she dresses so good teach me

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Honeycrisp Blossom never knew an Apple Family without Rarity - the littlest Apple was crawling and toddling behind Rarity constantly as a baby because she's sweet, smells pretty & had a soothing lullaby voice and when she's a kid Rarity teaches her how to knit, brushes her hair, dresses her up & helps her garden even knowing that enthusiastic little kids will always equal dirt everywhere but Honey presenting her with a thank you bouquet of flowers & just her happiness overall is worth it.

…Are you trying to make me cry???? because this makes me so happy and wwwwaaahhhhhh. It’s so cute! I love it! Omg Rarity would be such a good auntie ( she would totally put the bouquet of flowers in a vase on the dining room table) And aggressively tell everyone Honeycrisp has the best eye for flower color combinations and arrangements!


Old LuLi stuff (and other junkies) from 2012 ~ 2013

You can tell why I favor Lisanna than Natsu LMAO…I like to dress up Lisanna in suits? She would look good in it O)—<

the last picture if my version of Levy and Gajeel’s son (I named him Leah). I feel like…sometimes whenever I see future kids, they just inherit their parents and it got me super annoying like…I’m pretty sure some cant even inherit their magic (unless the dragon slayers teach them….then they’ll be a new generation of dragonslayers). I think for Leah, he would born magicless but his physical strength replaces his magic…so he first joins the castle as a messenger and later on he gets his magic super late (like 18 lol) and he joins magic council (IDK WHY I GAVE HIM THAT FT GUILD MARK IN THE ART THO LOL)….I think his magic is to turn his body into diamond? how pretty is that heh U v U) but he’s weak against magics that has to do with sound wave.