she does know she can trust him


#i can’t get over this #i just can’t get over the fact #that he looks at her like that #knowing she isn’t looking back #knowing she can’t catch him looking at her like that #not knowing where this way will lead #not even knowing if he’ll ever wake up again #because who truly knows what these people will do #these people he doesn’t trust at all #but he trusts HER #with all his soul #with all his heart #and she says ‘together’ #and as long as they’re doing it together he would follow her to the end of the world #and that is why he’s taking the drink #laying down right beside her afterwards #as he always does #glad to steal just one last glance #because all of that is what ‘together’ means to him

You’re The Only One I Want || Liam Dunbar Imagine (REQUESTED)

magconn-is-lifee said:Hey I’m falling in love with your imagines.. Can i have one where, I’m Liams girlfriend and his anchor but Theo remembers her and starts falling for her again, and Liam gets super jealous.. But she has no interest in Theo so she tries to get Liam to not be so jealous. So she kisses him or does something in front of Theo… I know this complicated I’m sorry. But it would be greatly appreciated! :)

A/n: IT’S FREAKING FREEZING IN AUSTRALIA!also my wifi is a bitch.

WARNINGS: jealousy, fluff.

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Theo. Liam hated him. Not because stiles didn’t trust him. But because he claims he remembers you as his first crush. But the way Theo stares at you just makes him see red. Every time Theo walked past them in the hallway, his always lingered to long on you, Liam would always let out a low growl making Theo smirk and walk off…..


“So how was English?” Liam said, now walking beside you. “Alright, I have to sit next to Theo” you said, opening your locker. Liam’s face turns into a scowl. “Hey Claire, it was fun sitting next to you” Theo said, opening his locker that was next to you. You let out a sigh, as Liam gave Theo a death glare. “Oh hey Liam, I didn’t see you there” Theo said, smirking at Liam. Liam let out a low growl out. “Did you tell Liam we have to do a group project together?” Theo asked, smirking at Liam. Liam let out a grunting noise, his eyes changing yellow. Your face grew wide. “Umh Liam, let’s go outside Liam” you said, grabbing his arm, and pulling him away from Theo, as Liam passed by him he let out an animalistic growl.

You pulled him around the corner. “Liam, calm down” you demanded, as you pulled him outside.  “I can’t Claire” he said, hair growing from his face. His ears pointing. The only thing you could think of was kissing him. You pressed your lips against his, your hands hold his cheeks as your eyes shut closed. You felt him respond to the kiss, his hands resting on your waist, as he pulled you closer to him, “Hey Claire, I was thinking we could do this project this weekend?” Theo said, coming around the corner, his smirk dropped as he saw your lips on Liam’s. Theo coughed awkwardly, you pulled away from Liam reluctantly. Liam let out a whine. “Theo hi” you said, smiling slightly at him, you grabbed Liam’s hand, swinging it back and forth a bit. “Uh-I was saying we could do the project this weekend” he said, scratching the back of his neck nervously, “right yeah sure” you said, “im going to go eat lunch now, but before I do” you said, turning around to face Liam again, you put your hands on Liam’s cheeks again and pulled him towards your lips again. Theo let out a cough. You pulled away from Liam with a smile on your face. You turned around to face Theo, “im going to go eat lunch, you two coming?” you asked, as you walked off. Liam walked past Theo with a smirk on his face, as Theo just frowned…

So what do you wanna bet…that the whole Emma not believing in Hook thing, not trusting in her family, trying to save them all herself and destroy the darkness alone

is EXACTLY what Dark Hook is doing.

He’s playing them all. 

Dark One tricks, Dark One lies.

He gave his enemy the one weapon that can kill him.

That can kill ALL darkness forever. 

Rumple doesn’t deliver. 

So he threatens Emma’s family, knowing that it is the only way that she will ever fight him. 

That she would ever cut him down.

And in doing so, he sacrifices himself for them all. He does the one thing he’s ever wanted, to destroy the darkness and save Emma. Even if he has to break her heart, he will save her from this fate.

She’s demonstrated that she’s a very capable fighter and she’s clearly a woman of her word. She lives by a code that Jaime also believes, but he’s become a very cynical person. He’s learned that all these beautiful words like “honor” and “dignity” don’t mean anything in this world. Then he meets someone who says, “Well, I don’t care because that’s how I am. I have to stand up for what I believe is right.” Which is what Brienne does, she reaffirms there’s a place for dignity… I think it reawakens something inside of him. He just knows she can be trusted, it’s instinctual.
—  Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on what attracts Jaime to Brienne [x]

I’m not sure if Killian will confide in Emma right away, but I do know this: this will result in more growth for both of them, both individually and as a couple. Killian has spent a long time proving to Emma that she can trust him, and she does, now. But she hasn’t done the same for him. Intellectually he knows it, of course, but that’s very different from feeling it.

They’ve both got walls, and issues. And it’s completely realistic that it takes more than one situation or one reassurance to get over that. Trust is a big deal, it has to be built up. It doesn’t just happen, and I for one am really glad that on Once they’re not doing the “one perfect moment of enlightenment yay now this issue will never bother me again” nonsense. Because any therapist will tell you, that’s not how it works.

Emma spent a long time pushing Killian away and throwing the “pirate” and “hook” thing in his face. You can’t blame the man for having some reservations, much as he loves her. The resolution of his heart arc went a long way towards showing him that she cares about him and doesn’t blame him etc, but bear in mind that he was under Rumple’s control so what he did wasn’t entirely his fault. So when it comes to things he did that were his fault, that doesn’t necessarily carry over. He needs a bit more proof there.

He’s going to get that proof now, I think. But he doesn’t have it yet.

And also, this is not “keeping a secret”. This is “keeping something private”. Killian’s past is his business, it’s not something he owes to anyone. Emma’s past is hers, and she chose to share some of it with Killian - after a LOT of proof on his part, and also knowing that he knew at least some of it already and hadn’t rejected her for it. But she didn’t, and still doesn’t, have to.

But sooner or later, he’ll confide in her just like she confided in him, and it’ll be beautiful, and they will grow even closer because of it.

While fighting Lizzy, Sebastian asks why she would fight him since she always sought to make Ciel smile. The question almost seems to upset her as she questions how Sebastian would ‘dare’ to ask that. She even responds with how should she know that.

That’s actually an odd question for Lizzy. If she had some specific reason for fighting Sebastian, such as knowing about the contract, she would have just said it. Simply put, Lizzy seems to have no idea why she should fight Sebastian. In fact, the only thing she says she does know is that she can’t go back. In fact, she almost looks scared when she says this.

Lizzy’s been unsure of herself before, but this seems like something more. It’s almost as if she doesn’t trust herself. She’s fighting Sebastian with all of her strength and talent, although she has no idea why she’s fighting him, and she seems scared to return to Ciel. This leads me to one question.

Is Lizzy in control of her actions?

As I pointed out in my “You’re a Doll” post, there are a lot of references to dolls in the entire series, and this arc has a lot of examples. Lizzy has been referred to as a doll on an inside cover and the other members of the cult are puppets. This reminds me a lot of the issue with Drocell in the anime. Perhaps Lizzy isn’t control of her body. Maybe she’s being used like a puppet.

It’s impossible  to say for sure, but those are just some of my thoughts.

Why Chloe is Spoiled Rotten while Adrien is Spoiled Sweet

Aside from basic personality? Their parents.

André Bourgeois

  1. Mayor for 4 consecutive years (18 years total) because he “ruins his opponent’s reputation.”
  2. Fired a cop and threatened a school principal over Chloe’s bracelet.
  3. Released an official statement that attacking Chloe was like attacking him and therefore like attacking Paris itself.
  4. Protect Chloe at all cost but in a “I’ll create and destroy to make you happy” kind of way. She knows she can count on him.
  5. Honestly can and does wrap Paris around Chloe’s finger.
  6. Insists Chloe wear designer because department store clothes would be “humiliating.”
  7. Let’s Chloe roam freely.
  8. Has his daughter driven around in a limo, which she likely uses liberally.
  9. Has sent her to school since her elementary years.
  10. Listens to Chloe, advice included. He didn’t recognize Jagged Stone and almost kicked him out of his hotel. Chloe very sweetly informed André of Jagged’s prestige and he started kissing butt immediately. (Then she almost kicked someone out because her father “only receives the most important celebrities,” she really is her father’s daughter).
  11. Listens to Chloe and trust her. He accepted “help” for his placement list without question.
  12. Showers her in affection. Her mere existence makes her a perfect princess deserving of hugs, gifts, and praise.

Chloe knew about the mayor’s methods of success because she watched them; she grew up observing dirty politics and how to profit off other’s damage. The mayor gives Chloe free reign from home to hometown because she “deserves it.” He’s so openly protective and devoted to Chloe that she never had to wonder if she was loved. Nothing about her upbringing made her wonder if she was “good enough,” but rather everything made her feel she was superior to others.

Gabriel Agreste:

  1. Probably thinks material possessions are the only necessary expression of love.
  2. Either never or rarely shows physical affection. Being hugged by Gabriel was so shocking that it took Adrien a few seconds before it really sunk in, then he melted like he’d been craving it.
  3. Probably fails to mention how proud he is of Adrien. Looking at them, it’s hard to say Gabriel has smiled and called Adrien “perfect” to his face.
  4. Just honestly not great at communicating his love in a way Adrien understands. When Ladybug said “Adults take care of kids, they protect them and love them,” Adrien’s response was “well, most adults.” (Bubbler)
  5. “Was always a stick in the mud,” according to Adrien. Even if Gabriel was changed by tragedy he’s always been serious and maybe stand-offish.
  6. Barely lets Adrien leave the house. Even before the wife’s disappearance, Adrien was never allowed to go to school or make friends.
  7. Won’t even let Adrien have a birthday party.
  8. Will protect Adrien at all cost but in a “shut up and do what I say because I’m the adult” kind of way. Adrien sees it as harsh and restrictive.
  9. Puts Adrien in designer clothes because he designs them.
  10. Has Adrien driven around in a nice car but only on his watch and so his chauffeur/bodyguard can monitor him.
  11. Isn’t around much and more or less communicates with Adrien through his assistant.
  12. Is so stubborn and difficult to talk to that Adrien thinks it’s a lost cause.
  13. Generally condescending towards Adrien even if it’s not intentional. Gabriel sent Adrien was sent to his room for being “too emotional,” and he even made Nathalie lead him.
  14. Basically turned the Agreste home into a fancy cage as far as Adrien is concerned.

It’s important to remember that Adrien does not have Chloe’s freedom or status. Gabriel is a rich celebrity but he doesn’t have government control. I also doubt he would tolerate Adrien dragging him into every petty issue the way Chloe does with André.

It’s difficult to say what life was like before his mother disappeared, though she might have served as a positive role model and open source of affection. It’s apparent that even without her presence Adrien still wasn’t allowed to have friends aside from Chloe. Astruc said Chat Noir looked at Marintte’s family and wondered if that’s what a happy family looks like, I’m not sure he would have to wonder if he’s experienced it. Adrien believes Gabriel has “always been a stick in the mud” so he’s likely always been a stern parent in some degree. Whatever their previous relationship Adrien had with his father, he now wonders if he’s loved or “good enough.”

Adrien grew up wealthy but otherwise had no reason to look down on others. In fact, he just wanted to go to school and make friends like “everyone else.” Rather than thinking he was better, he was envious. Adrien’s lack of social experience and parental assurance cause him to be shy and maybe little insecure. All he wants to do is make friends and stay out of trouble.

How It Ends (Part 3)

Title: How It Ends (Part 3)

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Cas

Summary: Dean finds out about the deal (Y/n) made to keep him alive seven months ago. He does everything in his power to set things right. 

Word Count: ~3,200

a/n: Hang in there guys! I promise it’ll be okay 💕

How It Ends by DeVotchKas

read part 1, part 2

Seven months. Seven months since Dean believed you had killed yourself in a old, run-down motel in Topeka. Seven months since you had covered up the evidence of your deal with a crossroads demon to save Dean’s soul, given just three months in return. 

Seven months later and Dean still trusted that you were now free of the cruelness of of this world, safe in heaven from the darkness and deceit. 

It never once crossed his mind that you were instead trapped beneath the surface, burning, in exchange for his life.

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She follows him without hesitation! She follows him because she doesn’t want him to be alone nor does she want him to misunderstand and think she had betrayed his trust. It’s completely spontaneous, she doesn’t think about - it’s as if her heart instictively went to him. It’s the same when she reaches out and catches his hand.

“Look at me. Look at me properly.”

OMG! HE WANTS HER TO BE DISGUSTED BY HIM, TO HATE HIM BECAUSE HE CAN’T DEAL WITH THE OTHER OPTION. BECAUSE HE KNOWS HE IS FALLING IN LOVE WITH HER AND THERE IS NO BIGGER LONELINESS THAN WHEN YOU ARE NOT LOVED IN RETURN! So knows this better of loneliness - he has lived like this his whole life. In this moment you realize that he has been deluding himself the whole time that Hae Soo probably didn’t see his scar well since it was dark and there was steam or that she at least really forgot about it like he told her to, because how else could she be so nice to him. When he tells her to look at him properly it’s as if he wanted to finally beat into her head how damaged and ugly he is. When his family, his own blood, couldn’t accept him how could she?That’s why So can’t comprehend the look in HS’ eyes. However, when his siblings looked at him they only saw his scar, but she sees HIM, THE REAL HIM, ALL OF IT - his damaged body, broken heart and beautiful soul.

“Your eyes… That look in your eyes… I hate it like crazy.”

What he sees in her eyes frightens and confuses him - sympathy, acceptance, curiosity and something else, something he feels but is unable to name, something Hae Soo hasn’t still noticed herself - and that frightens him the most of all. HOW HEARTWRENCHINGLY PERFECT IS THE FACT THAT DESPITE SO’S VIOLENT GESTURE IT’S HE WHO IS AT DISADVANTAGE HERE, WHO FEELS CORNERED AND IS AFRAID AND ALSO WHO IS THE VULNERABLE ONE WHILE HAE SOO REMAINS UTTERLY FEARLESS?! Despite being pushed by him to the pillar and restrained by him, SHE IS COMPLETELY UNAFRAID OF HIM BECAUSE SHE IS SURE THAT HE WOULD NEVER, EVER HURT HER. THAT’S HOW MUCH SHE TRUSTS HIM ALREADY!

Dally and Sylvia headcanons/couples moments.
  • They were friends long before they became lovers.
  • In middle school, they both got expelled for flooding the bathrooms/
  •  They sleep in the same bed a lot, not even in a sexual way. They just feel safer together. 
  • “Move over, fraulein.” “Oh Dally, I didn’t know you speak French!”
  • Sylvia hates shaving her legs and hardly ever does, she likes rubbing one stubble-covered leg against Dally’s ass when they’re sharing abed. He flips out.
  • They have double dates with Evie and Steve. Sylvia and Dally make bets on who can “accidentally” trip Steve up the most times.
  • They rob places together and split the cash.
  • Dally doesn’t trust her not to cheat on him with Tim Shepard but he would trust her with his life.
  • Sylvia picks Dally up in her car. She always drives. It irks him.
  • The turning point in their relationship is when Dally gets in a really bad accident at the rodeo and hits his head really hard and Sylvia holds his head still in the backseat while Buck drives. Dally looks up and realizes she’s crying and it’s the first time he’s ever seen her cry.
  • At the end of the day, Sylvia would defend Dally into infinity and Dally would probably do the same.

somebody else pointed out already in this post that sansa isn’t nearly as passive as a lot of fandom perceives her to be and they did a good job listing a lot, if not most, instances where sansa did actively do something, but it also got me thinking about instances where she seemingly doesn’t do anything. and i thought of the two maybe most obvious ones: sansa not taking tyrion’s offer to get her home after joffrey has her beaten in the yard and sansa not going with sandor clegane during the battle of the blackwater. and while that may seem like passiveness - not taking chance she’s offered - i actually think it’s quite smart?

i mean, of couse she doesn’t take tyrion’s offer because she can’t trust him. we, as readers, know that tyrion does genuinely want to help, but sansa doesn’t. all she knows is that he is a lannister, brother to the queen and uncle and hand of the king who beheaded her father and ordered her stripped and beaten, loyal to his family, his king and their cause, and that trusting lannisters has consistently fucked her over so far. her not taking tyrion’s offer isn’t passive, it‘s smart - she’s acting on the basis of the things she knows in the way that in her opinion will best ensure her survival. 

and when sandor offers to help her escape king’s landing with him, there are imo two good reasons for her not to take his offer: 1) she’s already working on her escape plan with dontos and 2) sandor offers to help her escape, but before that he holds a knife to her throat and threatens her. he’s saved her before, true, and he’s given her advice, but he’s also intimidated and mocked her again and again. when sandor comes to her during the battle of the  blackwater, he’s drunk and scared and kind of out of his mind, and he scares her and when she says so, he mocks her for it. then he tells her that she should come with him, and that he would protect her, but before she can even really answer, he drags her around by the arm and throws her onto her bed and threatens her with a knife. the situation is terrifying and scary and so is sandor and she has literally no way of protecting herself should he ever decide to hurt her. plus, she is already working together with somebody else - somebody way less threatening to her, as far as she knows - so of course she doesn’t go with sandor.

sansa isn’t passive or inactive or whatever and there are many situations where she actively does things, but even in situations where she apparently doesn’t act, it’s still her decision not to act. which, imo, is also a way of being active.

To all my fellow Klaroliners.

Seriously. I just want to talk to you about something right now.  A little pick-me-up for those of us out there who’ve have been feeling down. 

Remember the prom episode?  Where Elena like the bitch she is steals Caroline’s prom dress and Caroline has literally no time to find another one.  Who do you think she goes to to get another dress?  Who does she trust with one of the most important decision’s in a high school girls life? 

That’s right, she trusts Klaus. 

She goes to Klaus. 

And he get’s her EXACTLY what she asks for. 

A dress worthy of Princess Grace of Monaco.

A dress worthy of a QUEEN.  (His queen).

That interaction, where he’s laughing at her as she’s freaking out.  That right there is love.  You can tell in that very moment how desperately in love with her he is.  And it is killing me inside. 

I know I see a lot of Gif’s of him laughing and smiling at her from that episode.  But can we talk about something I think is more important right now?  That is ripping my insides to shreds?

Afterwards, when Tyler comes home and is dancing with Caroline before they have the big party.  He walks out and Klaus is standing there.

You realize, Klaus was standing on the porch, staring through a window watching the woman he loves dance with a man he hates.  She’s wearing his dress, probably his jewelry and hair pieces as well and he is sitting there, watching her slow dance with a man that she is in love with that is not him.  Like, can you imagine what was going on inside of him right then?  The look on his face as he is watching her move and wishing with everything he had that it was him instead of Tyler? 

And even though he could have killed Tyler 7000 times, he doesn’t.  Because of her. 


Julie Plec can say whatever the fuck she wants to about Klaroline being over.  Klaroline is one of the most pure, beautiful, and organic love stories that I have ever seen. 

It is flawless.

It is endless.

Never give up on Klaroline. 


Again I have some thoughts about the new episode 19 “Reflekta”! x3 This episode includes important stuff about our beloved ships that might be hard to understand on first sight!! *^*

Okay! So when Chat Noir as Reflekta called out to Ladybug and she recognizes him I immediately thought “Why does she know it is Chat Noir? Not Adrien!?” But what I realized then was even better! eue

So Ladybug and Chat Noir work together even if he doesn’t look like he does normally. But yet Marinette trusts him, they have a plan and they fight together. She even made jokes about his looks! Everything is cool, even if his looks and appearance are different. She knows it is her beloved partner and *cough* friend she can count on at every time.

So what does all this mean?

It doesn’t matter how Chat Noir looks! As a kitty, as Reflekta or Adrien.

At the end, they work together. They are a team.

Ok but does Calvin realize how much we are trusting him with our precious child? She’s been hurt so many times and we’ve had to watch her go through it from the outside looking in, unable to truly help her. Yeah, we’ve been there for her, but we haven’t been there for her because we actually can’t and the thought of them ever breaking up, knowing how much she trusts him and cares about him and loves him more than any other relationship she’s been in, the maturity of the relationship, the fact she considers it her first real relationship… It isn’t our place to judge, it’s their relationship, but at the same time, we’re all so invested in her and her happiness and just…

Calvin, please, please, please take care of our girl. 

Anybody else notice how quickly Bellamy and Clarke fell back into their old routine? Even if there’s still a little rift between them they’re still Bellamy “let’s think about this first you can’t let your emotions get the best of you” Blake and Clarke “wait i have an idea trust me it will work it’s our only choice” Griffin. He’s the voice of reason and she’s the one who takes action. Bellamy keeps his head while Clarke thinks of how to save the day. Since s1 they’ve been like this. He’s always there to back her play and Clarke knows she can depend on him to back her up when she feels like know one else believes in her. He always does because he knows her and even if he doesn’t agree with her sometimes he still believes in her because they’ve been leading together for so long they’re practically two sides of the same coin. They trust each other so much. They go to each other for advice and reassurance because they’re co-leaders, partners, and friends slowly rebuilding their relationship. However you want to define it one things for sure, its pretty damn obvious, they deeply care for each other. Like Alie!Raven said, she’s the queen and he’s her knight. They’ll always be there for each other.

holy shit im fucking livid over the new episode of how to get away with murder

sure okay lets make the token gay character a completely shitty person, yeah? sounds like a good idea? his only use in that episode was to make michaela doubt her fiancés sexuality, saying that she needs to make sure that he is ****not gay**** because of one gay thing he did when he was a teenager. not only does this demonize homosexuality and “experimenting”, it discredits being accepting of and honestly exploring a non-heterosexual identity.

now this is a bit of extrapolation but im still going to be pissed about it; lets assume her fiancé was, i dont know, bisexual? bicurious? the way she treated him was basically “how can i trust you at all if you arent 1000% straight” whicH IS SUPER SHITTY BECAUSE IT PERPETUATES THE STEREOTYPE OF A NONFAITHFUL BISEXUAL (and to a minor extent, non-hets)

basically the show just took a huge shit on queer people and im fucking pissed

I get what you mean...


Now that you brought it up. I mean, about how Rick just chose Michonne because basically she was just, you know, there. If she wasn’t, Rick would have probably hooked up with any female available or even Daryl. I don’t know. It is possible.

I agree with you. 

I mean, why would Rick or anyone for the matter would want or choose to be with someone that understands him, someone that he trusts, someone that loves his children just as much as he does, the one person that can talk some sense into him, why would he choose someone like that? I mean, why would anyone go for a relationship based on trust and friendship and mutual understanding when they can have meaningless hook-ups? I mean, it’s insane and outrageous that Gimple chooses to portray such connection between characters in a post-apocalypitc zombie world.  

I’m with you on this. 

Also, I totally get it when you say Michonne was never Rick’s first choice. I do get it. I mean, it would only mean Rick loves Michonne if he had never been married or had never ever been in any kind of romantic relationship. I mean, it’s not like in real life we are capable of truly falling in love with someone who is not the very first person we fell in love with. Because that very first one is the one we are supposed to be with for the rest of our lives. Anyone that comes after that is simply the second, the third choice and it doesn’t really mean a thing. I mean, why would it mean anything? 

Oh, I also understand what you meant when talking about the whole Jesse thing. Yeah, Rick did pick her even though she was married. That was also true love. I mean… they did have a real deep connection. They knew each other so well. It only took them, what? Two seconds? THAT, my friend, is love. I mean, it doesn’t matter Rick had already gone through a marriage. It doesn’t mean that Jesse was his second choice. Because Rick loved her. We totally saw how desperately Rick tried to make Jesse let go of Sam and how he desperately tried to save her. It’s not like he stood there and just watched Jesse cry over Sam and waited for her to be smarter. It’s not like Rick chooped her hand off because he didn’t have any other choice. I mean, who would try and free someone they love before they get eaten by zombies when they can wait and watch them be eaten by zombies and then cut their hand off? 

I get you. I do. 

TWD is not portraying realistic romantic relationships. It makes me so mad. Everyone knows that looks is all that matters. First love is forever whoever we come to be with after our first love is not love. Everyone knows that there is no such thing as lusting after someone even though we don’t love them. And in real world we can never ever fall in love with our bestfriend. It is not possible!

I told you. 

I know what you mean.