she doesnt mean it

Can I just mention that alex has probably been closed off her whole life (except with kara but kara didnt know everything about her either) and now with maggie she is saying exactly what she feels and saying exactly what she means because now she doesnt want to be closed off she wants to open up andd actually is opening up??? because to me that is badass and that is one of the many reasons i love alex danvers 

Look if CS is “vanilla” because its a healthy, balanced relationship with kisses and cuddles instead of fights and its based on mutual respect rather than being “messy” and based on manipulation, both parties are happy and don’t reduce each other to moral compasses, then lather me in chocolate sauce, roll me in sprinkles and pop me on a cone because I’m the most vanilla bitch in town

  • People on social media to other people on social media: Stop talking about Gillian's body and how good she looks. It is just wrong and disrespectful to her.
  • Gillian Anderson on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr: Look, Guys! My right nipple. *attaching picture*
  • Me: She is the Queen. She is the best. I love her.

A lot of you probably disgree with me (which is perfectly fine, I enjoy a good debate), but I really don’t need Iris to be saving herself this time. I don’t need her to be her own hero. She deserves to be saved just as much as everyone else. I’m not saying have her sitting around doing nothing, she could–and should–absolutely help, but I feel like this ultimately needs to be Barry’s victory. Black women saving themselves is not revolutionary. I’m going to enjoy seeing her get fussed over and worried about, and saved 😁

let me just say that,as a virgin, I LIVED for:

  • Kala admiting that she is a virgin and owning it
  • Kala not having sex even after her marriage bc she didnt want to
  • Kala stating that is her body and her decision 
  • Kala being hurt about being labeled as a virgin and not having with her family discussing that behind her back
  • Kala being a smart, beautiful adult woman that is shown as innocent but not as a dumb little lamb just bc she’s a virgin at 28 
  • Kala being included on the sensate sex/orgy scene and  showing that just bc she never had sex it doesnt mean she cant feel sexual pleasure
  • Kala’s mind going to a literal prision when she thinks that she will have to have sex w/ Rajan bc she promised him

I just love Kala and this show so much

y'all i still dont see why gency is bad.

We know Maggie’s gaydar is better than Alex’s. So one day, after game night, Alex is walking Maggie to her car when:

Maggie: How come you didnt thought about the possibility of being gay when you have a gay sister?

Alex : What you mean, what gay sister?

Maggie: Kara, you know, the only sister you have? 

Alex: Kara doesnt like women

Maggie: Dont tell me she too doesnt know ither..

Alex: Doesnt know what? What you mean Maggie? 

Maggie: You really dont see it? Pay a little more atention to your sister. I think she’ll need your help soon enough. And we need to work on your gaydar

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: i cant belive that the gallagher girls series doesnt get the recognition it deserves. its a series about independent teenage girls who go to a spy school and they're all able to kick your ass in 100 different ways. still there's no putting each other down but pulling each other up. the girls support each other in every possible way and have the best friendship in literature. also why is no one talking about the amazing representation of woc in these books? why is no one at all talking about this series??

ok sooo here’s some full body sketches of my redesigns because why the heck not (heights aren’t to scale cause i’m terrible at that sorta thing tbh)

basically i’ve kinda sorted them into the roles they might play as a team - kai and jay on attack, cole and zane on defence and lloyd and nya as support. i… don’t really have any real logic behind this, it just kinda feels right to me somehow ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

(also the pink in zane’s gi is an homage to his brief stint as the pink ninja, and nya still has a samurai helmet cause i really like the idea of her being both a ninja and samurai x- just because she’s a ninja doesnt mean she’s gotta lose all of that samurai awesomeness~)

just because callie is Confirmed™ doesnt mean shes not dead

single player mode will have us resurrect her with the power of the chaos emeralds!!!!!!!!! This I Believe