she doesn't owe it to either of them to choose them

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You know what I love about Lucas? He doesn't love Riley Matthews in spite of her being a goofball klutz who loves rainbows and unicorns. He loves her and finds her adorable because of those things. What do you love about Lucas?

So many things, anon!

I love how protective he is of his friends. And that he not only wants to protect them from physical harm, but from mistreatment of any kind, and from things that cause them disappointment or unhappiness. I love that he’s sort of decreed himself their unofficial protector.

I love that he doesn’t get caught up in labels and status-type things in his choice of friends. As an athlete/jock you might expect him to be something like Billy Ross and want to just hang out with the members of his team or other athletic types. Farkle (and Riley and Maya too) isn’t really someone you’d expect him to choose to become best friends with, but he did, and he stood strong in that choice even when Billy questioned it and made it seem weird. He stands up for those he believes in and in his own choices.

I love that he’s overcome a troubled past, and works hard not to be the person he used to be. So hard that he ‘never does anything’ and he ‘can’t help himself’ when it comes to telling the truth. He’s young to be struggling with anger issues, but he’s managing well, and I love that Riley has played the part of a calming influence on him and has been a big part of who he’s come to be.

I love that he’s willing to slay Riley’s dragons, even if it means allowing that part of himself he’s not proud of full reign again. And that when Riley refuses his offer to do so, he complies with her wishes, and stands behind her in support instead, as she deals with her own dragons.

I love that he respects Riley and her dad so much that he asked Cory’s permission just to take her on a date.

I love that he was awestruck in the first moment he saw Riley on their first date, and that he told her it would be a moment he would remember forever.

I love that he has such a deep understanding of how much Riley’s friendship with Maya means to her, and how he supports Riley in that. So much so that he was willing to cut short their date so she could go comfort her best friend. And also so much that he doesn’t want to come between them by making a choice in the triangle situation and possibly damaging their relationship. It may end up prolonging the situation, but I love that that’s of concern to him.

I love that he has faith in God.

I love that his integrity isn’t for sale (except when they owe his mama $100 for the start-up she gave to his muffin company), and that he’s humble enough to admit when he’s wrong and to do what he can to make things right again. And when it earns him a hahurr in the face, I love that he just laughingly admits he had that coming.

I love that helping to bring a baby horse into the world made him want to be a veterinarian.

I love that he’d sit himself in a tiny chair and genuinely listen to a six year old Auggie when he tells him that he’s not happy Riley wants another brother and that he better not hurt his sister. And that he calls Auggie ‘sir’.

I love his smile. And the fact that he seems to smile the brightest when it’s because of Riley.

I love that even though his looks have surely garnered him lots of attention from girls over the years, and even though he’s completely self-confident most of the time, he still gets a little bit shy and nervous sometimes when he’s one on one with Riley.

I love that he learned you shouldn’t take people and the things they do for you for granted. And he was willing to learn that from the school janitor. And that Harley became someone he looks up to.

I love that he wants to be called Mad Dog.

I love that he’s often the voice of reason, pulling his friends back and keeping them true to themselves when they start to spiral out of control in response to something that’s happened.

I love that the one thing guaranteed to make him lose his cool is jealousy over Riley.

I love that even though he was basically letting Riley call the shots in terms of their relationship (even when what she said she wanted was the complete opposite of what he wanted) he refused to be her brother. And he felt the need to tell her that while she was on her date with Charlie.

I love that he’s romantic. He crowned Riley a princess, rode away with her on a white horse, got her parents’ consent to date her, and promised her a special moment when the right time came. He didn’t allow peer pressure to push them together when they weren’t ready, but he didn’t date anyone else either because, even though they’d decided not to label their relationship, he still considered them to be an unofficial 'thing’. He was waiting for her. And when she derailed everything by announcing she liked him like a brother and Maya had feelings for him, he tried to abide by her wishes. Even if it wasn’t entirely what he wanted to do.

I love that he’s selfless like that. 'He’d do anything for his friends’.

I love that though everyone may see him as ‘Mr. Perfect’ he doesn’t let their perception of him define him. He knows he has flaws and skeletons in his closet, but he’s not letting those define him either. His friends know who he really is and that’s what matters to him most.

This got really long, but I could probably still keep going. These are just some of the many, many things I love about Lucas Friar.