she doesnt know any other dragons

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We see a lot of FtM Inquisitor's (which is great) but how about MtF Inquisitors. Like a large qunari inq who thinks they can't pasd so they just grin and bare it even though it physically hurts to be called "he", who is so tired of how hairy they are.

The blade cracked in half only half way up her leg.

She cursed, pulling the blade the rest of the way up to her knee, unsatisfied with how unclean the rest of the cut was. Maybe nobody would notice? The Inquisitor sighed and rolled down her pant leg, with only one and a half legs clean and smooth. She looked up into the standing mirror at her body. She’s made the best effort to try and chizle a smaller waist into her large frame. It looked…better, than when she had started, but she remained frustrated. Many still mistook her for a man…

Shoulders broad, hair still shorter than she liked, but her breasts were developing well. slowly, but well. Even so, she felt…incomplete. Everyone in the Inquisition knew that she was now a woman now, and most of them respected it, yet their eyes would sometimes loom for longer than she was comfortable with. They’d whisper, point and grin. The Inquisitor was strong, but none the less, it hurt.

She felt the tears begin to sting her eyes, the anger boiling in her belly. She rose her arm to swing at the mirror, but a strong hand stopped it midway. Her eyes shot open. Cole stood there, her much larger hand caught in his tight grip. How did he…


“You’re hurting, I stopped you from hurting more.”

The Inquisitor snatched her hand back, the fire still burning in her gut. She didnt mean to snap at him, but every emotion fell out all at once. She wanted to say something, yell at him for intruding, but all she could manage was a whimper before she burst into tears.

“The words stab deeper than knives. You know it’s right but their words make you feel wrong.” Coles eyebrows furrowed, “Aqun-Athlok.”

The Inquisitor noded, “That’s right, Cole. I’m a woman.” She smilked weekly, yet she couldnt stop the tears from streaming down her face.

“I know.” 

Her eyebrows show up insuprise at Coles words. “…You know..?”

“You know it too. Just because they say these things, doesnt mean that they are right. You, are you, and that is what should matter, not what other people think of it. You have people who care and love you, no matter what. I hear it all the time. They never say it aloud, but they think you’re radient. Beautiful. You shouldnt feel any less, than perfect.”