she doesnt have to go anywhere with it but omg what if like


i was supposed to finish this yesterday but i have works to do i was like planning to drag this boy on this post but i held back the temptation yall:

  • but seriously vernon is shy like very
  • and even tho you guys are dating he’d be super shy around u
  • but he’d get use to it and actually starts showing his true self :,)
  • but you wouldnt know he is a vampire so it might take him long to actually said it to you he’s gonna be nervous abt it dude like “what if she leaves???????? what am i gonna do without her”
  • when you found out it wouldnt be from him but from somebody else and youd be kind of upset and he’s aN ABSOLUTE MESS LIKE “I’M SO STUPIDim sorry i had to
  • he’d apologize many times but eventually youd say that its ok and he doesnt have to hide anything from you no more you love him no matter what he thinks its cheesy but cant help but think its cute when youre saying it
  • ok lets get to vampire!vernon
  • “do u want a taste” offering his drink and then a few seconds later remembering that you dont drink that and apologize aGain
  • sees puppy on the street and begging for you to buy one with him with hiM
  • going to the pet store together hand in hand and instead of going to the puppy section he’d get distracted by the bunnies
  • “are we buying puppy or bunny”
  • “will you look at this white one tho, its so cute”
  • ended up buying a puppy its all ok guys
  • making scary faces to the puppy with his sharp teeths and the puppy ended up hating him
  • “why does he hate me he’s supposed to be my best bud”
  • “thats practically ur fault”
  • halloween with vernon?????
  • “i dont think we should be going anywhere” but on the inside he’s like YES LETS GO OUT AND BE ALL CUTE AND ASK CANDY FROM HOUSE TO HOUSE BC WHO DOESNT LOVE CANDY
  • you’d force him to go with you and he would thank you for that bc he really wants to go but is too shy
  • you both get in your onesie and just like that run from house to house
  • but the point tho would he bite you? im not sure abt this guys maybe he will maybe he will not this boy is??
  • maybe he will but when that day come he’s gonna ask like 10000000x if its fine before he actually bites you =w=
  • kissing vampire!vernon though yall he’s so shy would be all pink if you kiss him on the cheek idk how red he’d turn if you kiss him on the lips
  • sURprisingly he’d be the one kissing you and it would be just perfectwtf like he doesnt even look like he’s nervous and its so nice why
  • but will turn all pink and stuttered
  • “i -i-i”
  • cut him with a kiss ;;;-;;;
  • and it may lead to making out maybe………tehehehheheheh ITS GONNA BE HOT YET CUTE AND GIGGLY
  • and kissing vernon sounds rly nice and all and you’d accidentally bite his lip too hard that it draws blood he would hiss and pull away
  • and he;s like all chill and “lets continue” this boy bc he cares about you more than that little wound on his lips not like he cares bc you btiing his lip is freaking hot bye i knew he is thinking like that
  • but dont forget vernon is also a sweet little boy who’s gonna hold your hand and smile while doing so and he’d play with your hair when youre sleeping next to him carefully not wanting you to wake up and caught him
  • he’d secretly talk about his feelings towards you when youre asleep he’d make sure youre actually asleep bc he’s gon be super embarrassed if youre awake
  • “i…….love you”
  • “and idk what id do without you”
  • “and that was so cheesy omg im sorry but i seriously wouldnt know what id do without you im probably gonna lose my sanity”
  • gives u forehead kiss before he goes to sleep ;_;
  • also a reminder: !!!making out with vernon though!!!


andy-quick  asked:

Hey! I love your imagines with all my heart! <3 Could you do one where Yoosung and MC go on roadtrip to the beach and MC confronts him because ever since he saw her with the swimsuit he's been avoiding her, and she wanted to be alone with him, but now she's panicking because she thinks he doesn't find her attractive anymore. But in reality he's been having dirty thoughts, and now that he knows he wants it too, he won't hold back anymore... Sorry if it's weird... Love you <4

Note: Sorry for late answer! The school’s about to start and bc of my school stuffs -after this year Im starting to uni- I cant have internet much. But thank you so much for compliments!~

Yoosung bought a car and he’s so excited about it so he prepared a road trip. He bought a tent, prepared lots of foods and took ball to play.
“Till benzine ends, Yoosung…”
He kisses your cheek and says “Wahaaaa I’m so excited because it is our first trip together! We’ve never had a trip just the two of us…” as he says his last words, he says them quiet and blushes.
When you go to the seaside, he parks and takes tent, umbrella and etc. He doesnt let you carry things but seems like he’ll drop something so at least, you take the baskets.
As he tries to solve tent problem -at least he can understand from tents since he had school trips- you put off your clothes and stay with just swimsuit.
You say “Let’s get in sea” as he finished his job. He looks at you and suddenly gets in tent.
“N-no… I’m kinda-da sick… I’m staying here.”
You touch him but he doesnt let you to do “H-hey… I don’t want you to be sick too…”
“Then I’m not gonna swim too.”
“No! Please get in, please. I want to be alone.”
You look at him but say nothing. You feel bad since he said he wants to be alone. He never wants to be alone as you know. He always says “please dont leave me” especially when he is sick.
Because it is an early hour, noone but you is there. So you swim alone. You see Yoosung watching you sometimes but you can do nothing.
He acts this way for days. He tries not to talk to you, he sleeps away from you, he doesnt even look at you. You started to feel like he doesnt like/love you anymore.
When he went to market which is away from the place you are in with car, he forgets his phone. You take it and take a look at the messages. All of them are with Seven. You start reading them.
“I saw her with swimsuit, Luciel T_T”
“Lolol is it so bad?”
“Nononono she’s just so beautiful and… that thing… sexy”
“Omg lolol stop thinking dirty Yoosung”
“The thing is… I do think… And she doesnt deserve to be with a pervert”
“You are her boyfriend and maybe even husband, Yoosung”
“Omg Yoosung you’d see her naked when you get married too. Also if she marries with someone else, that person’s gonna see her naked too. She’s beautiful she is nice and all, I dont think she can stay alone.”
“Luciel do you like her?!!!! Tell me!!!!”
“No -_-”
“Gaaah I’ve stood away from her for days… I missed her but those thoughts on my mind…”
“I think you should tell her.”
“Idk. Imma go to market, see ya.”
You start laughing so hard and talk to yourself. “Oh my Yoosung… The funny fact is… I’ve started to feel this way when I saw him with swimsuit too and I… hahahahaa”
As you hear Yoosung’s voice, you turn back and see him.
“It’s my phone.”
“I’m so sorry.”
He sits down and looks at you for a while. He touches your cheek. “You are so beautiful to be touched.”
You blush. “I thought you dont love me anymore.”
“What?” He laughs. “No… As you read the messages, you saw why I’ve been acting this way and…” he blushes. He looks at you but a different, a more manly way. You look at him with a serious way too.
“S-so… Y-you want me too…?” he says with a red face.
You nod. He looks at you a little bit more and suddenly he starts kissing you. You get shocked but respond him. As you feel his warmth. You get more excited. You feel his heart beat, you feel his love.
You dont make out, to be honest because Yoosung gets so excited that stops suddenly.
“Hey,” he says.
“Let’s get married”
“Oh… okay?”

Note2: Hope you like it! I’d love to write more but I do not have time, Im so sorry…

janne-enchy  asked:

(Ask of a friend who doesnt own tumblr) "something I want to See From you is what dog breed you think the companions and factions would own and what they do together/How they Use them. Thank you if you do this! ^3^"

Ahhhh okay this was much longer than originally expected but I’m quite pleased with it. ^-^ Alrightly roo well @janne-enchy​ I hope your friend enjoys this and tell her I said thank you for sending it in because omg I got to look at so many dog pictures because of this it was so much fun. Also Danse’s dog’s name would be a tip of the hat @raiven-raine​ and her wonderful character ;)

Hancock: A Chocolate Lab named Sam. She’s really just a pet and she is completely spoiled tbh. Hancock complains about her sleeping in his bed, “You have a bed over there! Go get in it!” he always tells her pointing to her pile of blankets on the floor, but has yet to push her out when she joins him for a nap. She’s friendly to most but does seem to have a natural talent for knowing who the bad guys are and does not try to hide it (even going to far as to nip one man, who later turned out to be planning on killing Hancock). Needless to say she got a treat for that.

Nick: A Bloodhound named Winston. Half because useful for when your tracking people down in the Commonwealth, half because he just wanted someone with him when he went off for a case by himself. Nick’s been known to have full conversations with Winston, even around people who could most certainly talk to. “Now don’t give me that look, Winston. You know as well as I do that she won’t be there. We’re gonna have to go down into the sewer. Look, I know you don’t like it but we gotta,” Nick sighed. “Of course there’ll be treats you old mutt.” He says it’s easier to bounce his thoughts off Winston. Ellie says he’s crazy. Winston just listens to what his people has to say and hopes he’ll get a treat soon.

Deacon: A Canaan named Iris. She was originally just suppose to be used to support one of his disguises but they bonded during the mission and then he just couldn’t give her away afterwards. He takes her with him on some recon missions but mostly she says at HQ now. She kinda mopes when he’s away, but is always so excited when he comes back. Course by then she’s gotten used to sleeping in his bed and he has to deal with her trying to sleep on his chest every night. She’s not useful for much except for fetching balls, but she has been known to really calm down the nervous newbies who pass through HQ just by being around.

Maccready: A Weimaraner named Lucy. Did he want a dog? No. Did he need a dog? Also no. Did he have a dog? Yes. Their paths crossed one afternoon when he was literally thrown into a dumpster by some of the Gunners had been with at the time. She had been in there with three of her dead siblings. He couldn’t leave her. The other had made fun of his feeble attempts to get her healthy again, but he had done it. Eventually she was just as playful and healthy as any other dog. He probably would never admit it, but having her around makes him feel safer. She’s a good guard dog and on top of that not even a little gun shy (which is a good thing all things considered). The only problems he’s ever had with her are her not getting along with Dogmeat. Other than she is the epitome of a good dog.

Preston: An American Foxhound named Henry. Henry was given as a gift from someone who wanted to express their gratitude for Preston saving their lives. Preston was very unsure about it at the time, but he had accepted him. He was already trained and everything he figured, what’s the worst that could happen. Apparently the worst is that Henry bays at literally every single stray noise he hears. And Preston has had to run after more than once because he went sniffing off to find a Radstag or a squirrel or just something. Preston complains but he loves him anyway.

Cait: A Mini Dachshund named Dog (Cait is so creative). Only God knows how Cait managed to find such an old dog in the Commonwealth but she did and ended up keeping him. Dog’s got about the same temperament as Cait does tbh. He barks/growls at pretty much anybody who isn’t Cait or Sole. Cait, Dog, Sole, and Dogmeat go out on walks quite a bit. Cait always ends up carrying Dog back home though. “Short fella outta learn the he can’t keep up with such a big dog,” she always says.  He likes to try and sleep under her, which annoys Cait but, she let’s him burrow under the covers with her anyway.

Piper: A Beagle named Biscuit. Nat just hadddd to have a dog. She begged Piper for months until Piper finally agreed. The pup somehow ended up being more of Piper’s dog than Nat’s though. He likes to try and get in her lap when Piper is writing. Which often prompts the talk she so often has to have with the pup. “Now, Bisk, we’ve talked about this before. When I am writing, there are no cuddles and there are no pets and there are no treats. Go lay down,” she told him, putting him back down on the floor. He always gives her that look that makes her feel very guilty about the whole ordeal but she had learned she couldn’t cave when she got those looks or else he just wouldn’t listen. And that was how he always managed to wiggle his way into her lap whenever she sat down anywhere beside’s her writing desk.

Danse: A Golden Retriever named Lucky. Sole gave it to him after the whole Blind Betrayal ordeal, they said it would help him, maybe take his mind off things. He had agreed only because Sole had seemed so hopeful about it. And perhaps he was unable to admit it but Lucky really had helped him. More than once she had comforted him when he was having a panic attack or when he woke up from a bad dream. And all she asked for in return was that he take he takes her for walks and that he play ball.

Curie: A Schipperke named Shadow. She stumbled across him one even and almost shot at him because she thought he was a Molerat, but then he came closer and she realized he was just a dog. A mangy, skinny dog at that. She couldn’t leave him like that. So she ended up taking him home and taking care of him. She had meant to give him to somehow she just kept putting it off and putting it off until finally she just ended up keeping him. She may of may not give him too many treats……..It’s probably a good thing they go for so many walks. He’s just a pet really, but he is also a great watchdog. Course he barks at everything that moves, but that’s okay. Curie says she’d rather be woken up because he was barking at the wind than dying in her sleep cause it wasn’t just the wind.

X688: A German Shepard named Nuka Cola (mostly called Nuke or Nuka). Nuka was trained and breed specifically for battle. The Institute had wanted to see how well the dogs worked with their coursers. Nuke did very well but once the mission was over the scientist had wanted to take the dogs back, which was unacceptable. Of course X6 couldn’t directly disagree with such an order, as that would contradict his programming and mean he had gotten attached to the dog. Sole stepped in though. There was quite an argument but in the end, X688 got to keep Nuka. Now Nuka goes on every mission with him and also has a bed in his room at the Institute. The only problem she has is that she growls at the scientist, but they don’t dare say a word about it when X688 or Sole is around. Both of whom give her extra treats when she does it.

Strong: A Saint Bernard named Bernard. It’s not really that he got a dog it’s more like, there was a dog and he gave it some food and then the dog just decided to stick around forever??????? Strong just calls him Bernard and feeds him really. He’s gotten attached to the stray though. He has bashed people’s heads in more than once because they had shot at/ kicked/ or just been mean to the dog. In turn the dog keeps watch while he sleeps. They have an agreeable relationship.

Desdemona: A Boxer named Thor. He’s a bouncy big dog who has really always been there for her. She’s had him since she was a child. For some reason scares quite a few members of the Railroad though. Some say she needs to get rid of him. Dez tells them, “You can either deal with him, or you can leave.” They go for walks semi regularly. He’s about the only reason she goes out anymore. When she can’t do it, she makes Deacon or Carrington take him. They’re the only ones she trusts with him. She does worry that he’s getting old but Carrington says he’s healthy as a horse as far as he can tell, so she tries to relax about it.

Maxson: A Rottweiler named Odin. He tends to scare the Imitates, but really that’s not his fault. He’s actually pretty friendly, the children aboard the Prydwen love him. He always begs for food in the cafeteria but Maxson says they shouldn’t feed him their food….not that that has ever stopped the kids from sneaking him some scraps every now and then. No one knows how Maxson ended up with Odin, not even Maxson, who had woken up one day to find a puppy in his room. Begrudgingly, he had decided to keep him though. He had convinced himself that the pup would one day be useful in a battle if trained properly, but really that dog has never been anywhere near a battle and never would cause Maxson had become so attached to him.

Father: No pup here. He doesn’t like dogs and has never had one.

Glory: An American Staffordshire Terrier named Fluffy. (A name Deacon had suggested as a joke) She got him because she was tired of going on missions alone tbh. Fluffy was more than happy to go anywhere she wanted as long as he got a treat and a scratch behind the ears when they got there. Glory likes to talk to him when they’re alone but never really does it when there are other people around. Somehow Deacon found out about it though and now he likes to tease her about it. “The secrets this dog knows,” Deacon often marvels. “Bark once for yes, twice for no, now,” he tell him and starts asking him questions. Glory just rolls her eyes and tell him, “Are you kidding? I have Fluffy sworn to secrecy. Plus, I’m the one who gives him the treats around here. You’ll never get a word outta him.” 


i’ll be doing the wonwoo ver after this :~) but pls enjoy ½ of meanie!!! LMAO BIG GERMY BRO MINGYU! so ur probably around vernon/dino’s age and yeah !!! 

  • i swear mingyu is the type to tell ur guys mom to let u stay at home bc he doesnt want u anywhere near boys
  • since ur smol, he would always carry u around LIKE ALWAYS
  • “can u put me down oppa”
  • “no i cannot put a baby on the ground”
  • “but im 16-”
  • “shush my baby sister”
  • super overprotective kim mingyu 
  • he would brag about u at the dorms like the typical “my little sister is the cutest human being on this planet!!!!!”
  • “u should bring her to the dorm sometime yknow” scoups wigglin his brows like #stop
  • “ok nvm im just kidding she ugly” ((( not ugly but like yknow to change their minds bc he doesnt want u near his hyungs )))
  • the hyungs are the weird People
  • he would always bring this line up: “if u have sex, u will die” :o
  • since u dont see him as often, he kinda forgets that ur growing up so he goes all baby mode on u
  • “are u hungry? do u want ice cream? we can go to the park-”
  • gosh let me live u old ahjussi Ming
  • “its okay im just gonna hang out with friends-”
  • :”( u can break his heart so easily
  • hes still the same even out of the dorm
  • gross and not sanitized 
  • like this boy is gross do u not see him wipe his hand on other people RIGHT AFTER HE SNEEZED ON IT
  • he would actually wipe it on u too…. and act like nothing happen
  • “GOD GO WASH UR HANDS U GERMY BOY U THATS WHY NO ONE WANTS TO GO NEAR U BC U DIRTY” u @ him everyday even thru the phone u be yellin at him 
  • but really even tho he might be super protective n all, he would be the best big bro in the whole wide world
  • like when its just u and him, its usually 1 on 1 time and yknow just express how u feel and whats going on in ur life
  • i know siblings like this are suppose to fight but like u guys just get Along 
  • when his schedule is not that hectic, he would pick u up from school and bring u out to eat 
  • maybe help u out with some hw after 
  • “omg ur big brother is mingyu?!?” 
  • “heck yeah!!!”
  • likes to carry ur stuff aka ur bag or anything ur holding bc ~*gentleman*~
  • the type to steal ur phone and wiggle it above his head
  • “wtf this is not fair ur like a giant”
  • “well…. might as well jump”
  • “anyways i hate u”
  • what an ass ((( right )))
  • he tells u about a girl he kinda has a crush on and u go “oOooO OPPA HAS A CRUSH!!! IMA TELL MOM!!!”
  • “dont tell mom wtf!!!”
  • “im just kidding who do u think i am omg”
  • BEFORE DEBUT, he did like a girl and during hs they would be together
  • and theres u in the bg
  • “KIM ______!”
  • “DON’T MIND HER- LET ME JUST- I’LL BE RIGHT BACK” *storms after u* 
  • if u ever visited him at the dorm, u would always tell the boys embarrassing things about him
  • “u know he doesn’t sneeze into a napkin but into his hand instead”
  • “………..” the8 scoots a little further away from mingyu
  • contagious, 10 feet radius pls
  • has a habit of hugging your head and using ur head as an armrest
  • “who do u think i am”
  • “my armrest”
  • ~_~
The great escape || m.c.

Originally posted by calumxhoood

Keeping secrets from everyone is frustrating and risky, having to sneak out the bedroom window every night because it was the only way she could be with Michael and y/n’s parents never suspecting a thing. But telling stories and keeping lies was overwhelming. But they always fall for it, for now. 

Y/n’s been gone for hours, her parents thinking that she’s at a friends house working on a project for class. But instead laying in Michael’s queen size bed with her leg wrapped around his waist, resting her head on his chest listening to his steady heartbeat. They just laid in silence together with Green Day quietly playing from his phone. “I’m taking you somewhere nice for our two year anniversary.” Michael said breaking the silence. Y/n looked up at Michael, “Oh where are we going?” 

“I’m taking you somewhere nice, like really nice.” he emphasized. A smile plastering her face leaning in for a soft kiss. “I cant wait Clifford.” 

Michael let a soft chuckle connecting his lips with hers. Y/n scooted closer positioning herself to sit on top of Michael, straddling his waist slowly grinding, feeling his prominent bulge. “Oh my god.” Michael grunted, holding onto her waist. His fingers fiddling with her tank top, lifting it over her head. “No bra huh?” smirking at y/n. She rolled her eyes playfully, “Shut up and kiss me.” until something buzzed on the nightstand, seeing the caller ID of y/n’s dad. “Fuck.” jumping off his lap to get the phone, “Turn the music off!” she panicked before answering the phone. 

“Hey dad-no-I’m at y/f/n working on a project-well can I stay longer it really has to be done. Okay-fine-bye.” then the call ended, “I have to go.” 

“Seriously like this?”Michael complained, looking at his bulge, “Sorry Mikey.” grabbing her shirt off the floor. “I’ll drive you home, it’s dark out.” he suggested grabbing the keys off the table. 

The car ride back was silent, no music playing and no one talking. Just the sound of wind hitting her face looking out the streetlights not wanting to go back. “Y/n when are we going to tell people-about us.” 

Michael always asked that question, he hated keeping secrets as much as she did and Michael wanted the world to know she was his. He couldnt even tell his best mates, Calum, Ashton, and Luke knowing that it would get out in some way. 

“I dont know.” letting out a sigh, Michael nodded his head holding the steering wheel tighter. “Well, I’m tired of hiding things from people.” 

“Yeah but how do I explain to my parents I’m dating a high school drop out who joined a band with tattoos, piercings, and colored hair. It’s kinda the opposite of what my parents want me to date Mike.” 

“They will have to understand one day that your dating me.” 

“Michael they dont even want me being friends with people like that okay. I’m supposed to be the good girl with good grades, being daddy’s favorite.” 

 Michael laughed, “We all know that’s a lie.”

The car slowed down stopping a block from your house, so that your parents woudnt be suspicious to who dropped you off. Turning off the ignition Michael let out a sigh of disappointment, he hated keeping secrets but it was for y/n’s safety. “I’m sorry Mikey. I-just dont want them to be upset. Or even kick me out.” 

“I understand.” 

“Thanks.” giving him a good night kiss, “I love you.” 

“I love you too.” giving her a hug, seeing her walk out the door walking back home safe. 

Y/n was picking out different outfits for tonight and thinking of accuses for why she going to be gone for hours or even for a day. Michael was supposed to be down the street in an hour ready to go so she chose something Michael would like. In the middle of applying mascara her dad yelled her name to come down to the living room, he sounded furious thinking he was going to yell at her for something she did. Y/n placed the mascara away, heading to the living room, “Wha-” she paused seeing who was at the door. And there he was, Michael Clifford at her doorstep wearing his usual attire of a leather jacket, band shirt, and those tight jeans. Standing there with that stupid smirk on his face, knowing he purposely did this, “Hey baby.” Y/n honestly wanted to punch that smile off his face right about now. Her parents stood in front of her confused and her dad raging. “He came to our door saying he was here for a date.” 

She looked at Michael in disbelief, “What the hell Michael, what part of secret did you not understand.” 

“I told you I cant hide this anymore.” he told her. “And your idea to tell my parents is to show up at my door!”  shouting at him. “Y/n what is going on here, and I better get the truth.” her dad warned with his arms crossed. 

“Michael and I been seeing each for a while now-and.”  she was stuttering, petrified to what her dad was going to say about this. “And-we’ve been dating for two years.” she confessed, “It’s our two year anniversary.” The both of them just stood there baffled, not knowing what to say. “Really? Him? What do you even do for a living Michael.” 

“I actually dropped out of high school to join a band.” Michael interrupted, “Were going to become big one day.” smiling at her dad. 

“Your not helping Mike.” y/n angered. 

“Great a drop out, just what my daughter needs. He has nothing to provide you, he’s going to end up homeless playing the guitar and your going to be by his side? We raised you better than that y/n.” 

“Why does it matter, I’m not going to date some rich guy like mom and end up being miserable for the rest of my life.” 

“That’s not true, I’m very happy with your father.” her mom defended. Y/n scoffed rolling her eyes. “Yeah keep telling yourself that.” 

“Your not going anywhere with him, its over. This ends now.”  

“No, I’m not leaving him, I love him.” trying to reason with her dad. 

“Please you dont even know what love is, he probably doesnt love you the way he says he does.” 

“ Look, mr. y/l/n your right, I love her more than that. Words cant express the how much I love her.” Hearing Michael say that made your heart flutter, you ran to Michael giving him a huge hug, he picked you up off your feet kissing you not caring if your parents were right there. “I love you so much.” 

“I want you to leave. Now before I call the cops.” your dad angered, “And dont you ever come near my daughter again.” Michael exhaled, not wanting to fight anymore, “I’m sorry y/n.” 

“Michael please dont leave.” you begged, tears threatening to come down, “Please-dont leave.” grabbing his hand but he wouldnt listen, “I’m coming with you!” she blurted out suddenly not even thinking about it. Michael looked at you like you were crazy. “Baby this-” but she interrupted, “No I’m tired of my parents and everyone else telling me what to do, I just want to with you.” 

“Are you sure?” holding her hand, “I dont want you to think I’m forcing you.” 

“Yes just get me out of here.” she pleaded. Michael agreed, and she quickly went to her room packing her belongings, y/n’s parents tried to stop you but of course she ignored them. She’s done living up to their exceptions and Michael was there with her  helping her pack. He grabbed her by the waist stopping her from packing looking her in the eyes, “I know I cant promise the world to you or anything, but believe me when I say I’ll try to give you anything my princess wants and I will to protect you. I promise.”

“As long as I’m with you then I’ll be happy.” she grinned. 

“God I love you.” Michael said kissing her forehead. “And were still celebrating our anniversary dont worry, I have something special planned.” smiling at her seeing the excitement in her eyes. “Ready to go?” 

Y/n nodded grabbing her suitcase off the bed, looking at the room for the last time, knowing she cant go back, “Let’s go.”  Michael followed her to the door, both mom and dad were in the living room waiting for y/n to come out, “If you leave this house, you are never coming back.” She chuckled holding onto the door handle, “I wasnt planning on it.” 

Y/n never talked to her parents after that night, they didnt want anything to do with her anymore and she didnt care. It was the best moment of her life because five years she was there cheering her husband and the rest of the band on who became big, playing for thousands. Three months pregnant with his son. 

A/N: This is a mess omg. Still hoped you enjoyed. xxx

The #1 Thing I Want For Carol in Season 6-(Aside from the Lizzie/Mika/Tyreese Issue Being Cleared Up)

Can she just please be given a friend? Anyone. Seriously, I don’t care who.Just give her a friend to bond with. Please? Remember the days of Carol & Lori being best friends and there for each other? That was a beautiful relationship and its so sad it wasn’t further explored and didn’t last long, because, assuming from what we know about Carol, and how MMB spoke about Ed keeping her on a leash, its likely Lori was probably the first, best and only proper friend she’d had in a number of years.

Carol is so lonely , not to mention the fact that for two seasons now her primary interactions have been solely with Daryl, Rick and Tyreese, with a few lines reserved for others here and there. All the other women (and men) have sectioned off into their own little groups (Michonne, Sasha, Rosita,Maggie…..Tara&Eugene), and then there’s Carol stuck on her own. Of course, at the point we are currently at with her story, she is understandably having to isolate herself, and put on an act for the community aswell, but there doesnt even seem to be anyone there she can just chat with, or be listened to. Just someone to distract her from anything even.It’s pretty much a few “Houswives of Alexandria” Recipe Swap Sessions and then…………..nothing. It really bothers me that the show finally got the “female interaction” thing right, but then excluded Carol from virtually all of it. I don’t know if that was intentional or not, but it stings pretty bad for the writers to do that. 

Christ, Carol was DIRECTLY involved in a domestic abuse story but didn’t even have a single interaction with Jessie, despite having been in the exact same situation!

 I dont dismiss the Caryl and Carick bonds in all of this, but it’s important not to limit her potential for close relationships to just Rick (who imo just doesn’t get her, and as much as I crackship Carick S3, I cant see them being on a genuinely intimate relaxed friendship level anytime soon………..I mean, I don’t really want her anywhere around the current incarnation of officer fuckboy)  and of course there’s Daryl who is indeed her person, but I feel strongly that they not have to depend on each other for friendship. Daryl has found companionship elsewhere. I think it would be nice if Carol could too. Just because they are each others person (imo anyway), that doesn’t mean that everything each of them does revolves around the other, or that they are the only people they are allowed to have a closer bond with.

In fact, that’s what I mean! The supposed lone-wolf of the show has more friends than she does right now!

TPTB, please, provide a friend for Carol. Even if it’s not going to be someone she would open up to completely and be “besties” with, she could at least forge a comfortable companionship or bond based on mutual interests with somebody! Morgan, Tobin,Deanna, a newbie,  Jessie, FFS even Michonne (and yes, I am still extremely mad that its been 3 seasons and these two strong women have STILL not been shown to have PROPERLY interacted or shared a scene regarding their similarities or experiences with children). Please, because right now, it doesn’t even seem like she’s at all integrated with her own family.

Obviously, as Carol is very closed off and denying herself the comfort of “feeling” or being vulnerable with others, or simply just relaxing and making close connections, we may have to wait a while until she sheds her act, and begins the journey to healing, ultimately leading to her resolving the issues of IDENTITY CRISIS she brought up in “Consumed”. Many different forms of her have been “burnt away”……………right now she doesn’t know who she is, and, aside from protecting her family, maybe thats part of the reason for her “Housewife” act in ASZ;BECAUSE RIGHT NOW IT’S EASIER TO PRETEND THAN TO DEAL WITH WHO YOU ARE GOING TO BECOME.

Most friendships are based on a compatibility between individuals and their identity/personality. Until Carol manages to discover and confirm who she is, its understandable that, combined with her reluctance to “feel” anything, she will struggle in ASZ and be limited in the sense of bonding and making friends. I hold out hope that the writers will deal with the issues above, and that she may soon enough be given a beautiful new friendship for us all to explore and celebrate. Let’s face it,she’s a beautiful angelic sunbeam of wonderfulness and she’s gone for too long being totally selfless, and deserves some good things in her life for at least some of the time!