she does that design so much justice

Can we just talk about Marinette

In the beginning, we saw her as just an Adrien-obsessed normal teenage girl that has responsibilities like helping her parents and babysitting. She’s goofy, she’s clumsy, she’s nice. Then we see that she’s into fashion and her designs are pretty good. We see that she loves her family and always does her best (she even manages to become a leader in her class). Now we see her more competitive side, and that she likes to game (and that she’s good at that too). 

Between Kung Food and Le Gamer, I think we see a lot more of Marinette’s character and the different aspects of it. She definitely has a huge sense of responsibility and justice, but Ladybug could play a part in that idk. She games, she knits, she designs, she creates, she can probably bake since her family owns a bakery. There is so much more to her than just a clumsy, jumpy teenager we see in the first episode. And I love that the show reveals all these different components progressively. I just think it’s cool and interesting.