she didnt even break a sweat!

Sirius Black aged 12 to 13

Sirius Black knew a lot of things. He knew that calling Mcgonagall ‘Minnie’ would make her lips thin, but not before they quirked into a half smile. He knew that jumping onto James’s back on the way to Potions would make him trip, thus sending Sirius crashing over his head into a wall that was not a wall, but really the top of a staircase, which he would then tumble down, breaking his arm in the process. He knew that Peter was the best person to ask if he wanted help with Charms but Remus was the best if he was going to fail Defense because ‘oh god who let that dolt teach Defense, is he even qualified?’

Sirius Black knew that dad didn’t talk to him anymore because he was in gryffindor and that was inexcusable. He knew that mum liked it if he complained about that mudblood Evans in his year. He knew that Regulus would only smile at him when noone else was looking. He knew that James Potter would send muggle comics hidden inside Quidditch manuals if he swapped him a few shock wands from his supply of zonko’s discontinued products. He knew that next christmas he was going to stay at hogwarts instead.

Sirius Black knew that only James was allowed to shoot spitballs at Evans, but that didn’t concern him, as he had snivellus as a target. He knew that Peter could lie through his teeth and somehow manage to get them all out of trouble. He knew that Remus would panic and James would laugh if Sirius’s chair inexplicably fell backwards when he was expertly balancing on the back legs, giving him a mild concussion when the floor swam up to meet his head. He knew that Remus would spend the next half hour standing outside the hospital wing as Pomfrey forced something (absolutely disgUSTING URGH WHAT IS THIS?) down his throat.

Sirius Black didn’t know a lot of things. Like why Remus came back from every visit to his mother looking like death warmed up. He didn’t know why James kicked him under the desk when he called snivellus a half-blood. He didn’t know why Mcgonagall looked rather sad when she caught him trying to creep into the hospital wing at 5am because ‘I couldn’t sleep and I saw Madame Pomfrey carry Remus into the castle from the window, I just wanted to check he was alright, miss’. He didn’t know why Remus asked Pomfrey to keep them all away until he was better.

Sirius Black didn’t know how Peter managed to eat seventeen cauldron cakes without breaking a sweat, when he threw up after cake number six. He didn’t know why the jelly from Honeydukes’ gelatinous jellyfish oozed the way it did, but he liked to throw it across the lunch table at James’s stupid hair regardless. He didn’t know how Remus somehow inhaled three chocolate bars in two hours one day after visiting his mum for the seventy-hundredth time (what is she even sick with anyway?)

Sirius Black didn’t know why Regulus stopped writing to him (and he didn’t care. He didnt.) He didn’t know why James spent an entire charms lesson attempting to dip Evans’s carroty hair into a pot of ink - ‘STOP IT POTTER OR I WILL HEX YOU’.  He didn’t know why Peter gave him a hug when he offered to help him with transfiguration, but he didn’t mind, not that he let Peter know that. He didn’t know why Remus ended up in the hospital wing every month until James found a book on dark creatures, and then Sirius did know. He didn’t know why Remus looked so small and scared when they confronted him, when usually he looked like nothing could break him. He didn’t know what the warm feeling was. The one that took over his insides when Remus’s face broke into a relieved sort of grin.

Sirius knew a lot of things, and he didn’t know a lot of other things, but that was all right. He had the rest of his life to work it all out.