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My coffee shop is in a bad neighbourhood.

365 days of Olicity: Day 1

My commission piece by @sometrashland of some half-naked Templars training in the courtyard. :D

So, uhhh…Rylen?” Barris started uncertainly as he swung his practice sword through the air in wide arcs.

“Yeah, Barris?” Rylen replied nonchalantly. He had watched the younger man’s face draw pensively in the same way that told him exactly what was coming next. After the last thousand questions Barris had asked about Rylen’s relationship with the Inquisitor, he could only smile and wait patiently for his next opportunity to embarrass the lad.

“How do…how do the horns…y’know…work?”



Verrrrry well.”

“Oh…” Just as desired, Barris flushed bright crimson.

“How did I manage to miss this sparring session?” Keram’s voice suddenly chimed from behind them.

Rylen spun to face his woman, his fingers already pulling through his hair, and after the appreciative rove of her eyes, he flashed her a wide smile.

Behind him, Barris emitted a high-pitched squeak that would put a nug to shame.

Ahhhh, EGADS! I love it! :D

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Headcanon: Whenever the Titans go on a long car trip, Beast Boy falls asleep on Raven's shoulder. She doesn't mind much, except sometimes when he drools.

YES. It’s funny because everyone notices it and never thinks to question it. But let’s be honest; Rae’s used to Gar’s drool. He’s slobbered all over as a dog when he’s licked her face. She deals with it. Although she is a bit disgusted…


I would give anything for a gifset paralleling Stan losing his bro and spending 30 years trying to save his sibling and Dipper losing his sis and spending 3 days fighting hell on earth to save his sibling

and the caption is the realization that made Dipper instantly forgive Stan for everything in NWHS:

“All this time you were just trying to save your brother. Grunkle Stan, I’m so sorry I didn’t believe you.”

“That’s alright, kid. I probably wouldn’t have believed me either.”

Imagine Hinata, Yachi and Kageyama snuggled up together in a blanket fort watching cheesy musicals all night long