she doesn't even acknowledge the corpse

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I don't get it, why do you hate orihime so much? I don't think she threatens ichiruki at all? Ichigo doesn't even like her romantically

My hatred for Horkihime has nothing to do with ships, and more to do with her shortcomings as a character, friend and basic human being. She’s a shit friend to Ichigo, to Rukia, to Tatsuki, to Ishida. To everyone.

Remember when she went to Hueco Mundo because she wanted to see if Ichigo would come save her? How she doubted him (SHE WAS RIGHT OF COURSE BUT STILL)

Remember how she didn’t go to Soul Society for Rukia but for Ichigo instead?

Remember how she begged a corpse to save her, remember how she didn’t acknowledge Uryu who nearly died for her during the Lust? Remember how she was jealous of her friend being near or AROUND ICHIGO? Remember how she didn’t say goodbye to Tatsuki? Remember how she planned on lying about Ichigos whereabouts to Rukia? Remember how She was glad Ichigo lost his powers? Remember how Rukia was impaled by Grimmjow and all Oriham could do was look at Ichigo?

 I’ve got tons, but why go one? When its already so obvious? She’s a cunt ;^) That’s why I hate her, she’s a wretched, nasty character, and should be done away with as soon as humanly possible.