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Nasim Nafaji Aghdam’s father said he reported Aghdam missing before the shooting and warned police that she was angry with YouTube. According to the Mercury News, police in Mountain View found her sleeping in her car and called him early Tuesday. He said officers told him that the situation was “under control.”

Sharon Raydor suffered a panic attack, y’all. Stroh comes back killing people. She killed a suspect last season. She’s getting married. She is a commander = more responsibility. These are HUGE stress factors. 

Mary did an amazing job portraying someone losing control when control is the one thing they hold above everything else. Sharon is ALWAYS in control, but she lost it last night. It was gorgeous to see. So please everyone stop losing your shit. She isn’t sick physically. She is sick psychologically :)

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baby. baby painter.

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hi J!! i have A MILLION AND ONE feelings about ava but i reallyyy wanna know your thoughts on what kinds of things you think were in sara's file when ava read it, and how she reacted initially-- AND, now that she's gotten to know sara, how do you think her opinion has been shaped? do you think ava is going to bring up some of these things or will she wait for sara to come to her/get to know her better? i love my badass time traveling girlfriends so muchhhhhhh theyre so fierce and so soft

Oh wow, OK this was SUCH a good ask and I took my time with it bc there is SO MUCH to talk about, get ready for a ride.

  • See, here is the thing. On paper, Sara looks terrifying and also sheโ€™s had the scariest, most traumatic backstory ever. Like, disappears at age 20, ends up on a mystical murder island, accidentally gets Stockholm Syndromed by an evil scientist into doing evil science, fights her way out and ends up accidentally joining the League of Assassins, [pause for 5 years of murder], appears in Starling City and is a terrifying vigilante [pause for death and resurrection murder spree], now she does Time Crime.
    • (And I say this out of a lot of love because my feelings about Sara and her resilience and the way that her life has shaped her run so, so deep. The respect I have for the way that sheโ€™s had this really awful life and chosen to do good every chance she has, like. She is my favourite for a reason.)
      • But you have to admit if you read all that in a file youโ€™d be like. Y i k e s.

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hey! i’m not one of the good artists here but i figured i’d do some art and show you guys my latest creation. her name is grandma splodegood. she had a real hard life growing up, did a lot of drugs and even more crimes. she didn’t have a lot of money. but she was good at making things explode so she legally changed her name to splodegood

but then she got rich and changed her life after she hoarded a lot of good domain names in the early 90s and sold them off and now she has a family and grandkids. she still does crimes, just smaller ones like flipping off cops and pirating movies. she gives her grandkids fruit pizza and lets them play tony hawks pro skater 2 on the ps1 she bought. they’re too polite to say anything bad about it, they love their grandma a lot and she’s glad she raised them well

i hope you like her

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Is it possible to get some Mama Summer and Raven? Sorry if that’s awkward. I just read this fanfic where they’re Moms to Ruby and Yang and it’s really good and I’d like to read more but they aren’t writing and I’m rambling super sorry!!

This isn’t really what you meant but this is what my mind came up with so here ya go. I misread it at first, so yeah. Also I wouldn’t know how to do that without making Raven out of character, but whatever.

Only a few moon shards shined through the scattered clouds, but she could still see her, her calm closed eyes, her folded arms, her golden blonde curls hanging messily over the side of a child’s bed. So innocent, so helpless, so weak. She felt bad for her. Having seen the true face of the world, Raven knew that this child may never live to grow into her potential, that the storm might come before she was ready. Then, that innocence, that helplessness, seen as virtues to some will only be the stones that pull that child beneath the waves.

Wind stirred outside the little house in Patch, nearly knocking her off her branch. It was time she took flight.


She looked down and saw a hood of soft white, cradling a bundle in its arms.

Raven leapt from the tree and retuned to human form before hitting the ground. “What do you want?”

Summer stepped quietly, making sure not to wake what she was carrying. “She looks so peaceful when she’s sleeping,” she said, “Much different from when she wakes up. I swear I can barely catch her in the mornings to run a comb through that hair.”

Despite living in Grimm infested woods, Raven noticed that her former teammate neglected to being her weapon along for this late night stroll, even with what she had in her arms. “Yeah, cute.”

“She asks about you you know.”

“Really?” Raven looked at her, her head cocked. “What does a three year old know about anything?”

“You haven’t been around many three year olds have you?” Summer said with a chuckle. “They ask about everything.” Her smile faded into something more sad, but what exactly, Raven couldn’t tell. “She notices you’re not there. She needs you.”

“She has you doesn’t she?” Raven said through a snarl. “You seem better at this mommy daddy stuff. It suits you.”

“That doesn’t mean she doesn’t need her real mother.”

“If you want her to live in your world, she’s better off without her real mother. If she needs me so bad, tell her where to come look.”

“She’s not the only one.” Cracked moonlight reflected off the silver ponds of her eyes, looking into her.

“Qrow?” Raven said, “He’s weak. He’d rather follow Ozpin blindly than think for himself. Or were you talking about Tai? He really moved on quickly huh?” Raven met her gaze through lowered eyes. “Were you there in his time of need? Offered him a little rebound?”

“That isn’t what I mea-“

Raven looked down to the thing in her arms. “She even looks like you. Cute.”

“Would you like to hold her?” Summer said, ignoring all of Raven’s spite.

“You’d trust me with your precious little bundle of joy?”

“Of course I trust you,” she said, “You’re family.”

Reluctantly, Raven gave in. Summer held out her arms, allowing Raven to take the blanket wrapped infant. It’s like a burrito, Raven thought, Do the Grimm have to pay extra for taco sauce?

Not knowing how to hold it, Raven awkwardly pressed the child to her chest. “Ruby Rose, huh? What, does she fight crime on the side?”

“Maybe one day.”

Raven through about questioning her, asking if she really wanted her child to grow up to be another of Ozpin’s pawns, but decided against it. The baby squirmed in her hands, still seeming asleep. Raven didn’t understand what was so magical about these things. They’re just loud, and needy, and they crap on themselves. And once they gain a bit of motor function, you can’t leave them alone for a second without them find some inventive way to kill themselves. Though, she supposed, there was something almost endearing about them. They look at you like you’re the whole world, little blank slates in need of direction. While she still didn’t understand the appeal of the day to day stuff, there was something in it profound, the ability to shape and guide a life.

She looked back in through the window as Yang turned over in her bed.

“Here.” Raven handed back the blanket burrito, suddenly anxious to have nothing to do with it.

Taking the child in her arms, rocking it slowly, Summer looked at her. “They’re always here if you want to drop by. So is your team.”

Something about that offer pulled at her, attracted her like a magnet at her heart, but she knew there was nothing left for her here. “And if you ever get wise…” Raven pulled a red blade from her sheath and cut the air. “You know where to find me.”

She stepped through the swirling door, being sure not to look back. Later however, she wished she had.  

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I am writing a romance story about a crime accountant/business manager, and it's a bit light on the accountancy because I know almost nothing about accounting, but how do I make it sound not *utterly* bullshit when she talks about what she does?


i mean for me the only thing that would really take me out of it is if she started talking about tax brackets. people who aren’t accountants are always talking about tax brackets. if you’re not trying to apply for government assistance or qualify for certain ‘we’re fucking poor’ credits, tax brackets don’t really matter.

snippets from a crime!auย thatโ€™s all @beingevil โ€™s fault like usual huehue

crime!au - reuenthal/yang & schonkopf/caselnes: ~ 2100w

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And the Rhodia have a particularly cruel punishment.  They release a creature into your skull called an arn.  Something about the size of two of your weirdly large human thumbs placed together.  Now imagine it with teeth and claws, digging into your brain, each claw tipped with poison.  Oh, and that’s the nice bit.  It telepathically links you to a particular Rhodia, and you become their slave.  It is slavery.  If I use a weapon other than my own hands, the arn kills me. Yet, if I fail to protect you, I am also killed.  If I try to remove the arn, dead again. Slavery.


Everyone has some kind of bucket list