she does it through the whole thing

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Zoe and Evan being best friends and Zoe always assuring Evan with nice words and kind sayings when he's having a panic attack. Evan cries when he comes out to Zoe and all Zoe does is hug him and says nice things because Evan is her best friend, and on Evans wedding day to his boyfriend, Zoe is his best woman and she's just sobbing through the whole wedding because she loves her best friend so much and is so happy for him. She also makes fun of him in her speech but Evans a dork and loves it

Lucina in fanon:

  • Large-eyed moe-blob
  • Shorter than every single guy no matter the age
  • Thin arms and zero muscle
  • Constantly smiling some cutesy smile
  • Knows a whole two (2) conversation topics: Her father (/Marth) and her flat chest
  • Desperately needs some sort of father figure
  • Only carries the Falchion to help her posing

Lucina in canon:

  • Could easily pass for a man for what was probably several months and even tricked a warrior society
  • Had her own aunt fawn over how dreamy she was as in said disguise
  • Accidentally breaks walls while training
  • Literal second thing she does after meeting her father is fight him
  • Grew up during a god damn apocalypse and led her people through it
  • Mostly looked up to her father and Marth to inspire her to lead her people
  • Travelled back in time to prevent the apocalypse from happening in the first place
How SU studies

Pearl: 60 flashcards, five quizlet accounts, clothes with highlighter stains, is literally vibrating with nerves when the test is being handed out

Amethyst: motivates herself through rewards, ie treating herself with snacks or a break after a page or so. It doesn’t really work.

Garnet: organized, but only calm on the outside, listens to music the whole way through and will punch someone if they ask for a pen during the exam

Peridot: did the paper last week, studied for that thing a month ago, stays up all night watching netflix instead and is fueled by coffee and spite

Lapis: DOES NOT.

Jasper: will knock everything off her desk in frustration while working, easily distracted by wanting to redo own eyeliner or fight the neighborhood raccoon

Steven: PASTEL STUDYBLR. Tea, blankets and good lighting, but spends a lot of time making his notes look nice instead of reading the words. It’s a problem.

The Flight of the Dead 2.0

This is Honor Kneafsey in ASiB and TFP. Both times her character is associated with a flight of the dead. I do not mind that she is not played by the Eurus child actress because they did not want to give away too early that the plane scenario is not real. But why cast Honor Kneafsey? It does not make sense - or they wanted to remind us of the case from ASiB. 

Lots of lifeless people:

Sherlock/young Eurus walking through the aisle, surrounded by dead/sleeping people.

The only reasonable explanation for me is that the whole girl on a plane thing in TFP takes place in Sherlock’s mind. He is the one feeling lost and alone, surrounded by people who do not react to him and do not help him and do not understand him. Even if we assume that Eurus really enacts the scenario, it is not her imagination we see but Sherlock’s. She cannot possibly know that this little girl visited 221b years ago. She exists in Sherlock’s memory, not in hers. The parallels, however, and the eerie blue colour of the TFP plane scenes cries not real to me. 

What do you think: @ebaeschnbliah, @monikakrasnorada, @loveismyrevolution, @isitandwonder?

Honestly though, I think Nesta is the one who needs to kill the King of Hybern, this could be her redemption, she not only kills the King for herself and the hell he put her through by turning her fae, but she kills the King because of the hell he has put Feyre, Elain, Rhysand, Cassian, Azriel and Mor through. This will be the one thing that she does not do to benefit herself, but also benefits her whole family.

ok but people are so caught up in their ships that they don’t understand how important it was for erza to save natsu and gray, this girl has been through a lot since she was younger with whole tower of heaven and jellal thing and came to FT as an orphan. It took her a while to open but when she finally did she fit right in. Natsu and Gray are like her little brothers and makarov was like father/mentor to her, they were very close. Now imagine the only home you had being destroyed, your family is dying on the battle field, fighting wounded, and everything you once knew was collapsing. IMAGINE HOW THIS GIRL MUST FEEL. LIKE SHE DOES NOT KNOW WHERE JELLAL IS, SHE IS TRYING TO HELP EVERYONE FIGHT BUT SHES NOT ABLE TO MOVE PAST THE ENEMIES HERSELF, THE CLOSEST THING SHE HAS EVER HAD FOR A FATHER IS DEAD AND HER TWO PROBABLY CLOSEST FRIENDS ARE FIGHTING EACH OTHER TO THE DEATH. This girl is the real MVP for keeping it together, so when she goes to save/stop natsu and gray i think its perfect. LET THIS GIRL SAVE SOMETHING. Yet, she gets a ton of hate from the fandom because she messed up the nalu gruvia reunion. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE NALU AND GRUVIA THEY’RE MY OTPS, BUT THERES A TIME AND A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING MY LOVES SO JUST TRY TO UNDERSTAND THAT THIS DOES NOT MEAN NO REUNION, IT JUST MEANS WE HAVE TO WAIT A BIT LONGER. 

in which y/n can’t get enough of harry… 

Y/N’s already in bed watching tv while Harry’s going through his nightly routine. It wasn’t anything extraordinary. Quite mundane, actually. He did the same spiel every other person does—the whole shower, brushing his teeth, and blowing out his hair thing because it’s that time of year that’s not very conducive to walking about with wet hair (even if he is in the house, also he doesn’t like getting his pillow wet). Again, nothing out of the ordinary. 

So, she’s not really sure why she’s so enraptured when then he comes out of the bathroom still slightly damp with his towel wrapped around his waist. She’d seen his naked body plenty times before but there’s just something in that moment about his defined abs and firm pectorals that are somehow still mildly soft to the touch. She knows because she’d felt him up the night before and then some. 

Still, she’s taken aback by the sight of his bare torso and suddenly the documentary she’d landed on, on National Geographic didn’t seem that interesting anymore. She’s pretty sure he knows she’s checking him out, but he continues on as if her eyes aren’t burning holes into the skin of his back that she now gets a proper view of as he’s turned towards his dresser slipping on some briefs. His back is just as delicious as his front. All broad and expansive and smooth and the next time she gets him in a compromising position she might just take a bite out of him.

Something about him is just making her feel all the feels and she’s about to create a compromising position sooner than she had anticipated until he begins to pull on a shirt and she shouts out “NO!” in a frenzied panic. He turns around mildly alarmed, but once he sees her chest heaving and blown out pupils his face drops into that stupidly smug smirk that she hates and loves at the same time. 

Still, he doesn’t drop the shirt, “’S chilly, love.”

“We can turn the thermostat up,” she bargains.

“Yeah, but then the upstairs will be boiling, and I have a bit of work to finish up in the morning. It takes too long to cool down. Don’t wanna roast, love. ’S not conducive to a creative work environment." 

Her brain struggles to come up with a plausible reason for him to put the dumb shirt back in the drawer. If she weren’t so flustered she’d know that he was just baiting her, but it’s good to let him have the upper hand everyone once in a while. It makes it easier to bend him to her will, and she really can’t imagine a scenario where this turns out bad for either of them so she goes along with it. "I’ll grab another blanket. Two if you want." 

He wages her proposition in his head before tossing the shirt aside. "I s'pose that’ll be alright,” he grins and crawls into bed. In turn, she crawls right over to him and got him in that compromising position she’d been drooling over ever since he set foot in their bedroom.

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re: big hero 6. Keith is the one hit the hardest on multiple levels.

Probably.  But Keith poker faces it because this one actually matters.  Yeah, Up was sad, if he had a reaction to that it was whatever, everyone found it funny.

So he just stone faces through the whole thing, while Shiro is still wrangling Lance the Octopus and pulling Pidge aside and make sure she’s okay and that Matt adores the hell out of her and is gunna be so proud when they find him.

After that, Hunk just requires a good hug and a hair ruffle, and hes’ almost definitely crying but he handles that better than just about the rest of them since, well, he does it a lot.

It isn’t until later that Shiro tracks Keith down.  He gave him the space to deal, because crowding Keith when he’s having Emotions is probably not a good idea for anyone involved.  But then he just sits down next to him in the empty training room and just talks.  Some of it is current stuff, like how Keith and Red should work on that twisting circle maneuver if they’re going to keep trying to use it, and some of it is older, like Shiro talking about the time he accidentally stained his face purple with some other cadet’s (illegal) hair dye, and how Keith gave him shit about it for a solid month later.

Eventually, Keith leans against Shiro’s side, without a word.

They’re okay.  Shiro’s okay.  For now.

Until he disappears again.


*** I don’t necessarily see Tig wanting to share his girl but at the same time I don’t think there’s anything he wouldn’t try and I think having the chance to watch her from the sidelines would definitely be something he might be into, especially if she wanted it and he knew it would get her off 💋 I also used vocab in here that I don’t usually use but Tiggy most definitely does and I figured what the fuck😉 Y'all know I don’t know how this whole smut thing works irl so Let me know how it was/if you liked it and if you want me to maybe continue it? *** 

“Doll, come here.”

You looked at Tig through the mirror, your hand coming to a stop as you brushed your hair for bed. He looked at you with a glint in his eye and patted his knee.

“Come sit.”

With a soft blush rising on your cheeks, you nodded and put down the brush on the dresser before slowly striding over to him. Anytime he had you come sit on his lap, it was always something mischievous he wanted to discuss and usually ended with the two of you having a long and eventful night. You sat yourself down in his lap, straddling his thighs.

“What’s up Tiggy?”

He gently reached up and ran his fingers through your hair.

“Remember what we were talking about the other day? About Juice?”

You bit your lip as you nodded, running your fingers over the salt and pepper hairs on his chest poking out of his blue button down. You’d both gotten absolutely plastered and like usual, your conversation had taken a turn towards sex, except this time you were telling each other various fantasies that you had. At some point, you’d told him all your fantasies and only had one left, but you weren’t sure if you should reveal it to him. The alcohol in your system made the decision for you though and you’d simply come out with it.

You sometimes fantasized about having sex with Juice.

Whether it was a threesome or not, you didn’t care. You hadn’t exactly thought the whole thing out. You just had a craving for him. A craving to have his hands on you. Tig had caught you off guard when he had asked if you wanted him to talk to Juice.

You hadn’t ever actually thought that you would have the opportunity to be with him. Your fanatasy was just that, a fantasy. You didn’t think that Tig would ever allow it. However, Tig was a man of many surprises.

“I remember.”

“Well I spoke to him, and he’s game. Said he’d love to be with you, as long as I was ok with it.”

You tried not to let your excitement show although your heart was speeding up.

“And are you?”

“Under one condition.”

You looked up from Tig’s chest with wide eyes, giving a gentle nod and smoothed your hands down his chest, wiggling in his lap at the thought.

A sinister smirk spread across his face and he looked up at you, both hands sliding from your hips down to your ass to give it a firm squeeze.

“I’m in charge. Of both of you.”

It was a minor condition, one you were more than happy to oblige to if it meant you would finally know what it would be like to get Juice into bed with you. You had one condition of your own though and with a smirk, you leaned forward and captured Tig’s lips in a kiss.

“Only if I can have both of you.”

Tig’s grip on your ass tightened at your words and he nodded, his eyes going glassy.

“Anything you want babygirl.”


You anxiously smoothed your hand over the front of your nightie as you heard the thuds of the boy’s boots coming up the stairs. It was a Friday night and Tig had made plans with Juice for him to go home with him after work.

Tonight was the night.

You’d gotten yourself all dolled up in some new lingerie that you’d bought for the both of them and the time had finally come.

There was a soft knock on the door before it slowly swung open, Tig’s head poking in.

“You ready for us baby?”

You nodded with a smile, doing a little twirl for him. He pushed the door the rest of the way open and stepped in, Juice coming in behind him and looking you over. They both stared at you with lust in their eyes, admiring your figure. Tig stepped out of the way and motioned for Juice to go to you first. And he did.

He walked over to you with a smile but kept his hands to himself. Tig wasn’t allowing that.

“Kiss her.” He gave Juice the order while he slowly started to remove his own clothes.

Juice looked into your eyes first, making sure you were ok with it before he pressed his mouth to yours. He kissed you slowly but it was passionate. His hands made their way to your hips, gripping them and softly pushing you backwards towards the bed. When the back of your knees hit the mattress, Juice gently pushed you down. Tig in the meantime was already nearly naked and staying off to the side, watching. You were unable tell who had more hunger in their eyes as they watched you. You locked eyes with Tig and smiled as Juice’s lips attached themselves to your neck. You weren’t sure how Tig would feel seeing Juice all over you, having you to himself, but the tent in his boxers gave you an idea that he didn’t hate it.

He strutted over to the two of you and stood at the edge of the side of the bed, snapping his fingers sharply and pointing at you.

“Hands and knees. Crawl to me.”

You nodded obediently and sensually rolled over onto your stomach, lifting your body up and slowly crawling over to your Old Man. Your ass swayed as you crawled and as you came to a stop in front of Tig, you wiggled it drawing Juice’s attention. As if it wasn’t already on you. Tig was one step ahead of you. He looked over at Juice whose eyes were still trained on you.

“Lick her pussy.”

Juice’s eyes snapped up to meet Tig’s, searching for any sign that it was a test. He was finding it hard to believe that his brother would let him do this. Not seeing any malice, Juice happily dropped to his knees behind you. He placed his hands on the outsides of your thighs and tucked his fingers in the band of your black lace panties, pulling them down agonizingly slow, torturing himself. Soon enough, they slipped down over the swell do your ass as your most private and intimate parts were exposed to him. He couldn’t help but blow out a shaking breath at the sight of you before him. He gently slid the panties down your legs and helped you lift your knees to get out of them. Holding them in his hand, he brought them up to his face and took a deep breath, letting out a content sigh as your scent filled his lungs.

He’d always thought you were gorgeous, a work of art, but you were his brothers and that was a line he would never, ever cross. That didn’t mean he couldn’t think about you late at night though. And think about you he did as he laid in bed so consumed by thoughts of you, stroking himself to the fantasy of being able to do what he was doing now. It was like a dream come true and he wasn’t about to waste a single second.

Putting your panties to the side, he brought his face forward, flattening his tongue and licking a long stripe up your slit, eliciting a low moan from you. He could taste you already, your arousal having been building all day. You pulled Tig’s length out from his boxers and began to stroke him, pressing gentle kisses along the head just the way you knew he loved. You found yourself wondering now Juice liked it. Did he like it sloppy and sped up the way Tig did, or did he like it slow and diligent. Did he like to take control or would he rather leave you to your own devices? Your thoughts were cut short as you felt his tongue snake out against you, this time sharpened to a point and flicking against you much more firmly, right against your clit.

The sudden tightening of your fist around Tig’s cock had his eyes opening back up and looking behind you to see just what it was that Juice was doing. His smirk was wide as he looked at the expressions on the both of your faces, filled with nothing but pleasure. You weren’t even touching Juice and yet he seemed to be just fine with that, seemingly deriving his pleasure just from being able to pleasure you. That was something Tig would be sure to play on.

“I don’t know who’s enjoying it more, you or her.”

Neither of you answered, your moans answering for you. Juice on the other hand was too busy burying his face into you. The vibrations from his laugh however had your knees going weak. His hands came up to grasp at your ass, kneading the flesh and holding you up as his mouth worked on you. You tried your best to pay attention to Tig, to pleasure him as well but Juice’s mouth was just too distracting and when you felt his finger teasing at your entrance before sliding in, your dropped your head down to the mattress.

Tig chuckled to himself and gripped himself in his own hand, stroking himself as he watched your body writhe. Suddenly he had an idea and grabbed you by the arm, pulling your chest up from the bed and keeping you on your knees. He went and climbed into the bed himself, sitting at the top with his back resting flat against the headboard. He motioned for you to come to him and you did, sitting yourself with your back to his chest. Tig gripped your knees and brought them up, holding them open and spreading your legs wide for Juice who was still kneeling and looking at Tig, waiting for further instruction.

“Fuck her, nice and hard. Then it’s my turn.”

Juice nodded and nearly tripped with how quickly he got off the bed, fumbling with his kutte to pull a condom out the inner pocket. While you waited, Tig’s hand slipped down between your spread legs and gently ran over your lips, stroking against your clit every now and then before slipping into you. Juice’s hands sped up and finally yanked the foiled square out of the pocket before turning back to the bed and climbing on. He kneeled in front of you, staring hungrily at your center as Tig rubbed you and felt a sudden need to assert dominance. He swatted Tig’s hand away and gripped his length in his hand, rubbing himself against you instead. Tig eyed him but Juice didn’t notice. He was too busy listening to your desperate whimpers and watching how your hips gently bucked forward.

“Please Juice.”

Your head fell back against Tig’s shoulder and a gasp left your lips as Juice entered you. He wasn’t as long as Tig, but he was thicker, and the new stretch took your breath away. Your browns knitted together as Juice set a slow gentle pace, no doubt giving you time to adjust. Tig’s hand slipped down again and he used his thumb to give you added pleasure. After a few seconds, he was back to barking orders.

“Harder. Give it to her harder.”

Tig slipped out from behind you and let you lay flat on your back, Juice leaning down and hovering over you, his hips snapping at a much rougher pace than before.  Your hands gripped at his shoulders as your legs came up to settle around his waist. He stared down at you with a light, somewhat goofy smile.


“Nothing. You’re just beautiful like this.”

You blushed at his words, which was ironic given the situation, and looked over to see Tig watching the both of you, his fist stroking himself hurriedly. He looked a little more impatient than the last time you’d locked eyes with him and you grinned. He was clearly enjoying it as well and you were going to play on that for as long as you could.

“Kiss me.”

He didn’t hesitate, dipping his head down to press his lips against yours as he thrusted into you. His tongue snaked out against your bottom lip and just as his enthusiasm peaked, Tig intercepted.

“Okay move.”

You laughed at both his jealously and Juice’s pout. He made his way back over to you and gently pushed you to lay on your side, shoving Juice not so gently over to the other side of the bed.

“Lay next to her.”

Your eyebrows knitted together in a bit of a worried manner.

When you had said you wanted them both, this wasn’t exactly what you had in mind. You had a feeling though that this was exactly what Tig had in mind when he brought the whole thing up, and as unsure as you felt, you still were looking forward to it. Juice took his place on your side and pulled you a little closer to him, your breasts pressing against his chest as you faced each other. Tig turned to the nightstand to find the bottle of lube and Juice took advantage of the moment to kiss you once more. He reached up and brushed a stray piece of hair out of your eyes, taking in the small flecks of nervousness in your gaze.

“Are you ok? We can stop if you want. This is all about you.”

You nodded and smiled lightly, his concern for you and your feelings soothing your nerves.

“No, no. I’m good.”

He nodded and looked over at Tig who was already climbing onto the bed behind you, bottle of lube already popped open. He leaned down and pressed kisses along your side, trailing down your hip to the outside of your hip before grasping your leg by the calve and lifting it over Juice’s hip.

“Hold her open.”

Juice grinned and gripped your thigh, pulling you closer to him before placing his hand on the cheek of your ass and gently spreading you open. He slipped his other arm underneath your neck and held you to him, moaning as you reached down to place him at your entrance and slide him inside. You heard Tig groan and curse under his breath, the sight making him throb. You felt the cool touch of his fingers pressing against your other hole, slowly sliding one of his fingers inside of you. You shivered at the sensation and now Juice was slowly and lazily rocking into you. Both men let out a groan at the sound of your whimpers and Tig fingers began to prepare you faster and faster before you finally had enough and whined.

“Tiggy, baby, come on. Please.”

Your begging was enough to break whatever little bit of self-control he had left and he tossed the bottle off who knows where, laying behind you and placing a hand on your hips to keep you steady as he slowly started to slide into you as well. Your mouth fell open at the intrusion, never having felt so full before and while it was a little uncomfortable, just the idea of the three of you together was enough to look past it. The boys both attached their mouths to you at once, their hips coming to a complete stop to let you adjust. While Tig pressed kisses to your shoulder and the back of your neck, Juice trailed his lips along your chest, his lips closing around your nipple before his teeth grazed it ever so gently. You didn’t know where to focus more, the pleasure from both of them too much. Listening to your moans, they both slowly began to pick up the pace, their hips catching a rhythm. When Tig pulled put, Juice pushed in. They both hand their hands on your side and hip pulling and pushing you to each other between them in a tangle of lust.

The thought of getting to sleep with Juice had once just been a fantasy, a dirty little thought. You’d never thought that you would see the day where it would actually happen and now that it had, it wouldn’t be the last time. You would make sure of that.

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what about susan who got married and had a child while in narnia, and then returned to england as a child, a whole life and family left behind?

That Susan? That Susan does not embitter herself, does not brick her heart off, does not doubt like it’s a lifeline– not yet. She yanks open the wardrobe’s doors as soon as she finds her balance, shoves through the fur coats and mothballs, and slams into the solid back of it. She shuts the wardrobe and opens it; locks it and unlocks it; throws all the coats on the floor; gets wood splinters under her fingernails from trying to get through the back of it. 

It is one things to lose a home, and it is another to lose a child. I don’t think she would ever stop looking. 

Her little girl couldn’t have been more than four or five. Did she have Lucy’s cheeks? Edmund’s wit? Peter had been her favorite aunt or uncle, because he had been so patient with her. He had been teaching her to read. 

Susan dredges up every arcane idea she’d ever heard whispered in Narnia, about its magic, about its origins, anything that might lead to a way back. She researches the wardrobe, its make, its history. She drags its purchase papers out of a sympathetic Professor Diggory, who has never had children and who does not understand, especially not with Susan’s present pubescent face glaring up at him. 

When they send her back to her parents, when the war ends, she kisses her mother on the cheek and then runs away from home, to go find the wardrobe manufacturers, to find supposed occultists in cheap little flats that smell of garlic, to bury herself in library stacks. 


And what about the child? Her mother, aunt, and uncles all gone on a single afternoon. Susan’s daughter was just learning to read, and now she is crowned princess heir. She has beaver nannies and centaur tutors, and she has stories about how beautiful her mother had been. 

The last thing she had seen of her mother had been her riding away through Cair Paravel’s gate, long dark braid whipping behind her. She is afraid of horses all her life, but she rides them anyway when she is old enough. It would not do for a queen to seem frightened. 

Her father is the sort of verybminor foreign royalty who had farmed his own little plot of land way out in the backcountry. They had needed to make an alliance, but for all Susan’s practicalities that was one place she remained– what was it exactly? Faithful. Childish. Stubborn. She wanted to marry for love, and she had. 

But Susan disappears, the queen and king and high king with her, and her husband gets pulled out of tending his private vegetable garden to be his only daughter’s regent. He tries to keep her separate but teach her what she needs to know, all at once, so Susan’s child grows up with that weight on her shoulders early. 

She does not know it, because the court artists always painted her mother smiling, but those stiff shoulders are one of the best connections she will ever have with her mother– Susan had been made the little mother too early, too, the one relied upon, who worried and herded and doubted because no one else was going to do it. Her child is a little queen, looking out and out over the acres of land and knowing what she owes this quiet piece of the world. 

She rules in peace and in war, neither Gentle or Valiant but instead Wise. Her name is spoken with love and praise, and she raises her own children to be just, to be valiant, to be gentle, to be magnificent. 


Susan has still not given up looking when her own horn calls her home to Narnia. It has been more than a year for her. It has been hundreds for her home. Cair Paravel might be overgrown, unrecognizable. It might be recently abandoned. It might still be thriving, vibrant, alive. 

But this is what matters: Susan walks up to a high green hill and all the old standing stones propped up on its ridge.

She finds her husband’s name and drops wild daisies on his grave. She finds her daughter’s grave. She traces the dates of her rule, of her life, and she drops down and weeps. 

They save Narnia, again, from invaders and war, and Aslan sends them back to England. 

When she forgets about Narnia, seventeen and widowed, seventeen and her child grown and buried and unknown and decomposed– when Susan forgets about Narnia it will be, more than ever, an act of self defense. 


Alternatively: Susan manages to shake news of the rings out of Professor Diggory. 

She and whichever of her siblings wants to most stumble back onto Narnian soil: Peter wouldn’t leave the two younger kids alone in England; Edmund loves Narnia as much as anyone, still feels like he’s repaying it debts that it’s already forgiven him for, but Lucy has been crying since she crashed back down on her skinny knees on the upstairs bedroom floor in the Professor’s old country house. So it’s Lucy and Susan who take the rings, then. They kiss their brothers, their co-monarchs, on their cheeks and they go.

The girls hike with younger, childish muscles to Cair Paravel, their limbs growing and strengthening in the Narnian air, remembering themselves. They will not reach their exact old heights, not for years, but they are home and that is enough to send them sprinting and dancing and crying as they travel old known paths. 

Susan is smaller and her child is older, closer to grown, but they slam into each other’s open arms as soon as they see each other in that royal courtyard– however close in size they get, her mother’s arms will always be the safest place she knows. 

Lucy and Susan retake their crowns. Susan curls up in the warmth of her husband’s arm, buries her face in his shoulder, and tries to inhale every year she missed. He gives them to her in stories at the breakfast table for years, in ecstatic descriptions of carrot crops missed out on and fields of grain unseen. Narnian agriculture has seen a boost in the years of his regency. 

There are years of Susan’s daughter’s life that she missed, and she grasps what she can of them in recollection and anecdote. She tells them about the desperation, much more amusing now, with which she searched for them. She and her daughter build something new between them, these two daughters of Eve. Lucy still gives the best piggy-back rides even when Susan’s daughter is almost of a height with her. 

Lucy and Susan reign well–valiant and gentle, blinding faith and practical doubt. When Susan’s daughter is old enough, Lucy and Susan forfeit her their crowns and stay on as advisers. They never hunt stag again, but even as an eighty year old Lucy hobbles her way down to Mrs. Beaver’s daughter’s little house for tea and to hold baby beavers in her wise old lap. 


When Peter and Edmund get yanked back into Narnia from a train stop, Susan’s old horn is not being blown by a Calormene named Caspian. 

Susan is buried on a high green hill, Lucy on one side and her husband and daughter on the other. Their granddaughters and grandsons are scattered over the hill, and Peter and Ed do not even know their names. 

The stones are worn by strong wind and long decades. They are overgrown with small white flowers. The boys will go up there, later, and they will cry like the earth is still dark and fresh over each of those graves. For them, it is. 

But Cair Paravel is not overgrown, destroyed, or forgotten. It is centuries older and Peter and Ed do not recognize the new additions, the court fashions, or even some of the words whispered by the gathered crowd. 

They do recognize the crinkled eyes on the young queen standing crowned and patient before them, a horn in her hands. She has Edmund’s best quirked grin, and they will learn she has Lucy’s talent at speech-making and Peter’s at tactics. They recognize her long dark hair. 

Patater Fic- ch 2/2

Love That’s Overdue (On Ao3)

Chapter One


Summary:  As a single dad, Kent Parson needs to make plans for a future that doesn’t include hockey, and eventually invests in a restaurant. He expects it to be difficult. He does not expect the brooding, slightly terrifying, Russian dishwasher with a secret past to find a way into his heart.


Kent sat with Poe between the wide V of his legs as he stared at the mess that was her hair. He had his tongue out, pinched between his teeth as he dragged the comb through the locks, and thanked every god known to man that she wasn’t one of those fussy toddlers who wouldn’t sit through the tangles.

But for all that he’d always tried with her, he’d never quite got the hang of the whole hair thing. By the time he was done, she had a lopsided ponytail with a bright pink bobble, and six hair clips with bugs on them that she’d picked out.

She wore a black shirt, bright rainbow leggings, and a blue tutu over it, and maybe it wasn’t the most put-together outfit but whatever, she was happy—he was happy.

“Come on, sun cream,” Kent said, taking out the spray bottle.

She looked at him with wide eyes, then took off running. Kent scrambled to his feet, torn between exasperation and giggles as he tried to catch her, but failed multiple times.

“Jesus, you’re gonna end up an NHL star because no one will be able to catch you,” he mumbled as he finally managed to snatch her by the hand, and yank her into his lap.

This time she did squirm and kick, but he managed to get a decent layer of the sun cream spray on her arms and face. She was put out, but when he said, “Shades?” she perked up and selected the strawberry shaped ones.

“Okay time a’go,” she said, yanking on his arm.

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Let's Talk!

Why? Just why is my smol green bean getting hate for expressing his opinion?!
Thanks a lot people who don’t know what an opinion is, you’ve made Jack feel bad about the video! How do you feel?!
Now Jack thinks that he did something wrong. When in reality, people in the comments section did something wrong!
Now look, I go through the same thing. I end up listening to the hate, rather than listening to the supportive people. That’s one of the many prices you have to pay when you get more and more popular across social media.
But look, making Jack feel bad about a video is not okay.
He was expressing his opinion towards the whole Felix situation, which is completely fine. He shouldn’t feel forced to agree with every action Felix does! Take a look at your best friend. If he/she made an offensive joke about Nazi’s, would you just sit there and be like “oh yeah that was a funny joke!” The answer is no, you wouldn’t!
He wasn’t trying to offend anyone with what he said. And something else that he did was express what both sides did wrong, which is the right thing to do when handling a situation. Looking at both sides of the story.
Suppose you got into an argument with your best friend. Let’s call your best friend Sarah.
Suppose Sarah started a verbal argument with you, but it was caused by an action you did, and you didn’t realize you did wrong.
When you’re trying to address the situation, you don’t blame everything on her. You don’t say that she did everything wrong. Ask her if you did anything wrong. Then she’d most likely tell you, and you can sort out the situation from both party’s perspectives!
This is the same thing. Felix is you, and the media is Sarah.
And Jack was expressing what both parties did wrong. Only expressing what the media did wrong would cause even more drama.
I’m sick of this Jack community always going into silly drama like this. I thought we were suppose to be the nicest community on YouTube? Well right now, we’re not acting very welcoming to newcomers. They might enter our community and think “wow, this community is filled with hate and drama”. Do we want that? NO! We want to welcome them with open arms!
Point of the matter is, Jack did nothing wrong with the video. Yes, it is okay to disagree, but it’s not okay to spread hate towards him and start drama. You can RESPECTIVELY disagree, but make sure to tell him why!
Also, Jack should not delete the video. No matter what anyone says, no matter what Keemstar says, (check his Twitter if you don’t know what I mean), no matter what Lady Gaga says! It’s Jack’s video, he can do whatever he wants with it.
Something else before I sign off, Jack DIDN’T monetize the video. That right there says he’s genuine about his thoughts and didn’t just say it for the money.
So to all you people spreading drama throughout this community, toughen up and learn what an opinion is. We don’t need people intoxicating our beautiful community.

@therealjacksepticeye Really hope you see this message.

~ Signing off

Some headcanons about Oswald and Ed’s childhoods/earlier lives, and then of their lives together.

(the childhood sections are both pretty depressing, and Ed’s in particular has some details of ableism and emotional and physical abuse)

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What a Relief- Steve x Reader(F)

So this idea popped into my head randomly today and I actually had the time to sit down and write the whole thing. *gasp!*

 NOTES/WARNINGS:  None really. just a bit o’ fluff at the end. :)

Originally posted by ageofimagines

(Y/N) cradled Steve’s head in her lap. She screamed for help but the coms were down. He had taken a blast to the chest just as he threw his shield at the last Hydra agent. (Y/N) now sat in the dirt with Steve and he was barely breathing.

 “Steve,” She pleaded through her tears. “Come on, soldier, we’ve got to keep moving. These are your orders.”

 (Y/N) tapped the com in here ear again. “Does anyone read me? Steve is down and unresponsive. Please! I think we’re just north of the jet. I can’t carry him, someone please respond!”

 Steve’s eye flickered open and he frowned when he saw the terror on (Y/N)’s face. He struggled but placed his hand on her arm. Her head whipped down to look at him and she put her hand against his cheek.

 “Are you okay?” Steve whispered.

 “Me? I’m fine, what about you? Can you move? What hurts?” She asked quickly. She glanced down to the wound that had burned Steve’s skin and suit. His chest had taken most of the impact and she still didn’t understand what possesed him to take a hit like that.  She did know, he did it because that’s the kind of man he is. That blast was meant for her.

 “I feel like saying everywhere would be a bit dramatic, but its the truth.” He tried to mock his own pain. He winced and clutched his side.

 (Y/N) smiled as a tear fell down her cheek. “I need to get my hands on some of that super soldier serum. Your pretty chipper for a guy who almost died for no reason.”

 “I had a pretty good reason.” He said and made eye contact with the girl holding onto him so tight.

 “I can regenerate, you can’t. I would have been perfectly fine taking that hit.” (Y/N) reminded him.

 “I couldn’t just stand there and watch.” He sighed and closed his eyes.

 “You need medical attention.” (Y/N)’s panic began to start up again. “Coms are down and I can’t carry you.”

 “I can walk.” He said without moving, knowing very well that he was lying.

 “Yeah right,” (Y/N) skoffed. She looked up to what little sky she could see between the tree tops. “I’m hoping the jet will fly over and I can signal them down.”

 “Yeah,” He exhailed. He was fading. “That sounds…like…a good plan…” His voice became softer with every word until, finally, he passed out.


 Steve opened his eyes to see that he was back at the Avengers Facility, and more than that he was back in his own room. He sat up in his bed and rubbed his face. The last thing he remembered was being in the woods with (Y/N). He remembered being in pain. He pulled his shirt up and saw that his side had been completely healed, not even a scar.

 “Mr. Rogers,” F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voice came over the speakers in the celing. “It’s good to see you’re awake.”

 “Thanks, F.R.I.D.A.Y.” Steve said as he walked to the bathroom.

 “Dr. Cho requested that you meet her in her lab as soon as you were up. Shall I let her know you’re on your way?” The sweet, Irish voice asked.

 Dr. Cho, that explains the miracle healing. “No, not yet.” Steve splashed some water on his face then patted his skin with a towel. “I’ve got a stop to make. Is (Y/N) still here?”

 “She is, Sir. She’s in the kitchen with Mr. Barnes and Miss Maxomoff.”

 “Thanks, I’ll meet Dr. Cho in a little while. No need to inform her.”

 “Of Course, Sir.” The A.I. relpied.

 Steve got dressed and headed down to the kitchen where he found (Y/N) sipping on a cup of coffee and Bucky and Wanda sitting beside her. (Y/N) jumped up when she saw Steve and so did Bucky.

 Bucky walked over and gave Steve a smile and a slap on the back. “You scared us, Steve. You were out cold.”

 “Yeah, well…” Steve grinned and glanced at (Y/N) who was still standing in front of her chair, at the table.

 “It’s good to see you, Captain.” Wanda smilled.

 “Thanks,” He shifted his weight. “You guys mind if I talk to (Y/N) alone, for a minute.”

 Bucky glanced at Wanda who bit her lip in order to hide the sly smile that threatened to break out across her face.

 “Sure.” Bucky nodded and escorted Wanda out but not before he turned back and threw a wink at Steve, who gave him the all too familiar ‘come on, man’ look.

 Steve turned back to (Y/N) and pulled his lips into a tight smile.

 “Hey” They said at the same time, both wanting to break the silence. They chuckled together.

 “I’m glad you’re okay.” (Y/N) said and bit the inside of her lip.

 “I was actually coming to talk to you about that.” He smiled. “Walk with me?”

 (Y/N) grinned and nodded. Steve gestured to the doors that lead outside to the training field. They walked together towards the trees while (Y/N) explained that not long after Steve passed out, Tony and Sam had flown over and spotted them on the ground. Tony took Steve back to the jet and she hitched a ride with Sam. As soon as they got back to the facility Dr. Cho immediately began working on Steve, using her latest tech to patch up his burned away flesh.

 By the time Steve was filled in they were sitting on a bench just inside the tree line. This was one of Steve’s favorite spots outside, he could see the facility but was far enough away to have some privacy.

 “Well, I’m glad you were there to help me.” Steve thanked her.

 “You shouldn’t have done it.” (Y/N) shook her head. “I get that I seem helpless because I’m new and young but I have been through much worse situations and I can handle myself.”

 “You were crying.” Steve remembered.

 “I wasn’t- that’s not-” (Y/N) stumbled through her words trying to find a good reason to have been upset.

 “Don’t worry I won’t say anything I just…” He paused and took a deep breath. “I just need to know why.”

 (Y/N) looked up at the super soldier beside her. There was something about the way he asked that made her feel compelled to tell the truth. It was in his eyes, desperation.

 “I was scared that I’d lost you.” She confessed. “I was really scared.” She looked away from him afraid that he would see the tears that, even now, welled in her eyes.

 “I’m not going anywhere, (Y/N). Not while you’re around, anyways.” He smiled.

 “Yeah, I know. I guess I just-”

 She was cut off when he suddenly grabbed the back of her head and kissed her, gently, on the lips. If she was being honest, it was a much shorter kiss than she had wanted and she had been wanting one for a long time. She grabbed fist fulls of his shirt and pulled him back down, crashing her lips onto his.

 Taking the not-so-subtle hint, Steve wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her tight into his strong arms. He had admired her for a long time and everyone kept telling him that she liked him but it wasn’t until he saw her crying over him that he had reason to think that she really did have feelings for him. And what a relief it was, being able to reveal his feelings for her, too.

T E E N A G E  G I R L S  +  M Y T H O L O G Y: Hine-nui-te-pō

She is on the run, has been for a while now, the soles of her black vans soaking up rainwater through the cracks. Solace is found in graveyards, where the dead tell tales but never ask questions. Night time is my time, she whispers to abandoned souls, gathering them in until she has a whole family of spirits to replace the bloodline she does not care for. They nod in agreement, lifeless beings watching the moon catch in her dark hair, even darker eyes glinting dangerously. She is theirs and they are hers, this queen of death.

Bad Day- Peter Maximoff x Reader

Request// @amapola-flowers23 The Reader was feeling lonely at the school despite her friends. Her friendship with her best friend Kurt had not been the same. The only moment they had was at class and in even in there he would sit near his other friends but her. So, she began to ignore him. However, one day Peter finds her crying to herself after seeing her sad through the whole day. So, he comforts her and does funny things to cheer her up.

Originally posted by chanandler-bong-mondler

You sighed, leaning back against the pile of pillows on your bed, the day had been a long and shitty one. Actually, the past few weeks had been. You’d just felt so alone recently. Kurt, who’d been your closest friend for as long as you could remember, had been drifting from you, spending more time with other people until it came to the point that the only time you had with him was in your classes, and even then he sat and talked with what felt like everyone except for you. You knew you should just talk to him, tell him how you feel, but despite the fact that he’d always been the easiest person to tell things to, it suddenly felt like you’d even lost that connection with him. You just had no idea what to say or how to say it.

You were exhausted and worn out and while Kurt, and a handful of other students, had gone out for the night together, you were left alone, again, stuck in your room. You opened your phone and turned on your Bad Day playlist on Spotify. Sometimes it was the only thing left to listen to after practically everything had gone wrong. You rolled onto your side and closed your eyes, trying to find a bright side to the situation, but instead felt tears gathering behind your eyelids, threatening to spill down your cheeks. After holding them back for as long as you could, you finally gave up, allowing them to slide across your face and down the bridge of your noes, wetting your pillow. Maybe you just needed a good cry, you thought, continuing to search for the glass half full scenario of your predicament. You laid there for a few more songs, allowing the negative thoughts to crowd your mind, despite your best effort to keep them out, when there was an unexpected knock on your door.

You quickly wiped away your tears and sat up. “Hey,” a voice said gently, it was Peter Maximoff.

“Oh um hi, sorry I was just, I’m fine,” you stumbled through your words, embarrassed to be caught crying in your room. Peter stared at you for a moment, unsure what to say. 

“Alright,” he finally spoke, “I can’t take this.” You opened your mouth to speak, to ask him what he meant, when, without invitation, he marched across your room and hit the pause button on your phone, silencing the depressing music you had playing, “Jesus,” he groaned, “I mean if I was forcing my self to listen to songs as sad as those, well I’d be tearing up too.” He smirked a little to let you know he was joking and you smiled despite yourself.

“W-why aren’t you out with everyone?” You asked him.

“Well don’t tell anyone, but my idea of a good time, is some junk food, video games and movies,” he smirked, “because you know, total loser,” he pointed his thumbs as himself. You wiped away another stray tear, feeling better.

“You think you’re a loser?” You laughed at the irony of the situation, “I’m the one crying on my bed on a saturday night.” 

“Well I’m the one who lived in my Mom’s basement until I came here,” he raised an eyebrow, challengingly.

“Fine, you win,” you joked with a smile.

“YES,” he fist pumped the air, “well, as winner of this contest, I guess you owe me,” he smirked again. You looked at him questioningly. “Come on, get up, we’re going out.”

“Where Peter,” you had yet to move from your position, “we don’t have a car.”

“You do know my mutation, right?” He acted offended.

“Alright,” you gave in a little, “but I can’t go anywhere looking like this, you motioned to your appearance, “I look terrible.”

“You’re right,” he paused, looking you up and down for a second then reached up to smooth your down your hair with his hands, “there,” he stepped back as if you’d received a full makeover, and not just him patting down your hair, “now you look great.” He smiled, revealing his dimples. You laughed at his satisfied expression. “Are you ready now?” He waited. You knew he wasn’t about to leave you alone so you gave in.

“Fine,” you tried to bite back your smile, but you were truly grateful he was there.


“…Through all the insane crap we’ve gone through, the one thing I’ve known without a doubt, the whole time, is you and Fitz belong together…”
I can’t breathe! They did it again with Fitzsimmons! My heart is broken. It’s not fair! They deserve happiness. I hate what they did to them. But at the same time, I love how they did it.
Well, the series is a masterpiece. I really love it. But she brought so much pain.
I chose this song because it does right accents. And yes, she is my native language. And I really hope you like it.

-As much as I love the idea of Andrew and Neil with a kid who’s snarky and fits in to their little world of apathy and sarcasm, I can’t stop thinking about them with a kid who is just an absolute ray of sunshine.

-Like imagine them with a little girl. They got her when she was a baby, still in the system, but before she could be given to someone who would put her through what Andrew, for instance, was put through.

-So she’s had a (fairly) normal childhood.

-Now that they’ve retired, they have more time on their hands, so they’ll sometimes go help Dan with practices at Palmetto State.

-Read: Neil will help with practices and Andrew will sit on the sidelines glaring in disapproval unless some goalkeeper does something so abysmal even he can’t watch it happen.

-But their little girl is just so enthusiastic about the whole thing and turns into a little mascot for the team, sitting on Andrew’s shoulders on the sidelines so she can see everything.

-Neil gets really enthusiastic about dressing her up in the Fox colors and Andrew even lets her paint a messy fox paw on his cheek for extra special games.

-Despite all the stories Dan has told, none of the other old foxes (except maybe Renee) can believe that Andrew lets this little girl walk all over him. (Because they apparently didn’t learn from Neil’s existence?)

-But one day they’re all together for some reason (Christmas? Anniversary of their big win? Idk just go with it)

-And she’s been in the kitchen with Matt and Neil while the rest of them catch up in the living room.

-Andrew’s sitting cross legged on the floor, not really joining the conversation, but just kind of listening to everything.

-And she walks in with a piece of paper and goes right up to Andrew and goes “Daddy look! I drew you this!”

-And it’s just a little page of scribbles and everyone’s just kind of watching this whole scene unfold.

-But he takes the drawing and looks at it and pulls her into his lap.

-“Do you like it?” He nods and she laughs and hugs him and he doesn’t smile, but he looks about as happy as they’ve ever seen him and everyone stands there in a state because they always figured Neil would be the affectionate one and yeah she’s a kid but he just let her???

-Dan is too busy collecting all of her money and laughing to care.

-And Neil just watches this whole scene from the doorframe and smiles because his family’s together and happy and he’s just so content.

A stupid drabble originally written on twitter because I hate myself, all inspired by this incredible little AU that the lovely amazing @nervmaid drew!!

We did a lot of gushing about the whole thing. It wasn’t pretty. And thus The Bride of Junkenstein was born!

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