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i think the narrative should explore the fact that clary is valentine’s daughter.

by which i mean - clary is dangerously charismatic. even alec, who hated her and has been forced to pick up after her, becomes close to her in the end. clary has stomped on every tradition and rule he was raised with, endangered countless lives - but still in the end he forgives, thanks her for saving isabelle’s life when she’s the one who endangered it.

maybe it is jocelyn’s daughter that saves the little mage child. but it is valentines daughter that went marching to magnus’s in the first place. jocelyn went to magnus when she was ready to hide - clary went to him when she was ready to fight. and when she brings the vampires and werewolves together - that type of leadership and manipulation is valentine. jocelyn helped save the downworlders by running from valentine and stealing the cup - clary doesn’t run. from the beginning she doesn’t run.

she fights, but not alone. she draws people to her, like moths to a flame. even meliorn is impressed by her, grants her a favor he’s granted no other. she negotiates with vampires, with simon’s help yes, but on her own.

and speaking of simon - valentine turned his best friend into a werewolf, and clary turned hers into a vampire. granted he was trying to kill luke and clary was trying to save simon, but still. jocelyn left luke wounded in a barn to make his choice, but clary made simon’s choice for him.

valentine and clary act - jocelyn only ever reacts. jocelyn may be a fighter, but she’s not a leader. she’s a soldier. luke is a soldier. but valentine and clary are smart enough and charming enough and ruthless enough to be generals. clary is always convinced she’s doing the right thing - even when lives are in danger and people are getting hurt she thinks she’s making the best choice for everyone. and she can usually convince most of everyone that she’s right. this is dangerous.

she’s not the same kind of leader that valentine is now. valentine is hard and violent and makes you walk over coals for his approval. but once upon a time he did what clary did - was kind and charismatic and told people that he knew what was right, that by listening to him they would be saving the world. clary has been in this world a couple of months and already she draws her inner circle around her, already she has allies that no one else has ever had before.

people are right to be wary of clary for being valentine’s daughter, but not for the reasons they think. clary will die before she joins her father, but she has the potential to succeed where her father failed. clary doesn’t like the clave, doesn’t agree with the clave, and she is valentine’s daughter more than she is jocelyns. those who knew valentine must see all his best and most terrifying qualities shining out in her. she may succeed where her father failed, and if she decides the clave is doing more harm than good - what’s to stop her in leading her allies in tearing it to the ground?

she is joan of arc, she is julias caesar. people believe in her, are willing to fight and die with their worst enemies for her, break oaths to their queen for her.

the only way to get rid of people like her is to stab her 52 times in the senate or burn her in a holy fire. but then she becomes a martyr and then shes more dangerous dead than alive.

there is someone in the clave who’s seeing clary and is seething, panicking, because this little girl is her father’s daughter, and she has the potential to amass an army that will destroy them all.

clary is valentine’s daughter.

her enemies should fear her - including valentine himself.


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from the thirty seconds I’ve seen of Rachel Bloom’s Superfriends song, I feel like it was at least partially inspired by Friendship from Anything Goes. 

What with the parallels between sticking “ship” on the end of words that…don’t work so that they can rhyme with “friendship”. Blendship in the case of Friendship, and end-ship in the Superfriends song.

Also they’re both duets about being pals in locales that look like the 1920s featuring TAP DANCING. One’s just…about pals with superpowers.


“If it were the old me, I would never had met him.“


Do I know you?

@allkindsoffandomshere some of the souls fav monsters!!! (that aren’t asriel bc that’s cheating) :’D

Headcanon : Sasuke that I always think he'd be before Sarada.

Sasuke seems so cool, silent and distant outside even when he’s walking beside Sakura.

He doesn’t speak much, sometimes he just naturally holds her shoulder, bends over slightly to hear her better, puts a hand on her back to gesture her on something, puts a coat over her when it’s windy, holds the door or grocery bags for her. Everything mostly in silence, while Sakura doesn’t mind one bit and speaks cheerfully most of the time.

However when there are only two of them at home, Sasuke just sticks close to Sakura. He talks a little more, but still not much. His favourite is snuggling into her bosom or neck every possible second with big arms holding her tightly. Sometimes Sakura finds it a little difficult doing her housework with Sasuke being glued to her body.

Surprisingly, without any confirmation sound from him, Sakura comes to realise that Sasuke likes being spoiled by her. Like let her wash his hair, blow-dry it later (while still burying his head on her lap), hug him and stroke his back. He loves having her slender yet warm arms circling around his broad shoulders, her chin on the top of his head, while he slowly takes in her scent on her collar and fluffy chest where her heart lays.

He feels comfortable being surrounded by her, by her softness, her warmth and her peace. He feels protected, by something unseen, that he seems to forget for too long. Like it’s okay to relax, set loose to your usually tense muscles, it’s okay to be free from any worry or even thinking. You’re protected. She’s here covering for you. She won’t let anything hurt you, anymore. As much as how he’s gonna protect her with all his might once they’re out there.

But here, she’s his guardian instead. That’s why drowning in her warmth, snuggling to her heart and heat are so right to him. They all deliver to him the same message.

“It’s okay to be happy.”

She’s his happiness. He will never let go. Even if some days she decides to leave (that he knows is not gonna happen anyway), he won’t let her. He never let her. She’s his. Only his. His everything.

Without her, his world will fall down again.

That’s why he’s gonna cuddle in her lap like this anytime possible. Forever. This is his place and no one else can take it from him, even her.

Sasuke likes being spoiled by Sakura. And Sakura of course, like spoiling her Uchiha too.

He hardly says anything at all, but she understands everything he wants.

(Nevertheless, when Sarada is born, Sasuke surely has a hard time sharing his favourite spot.

But he compromises, when Sakura, blushing hard like a cute tomato, whispers to his ear, promises some “more attractive” treatments to him every night.)

It might have been a bad dream

A memory you’d never want to recall

Someone was unkind to you

It could have been me


westallen appreciation week: day two
favorite moment

Now stop ruining Iris’ love life and go!

we talk about brittnee being a woman and a person of colour but i think there’s something special to say about her also being fat like… fat people never win big brother and are rarely taken seriously because they’re not “physically fit” and therefore not “real threats” but here we have brittnee breaking through that glass ceiling and arguably becoming the biggest player this season.


“…Sure, yeah, if I think of anything.”


I think that maybe if he doesn’t want to talk to you about his work, it’s probably because he wants to keep you in the light.

Can I just say that I disagree about Narcissa being friends with Harry post-war? Yes, she saved him, but that was purely to save Draco. Now, what she did was incredibly brave and amazing but I think that too often its mistaken for actual hidden emotion for Harry Potter. I don’t think their relationship would grow at all overtime and while maybe Harry would offer his thanks once or twice that’s the furthest it would go. Jo herself said that Narcissa and Lucius fought with their son on the way that he and his wife decided to raise their son so open mindedly, and Harry is even worse (he treats house elves as equals, saved a goblin, hated the whole pureblood status thing, etc.). Honestly a relationship between them just doesn’t seem to work for me.