she doesn't say anything about it

  • Man Overboard: I miss my girlfriend.
  • The Story So Far: I hate my girlfriend.
  • Neck Deep: I hate my girlfriend even more.
  • New Found Glory: I miss my girlfriend, but I love my friends.
  • Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!: My girlfriend doesn't realize the importance of having friends.
  • Motion City Soundtrack: I miss my girlfriend so I'm gonna self-medicate by drinking this bottle of Jack Daniels...
  • State Champs: My girlfriend doesn't know a damn thing about me.
  • Four Year Strong: Who cares if I don't have a girlfriend? I'm gonna rise up and prevail anyway, also where's the pizza?
  • Green Day: I really fucking hate the government, so I dumped my girlfriend.
  • All Time Low: I've lost track of how many girlfriends I've had in the past year, also I'm covered in bras for some reason.
  • Real Friends: My girlfriend didn't appreciate my sleepy eyes and bony knees, so she dumped me.
  • Saves The Day: I wrote a 600 word essay on why I can't get a girlfriend.
  • Say Anything: I wrote a 1200 word essay on why I can't get a girlfriend.
  • Brand New: I wrote my masters thesis on why I miss my girlfriend and can never get over her.
  • Yellowcard: My girlfriend gave me PTSD.
  • Joyce Manor: My girlfriend left me because I didn't last that long in bed.
  • Tigers Jaw: Man, fuck having a girlfriend, what's the point?
  • Sum 41: I act as if I don't want a girlfriend, but I'm secretly very lonely and dislike being single.
  • The Wonder Years: I don't have a girlfriend, but I really hate my town.
  • A Day To Remember: I hate my girlfriend AND my town.
  • Blink-182: I fucked ur girlfriend in the ass, lol.

every westallen scene ever (133/?)

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Logan Huntzberger stood up to his family in Season 5 because he wanted to be with Rory and they'd only been dating for a week. He stormed out of the house because they said Rory couldn't marry into their family. He then proceeded to date Rory for three years. They lived together and he proposed to her. Later, he also decided to walk away from the family business and get a career of his own. Logan was willing and able to do all of that 10 years ago. Why would he care what his family thinks about who is marrying now? He's 34 years old. And when we left him in Season 7, he had cut off all ties with his family. It doesn't follow that the man who loved Rory enough to give her anything she wanted wouldn't leave Odette to be with her because of the Huntzberger dynasty. How does that make sense? And why wouldn't Rory, who never had a problem asking Logan for what she wanted, say something? She asked him out. She told him she couldn't do casual dating anymore. She's always pushed to make their relationship what she wanted it to be, and she's somehow lost that ability at age 32? Why have both of these characters regressed so dramatically from where they were more than 10 years ago? And if it was going to be written that way, why do we have no insight into their thoughts and motivations? Why don't we know why Logan won't stand up to his family? Why don't we know why he's working for his father again? Why don't we know why Rory won't ask him to leave Odette? Did ASP forget how to write these characters? Could she really not suck it up and watch Season 7 so the characterization was consistent?
Character Rant #2

               I haven’t done one of these in a while and since I’ve got some time on my hands to really write out my thoughts about a character, here is what you’re stuck with. Just like my other one, I’m only going to talk about two problems that I’ve noticed with a character because let’s be honest, if I didn’t these things would be a mile long and even less coherent.

               The character I decided to write about this time is none other than Aelin! I’ve been reading Empire of Storms for the last week and let me tell you, I thought I hated her as much as my hating capacity could hate in Queen of Shadows. I was dead wrong. So very wrong. I wanted to throw my book whenever she was pissing me off, which was literally every minute. Let’s dive right into this and talk about the first reason this character is a terrible character!

  • She is literally a tyrannical ruler.

I get it. She’s queen and queens are supposed to be people who set laws and whatever. But Aelin is not a good ruler she is a tyrannical ruler who only wants everything her way and if she doesn’t get her way, she will do anything—anything—to ensure she does get her way.

I was utterly disgusted in Queen of Shadows when she self-inserted herself as queen when Dorian was passed out somewhere and then threatened everyone’s lives. “…If you cause one lick of trouble, I will find you and I will burn you.” (QoS, Pg. 585) She then made herself the ruler of the land and, without getting counsel from the actual king, went ahead and started making rules for the land just because she thought she knew best.  “Your slaves are now free people. If I catch you holding on to your slaves, if I hear a household keeping them captive, you are dead” (QOS, Pg. 586). I’m sorry, but who does she think she is just making rules for a kingdom she was planning to give back as soon as Dorian was awake and well? You don’t make these decisions, Aelin. You can’t self-insert yourself as their queen for a day, tell them you will give the throne back and then be like “Oh btw here are new rules for you to follow because I am queen.”  The whole point was for you to keep people from rioting. You’re adding even more tension by announcing that all slaves are free. You don’t make that decision! On a side note because someone is going to message me calling me a slavery support or something, I’m not a slave supporter, but what she did was extremely wrong because it helped in no way. She should have waited for Dorian to be awake to announce slavery was over or better yet, not bring it up herself. This was the first look of Tyrannical Aelin and I was not all about that.

Let’s move into EoS where she became even MORE of a tyrannical queen because seriously, I don’t know how anyone, fans and also antis don’t talk about how utterly scary this part was.

Aelin literally blackmailed Rolfe by bringing the valg to their shores and plainly gambling all the residents’ lives just because Rolfe told her he wouldn’t help her. And she tries to defend herself by saying “I told you, Rolfe, that Endovier taught me some things.” (EoS, Pg. 301) Like what? I’d think it would have taught you never to be like those people who locked you up. To not force people to do something they want no part in. Instead, it seems you learned that the slavers of Endovier knew how to get what they wanted. Also, the fact that she’s totally fine with innocent people just to blackmail Rolfe into helping her is just sickening. The only agenda she cares about is her own. Also, she is literally forcing the Mycenians to fight for her. She saved their butts and now they must repay her for doing so. If they don’t she’d probably burn them all alive. It will probably go down in their history books as the day they were blackmailed by the queen and manipulated.

What drives me even more insane is the page after that quote, you move to Dorian’s POV and he has no problem with her plan at all. He literally says this about Aelin: Aelin was insane, Dorian realized. Brillian and wicked, but insane. ( EoS Pg. 303) I’m sorry but what? You have no problem with any of this?!?! How?!?! She’s using people for her own plans and risking so many innocents just to make sure she gets her way. That is not a queenly thing at all. That is what I call a brat.

  • Aelin the liar/planner

This one pisses me the hell off.

You can’t read anything in this book when Aelin is in the conversation because you can’t believe anything the woman is saying. There’s a 75% chance she is lying because she has some grand master plan that she has had since the beginning that will happen and so everything this conversation is about is null and void because she’s already got everything worked out. I’m sorry to say, but plans don’t work like that. You can’t have a master grand plan that everyone is apart of but not tell anyone in the party about it. How do you even know person A, B, C, and D will do what you need in the plan without telling them of your plan? I mean seriously, the whole thing where Lysandra and her planned for Lysanda to learn how to turn into a sea creature by going to the temple was the plan. 

Not only that but Aelin lies to everyone, even me, the reader. She did it in QoS about the blood oath to Aedion. She does it to almost everyone else, too so that they don’t know what her full plan is. And to the reader, Sarah writes by talking about something so vague and then 10-20 chapters later she reveals that Aelin used this thing that was talked about 10-20 chapters before and it was super important to the plot and Aelin used it to plan a super complex plan that only she could know about and didn’t tell anyone else. It just makes her so untrustworthy. And, yes, I know the author hide things from readers and that’s fine. Great. I do it a few times in my own writing. But when you do it so much it turns into me reading and think to myself: “I know she’s lying. I know she’s planning something. I know this is not true. Ah, there’s the giant plan that I knew Aelin had thought of since the beginning. :D” and it just makes her such an unreliable person to read from because you don’t know if her thoughts are true or if they are false and if she’s planning something. It honestly makes me so angry!!

Hope you enjoyed this character rant.


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Can you do a Bucky x Reader about a librarian who helps the Winter Soldier learn about what he's missed since the War. He comes in so much that she starts to fall for him but doesn't want to compromise their librarian/patron relationship. So that leaves Bucky to use his old charm to win her heart. Sounds totally sappy I know.

buddy, i hope u know that im a hoe for sappy things :)

words: 1146

warnings: my garbage mouth, fluff is not my strong suit but neither is anything else whoop here we go, there’s also like three (3) whole dialogues in this rip

also, i didn’t completely “finish” this request so to say, i just kinda left it as an opening for possibility, im sorry

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If Haggar went by the name Honvera before the war, is it possible Lotor went by Sincline? If so, then it's possible Allura does know Lotor, but knew him as Sincline and just doesn't think they're the same person. Also she and Coran don't share information about the past unless it's immediately pressing, they didn't tell anyone about Zarkon, Haggar, or the original paladins until they had to. It's possible they wouldn't say anything about 'Sincline' if they thought he was dead and didn't matter.

I’ve considered the possibility Lotor wasn’t using the same name in the past.

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My Fake Boyfriend Part 3

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1664

Warnings: Angst, fuffly

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta. You rock.


credits to the gif owner

When you knock on the door all your family, literally all your family is there waiting for you. The first person you see is your oldest brother, he looks older since the last time you saw him and tired as well. 

Then you saw your parents, your father pulls you to a quick hug while your mother keeps you in her arms until she is sure that you are eating enough, drinking enough water and definitely okay in your city.

Your grandmother is the last one, she smiles bright at you and you swear that she doesn’t age. She is wearing a bright red dress and hands you a glass of wine “He is a much better choice than the last one, you did good, honey.” She raises her glass in a sign of approval, you hug her, you missed your family like crazy, but your grandmother was always the one that made that house feels like home, she was always the one who stayed by your side in fights.

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I really love the idea of Cass completely falling in love with dancing.  She was raised to think that her body is nothing but a weapon, and dancing teaches her that she can make something beautiful with it.  No matter what genre of music is playing, Cass has an uncanny ability to move with the beat in a way that can’t be taught.  You know that one person who hits the dance floor and everyone around them stops and watches in awe?  That’s her.  Ballet is one of her favorites because of its storytelling and its elegance, so unlike the sharpness of battles. Dances have all of the good aspects of fighting –the intensity, concentration, fluidity, adrenaline– without any of the bad.  Her movements aren’t being used to hurt, but to create.  

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UPDATE ON HAUNTED ARKHAM: We made Scarecrow sleep in 3033 because he doesn't get scared. He talked to bleeding eyes lady and says her name is Jeanie and she's looking for her husband but can't find him. I asked Crane what he did then and he said he didn't know what to say next so he started asking her stupid stuff like, "What's your favorite color?" So we don't know anything more about what's beyond the grave but we do know Scarecrow doesn't talk to women much. #OnlyInGotham #SheSaidGreen

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If Zuko and Katara had ended up together, Aang would obviously be hurt and jealous, how do you think this would affect Katara? She wouldn't do anything to hurt the kid, but she doesn't love him she loves Zuko, how do you think she would feel knowing that Aang is hurt because of this and also how do you think Zuko would support her and also deal with and talk to Aang?

Honestly, the show spent way too much time worrying about what Katara did and how Aang felt about it that I’m just going to say this: 

It’s not her job to care. 

She’s not his mother. She’s not his girlfriend. Yeah, she’s his friend, but if Aang can’t put aside his own jealousies and be happy for his friends, then I’m just not sure how good a friend he really is. 

And that’s the tea. 

So like, even if you don’t ship Supercorp and believe that Kara is actually straight, I don’t understand how anyone can not see Lena thristing after Kara. Like okay, arguably you can say Kara’s feelings are platonic. But there is no way in hell that Lena’s feelings are just platonic. Girl is always throwing hearteyes, gazing longly at Kara, and somehow always seems to have enough time in her extremely busy CEO day to go out to lunch with her reporter friend, Kara Danvers. 

Like I flat out don’t understand how people think Lena is actually straight. 

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My mum accepted me when I told her I like girls and she tries to be supportive but she also often says that she doesn't believe that I like girls. She comes up with all these reasons why she doesn't think I'm gay/bi (I haven't worked it out yet) and it makes me paranoid and I start questioning myself even though I know I shouldn't. Do you have any advice on how to talk to your parents about your sexuality and explain how some of the things they say offend you?

First of all, no one knows you better than you know yourself (even if you haven’t worked it all out yet). 

Words can be so damaging especially when they come from your primary support system and when you’re not feeling 100% confident in who you are, hearing anything but positive, uplifting language is HARD. 

Even though my parents have been AMAZING they both accidentally said things along the way that rocked my confidence. The best advice that I can give you is to be patient with her, sometimes people say things that they don’t understand the consequences of. Try to educate her, have conversations with her, keep sharing your feelings and together the two of you will find a mutual understanding of each other. 

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fem!reader has been married to Lena for years, the reader had an accident an lost her memories, she doesn't remember being marry to Lena. Lena is crushed and tries to help the reader to get her memories back because she can't live without her in her live

Originally posted by krzrl

I am so stressed about life right now and I probably shouldn’t be writing because I have so much to do, but I don’t want to be a disappointment so here. And I’m saying now this isn’t completely accurate to real amnesia. And I didn’t really do the whole Lena being crushed thing, oops.

P.S. How long does it take until people realize anything I write either has Merthur or Scholsen in when possible?

-Admin Lily

*Scholsen and Sanvers Warning*

Everything is… weird. You can’t open your eyes. You can vaguely hear people talking and things moving, but you can’t understand any of it. Your head hurts from trying to. Slowly, you start to understand what’s going on.

There’s someone next to you doing something to the equipment around you. There’s also a concerned sounding woman, a professional sounding voice, and other various voices occasionally pitching in. You shift on the bed, preparing to finally open your eyes. Everyone quiets and the group is asked to leave the room. They all do so quietly except for the first woman you heard. She quietly asks when she would be allowed back in, but the responder has no definite answer. She finally leaves the room after thanking them sadly, and for some weird reason it upsets you.

You move around a little while longer before opening your eyes. There are two women standing in front of you. One smiles and holds out her hand.

“I’m Dr. Long, and this is your nurse, Ms. Cutter. You’ve had everyone very worried, (Y/N),” she introduces herself and the nurse.

“I… what happened?” you ask, holding your head.

“Here,” the nurse quickly gives you a bottle of water. You drink slowly. The water is refreshing to your parched tongue.

“You have been in a coma for three days, (Y/N). You were brought in by your friends and family after an alien attack your… the building you were in.”

You frown, “I don’t remember that.”

Dr. Long shook her head and smiled sadly, “We were afraid of that. I have diagnosed you with traumatic amnesia. It should be temporary, but we’re not sure how long it will be or how far back you remember. Can you tell me what year it is?”

You think. It seems like you read a newspaper with the date…


Ms. Cutter looks shocked but quickly covers it. Dr. Long looks sullen.

“(Y/N), it’s 2017.”

Your eyes widen and you gasp.

“But, I- I don’t- I can’t-”

Ms. Cutter moves to your side and starts talking to you in a calm and steady voice.

“Hey, it’s all right. You’re fine, just take in the information. Hey, hey. It’s okay. You’re okay. Just calm down. Deep breaths, deep breaths.”

Once she is done, you feel like you can breathe again.

“How long will this last?” you ask, still taking deep breaths.

The doctor is patient, “We can’t tell for sure, but it is temporary. Your family and friends will be vital for your recovery. Many psychologists say things such as photographs, smells, and music can help regain your memory. Now, we need to speak about your… spouse.”

You notice the way she phrases it. Very carefully… like it was almost bad? You feel a forgotten surge of pride for your unknown spouse and wonder who it is.

“What do you remember about Lena Luthor?”

You think for a second and say, “Well, she’s the sister of Lex Luthor. She has a bad reputation, but she has never really done anything wrong. What does Lena Luthor have to do with my spouse?”

The nurse and doctor share a loom before Dr. Long says, “She is your spouse, (Y/N).”

You freeze and try to absorb this information. You married the sister of the world’s number one bad guy! You have never had anything against her, but… it was hard to picture. How did you even know her?

“We’re going to bring in some of your friends and family now. Don’t be alarmed when you don’t recognize them. Just wait,” the doctor gestures for the nurse to go bring the group that left earlier in.

A tall African-American walks in followed by a shorter man with brown hair. After him, a blonde with glasses, a brunette in black, and a brunette with a jacket and sneakers on come through the door. Finally, a stunning woman with black hair and blue eyes enters and your heart stops at the sight of her.

“You’re pretty,” you says dumbly as you stare.

The lady gives you a smile and says, “Thank you, dear.”

You look down. She just called you dear which meant…

“This is Lena Luthor, your wife, and these are your friends,” the nurse says and backs away.

As you are left staring in shock, the doctor says she has other patients to attend to, but she will be back soon. Ms. Cutter would stay in the room in case of any emergencies.

You close your eyes to think for a second and open them again. Lena Luthor was your wife and standing right in front of you. Yeah, this was too much to take in. You turn towards your friends to see if you could spot a familiar face.

“Winn!” you say, delighted. The short nerd with brown hair, of course you remember him! He immediately jumps towards you for a hug.

“I’m so happy you’re okay!” he shouts while hugging you.

You smile and hug back. Winn has been your best friend since high school. He just got you a job at Catco where you met…

“And Kara!” you exclaim, feeling happy you could remember your friends. Kara looks shocked for a moment, but it quickly morphs into happiness.

“I’m also happy you are okay, (Y/N).”

She gives you another hug and everyone looks excited at your remembrance. You look at the rest of them but falter.

You can’t place any other faces.

They see your distressed face and their faces sink back into grief. You feel terrible because you noticed how hopeful Lena looked, and it kills you inside that you destroyed that hope.

Ms. Cutter speaks up from the back of the room, “Your memory may not come back all at once or in order. It is good that by seeing one of your old friends you could identify some of your new ones. I don’t think it’ll take long at all before you’re good to go. I’ll take my leave now. Too many things to do.”

She leaves, and Winn and Kara step back sadly. Kara simply goes to stand by the brunettes and Winn goes to the man in the back. He smiles at Winn in a reassuring way. Winn smiles back before settling besides him. It only takes a few moments for their hands to gravitate towards each other.

“Are you two together?” you ask immediately. You were always perceptive and familiar with Winn being pansexual.

“Well… yeah. We had just recently told you before the… accident,” Winn says sheepishly.

“Yes,” the man besides him says, “I’m James Olsen, a photographer for Catco.”

“Oh, you took the famous Superman picture.”

Kara, Winn, and James are all grinning at you.

“What?” you ask.

“That’s what you said the first time we met,” the man answers, shaking his head.

There’s silence for a moment before Lena steps up. Now that she’s closer, you can see the tear tracks and puffy eyes she has. She must really love you. Your stomach twists in guilt for not remembering her.

“I’m Lena Luthor, your wife. I’ll be taking you home today, so you’ll just have to manage with no memories.”

It’s said with an air of indifference, but you know better.

“Princess, don’t be upset,” you say and then kiss her hand. Both of you freeze afterwards. You… didn’t mean to do that. It was just natural.

“That's… your nickname for me,” the brunette says, astonished.

“I guess it is,” you reply dumbly.

She laughs and smiles at you. It warms your heart.

After your moment with Lena, she excuses herself to make sure everything is ready for you to leave. You learn the other two in the room are Alex, Kara’s sister you do remember being mentioned but not meeting, and Maggie, her girlfriend.

Your friends try to tell you all about your life in the past few years, but it’s too much information. You have a headache by the time Lena comes to get you out.

You are now in her apart- sorry- your shared apartment. She has left you on the couch while she goes to get something made for dinner. You smell the familiar aroma of pizza cooking, and it reminds you of something. Familiar smells, sights, and sounds will help you remember. You let yourself be submerged in the scent, but all you can remember is flashes of pizza nights with your friends. Wait, no, that’s not right. That's…

“Game night!” you exclaim, eyes you weren’t aware of closing shooting open.

Lena comes barreling in from the kitchen and in front of you in a second.

“What, dear? What’s wrong? What about game night?”

You stare at her and start to feel silly.

“We… missed game night. It was yesterday. We always have game night with the boys, the girlfriends, and whomever Kara is considering at the moment.”

Lena smiles, “You remembered that? That’s so great honey!”

She gives you a peck on the lips before running into the kitchen again. ‘She doesn’t want to let the pizza burn,’ you think. ‘Like when…’

“I usually cook, don’t I?” you ask, trying to see if you remembered correctly.

“What do you mean?” Lena asks.

“You burn almost everything you cook,” you say, trying not to giggle at the memories of her failed cooking popping up in your head.

The brunette sighs and throws her hands into the air. “Of course you would remember that!”

You both laugh and… you can’t help feeling this is right.

After dinner, you and Lena decide it’s been a long day and head to bed… which Lena has to show you where it is.

“This is a little awkward,” Lena says. “We usually sleep together, but I’ll just grab my stuff and go to the guest bedroom.”

She quickly gets her things and leaves. Before exiting, though, she stops in the doorway and seems to be waiting for something. She keeps waiting until she suddenly realizes nothing is going to happen. Her face looks like her hopes have just been crushed and you don’t realize what had happened until she leaves.

She wanted a goodnight kiss. The one you give her every night accompanied by “my princess”.

God, this feels horrible.

You wander around the room, looking at framed photos and trinkets that lie around. You stop by a certain picture. It’s a portrait of you and Lena on your wedding day. She is smiling widely at the camera while you look at her. You can see your eyes hold love in them. Why can’t you remember?

You finally stop wandering and find some night clothes. You slip them on and climb into bed. It’s so big, too big actually. At least for one person. You toss and turn before you find a pillow with a familiar scent. ‘Lena’ you think before falling asleep.


You’re standing next to Kara. She has brought you to meet her new friend, Lena Luthor. She has told you since the Luthor has a bad reputation, she will need some friends and you would be perfect. You had agreed, wanting to judge Lena yourself before letting papers or media do it for you. (Ironic since you work for a media company.)

You two are waiting on the lady in her office. You had arrived at a bad time. She was in a meeting with one of her big business partners she could not miss. You and Kara chat before a door flies open.

“I CANNOT BELIEVE HIM! THE NERVE!” a beautiful woman says as she enters the office.

She huffs and sits down at her desk grumpily, and you can’t help but to check her out. She’s cute. After a few seconds of what seems to be her composing herself, she looks up.

Her face immediately changes to a smile, “Kara!”

“Lena!” Kara shouts in reply and hugs her.

When they part, Kara gestures to you and you move closer.

“This is (Y/N), (Y/N) this is Ms. Lena Luthor.”

The brunette smiles brightly at you as you shake her hand.

“It’s nice to meet you.”


She’s not here. She’s not here yet. Where is she? Is she coming? Maybe she decided not to.

You fidget in your seat of the restaurant you planned to meet Lena in. You had recently asked her out and she had agreed. You only wait another couple of nervous minutes before Lena arrives.

“Hello,” she says as she sits down and looks around, “Lovely little place, isn’t it?”

You blush. You hadn’t thought to take Lena out somewhere fancy for a first date, so instead you had it at your favorite little café.

“Yeah, I come here every morning,” you say, looking down and feeling embarrassed by your choice of setting.

“Hey, don’t be like that. I meant it. It’s feels nice and cozy in here,” the brunette says seriously.

You meet her eyes and she smiles.

“I don’t want anything special, (Y/N). Just yourself will be fine.”


“What are you doing?” Lena says laughing as you run down the beach with her.

She had to go to South Carolina for some important business meeting and you got to come with as her plus one. The meeting was now over, of course, but you had wanted to go to the beach and made Lena take you.

“Come on,” you shout, “I want the perfect view of the sunset.”

It had to be perfect. It had to be. This was it. The big moment.

You pulled Lena along the beach until you stop at a picnic basket. The brunette looks confused.

“How did you-” “I have my ways.”

You wriggle your eyebrows up and down. You’d have to pay Kara back later.

“Eat, hon. Watch the sunset,” you urge and make Lena sit. She does and you start to eat with her.

You’ve packed her favorite foods and she notices. She raises an eyebrow at you.

“What did you do? Something bad?”

You shake your head. You’re almost physically shaking from nerves now. You have to do this soon. You stand and take a deep breath.

Then you get on one knee and take out a ring.

Lena’s eyes widen and she starts to say something before stopping. You’re thankful, you don’t think you can do this if you’re interrupted.

“Lena Luthor, we have been dating for a while now, and it has made me the happiest human being on the planet Earth. You deserve so much.more than me. You’re a princess and compared to you, I am nothing. But, it would be the greatest honor, if you would take this ring and marry me.”

She’s crying. Oh my gosh, she is really crying. You are too, you realize. She nods yes but is still crying. You smile at her and pull her in for a sloppy kiss.


You wake up. You remember. Oh my gosh, you remember. You remember meeting the infamous Lena Luthor and asking her out and loving her. You remember the way she looks after a long night, with tangled hair and red lips.

It seems she is even more beautiful now that you call recall every moment you’ve shared with her. Oh, it must have hurt her to watch you. To see you and not be able to touch. You would have gone insane if it had been switched…

You needed to see her.

You get up and throw off the covers, not caring about the mess or how you look. You run to the guest room and enter.

There she is in all of her blazing glory. Your wife, your love. You jump on her and start kissing, not being able to get enough. She wakes up quickly and kisses you back before pushing you off.

“You haven’t brushed your teeth yet, have you?” she asks, grimacing.

You laugh. Of course, that’s the first thing she thinks of after you get your memories back. She suddenly seems to realize what’s going on.

“You have your memories back!”

You nod, happy.

“All of them?’ she asks, sounding concerned. You just smile and creep in closer to her lips.

“All of them,” you whisper before putting your lips on hers.

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tbh I'm more embarrassed for Eleanor than anything. The fact that it says she works for TH but skipped their event to be with a guy is quite sad and makes her look like she doesn't take her career seriously. Good luck getting deals once this shame is over again.

Yeah, I’m not sure why anyone would want the image of someone who is unreliable and doesn’t give a shit about their job, but then again, Eleanor made it clear years ago that she prefers bearding to building her name by actually working hard, so I won’t pretend to be surprised that she’s doing it again.

  • Nino: Alya, stick with Lila. Make sure she doesn't say anything insane. Or steal anything.
  • Lila: [holding up a bag of stolen goods] Too late.
  • Nino:
  • Alya:
  • Marinette:
  • Lila: Don't worry, it's just like hats and scarves and stuff.
  • Alya: She will put those back. I'll handle the chitchat.
  • ---
  • Marinette: Aren't you supposed to be babysitting Lila?
  • Alya: Doesn't need my help. She's over there, dazzling some psychologists.
  • Lila: All men are at least 30% attracted to me.
  • Lila: My mother cried the day I was born, Because she knew she would never be better than me.
  • Lila: At any given moment, I'm thinking about one thing: Richard Dreyfuss hunkered over eating dog food.
  • Lila: I feel like I'm the Paris of people.
  • Psychologist: Complete overlap of Ego and Id. It's been theorised, but I never thought I'd see it.
  • Lila: I'm exquisite.
  • Alya: [laughs]
  • Marinette: ...
  • ---
  • Adrien: Lila has brought back all the silverware that she stole from the house.
  • Madame Agreste: What?
  • Alya: Also, this clock.
  • Madame Agreste: Good heavens.
  • Gabriel: This isn't ours.

Well, since Joanna was the one to get over excited about this gif with another gif and as a thank you for all the pain she caused with ever after and the watchtower why not hurt her a bit?. 

have some pain! @superhappybubbleslove

Her heart beats loudly in her ears, overtaking the gentle music playing in the background, the ballroom is decorated with beige wall-length curtains and torches lining the upper part of the walls, making her entire vision blurred and melting gold. She hands her shawl at the request of one of the servants at the wide doors, exposing her shoulders to the chill late-night air and she steps in, the clicking of her heels muted by low chatter.

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Do we know anything about the backstory of Jenna? We know she's suffering because she said "I make it my business to know everyone's business. Does anyone want to know mine?" In pitiful children but she doesn't say anything else (unless I overlooked the poor bean)

YA i mentioned this a while ago….she’s invested in everyone’s business bc she considers it important but no one cares abt what’s going on in her life so you can take from that that she’s lonely

plus her character desc has her as “not one of the cool kids but desperately wishes she were” so you can also toss in that she feels both lonely and uninvolved but her backstory doesn’t go any farther beyond that

she’s a lonely girl, y'know…….she just wants proper attention & validation from ppl and for ppl to care abt what she says and the things she does :’(

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Okkkkkkkk how about the RFA reacting to mc not wanting them to pay for her for anything. What I mean is she's pretty poor but doesn't want to be a burden so she tries to pay for everything herself

Hey anon!  

I tried my best, so I hope you like it! Just let me know if you wanted V’s reaction as well ;)


  • he understands
  • he’s a college boy with no job, so he doesn’t have much money himself
  • and he knows what she means when she says she doesn’t want to be a burden
  • so when the two of them decide to eat out, he agrees to let her pay her part
  • when she moves in with him, he even lets her pay half of the rent
  • however, whenever he sees her looking at something she likes but can’t afford, he takes notes
  • guess who’s gonna receive that for their birthday?
  • or maybe christmas?
  • yes, you, MC


  • “MC, no”
  • “I’m your boyfriend, I’m supposed to pay for you”
  • “but I want to”
  • Zen please
  • he tries really hard to respect her will
  • but sometimes he just can’t help it
  • he needs to buy something for her, in order not to feel completely useless
  • so he buys her a ticket for his new musical
  • he refuses to let her pay for it
  • “But Zen, I want to pay you back!”
  • “You can do that when we come back home, babe”
  • are you suggesting sex as a currency, Zen? because i’m all for it


  • he doesn’t get it
  • i mean, MC, he wants to spoil you
  • but you wouldn’t let him
  • why??
  • MC actually has to explain him why
  • “What do you mean you don’t want to be a burden? MC, you’re not a burden!”
  • “MC, let me buy you dinner”
  • “MC please”
  • and so MC agrees to let him buy her dinner
  • as long as he promises that he’ll always ask before buying her anything
  • expecially clothes
  • so i guess that really nice dress you saw has to wait, Jumin
  • however, he can’t keep his promise
  • so one day he just comes home with what seems a very expensive necklace
  • the one MC saw when they went out together
  • “It was meant to be a surprise” he explains
  • MC can’t even get mad at him
  • no one could


  • she’s very sympathetic
  • she understands why MC doesn’t want to be a burden
  • so she reassures her many many times
  • she makes sure to let her know that she’s okay with MC paying for herself
  • but she also says that she would like to buy her something, sometimes
  • so they decide to pay for eachother
  • this one time, Jaehee is paying for MC
  • another time MC is the one paying for Jaehee
  • other times, they just split the cost
  • that way, MC is happy
  • Jaehee is happy
  • everyone is happy


  • just like Jumin, he doesn’t get it at first
  • you’re his girlfriend, he wants to spoil you
  • just enjoy it, MC!
  • but then MC explains why she doesn’t want him to pay for her
  • “You don’t want to be a burden? MC, you already are!” he says, jokingly
  • he almost gets slapped in the face
  • he decides to respect her will, though
  • when she moves in with him, he lets her shop for groceries and pay for it, since she can’t pay any rent
  • however, he likes to surprise her with little gifts
  • MC saw a book she liked? He buys it for her
  • MC was talking about a movie she wanted to see? He buys a ticket for her
  • he buys all those little things MC might like but are not necessary
  • he tries not to make her feel as if she’s a burden
  • he always asks before buying anything expensive
  • “MC is it okay if i buy it for you?”
  • if she says yes, he’ll buy it
  • if she say no, he won’t

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this news and it’s impact isn’t about whether or not you ship bumbleby its about rooster teeth blatantly queerbaiting the people who do ship it and the lgbt fans they promised representation. that song was basically a we hear you, a this is coming, a possibility for there to be a lesbian couple on this show and to have arryn zech come out and say that she had no idea it was going to be on the album, nor the crew is a big fucking deal and honestly? i’m extremely disappointed.

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i want to say something i feel really strongly about. tobin goes about being her awesome self, donating stuff, giving free camp seats to kids who can't afford, buying soccer gear for people, and we don't know what else. we only know because someone posts about it on sm. she doesn't say anything, she doesn't ask for much. this is why i respect her so much. just do good, don't have to tell the whole world about it. i love her more and more every day.