she doesn't even have a home :(

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: Similar to Jonathan Byers, Steve Harrington is implied to have a father who is neglectful at best and abusive at worst. Steve mentions offhandedly that his mother is accompanying his father out-of-town because she "doesn't trust him", then expresses anxiety over the thought of his father finding out he had friends over. While Joyce has divorced from Lonnie and created a loving home environment for her sons, the fact that Steve's mother remains with his father even though she distrusts him most likely makes Steve's home life terribly uncomfortable. However, Steve repeatedly tries to shed himself of toxic friends/behaviors whenever he does something wrong in the same way that Jonathan refuses to abandon Will or his mother; while both boys make mistakes, both are also conscious of their fathers' shortcomings, and in doing so, actively detach themselves from becoming reflections of the negative men in their lives - a characteristic that only Jonathan gets credit for.

Jonsa AU: Time travel

After a rather public disagreement with her cousin Jon Snow, Lord of Winterfell in her parents’ absence, over how to rule their home, Sansa Stark imagines a world different from their own; a world in which she no longer routinely bickers with her beloved cousin, no longer has to have her voice go unheard.

But upon awaking, she discovers that the world she dreamt of the night before is now her home, and that she cannot leave the castle until she finally buries the hatchet with Jon, the only other person in their home, much to her dismay.

“Being a breed ambassador is exhausting mom! You wouldn’t understand!”

Willow, looking at me from my bed at 2pm on Sunday afternoon, after doing nothing all day.

RFA + V & Saeran stuck home alone all day
  • <p> <b>Yoosung:</b> "Don't play LOLOL. Don't play LOLOL. Don't play LOLOL." Haha. Guess what. He actually avoids LOLOL, but only because there was this one online game he saw advertised a few times and decided to try it. When he completes the demo, he realizes that he forgot to do *insert chores here* and panics. He manages to finish just a few minutes before you get home.<p/><b>Zen:</b> He is constantly spamming your phone with messages and selfies. Plays musical furniture. Manages to take a 2 hour nap at some point but wakes up dehydrated. He tries channel surfing for a while until he finds a tabloid show talking about Jumin and he throws the remote at the tv. Eventually gets the bright idea to go for a ride on his motorcycle, but stays out for longer than he realizes and comes home to find you worried to the bone.<p/><b>Jaehee:</b> Goes on a cleaning spree and finishes halfway through the day somehow. Drinks a load of coffee to fill the void that gently whispers "what do we do now...". She crashes before you get home, and you find the kitchen is a mess, and the experimental treats she made taste better than they look.<p/><b>Seven:</b> Home made battle bots competition. Cat robot is the host and seven imitates commercials when he's not controlling the bots. He doesn't even notice when you finally get home.<p/><b>Jumin:</b> Like Zen, he messages you quite a bit, but more of conversational rambling than spamming. He's fine with having the day to relax, but feels so lonely without you there with him. He starts pretending you're there and acting out what he would say and do (which includes dancing together and cuddling with Elizabeth the 3rd). When you get home, he meets you at the entrance and gets really clingy once you guys are in the elevator.<p/><b>V:</b> Manages to stave off boredom for the majority of the day by looking through old folders and photo albums. Just for the fun of it, he looks for terrible romance novels online that really shouldn't have gotten past the pitch. He saves some of the most amusing parts to show you when you get home. <p/><b>Saeran:</b> He is literally sitting by the window all day waiting for you to get home. He does go on quite a few trips to every single food storage thing in the house, usually coming back empty handed. Occasionally calls Seven to see if he's as miserable as he is. When you get home, you find him sprawled out on the floor face up, staring blankly at the ceiling. "Hey Saeran, it sounds like MC is home. Yeah, I think you're right Saeran." He very clingy for the rest of the night.<p/></p>
Character + relationship depth in Rogue One (Jyn + Cassian)

It drives me crazy how most people chronically overlook the importance of the characters and their relationships in Rogue One. Foremost among these is the fascinating one between Jyn and Cassian: their similarities and differences interact so tightly with the themes of Rogue One; they have in common parallel traumatic destroyed childhoods; both have a long history with the rebel cause, but cope with it and think about it differently. 

Their paths diverge around personal connections: Cassian has stayed alone, and so the basis of his devotion to the cause is more abstract and less human. This sits badly with the fact that he clearly began as an idealist and an injured child, hence his inner conflict. (K2SO is interesting because we see that Cassian, in spite of himself, has found someone to care about, and the fact that he reprogrammed K2SO and this somehow resulted in compulsive honesty says a lot about Cassian’s repressed nature, I think.) 

Meanwhile Jyn being involved with the rebels was tied to Saw, who took her in and raised her and was a substitute parent for her. She still had a personal relationship tying her to something, and his connection to the rebellion meant that when he ‘abandoned’ her (yay re-traumatisation), she made herself stop caring about the rebellion and became the hardened nihilist we meet on Wobani. Her passivity is the result of this. 

This gets to Cassian because complete nihilism and isolation is too close to home for him - both his psychological shield that he uses to do awful things, and what he dreads becoming completely, thus losing what he’s supposed to be fighting for entirely. It also gets to him because it’s sort of the opposite to him: he lost all personal connection, and has kept going based on abstract, big-picture, universal, systemic understanding and a rational appreciation of the empire’s evils. 

Jyn, on the other hand, primarily cares more about individuals (small picture), and deliberately refuses to “look up” (Cassian spends all his time doing this); but we see that while keeping her eyes on the ground, Jyn still sees and acts for vulnerable children. I think Jyn’s decision - her first moment of active choice in the film - to save that girl in Jedha city is what makes her start getting under Cassian’s skin. Ultimately, that’s what they’re both fighting for - but she strikes him as hypocritical for caring about that when it’s right in front of her (“We don’t all have the luxury of choosing when and where to care about something”), but not about the system that creates countless examples of that everywhere, every day throughout the galaxy, which is what he’s dedicated himself to: “some of us just decided to do something about it”. (Obviously, then, they also begin to be united by the obvious evil that killed that little girl anyway. The Death Star is a pretty potent way of making the abstract large scale power and evil of the Empire concrete!). 

Meanwhile Jyn’s relationship with …. everything? herself, her past, her purpose, how she understands the world, her family, the Force itself gets turned utterly upside down by finding out that not only is her father alive, but that his love for her is as strong as ever, and that it’s inseparable from the rebellion. It fills in everything she’s been craving so painfully even since her family was ripped apart, and gives her a way forward. In the face of the apparent destruction of all hope, hers is restored by finding out that she is loved, and that, in a way that’s practical, and right at the heart of the horror that they all faced, that love has provided a way to save the galaxy. Her belief is tied to the strength of her personal connections, and her conviction accordingly spreads to everyone around her. It gets Cassian exactly where he hurts. And then Cassian dedicates himself to Jyn’s cause in a way that hits home to exactly where she has hurt most in the past - “I’m not used to people sticking around when things get bad”. When they come to understand each other, the abstract ('hope’) and the personal are balanced and united, and they (along with the entire crew of Rogue One) are forged into a common purpose.

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I told my parents I was ace and my mom said she was certain I would grow up and that it didn’t matter at 14 is this good or bad

I mean, I wouldn’t say it’s bad exactly but it’s not totally good either? She isn’t flat out rejecting or denying your sexuality, she probably wants you to gain more experience first. Which isn’t wrong exactly, but in a way she’s invalidating your experiences. Sexuality is fluid, so even if the label you think fits you right now doesn’t fit you anymore in a few years it doesn’t mean that it never fit at all!

The problem with being aged 12-15 (sometimes even older but mainly that range) is that you are developing your own opinions and a deeper self-awareness that you didn’t really have as a child. It’s the time where adults still treat you like children while also trying to make sure that you learn to think independently. And that doesn’t always work out, they might trust you to go to the city without adult supervision but they can’t believe that you have really thought about sexuality yet. For an adult, it’s sometimes hard to decide which things are there to stay and which things are really just stepping stones in developing your own persona. Because trust me, speaking from experience, there are a lot of them :P 

Unfortunately, sexuality usually gets brushed aside as such a stepping stone. Thanks to the way sexual exploration - including sexuality - is treated in this society, it’s either portrayed as a strict adult-only thing or as something “dirty”. It’s easy for adults (and especially for parents) to just brush stuff like that aside until the child in question has at least reached 16 years and matured some.

Like hey, I get it. I really do. I’m 19 now and looking back on it, 12-15 already sounds insanely young for me. I can’t imagine what it sounds like to 30+ years old people. But invalidating your child’s sexuality is not right, no matter if the label might change or not. It’s part of how they experience the world in that specific moment. It’s invalidating their feelings, it’s as if they saw them very happy or sad and just said “stop freaking out so much, it doesn’t matter, once you’re grown up your opinion will be different.”

Are they right? Maybe. Maybe not, only time will tell. But does it matter?? No, because right now your feelings are real and have an impact. Ignoring or invalidating that is simply wrong. I wouldn’t pressure your mom into accepting or understanding it but I wouldn’t apologize or go back on it either. Adults can be stupidly stubborn about accepting stuff like that, so the most you can do is to stand your ground until they start taking you seriously^^’ Don’t give up on your mom yet, she might really just have your best interest at heart, but know that even if she never ends up accepting you, your experiences have always been real!!!

okay but i want to know about the conversations that 100% happened between eva and noora after she came back from london and found isak home alone with a hot boy and then when said hot boy spent two nights in isak’s room a week later

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Headcanon that Annie is a hoodie thief. She literally has a section in her closet dedicated to hoodies she's stolen from people. She doesn't even do it on purpose, she'll just wear it and forget it's not hers until she gets home, and then she's too embarrassed to give it back and ends up keeping it. One time Armin told her the hoodie she was wearing looked like one he used to have but lost, and she didn't even say anything back. She just ran. Far, far away. Still didn't give it back, though.

This is the most precious thing I’ve read all day

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I know u said no prompts unless they were super important, but as a bi girl who's been assaulted this would mean so much. Could u pls have A + M on a night out, but M gets nervous about holding hands on the walk home past so many bars. Everything's so shiny to A that she doesn't get it and gets annoyed when M tries to explain that queer girls need to be careful. But at home M cries for 1st time and tells A about the times drunk guys have sexually harassed or hurt her when she's kissed in public.

Alex wants to touch Maggie. All the time.

She’s handsy at home, handsy in the bar, hell, she’s even starting to be handsy at the DEO (much to the relief of the other agents, because now she’s using her hands to skim her fingers across her girlfriend’s lower back, not threaten her soldiers with bodily harm).

And Maggie absolutely loves it.

Loves how Alex’s arms make her feel safe, how Alex’s lips make her feel warm, how Alex’s fingers make her feel hot beyond compare.

But at night, out and about? Strolling through town, walking past straight bars crawling with white straight men?

No no no.

And Alex doesn’t notice the jeers, doesn’t notice the open laughter and the wolf whistles and the suggestions as to where she and Maggie should spend their night, and doing exactly what.

She’s DEO trained and she’s sharp as a knife, but she’s also in love, for the first time, and so she doesn’t notice.

But Maggie? Maggie does.

She doesn’t take her hand out of Alex’s – she refuses to give in, no matter what her body is telling her to do, no matter what her instincts are telling her to do, no matter what her racing heart and pounding ears are telling her to do – but she stiffens, her smile falters, and that?

That, Alex notices.

“What is it, what’s wrong?” Alex stops walking, right in front of a sports bar with men with beer on their breath and cigarettes in their lips loitering out front, and Alex focuses on Maggie, and Alex is, for once in her life, oblivious.

Maggie tugs Alex along, forward, and it’s the first time she’s ever surprised Alex with one of her touches – she’s always so careful about asking, about making sure – and Alex is the one who recoils this time.

“What the hell, Maggie? Did I do something, did I – “

“Alex, no, babe, it’s nothing, can we just – can we keep walking, please? Please?”

Alex doesn’t understand, and her eyes are narrowed, but Maggie’s eyes are wide and her voice is somewhat panicked and Alex calms, and Alex follows.

They lapse into silence on the rest of their walk home, and Alex doesn’t ask, because she’s convinced it’s her, that she’s done something, that Maggie’s upset with her, that she failed, that she’s messed it up, and she just wants to delay the inevitable as long as she can.

Maggie only speaks when Alex turns to her in the doorway of her apartment. “Do you want to come in?” she asks, and Maggie bristles because of course she does, because Alex hasn’t had to ask in weeks; it’s just gone unspoken.

“Not if you don’t want me to,” aren’t the words Maggie had planned to say, but they’re the words that come out of her mouth, and she regrets it instantly.

“I’m sorry, that was mean, I didn’t – Alex, I’m sorry, I’m not trying to fight with you, I – “

“Then what are you trying to do, Maggie? Because I’ve been going over it and over it in my head, and I can’t think of what I did wrong, I… was it because I was talking too much? Was I being selfish, was I – “

“What? No, Alex, it has nothing to do with you, I… can I come in?”

The tension seeps out of Alex’s shoulders at Maggie’s soft request, and she gives her a small smile.

“Always,” she says, and she hopes that’s what Maggie wants, because Kara is working tonight and god she doesn’t know what she’ll do alone if Maggie breaks up with her or something.

Maggie steps inside and wrings her hands and curls the side of her hair with trembling fingers and she paces, paces, paces, and she cracks open two bottles of root beer and she paces and wrings her hands some more. Alex just stares and Alex just waits, waits for her fate to be delivered.

And when Maggie finally speaks, Alex’s heart breaks, but not for the reason she’d expected it to.

“I love that you hold my hand, babe. I love that you always put your arm around me when we walk, that you kiss me all the time. I love it. I just… Sometimes, we’ll be in places where… where that kind of affection scares me. I…” Maggie takes a long swig of root beer and shifts to the couch, and Alex sits next to her quietly, their thighs touching. Alex hesitates before putting her hand on Maggie’s leg, and Maggie offers a small smile and a nod before she continues speaking.

“When I was a kid, the first girlfriend I had – not really a girlfriend, I guess, she was just in it to… I don’t know, use me as her straight girl science experiment or something – I was cocky. I was stupid. I held her hand, I kissed her in public. And the guys in town… didn’t like that. Captain of the football team decided I needed to be taught how to keep my dirty hands to myself.”

Alex swallows and her hand shakes slightly on Maggie’s thigh, because she’s never wanted to murder anyone quite this badly.

“I was small, he was five nine. Turns out he didn’t actually want me to keep my hands to myself, just off pretty blonde white girls.”

She’s not looking at Alex, but she knows Alex is looking at her, and somehow, her gaze wraps her up, makes her safe. Makes her warm, makes her loved. She keeps talking.

“And in college, I figured I was out of Blue Springs, right, it was a college town, things would be better, people would actually know that brown lesbians exist, like, great right? Except it wasn’t, because I walked past this bar – this sports bar – “

Comprehension dawned on Alex and her heart shatters and guilt swarms through her stomach. Maggie’s not looking at her, still, but Maggie knows, and she turns and puts her hand to Alex’s cheek.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, Ally. I was walking past this sports bar and holding this girl’s hand, and basically the same thing happened as it did when I was a kid, except by college I had a black belt and was a bit stronger than I was at 15. But it still… Anyway, my point… my point is, it makes me nervous. Being affectionate with women. In certain places.”

Alex nods and refuses to let tears leak out, because this is about Maggie right now.

“I’m sorry,” she rasps, and Maggie shakes her head firmly.

“I told you, you didn’t do anything wr – “

“That’s not what I’m sorry about.”

Maggie goes silent and looks down and after a long, long moment, she lets herself tilt sideways into Alex’s body. Slow, reluctant tears slip down Maggie’s face and her shoulders tremble violently, so Alex whispers to her and Alex kisses her hair and Alex pulls her into her lap and holds her, holds her, holds her.

“No one’s ever gonna hurt you again,” Alex whispers after a long while, and Maggie shakes her head and pulls back slightly so she can look Alex in the face.

Her mascara is smeared and her eyes are red, and Alex has never seen her look so perfect.

“You can’t promise that,” Maggie croaks, and Alex’s heart breaks, because she knows Maggie’s right.

She swallows rage and she swallows hatred, and she pours love and devotion and pure, pure protection into the kiss she presses to Maggie’s nose.

“How about I just promise to always be by your side, whether we’re holding hands or not?”

Maggie smiles slowly, then, mischievously, then.

“You proposing or something, Danvers?”

Alex returns the smile and pulls Maggie back into her embrace.

“I love you, Maggie Sawyer. I love you so damn much.”

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I'm not sure if you"re taking prompts but if you are, I have 2. #1 post possession of Waverly, Nicole realizes that they had sex for the first time while Wave wasn't 100% herself. She feels horrible, she doesn't know if W had a choice, if she was in control & even if she did consent, the moment is marred by the fact that it wasn't just them bc there was something inside of Wav. Waverly comforts her, assures her that she was all there but also wants to make a new memory together. both feel better

Another great prompt! Hope you enjoy!


Nicole’s back was turned to the Earp home as she gazed out over the fresh layer of snow. She breathed in deep, the cold air hitting hard and sharp, but the harsh winter was nothing compared to the past couple of days. Hell, the past month. Her nose ran and teeth chattered, but if she noticed, she didn’t do anything about it.

         Are you sure?

         Yeah. … I - I like you.

One month seemed like years, and all the events in between blurred together into a pile of distorted memories.

How do I even know what was real? Was any of it real? Was that day, that first time even real? Was it even Waverly?

She couldn’t stop the tears that threatened to spill. She turned back towards the homestead, headed straight for her cruiser. She didn’t go inside to check on Waverly like she’d planned, like she told her she would.

Stopping at the door to the car, she hesitated. She could go inside, see Waverly, ignore the tight fear bundled in her heart. Or she could simply leave.

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About the pro King Jon arguments...
  • People: God, get over Sansa not being Queen in the North! Does she even WANT to be queen? In the books, no!
  • People with Sense: Actually, in the books, which don't even apply to this show from this point, she doesn't want to be JOFFREY'S queen, and while her main focus is on going home, she shows no resistance to the idea of being a queen. In the show, she rejects the idea of being LITTLEFINGER'S queen (consort), beside the Iron Throne, which is in no sway equivalent to being the Queen (Regnant) of the North,in her own home, not married to a guy she doesn't trust. She rejects LITTLEFINGER, not the Queen in the North title. Furthermore, there's actual basis for Jon's kingship in the books that they didn't set up in the show. So applying that here is kind of pointless?
  • People with Sense: Also, excuse me, but... for all this talk of Sansa's supposed lack of desire to be queen (which even the network-run wiki seems to contradict)... What evidence do we have that JON wants to be king... at all? In both the books AND the show we have him insisting that it is Sansa, not him, who is the rightful heir to the North repeatedly, to the point where 1) It takes Sansa by surprise and 2) He looks to her for approval as all the lords are shouting his name. He's expressed desires to get away, protect his home, and have Sansa trust him. He's expressed frustration about how he used to have to sit at the low table, but that was already rectified before he was declared. He credits Sansa with their victory on the ramparts and shows ZERO interest in any sort of title or crown and shows far more interest in establishing SANSA while rejecting grandiose titles up until that last scene where, once again, he looks to Sansa for approval before accepting it. So why exactly are people so convinced that it's the woman whose been obsessed with her home for seasons who doesn't want the throne instead of the guy who literally wanted to GTFO in the first place and keeps insisting she take the Master Bedroom instead? I smell sexist BS.
  • People with Sense Again: ...Also REMEMBER BRAN?!


(mem. read photo captions for effect.)

Friday, March 17th (late, late evening)

Dear Mr. Joker (& those that apply),

On the train and heading back to the hideout.  Took selfies because I was bored and needed to get my mind off of Batman for a while.  Even though he’s an absolute jerk sometimes, I’m still looking forward to tomorrow’s gig.  My girl buddy just texted me and told me that she made ice cream floats for the two of us to share!  Woohoo!  I told her about what happened today and she said that she knows I’ll do great tomorrow.  She sure knows how to keep me from feeling blue.  x^) 

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hc on dallas dating an innocent girl who doesn't drink or smoke or fight?

-He didn’t know that at first because when they met at a party and she was holding a beer.

-But she had taken the drink from her friend and was only there to take her friend home.

-Their first date didn’t go so well because Dally brought her to Buck’s for some drinks.

-But when she tells him that she doesn’t drink he was a bit surprised but he still thought she was pretty and wanted to take her out so they went for milkshakes.

-And Dally found himself having a surprising a good time even though he wasn’t even buzzed.

-He was surprised when she refuses cigarettes too.

-But she didn’t seem bothered that he smoked.

-They went out on a few more dates.

-And Dally found himself enjoying the time with her even sober.

-He got mad at her one night when some girls were picking on her and she didn’t even stand up for herself.

-She told him that she hated fighting.

-Dally was surprised at how well they were getting along despite how little they had in common.

-But he stayed with her and she stayed with him despite the fact that she didn’t agree with everything that he did.

-Dally wasn’t changing for her or because of her.

-But he didn’t drink when she was around.

-Which was easy because she always kept him to distracted to want to drink.

-And he tried his best to avoid confrontation if she was there as well.

-That one was a bit harder.

-He still smoked all of the time though.

-But he’d make sure not to do it if she was standing close to him.

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This is a really sad thought but I just can't stop thinking about how this is the first time Louis has gotten in such a chaotic mess and even JAIL and he doesn't have his mum to call for support. She was there for everything with him even if she was far away, he must feel so alone and I'm sure he's thought about her today. He wouldn't call back home to vent now because he would never want his sisters to be so worried about him. I hope he's okay and has been comforted today. I miss Johannah.

that crossed my mind too you know she would’ve been the first person he called and the fact that he can’t hear her voice right now is so outrageously unfair but she’s looking down on him and sending all her love

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I once went to my local McDonalds when I was 16. Trying to get my first job, helping out the family. By the way, this is more of a "fuck small town stores" type deal. I go up to the lady in the front, and ask her if I could apply for a job. She says "Oh sure, sweetheart", writes out a website on a napkin, and hands it to me, saying "This is the site my grandson uses". Well, okay. I head home and head over to the site. Doesn't even have McDonalds. Needless to say, I didn't get a job there.

Maybe she was saving you from a bad job.


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babe u ok? i saw your post about being an international fan and i am one too, so i feel that a lot. you need to remember that your worth as an INCREDIBLE human being doesn't lie in the distance between you and taylor, or how often tay visits your home. taylor has never come to my country, and the only time she came close enough i was too young to attend. i know it's hard to see other ppl having bigger chances at meeting her, but just know that your time will come, too. I love you so so much, ok?

i’m just as supportive as american fans and i love her just as much if not more and yet… some of them get to meet her twice and 3 times and i don’t even get one opportunity. at this point my expectations are so fucking low that even the thought of being in the same time zone as her can bring me to tears. i tried to do everything that i can, i flew 9,000 kilometers to see her last tour and i know that it’s about luck too but it just makes me think that my support is not worth anything and that i’m less of a fan and that i’m not deserving and i don’t wanna talk about it anymore so i’ll just go and cry myself to sleep

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Do you think Bambam's sister Baby has a problem with him? She doesn't seem remotely as supportive as her mother or eldest brother. Bam's eldest brother attends got7 concerts and posts about Bambam/got7 occassionally but it seems like Baby doesn't. Even when he returns home she never mentions it or posts photos like bambam does. It just seems weird since Baby and Beer seem to have an amazing relationship and yet not some much with Baby and Bambam

From what I’ve heard she’s studying in the US so she can’t meet him often. Not taking photos with someone doesn’t have to mean that you’re not close.

Jackson’s brother never showed himself and we don’t know his name, it doesn’t mean that they’re not close :)

Sarah starts conversations with which she’s not fully comfortable with ‘funny story’. This leads to all of the following conversations:

  • Funny story, we’re out of milk. I may have used it all…
  • Katherine, funny story, I’m going to kiss you now
  • Funny story but I kinda used to date Jack too… Before he started dating my brother, of course. We should all probably inter-date less as a friendship group
  • Funny story, my family dog died and I need to go home for a few days because Les is upset and so’s my mom
  • Funny story - I got an internship but it’s in Chicago and I’m meant to move then in three weeks
  • Funny story but if we’re doing exactly this, just curling up on the sofa and watching TV, in thirty years then I’ll be the happiest person in the world

We’re about halfway through the season and if the Ty & Amy storylines keep disappointing me like this, I wouldn’t be upset if this is the last season of the show.