she dont care if you dont like her

I dare Sophie Rundle to top this moment where she says “How much? ☺️” immediately followed by “Of course you can 😏”

She can’t. It’s impossible. It’s too perfect.

Gif cred to @thought-i-to-myself (my favorite)



honestly if i see any one of yall ugly asses try to say taylor shouldnt have been on that time cover i will SNAP. taylor swift was sexually assaulted and reported it and got the assaulter fired and GOT SUED (ie didnt sue him) by said assaulter 3 years later and countersued him for one fucking dollar and most importantly was brave and strong during the trial despite the assaulter and his team trying to intimidate and bully her and she WON the case not just for herself but all other people who’ve been victims like her. i dont care if you dont like taylor swift for whatever reason, if u say one bad word about this i will send a box full of roaches to your house


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Do you have a post of everyone's sexualities and identities??

((All of the use he/him pronouns but Patton and Emile also use They/Them and She/her (When they feel like it). Logan and Remy dont really care what you call them. I’ll leave their exact sexuality up to you but none of them are straight. In the end though I dont really like labels and just go with what feels right (I myself am pan and demifluid) so you can use your own headcanons))

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Bro, you made buzzfeed. "19 weird and random tumble posts I saw between,christmas and New Years", you're #15. Idk if it means anything to you, but I saw it and went "wait a minute. Hang on. I know that url. And they are rocking the gothic look". So, Congrats!

no offense but if a buzzfeed article isn’t written by literal god of buzzfeed humor Joanna Borns than what’s the point tbh

Eres Mia (M)

Messy Chapter 8

Pairing(s): OC X Johnny

Genre: College AU, Fuckboy AU, Angst, Smut, a smidge of fluff/awkwardness

Summary: Fuckboys are basically good for one thing. You hit it and quit it- except when his voice draws you in, his body keeps you there, and dumb ass feelings linger making things particularly messy.

Warnings: mentions of drugs/alcohol, talks about suicide, the teeeeniest bit of violence, possibility of emotional manipulation, jealousy/possessiveness

Features: unprotected sex, creampies, rough fingering/finger sucking, oral/throat fucking, a little hint of bondage, rough hair grabbing, squirting, overstretching/gaping, daddy/princess dynamics, choking, relentless/brutal/deep thrusting, a bit of overstimulation/multiple orgasms, also being covered in cum

Word Count: 21,103K

A/N: So explanation about this chapter: It has some cultural references that maybe not everyone will get but I can explain them if anyone wants to send me a question about it. If you haven’t figured it out (or even just made a generalization) Eri is afro-carribean (the exact island is left vague on purpose, but it would be in the latinx part of the cluster). There’s also spanish in the chapter and tbh use google translate and if you still have problems again just message me.

Messy Masterlist

The Boys Group Chat

Taeyong: 5

Lucas: what???

Ten: 5 what?

Taeyong: my score with Eri is at 5.



Ten: how?? When??? What???!

Taeyong: last night. Shower. Against the wall. In the bed twice. And our usual against the door.

Lucas: how tf did u manage that??

Lucas: i thought you hated her

Taeyong: i never hated her. It was just the drama and shit

Taeyong: like at the party i just didn’t want a fight to break out. i didn’t want the cops called or anything

Taeyong: so like i kicked her out but it was just because i knew she would have thrown the first punch

Lucas: well you aren’t really wrong

Lucas: i don’t blame you for not wanting the cops to show up

Taeyong: i had under 21 friends there. I didn’t want them to get in trouble

Ten: how did you even manage to get her to fuck you???

Taeyong: she called me actually. She was drunk af but sobered up before she got here

Ten: i cannot believe

Ten: i haven’t even been able to get with her AT ALL lately

Johnny: wtf is going on

Taeil: oooooooffff this is….

Ten: the tea brews itself

Johnny: Taeyong what did you say

Taeyong: i fucked your girl. She came to me instead of coming to you

Yuta: dude this is…

Johnny: don’t go near her again

Johnny: i mean it

Taeyong: dude i’m not scared of you

Taeyong: yall arent even official

Johnny: i don’t care

Johnny: dont touch her

Yuta: johnny quit it

Yuta: you can’t hog her to yourself

Yuta: just like jae can’t hog quinn

Ten: just admit ur jealous and move on.

Johnny: im not jealous

Johnny: you just dont deserve her after the stunt you pulled at the party

Taeyong: clearly i do because shes been thinking about fucking me for a long time

Taeyong: maybe even while shes been fucking you.

(Johnny has left the chat)

Ten: fuck

Yuta: this is getting fucking ridiculous

Yuta: i mean she texted me like when she was with him i think

Yuta: like she didnt care that she was with him and was being cute with me

Lucas: she flirts with everyone

Lucas: do you think she does actually wanna be with him?

Taeyong: who cares

Taeyong: fact of the matter is shes up for grabs

Taeyong: and if I wanna go after her i will


Yuta: you mean try and date her?

Ten: taeyong thats not a good idea

Taeyong: i never said id date her

Taeyong: but if shit happens, shit happens

Taeyong: thats all im saying

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day 43 of being lost on this hellfuck island.

they dont stop asking me for things. mordred has devolved into a 90s beach californian accent. its like hes slowly morphing into a ninja turtle in vernacular. “cowabunga, dude! im stoked for these waves!” im crying. artoria doesnt care. she’s too busy thinking about her next meal.

kiyohime says she’s made us children like she’s always wanted us to have. she’s made 157 tiny sandcastles with twigs for arms and small conches for eyes. “you’re a twelve year old kiyohime. also, you literally want me to eat your flesh.” “think of the children”, she responds. i am. its why i dont humor her. scathach is blissfully unaware, microwaving a burrito with her runes. they do everything, and yet im scared to ask her to use them to go home. they do basically everything here, but she’s smart. if they were capable to, im sure they would have taken us home. right?

marie antoinette has created the equivalent of the ascpa on this island, and urges us to go vegan. somehow, she has befriended every animal in this place. if i were racist, i would call her pocahontas reincarnate. im not, so i settle for jane goodall. anne and mary play ping pong on our makeshift ping pong table. arturia bites into another raw coconut. “the crunch is amazing!”, she says. please, god, take me now.

the crabs on this island, seeing our growing society of sorts, have begun imitating us in kind. they are forming some sort of crab society, which i have lovingly dubbed The Conch Republic. somehow, they have elected karna as their leader. when i questioned him about it, all he could say was, “I’m so sorry for what is seemingly a defection, Master. But, I genuinely believe with all my heart that with some guidance, these beautiful, confused entities could grow into a bustling, amazing, caring species.” the crabs cheered him on with loud claw clacks.

i wont lie. if i was a crab, i’d vote for him too.

mash has been my anchor. since we’re low on iron, she used her shield as a makeshift cooking skillet. i think it’s getting to her too, though. when it started raining, she lifted her shield, declaring, “time to turn this frying pan… into a drying pan!” tamamo joined us under the shield hiding beneath our legs. she says arturia’s snapped and started hunting her. saying something about “how she used to hunt boxes in the good old days…”

kojirou wont stop walking around to comment things while sporting his axe body spray. martha has opted to spread the word of jesus through immense gains. they’re gremlins. every last one of them. if you’re reading this, please… dr. roman… da vinci… help…

i know tumblr thinks its really edgy and cool because its 2019 and yall are still making long ass posts about how much u hate taylor swift but do you realize how harmful it is when yall say shit like “taylor swift hates the lgbt community” ??? a huge portion of her fanbase is made up of people who belong to the lgbt community, have u ever thought about how much your words might hurt these people who you apparently support??? you dont have to like her but how fucking hard is it to not step all over us when we’re legitimately just trying to enjoy our fave supporting us HOW fucking hard is it to mind your own business and leave us alone and let us be happy bc our fave has done so much to show that she cares so much about us instead of making long think pieces about how she doesnt have any rights bc you hate her even though you dont really have a legitimate reason to do so







*sighs forever*

Ok so. Setting my disappointment aside, I’m glad that Sakura is finally voicing the guilt and frustration that has been building up inside her for the last few chapters (if not WORLDS). Even if Syaoran’s response is just to pry her hand away and not directly answer the question. He can’t give her the full answer, of course, because he can’t tell her properly who he is, and I imagine that truth is painful for him, but I would expect him to try just a little bit more than he does, especially considering where they are. 

There’s an underlying tragic current that this split is always going to be between them, and knowing this is driving Syaoran further and further into clamming up and not explaining himself as he throws himself into danger, and it’s absolutely the opposite of what I want to happen. BUT CLAMP I GUESS. I’m just going to insert a very meaningful and comforting conversation between Fai and Sakura as they wait up here at the top of the hole to make me feel better. 


“thats Y/N! she’s the sith lord i was talking to you about!” Finn said, staring to walk forward.

Poe stopped him, “wait. we have to be smart about this. what is she doing here alone? where’s her back up?”

“i dont care, shoot her!”

“its like you dont even hear me.” Poe sighed, “i’m going to go talk to her.”

“what?!” Finn shouted.

“she was there when Kylo was interrogating me. she seemed nice-”

“she’s a sith lord!”

“just trust me on this.” Poe pleaded. 

Finn sighed, “fine but if she kills you i told you so.”

Poe nodded, leaving the base and coming out to where you were waiting in front of the base, “what are you doing here?” he asked, “they were going to kill you.”

“they wouldn’t be able to.” you shrugged, “i thought about what you said last time i saw you. about being one of the good guys. and i… well… i think you have a point.”

“oh really?” he grinned, “you sure you just didn’t miss me.”

“that was part of it.” you laughed, “but I’m here to give it a try.”

“you’re risking a lot.”

“sometimes, certain people are worth the risk.” 


gif credit @esmysqualor

basically they sort of fell in love when Poe was hostage and she helped Poe escape with Finn… im too lazy to include it tho hahaha 

A small interviewer: *Asking the American equivalent of the typical Korean “Who is your ideal type?” Question* Who is your celebrity crush?

ARMY: 😡😤🤢🙅🐍🚫🛑🙅😒😒❌😡🖕👋👋🐍💔💔😏⛔️❌😏🤢🛑🐍😡😡😡🙅‍♂️

Ellen: *Asking a question after people have accused other interviewers of intentionally putting a strain on BTSxARMY relationships* So u slept with any of ur fans yet?

ARMY: 😏😂😂👏👅👅🙆👍🤣😂🤣😏😏👌💦💦❤️💕💓💁‍♂️👌👏😅😅😂🙆👀❤️💓

chris said the girls think sana has changed and that they dont really like her anymore. tell me.. is that what real friends say? they didnt even try understanding where sana is coming from bc they haven’t asked. this is horrid. I don’t even care anymore these girls dont have her back sana needs to find other people, she needs to talk with jamilla. even isak didnt go through this much with his friends, they till tried to talk to him but these girls legit act like they dont give a shit??? if tou have a best friend that is acting out you bet you better goddamn sit them down and ask them whats up.

it makes me rlly sad when people talk about/draw Bluestar reuniting w/ Stonefur in Starclan and talking to Mistystar in her dreams cause like,,,, Greypool was more of a mother to Stonefur and Mistystar than Bluestar ever was


hey if you know a gal who doesn’t shave and you think she’s awesome for doing that & having the courage to stand up to the patriarchy

PLEASE tell her!!!

we get shit constantly from friends, family and especially random ass people on the street about how it’s “unsanitary” and “gross” and “weird” and even if we’re committed to never buying a razor it’s still upsetting, and that can really bring you down over time

i’ve only heard “i like how you dont shave. like you dont care what people think you just do your own thing” once in my entire life. once. do you know how many times i’ve fought with my mom over the fact that it’s “unsanitary?” how many times i’ve presented her with the facts, how many times i’ve asked her why she cares if i do it while my brother doesn’t have to, and how many times she’s brushed me off and completely ignored everything i’ve been saying?

a lot. the answer is a lot. i was only 11 when my dad came up to me and said “i know you don’t want to hear this but you need to shave more.” 11 fucking years old.

so please tell those kickass, patriarchy-defying gals in your life that they’re awesome and not to let sexism get them down. to all the gals who don’t shave, and all the gals who want to stop shaving but aren’t brave enough, you’re amazing and i support you.

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Agent 24 hc

Sure thing! owo

- Agent 8 really likes picture books as she’s not the best at reading. She insists that Agent 3 reads to her

- Agent 8 eats anything she finds in hopes it’s edible. One day she gets curious about 3′s tentacles and chews them a bit. 3 just kind of…sits and endures it for a bit out of awkwardness.

(8 eventually stops when she realises they taste bad)

- 8 gets given her first phone by Pearl and Marina. 3 teaches her how to use it even though it takes a few days!

- 8 insists on being on the same splatfest team as 3 as she can’t handle the idea of fighting against her.

“You don’t even like salty popcorn.” “Don’t care. Wanna fight with you.”

- 8 is terrified of ranked battles but 3 manages to convince her to try clam blitz. She ends up getting really into it but refuses to play without her.

- 8 really likes salmon run but 3 doesn’t so she does it without her. 3 worries for her safety and checks over her a lot when she returns.

(8 shares her rewards she’s earned with her girlfriend uwu)

- 8 insists on showing 3 everything she finds even if it’s nothing special