she doesn't want him to leave

  • Bruno Mars: *writes songs comparing his ex to the devil and telling her to go to hell and how he would've violently died for her*
  • Everyone: ....
  • Ed Sheeran: *Writes songs saying he'll never get over his ex at least 2-3 years after they broke up and another one accusing a woman of cheating on him when she says she thought he was a one night stand and never actually committed to him*
  • Everyone: ...
  • Nick Jonas: *writes a song about being possessive of his girlfriend to the point of rage and wanting to control her sexuality*
  • Everyone: ....
  • Drake: *opens one of his songs with saying that if your girlfriend goes to the opening game of a basketball season then she must be fucking one of the players and writes a song saying that his ex shouldn't be having fun or have her own sexuality and should be still upset over him leaving her and how this doesn't make her a "good" girl*
  • Everyone: ....
  • Kanye West: *writes songs about how women are his objects, how he's god, description of being violent to women, accusing all women of being gold diggers and evil, and how women owe him sex because he was rude to them and how he thinks they'd wouldn't have been successful if he hadn't been rude to them*
  • Everyone: ....
  • Taylor Swift: *writes songs expressing regret for having dated someone and blames herself for not following her own advice*
  • Everyone: Thiiisss...BITCH!!! This WHORE!!! SHe is the WOrST thing to HAVE EVER HAPPENED!!! WHAT A FAKE ASS BITCH!! She needs to move on and stop being such a slut!!

gif request meme: niles/daphne + most heartbreaking scene
↳ requested by anonymous

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Logan Huntzberger stood up to his family in Season 5 because he wanted to be with Rory and they'd only been dating for a week. He stormed out of the house because they said Rory couldn't marry into their family. He then proceeded to date Rory for three years. They lived together and he proposed to her. Later, he also decided to walk away from the family business and get a career of his own. Logan was willing and able to do all of that 10 years ago. Why would he care what his family thinks about who is marrying now? He's 34 years old. And when we left him in Season 7, he had cut off all ties with his family. It doesn't follow that the man who loved Rory enough to give her anything she wanted wouldn't leave Odette to be with her because of the Huntzberger dynasty. How does that make sense? And why wouldn't Rory, who never had a problem asking Logan for what she wanted, say something? She asked him out. She told him she couldn't do casual dating anymore. She's always pushed to make their relationship what she wanted it to be, and she's somehow lost that ability at age 32? Why have both of these characters regressed so dramatically from where they were more than 10 years ago? And if it was going to be written that way, why do we have no insight into their thoughts and motivations? Why don't we know why Logan won't stand up to his family? Why don't we know why he's working for his father again? Why don't we know why Rory won't ask him to leave Odette? Did ASP forget how to write these characters? Could she really not suck it up and watch Season 7 so the characterization was consistent?

anonymous asked:

Can you do a Bucky x Reader about a librarian who helps the Winter Soldier learn about what he's missed since the War. He comes in so much that she starts to fall for him but doesn't want to compromise their librarian/patron relationship. So that leaves Bucky to use his old charm to win her heart. Sounds totally sappy I know.

buddy, i hope u know that im a hoe for sappy things :)

words: 1146

warnings: my garbage mouth, fluff is not my strong suit but neither is anything else whoop here we go, there’s also like three (3) whole dialogues in this rip

also, i didn’t completely “finish” this request so to say, i just kinda left it as an opening for possibility, im sorry

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Dumbledore's Will
  • Harry: Sir, what should I do when–
  • Dumbledore: I'm afraid I must ask you to leave now, my boy, for I have much to do.
  • Harry: But I'm free, I could help–
  • Dumbledore: ALAS, IF ONLY! Be on your way now!
  • Harry: *leaves*
  • Dumbledore, to himself: Alright, now that Harry's gone I can finally write my will, in which I shall bequeath him the Sword of Gryffindor. Lol it's not really mine but who cares, I'm the boss! I wish I could have told him what it's for or even given it to him just now, but we wouldn't want to ruin the surprise! I hope the Ministry doesn't try to keep it from him! Surely not, they're all such good, helpful people. And Miss Granger should totally receive this book of Fairy Tales. She loves books and I'm sure she'd never forgive me if I didn't leave her with a good mystery to solve while Harry's trying to figure out what the fuck to do with the sword! Oh, speaking of Harry, I really should give him the resurrection stone as well. He'll be so happy to receive gifts from me after I'm gone, I bet he'll even cry!! OOH, WHAT IF I PUT IT IN THIS SNITCH AND CHARM IT SO IT WILL ONLY OPEN WHEN HE'S READY TO DIE, that'll be iconic. And for Ronald–
  • Harry: *comes back in* Sir, are you sure there's nothing else–
  • Dumbledore: NO HARRY I'VE TOLD YOU EVERYTHING I KNOW, TRUST ME CHILD. By the way, how about tomorrow we go check out this cool cave I found?
The End of Jarco

Well seem like my theory about Jarco ending in Sophmore Slump was right. I should be happy about their breakup. After all, with Jarco out of the way, we are one step closer to Starco. Yet as a diehard Starco fan, I actually found myself a bit sad and heartbroken when the two broke up. Heck, my eyes even watered up a bit when watching the scene!  I think the reason for that was that despite Jarco not bein as good as Starco (in my opinion), Jarco was still an enjoyable and charming ship. Over the seasons we have seen Marco become more confident in order to talk to Jackie, the girl of his dreams. Likewise, Jackie started to actually become a character, and a good one at that, instead of generic love interest #70. They really do have a good relationship and bond with each other, which was shown really well in Sophomore Slump. Jackie at first seemed like she was just a cool skater girl, but she’s so much more than that. She’s a loveable dork, compassionate, smart, and more. In most love triangles I have seen, they set up the main character object of affection as a bland character or one of those awful love triangle cliche characters, but that not what happened with Jackie. The writers wrote a love triangle that was full of drama but with real believable and organic drama. Jackie didn’t complain about how close Marco was to Star, and she had a good friendship with Star. Even though she’s having a fun time with Marco on their date, once she discovers Marco is still wearing a cape, she comes to a realization. Marco heart just doesn't belong to her, it belongs with Star.  

But does she get mad at Marco or fuss at him? No. Instead, she realizes that while Marco is a great guy, and they both really like each other, she see’s that he’s forcing himself to stay in Echo Creek to make her happy, and she doesn’t want Marco to do that just for her. Yet Marco still want to make their relationship work because he does care about her and see her as his best friend. Yet look at how Jackie reacts to when Marco says this: 

At first, she’s in shock that Marco would call her his best friend. 

Then she seems to be on the brink of crying because she really does like Marco and wants their relationship to work out. 

But she then calms herself down as she tries to resist her feelings for Marco since, while she does care about him, she doesn't want neither of them getting hurt if they keep on dating. Plus while she finds the fact that Marco would call her his best friend sweet, she knows that Star is Marco real best friend. 

She tells Marco to keep being an amazing person with her skating away with her leaving a heartbroken Marco. Though I think it’s safe to say that Jackie herself is also heartbroken. 

Even with the ship sunk, I hope Jackie still pops up from time. She’s honestly an amazingly likable character and formed a bond with Marco that I never thought I would actually care about. 

anonymous asked:

When Karen pulls away from Frank in the elevator because she wants him safe, if you look at Frank, he looks SO SCARED. More scared than ever. She uncovered this layer he didn't know existed anymore and he doesn't know what to do with that. Heartbreaking how much they don't want to leave each other. Their looks tell each other how much they long to stay by each other's side.

Couldn’t agree more. I love this moment because it perfectly captures exactly what Jon and Deb have been saying, how this relationship is defined by gestures and glances and this intensity that can’t be put into words. It’s two hurt and lonely and broken people existing together in the same space and that’s a powerful thing. I literally wouldn’t change a thing about it.

And I really love your observation about Karen uncovering something in Frank he wasn’t sure he could feel anymore because I think that’s a revelation that he has to come to terms with throughout the show. Even early on when Karen hugs him in her apartment, the expression on his face, the way his eyes close and he almost buries his face further into her shoulder but you can tell he’s still holding back and AHHHH JUST KILL ME NOW.

takanashi3  asked:

Langst were everyone is stressed cause they haven't found Shiro, and Allura is working everyone to the bone. No one is doing well during training, but lance is struggling the most and barely finishes the training tasks. Allura sends everyone besides lance out to scold him privately(of course hunks wants to stay but Allura isn't having any of that)While Allura is yelling at lance she relieving stress and poor lance doesn't stop her or tell her that the things she is saying are hurting him (1/2)

And because Allura is not paying attention to what she is saying she never notices. When she leaves lance has a panic attack that starts off with him convincing himself that she didn’t mean it only to end up believing what she said and is crying. Hunk comes to check up on him only to find him on the floor sobbing and at some point, the whole team including coran, ends up there trying to comfort lance. When Allura comes to see where they all are no one lets her come close to lance (2/2 I’m sorry) 

You have no reason too be sorry, cause this is beautiful. 

Coran has too tell her what happened and she just feels… so.. bad. Because she truly didn’t mean too be mean too him, she really was just stressed. And of course Keef the over protective bean is like, “you stay away you’ve done enough damage.”  And everyone agrees with him and Allura knows that she messed up, badly. 

Can we appreciate the “Justice League” cast faces when Ben Affleck makes a joke about the recent sexual assault allegations? (x

which norse gods/godesses you should fight

Ægir- maybe fight him, but only if you’re on land. You might have a shot. If you’re near any water at all, tell him his daughters are very, very pretty and gosh golly you could go for some beer right now. Then flee.

Freyja- you might be able to hold your own against Freyja, though she is a strong fighter and has the best bitch slap known to man. She also claws like a cat, so keep her at arms length and use a catnip mouse on a string to distract her. Or your genitalia, whichever occurs to you first.

Njord- Yes. Fight Njord. Hit him square in the jaw and he’ll probably shrug and say “I just miss the sea” or some hipster shit

Ullr- you can probably take Ullr, if he doesn’t have his bow with him. Just be mindful as he has a good throwing arm, too.

Bragi- don’t fight Bragi, it’s not even fair. Look at him. He’s just standing there with his lyre. You’d feel bad afterwards, Come on.

Odin- NO. NO NO NO. DON’T FIGHT ODIN. DO NOT. He will fuck you up.

Tyr- be careful if you try to fight Tyr. He only has one hand so while that seems like good odds for you, he may pre-date Odin as a god of war and death, so he’s definitely pretty damn good with a sword.

Gefion- you can take Gefion, surely. Just don’t call her a cow.

Frigg- she will mom-glare you into the ground before you can throw a punch, and you will end up sitting by her loom and holding the clouds for her to spin. Would not advise fighting Frigg. 

Loki- you don’t want to fight Loki. Sure, you think you could beat the scrawny bastard, no problem, and you’d surely be right, if Loki ever fought fair. Don’t fight him: you’ll end up as a fish or a horse or something with him gyrating on top of you and you’ll think “how did I get here, how did it come to this?”

Freyr- YES. FIGHT FREYR. FIGHT HIM. Pull his hair and call him names, he doesn’t even have his sword anymore. Alternatively, tell him his wife doesn’t love him and watch him cry. 

Kvasir- fight him. He’s a giant spit ball. If you can’t take him, you’re useless. 
Thor- DON’T. Never fight Thor. Offer him a small child to make him laugh and then talk about beer and hitting stuff and make him happy before you sneak away in fear 

Baldr- don’t fight Baldr, you love Baldr. Why would you want to fight him? He’s so shiny. Look at that smile. Besides, he wouldn’t feel it anyway. 

Sigyn- you might be able to hold your own against Sigyn- she wouldn’t want to fight you and would probably hold back a little. Just keep your chin up and you’ll do alright. But resist the urge to make dead baby jokes, or the tables will turn and she will end you

Skadi- don’t fight Skadi, are you kidding me

Idunn- No! You can’t fight Idunn! Absolutely not. How could you?? Leave the poor girl alone, she just wants to tend her apples, what has she ever done to you?? You meanie.

Vali- fight Vali, but be strategic about it. He grew into a man in one day, so he’s still very much a child, mentally speaking. Challenge him to a spelling bee and watch him throw a tantrum when you spell “friend” right and he doesn't 

Heimdall- don’t risk it, who knows what that guy can do. And if he doesn’t beat your ass, his nine moms will do it for him.

Hel- no.


i have seen this scene a thousand times and still


adorable puppy a bit scared mrs might be mad but mrs understands. ♥


Hodgins gets to go home every night with the woman he loves and gets to see his child… I don’t.

“I would like to see Booth standing there with his pen and index cards”

should you fight this flashfamily member?
  • jay garrick: he fought the nazis. he's taught every single flash there is. do you want to hurt really really badly? if so, go ahead.
  • barry allen: aw why would you fight barry allen? he's just trying his best. sure he's a little mopey but he just wants to do his best. leave him alone.
  • wally west: fight this weasley reject pile of poop. do it. fight him. kick his nerd ass. he doesn't even have a job. god.
  • jesse quick: really? she has super speed, super strength, and runs her own company. go ahead and fight her if you want to know what a truck coming at you at like 90000 mph looks like.
  • max mercury: do you even know how old he is? the shit he's seen? he raised impulse. do you wanna mess with that?
  • bart allen: you soulless animal. you raging hell beast. he's actually like 5 years old. why would you fight this precious cinnamon bun? has he not been through enough? fight to protect him maybe. speaking of protecting him: remember inertia? remember what happened to him? he's also got like 2 kickass, age hardened dads. basically don't fight bart allen, you baby killer.
  • irey west: she's like 10. don't fight a 10 year old. don't you have morals?
  • jai west: he doesn't even have his powers anymore. are you really that empty and devoid of goodness?
  • joan garrick: you would hurt your own grandmother? you monster.
  • iris allen: no. do not.
  • linda park-west: it's like you want to find out if wally has a breaking point. first his kids, now this? and plus, why would you want to screw with her? you'd be better off fighting her husband because she will get a gun and she will shoot you.
Meta Repost: A Study in Adaptation and "Empowerment"
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Often spouts off random historical and literary trivia, referencing various Westeros myths, historical events, and figures such as Queen Naerys, Aemon the Dragonknight, the twin knights Ser Arryk and Ser Erryk, Baelor the Blessed and his trials walking through the snake pit, the lineage of House Tyrell and how it traces back to Garth Greenhand, the Arryn family tree, Florian and Jonquil, and Jenny of the Oldstones and Prince Duncan. Has an encyclopedic knowledge of every house and sigil in Westeros. Can also read and write better than her much older brothers, play two instruments, and eventually gets to the point where she can sniff out little plots of Littlefinger's.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Thinks "shift" is the rude word for dung. Doesn't appear to have any actual interests or skills beyond sewing (sometimes), eating lemoncakes, and fawning over boys.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Can identify Barristan Selmy and Renly Baratheon on sight, even when she's never met them before.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Doesn't even recognize the man whose life she saved, and doesn't pick up on the fact that Tyrion and Shae know each other despite their obvious signals.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Carefully inspects a secret message she gets for signs of a trap, carries a knife with her to a clandestine meeting and threatens the person there just in case it is. Spends months plotting a potential escape, even trying a different route independent of her former plans when her co-conspirator is evasive and slow to act. Also refuses to speak to any of her maids, who she knows to be spies immediately. By Joffrey's wedding, though she doesn't know about the poison, she does know she's meant to escape and already has things packed. She immediately realizes who was behind the poison and how it was transmitted through her hairnet, which she knew would play a part in her escape without being aware of the poison plot. Does not trust her "rescuer" at all, refusing the food he offers her and confronting him on his lies, constantly trying to work out what he's up to.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Just sort of sits around and cries a lot without any sort of active involvement in insuring her escape. Trusts Littlefinger even though there's no reason to because he says he's her friend. Just sort of randomly gets accosted by Dontos months later in a garden and accepts his random and suspicious gift without any hesitation or questions asked. Later happily walks into the home of the family that killed hers for "revenge" without any knowledge of what the actual plan is, what the situation is, or means to protect herself or take action in case things go wrong. Is eager to bond with Tyrion at first because he promised he would never hurt her (a promise Joffrey made her before almost verbatim), even kneeling to him at once with little prompting. Also blindly trusts this random maid for no reason. And is totally okay with believing Ramsay has "already fallen for her" with no question as to how she's supposed to handle things if he hasn't. Also trusts the broken down Theon (whom she has already verbally abused) with an errand integral to her escape from Winterfell. And just blindly offers up her secret identity (while being wanted for regicide) to a bunch of strangers after having been betrayed repeatedly.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Sees Lancel Lannister, a young man who taunted her and took active part in her abuse, bleeding on the floor from a terrible wound, and makes sure he sees a maester, just in time to save his life.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Looks at the physically and psychologically tortured and mutilated Theon Greyjoy, who can barely walk or speak properly anymore, and tells him that she doesn't care what Ramsay does to him and later tells him that she'd do everything Ramsay did to him if she could.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Fights off Lysa Arryn when she tries to kill her by grabbing her by the hair and pulling herself from her mad aunt's grip.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Just cries and fidgets helplessly as she is abused even more and is utterly helpless until Petyr comes to save her.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Risks herself to save Dontos, talks Joffrey out of running down a beggar woman and instead convinces him to throw her a coin because she knows it would be better if he appeared gentler. Listens to Cersei preach about how fear is the only way to rule and, even after all the terror she's experienced and all the awful people she's seen rise to power through violence and fear, reflects internally that love is definitely, surely the better path to loyalty and devotion and vows that if/when she is queen, she will make the people love her.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Is so oblivious that she doesn't understand what poverty is and has to have it explained to her. Upon learning that Theon didn't kill her brothers and instead killed two farm boys, doesn't seem to give a shit that two other innocent children were still fucking murdered.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Is often threatened and taunted by Sandor Clegane The Hound and always responds with kindness, courtesy, and sympathy. When he responds to a compliment upon their first private interaction by taunting her, telling her a violent story, and belittling her, she is sweet and kind. She stays this way even after he threatens her life. Then she includes him in her prayers. When he breaks into her room, forces her onto a bed, holds a knife to her throat, and demands a "song", she responds with a kind and soothing hymn that calms him, reminds him that there is goodness in the world, and gets him to back off. Eventually this helps inspire him to change his life entirely and pursue a path of peace and public service.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Just acts generally freaked out by the Hound, even though his threats are FAR less explicit and only ever accompanied by well-meaning advice. Is not sexually assaulted by him the night of the Blackwater, just sort of talks to him and rejects his offer to help her escape. There is no sign that she thinks of him again.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Is offered a marriage to Willas Tyrell, heir to Highgarden. While she is attracted to Loras and has a sort of schoolgirl crush, she notes that he doesn't care for her too much. Upon being told Loras is off the table, accepts this without a second thought and turns her thoughts to the scholarly, disabled, older Willas, whom she has never met. She eagerly awaits and fantasizes about him because it is her path out of King's Landing and her new friend Margaery assures her that he is kind and intelligent. Knows him to be disabled, and actively thinks about how she won't care if he's fat or unattractive like his father. She still sees him as her rescuer, a man she is eager to marry despite his disability, and decides she'll make him love her and give him sons. Upon having the marriage to Tyrion sprung on her (after she's in the damn dress, when she is dragged to the sept and told she's going to get married and raped whether she likes it or not), she looks at his disfigurements and acknowledges that he is not so bad as the rest, and notes that he was kind to her once, even while actively insisting she just doesn't want to marry a Lannister (any Lannister, regardless of appearance). Still manages to hold back her tears for fucking HOURS and hold her resolve through numerous threats, sexual assaults, and humiliations that happen throughout the day. Refuses to kneel at first because she's just so fucking sick of being expected to just take the cavalcade of abuse, but eventually does kneel and kiss her husband because she feels bad about people laughing at him. Feels active pity for him (even after he molests her, even after she finds out her mother and brother were killed by one of his family's plots, even though she doesn't trust him), despite her constant fear of him raping her and her ongoing trauma, all while withholding her secrets and still pursuing escape.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Is totally into marrying Loras, constantly waxing on about how hot he is even after she's alerted to the Tyrion marriage weeks ahead of time. Seems far more interested in his pretty hair and nice ass than his personality or getting the fuck out of King's Landing (something that only occurs to her when Margaery brings it up weeks later. It never occurs to Sansa because she's too busy staring longingly at Loras's pretty hair to consider this). Mulls on about the contrast in her suitors' physical appearance, despite Loras's repeat displays of a complete lack of interest (which she never seems to recognize). Upon learning of the new marriage arrangement, spends hours crying as she gazes at Loras. Kneels immediately at the wedding when prompted, then later totally starts confiding in and bonding with Tyrion (even after learning of the Red Wedding, she tells him the real reason she goes to the Godswood for no fucking reason).
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Notices hostilities from Loras at once. Upon learning the Tyrells want her for political purposes, just accepts this and decides to make the most of it. Highgarden is still a lovely place, she'd be safe, and she can make Willas love her even if he only cares about her claim right now.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Never notices how uninterested Loras is and talks about how she "feels like she is in a dream" even as Loras is looking around with an "EWWWW! GIRLS!!!" face.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Cares for the sickly, disabled Robin Arryn all while firmly instilling some (grievously needed) boundaries upon him, managing at thirteen to be twenty times the mother thirty-something Lysa Arryn was. Even manages to get the epileptic, panic-attack prone kid across a narrow mountain path a mile into the air beset by winds as she talks him down from an attack. Is the only one who can control him, and is adored by everyone in the Vale for it.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Never takes responsibility for anyone, never really charms anyone, is totally content to just leave her cousin with some people she doesn't trust to set off to wherever the man in her life wants her to go (even without knowing where that is).
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Manages to get some of Littlefinger's plans out of him, and learns of his means of accomplishing his goals. Keeps all of these things in mind constantly and notes subtle facial ticks and movements he makes when he is wearing his "Littlefinger" mask and playing people.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Just sort of takes his word for it when he says she should marry Ramsay for "vengeance" without asking for specifications as to how. Later is willing to accept the plan B of just "making Ramsay hers" even though he's a fucking Bolton and that doesn't really clear up how this is supposed to lead to vengeance. She takes Littlefinger's word for it that Ramsay has fallen for her. Is totally okay with being left in the den of her enemies without any means of protection.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Charms and manipulates people she needs with subtle hints of snark. Uses this to not only occasionally talk Joffrey out of violence, but later starts seducing Harry the Heir, acknowledging that she needs him to like her even if she doesn't like him.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Openly antagonizes Ramsay when she even bothers to interact with him, showing no sign of trying to "make him hers" or confirm that he's fallen for her. Continues to taunt her rapist and abuser even after he's revealed how dangerous and temperamental he is.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Knows immediately that Marillion is a creep, that Lyn Corbray is a fucking scumbag, that Harry the heir is a douche.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Can't even realize how much of a psycho Ramsay is even after he parades his torture victim around, doesn't realize Loras isn't into her, doesn't realize that maybe the mutilated, brainwashed, obsessively obedient and cowed Theon might not be the best person to trust with her one means of escape from his master.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Actively forces herself to think as her alternate identity "Alayne", purposely picks clothes that will disguise her better, thinks up little details to add to her character, and tries to be careful around people who might recognize her, like Bronze Yohn Royce.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Can't even think to cover her distinctive red hair when walking out in the open. Later just decides a dye job is enough to hide herself even after she's dispensed with the false identity. Travels out in the open and greets people as Sansa Stark even though SHE IS STILL WANTED FOR FUCKING REGICIDE.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Doesn't really trust anyone. The last person she trusts is a man whose life she saves (who turns out to just be acting on Littlefinger's orders). After that, no one, though she still tries to reach out and make friends.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Randomly trusts this random old lady with a dumb plan, walks into the dark Bolton kennels at Myranda's bidding, then lets her bathe her, reveals her secret identity to strangers in the Vale, trusts Theon with the candle plot. But either dismisses or insults almost everyone she encounters.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Intends to go into the North with an army and proclaim her rights to Winterfell.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Let's Littlefinger lead her all the way to Moat Caillin without a word about where they're heading. When she finds out they're heading to the Bolton-controlled Winterfell, agrees to go with only a small group of guards (despite the price on her head and the war torn area), and is later way too cool with letting Littlefinger ditch her for King's Landing without even leaving the guards. Is ready to just rely on Stannis winning and just handing over Wardenship of the North, even though none of these things are assured.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Doesn't voice all of her thoughts to anyone, particularly regarding her loyalties. Twice she tries to warn Margaery away from marrying him. The first time when there is a cover of singing and tons of pressure. A second time without prompting or pressure, purely out of the goodness of her heart, and only when she is riding out in the middle of the Kingswood with Margaery, where she is far more assured of privacy. Takes a similar route with Dontos, only meeting him in the godswood.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Will openly talk about hating Joffrey to a maid hired by the Lannisters right smack dab in the middle of the Red Keep.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Carries a dinner knife with her to a clandestine meeting just in case it is a trap, even threatening to stab a potential attacker. Makes frequent trips at night to meet with her ally, using religious fervor and prayer as an alibi to the point where she spends hours upon hours during the day praying in the sept to reinforce this show of piety. It fools everyone, including her usually perceptive husband who expresses an interest in getting to know her. Even after she's escaped and she's accused of regicide, people talk about how pious she was.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Grabs a corkscrew and instead of using it as a weapon (or grabbing a knife from her food tray) against her rapist (who likely sleeps next to her after he's done raping her), uses it to.... pick a lock? And then just walks out in broad daylight in front of her rapist's men, expecting not to be caught. This works until it doesn't.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • As of the latest installment, is making close friends, has figured out a way to draw all the power players in the Vale to the same location, is charming Harry the Heir and all the Vale lords, eating lemon cakes, dancing, eavesdropping on Littlefinger's conversations, and caring for a sick kid.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • As of the latest installment, is (kind of?) rescued by a man when he kills her husband's mistress, grabs her, and they jump off a wall. This is after weeks of being locked in a room where she is raped and beaten nightly and spending some time in a tower.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • All this happens ages 11-13
  • Show!Sansa:
  • All this happens ages 13-15.
  • Game of Thrones defenders and creators:
  • The Sansa of the show is smarter, stronger, more likable, and more active. She's actually started to play the game. We wanted to make her more empowered. This seasons especially was all about her taking action and putting the skills she's learned to good use, no longer being a bystander who sits around and weeps but actually being a player. This Sansa is no weak little girl!
  • Me:
  • Yeah, I can totally see how people think this is a progressive show that makes the "weak, passive, stupid, mean-spirited, shallow" Sansa of the books a more likable, resourceful, intelligent, empowered, and stronger character. Look how much better she plays the game! Look how likable they've made her! Look at that black dress! Yes, this show DEFINITELY improved upon the source material and gave us a far more feminist and empowering storyline. The show gives us a Sansa who can FINALLY play the game! This is the Sansa who knows what she's doing, who is a REAL player, who isn't some weak, shallow, stupid damsel in distress. I'm so glad they went in this direction, it's so much more empowering! Yay! A Sansa who is finally learning and taking on a cool and active story!