she does know she can trust him

  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:Why does Ford think that he can't trust Mabel and Stan with the rift? Stan spent 30 years to get him back and now he has personally caused a rift in the universe and Ford won't even tell him. It's Stan's fault in the first place. What's the purpose of not telling him? Also why only trust Dipper with the information? I know that Ford must see himself in Dipper but is he trying to drive Dipper and Mabel apart? I'm pretty sure that he would be able to fix the rift faster if everyone knew about it.

“I don’t want to wear this anymore,” I pleaded. “It’s a servant’s uniform.”
“It’s a soldier’s uniform. […] You are a soldier. You could be my greatest soldier. And if you stay, if you can endure this, one day all will know it.” He lifted my chin with his finger. […] “I can promise you safety,” he said. “Or I can promise to see your suffering repaid a thousandfold.” With the pad of his thumb, he brushed a stray tear from beneath my eye. “You decide, Genya.” 

Leigh Bardugo, The Tailor

I love how Peggy doesn’t truly beg when Steve’s plane is going down. Like she does try to talk him out of it, but it’s so half-hearted because she KNOWS she can’t talk him out of it and that he’s doing what he thinks is best. She knows that no matter what she were to say, she wouldn’t be able to change his mind. So she doesn’t truly beg; she trusts his judgement and she stays with him until the end. That was so perfect and I’m glad they didn’t dishonour either of them by making her beg.


Robin can’t stop staring at her.  The raven haired beauty with the red painted lips that draw him in, hoping for a taste. Those lips that tempt him part now, her tongue darting out to wet them before twisting them into a smirk.  She’s caught him staring, and he tears his gaze away from her mouth to meet her gaze, her eyes sparkling with mirth because she knows what she does to him.  Damn minx.

Determined to make her smirk disappear he leans in close, breathing her in and brushing dark tresses behind her ear, his lips ghosting over the shell of her ear.  He is rewarded when he hears her take in a shaky breath, a shiver running down her spine,  and he smirks against her skin as he whispers, “Tell me,” another brush of his lips against her skin, “Tell me your name.”

He leans back, taking in her expression, her brown eyes searching his wondering if she can trust him with this bit of information, before coming to a decision, taking a deep breath and telling him, “Regina,” she breathes, watching his expression carefully, “My name is Regina.”

“A beautiful name for a beautiful woman.” He smiles at her and watches as a blush appears on her cheeks and she bites down on her lower lip, drawing his gaze back to her sinful mouth.

“Regina?” He says, fingers getting lost in her hair and his forehead moving to rest against hers. She hums in response, her eyes coming to rest on his mouth.  “May I kiss you?”

He watches as those plump lips quirk up in a smile, “Do you even have to ask?” she teases.

Robin grins at her before sealing their mouths together in a gentle kiss, finally getting a taste of those lips that have tempted him since he first laid eyes on her.

Buffy and Angel, A Slightly Better Love Story Than Twilight

*This is discussing up to the end of season two. Despite the baggage, their relationship DID get something of a fresh start in season three, though there’s still some significantly problematic elements there*

Buffy falls in love with Angel without knowing anything about him. I mean, she doesn’t even know his real name, and they share their first kiss before she finds out he’s a vampire. She does learn more about him, as Angel begins to open up more in season two, but it’s still pretty limited. The show also seems to imply that the only time they’re spending together is the time we the viewers see them spend together, which isn’t very much. Buffy does admit to him that she’s not sure she can trust him early on in season two, but that doesn’t stop her from confessing her love for him and, indeed, treating him as if he was the love of her life.

Honestly, this is all fine. None of these decisions are rational, and it’s impossible that anyone would have fallen in love with someone else as quickly as Buffy did with Angel, especially without actually knowing him. But it’s okay, from a character perspective and a storytelling one. Because Buffy is sixteen.

I think it’s something that’s easy to forget, certainly if you’re a viewer in your twenties and beyond watching the show, but it’s not something the show ever forgets. Buffy is the Chosen One, The Slayer, the hero, the protagonist. But she’s also sixteen. Teenagers make stupid decisions, and they feel things much harder than adults because it’s all new to them. Buffy wanted to believe that this handsome, mysterious, man that only had eyes for her was her one true love and she dove head first into that belief. 

When Angel reverts to Angelus in the latter half of season two, this metaphor for a teenager desperately wanting her love to be real goes even further. Angelus mocks Buffy’s performance in bed, and cruelly reminds her that he is an adult (well, a vampire, like 200 years, whatever you get it) and she was ‘cute’. Buffy is crushed, reprimanded by her mother, and comforted by Giles (thank god for Giles, best parental figure possible). She decides that she isn’t ready to move on just yet, but she will work on moving on.

On the other side of all of this, Angel’s actions in the relationship are….less understandable. He initially appears in the first episode giving Buffy cryptic advice in a velvety-looking shirt, but makes it pretty clear only a few episodes later that he has fallen for her hard. In fact, in season two, we’re given a flashback that show’s him watching Buffy for quite a while before making himself known to her in Sunnydale, insinuating that he had already begun to fall for her before he ever spoke to her. The obvious age difference is laughed off because he’s a vampire and that age gap has no real world analogue. Except, it kind of does. Angel’s older than Buffy by a significant amount, and it shows. He understands how people think, how they feel, because he’s spent a few lifetimes around people. That’s why Angelus was so good at breaking people, he knew where to push them. Angel isn’t experiencing any of this for the first time, and this is certainly not the first time he’s fallen in love. 

At the start of BtVS, and a little before it, Angel is a mess. He’s still guilt-stricken over the monstrous things he had done as Angelus, but can’t kill himself. When Whistler shows him Buffy, Angel sees hope for the first time in decades. He can do something, he can be better, he can repay society for his sins, emerge from his world of darkness, from his endless forever night and this Slayer can help him.

But, I think Angel misplaces his feelings. I think instead of becoming the ally to this Slayer and helping her do what none before her could, he decides to do something easier. He convinces himself that he loves her. Because he know’s that if a Slayer can love a monster like him, then maybe he’s not a monster after all. But what he also knows, not consciously maybe, is that she’s a sixteen year old girl and he’s a handsome, mysterious, older man. He knows how easy it will be for her to fall in love with him, and that’s why he does it. Instant redemption, instant self-esteem. But of course it all goes too far, it all gets away from him, and in his fear of letting her know who he really is, he seals his own fate in becoming Angelus again. Buffy had no idea that one moment of pure happiness could lift the curse, but Angel did. And he didn’t tell her, nor did he stop their relationship.

In the end, it’s easy to see why both of them did what they did. But, even though he may not have meant to, and even though he was dealing with an insane amount of trauma, Angel still took advantage of a teenage girl in an attempt to make himself feel better.   

Why is it that Spencer seems to have this tendency to lie to Toby when he specifically asks for the truth or says that they don’t keep secrets and makes hints that he knows shes lying… and then changes her mind after a little while and tells him anyway (think 5x05 5x08 and 6x07 because we know shes going to show him the picture of Charles later). Is it still a trust thing? Is it because she’s been so warped by this whole experience and even though she knows she can trust him and she DOES trust him she still closes herself off as a means of self protection? Or maybe protection for him?

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So I seen some snaps with Cameron and a girl who ever took the snap said "they're the cutest" but she said she's single and hardly new him. CAM doesn't need our permission to date anyone if he's happy I'm happy but should I trust her in her word? I know the guys can have friends they are girls but idk When he does get a gf It will kill me but it's not like I ever have a chance he deserves to be happy. Idk I'm just sad and happy help i need advice

Just think about the fact that he isn’t happy and that his life isn’t at point that it should be, have you seen the last video of his? He needs someone new in his life, someone to love him and care about him and if that girl is in some type of relationship with him (doesn’t need to be a love one) all you should think about is that she will treat him right and that they will respect each other.

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Dear past me,

I think anons might be curious.

Dear past me.

Get your stupid head out of your ass. You’re female. You’ve always been. Stop denying that. Stop dancing around the issue. Stop hating yourself for wanting to be yourself. You can start working with it. You need to transition. Don’t break yourself, like I did.

You won’t get your father back. That’s out of your hands. You can’t let his ghost control you any longer. It doesn’t work. It never worked for anyone. Let it go.

You need to drop that friend. You know the one I’m talking about. He’s going to make all of it worse. You have to stop relying on him, you have to separate. No other option.

Your mother is a self-serving whore, an alcoholic and a bad person. She does not deserve your pity. She is going to hurt you. Rip her out of your heart.

Trust Aleek. Always trust Aleek. You’re going to have some rough times ahead of you, but he is that one person you can always rely on. And he needs you. He needs your help and your support. Don’t ignore his problems. Talk with him. Try to work with him. Trust me, it’ll all make sense in the end.

Lose some weight, goddamnit. I know you hate yourself, I know you’re trying to hide your body under all that lard. But it’s only making things worse. I did it and since you’re me, you can do it as well. Come on, I believe in you.

Start learning Czech. You may not know why yet, but trust me, you’ll need it.

Start treating Shaggy earlier. There was a chance to save him.

That’s about it. Good luck, past me. Wish there was a way to actually send it all to you.

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What does Micah think of Nuire? Of Likuri?

Micah’s thoughts of Nuire are a little surprising, considering his character.  Nuire is much stronger than Micah, which would normally make the man spiteful– but Nuire might be the only one he doesn’t feel that way towards. He doesn’t want to be above Nuire like he does with, say, Lucianus. Instead, Micah believes Nuire to be his only friend, the only person he can remotely trust, though I wouldn’t say he trusts him completely.

Now, Likuri. Micah is very attracted to Likuri, and would be up for any night with her. She’s already in good graces with him because of the charm she granted, but she’s the kind of woman who knows what she’s got and uses it to her advantage which, for men like Micah, prove very effective.

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besides there mutual liking of comics. what other reasons does Hayden like Izzy? i have never shipped two oc's as much as i do these 2 thank u for creating them

You’re very welcome lovely! I’m happy you enjoy them so much! Okay, so.

Hayden likes how honest Isabella is. He actually really appreciates the fact that she has no filter, because it means he never has to wonder what she’s thinking. Izzy is interesting but not complicated and Hayden loves that.

Izzy never has and never will lie to Hayden. He knows this with one hundred percent certainty.

Hayden trusts her because of how blatant she is. She’s his only non-blood related emergency contact, and he has never once regretted that.

Hayden likes how Izzy never really fights with him. It’s not that he wants her to be submissive, because he does not, but he also knows that he’s an easily tempered person. He gets snappish a lot, and if someone rises to the bait than most times he can’t resist starting a fight. He never fights with Izzy because she never rises to the bait and Hayden really appreciates that, because fighting all the time is tiring.

Hayden likes that Izzy is better than him, as a person without being some sort of ideal. Izzy’s kindhearted and thoughtful but she’s not perfect. She makes mistakes and she says the wrong things at the wrong times, and she can be cold some times. Hayden likes this, because most of the girls he meets in his business have plastic smiles and high pitched cheery voice that drive him crazy. He likes that Izzy has no interest in being some sort of perfect human being, while still managing to be inherently good.

Hayden likes the way she dresses, oddly enough. Izzy wears a lot of knits and high quality clothes that are always soft. She wears a lot of neutrals and subdued colours. It never hurts Hayden’s eyes to look at Izzy.

Hayden likes that Izzy’s clean. It’s a weird thing to say but Hayden’s OCD has stopped him from dating many people. He likes that Izzy flosses both morning and night, and he likes that she always smells like soap, not perfume. He loves that Izzy can easily remember the last time she cleaned her ears, and he adores the fact that she doesn’t look at him funny for asking that question. 

Hayden actually likes that Izzy never looks at him funny. He likes that Izzy literally hasn’t looked at him differently since they were kids, no matter how angry Hayden gets or how much black and leather he’s wearing. He feels like he’s always the same person to Izzy and that brings him some level of comfort. 

Hayden likes that Izzy cares very little about what people think. Izzy has been labelled as Hayden’s ‘girlfriend’ by the tabloids since he was twelve and moved to America permanently. But Izzy, for one, doesn’t read the tabloids, and two, cares very little about what they say. She doesn’t even bat an eyelash when people do a double take at seeing her with ‘Hayden Bradford, star of Raven’. She likes that Hayden’s job makes him happy but other than that she cares very little about it. 

Hayden likes that Izzy pretty much never questions his OCD habits. She barely even blinks at them or focuses on them in any way. Hayden likes that Izzy makes him feel normal.

- D

im writing the scene where Rudy tries asking out Rusty and she rejects him. they do end up dating later but there was no way she was going to say yes when he asked the first time (he doesnt end up asking again and later she asks him out) because. as much as she likes him she does not know if she can trust him she has no idea if hes going to be sweet and then end up being a fucking demon when theyre dating. and i mean, shes a trans woman, hes a cis man, theres every possibility he could end up being a human-shaped pile of shit and judging how he reacts when she rejects him is like, a pretty good early warning sign.

thankfully Rudy is not a completely irredeemable human being but she needed to find out if that was the case or not.

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Idk how to reply to replies BUT BASICALLY I hate her so much. And for more than getting the position. She's literally been there a month, she barely knows how to clean the bathrooms smh. But anyway one of my managers told me he's been giving me more hours bc I take a lotta pressure off him bc he can trust I can basically run everything food/guest wise while he does other shit and that's what they're looking for in a team leader so I'm not giving up yet.

Keep with that shit. I had to do everything and by myself for a long time but it’s all good now. I help everyone out and do what the hell I want to lol. I’m sure they’ll realize she’s dumb and be like oh Emma would be good at this

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25, 29, 30

  • 25: Do they have any weird bedroom habits? Any unusual kinks?

//While not entirely unusual, Narcissa enjoys games of control in the bedroom. She LETS Lucius take control away from her during sex (but not without a small fight because principle). She sees it as Lucius winning and, because she trusts him, she can let him take that control over her and see her like that. I don’t know if that makes sense, but there it is.

  • 29: Does your character get restless when things are too quiet or do they favour solitude and silence? Why?

//While Narcissa generally prefers silence, she does get restless when things are too quiet. She EXPECTS trouble, expects the worst at all times of the day. When Lucius is away, she worries even more. In terms of being restless during actual quiet, she’s not. She enjoys the time that she finds alone after hours on end of talking to people and socializing with people who would like nothing more than to destroy her. She’s much more low-key than a lot of people probably think of a woman who’s virtual job is throwing parties and socializing.

  • 30: Finally, if you character was forced to eat one thing for the rest of their life, what would they choose and why?.com

//If she had the guarantee that it would, in no way, aversely affect her figure, I am sure that she would just eat French pastries. If she didn’t have that guarantee, I am having the image of toast. The two don’t seem to have much in common, but she’d probably choose them out of the fact that both have extreme variety and can be either sweet or savory.

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VISUAL ATTRACTIVENESS: 💗💗💗💗 (Point off for not being blond :| [Really, Fran?])
(purely aesthetic appreciation of looks)

FRIENDSHIP LEVEL: 💗💗💗💗💗 (They got quite a history and she would 100% trust him to watch her back in a fight)
(how close a friend they consider them)

SEXUAL DESIRE: 💗💗💗💗💗 (There has been quite a lot of tension on that end lately. Don’t know if that meter will remain that high if she does something about it)
(wanting to have sex with them)

ROMANTIC INTENT: 💗💗💗 (Although she doesn’t know them, she can tell that Gilgamesh has some issues. Are those issues going to make a romantic relationship complicated? She has no idea. She wouldn’t mind trying though. She knows he’s somewhat interested, but they had yet to discuss the matter. If they ever will. Either way, she’s satisfied with their current relationship and wouldn’t ask him for more if he can’t give it. She treasures his friendship more.)
(hoping for a romantic relationship)

💔 Non-existent
💗 Very low
💗💗 A little
💗💗💗 Hopeful
💗💗💗💗 High
💗💗💗💗💗 Maximum

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Hello, I have a question on Eldarya. do you know what Alajéa wanted from nevra? You had this screenshot you know? ^^

Hello anon~

I have no idea, I’m sorry. I’ve just finished episode 7 and still don’t know. To be honest, I think she actually didn’t want anything al least important  since Miiko doesn’t trust her enough to give her a mision or something.

So in my opinion she only wanted to catch his attention because she has a huge crush on him (can’t blame her) and I think that Nevra does know but doesn’t care at all (if you were worried about this)

Originally posted by funnynhilariousgif

(I hate Alajéa with all my heart)

PS: I have no idea when this ask was sent because my lovely tumblr is too sexy for myself. So I’m so sorry I didn’t replay you sooner 

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“We may die if we take a stand here. But staying gives us a chance to change our destiny!“

the future is ours! | accepting

█ ♛ █
     ”Then let us fight.” Melia’s grip tightens around her staff – the same one her father had wielded, the same one the empress before him had used ( who knows how far the metallic rod stretched back, perhaps back to the original Progenitor even. ) Ancient staves and ancient bloodlines seemed to meld well, for battle at the very least. Dysfunction at the trade off for immense power, what more could a ruling family wish for? 

     She does not know if she can trust her companion, not quite sure if it is safe to use her summons properly ( if she made this one stronger by use of a flare, would she turn weapon against Melia instead? ) Even still, she must battle, and the spirit of water envelops the two; at least it will heal damage they take, she muses.