she doesn't know what to do with him at all lmao

Reverse Crush AU: Animan

I have a headcanon that in Animan instead of Nino having a crush on Marinette, Alya would have a crush on Adrien. Just imagine it: Adrien is upset because he can’t ask Marinette out and Alya needs help to confess to him so Marinette goes to him and asks him if he wants to go to the zoo and Adrien’s like “omg omg she asked me out?!?!?” and then when he gets there later it’s not Marinette it’s… Alya? And that scene happens until Marinette says “Tell him I love you Adrien” and instead Alya says: “I like a guy and I don’t know how to tell” and Adrien’s all innocent and asks “who? Do I know him?” And she: “oh yeah” and Marinette says: “Say it’s you” and Alya’s like: It’s you… the first to know it’s your friend Nino. And everyone’s like: WHAT? And Adrien: “Wow that’s amazing I bet he would like to go out with you” and Nino says: No way dude! Alya’s awesome but she’s like a sister to me! And it goes on until the scene where they got trapped into that cage. And surprise surprise it’s Chat Noir who traps them!

I think the reason a lot of fans don’t like arzaylea is because luke hasn’t confirmed anything yet, and she’s out there subtweeting him constantly, posting pics of them together (which she later deletes, after millions of people have seen it), tagging him in stuff which he obviously isn’t going to see bc he gets millions of notifs a day, and she probably does it bc she knows it’ll come up in ppls notifs. She’s literally trying to make herself seem as involved with him as possible, and lukes not acknowledging it and I think that’s what a lot of us don’t like, the fact that she’s doing all she can to let people know about their “relationship” and luke isn’t, and it makes it seem like he isn’t happy or he thinks it’s something to hide ?? Which is probably the opposite of the truth but idk it’s just sketch and I love Luke I just hope he’s happy and that she’s a nice to him