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Get In Losers, We’re Going Curse Breaking.

I’ve been doing some research today (I can neither confirm nor deny I’m writing the sequel chapter to Dial Tone) and I just found out that Draco Malfoy’s wife Astoria supposedly dies really young due to a curse placed on her ancestor, which leaves both Scorpius and Malfoy devastated and I’m just…are you fucking kidding me????

Are you telling me that instead of the shitheap of fiction that was The Cursed Child, we could have instead had a story about young Scorpius Malfoy finding out about the curse laid on his mother, and being the Slytherin child that he is, deciding to find a way to break it. 

Like the possibilities, I can’t even, my brain is just…running away with the idea of what you could do with a story like that. Scorpius Malfoy finds out about his mother’s curse, and how his birth shortens her life, I mean…it’s like…there, in the title??? The Cursed Child???!?

And then you have Albus “Al” Potter being sorted into Slytherin but that doesn’t make him any less like his dad so when he finds out what his friend is trying to do he’s there, he’s 100% there to help, whatever his friend needs, Albus Severus Potter is there. His dad gave him the invisibility cloak after all, what’s to stop them using it to get into the Library and reading all the books. They get caught of course, and Professor McGonagall has this surreal moment of not quite déjà vu, at having a Potter and a Malfoy breaking the rules in front of her again, but as friends??? And they’re…they’re reading about healing magic and protection spells at 3am??? Slytherins??? Is…is it too soon to consider early retirement??? Asking for a friend???

And because Al is the precious little Slytherin that he is, he has absolutely no qualms about breaking into his Dad’s office, aka Harry Fucking Potter’s Office, at the ministry and finding out all he can about the most powerful ways to break curses. But first he needs to get there and maybe a few years ago asking his dad if he could come visit on the weekend might not have been weird but it’s weird now. Everything’s been weird since he got sorted into Slytherin but that’s not important now. What is important is he’s pretty sure he remembers a giant book chained to his dad’s office desk and he needs to get to it, but he’s a bit of a squib when it comes to flying, and apparition is still beyond him, but Rose can fly. 

And even though she’s been sorted into Gryfindor and they don’t talk as often as they used to it’s worth a shot right? And initially she calls him mad for wanting to do what he wants to do (just, a moment of pure Hermione shines through, “no, absolutely not, you’re going to get us expelled or worse”) but as she listens to him, the more he pleads adamantly and vocally on behalf of his friend who is just staring at the floor, the more she realizes, they’re serious. Scorpius hasn’t even attempted to flirt with her yet…or…at all really, not recently…and she can’t help but notice he looks a little thinner, a little paler, and the dark circles under his eyes look like bruises, and when he looks up there’s a look of harrowing sorrow behind those bright eyes and Rose Granger-Weasley says slowly, “No, I’m not stealing a broom just so I can fly Albus to the Ministry…” takes a deep breath and licks her lips, determination settling over her shoulders like a well-fitted cloak. “We’re all going. But first we need to get to the Burrow.”

“The Burrow?” Al frowns, doing that weird hopping skip of a run he does to keep up with Rose’s long strides as she turns. “Why are we going to the Burrow?”

“Because, you can fit more in the trunk of a Ford Anglia.”

But no, that’s fine I guess. We’ll just get some muddled bullshit about Bad Parenting, time turners and alternate universes, feat the deranged lovechild of HimWithoutANose and RacistLeStrange. Sure. Great.

why rick and evie are perfect

evie? evy? find some continuity, mummy franchise

in the mummy:

  • literally they begin with evie saving his life, like this ship began with girl saves boy and rick admits that’s the entire reason he goes on the adventure at all
  • lots of longing gazes
  • the formal way they address each other, “mr o’connell” “evelyn”
  • TEAMWORK!!!!! ships that work together as a team are legit wonderful 
  • basically every little thing evie does that wouldn’t be considered “becoming” for a woman at that time, rick is very into. racing a camel? rick is down. describe mummification with gross specifics? rick is very into it.
  • and then he steals nice tools for her which is basically the most romantic thing you could give evelyn carnahan as a present
  • “i… am a librarian” rick is aroused
  • when he helps her off the ground and very gently checks to make sure she isnt hurt and basically casually holds her like wtf kind of romantic bullshit is this
  • rick loses his shit any time evie might get hurt
  • like they have to hOLD HIM BACK when she goes with imhotep
  • “if they make me a mummy you’re the first one i’m coming after”
  • their kiss has a smiley NOSE RUB like kill me i hate them
  • they cuddle on a fucking camel

in the mummy returns:

  • like these assholes have been together for a decade and still make out constantly
  • they compromise and still work as a team so well!! they know when to do it evie’s way and when to do it rick’s way
  • like he hands her a gun and she nods and they basically practice how to fight at home right? they have to. they choreograph this shit.
  • they still banter and tease each other and it is full of so much fucking affection, gag me now
  • i dont support evie’s temporary death but also brendan fraser is literally the only man actually acting in that scene and it hurts my heart to even consider rick living without evie like that man thinks screaming AHHH at mummies will make a difference, how would he even function
  • just like a lot of hardcore risking their lives for each other
  • “do you want to know what heaven looks like?” “nope would rather make out on this blimp pls”

those are the only two mummy movies nothing else exists sorry

Bro, don’t lose her. Don’t let her slip away. I know you’re young and you want to get with as many girls as you can and you want to be single and not have to worry about hurting girls and dealing with all the bullshit, the kind that comes with making a commitment to someone, you wanna be the one every girl wants and the guy that can get every girl. But you have something so good right in front of you, how can you lose that on another girl who’s name you won’t remember in a few weeks? What do those girls do for you? No one else gets you the way she does. When the time comes and you realize how much you had and how much you left it behind, you’re going to want her back and she’ll be gone. She’ll find someone else who makes her so fucking happy that she can’t stop smiling, she’s going to realize he does everything you never did. You’ll watch other guys approach her and give her attention and for the first time in a long time she’ll actually start to take it and flirt back, what the fuck does she have to lose? She’s single, right? You don’t want her anymore, remember? The worst feeling you’ll ever experience, to physically watch her give her time and attention to another guy that’s not you, it’s gonna tear you apart if you don't do something about her. Message her, call her, go see her, the longer you leave it the further she’ll slip away and you're going to regret it. Don’t you dare stand there and watch her drift, she’s worth so much more than that. She’s a fucking keeper man. When you read those quotes you think of her straight away and even though other girls come and go in your life she’s the one you think about the most. Yeah she’s a girl and she has her girl moments where you can’t be fucked with the boring conversations and being a gentleman all the time, but it will pay off when she gives you what you really want; her complete time and attention to you and no other guy. The feeling when she tells you that she wants you right now so bad will make you run to be wherever she is. Go get her. She's not showing it but she misses you and would kill to have you in her arms again and her body next to you. Don’t let her leave and then expect her to come running back because she won’t. She has no idea how you feel because you don’t show it, for all she knows you don’t even think about her anymore. Realize what you have while you still have it because once she’s gone she’s gone forever. She was yours. She's too important to let anyone else have her and she’s too good to lose for one minute of pleasure with someone else. She misses you brother, go get her back.

I know a lot of my followers are American and maybe don’t know what’s going on with Scotland/Brexit/independence referendums, and I’m really fucking mad about it, so I wanted to make this post.

Theresa May, the UK Prime Minister, has told us we aren’t allowed to have another Independence Referendum before 2019. Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, had been meeting with the PM to try and negotiate a suitable time for us to take another vote on Independence, and she (along with most Scots I would think, I know I am) is shocked that the PM has turned around and said no to a vote before 2019.

Why do Scotland want another Independence Referendum? We want one because Scotland voted to REMAIN in the EU. We don’t want to leave, and if we stay a part of the UK we will be forced to leave the EU. We don’t want this to happen, we’d rather be a part of the EU than be joined with England any longer. That’s the shortest way to say it, EU > UK.

Why 2019? Nicola Sturgeon and other members of the SNP (Scottish National Party, the party that holds the most chairs in Scotland) have been thinking about making autumn 2019 a good time to hold another referendum. This means, if we chose to leave the UK, Brexit wouldn’t be in full effect yet and we could happily stay in the EU. It’s also far enough away to give everyone a good amount of time to campaign, and think about how they want to vote.

Why has Theresa May said no to 2019? May has said no because she wants to give Scotland an ultimatum. Basically by saying no to 2019 she’s telling us, sure, you can have another vote after that time all you want, but you can’t have it before the whole UK is already out of Brexit. She’s done this because she thinks that us Scots should give Brexit a chance and see what it’s like before we go leaving the UK. It also means Scotland would have to go through the hassle of joining the EU again, and she thinks this will deter us from voting for Independence.

Why is all of this a problem, and y u so mad about it Moody? Well, friends, lemme tell you a thing. First of all Theresa May is the leader of the Conservative Party, a party which out of 59 available House of Commons seats in Scotland, only hold 1. They hold 1 seat. And they’re dictating to us when we can and cannot hold a vote. Forget that she’s the PM for a second. Think about that. 1 out of 59 seats in Scotland, and she’s telling us how to run our country and thinks she understands what the Scottish people want? No.

Secondly, she’s made this decision before she even hears what the SNP have to say on the matter. The SNP are holding a meeting on Wednesday (from me posting this, next week) to talk about another referendum. May doesn’t even know what the SNP fully want to do yet because they haven’t had their meeting yet, and without hearing the SNPs general opinion post-meeting, she has said no. Jumping the gun a bit, huh?

Thirdly, it’s not up to her, it’s up to the Scottish people. I mean sure, she’s the PM, she’s said no to 2019, that was her decision. But what exactly is that achieving? Other than making it harder for Scotland to join back with the EU after we leave the UK. Nothing. She just doesn’t want to deal with Brexit and Scotland leaving the UK at the same time. Learn to multitask, PM, or hand your job over to someone who can.

Scotland want independence because we are sick and tired of having to follow everything England does. The entirety of Scotland voting one way could be overruled by the entirety of London. Just London, one city. We have less say than one English city. We’re sick of this bullshit. Did you know that England’s nuclear weapons program, Trident, is located in Scotland? That’s right, just in case someone decides to bomb us to get rid of our weapons, they put them in Scotland so they’d bomb us instead of England. Tough shit on you if we get our independence, looks like you’ll be having to deal with your own nuclear weapons from now on. Get that shit away from us.

I am angry because my country doesn’t have a say in its own future, I am angry because the English government that rules over us doesn’t give a crap about us, I am angry because we are treated as worthless ‘lesser Englishmen’, when our culture and people are entirely different to England’s. I am angry because I’m tired of the English government shitting all over my country. Fuck you, we want Independence, and delaying it won’t stop it from happening.

listen even if black paladin allura makes objectively more sense than black paladin keith, i can still see them pulling some shit to do with keith’s connection to shiro and blah blah blah, i can get past it

but the red paladin shit is pissing me off. from what it sounds like, they even make a point of showing us that allura wants to be the red paladin but can’t for some reason? and the lions chose lance because he??? puts the team first???? excuse me????

they could’ve made a point instead that allura was connected to the blue lion. maybe alfor was the previous blue paladin and allura wants to follow in his footsteps, and maybe she has a connection to the blue lion that she doesn’t have with red or black (even that is bullshit but at least it isn’t bullshit that insults her)

i really challenge anyone to show me where the fuck lance has shown that he has more dedication to this team than allura does.

We Could Be Gigantic

for @padfootdidntdoit , whomst i would be lost without 

word count: 4700

part i | AO3 | spotify playlist


When the kettle begins boiling in earnest, it drowns out the ticking of that awful clock that Sirius found in a train station, or at the bottom of the Thames, or in nineteen fifty-two. He installed it so far up the wall behind the fridge that Lily hasn’t a hope of reaching it unless she somehow manages to grow an extra three feet, and it drives her mad (especially considering he’s only eight inches taller than her). The point of this is that Lily spends as much time as possible per day boiling the kettle. Lately, her rate of tea consumption is just about levelling James’, which is – well, she sent him a crate of real tea last week so it must be just about time to post him another one.

The clock isn’t even on the right time, which is probably the worst part. Actually, no, the fact that Lily has started automatically adding an hour and six minutes on in her head is probably the worst part.

(She was at work last week when her co-worker Dorcas had asked the time and Lily had told her it was four fifty. Needless to say, their boss had not been pleased to discover Dorcas in the staff room packing up her things an hour before the end of her shift.)

Lily looks at the clock, and it reads two forty-five, which means that in nine minutes’ time, James will be seated in front of his laptop, ready to receive an incoming video call from her. She plugs her own computer into its charger, and waits for it to turn on (too slowly), and then she logs in to Skype.

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i have a bit of a seething hatred for jj but i actually really appreciate isabella? shes quite lovely and you know she puts up with 115% of jjs bullshit bc she loves him so much. shes such a supportive fiancee and i get the feeling that jjs parents absolutely adore her.

I think a lot of the hatred around JJ stems from him being unaware of the insensitive, and frankly rude, things he says and does. Like the part where he used “lady” as a degrading term towards Yuri and the time where he approached Victor and Yuuri to talk about another competitor’s successful jump. While that “ladies first” comment was a dick move, an act of douche-baggery, and offensive, I feel like JJ didn’t really mean for it to come across that way. Like in NO way am I excusing him for it but JJ as a person is very lax with his words and attitude for most of the time. He’s got a diva personality, he’s flamboyant as fuck, and he likes teasing people and being included in things. The desire to be included but obviously not mixing well with the rest of the competitors probably evoked more of a desire in him to be included; resulting in him making some insensitive, teasing remarks to just get a reaction out of people and to be at least SOMEWHAT included in their conversation. 

I really do like JJ because the real, unfiltered/uninfluenced JJ we see in his flashbacks when he proposed to Isabella and when he broke down in front of his parents is so damn relatable. He carries a nation’s hope and he’s put the pressure on himself to succeed so he can be WORTHY of returning Isabella’s love. 

The thing is I don’t think JJ truly believes that he deserves Isabella when he first proposed. His proposal had a condition. He wouldn’t marry Isabella UNTIL he won the GPF. In this way, I believe JJ does struggle with dealing with relationships and really understanding that Isabella would love him anyways. Just like how he needs to understand that he doesn’t have to be all up in everyone’s shit to be included or to be friends with everyone. That he doesn’t have to have a king’s attitude to be admired. He doesn’t need to prove anything but he thinks he does.

But JJ crumbles. He’s put up such an attitude of “I’M AN UNDEFEATABLE KING” that he has not allowed himself to be human. Even Victor admitted that JJ was a top candidate for gold because of just how INHUMAN his routines were. He hasn’t made ANY mistakes during the times we’ve watched him skate so when he finally does, he doesn’t know how to cope with it at all. But we see him pick himself up and embrace himself again and I find that beautiful. And of course, it was so touching to see Isabella stand with him through thick and thin. She’s crying, laughing, and celebrating with him every step of the way and I feel like that’s what a true fairy tale romance for a king looks like. 

Two-Spirit Jokes ARE RACIST no matter the context

So the other day, a Drag Queen that I follow posted an “innocent” joke that was in very poor taste.  It was making fun of being two-spirit.  I confronted her and got a lot of backlash from her and her followers.  Which isn’t surprising.

It does not matter if you are LGBTQ+ you can still be a racist fucktard, and should own up to it.  There is a shit-tonne of racism in the gay community and we have to stop it, no matter what.  It’s time for us to stand up against this bullshit and eliminate the racism in our community.  This cannot go on any further, it hurts us all, and we have bigger issues to deal with (aka Trump).

So feel free to send a message to Jackie Beat, and tell her that it is unacceptable to be racist.  She is the stupid one.

There is a lot of wrong information in here from her minions and herself, Two-Spirit is not exclusively a trans identification, it is a universal LGBTQ+ identification for Native American, First Nation, Metis and Inuit peoples.

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Question! You've introduced Lance, Keith and Pidge (or at least...a look-alike of Pidge) in your Sim AU, so what I was wondering was where is the rest of Team Voltron? And where is the original team (this being regular human Lance and the rest)?

That is a very good question!

I’ll try to explain it as best as I can without giving too much away (I want to save some of these spoilers for the actual story itself lol)

Here’s a diagram:

So, to explain–we all pretty much know about Lance already, he’s an AI, he’s powered by an AI cube that currently functions as the “heart” of his body. And he’s hopelessly in love with Keith. RIP

Katy and Hunk work together under a special organization dedicated to protecting the universe. That specific organization is dealing with a particularly stubborn Galra uprising that began after Team Voltron destroyed the Galra empire and defeated Zarkon. At first Katy and Hunk simply act as maintenance workers, but after they find Keith crashed in the simulator Keith sorta drags them with him everywhere he goes. Katy and Hunk do repairs on Lance whenever he needs it (which is…quite often actually lol). Katy specializes in coding and hacking, so she’s usually the one to update Lance’s systems and AI cube, while Hunk is best at wiring and machinery, so he actually goes in and fixes any internal problems Lance is having. And Lance himself is considered a “hacking weapon” because he has the ability to hack into systems by sending his consciousness in and destroying everything from the inside. Pretty neat, right?

Keith, Lance, Katy and Hunk all decide to help the organization stop the uprising. Directly under the leaders of the organization, there’s Allura and Coran, who are both human and therefore look a little different than their counterparts (Coran has a beard now and a different mustache, at first I thought of removing it completely but then I decided nah! Let’s just change it up lol). Allura and Coran are the leaders of the organization’s army, and basically the go-to commanders! Coran specializes in weaponry and knows all there is to know about swords, guns, and any other weapon in the universe…he’s very well-rounded there. And Allura? Don’t mess with her, she can kick your ass anytime, anywhere. She’s a lot more fierce than the original Allura and does not stand for any bullshit that goes down lol

Shiro is Altean in this AU–and I’m not going to share anymore information than that. He’s…having a difficult time right now. With where he is and what’s going on there. Yeah…

Under Hunk’s name, there’s a ??? sign! That’s indicating that he’s neither human nor any other alien species that we’ve seen so far. So…what is he? That is a secret as well! He’s basically humanoid in appearance, but he’s got some pretty wicked abilities that come into play later on!

Keith’s description says that he’s the last Paladin. (Not counting Lance, who is technically also one.) This is because, the rest of Team Voltron…

…are missing! Where are they? Where did they go? Why is Keith running into look-alikes of them? That’s a secret too! So yes, Keith is considered the only Paladin remaining since the rest have…mysteriously vanished. Dun dun dun!

I hope that helps clear things up a little! And yes, now that I’ve finally introduced…or re-introduced the rest of the team, I can actually draw them in future comics and artworks now…yes!!

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I've seen a bunch of posts and info about Vlad and Nathan, but managed to miss pretty much anything regarding Ursula (like, I didn't even know she had scars). Do you have centralized character info in a post somewhere?

Ursula is intentionally kept as a mystery because her character arc is central to the plot. But I do have a few things I typed up when people asked so I will repeat them here for anyone interested:

Ursula is of mixed descent. Everyone thinks she is going to look a certain way because of where she is currently living in the world. But when asked “when did you move here” she does this sort of slow blink, and goes “Oh, no. I never moved. You all did.”

My girl’s watched continental drifts and stars being born. She’s got no time for your colonial whitewashing bullshit.

Like Vlad and Nathan, she is also bi/pan and doesn’t care much for the social constructs of gender binary. She’s considerably older than Vlad and he’s somewhat embarrassed by this. Nathan continues to give zero fucks and courts her like she’s 20 something. She’s wryly amused by this.

She was once the lover to an Empress whose kingdom sunk beneath the ocean. She was on the other side of the world when it happened. She still looks for the lights some nights.

In her present form she’s short and stocky. Her hair is the color of dark honey and curls wildly if left to its own devices. It reminds Vlad of early renaissance paintings, and he’d like to paint her some day. Nathan likes watching her braid it. He buys her silly little trinkets to lace through the plaits. Ursula who has worn crowns, treasures all of them.

She eats almost as much as Nathan and never says no to honeycomb. If comics existed she’d read them. In their lieu she greatly enjoys reading the new publications known as Penny Dreadfuls—both her and Vlad collect the same author and by happy coincidence each have copies of chapters the other does not. They’re trying to get Nathan interested but he’s not a fan of fantasy. A world with only humans is just too unrealistic. Not to mention worryingly speciest.

She bears a lot of scars. She does not hide them.

She has a natural talent for the theatrical and in another life walked the stage. She likes plants but gardens begrudgingly. She’s forgotten her original name but doesn’t mind.

She has been alone for a very long time.

It’s interesting they are showing the North wanting to rally around Sansa…..while Jon is gonna be telling Dany that he will help the North see her for who she really is and accept her as their leader….cuz there is a high chance the North is gonna choose Sansa as their queen/leader……so you telling me Jon is gonna stroll his ass back to winterfel in season 8 and tell those Northern Lords to not follow his sister but follow a targaryen instead? He’s gonna actively work to undermine her power and authority on the North for Dany cuz he believes in her that much and is so in love?

Are we also supposed to believe that Jon is not smart enough to think that even if he surrenders the north, the north would more than likely rally around Sansa, or even Bran since they are both Ned Stark’s true born children verses Daenerys? That he’s bought into the dany hype so much he honestly believes that once Dany saves the day all the Lords will be in awe of her and see her good heart and happily bow at her feet and hand her their independence when the Long night is over? Keep in mind that According to Sansa she told Jon that his hold on the north was shaky and the Lords are proud and if he stayed gone too long they would start to rally around someone else, that someone logically being Sansa. So he has to know that what he’s doing will not at all guarantee Dany the north and if the north refuses to surrender and flocks to Sansa he puts his own family and all of his people at the mercy of a woman with 3* dragons that could destroy them all. So he would possibly put his own sister, who he’s spent the entire season being unusually aggressive over, at risk for being considered an enemy of Daenerys while knowing how she handles her enemies?

Or we supposed to just assume that Jon really thinks Sansa is just gonna yield the north because she fears Dany so he will conveniently get the love of his life (lmao) and dany gets her throne and Sansa and the north just become content with being ruled by the great Dany and her dragons and all is well that ends well.

Yeah I’m calling Bullshit

Addition: its even more interesting because the way they have handled the kneeling situation means that Jon can’t use the “I did it to save the north” excuse, because Dany pledges to fight with him before he decides to hand her the north. If Jon was gonna kneel to save his people from Dany’s wrath and secure her help with the WW, which would have been bullshit and still caused a riot but made some sense logically for Jon, he would have kneeled the 101 times she tried to get him to kneel to secure her help. So as it stands he doesn’t kneel for the sake of saving his people and his family, he kneels purely out of his sudden admiration and love for Dany. So he doesn’t risk Sansa’s life to potentially save it, he risks her and the north because of his own desires and “feelings”. How on earth does that gel with everything else we have witnessed this season and know about Jon and his devotion to the North? How

Feysand baby Headcanons part 2

Feysand baby Headcanons part 2!! This is more of an immediate continuation from my last Headcanons, and more about Feysand and their daughter and less about them having a baby. Here’s the first part: you probably need this to understand what’s going on :)

Part 1: 

Requested by @feysand16

Feel free to request anything! xx


-Feyre and Rhys daughter is ecstatic when she finds the boy she’s been swooning over for nearly a year. He looks so ashamed of himself when she finds him wandering back to his tent so she sneaks up to him and wraps her arms around him from behind, pressing a gentle kiss to space between his wings.

-He blushes so hard the absolute cutie and tells her she probably shouldn’t do that, someone might see. Despite all the work Rhys had done in the Illyrian camps the stigma around being a bastard never really left, and this golden boy had to fight and work for everything he has. It’s why feysands daughter loves him.

-She just scoffs and grabs his hand, dragging him back to her cottage explaining that her mother has invited him for dinner, and she doesn’t care about the nature of their relationship at all.

-What neither of them are expecting is the darkness that is surrounding her home when she gets there, and she knows instantly that her father is there. She stops dead in her tracks and is literally about to fly away with her boy when the door opens and her father is standing there, no glamour on and surrounded by his magic. He has the arrogant smile that he uses when he talks to people he doesn’t like or when he wants to piss someone off. She’s scared shitless.

-She smilies back at him, a nervous smile, and the boy beside her tightens the grip he has on her hand.

-Rhysand never thought there would be a day when he had to deal with a boy who was taking advantage of his baby girl, and he was ready to rip into this child that thought he could touch a hair on his baby’s head without suffering the consequences.

-He had heard every word spoken between Feyre and his daughter, after Feyre, at her shock of seeing their daughter with a boy in her bed, let down the shield that kept him out and practically screamed her thoughts at him. -Rhysand. Was. Pissed.

-He came as soon as he could, winnowing into the camp and seeing his frazzled mate straight away. She tried to explain the situation to him, calmly, but when Rhys realised their daughter wasn’t there and Feyre explained that they were going to have dinner with the boy he cracked it. His glamor went down and his claws came out, a feral snarl emitting from him. Feyre just flicked him on the nose and told him to control himself.

-Dinner was tense at first. Their daughter wouldn’t look up from her plate no matter how many times Feyre tried to initiate conversation with her and her boyfriend.

-Rhys shoots through the bond for Feyre to never call that boy their baby’s boyfriend ever again. She’s too young to have a boyfriend. Way to young. And boys are dumb and he knows damn well what the only thing Illyrian boys want at this age and it’s certainty isn’t a relationship.

-Rhys will admit that he’s sweet though. He has bright blonde hair, rare for an Illyrian, and Rhys has always had a soft spot for bastard borns. And there’s something very familiar about the boy that he can’t quite put is finger on.

-All in all the dinner isn’t horrible??? They actually have a nice time????

-Feyre sees her husband diligently watching their daughter who is escorting her boyfriend to the door. The boy has a broad smile on his face and kisses her cheek before he goes. It’s nice actually. Feyre remembers the sweet moments like that between her and Rhys when they were younger, and is glad that her daughter has found that sort of happiness.

-Feyre goes to bed to leave Rhys and their daughter to talk. She kisses both their heads before wandering off, but not before shooting down the bond that Rhys better not leave without saying goodbye.

-It’s silent between Rhys and the girl who looks so much like him. He knew this day would come, the day where she started claiming men, but even after 17 years he still sees the baby who used to blow kisses at random people in the street and wave at anything that moved. He still sees the 11 month old who was still perfecting her walking when she started to fly around so that she could chase the butterflies with Aunty Elain. It would be hard for him to let that image go.

-They stay in silence until she burst out crying. Rhys was instantly at her side holding her in his arms while she blubbered about how sorry she is and please please don’t be disappointed in me I know your mad I’m so sorry .

-Rhys tells her he could never be disappointed in her, it’s more surprise than anything. She’s not his baby anymore and it’s gonna take some time for him to deal with that. However, he does think that it’s about time that she comes back to Velaris.

-She blanches and outright refuses. She knows he’s just doing this to get her away from any males and under the careful watch of her uncles and cousins which is complete and utter bullshit and she has no problem telling her father exactly that.

-Rhys says he is her father and she doesn’t really have a choice in the matter but all this does is light the fire inside her that she got from Feyre and she screams. She screams at him that there is no way he can make her leave the boy she loves, and if he did that is he really any better than High Lord Tamlin?

-Rhys says that this has nothing to do with that boy of hers, and anyway there are plenty of boys for her to choose from when she’s older but right now Rhysand needs to have his family home in Velaris and that is that.

-Both their darknesses are crowding the room and Feyre is anxiously listening to the exchange from her bedroom, wondering if she should interrupt.

-Rhys is 5 seconds away from just winnowing back to Velaris with his daughter in tow when she falls to her knees sobbing in what sounds like agony.

-Rhys’s darkness instantly sweeps away and he gets on the floor with his daughter and pulls her to him. He never expected the next words to come out of her mouth. -“He’s not just some boy, he’s my mate. He’s my mate and he doesn’t know but I knew the moment I saw him.”

-Feyre rushes back into the room as soon as she hears and then both her and Rhys are holding their daughter, telling her everything will be okay and of course they won’t make her leave him. But they had actually decided to go back to Velaris before all this happened, and this just means that her mate would have to come join them after his Blood Rite.

-When everything has calmed down and Rhys goes home to the House of Wind, he runs into Cassian who is rocking his newborn daughter around to stop her whimpering while also doing paperwork for his armies. Rhys envies Cass’s seemingly flawless ability to be a father, and asks his advice about what happened. When Rhys mentions the name of his daughter’s mate his general’s eyebrows shoot up in recognition. Rhys asks if he’s heard of the boy and Cass replies that they talked about him last week. He’s the bastard child of a Lord and High Fae, who’s power and leadership skills have improving every day and who had been note worthy enough for Cassian’s eldest to bring it to the attention of his father, who in turn brought it to the attention of his High Lord.

-That explains why Rhysand thought the boy was familiar and this was indeed perfect. Perfect because Cassian and his son planned to bring the boy to Velaris for further training, hopefully ending in Cassian having another reliable war leader.

-Cass laughs at Rhys because he thinks he’s overreacting about the whole thing but then Rhys reminds him about what they were like when they were that age, and in a few years Cassian’s daughter would be at an Illyrian camp too. Cass’s eyes widened in horror. He looked down at his precious bundle who was now sleeping against his chest and told Rhys “My daughter is never stepping foot in an Illyrian camp. Never.”

-The day her mate comes to Velaris there is nothing but warmth and love for the boy. Mor and Elain thinks he’s absolutely beautiful and Cass, Az, and Rhys take him under their wings ~pun intended~ to help him grow and let go of his brutal past as a bastard Illyrian.

-And on the day of his daughters wedding and mate ceremony a year later, he and Feyre can’t help but smile with pure joy and elation at the happiness their child has found, and their family that is slowly but surely getting bigger every passing year.

-(Hours before the ceremony Rhys, Cass and Az cornered her mate and told him that if he ever hurt her, they wouldn’t give a shit of he was her mate or not, what they would do to him would make what they did to Hybern look like mercy)

{Special} College!AU Amber
  • major: film production 
  • minor: visual arts
  • sports: she’s on the uni’s women’s basketball team but outside of school she teaches taekwondo to kids !!
  • clubs: aspiring filmmakers society, girls who skate (all female skateboarding team), big brother big sister (she’s the big sister to a 6th grade girl who cut her hair short because amber inspired her), actually amber is in a lot of clubs because she has 4546932 friends and they invite her to all their clubs and she can never say no rofl
  • amber,,,,to put it bluntly is the most popular person on the college campus. like,,,,,,everyone knows who she is everyone from newly entered freshmen to people who graduated like three years ago 
  • why? because she’s so damn bright and positive that it’s hard not to notice her and well,,,,she’s probably the first person to befriend you because she’s just so outgoing and she loves loves LOVES making friends
  • and like amber is friends with jackson who is the other most popular person on campus and the two of them are always outside shooting hoops or being dumb on the quad and like ,,, everyone wants to be their friend because they always look like they’re having fun
  • but amber is also friends with the queen of the campus aka krystal who seems so cold and unapproachable from far away but somehow she’s always managing to smile and laugh around amber
  • and amber,,,,she just has a way of pulling everyone in towards her with an addicting laugh and an adorable smile and just this dorky, lovable personality 
  • she’s a film productions major and like she became passionate about making movies after spending time filming skate videos and vlogs for her youtube channel (which btw is still a thing she does. her vlog ‘ranting monkey’ is insanely popular like she has like 4 million subs and her instagram + twitter is always blowing up and everyone on campus is like HOLY SHIT YOU’RE INTERNET FAMOUS and amber’s like LOL NO IM NOT)
  • but yeah she thought about doing music as a career and learning to become a producer, but she decided that something about film was just more invigorating 
  • and she always has a camera on her and she’s always filming and uploading things
  • like it can go from her just using her phone to film her having lunch with her friends, to her using the gopro to film her and her friends skating, to her lugging around a huge camcorder for a movie she’s making for a class
  • but she’s always alWAYS bustling with energy to film something or take photos of something like she can never stop
  • and everyone she hangs out with somehow inevitably become actors in all her skits and movies 
  • and she’s always posting in the facebook group for the screenwriting majors if anyone wants to work with her for projects and she’s always like juggling 495342 things
  • people are sometimes like “amber, when do you sleep?” and she just shrugs like “i ????? don’t”
  • luna and victoria are always nagging her about staying healthy and amber’s like “ok ok ok ill eat!!!” and then she takes a bite of like luna’s salad and drinks some of victoria’s coffee and is like “see? i just had breakfast!” and they’re like aMBER
  • but it’s too late she’s skated off to her next class
  • she took visual arts as a minor mostly because she wants to be able to create more things on her own for her films because she’s basically a broke college student
  • plus all the friends she made in class all offer to like help her draw sets or make props and through visual art she became close with people in the fashion major 
  • and all of them aDORE her and are always like “if you need help with a movie!!!!! tell us!!!!”
  • and amber only gets shy about things like that, when people are so straightforward with giving her help she’s like you gUYS,,,,,you’re the best but i can’t even pay you???? and they’re like no no we want to do it because you’re amazing
  • and amber like pulls her hood over her face like iM NOT 
  • and it’s like the only time she gets flustered but it is sooooooo adorable
  • also she’s the certified girl crush of literally everyone on campus and it is hilarious because when the uni’s basketball teams have games
  • more girls show up to the women’s game with banners with ambers face on it and poster boards with ‘i love you unnie’ written on them and amber ,,,,,, like,,,,she looks so good in the uniform like ,,,,,, it’s heavenly
  • everyone always takes pics and a freshman even confessed to amber that they had made a photo of amber jumping to dunk their phone background and amber was like DUDE REALLY and they showed her and she like ruffled their hair like IM HONORED
  • that freshmen nearly Died because holyshit amber blessed them with a hair ruffle 
  • the women’s teams coach was like ‘amber we’re going to put your face on the university’s sports homepage ok?’ and amber was like ‘what why’ and everyone was like pointing at her fanclub sitting in the bleachers like thats WHY 
  • some people will sometimes talk about her behind her back because of her easygoing personality around boys and how she dresses and chooses to express herself
  • but like the rumors never go far because anyone that hears someone badmouthing amber will literally stand up for her on the spot because she’s been helpful to so many people and has become friends with even those who have a hard time being social
  • and like literally 99% of the campus has her back
  • and it’s cute she’s kind of oblivious to it because everyone does their best to make sure she doesn’t have to hear any bullshit for the way she lives her life
  • so when someone’s like “god, she’s such a fox hanging around with guys all the time” and amber’s like “who are they talking about?” literally the 10 people around her will be like “oh no one” and then proceed to be like @ the people who were rude like “get a life perhaps?”
  • once amber came into school not wearing her usual skinny jeans, vans, loose shirt combo but came in like a Suit because she was having an important dinner @ the big brother big sister program later
  • and everyone lost their shit. she wore that suit once but she got featured in the school newspaper
  • and amber has a special spot for making films that are like about life and growing up and like learning something about yourself because she really wants to make films that inspire people to be better
  • so all her professional work is always about like,,,,,,,people overcoming tough situations,,,,,,,,and she’s just a sweetheart because she finds people who are quietly struggling and says she wants to make a film about them because their struggle - and their hard work should be recognized and used as motivation for others
  • and for most people hearing someone say that, let alone offer to make a film about it, is really,,,,,,,is really touching because you realize that someone notices your efforts
  • and amber is that person. no matter what - she sees that people are trying, even when it isn’t their best, they’re trying in her eyes
  • but she hardly ever notices that she’s trying 
  • and it’s that about her that you wish you could tell her,,,,,
  • and you do,,,,just not to her face???
  • instead you kinda just comment on her posts with ‘hope you’re eating well!’ ‘i appreciate everything you do!’ and of course ‘i’ll always know you’ll do your best!’
  • and tbh you don’t think much of it,,,because like other people flood her instagram and twitter with comments all the time
  • like as humble as amber is, it’s beyond obvious that she’s famous online and like,,,,,,,the only thing that makes you different from the other 40k comments is the fact that you go to uni with her
  • and you’ve actually spoken to her quite a few times because you work part-time in the uni’s gym so you see amber during basketball practice and she’s always be asking you to help her find her locker key (she has a habit of losing it)
  • and you always help,,,,,,,even if it meant staying 30-40 minutes after your shift was over because like,,,,it’s amber
  • her glowing smile and the cute way she jumps up and down when finally finding the key,,,,,it’s something that would warm your heart for hours after
  • and like most people, developing a crush on amber is pretty much a given,,,,,like it’s impossible not to fall some bit in love with her because she’s all around,,,,,an angel
  • but your crush didn’t even come from the fact that she’s so silly and adorable
  • it came from the moment you saw her sitting in the locker room, drinking energy drinks and obviously fighting to stay awake, talking on the phone and going “yeah im fine, don’t worry i slept!! ill come after practice to help you out - no no i promise im totally awake, ill see you at 9!”
  • and you couldn’t hear what the person on the other line was saying, but amber was telling them over and over that she’d be there after practice
  • and when she’d finished the call, getting up you could see her stumble a bit,,,drained of energy and when she’d walked past you you could even catch the coming in of dark circles under her eyes
  • but when she went back out onto the court, no one else seemed to notice. they all just laughed and patted her on the back and somehow amber managed to smile back and crack jokes
  • and you had wondered to yourself is there was a point that even the most sunny, vibrant people could break and get tired
  • and so,,,,in a way,,,,,you just wanted to support her. even if commenting ‘i hope you get some rest’ on a photo was all you could really do
  • but then,,,,,somehow,,,,,,amber’s finding you after your shift in the gym one day and going 
  • “i see you always working here and i was wondering if i could film you a bit for a movie im doing, it’s about kids who work on campus so im also filming jinyoung from the campus bookstore and jin from the campus new channel, would you be ok with being in it?”
  • and tbh you stand there dumbfounded for like 5 min and amber’s like “heeeey helllloooooo are you listening???” and waving her hand in your face and you’re like UH
  • and you kind of don’t know how to respond because one) you haven’t ever really thought of ever being on camera especially not for something as mundane as working at your uni’s gym two) amber ,,,,, noticed you enough to ask you to be in a film of hers??? and three) being filmed by her,,,,of all people,,,,,,would you even be able to control your blushing face????
  • and you stutter a bit because you’re like “it,,,,,it’s going to be b-boring?” 
  • and amber laughs like “well, that’s kinda the point!! that uni jobs are boring, but like you guys perceiver and pull through to do a job that helps a lot of other students! so dude, are you up for it?”
  • and you don’t even think you say /yes/ but amber is smiling so wide and her eyes are sparkling like stars
  • and you’re sold. you’re done. you’ll do anything for her just about then
  • and you nod 
  • and amber grins and tells you she’ll be back with her camera next week
  • and you stand there for a moment, thinking to yourself,,,,,,,,
  • amber is going to film,,,,,,,,,me,,,,,
  • and for a couple days you think you must have like ???? daydreamed it
  • how could someone so popular, so sociable, and so,,,,,,,,,,so far above you decide suddenly that you - some person who’d just been in the background all the time - be worthy enough to film??/
  • and you know amber loves motivational things and whatnot but your job isn’t anything like that. you work at the gym and do stuff like get towels clean for the athletes and make sure the basketballs are inflated and sometimes clean up garbage off the bleachers 
  • there’s nothing really motivational, you just need the money
  • but then - much to your surprise - amber is there just like she said she would be with a camcorder and a mic and a couple of other people all holding light equipment 
  • and when she sees you, she waves and runs over
  • and it’s like you’re watching it in slow-mo, her bangs brush out of her face as she runs, her smile with the upturned corners of her lips is so distinct and radiant, and most of all her eyes,,,,,pretty big bright pools of brown,,,,,
  • all happy because of you and god your heart would break right there if it wasn’t for the fact that you were scared to death all of a sudden because of everyone else there
  • amber, the least bit bothered by the crowd of her friends, grabs your hand and is like “are you ready?? i want to shoot a short interview with you and ask some questions so i got some people together to help with lighting and one of them is from the fashion dept she can help do your makeup. we’re gonna shoot it here in the locker room, is that cool beans with you?”
  • and you’re like “uhhhhhhh”
  • and amber senses that you’re a Bit shocked and she like slaps your back playfully like “hey, i know it’s all intimidating because woooooah cameras and lights and makeup blah blah blah but it’ll be easy, just trust me ok! i never make things awkward!”
  • with a wink she nudges you forward and you’re like swallowing the lump in your throat like oK ,,,,,
  • and you sit down and suddenly there’s someone putting a mic on you and another person arranging your hair from your face and a voice asking you to close your eyes and your head is spinning but before you close your eyes you see amber from the corner of your eye
  • enthusiastically speaking to someone and she sees you, smiling again
  • and just with that you think - you can do this!!! whatever,,,,,this is ,,,,,,
  • and the interview is pretty short amber just asks how you started working here / why do you work here / and your duties
  • and you’re like “i did it for the money, i need to pay for my own books and stuff so,,,,,”
  • and amber goes “is there any other reason? like once you started working here, did something about helping out all the athletes feel gratifying? like when you hand someone a towel after practice or help the mascot into their costume?”
  • for a second you think you want to just come out and say “no” because this job is what you said before, it’s boring. there’s not big reward, nothing like working at the library or working as a TA
  • but then you look at amber again,,,,,and the moments where you stayed behind with just her to help her find the keys to her locker,,,,the moments where you’d search every corner diligently until you could find the keys that would make the girl you had the biggest crush on jump up and down in happiness
  • and before you know it you go, “there is another reason.”
  • amber’s expression gets bright and she follows up with “what’s that reason?”
  • and now you can’t help but replay all the times you got to be with her in your mind, hearing her complain about how clumsy she is, telling her that it was ok when she apologized for keeping you behind
  • and you,,,,,,,you bite your tongue because you almost say “you’re the reason”
  • but instead you go “someone special,,,,,,someone special is my reason”
  • and amber gives you a thumbs up from behind the camera and claps, saying that that’s the best answer - so touching and that the camera can stop recording and your first shoot is over
  • you sit there, as the hands reappear to take off your mic and clean off the light makeup
  • and amber comes over to tell you you did great, but her voice is fuzzy in your ears and you get up and excuse yourself
  • and as you run from the gym to the dorms you think that,,,,what’s the reason you still work at the gym? what’s the reason you keep cleaning that huge court, picking up garbage from the athletes and from the spectators 
  • you already paid for all your books, you already have your scholarships 
  • “amber” you say outloud,,,,,,and you can’t believe it but maybe your little crush wasn’t so little after all and you recall all the times you would stop to watch her practice, stay behind just in case she lost her keys again, feel sad if she didn’t and then get happy if she did
  • and you squat down in front of the dorm, clutching your hands to your ears and you tell yourself
  • “no, don’t do this. you can’t like her. she’s,,,,,,she’s,,,,,,,,impossible to reach.”
  • “whose impossible to reach?”
  • the voice comes from behind you and were so busy arguing w/yourself in your head that you didn’t even hear someone running after you
  • and you turn around and there’s amber,,,,,this time her smile is faltering into a frown and her eyes are filled with worry and you’re like 
  • oh shit oh shit i didn’t mean to make her worried oh shit oh man oh no
  • and amber gives you a pout that basically lodges a knife into your heart and she’s like “dude you just ran off like the flash and we were all so confused, did something happen? did i do something wrong?”
  • and you’re like “n-no that’s not it it’s just-”
  • and amber steps closer and suddenly she’s only inches away, leaning toward your face and grinning, going “c’mon, tell me. don’t lie too, ill know if you’re lying i have spidey senses”
  • you don’t want to tell her but at the same time you don’t have a choice, if you don’t you’ll just end up being a mess the whole time and ruin her movie so you take a breathe and go
  • “the person who’s impossible to reach is you. the reason i still work at the gym is you. i lik-”
  • you choke a bit on the last word and look down at the ground instead of at amber’s face
  • “i like you.”
  • but then you hear amber’s laugh
  • the intoxicating, contagious laugh and your eyes widen because it’s even worse than her rejecting you,,,,,she’s straight up making fun of you,,,,,,,
  • and tears start to well up in your eyes because you can’t take this,,,,but then you hear her go “im sorry- im so- sorry i didn’t mean to laugh but you ,,,,,,you looked so scared,,,,like your eyeballs might pop out of your skull and,,,,,oh wait give me a second”
  • and she wipes at her face with the sleeve of her hoodie and she’s like “ok ok, i can talk now phew. ok. well it’s a good thing you like me because guess what?”
  • you don’t look up but amber tilts your chin so you’re forced to
  • and the next thing you know there are soft lips on yours and you’re like HOLY MOTHER OF
  • and amber pulls back before you can actually Faint and proceeds to run around in a circle, crinkling her nose and going “i DID that,,,,,ok ok,,,,,,,,,,,,,,AHHHHHH”
  • and you’re like ???? why are you screaming im the one who just got spontaneously kissed
  • and amber sticks her tongue out and is like yeAH BUT I DID IT I DIDNT THINK I WOULD GOD WE K I S S E D 
  • and you’re like ?????? yeah,,,,,w,,,we kissed?????
  • and amber is like,,,,,,,, still jittering and you’re like ?????? and she’s just like sORRY i just,,,,that was our first kiss it was corny right???? i shouldn’t do that right?????? should i do it again???? let’s do it again ok 3-2-1-
  • and once again there are lips on yours except this time it’s not as shocking, i mean it still is because THE AMBER LIU is kissing you,,,,,,but also like,,,,,
  • she is so cute and embarrassed and it’s obvious she’s still flustered because she isn’t doing anything but pressing her lips  to yours and you’re like,,,,,,,,,ok fine
  • and you tilt your head a bit and move closer
  • and now you’re ACTUALLY kissing
  • but when you pull back amber is red as a cherry,,,,,like more red than you’ve ever seen her and you’re like ??????? are you ok
  • and amber is like iM,,,,,,new,,,,,,to this
  • and you’re like what how you’re so popular haven’t you dated like a bunch of people and she’s like,,,,,,,no,,,,,im not even popular what im just me,,,,,,,,
  • and you’re like omg don’t be cute right now im dying but you’re also like “wait - do you like me too?”
  • and amber looks at you and then pushes your shoulder playfully like DONT MAKE ME SAY IT OUTLOUD,,,,,but yes
  • and you’re like wait hold up wait a minute since when
  • and amber’s like cringing, making noises and she’s like “can we not talk about it,,,,,,,,,it’s so corny,,,,,”
  • and you’re like “i want to know!!!!” and she’s like fiNE
  • so she explains that ever since you first helped her out at the gym,,,,actually ever since she saw you cleaning the bleachers after everyone left she’d always thought it was really cool how hardworking and loyal you were to such like a boring job 
  • and she’s like “you’re really dense, i lost my keys like 10 times in two weeks like that’s humanly impossible i was just trying to find excuses to stay behind with you” and you’re like ihdfglff WHAT
  • and you’re like i just thought you were that clumsy and amber’s like no one is that clumsy not even kids,,,,,and you’re like ok good point but go on
  • and she’s just shrugging like “you’re different from most people, you never make a big show out of like being forced to clean up other peoples messes and you always helped me even when you could say no and i don’t know your face it’s like attractive,,,,like i like it,,,,,,,,i bet my dog and cat would like it too so ,,,,,,,,you know,,,,,,whatever i like you there i said it”
  • and you can’t help but break out into a grin and amber is like 
  • “also maybe i uh made up this film proposition just to get more time with you” 
  • you’re like wait what there isn’t an actual film??? and amber’s like no there IS but,,,,,,it’s all about you im not filming anyone else and you’re like WHaT that’s going to be so boring-
  • and amber is like STOP SAYING YOU’RE BORING YOU’RE NOT
  • but you’re like seriously though,,,,i don’t think there’s enough about my job for a whole movie and amber’s like you’re right,,,,,,i guess the rest of the movie can be about,,,,,,,,,
  • and she steps closer again and you feel her hand on your neck pulling you in again and you’re like,,,,,,,you know what let me just kiss her for now and we’ll figure this out later
  • in the end,,,,,you and amber end up together in your bed,,,,
  • cuddling and watching netflix and amber shows you pics of her pets 
  • and it’s an impromptu first date and amber gets calls from all the people back at the gym and she’s like no im not coming back, leave the footage at my place!!!
  • and then you and her kiss some more and then fall asleep binge watching some anime she couldn’t stop talking about
  • amber decides that she’ll make the movie after all, but instead of it being about you she also does film other on campus student workers
  • but she keeps grumbling about how she could have totally found some way for it to be just about you and you’re like no,,,,you can’t and she’s like trust in my skillz and you’re like why do i like you again and she’s like because i got skillz
  • you actually tell amber that you used to comment on her instagram posts and she’s like SERIOUSLY NO WAY and you’re like “amber, i was your number one fan” and she’s like SHUT UP NOOOOO and you’re like yeah i can show you
  • and she somehow gets so embarrassed by the fact that you like ??? di that and you’re like why and she’s like,,,,,,,,,it’s cheesy don’t and you’re like you know what’s cheesy you still getting up after we kiss and running around because you’re so embarrassed like we’re dating now amber-
  • and she’s like LALALAL I CAN’T HEAR YOU
  • sometimes it is so childish of her but you put up with it because she makes everything better, like your life is just ,,,,,so much more brighter because of her
  • and when she introduces you to everyone as her significant other everyone is in disbelief because they never thought amber would actually like date someone
  • she always seemed so uninterested in relationship like everyone just tells you she concentrated on her work and on hanging out with friends so it’s just ,,,,,,,wild
  • but everyone is nice to you (minus the fanclub who’s like no one is good enough for amber even though you agree with this tbh you’re in shock this is happening, you’ll never be out of shock)
  • but best of all amber is like “no i get to post some couple photos, come here let’s take a photo of us holding hands-”
  • and you’re like “for someone who gets worked up after just kissing, you sure are into romantic stuff aren’t you?” and amber is like STOP ITS FOR THE AESTHETIC
  • and you’re like UHUH
  • all you talk about with each other is memes. you send vines to each other. you also send photos of like you guys doing random crap like squatting in a starbucks or trying to pet a random dog while the owner isn’t looking
  • amber starts a vlog answering questions and there’s so many about you that she does a ‘ask my s/o questions’ tag video and you’re like,,,,,awkwardly there but then someone is like “what do you love most about amber?”
  • and you talk for like a good 30 min while amber flails her arms in the back and rolls around on the bed and runs in and out of the room in embarrassment 
  • and pda for her is like a,,,,,,,it’s like she cannot do it
  • like you kissed her cheek while you were out w some of her film friends and she dropped the taco she was eating
  • and that’s like,,,,,,,crazy because amber lives for tacos,,,,,,yet she just dropped it right all over her lap and you were like ,,,,,,,oh no and the entire table broke out into laughter until amber came to her sense and threatened to delete editing softwares off their laptops if they didn’t stop 
  • she skates everywhere and sometimes she’ll skate away and make you jog to keep up and you’re like i swear im just going to buy a scooter one day or something
  • (for your first anniversary she gets you a freakin scooter)
  • she has a horrible habit of taking photos of you sleeping and posting them like everywhere with captions about how you’re not getting any work done
  • you get revenge by taking photos of her drooling in her sleep
  • you go with her to get another tattoo and she’s like trying to get you to get one and you’re like iffy about it and then the artist is like “you should get ambers name in a heart” and both you and amber are like WAHGTGGF
  • you once were like getting really into it with her in the locker rooms when everyone was gone but then,,,,,her phone rang and it was,,,,,the goddamn trolololo song and you were like AMBER THIS ISNT 2006 and she was like GOOD MEMES NEVER DIE 
  • after learning she teaches taekwondo to kids and meeting her little sister from the big brother/big sister program and just seeing how well she does with kids you were like 
  • ‘mom amber is a cute concept’ and she was like ‘what’ and you were like (———: you heard me
  • tries to deny the fact that she’s great with kids but like,,,,,,,how can you deny it she’s literally an excitable five year old sometimes it’s not wonder she’s so good with them
  • finally finishes editing the film about you and the other uni student workers and you guys watch it on her laptop at like 3 am via skype because you’re the first person she wanted to show it to
  • and when she’s like “is it ok????”
  • you’re like, half asleep and like “why do i have pimple in the beginning of the movie” and she’s like “THAT DOESN’T HELP ME” and you’re like “i loved it, you’re amazing id kiss you to prove it if you were here” and she rolls her eyes like don’t
  • but she’s really really proud that you liked it
  • you befriend luna, krystal, and victoria really fast because you’re always worried about ambers health and you tell them about that time in the locker room when you though amber was going to pass out but she still agreed to help her friend
  • and you four are like “we need to protect her. she’s too nice for her own good”
  • krystal: more like she’s too airheaded for her own good
  • amber: i AM NOT AIR- OMG look a dog,,,,,im gonna go pet it
  • jokes but honestly she really does need you guys to keep her in check because she always has so much on her plate with all her friends and all her schoolwork
  • that sometimes you have to be like ‘amber, we’re going on a date’ and she’s like omg we are and you’re like yeah a nap date come over and get some SLEEP 

one of the lowkey heartbreaking things to me about hillary clinton is seeing the way she does her hair and make up these days.

not because she looks bad now or anything, but because the difference between the amount of time/effort/money/amount of product she had to use during the entire election debacle vs what she clearly feels more comfortable with now she doesn’t have to convince half of america she’s a human being is madness.

like lmao so much more was demanded of her because she was a woman and she knew it was bullshit and did it anyway because there was straight up no option not to and still be in with a chance.

and yet donald trump can be bright fucking orange and here we are.

Draco Meets Teddy
  • -It takes Harry months to convince Draco to finally see Teddy and his aunt Andromeda, but with mothers urging and his insistent whining he gets it done
  • -The first attempt saw Draco running away as soon as Harry tried to pull him out the door
  • -The second time Draco got as far as getting into the village they lived in, but ultimately running again
  • -And just when Harry thought he finally got Draco to go. When the door was opening and he can see Andromeda’s face, Draco apparated the fuck out of there
  • -He doesn’t think he can face his aunt after the war and whatever bullshit he might have to the family
  • -Everyone has lost too much on both sides and he thinks his mere presence will make everything worse  
  • -The next time they come, his mother with them
  • -With the addition of azkaban guards behind them but let’s just ignore that little hump
  • -Harry knocks and smushes Draco against him so he doesn’t run again
  • -the door opens and Andromeda face comes to view lighting up when she see’s Harry
  • -But when she see’s Draco and Narcissa that light understandably slips away. She does look somewhat amused when her eyes land on Draco though
  • -And Draco wants to run, but Harry’s grip isn’t letting him  
  • -She lets them in and Harry, god bless his heart, tries to keep up a conversation
  • -But the air is thick and tense, both women look like they’ve swallowed a lemon, and Harry isn’t looking so chipper anymore. Draco still wants to run
  • -Harry is trying, but everything is so awkward and weird and he just needs to breath
  • -He ignores the worried glances sent his way and asks for the bathroom
  • -This is best alternative for running so he will fucking do it
  • -He’s too distracted to realize that the room he walks into has a child in it
  • -“ oh fuck me” he mutters

The small child looking at him has bright blue hair and smiling as if the sun is shining out if Draco’s ass.

“ up! Up!” the thing says. It’s bouncing up and down in his crib, drool running down it’s lip

“ Oh Merlin no’ Draco says. He wants to escape. He needs to escape. So he does the best thing he can do, which is to slowly back away and hope to the gods that the child will forget him.

But that doesn’t work. Merlin it doesn’t work because as soon as he took one step back, he child let out a terrible wail and started screaming bloody murder.

Startled and scared by the child’s sudden mood change,he stalks back up to the child trying to comfort it by awkwardly patting his head

  • But the kid has other ideas, still crying,he grabs onto Draco’s robes and tugs him down
  • The little devil grabs onto his neck and hangs on for dear life. So Draco finally coincides with the child wishes and carries the demon
  • And it isn’t so bad. Holding him that is. He’s warm and actually kinda cute when he’s not screaming his lungs out
  • -Draco might have even smiled and called him cute aloud, but when the blue demon went for his hair,all bet’s were off.
  • -They both went down in heap with Draco landing on his ass and the child sitting perfectly comfortable on his chest
  • -Teddy yelling in delight and laughter in the new turn of events while Draco yelled in agony
  • -The child pulling at his face and and hair with sticky fingers
  • -And that’s how Harry, Andromeda, and Narcissa finds them. With Draco on his back screaming, “get off me!” and Teddy having the time of his life

“ He attacked me! He attacked me” Draco yells as his mother comes to dote on him.

  • -Narcissa hides her laughter better than Andromeda and Harry doesn’t even attempt to hide
  • -And no matter what Harry says, Draco most certainly did not cry

Tales of Miss Fortune(Part 6)

AKA, God is dead and we are getting almost nsfw. RIP Adrien’s dick. And congratulations to everybody who guessed who is getting drunk.

Sin warning! Well, sort of.

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Marinette tapped her chin thoughtfully as she stared at the six rococo paintings propped against the wall. Sticking her tongue out she began sketching fastly, trying to make the imagine in her head take a form on the paper. She had this rococo inspired collection in her mind for a while now, she just needed the time to gather the reference material. Or in this case, oil paintings. Marinette looked at the paintings again. That was the problem with inspired collections. You always had to be careful how much you take, how much you put from you and how well it can blend so it actually looks good. After about twenty minutes Marinette was moderately satisfied with the sketch. Taking a sip from her tea, she glanced at her kwami, Tikki who was sleeping soundly on the puffy pillow Marinette had made for her three years ago. The little god had not been very happy with the way Marinette decided to use one of the most powerful miraculouses. It began by trying to convince Marinette to change her ways. But if you knew Marinette Dupain-Cheng you knew she was a stubborn one, so that attempt failed. And when the little god saw it was in vain, she just gave Marinette the silent treatment for almost two years. It had been… awkward. And then the accident with her father happened and her mother decided to move back to China and it was just Marinette in an empty apartment studio. In the end, she and Tikki had to speak. It turned out better than expected. She wasn’t approving Marinette’s behavior but she was being more amused by it than annoyed nowadays. Shaking her head she returned her attention to her sketches, only to be interrupted by a message.

Odd. If Alya wanted to talk with hr they would Skype. Picking up her phone, Marinette opened the message. And had to read it two more times to make sure she wasn’t seeing things.

I know this message could be interpreted as lacking properness, and you are under no circumstances forced to agree, but I am in a state that requires quite the distraction, but I’m not emotionally stable enough to get the respective distraction on my own. So this is my official invitation for you to share an alcoholic beverage with me. ω(=^・^=)ω 

Marinette covered her mouth and giggled. Oh, that awkward precious bean. Well, isn’t like she could refuse the offer of getting drunk with her sweet kitten. Marinette smirked. this was bound to be interesting.

It seemed like he was already drunk when she arrived, if his wobbly moves and foggy look were anything to go by. Adrien held the door open as he looked at Marinette, his eyes zeroing on her low v neck. He giggled.

“I can see your ladyboobies.” he burst into another fit of giggles.

Marinette raised one eyebrow: “I can take my shirt off so you can see them even better.”

As Adrien almost fell on his ass from the shock, Marinette strutted in, and took a seat in one of the armchairs before pouring herself a glass. That was some expensive wine, but isn’t like she should be surprised. Adrien joined her sitting in the armchair across from her and picking a bottle and beginning to gulp the wine down. Marinette let her gaze size him up, wondering just what got him into this state. She certainly hoped it was her. Adrien stared at his bottle as if it hid the answers to the deepest, darker secrets of the universe. With a dramatic sigh, he turned his eyes to her.

“I have to confess my sins.” Marinette was too taken aback to even answer to that. “I used to dress up as Sailor Moon for multiple years. I was the biggest Ouran High School Host Club fan out there, Tamaki was my role model. Once I ate a whole cake in one sitting cause my sweet tooth got out of control.”

Marinette wasn’t that surprised he was an anime fan. He probably liked memes too.

“I have a praise kink.”

“Oh!” Marinette sipped her wine and leaned forward, propping her chin in her hand, cause hell yeah, just hit the jackpot right here. He should have gotten drunk sooner. “Do tell me more.”

Adrien leaned against the back of the armchair and continued a rant. “And a bondage kink. That’s Miss Fortune fault. And I’m into pegging. And I really need to go to church these days or cleanse myself from all the sex dreams I have about her. And sometimes you. Oh, shit, forget I just said that. Anyway, I’m also into gags and pet play and… “

Marinette’s smirk was growing bigger with every kink Adrien was sharing. This night was way more fun than she could have ever imagined. And so informative. Oh, she will make good use of this newfound information. For noble purposes, of course.

“Marinette?” Adrien whined.


“Do you think Miss Fortune thinks I’m sexy?”

Oh, only if you knew, she thought.

Leaning back, she feigned indifference. “Well, she mentioned she is into blondes, so maybe.”

Adrien got the silliest grin in the world. It was so cute. Marinette bit her lip. She really had to keep from pouncing on him. “But what do you think? Do you think I am sexy?”

Oh, minou, you are far too entertaining, she smiled a little, glancing at her glass contemplatively. Now it was the time for her to play her cards right.

“You reminds me of Chat Noir, actually.” she pouted, her eyes sliding over Adrien. “And given I want to ride him so hard he won’t be able to work for a week, then yeah, I’d say yo are sexy.”

Adrien’s face turned red in seconds and he took another gulp of wine. “You think Chat Noir is sexy?” he must have realized he was being a little too obvious and added. “Funny, I think so too.”

Marinette crossed her legs, trying to hide her amusement at his failed attempts at subtility. “I’m sure you do. What about Miss Fortune, though?”

Adrien got a dreamy look. “Oh, she’s so gorgeous. Her blue eyes just wow, and when she smirks, it’s aaaaaaahhh, and when she teases me, it’s frustrating, but then mmmmmmmmmmm.” h actually moaned at that, before focusing his attention back on her. “ You kind of look like her, a little.” he sighed finally.

Marinette tapped her fingers against her glass, thinking carefully about her next move. She took another sip, finishing whatever was left in the glass and settled it on the table in front of her. Then, slowly, but surely, she got up and made her way towards him, slipping in his lap. “What if I tease you then?”

Adrien put his bottle down and laughed half-heartedly. “Nice try but I can only get hard when it’s Miss Fortune doing it with her yoyo.”

Marinette smirked. This night kept on giving. But back to the problem at hand. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she whispered. “Is this a challenge, angel?”

Adrien seemed to snap back out of his utter drunkness for a moment. He grabbed her wrists gently and took off her arms off his shoulders. “No. You are very pretty, but I am loyal to Miss Fortune.”

Marinette kept from growling. Really now? Really? What must a girl do to get the dick she had been thirsting over for years?

Striking his hair slowly, Marinette decided to play along some more. “And if Miss Fortune was here?”

She could have sworn thee was drool in the corner of his mouth. “My dream threesome.”

Seeing Adrien hadn’t entirely pushed her off, Marinette decided to test something out. Moving slowly, she rolled her hips, grinding against him. Adrien’s eyes were still far away, but his body reacted, his hips pushing back just slightly. Biting her bottom lip, Marinette kept the slow moves. Until she felt something hard against her thigh. Adrien finally seemed to snap out of his threesome dream land.

“Ignore the boner. My dick is more drunk than me. It probably thinks you are Miss Fortune.”

Tilting her head, Marinette gave him a curious look. “Can’t we pretend?”

Honestly, this night was becoming more hilarious with every move. Her whole charade will start to wear thing if Adrien kept being so ‘loyal’. And her hormones weren’t exactly easy to ignore. She was a woman with a healthy sex appetite thank you very much.

“No, no. I’m not as easy to fool as my dick.”

Well, his dick had obvious something to say on the matter, cause it only became harder and started testing the resistance of his jeans and Marinette could feel it perfectly.

“Ignore him, he is rude.”

“Does he have a name?” Marinette asked, glancing quickly between them.

Adrien nodded solemnly. “His name is Adrien Junior.”

Marinette cooed mockingly, which he probably didn’t pick on. “How cute!’ running her fingers through his hair, Marinette assured him. "Don’t worry, Adrien Junior isn’t rude at all. I could even play with him a little.”

“Ah, ah, ah.” Adrien wiggled his index finger in front of her eyes. “I said he only wants to play with Miss Fortune.”

Yeah, she knew how much Adrien Junior wanted to play with her. But Adrien Senior refused every damn time because of some morality bullshit. Marinette sighed. It was obviously she won’t get anything else out of him. If only she hadn’t left Tikki at home… wait.

Adrien gasped as she jumped off him and picked her purse, running out of the apartment.

“I forgot the oven on, I’ll be back soon!” she screamed over her shoulder.

Adrien frowned. That was odd, but hey, he didn’t want Marinette’s house to burn down. He raised his bottle, ready to take another sip only to discover the bottle was empty. Huffing, he went to the table, managing not to fall on his ass, and opened another expensive bottle of wine. the thing about expensive wine was that it was so good it got you drunk properly and that’s exactly what he needed to forget about the whole good kitten incident from that morning. After a couple of minutes, he was really getting too hot. Huh, alcohol was getting him hot. Interesting. He took off his shirt and pants, but kept his red boxers on. It was much better like that. He was contemplating the idea of calling it a night, when a figure stumbled through his balcony’s doors. And there was Miss Fortune in all her glory. Adrien almost dropped the bottle. Maybe she was a hallucination?

“Hey, hunk!” she waved at him.

Nope, she was certainly not a hallucination, hallucinations don’t talk. Or do they?

Well, Chat Noir isn’t here.“ she sighed dramatically. "How I wish he was here.” her eyes slid over to Adrien and she smirked. “Could you pretend to be my kitten for a while?”

Adrien’s brain wasn’t exactly working, so he could only gasp as his dick was screamed at him to accept. Miss Fortune strutted to him and sat on his lap. “Please? I really miss my kitten.”

Adrien squeaked. How could he refuse? “I can be your kitten. And anything else you want me to be.”

Miss Fortune began stroking his hair, the same way Marinette did earlier and just like then Adrien was trying his best not to purr. However, he couldn’t keep the whine in as she stopped her ministrations. However, Adrien’s eyes were about to pop out of his head as she reached for the back of her suit, making it come undone and letting the upper part slid off.

(Marinette knew she was inspired with the design and allowing it to be removable.)

She pouted, feigning shyness. “I always wanted my kitten to say they are his favourites.”

Adrien’s eyes slid to her exposed flesh and hardened nipples and he gulped. “They are my favourites! Your Ladyboobies are wonderful. I love them. I always wanted to hold them.”

Miss Fortune smiled. “Well, they are right here, a few centimeters away, so you have a chance.”

Adrien gasped in delight. Back in his teenage days, eh always wanted to hold her breasts. Not that now he didn’t want to, but he wanted to do other things some more. “Can I?”

Miss Fortune was really liking the starry look in his eyes. “Of course you can, kitten. But no claws, for now, my ladyboobies are a little bit too soft for that.”

Adrien reached for them and cupped her gently, enjoying the sensation of her skin against his palms. “They are warm.”

“Your hands are warm too, mon minou.” she purred. “I said no scratch, but you can squeeze them harder. I don’t mind a tight squeeze.”

Adrien did as she suggested, gripping the flesh tightly, enjoying the way they fit in his hands, before running his thumbs over her nipples. “I love them.”

Miss Fortune hummed, obviously satisfied with his presentation. Somewhere, his mind was screaming that he shouldn’t do things like that with a thief, but honestly, Adrien run out of fucks to give. And he was so drunk, this whole thing could be just one big hallucination. He was going to enjoy it as it lasted.

“Can I kiss them?” he asked suddenly.

“See for yourself, chaton. Can you?”

Licking his lips, Adrien lowered his head and began sucking on her left nipple while he kept massaging her right breast. His tongue teased her, before he moved his mouth, nipping at the sensitive skin above the nipple. As he kept his ministration, moving to the right breast as well, Miss Fortune moaned.

“Oh, minou, you really know how to use that tongue of yours.”

Adrien basked in the praise before a cat-like instinct took over him and he purred shortly. “They are mine. My ladyboobies.”

Miss Fortune giggled, before moaning again. Ah, this was wonderful. If only he would be sober. Tugging gently at his hair, she pulled him away from her boobs. Adrien whined, obviously not satisfied. He gasped as Miss Fortune picked him up and carried him bridal style to his bed.

“Cuddle time, pretty kitten.” she declared, settling him on the bed.

Adrien wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close and hiding his face in her breasts. Miss Fortune was stroking his hair soothingly, as he purred against her bare chest. Honestly, this was paradise on earth. Why didn’t he accept her advances earlier? His poor dick had been right the whole time.

“I love your ladyboobies.” he muttered against her skin.

“But do you love me, minou?”

Adrien raised his head oh so slightly, glancing at her with those gorgeous green eyes. “This pussy loves you purry much.”

Miss Fortune kept petting him until he fell asleep soundly. She unwrapped his hands from around her, before getting out of the bed. She tucked him under the blankets and kissed his forehead.

“Sleep well, mon amour.”

sageorijima  asked:

Hiii! I just wanted to ask what kind of Svance headcanons you have? I really love your blog and I'm always really happy to see you on my dashboard!

OooohHH BOI I have a lot of thoughts about Svance:

• c u d d l e t e a m
• Like Sven really likes physical contact, so he’s always got an arm around Lance or holding his hand when listening to briefings and such
• They’re even worse in their downtime, because Sven is such an attention-seeking cuddler, so he can usually be found sprawled out over Lance
• Lance doesn’t care, in fact he’s totally for it, since he’s quite protective after the whole ‘getting shot on the altean ship’ thang, so the more he can protect Sven, the better.

• Lance thought dating him was going to be a bit like what he expected dating Shiro to be like
• Oh boy, he was wrong
• Sven will do a lot of savage shit to get Lance to laugh, including, but not limited to, making fun of others behind their backs and saying really snide remarks in group meetings. Sometimes it borders on nit-picking to Lance sometimes, but he knows it’s all in good fun, not to mention he find it h i l a r i o u s
• Sven is also quite jealous of Shiro, since Lance told him of his hero-worship crush thing quite early on.
• (secretly, he’s really insecure about it, since he worries that the only reason Lance is dating him is because he can’t have Shiro.)

• They are both quite proud of their cultures, so since Lance is from Cuba and Sven is from Norway, they spend a lot of time sharing traditions and cultural events that neither knew about before. Admittedly, this does lead to some mix ups (lance forgets to specify quite what a quinceañera is) but they work through it
• They also get quite confused with the Moose/Elk problem and it becomes somewhat of an inside joke, since Sven swears Norwegian moose are real Moose and American moose are Elks that want attention
• “Now, when she says moose, does she mean your faker moose or my moose?”
• Once they get back to Earth, Lance gets Sven one of those ‘adopt a moose’ things. It’s an American moose. Sven is seething

• It takes a long time for Lance to open up to Sven about his insecurities whereas Sven is pretty open about them from the beginning
• Lance worries that he’s preventing Sven from his duties with the guns of Gamara and is holding him back
• Sven tells him this is bullshit before burrowing his face in Lance’s chest and swearing there’s no place he’d rather be

I have more if you want them :D
(Also thank u so much!!! I’m glad you enjoy my blog, bless u)

keltic-moon  asked:

How about the companions and advisors reactions to learning that Mage Trevelyan Inquisitor was disowned for being a Mage (romanced too please)?

(This is actually part of my Inquisitor’s backstory, omg. So I’ve thought about this one).

Cassandra: While she agrees that sending them to the Circle as a child was best, she’s utterly disgusted with their family for acting with such disdain towards their own child. If she ever meets them, she’s cold as ice towards them. If Romanced: She’s mad, surely, but she calms down in the presence of her love, and she grasps his hands. “They have made the worst of mistakes,” she says, “for they abandoned one of the finest men in Thedas. I will always here for you, my love.”

Blackwall: He’s furious. “They disowned you for that? No good person does that. I’m sorry.” If he ever meets their parents, he’s abrupt and harsh with them. If Romanced: He’s twice as angry, if it’s possible. He can’t believe their parents were that rotten to their own child because of magic. “I’ll never abandon you for anything like that. I promise.”

Iron Bull: “That’s some bullshit.” he snaps. “I mean, I get sending you to the Circle, but they didn’t have to kick you while you’re down. Assholes.” If he ever meets them, he does his best to loom over them and frighten them. If Romanced: The reaction is largely the same, but he takes the time to comfort his Kadan however they like, and he reassures them that he wouldn’t do that to them, ever.

Sera: “What? They just– up and said you weren’t one of them just because of the magic-y shite?” She growls. “I mean, fine, go to a Circle for teaching, but taking the time to officially kick you out just because of what you are even though you’re their baby is… shite! Well, listen, you’re my friend, and you don’t need them, yeah? Friends are just as important.” She sends a letter to the Friends in Ostwick, who begin to torment the Trevelyan household. If Romanced: She wants to make it her personal mission to go to Ostwick and torment her girlfriend’s parents. She begs and cajoles to do so, to abate her anger. “Friggin’ noble pricks– they don’t deserve you.”

Varric: “Shit.” he remarks, appalled. “That’s– I’m sorry, Inquisitor. For what it’s worth, you deserve better. Remember that you’ve got friends, now, and I and the others– we’re here for you. And I’ve always got an ear for listening if you need it.”

Cole: He knew. He feels their pain, knows the sting of betrayal, and doesn’t know how to make it right. It’s a pain that can’t be easily dismissed. “They hurt you.” he says. “Screaming, crying, flailing as the templar pulls on my wrist, stop the bad man, don’t let them take me away, I thought you loved me! They don’t look at you as it happens, they’re not my child, a mage can’t be my child. If I don’t look, they aren’t real, and neither are their screams. They’re bad people. I don’t like them. I’m sorry they did that to you. We like you. We love you for you.”

Dorian: He’s utterly disgusted. He had heard of the way mages were treated in the south, but this… well, he knew a thing or two about being kicked out. “I’m so sorry. I… sort of know how you feel, but I wasn’t seen as shameful until I was an adult. You were just a child. Maker’s breath, your parents are monsters.” He offers them some wine and an ear for listening, if they ever need it. If Romanced: He’s absolutely livid. He hugs his amatus and kisses him, and whispers reassurances. They were both outcasts in their family; he could understand. He also tips off Sera to have her tell Red Jenny. They wouldn’t get away with this.

Solas: It is sad, but does not surprise him. The people of modern Thedas were so afraid of magic it drove them to do horrid things, and this is merely another example. He offers his sympathy. “It is unfortunate that they feared so much that they would abandon their own child.”

Vivienne: Like Solas, she is not surprised. It was, unfortunately, something that happened that wasn’t uncommon to many Circle mages. While she doesn’t disagree with the decision to send them to a Circle, the notion of wholly abandoning their child disgusts her. “I’m sorry, my dear,” she apologizes, “your parents are clearly not worthy of you. You are above them.” She gives Sera information about the Trevelyans, and sets out to ruin their social standing, at least to the point she can without hurting the Inquisitor.

Leliana: Her first question is if the Herald would like their parents to be handled. The Herald quickly refuses, and while mildly disappointed, she understands. “I’m so sorry,” she says, though she tries to not sound pitying, “one of the greatest sins known to the Maker is to abandon your own kin. They are therefore hypocrites, in all their piety, and should be ashamed of themselves.” She still sends spies to creep on them and discover any information that could be used to publicly shame them.

Josephine: She’s actually shocked and offended when she hears it. How could they do such a thing to their own child?! “Maker’s breath! That’s horrible! I– I am so sorry! No one deserves such cruelty.” She offers to listen, if they ever want to talk. Should the Trevelyans ever send a letter, she is very passive aggressive and cold to them when she responds. If Romanced: She first has the reaction that occurred above, and then she makes to introduce them to her family. She asks if she can tell them, and they welcome the Inquisitor with open arms, welcoming them into the family. “Just know,” she says after her excited family swarms them, “that you are a Montilyet now. My family knows you are a mage, and none of us mind. We will never abandon you, certainly not I, and no one else here.”

Cullen: He wishes he could say that he’s surprised, but he’s not. He’s met a lot of mages that this happened to. “I’m sorry to hear that. No one deserves that.” He’s not quite sure what to say, so he leaves it be. If he ever meets their parents, he’s cold and brushes them off. If Romanced: His reaction is largely similar, but he asks if she wants to talk about it at all. He also introduces her to his family, who accept her with open arms.

Why Sakura Uchiha ain’t a bad character

Basically, I’m going to tackle the multiple claims people try to use against Sakura. Yes, she has some wasted potential, yes, she could’ve had just a bit more character development. But is she an overall bad character? Hell no. So since I’m sick of this bullshit, then I’m going to just going to tackle all of this head on, I might do one about Hinata, but if I’m being honest, and take this from someone who’s basically a Hinata stan, I see very little to no hate aimed at her. I see so many Sakura supporters struggle to debate with the idiots so I’ll just make this to help them out.

1. Sakura isn’t thankful for all Naruto’s done for her, all she does is mistreat him!

First off, Sakura’s thanked Naruto a bunch of times, she rarely punches him in manga and only really legitemately does this in anime for comedic relief. 

And ya’ll are actually willing to put aside the times she saved Naruto’s life for some punches? Not just punches, punches that literally aren’t even CANNON? Grow up.

And before you start with the bullshit saying Naruto and Sasuke STILL would have survived if Sakura had healed them then you’re wrong. If Sakura hadn’t had healed them when she did, eventually, they would’ve died, they weren’t even capable of moving until Sakura healed them.

2. Sakura made fun of Naruto for being an orphan

“He’s so lucky all alone…”

For starters, Sakura is twelve years old, an age where she’s probably the most selfish she’ll ever be in her lifetime, and will be lucky if she still isn’t selfish years later. Sakura isn’t mocking or making fun of Naruto, she genuinely thinks that he’s lucky to be alone.

I’ve got to admit, when I was little, I always thought that it would be freaking great if my parents were to not be around. Obviously I didn’t put the factors of being taken away from them or death in, I just thought that it’d be cool to be alone. My friends also did this, it’s just a childish thought, like “What if the world was only run by kids and no adults” or something like that.

Sakura thinks that Naruto is lucky to be alone because she never had to deal with the emptiness of having no parents. At the time, she was less mature than Naruto was in this sense. She was naive and had yet to actually know the realities of the ninja world.

3. Sakura is weak, any female in the series can “stomp” her!111!

Here’s the current order of the strongest adult kunoichi in the leaf and possibly the world:

1. Sakura Uchiha

2. Hinata Uzumaki

3. Temari Nara

4. Ino Yamanaka

5. TenTen

This makes sense because Sakura was the main heroine of the Naruto series, people constantly compare her to Naruto and Sasuke and tend to forget that she started off as a complete and utter human. 

She didn’t come from a legendary clan with a visual prowess, she didn’t have a tailed-beast sealed inside her, she wasn’t a destined sage, her clan wasn’t even known for any type of fighting and her parents weren’t even ninja, not even her dad at least. It’s a shock she even had the guts to try and be a ninja and still surpassed her Master who was from a legendary clan. She also literally unlocked a seal that only three other people in the world could manage to even try and attain.

Sakura can heal her internal and external damage within herself and others, uses taijutsu (before ya’ll start yes it is taijutsu, otherwise she wouldn’t have destroyed her house without even trying to, the enhanced inhuman strength is within her at this point) is the most agile kunoichi, (besides Temari) according to the databooks and is resistant to genjutsu and surpassed Tsunade, basically making her the new legendary Sannin, ya’ll can keep calling her useless but we know the truth, so sit down.

4. Sakura is an insecure fangirl who cares nothing about her daughter

Insecure? If anything ya’ll are insecure enough to bash SasuSaku and think it’s unhealthy just because she has enough trust in her relationship and herself to be okay with her husband going on a mission that’s to protect her and the hidden leaf.

Sakura would be selfish to even get angry at him for trying his hardest to protect not only her, but the village. Stop hating on him for doing what’s right for his and everyone else’s lives.

This ain’t even all of it, but I don’t have enough time to even begin to cover all the hate Sakura gets, so I’ll probably continue this in another blog.