she doesn't have crush on him

Is Kara in love with Mon-El?

So, I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I’ve come to the conclusion that she is not. And it’s not just wishful thinking and/or because I can’t stand him. There are actual clues in canon that show that Kara is not in love with her boyfriend. Here’s why:

Exhibit A

The way Kara acts around her love interests. She gets flustered, blushes a lot, acts awkward around them. 

around James:

around Adam:

around Mon-El: error 404 example not found. I can’t recall a single Karamel scene where Kara acts like this.

Bonus: around Lena:

Exhibit B

The trope that a love interest watches and looks at their crush dreamily as they leave.


I know that Mon-El looked at Kara like this at least once too, but I’m really not in the mood to gif him so I’m gonna skip that since that’s not the point of this post. The point is to show that Kara is not in love with Mon-El, not vice versa.

But another person also looked at her like this, and even received this look from Kara herself in the latest Supergirl episode…

Exhibit C

These are actual quotes that Kara said about/to Mon-El:

  • “You are so selfish!”
  • “You are still the same macho egotistical Daxamite!”
  • “It’s not just the jealousy. It’s the patronizing ego thing.”
  • “Well, the first bit about your infuriating male ego, that part I meant.”
  • “More like you’re an arrogant dude-bro.”
  • “I can handle Mxyzptlk, but it’s Mon-El who’s infuriating.”

She’s never said things like these to James, and definitely not as excessively as she’s complaining about Mon-El. On the contrary, she said “You make me better.”

Another bonus; things she said about/to Lena:

  • “Kara Danvers believes in you.”
  • “I believe in her.”
  • “You are too good and too smart to follow in her path.”
  • “Now you have someone that will stand up for you, always.”

Exhibit D

This is Kara’s reaction when Mon-El first tells her about his feelings for her:

Exhibit E

This is Kara’s reaction when Mon-El says “I love you” for the first time:

In conclusion: I honestly don’t believe for a second that Kara has feelings for Mon-El. The most logical explanation is that she felt obligated to give Mon-El a chance because that’s what everyone told her to do or that she felt lonely and Mon-El knew what it’s like to lose a planet.
We know how Kara behaves around the person she’s crushing on. There are patterns. And we can’t see any of these patterns when Kara is around Mon-El. Besides the occasional kiss and “I’m happy” she doesn’t show any signs of having feelings for him. They haven’t even gone on any dates, not counting the one she took him on to “save” Lena.

Meanwhile @ CatCo:

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Feel free to comment and/or add more.


you didn’t have to do that! you already have permission.
i– yeah, no, i didn’t have to, uh…i just wanted to.

Peridot is anything but common

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Fem!S/o having a crush on Prompto and is really nervous to tell him because they are really good friends and she doesn't want to ruin the good relationship they have but can't help falling for him everyday.


The expression on his face said it all.

You shouldn’t have said anything. You panicked––after finding him like that, bound at his hands and feet to that device, you almost broke down then and there. When the others got him free and he dropped to the ground, you collapsed at his side and pulled him into your arms.

He gripped you so tightly that you weren’t sure if he knew you were real or not. You whispered into his ear that everything was going to be okay, that he was safe, that nothing bad was going to happen to him again.

Prompto had just admitted his deepest, darkest secret––the truth about his past, had exposed the one thing that he’d always been fearful of. And maybe that had made you bold, maybe you thought he would understand. But you looked at his stunned face now, and immediately regretted the words as they passed your lips.

“I’m in love with you.”

You shook your head, turning from him to walk away. 

“Never mind,” you whispered, barely audible. “Forget I said anything.”

A hand on your wrist stopped you. “Wait.”

Your blood ran cold, your pulse pounding in your ears. You tried to tug your arm out of his grip.

“It’s fine, Prompto,” you said quietly, trying to keep the tears welling in your eyes at bay. “I didn’t mean it. I don’t want to ruin our friendship with a stupid crush, so just drop it, alright? Let’s just go, we have to find Ardyn and––”

Prompto pulled you back, and spun you to face him before claiming your lips in a gentle kiss. You squeaked in surprise as one of his hands came to cup your cheek, the other holding you steady at your waist. It took you a second to respond to his kiss, melting against his touch.

He pulled away, his fingers trembling, his breath shaky.

“After knowing what I am,” he mumbled, his thumb running across your lower lip. “After finding out this secret that I can’t take back, this past I can’t escape…I need to know if you really mean it.”

You searched his eyes. You were met with the clear blue you’d grown to know, the icy pools that you sank into to feel safe and protected. They were marred with worry and fear, and your heart tensed knowing that he had been hurt so badly.

“I love you, Prompto,” you promised, your hand reaching up touch the one that he held against your face. “Your past doesn’t change that. I love you.”

A tear slipped out of his eye and he surged forward to kiss you again. Your arms looped around his shoulders, pulling him tight against you. He shook ever so slightly in your grasp, as if he’d just woken up from an age-long nightmare and could finally breathe. You couldn’t help but let your tears fall as well, the bite of salt slipping past your lips and onto his tongue.

You pulled back and he kissed your tears away, you doing the same for him. You leaned for forehead against his as you both exhaled, trying to calm your racing hearts.

“I love you too,” he said, breaking the quiet. “I always have. Please believe me.”

You gave a nod, lifting his tattooed wrist up to your mouth. You kissed it gently before lacing his fingers with yours. “I believe you.”

But have you considered a onesided kidge scenario where Pidge has a crush on Keith and tries really hard to hide it but she’s completely transparent. At one point Keith confronts her about it and she tases him with her bayard and runs away.

Gryffindor and Slytherin: One Crush...two houses
  • Gryffindor: Give it up, Sly. It's obvious she doesn't have feelings for you. Who'd date a slimy snake? I wouldn't *gryffindor friend laughs*
  • Slytherin: Very funny, Gryf. But we all know she wants someone fun and dirty. Someone like me. You're Mr.Frat boy, I'm Mr.Bad Boy *Slytherin friend high fives*
  • Gryffindor: *sticks out tongue*
  • Hufflepuff: *walks by*
  • Gryffindor: *suddenly sweaty* H-hi! Hufflepuff?! Hi!
  • Hufflepuff: Huh? Oh..hi! *Slytherin smiling rosy-cheeked behind clammy Gryffindor*
  • Slytherin: Puff. How's your day been? Has it been going..good? I can make it g-
  • Gryffindor: don't pay attention to him. He's nothing but trouble
  • Hufflepuff: Er- *tightening grip on spell book*
  • Slytherin: Shut up! Sorry, Puff. He's just a dumb show off
  • Gryffindor: At least I have something to show off!
  • Hufflepuff: *smiles unsurely and walks away*
The Mystery Squad + Tumblr
  • Dirk: Blog is a Mess™. Reblogs every weird aesthetic post he comes across. Long ass description that tells you nothing about him at all. The colours of his theme clash so bad but he never changes them? Has a side blog where he posts updates about his cases and writes like 20000 words with no read more. Cats everywhere.
  • Todd: Runs a moderately successful comedy blog. Appears to have his shit together but does not have his shit together at all. Answers all his asks very sarcastically, gained at least a quarter of his followers from this alone. Master of writing self-degrading text posts that get mad numbers of notes. Also has a blog about bands where he posts videos of him covering songs. No one knows about this blog. (Everyone knows about this blog).
  • Farah: Feminism and guns. She reblogs every single self-defence post. Not very active but has a loyal band of followers. Dirk worships her blog for reasons kind of unknown to everyone. Causes Amanda to have a heart attack whenever she reblogs anything remotely gay.
  • Amanda: Queen of memes. Insanely active for long periods of time, then not active at all for like 3 days. Follows a bunch of wlw blogs in an attempt to curb her crush on Farah. It doesn't work. Has the kind of blog that has no quality content but is still a quality blog. She probably made her own theme, it took days because she doesn't exactly code often. It's the Best Theme of all of them. If any of them has a secret porn blog it's probably her.
  • Me: *thinks about Pearl, Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl being old friends on homeworld*
  • Me: *thinks about Yellow having a strong crush on Blue and Pearl rolling her eyes when she says she doesn't*
  • Me: *thinks about Yellow and Blue being shocked when Pearl decides to rebel*
  • Me: *thinks about Pearl asking Yellow and Blue to join the rebellion and them saying no*
  • Me: *thinks about Blue continuosly making holograms of the Renegade when she and Yellow are alone and questioning if they should have gone with her*
  • Me: *thinks about how they miss each other*
  • Me: *thinks about Pearl saying to Steven that she doesn't know Yellow, because it's been so much and she doesn't him to know what she left behind*
  • Me: *clutches chest* why do I love to suffer
Chocobros & astrology: headcanons
  • Prompto: checks his horoscope, his friends' horoscope, his partner's horoscopes, his partners' exes' horoscopes, etc. Also the most likely to look up his crush's birth chart online at 3 AM to see if they're romantically compatible.
  • Noctis: Doesn't care. Doesn't even know how many signs there are.
  • Ignis: Might occasionally listen to his horoscope if Prompto offers to read it to him. Believes it's all coincidence, but doesn't exactly have an overtly negative view of astrology. He does, however, pity people who put too much stock in it.
  • Gladiolus: Doesn't believe in astrology except for when it has to do with sex drive. "She's a scorpio bro"

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When I see reactions to Starcrushed, in the scene where Star tells her friends she doesn't have a crush on Marco and her Janna says "we believe you" a few reactors always say "they don't believe you". Do you think her friends knew Star had a crush on Marco? Because they seemed unimpressed when Star explained that she didn't like him. But they (except for Ponyhead) all looked shocked when Star confessed to Marco. What happened?

To be fair Pony Head is the first one, at first, who doesn’t buy Star’s story at all. In the following shot Janna has “who do you think you’re kidding” eyes as well, but that’s just after Star’s pathetic attempt at refuting the crush.

It’s also possible that all the girls suspected something, with varying degrees of certainity (would make sense for Janna and Pony to be the one suspecting it the most, since they also are the ones who know Star the best and usually hang out with her), but didn’t expect her to confess like that, outloud, in front of everyone, and Pony Head, being 100% ego, was too busy bragging about knowing it already to react with surprise.

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lil kid Sidon having a big ol' crush on Link but he knows that his big sis also has a crush on Link so he doesn't tell Link or anyone because he wants his sister to be happy. Sidon meets Mipha's spirit 100 years into the future and Mipha tells Sidon that she's okay if he tells Link he likes him bc she can tell Sidon is worried that he'll be disrespecting her memory if he tries to put a move on Link


Just, yes. One hundred percent, yessssssssss

Dude, just okay, but yes, this totally one hundred percent this but to extend upon it, if I may, Link tells Sidon that his sister’s spirit is atop Divine Beast Vah Ruta, that she’s going to be helping him take down Ganon. Link doesn’t really think twice about telling Sidon because like, he deserves to know but Sidon is like ‘dude, my sis is up there! And I can go up there too!’ 

So he makes his way up to the top of Vah Ruta where he finds Mipha’s spirit. And they share this super tender, heartfelt moment where they’re so happy to see one another. They have themselves a sit down and just talk to one another about what has happened since Calamity Ganon showed up and the Champions fell. Sidon knows he can’t stay forever, that he can’t remain with his sister because he has princely duties and what not so as the sun is setting, he has to go back 

As he getting ready to say good-bye, Mipha reaches out to him and tells him she knows how he feels about Link. And Sidon freezes up, unable to hide the immediate guilt that flashes across his face. He tries to brush it off, to tell Mipha he doesn’t know what she’s talking about, that he hadn’t re-realized the very strong crush he had on the Hylian Champion but Mipha smiles gently, slowly shakes her head and said that she’s always known. She honestly admits that she never thought anything would come of it but now she can see how serious Sidon is about it, how true and honest his feelings for Link are, and she wants Sidon to be honest with himself, to not hide his emotions because he thinks it will hurt her 

She tells him that she doesn’t have time left. That when Ganon is defeated, her duty will be fulfilled and she will be at peace so she wants Sidon to know that he won’t be disrespecting her, that he won’t hurt her if he decides to pursue Link because, more than anything, she wants both him and Link to be happy. She’s sad she never got a chance to tell Link how she truly felt so she doesn’t want Sidon to ever feel the same. If he truly loves Link, then he should express that to him. She makes Sidon promise to at least consider it before they bid farewell. 

Before Sidon leaves, she gently tells him to not come back. That it wasn’t healthy for them to meet again. Sidon is grief stricken but agrees and heads back to the Domain, where he proceeds to hold true to his promise and seriously thinks about his and Link’s relationship  

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Do you think Uma has feelings for Harry? In "Rise of the Isle of the Lost" Harry flirts with her a lot and it says she couldn't hurt his feelings and that it was "all part of the game of question and rejection they've played forever" so she doesn't. But that book takes place before the movie and in the movie he was crushing big time but I don't know how to interpret her actions towards him tho. Wdyt?

ok, so I personally have not read the third novel but I’m planning on doing so that way I’m able to form my opinions on the characters. When I try to research about it, many people share the same opinion - they do have feelings but uma is caught up on revenge so maybe she’s trying to not focus on love get in the way of her plans.

And that’s the vibe I honestly got when I first watched Descendants 2. It’s so obvious that harry is head over heels for uma but she’s really focused on beating mal. Personally, the isle is not a place to show weakness and I don’t think Uma would admit to anyone that she likes harry more than just a friend. Yet, she also makes it clear not to mess with him or else they’ll regret it. There is too much serious flirting / touching going on from the both of them (based on the movie), so I’m guessing she really does like him but let’s be real, she wants to leave the isle asap so she’s probably going to focus all her energy on escaping + taking the crew with her
than maybe afterwards deal with the dating issues later.

Orrrrr they’re both already dating and Uma is heavily focused on revenge because there’s no need to worry about sharing the same feelings when you’re in a relationship. (I like this theory the best lol).

We will just have to sadly wait and see for part 3 for any confirmation but I’m really rooting for Huma to work out because I’m tired of vanilla couples from Disney films. A villain couple would be iconic. ;)

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i have a crush on dil howlter. it pains me every single day to see him with tabitha casper, who probably only loves him for his porcelain pig, while i'm sitting here, alone in my room, forced to cope only by throwing darts at a picture of her. she doesn't deserve him. i cant believe this.

Why is Eliza Pancakes on my blog I didn’t even know she had a Tumblr

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This has been in my head for a long time, so here it goes. I have the 18th volume of the snk manga in spanish, and in ch 72 where it's stated that Hanji had a crush on Shardis it doesn't say that, it says that she just admired him. So which one is the correct translation?

Without knowing Japanese, I can’t say which is more accurate, but my personal belief is that Hange had a brief crush on Keith Shadis in the past. I say this because of Hange’s strong reaction to the accusation.

Rather than laugh it off, Hange says “SHUT YOUR STUPID MOUTH”, which tells me it’s a sensitive subject, and also probably a little bit embarrassing. Hange is normally more in control than this. In most situations where she is teased, Hange jokes back or ignores what’s said. (See basically every interaction Hange has with Levi as evidence of this.)

@julystorms wrote and excellent detailed post about this if you want to read more.

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Can I have scenario of Katsuki having a crush on a childhood fem friend but when they got on ua she fell in love with Kirishima and she asks Katsuki to help her out? She doesn't know that Katsuki has a crush on her... Thank u ;)

Here’s some more angst… I’m sorry I’ve only been delivering angst you guys. I promise I’ll change my ways soon.

“Kacchan… can I ask you something really important?” He watched as she slowly sat up, staring at him in such a way he wondered if she could really see into his soul.

“What’s up?” He asked as he put down the book he was reading and turned onto his side to meet eyes with her. It was just like any other day. Ever since she had gotten into U.A. a year after him, they had spent their time mostly studying together—always taking turns on whose room was going to be used and who was going to be providing the snacks.

“Ok, but… promise me you won’t laugh.”

They had been friends for so long that Bakugou knew something was up. He did his best to stop his mind from wandering. They had been friends for so long… Did she finally realize who it was that was always by her side? Always paying attention to her? Helping her out? Even if he did cut off one of her braids when she was younger… but that was when he didn’t even know how he felt about her.

“Why would I fucking laugh?” He smirked back at her. This had to be it. Why else would she look so shy? She bit the nail from her thumb, and the blonde knew she really was gathering her courage. He perked up even more, lifting himself on one arm as he kept staring at her impatiently. “Oh c’mon, [Name], just spit it out.” If there was one thing he was unhappy about, was that she had beat him to something again. He couldn’t help but remember how she was the only one that would match him toe to toe, starting in pre-kinder when she was the only one that was able to catch the dreaded wasp that had made its way into the classroom, scaring the teacher and even fearless Bakugou in the process.

The girl took a deep breath before letting it all out, “you don’t know if Kirishima likes anybody, right?” The look of shock that took over his face prompted her to keep talking, “I just… you’re his best friend, right? I just thought you’d know because… well, because I like him.” There it was. That look that made him fall for her in the very beginning. That look of confidence without shame. Even now, when she had confessed her love for someone else, he couldn’t help but lose his breath.

“I.. umm… I don’t fucking know,” he finally stammered out as his mind went blank. Her move had totally side-blinded him. “But, fuck…” He scratched the back of his head with his free hand before he laid back down on the bed. “I can ask him that shit for you…”

“Thank you, Kaccan, you’re the best!” He was surprised as he felt her arms wrap around him in an awkward hug. He felt his chest tighten as reality started to slowly settle in.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” He growled as he picked up his book, ignoring how she could probably hear how quickly his heart was beating in his chest. “I’ll put in a good word for you, just get off.” She lifted her head off his chest and just gave him the biggest smile.

“Thank you!” She hummed to herself as she went back to work right after that, leaving Bakugou in deep turmoil. His jaw clenched as he did come to the realization that he was at least thankful that she had fallen for someone as reliable as Kirishima… but if that was her type, he understood clearly that she would never be his.

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Scenarios for when the Chocobros crush falls asleep on them and doesn't realize while she's asleep that she cuddles against them and mumbles how much they like them in their sleep? :3 Take your time with the requests, your blog is awesome!


  • He freezes when he heard the words leave their mouth in a whisper. 
  • They had been watching a movie, and at some point in time his crush had ended up leaning against him, and allowed him to have his arm draped over their shoulders.
  • He slowly turns his head, his face dusted with pink. Maybe he had imagined it? 
  • But then they say it again, followed by how much they love his smile and how they wished he’d smile more often. 
  • He tries to meet their eyes after shifting in such a way that they’re facing each other while they’re still rested against him.
  • They’re asleep. A part of him is relieved that they aren’t awake to witness how flustered he’s getting. 
  • Another part of him is disappointed that they likely wouldn’t remember that they basically told him they liked him.
  • He plots for the next day, to surprise them with a date and officially asking them out.


  • It started out with simply laying with each other in the park, cloud watching. He’d occasionally take a few picture, but soon, the sky lulled them both into a doze.
  • But he’s startled awake when suddenly, he finds an arm draped over him and his crush pulling him closer to them.
  • They nestle into his side and he can’t help but to let out a slight squeak of embarrassment. What would they do when they woke up and found him awake, and them asleep, and they were sooo close and-
  • They suddenly say they like him.
  • He blinks and he’s stunned for a moment. They say it again, and as if to emphasis their point, cuddle even closer to him.
  • He hesitantly wraps his arms around them and pull them just as close, resting his chin in their hair. They mutter once more that they like him.
  • He just lets them lay together after that, enjoying it while he can. He lets himself imagine that they were awake, and this would end in happily ever after for him. But he can’t keep pretending, and sighed, allowing himself to stop his daydreaming.
  • “Do you mean it I wonder?” He asks quietly.
  • “Yes.” Comes an unexpected response.
  • He jumps about a mile in the air and asks when they had woken up.
  • They grin and state they when he grabbed them they had woken, but didn’t want to stop cuddling him.
  • “I meant it Prompto.”


  • They’re concussed, clearly.
  • A training session gone wrong from earlier today maybe? Because there’s no way in hell that that confession was for him.
  • They were laying on his living room floor together, both tired from their days. Their head was on his shoulder and they were so close, he could feel their breath on his neck.
  • He knew he should have woken them and let the move away, but honestly, he didn’t have the heart or determination to interrupt their sleep.
  • And he’d gone and heard something not meant for him, no matter how much he wishes it was.
  • But then they speak again, and say his name this time, and his heart flutters in his chest before he can stop it.
  • He should wake them up, he tells himself, they don’t know what they’re saying.
  • For all he knows, this was meant to be a secret!
  • But then they sigh and mumble something about there being no time to sleep for the next two days.
  • He decides to just let them sleep, and tried to tune out their sleepy confessions.
  • He finds out the only way to get them to stop talking in their sleep is to respond to them. So he says he likes them just as much, they should get more sleep, and they should take a break with him one of these days…
  • (He doesn’t see Iris in the doorway, recording them. He also doesn’t realize that Iris shows them the footage the next day. So when they walk up to him the day after, plant a kiss on his mouth, and then walk away without saying a word, he is SO so lost.)


  • They are both in one of the Citadel’s many sleeping quarters, for when the staff is awake more than 24 hours and can’t make it home.
  • The other rooms are full, but he sees that they have one of the rooms already and just wanders off to join them. (It’s an old arrangement really. They both knew each other, and were comfortable with each other, so they didn’t mind sharing a bed sometimes.)
  • It’s not uncommon to find them both there, over worked and sleeping it off. It’s just the first time he gets there and they’re already asleep. Normally he’s asleep when they get there and has a room, and he awakes when they’re asleep, putting the room in their name as he leaves. (They keep records of such a thing down here, and they’re not the only staff members who have such an arrangement, so it’s not looked down upon.)
  • So the voice that comes from them as he’s drifting off is a surprise. Especially when it’s as clear as day. “I adore you Ignis.”
  • He almost thinks he’s dreaming, and responds without thinking. “I adore you as well.”
  • He freezes when he realizes he said that out loud.
  • He breathes a sigh of relief when he realizes that they were sleep talking. But then he realizes that they’re sleep talking. About liking him.
  • He bolts upright by accident when a thought strikes him. Oh gods, what if he spoke in his sleep too??
  • The movement is enough to wake them and cause them to turn over to face him.
  • “Morning Ig. Something wrong?” They look a little concerned rather than upset that he woke them.
  • He stutters and stumbles over his words, but tells them the truth. “You said you adore me??”
  • They blink, and then chuckle sleepily. “Oh…yeah. I do. I figured I’d return the favor. Goodnight Iggy.”
  • He’s left a little unsure about what they meant, but lays back down anyways. He’d deal with…whatever this was when he woke up.
  • (He nearly jumps out of his skin when he realizes their unconscious minds took their last conversation as a confession and woke up CUDDLING with them.)
When BIGBANG get’s jealous and protective

the i love you, baby i’m not a monster edition

*you've been visited at lunch by your boyfriend and he’s caught you having lunch with a male co-worker… and your boyfriend doesn't like him*


*Jiyong stops dead in his tracks*

[GD] *is she being serious? having lunch with that bastard?* aish…

*he walks straight over and sits down next to you*

[Y/N] oh! hi Jiyong! *big smile* i didn’t know you were coming <3

*he doesn’t speak but simply glares at your co-worker*

[Y/N] Jiyongie~ *you coo at him*

*he stops glaring and turns to you with a smirk… before making sure to make everyone else in the room uncomfortable*


*he sees you laughing with HIM*

[YB] *does she not know that he totally has a crush on her?*

[YB] Jagi~ah! <3 *he calls across the room*

*you don’t hear him but your co-worker does… but he doesn’t tell you… he simply smirks at youngbae*

[YB] *does this idiot want to die?* Jagi… *he calls again*

*you hear him this time and turn around*

[Y/N] JAGI! *you call back before excitedly running into his arms*

*you catch youngbae smirking at your co-worker*


*you don’t know but your co-worker and seungri hate each other’s guts*

*seungri walks over to you and grabs your hand to pull you away*

[SR] *glares at him* Jagi… let’s go

[Y/N] what’s wrong?

[SR] I don’t want you sat with THAT bastard… *he says it so your co-workers can hear*

[Y/N] Jagi… *you scold him under your breath* …don’t make a scene

[SR] I just want HIM to know that he shouldn’t go near what’s mine. *sass*


*Seunghyun walks in and can see you’re clearly uncomfortable… your co-worker is hitting on you and being really sleazy and touchy-feely*

[SH]…control yourself… she can take care of herself… control… 

*you co-worker leans in way too close and you just want to shudder and run away*

[SH] is he… fucking kidding?

[Y/N] can you… back off a little *nervous laughter*

[co-worker] why… babe? *he breathes the word babe into your face and you cringe*

*Seunghyun can’t control himself any longer and shouts across the room*

[SH] she said back the fuck off… babe


*your co-worker has been teasing you all day but he’s starting to take it too far*

*Daesung overhears your co-worker insulting you*

[DS] *did he just?*…yah!?

*you turn around a see daesung crossing the room*

[DS] did you just insult my jagi? *death stare*

[co-worker] and who the fuck are you?

[DS] …i’m your worst nightmare…

hope you enjoyed this julla! <3 please continue to love this blog ^3^

[CREDIT to the gif owners - i do not own these gifs]

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You know the whole twin au that's going around? Well, just picture Felix getting a crush on Marinette, because she's being nice and kind to him and doesn't have a motive.

Oh Nonny, Why Do You Do This To Me?

But seriously, though, it would be both a bit heartbreaking and hysterical.

Heartbreak is obvious. Marinette is in love with Adrien and there’s the whole mess associated with that.


  • Felix isn’t really sure what to make of this girl at first.
    • It’s blatantly obvious to everyone that she’s got it bad for Adrien and he kinda thinks it might be just a bad case of a celebrity Crush.
    • But then he hears about the argument and the umbrella thing.
  • Felix is questioning this girl’s taste in boys. (Like he can’t complain cause it’s Adrien but who falls for someone over an Umbrella?)
  • Marinette also one of the only people who actually accepts they are different people and not carbon copies of each other.
    • Adrien is a Ray Of Sunshine while Felix kinda hates people. 
  • Marinette backs off when he wants her too or just sits by him and doesn’t talk.
  • She always greets him with a smile and a wave.
  • While Marinette made Adrien a scarf, she also made Felix a personalised tie/wallet/anything but a scarf cause he never wears them as accessories. 
    • (He totally knows the gifts came from her because he overheard her and Alya talking about it.)
    • (He sends her flowers as a thank you anonymously and threatens Natalie into sending Marinette tickets for the latest Gabriel Fashion Show.)
  • Marinette never asks about Adrien when they are together or she does but only if he brings it up first.
    • She never asks for tickets to any Agreste Fashion Shows or events. 
    • Unlike a certain Queen Bee who he really doesn’t like
  • Marinette somehow managed to wrangle out his favourite pastry.
    • He doesn’t know how she managed it but she always brings one in when she brings in pastries for the others.
  • She makes an effort to include him in things even if he turns it down.
    • Like if Adrien can’t make it to an event, the invite is still there for Felix
  • She just treats him as Felix. Not as her crush’s brother or as Gabriel Agreste’s son or as that moody teen who hates everyone. Just Felix
    • Which. You know.
    • It’s Nice
  • Felix overhears someone talking about him
    • nothing new, just the whole Ice King persona, he’s a horrible person etc. Still stings.
  • Marinette RIPS into them.
    • The only time Felix has ever seen her even closely this angry is when someone said Chat Noir was a lousy Superhero. They still haven’t recovered and Adrien was practically glowing all day, you utter dork.
  • Felix gets this warm fuzzy feeling in his chest.
  • He starts actively seeking her out.
  • Felix actually gets into conversations with her instead of letting her rant about things or just talking about school work.
  • Marinette’s birthday comes along and he gives her an advance copy of the latest fashions from Gabriel
    • He doesn’t like the look on his father’s face when he asked for it
    • He really doesn’t like the look on Adrien, Alya and Nino’s faces when they see Felix’s gift for Marinette
    • He does like Marinette’s face though so he thinks it’s worth it
  • He starts getting more moody when his utter moron of a brother can’t see that Marinette is over the moon about him and he’s still hung up on that completely unobtainable Ladybug. Like Why?! Adrien, Why?! Marinette is much nicer and wittier and she’s actually friends with you and she’s way prettier than that girl in a mask WHO YOU DONT’ EVEN KNOW GDI ADRIEN!
  • He has no idea what he’s feeling until Adrien brings up that fact he’s smiling after listening to Marinette rant about thread patterns.
  • Felix has no idea what to do with these feelings
  • He just stoically denies everything.
  • He has a big problem when he realises he just smiled minutely and waved back when he passed Marinette on the street and he’s still smiling.
  • Felix needs to go lie down now.

Just Felix Agreste getting a crush on Marinette and having no idea what to do.

anonymous asked:

I have this headcannon that (when the war is over and EVERYONE obviously makes it out whole *sweats nervously) Evangeline meets the cadre and has the BIGGEST crush (not in a weird way ! just a very normal, innocent admiration) on Fenrys (tbh who doesn't...) and she goes absolutely tomato red whenever she's around him and it's hella cute and sweet and absolutely mortifying for her of course, and the only person who she tells is lysandra, who tells aelin ... or rowan idk, anyways thoughts ?

This is adorable and I totally get what you’re saying. Kids get crushes on adults not in a weird way but in a “you’re cute and idk how to act around you please don’t forget to cut the crust off my sandwich” kind of way. (My niece is a year and a half old and whenever my bf walks into a room she smiles at him and laughs and runs around. It’s hilarious!)

The only thing I’d add to this is that IT PISSED AEDION OFF. At dinner one night, Evangeline is looking at Fenrys and Aedion is like, “Gelly, eyes over here, daddy is over here. Look at me. Focus.” BAHAHAHAHA.