she doesn't hate him


You conspire with my father to sabotage our plans. You betray our trust. You cause almost irreparable damage as a result. And when Flint, the most feared captain in all creation, comes to confront you about it, you destroy him. Now I hear in the wind that in his absence you’ve begun to forge new alliances with his enemies. […] And I’m forced to wonder exactly what it is you hold over Flint that makes everything I’ve seen possible. You don’t know what you’ve seen.

  • what I say: I'm fine
  • what I mean: honestly it looks like the writers have been setting this up from the beginning; there was no other important point to have Ivy at the Sirens party in 3x05 other than to have her see Oswald for the first time in person and see Ed and Oswald's intimate moment after Ed saved the Mayor from Butch so in the future when she's working Oswald she could understand that once Ed had saved his life and feels immensely for him so she can be justified in using her perfume to show both of them the truth that they both love each other like I'm sorry but this is genius she wants to help Oswald be happy because he's her friend and she knows Ed makes Oswald happy and Ed doesn't hate him he loves him back kill me

being realistic, i doubt the devil is truly gone for good. but what i want is for him to be gone long enough for kara to gain some perspective. i’d like the distance to help her dive into her work, both being a reporter and supergirl. i want to see her realize that okay sure, maybe she misses him sometimes, but not as much as she expected to. she’s okay, better than okay actually. she realizes that she was with him because he was simple, fun, an alien like her. but deep down she knew it was only surface affection, and long run he didn’t have anything to offer her. and if/when he returns, i want her to be able to look at him and say that she wishes him well, but she doesn’t need him. she has her family, these people surrounding her who truly care, who truly know her and have her best interest at heart. and that’s all she needs.

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your story was so funny omg. do you have any more?

  • So i lived the town over from my high school, and had to catch the bus like an hour and a half every day to and from
  • (a movie. thats a fucking movie, every day, twice a day)
  • (commuter tragedy)
  • and because we were all stuck together for so long for like six years, we followed the natural inclination of teenagers to be fucking idiots at every chance
  • and we formed this group of bus kids
  • forged by ridiculous travel times
  • bonded in suffering the ridiculous rule of
  • our bus driver.
  • our bus driver was an old, old lady called jeannine
  • (nickname: the grinch, due to the time we were singing christmas carols and she got annoyed and declared that christmas was canceled.)
  • (we put up a sign written in texta that said ‘NO CHRISTMAS - SIGNED, THE GRINCH’)
  • (she did not find it funny)
  • jeannine had been driving the bus since time immemorial
  • (and may have of, in fact, been one of the Old Ones)
  • (never confirmed)
  • (but i have my suspicions)
  • Jeannie ran a tight ship.
  • the tightest ship
  • jeannine was the generalissimo of bus drivers
  • she played this talkback radio station over the speaker system
  • and when we were being too loud or she was jut annoyed with us she would turn it up to deafening levels
  • and we would all block our ears, and then having gotten our attention she would turn it down and shout at us
  • when we were REALLY TERRIBLE
  • (like those two weeks after high school musical premiered and we used to have breaking free singalongs)
  • (yeah)
  • (I would have turned the radio up on our asses too)
  • she would park next to the city graveyard
  • (always the graveyard?)
  • (i dont know why)
  • (mental conditioning?)
  • (subliminal messgakng?)
  • and walk/hobble
  • (she was pretty stooped over)
  • (basically she was your standard old crone)
  • (potentially witch)
  • up and down the aisle tellin us how terrible we were
  • so anyway, one year jeannine goes on a two week break for surgery
  • (what surgery? We never found out. Various sources claim knee, hip or shoulder replacement)
  • (could have been a stay at a lazarus pit)
  • (stay woke)
  • and we get a replacement driver.
  • we called him nickelback because he played a nickelback cd over the speaker,
  • on repeat
  • every bus trip
  • EVERY.
  • TRIP.
  • how the hell’d we wind up like this?
  • so free from the reign of terror that was jeannine, we get a bit wild.
  • and by ‘wild’ i mean we:
  • talk above speaking level,
  • eat our food in the ooen,
  • someone busts out a guitar anyway here’s wonderwall
  • its one of these days,
  • that the Great Apple Fiasco happens.

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literati text messages [insp.]

  • Ron: My sister keeps staring at you, mate. It's bloody weird.
  • Hermione: It's not weird at all. Honestly Ronald, she's not a child.
  • Ron: What's that supposed to mean?
  • Hermione: She can check out anyone she likes.
  • Ron: wh- check out? You mean like... Fancy-? Harry? What?
  • Hermione: It's pretty obvious.
  • Ron: Harry stared at Malfoy all the time and that doesn't mean he fancies the git. She could hate him for all you know.
  • Harry: Malfoy? What about Malfoy?
  • Hermione:

I really love the idea of Cass completely falling in love with dancing.  She was raised to think that her body is nothing but a weapon, and dancing teaches her that she can make something beautiful with it.  No matter what genre of music is playing, Cass has an uncanny ability to move with the beat in a way that can’t be taught.  You know that one person who hits the dance floor and everyone around them stops and watches in awe?  That’s her.  Ballet is one of her favorites because of its storytelling and its elegance, so unlike the sharpness of battles. Dances have all of the good aspects of fighting –the intensity, concentration, fluidity, adrenaline– without any of the bad.  Her movements aren’t being used to hurt, but to create.  

AU that I want someone to write:
Lucy grows up as Rittenhouse royalty and is sent to take care of Garcia Flynn who has been causing them problems. When they meet, he makes her realize the horrors of Rittenhouse and she teaches him how to destroy it without destroying history.

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what sana does when she's mad at yousef: wears stephen curry's jersey, says she doesn't want any kids, hates carrots, elias is better at him in basketball, learns to cook by herself because she's a strong independent woman that doesn't need no man and claims she should have chosen mutta because he's the only real man in the house


Jily AU where every fanon misconception is true

Lily Potter awoke with a start. She had just been dreaming of mending her friendship with Severus by naming him godfather of her second child. Why hadn’t this plan occured to her sooner? She rolled over and shook her husband awake. The bully opened his eyes and put his nasty glasses on. 

‘James’ said Lilly Lily. 'We have to make Severus our baby’s godfather’.

'Who the fuck is Severus?’ asked James, walking over to the window and hexing the mail man outside. 

'Snivelly Snape’ replied Lily. 'It’s the only way to mend my friendship with him’.

James looked at his wife. 'Well I didn’t ask you out 67 times a day for 6 years for nothing, I need you happy Lilyflowerpetalbutt and if this makes you happy I’m all for it. But I didn’t even know you were pregnant my sweet Lilypadthai?’

'Well neither does J.K Rowling’ laughed Lily as James stared at her, confused, but used to not understanding anything.

Lily grinned and put on all green outfit to match her eyes. Together they fetched Harry out of his cot and went downstairs to start writing a letter to Sev.

'You better write the letter’ said James, who had never learnt to spell due to his extremely limited mental capacity. As Lily started the letter James let Sirius out of his kennel and Remus out of the library that they locked him in nightly. 'Lily’s writing a letter to Snivelicious, she’s going to ask him to be our new baby’s godfather’ smirked James, arrogant as always. 'I still hate the prick but it’s the best thing for Lily’.

'But I thought Lily hated him?’ asked Remus

'Nah she doesn’t’ said Sirius. 

'Wait who are we talking about?’ asked Peter who had just apparated, he didn’t wait for an answer before disapparating to go do some more betraying. 

'What about the whole Death Eater thing?’ asked Remus as he held a book up to his nose, 'what about Voldemort wanting you guys dead and all?’. Suddenly Lily appeared, she was furious. Her hair turned even redder as flames rose around her, her rage lifting her off the ground. She roared incoherently like the red lion she was until James pulled her back to the ground. 'What are you angry about this time?!’ sighed James.

Lily had no idea. She was just always angry. She shooed Remus and Sirius out of the house, since they were in hiding and all and went back to her letter. On the way back to the table James asked her out 6 times. 

'For christ sakes James we’re married!’ she cried. James stuck his tongue out, hexed the cat and asked her out again. Tears rolled down Lily’s face as she went back to writing the letter to her dear old friend. Good times were sure to be ahead.

Not gonna lie I wish harry styles would date me, I really really really do. But he would never and that’s sad, yeah. Doesn’t mean I’m going to stab and hate whatever other female gets close to him or is RUMOURED to have been in close proximity to the man. He can date. We don’t even know if he’s dating. Chill the freak out. He’s not actually yours for you to do this to him. And the girl; dating him or not, deserves as much respect as any other human being…

You can be just the way you are.
You don’t need to change anything.
Say what you want to say
Do what you want to do
Just be smiling by my side.
Marry me.

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You and H dropping your daughter off at first day of pre school and she's clinging to his leg, hiding behind it and tears are running down her cheeks and when the teacher pulls her off, all hell breaks loose: your daughter starts bawling and reaches for him as the teacher brings her inside and H is clenching his jaw and trying not to cry but once you two get in the car, he lets the tears out and is convinced that his little girl hates him now, despite you reassuring him that she doesn't



“Bellamy looks out for everyone but who looks out for Bellamy?”
Clarke does.

Something i just don't really understand very well...because i see people literally say these things in the same sentance
  • Person: Rowan and Aelin were so much better platonic, just, they were my brotp, they were such deep and good friends, i hate their romantic relationship, it was so much better when they were friend soul-mates
  • Me: Why do you hate their romantic relationship?
  • Person: Because its like she fell in love with her abuser! He was such an asshole to her, so abusive and terrible and awful, it just doesn't make sense that he would be with her
  • Me: But as friends-
  • Person: My Brotp, ah, they were so cute and friend goals and much better platonic
  • Me: But romantically
  • Person: Their relationship is so toxic, all because of how he treated her in the beginning, total abuser asshole, he is the worst
  • Me: friends you-
  • Person: Love them, so perfect, they were the best
  • Me: ....Wait what?

It’s so bizarre to see Sera get all this flack & hate for being the *epitome of internalized racism, ignorance & shit* when Michel de fucking Chevin exists