off him, honestly. Crisp in a white shirt and black waistcoat, his growing hair tied back in a small ponytail with one of her red hair ribbons, he really was lovely. Compared to him, dressed in a simple red dress and hair tied in her usual pigtails, she felt underdressed. 

“It’s just hard to believe there’s a moment of calm. I should have been more nervous about this, you know? Proms… dances, even, I would have been so scared about what everyone thought of me.” She looked up to the sky and let out a breathy laugh. “Now I don’t care. I’m just happy I can sit down without some fight.”

“Just sit down?”

She paused. “Well, there is dancing, but I’m no good at that. Alya tried to teach me, but…” She glanced over at the girl inside, who moved as if there was nobody around but the stars to watch her. “Well, you know. I don’t exactly want to dance in a crowded space.”

“…Well, there isn’t exactly a crowd outside.”


Her lips barely stopped curving into a smile as Adrien got off his chair, bowed in front of her, and offered a hand. “My Lady,” he winked. “Would you care to dance away from the prying eyes of those who may judge our terrible dancing skills?”

She covered her mouth to conceal a snort, before taking her hand in his. He led her out to the small garden, shrubs dusted in freshly fallen snow creating a private clearing for the two, and put an arm around her waist. She kicked off her shoes to step on his feet, and she willingly followed his steps.

Be them Chat Noir or Adrien, she had a feeling she would never stop admiring the weight those feet walked with everyday. 

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I'm 16 & insecure to dress how I like, because first of all my mother makes fun of me sometimes. I don't have a really weird style, just kind of vintage. But she laughs when I wear for example high waisted mom jeans or oversized t shirts and I always change into a tee and a simple Jean. Teach me your ways

my mom use to hate how I dress, but I wore my outfits anyway.  You just have to trust yourself and how you dress, despite your mom.  Your mom probably has a completely different style, so she might not understand why you think something looks good.

Myka makes a bad call during a snag and it nearly kills two of her agents. Not the usual near death experience that comes with artifact retrievals, but like actually really nearly killed them. One of them is still in the hospital. She beats herself up about it, but she’s also still in charge so she can’t fall apart, but she doesn’t know what to do. So she calls Pete. “It wasn’t your fault.” “No, this was my fault. This was actually my fault. I screwed up.” “Okay then you learn from it. I know you, Myka. You never make the same mistake twice.” “… They could’ve died.” “But they didn’t okay. Take the luck. Figure out where you went wrong.” “I might not be lucky next time.” Long silence. “Are you teaching them everything you know? Are you giving them every tool and resource they need to be warehouse agents?” “Yes.” “Then it’s not your fault. Whatever happens, it’s not your fault. They know the risks.” It’s not good enough, but Myka’s learning she can’t be perfect while commanding. She wonders how Artie survived it for so many years.

Pete calling Myka up to gush and brag about his little child dressing themself for the first time. “She even tied her hood herself!” “That’s great, Pete! But you know Tracy didn’t call me this much about her first kid and this is your third.” “But, Mykes, she got dressed all by herself!” And Myka rolls her eyes but gushes anyway because she knows how to be an awesome aunt and also it’s pretty sweet and adorable how much Pete loves his babies. And then she gamely maintains a conversation when he puts his youngest on even though they’re two and a half and can’t quite reason through a conversation. She thinks she’s gotten a lot better at fighting the nervousness and terror that comes when forced to interact with a small child.

Myka on a mission close by to where Pete settled down, but when the artifact’s bagged, she’s just so /tired/ and it wasn’t even because her own mission was so hard. She was on the Farnsworth almost constantly with the new agent. “Seriously, you’re the one observing the room. You tell me what might be the artifact!” And she’s just seriously so wiped. So she texts Pete she’ll catch him next time and she hopes the family is doing well, but instead he shows up at the airport for a five minute hug (“nope I’ve got this timed. Five minutes and you’ll still have plenty of time to reach your gate.” “We didn’t even hug this much before!”) and to give her a slightly more sugary and yummy coffee than she’d been letting herself have lately and to give the teasing yet solid advice “Well maybe if you’d release an abridged version of the manual, more people would read it.” “It was basic observation skills! It had nothing to do with the manual, Pete!” and she rants and he teases and jokes and she laughs and when it’s time to catch her flight, she’s feeling a bit less drained and a lot more happy.

Myka and Pete maintaining their supportive best broship long after Pete leaves the warehouse because PARTNERS FOR LYFE!!! MAN! mmmmhmmmmmm