she doesn't think anyone can hear her

The RFA Members and shit talking
  • Jumin: will outrightly talk shit in front of you. sometimes won't know it's a bad thing. comebacks are savage af
  • Zen: he'll only talk shit if you do it first. or if you're jumin "trust fund" han. comebacks are weak but with so much heart
  • Seven: will do it obscurely and will probably turn it into a meme. comebacks are probably only stuff he understands so its funnier to him
  • Jaehee: ain't got time nor energy to shit talk. will only do it if she's drunk. when she does she's brutal. poor bean she needs to rest for a year she's so tired
  • Yoosung: won't say it your actual face but will say it with you in the room. he'll make sure his back is facing you before doing it. comebacks are spoken while stuttering and hesitant but turn out to be savage af, sometimes more savage than jumin's
  • MC: mc don't give a fuck 'bout y'all feelings. she'll roast anyone and won't think twice about it.
  • BONUS:
  • V: sweet cinnamon roll, too pure for this world, can't shit talk for days. tries once and the rfa comforts him because he doesn't understand why roasting is a thing why can't people be nice to each other
  • Unknown: won't shit talk at all. will just fuck you up and move on, he got shit to do
  • Rika: can't shit talk when you're six feet under, now, can you? but assuming she's a ghost, she'll be constantly roasting the boys. only the boys. jaehee does nothing wrong. only V can hear her. he's so tired too