she didnt even do anything!



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Why do you think no one including Daryl noticed Carol’s struggle?

Yvette Nicole Brown: “But he [Daryl] did say to her ‘what did those people do to you?…those people that took you and Maggie what did they do to you?’ and then Carol doesn’t even fully respond, she said ‘to us? They didnt do anything to us!’ So she doesn’t really…so he saw something different about her…”

Denise Huth: “The answer…It’s her way of you know acknowledging what she did to them was is actually what was done to her, she’s carrying the weight of that…”

March 27, 2016 - Talking Dead 'Bonus Scene’, TWD 'East’ 615

i cant get over that post about caitlyn jenner where it was like “she won woman of the year and she didnt even do anything!” like apparently publicly coming out as a trans woman and using that platform to highlight violence against trans women and specifically trans women of color and young trans kids is actually “doing nothing”