she doesnt feel guilty for wanting what she wants

heres that good hinatema content:

hinata and temari meet on tumblr bc they both run martial arts and fighting blogs. they message back n forth abt things related to fighting and their respective styles (krav maga for hinata and mixed martial arts n kickboxing for temari) and then eventually just turns into talk about tv and music and their weird friends and family. and temari thinks hinata is funny and cute and fun! hinata comes off as a lot more social online and whenever temari tells hinata that shes super fun hinata like “im a lot more quiet and lame irl 😷😷” and temaris like “lmao sounds fake ur lit so fucking fun” and it makes hinata feel good to have this online persona thats more confident.

and when temari sends her a selfie for the first time (tongue out peace sign taken in an upshot so her cleavage shows but its not super obvious that thats the point) hinata breath stalls and shes like “holy fucking shit” so she….. kinda….. replies with a picture that isnt her bdjrjejf

shes very anxious and self conscious and she wants to live up to these expectations so she just finds a selfie of a girl she went to high school with and sends that and temari flips shit and tells her shes sooooo pretty and cute and it makes hinata feel good. she feels guilty though because she doesnt want to lie but also its not like temaris ever going to find out any time soon! (at least thats what kiba tells her when she told him. he laughed a lot and told her that her plan was dumb and that she shouldve just sent a real pic w her tits out bc anyone w common sense would ve distracted by that rack and hinata hits him but also says thank u)

and its fine! until three months later (and two more selfies courtesy of the girl she had senior math w three years ago) temari tells her that shes driving through her area to visit her brother that goes to school an hour outside her town. and. like. ya know. if u wanna meet up itd be cool! but nooo pressure

and hinata comes clean. abt the catfishing abt pretending to be funny abt not having a belly button piercing (she doesnt even know why she lied about that) and about how despite all of that she really *really* likes temari and wants to hang out and shes sooooo sorry about being a huge fake but temaris just soooooooo cool she felt like she had to compete

and temaris like. “hinata u cant pretend to be funny and interesting you just ARE. u dnt have to act a different way to compete theres no competition were just, ya know, buds!” and hinatas so relieved she fucking bawls and temari makes fun of her and is like “okay wipe those tears bc ill visit u on one (1) condition: i need a REAL selfie”

so hinata sends one: eyes kinda puffy and with a small smile and a peace sign just like temari made.

and temari fucking chokes. like oh my god. oh my GOD.

“HINATA WHAT IS THIS????? HINATA WHY WOULD U CATFISH ME WHEN U LOOK LIKE A FUCKING MODEL????? HINATA ARE U TRYING TO MURDER ME?” (her first draft said “murder my pussy” for the record) and hinatas confused and doesnt really Get It so temari elaborates “i mean of course the random girl u used to catfish me w was kinda cute but tbh i kinda just overhyped her like hinata oh my god u r so fucking GORGEOUS”

during the stargazing scene it’s perfect because even though she doesnt let him kiss her he’s not all salty like “why? you don’t like me?” or like basically he’s not making it all about him

*cough unlike what wook would have done remember when he asked her to marry him and she hesitated and all he could think about was his own hurt feelings and was like “you changed your mind?” cough*

but with So it’s just like, she just doesn’t want a kiss and that’s okay and he just moves on to teasing her and joking around and he doesn’t make her feel guilty for not wanting to kiss I REPEAT HE NEVER MAKES HER FEEL GUILTY FOR NOT WANTING TO DO STUFF