she doesn't have the magic that the rest of her team does but she still can fight really well

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regina asking an oblivious emma out on a date whose like lol okay gal pal sure. she doesn't get it until like date four

They do dinner at one of the classier places in town to celebrate the one-month anniversary since Regina had kissed her forehead and lifted the Dark One’s curse. “Dress nicely. Don’t wear red. I’m wearing red,” Regina had ordered, and Emma had bobbed her head and not questioned why Regina had picked her up from her new apartment.

Honestly, she hadn’t thought she’d be going out to dinner at all for a long time after she’d turned Hook into a slug as the Dark One, so this kind of venue is pretty great. And she usually does dinner with Regina at Granny’s, and this is a nice change of pace, even if Henry hadn’t come along this time.

“You’re getting stingy in your old age, aren’t you?” she says when they’re seated. There are more whispers than usual directed toward them tonight, and Emma narrows her eyes at some of the commentators. Maybe it’s the dress. “Henry wasn’t invited?”

“I think we can manage some things without Henry by now,” Regina hums, a soft kind of smile on her face that has Emma flushing and glancing at Regina through her eyelashes. She’s especially stunning tonight in a one-shoulder number that’s baring just enough of her cleavage that it takes extra effort for Emma to behave tonight. Emma swallows and stares down at her meal instead, warm and breathless at Regina’s…well, everything.

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