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Jealous: Part Four

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... You're home


Its been a year and 6 months since i left on the mission having to become friends with hydra agents getting intell i didn’t think i would ever make it back… Until i got everything i needed and vanished coming back to a bed and a hot shower with comfy slippers founded like a luxury to me finally todays the day i come home to my family, my bucky, my room. After so long everything is coming together nobody knows im back everyone at SHIELD knows but no one at the tower which consists of Tony, Steve, Natasha, Thor, Bruce, Clint, Wanda, Vision.. And of course my baby buck

I walk in the tower and the women greets me “miss y/l/n you’re back officially!” she smiles and i smile back “its good to be home” i walk straight to the elevator clicking our floor

I open the door slowly a sliding computer comes in front of me and shoots a red light into my eyes

“Miss Y/n welcome back should i alert the team.?” friday said

“don’t friday i dont want anyone to know but is tony here?”

“He"s in his room”

I walked away up to his room, tony has a mansion but he sometimes stays here when needed or if he needs someone.

I knocked on his door

“Wanda am not making you a su-” his jaw dropped tony was speachless he looked like he was going to be cry

“Y/n” he hugged me “i - I’ve missed you” i said tony was like my father after my father disowned me tony thankfully enough accepted me into his team

“Don’t ever leave again” he smiled

“I’ll try not to, where"s bucky?” i asked letting go of him

“His room im assuming” tony looked at his feet

“Whats wrong”

“You"ll see for yourself..”

I walked out confused of course i traveled a floor to buckys room
I knocked
“Who is it?” i heard a women say
I shallowed the big knot in my throat
“A friend of bucky’s”
She let me in
“ i haven’t met anyone else besides the avengers that is bucky’s friend! So nice to meet you” a bubbly brunette and bucky’s blue dress shirt hugged me i wanted to burst into tears i didn’t hug back of course bucky walked out of the bathroom with a toothbrush in his mouth, “babe who was i-” his eyes popped out of his head he looked like he was to explode “….you’re home”
“Yeah buck im home its really nice to meet your girlfriend i didnt get your name??????????” i questioned the girl

“Chelsea” she smiled

“ congratulations bucky chelsea seems wonderful” i was being shady i turned on my heels and shut the door with pull force wanting nothing more for the door to break and guess what it fell off the hinges

Waking up Steve he opened the door and looked out the hallway to see me his face lit up and quickly vanished when he saw me boiling with rage and tears running down my face as i ran down a flight of stairs i threw my duffle back in to the living space with no regards of where it landed i ran to the gym i put the code in unlocked the door and i screamed so loud i scared myself i punched the punching bag harder and harder and harder until i busted the bag and the sand poured onto the floor

I turned around tony and steve sat and watched as i hit whatever was in front of me my super strength taking a hold over me, i glanced over at steve

“Ya done?”

“brooklyn i dont want to talk” i laid on the floor tiring myself out

“Talk to your friendly neighborhood captain america”

“Don’t steal spideys thing” i said out of breath

“Need a hand?” tony said reaching out i grabbed it

“bucky barnes is dead to me.”