she did not find this line to be that funny


Let Me Go (part 1)

This is the first part of a three part mini fic I found in my docs and decided to share. I have lost a little motivation with Shape of You, so I’m taking a slight break and writing other things. 

Hope you enjoy.



It started as a simple statement. I told her I thought it was time. I didn’t say what it was time for, but she got flustered. Her cheeks turned red, her lips formed a thin line. I always told her I was just passing through. When we met, I felt something. It was a spark, a fire I had never felt with a girl before. But I didn’t know how to stay, I didn’t know how to settle down. Even if this girl wasn’t like all the others, I was still the same old drifter. That’s why I never talked about forever.

Nesta seemed okay with that. She never asked me how long we would do this, she just seemed happy to wake up beside me every morning. Her steel blue eyes were more beautiful than anything else I had ever seen. No matter what I was feeling, how hard I knew I was falling, I knew it would all come to an end. I wouldn’t let myself get attached to her. I couldn’t, because if I got attached that meant she would get hurt. I couldn’t hurt anyone else in my life, not after losing everyone. I was a bastard, I had no one to call my own. I couldn’t ask Nesta to live that life.

Still the days turned into weeks and I was still sleeping in her bed. I would wake up with her alarm and  watch her get ready for class, wondering where I could find some of her passion, her determination. I never cared about something as much as she did. She loved helping people, her eyes always sparkled when she came home from working with her kids. I could tell one day she’d make a great mom. Which scared me, because I never thought that far ahead.

I was a drifter. I was a dreamer, thinking I could find something meaningful for my life if I kept moving. I would pass through towns, usually a lot faster than I passed through this one, and find a girl to pass the time with. We’d have some fun, usually spend more time tangled up in between sheets than outside. I’d get my fill and be done with her and my time in that place. Then I’d pick up and leave without attaching to anyone or anything.

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She would be start laughing right away. Every time she tried to say something she would laugh harder. She didn’t know why but it was funny seeing her gf do it to her.


She would just stare at her gf with lovely eyes but later she would have a talk with Sana and Momo.

“I know Mina didn’t teach her that, it is one of you two she got it from!”


It would take her moment to figure out what was going on but when she did she would start laugh. She would pretend she didn’t like it but actually did.

“ I have to stop letting you watch Japanese shows with me.”


A kiss would be the first thing her gf is getting but later she is getting so much more.


She would act like it was normal thing and give her gf a kiss and just start talking about anything. But inside she was wondering what member of the J-line taught her gf that.


She didn’t understand why she liked it so much since she always said is was such a stupid move but she fore sure liked it when her gf did it to her.


She would look at her gf arm and then her eyes, and just start bombing away with questions

“Did that no hurt your hand? What even is this? Have you lost your mind?”


In her head there was only one thing to do, and that was laugh until her stomach and face hurt.


She would find it so funny but also cute coming from her gf.

“You looked so cute doing that, but did Sana teach you that?”

It was Very Very Nice to Meet You

Sorry this is going up so late, I just could not figure out what to write! The setting comes from the fact that on my college campus, it seems like there’s always a blood drive happening. This isn’t my best work, but I could not get this prompt to work with me for love or money. So ah, sorry for that! And happy RobRae week!

“Um. Please don’t vomit on me.”

Dick blinked at the deadpan voice, looking up from where he’d been determinedly staring at shoes. At some point in the last ten minutes of breathing exercises, the chair opposite from him had been filled. His eyes caught for a second on the eye catching, bright purple hair it’s occupant sported, before registering what had been said.

“I’m not going to vomit.” He said, slightly confused. The girl across from him raised an eyebrow, as if silently calling bullshit. “And also, you’re like five feet away from me.” He pointed out.

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Some reasons to love Andi Mack
  • Andi Mack is so precious! In every new episode, she just gets cuter and just gets more precious. Just in the new episode, before Bex told her about having a party, Andi talked about having dinner in the living room and or just having dessert for dinner (having two desserts sounds awesome too).
  • Sabrina Carpenter sings the theme song: I remember getting excited when Selena Gomez sang the Shake Up theme song. I’m still waiting for the song to come out on iTunes.
  • Bex is the love of my life. She’s so cool and I just love her so much, guys. From her job all the way she drives a motorcycle, she’s just so awesome and I just love her.
  • Buffy and Cyrus are total cutie-pies and they have Andi’s back, and I’m calling it now that Marty and Buffy are going to be a couple sometime in the series.
  • The show pushes boundaries and shows different things that no show did (learning at the dinner table, making adult jokes) and doesn’t have a laugh track, so I can laugh at the lines or scenes that I find truly funny, which is always in every episode.
  • The Mack chats with the kids at the end of the show is a cute idea! I love the way the kids react to certain things that happen in the episode and that one guy is one of my spirit animals.
  • It’s created by the same person who created Lizzie McGuire, so it’s going to be good and stick around for a long time.

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Prompt - Ben Solo bridal carrying Rey. She's not unconscious and not impressed because he's always doing this to make fun of how smol she is, which he is, but he mainly does it so he can touch her.

Oh anon, I don’t know if you knew but I have such a weakness for the word ‘smol’. Smut after the break. 

Also this was fun. Prompt away people.

AO3 link

Rey steeled herself as she prepared for yet another mission aboard the Millennium Falcon with Ben Solo, Han’s irritating son. As if it wasn’t enough that she had to deal with being alone with him for days on end the man seemed to take a savage pleasure in belittling her at every turn. If it wasn’t mocking the Force, it was picking her up whenever he fancied as she relaxed, then carrying her to some random room in the Falcon and jeering something inane in her ear.

“You’re so tiny scavenger.” His last words echoed from the past.

Rey shivered. Humiliatingly, Ben’s low voice had an effect on her, but she’d never ever let him know. The prick was arrogant enough already, whole base alight with his various exploits, and she did not want to be on that list, everyone kriffing stared at her enough already. Stars, she was minded to use the Force and knock him out every time he picked her up, but no, Master Luke had told her how important it was only to use it in self-defence and she knew Ben wasn’t actually going to hurt her.

Yeah, that’s why you won’t use it. Sure Rey.

“Solo.” She spoke as she boarded the Falcon.

“Rey.” He smirked. “If it isn’t the prettiest scavenger in the galaxy.”

Ugh. Always with the insulting remarks. Rey had seen the other women of the Resistance, knew she lacked a great deal of flesh, but still it stung.

“Just– can we go?”

Ben smirked. “Always so eager, Rey. I love it.”

You know what? No.

Not this time.


Ben approached her as she read her holo on the lounge, fingers burning.

He didn’t know when exactly he’d started doing this, but he knew why. Rey’s weight felt perfect in his arms and this was the only way he could really have an opportunity to touch the beautiful Jedi, the only way she’d sort of tolerate. It was absolute pathetic and puerile, he knew, but everything else in his extremely large skillset had failed so far and he was nothing if not persistent. It figured that the only girl he couldn’t seduce was the one he wanted.

Thanks Han.

Whatever. He didn’t much feel like thinking about his parents right now as he leant down, ready to scoop her up.

“Don’t.” Rey spoke.

He ignored her. She always said something along those lines and he always ignored her. Rey could kick his ass to Tatooine if she wanted, but she never did, and that at least was something. He slotted his hands underneath her body and then–


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Listen with your heart ch.4

Driving through the front gate of the prison when Michone opened them Merle went and parked the bike. Getting off he looked to see his female wore out and smirked. Lifting her up into his arms he Grabbed the bags from the bike and threw them over his other shoulder. Getting to the door he opened it and walked in to see everyone eating. Daryl was the first to look up at him and he nodded before going over and placing the bag full of jars on the table in front of them. Hershel was the first one to open the bag and pull out the food. Carol smiled and handed some of the jars around.

“This is enough food to last a couple days… where’d you find it?” Hershel asked.

Telling them where he saw Rick’s eyes on y/n and growled. 

“What’s wrong with her?” Rick asked making everyone look to the sleeping omega.

Cutting his eyes at the other alpha Merle sighed, “She’s jus’ tired.” he said and went to walk away. Before he could get far Rick had stood and pulled back the neckline of her shirt to see the bloody bite mark. 

“She was bit?! You brought her here!?” Glen exclaimed. 

Staring down Rick, Merle gave a smirk. “Won’t bit by no walker…” was all he said before going down towards his cell block with everyone staring after him. 


Merle looked down to see y/n still sleeping in his arms. She was breathing softly and her hands were fisted into their covers. Grinning he pushed a lock of her hair behind her ear making her shiver. Chuckling he moved his hand down to grope her ass. He heard as she groaned before lifting her head up off his chest and glaring at him with sleep filled eyes. 

“Why must you insist on waking me up so early after keeping me up all night?” you whined.

Smirking at her he winked, “Ya know ya liked it darlin’.” he said in a rough voice. “Got the bites on my shoulders ta prove it… gonna ave’ ta gag that pretty little mouth of yers if ya can’t learn ta stay quiet.” he joked, smacking her backside. Sighing he sat up with a muffled groan and started pulling on his clothes. Looking back down at her he saw the slight bruises on her hip and thigh from where he had held her last night. He hated having to let her be on top, he had always thought a woman should be on the bottom but thanks to the Governor shooting him through the chest he had been ordered by the camp doctor not to do anything too physical until the hole healed completely. He didn’t much care for the man but he had been able to save his fingers and cauterize the wound in his chest, saving his life. When he felt y/n hold his shirt up so he could slip his arm through he mumbled under his breath. 

“Merle stop fussin’ and let me help you, you’re my mate, I’m supposed to help take care of…” you started but he cut you off.

“No. I’m the one’s supposed ta be takin’ care of ya. I’m the man and if someones was ta come attack this camp right now I wouldn’t be able ta do jack shit.” he growled as he shoved his arms in through the holes and stood. “Should’ve jus’ let me die… would ave’ been better off.” he mumbled.

You let out a small gasp as your mate left the cell. Did he honestly think that? You knew you wouldn’t have been better off, but did he mean himself? Did he mean he would have been better off dead? Did he care that little for your bond? Looking down you felt your chest constrict. So many things were running through your mind. Was what the two of you had even considered a bond? All you ever did was mate, you had learned early on that Merle was not one for talking. The both of you didn’t know much about each other. It wasn’t like you didn’t want to tell him more of your life before you just didn’t know if he would care. You figured if he wanted to know he would ask and when he never did it hurt. Getting dressed you thought back on your father’s words. Maybe he was right, maybe all omegas were good for was sex. Feeling a tear roll down your cheek you quickly made your bed and grabbed the dirty clothes in the room. 


Merle had regretted what he said when he left the room. He could feel a small pain in his chest and knew it meant she was sad. A while back when he and y/n had gotten into their first fight he felt the pain when he left the room. All day he had felt the aching pain till finally he went and asked Carol about it. He hated asking about something so weak sounding but knew she would be able to answer his question the best. She had told him how if an alpha and an omega were bonded then the said alpha would feel if his omega was sad or hurt. With this knowledge Merle had went back to their room to look for his mate. Seeing her not here he set his jaw and looked around the prison for her. When he found her he saw her sitting alone doing their laundry. He watched as she rung out the clothes before hanging them on the small line. Once she was done she settled herself back down and just sat there. He watched as she played with the small chain around her wrist. She never took it off and the one time it had fell off he had had to go search the entire yard to find the damn thing. Seeing her so alone did funny things to his heart. He knew unlike most others here she didn’t have anyone, he was the only person she ever hung out with. He had introduced her to Daryl and she would speak to Carol but other than that she was alone. Seeing her whip her face with the back of her hand he let out a sigh and walked over to her. “ey’ there little bit… this where ya been all day?" 

Hearing your alpha’s voice you jumped and quickly whipped the rest of your fallen tears from your cheeks. Glancing up at him you shook your head. "I helped feed Judith and fill up the water jugs… then I came to finish up our clothes.”

Merle could hear the small questioning in her voice, like she was asking him if what she did was okay. She was always doing that, waiting for his approval. Smiling at her he sat beside her on the ground, letting out a groan of pain as his healing muscles protested. She didn’t say anything at first and he bit his tongue as he looked around at the walkers crowding the fences. “look darlin’ I didn’t mean ta make ya upset this mornin’.” he told her.

“It’s fine…” you said looking down and playing with your chain. 

“No it ain’t.” Merle started.

“Merle…do you…do I mean anything to you?” you asked in a soft whisper, praying he didn’t hear.

The alpha male furrowed his brows at his females question. Before he could answer her she was standing.

“Never mind. I’m sorry…” you said in a whimper going to walk away.

Grabbing her hand he stopped her. “I ain’t supposed ta make ya feel like that… I ain’t supposed ta make ya feel unwanted…. come ere’.” he said gently pulling her down to sit in his lap. She refused to meet his eyes and when he felt something wet hit his arm he looked down to see her crying. “ I do care about ya girl… I know I suck at showin’ it and I’ll work on it but not a day goes by I don’t thank God or whoever it is calling the shots for bringing ya ta me. Hell suga’ if it won’t fer ya I wouldn’t be ere’.” he told her.

Looking up into his blue eyes you sniffled, “What do you mean?" 

Swallowing Merle raised his chin, "When I got shot. I wanted ta let go. Wanted ta die but then I thought of you. Wanted ta come back ta you so I kept fightin’.” he told her. Seeing her blush and look down he smiled softly. Seeing her playing with the silver chain again he tilted his head to the side. “Where ya get that chain from sweetheart? Yer always playin’ wit it..”

Your smile dropped as you thought of a way to tell him. Taking a deep breath you closed your eyes. “My daddy gave it to me on my sixteenth birthday.”

Hearing the sadness in her voice Merle knotted his brows. “Why’d he leave?”

You swallowed hard and opened your eyes to look at yours and his fingers intertwined, the scars still a red color from where they had been sewed back on. “Because of me…” when silence met your ears you knew he was waiting for an explanation. “Three days after my sixteenth birthday I went into my first heat… up until then they thought I was a beta…”

“Yer daddy was an alpha?” Merle asked thinking he knew where this was going. Seeing her shake her head he knew he was wrong.

“No my brother. My daddy was the town preacher. He hated omegas. Every Sunday he would preach about how they were made by the devil to tempt good men into doing bad things. Make them loose control. He used to tell me how I was lucky I wasn’t one of those whores. How Omegas were only good for one thing… so, when I went into heat for the first time he lost it… My brother was the first to find me. He went into my bedroom to find out why I was late for breakfast and then he smelled my scent. When I started screaming my parents came running and my daddy had to rip my brother off of me… After that he locked my brother in his room and yelled at me. Said he didn’t know what he did wrong to make God give him an omega for a daughter. Said I was no good and a disgrace to the family. When he told my mom he was going to take me to the omega camp they started fighting. She told him it wasn’t my fault and that they needed to work this out. He wouldn’t hear of it. He went and grabbed my brother and they left.” When you finished your story there were tears flowing from your eyes and you couldn’t for the life of you meet your alpha’s eyes.

Merle could hear his teeth clenching together as he heard about her past. He knew his own father was a piece of shit but her’s was right there with the great Will Dixon. Trying to regain his control he moved his good hand to pet her head. “Well darlin’ looks like both our daddys  won’t hittin’ on much.” he said.

“Did your dad leave too?” you asked finally looking up at him.

Scoffing Merle raised his brow, “I wish… No my old man stayed around and tortured me and my baby brother everyday. If he won’t drunk or high he was beating me for doin’ somethin’, sometimes I think he just hit me fer breathin’… ya seen the scars on my back. Well there my reminder of my daddy.” He told her gesturing to her bracelet. 

You looked down for sometime, not knowing what to say. Your dad had never beat you, never raised a hand to you or your brother. Taking off the chain you held it in your hand before looking at him and chunking it into the drain pipe hidden in the tall grass.

Merle watched her with raised brows for a moment before he looked at her with a crooked grin. 

“Fuck em’.” you said and saw your alpha chuckle. 

He had never heard her curse before and couldn’t help but find it amusing. Nodding his head he he smiled, “Fuck em’.” he repeated before pulling her closer to him and pressing his lips to hers.

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Endless Autumn - Lucien x sweetheart fic chapter 1/6

My interpretation of the story of Lucien and his doomed sweetheart. I hadn’t got my hands on ACOWAR when I started, so this story is not influenced by any new knowledge about Lucien, the Autumn Court, or his lost love. I even named all his unknown bastard brothers…

A massive huge thank you to @pretendthisiswitty / @rhysand-vs-tamlin for being my beta tester again; you’ve been vital to this story developing!


Find me on AO3

The first time I saw her, I was on a walk through the forest.

The low autumn sun shone brightly through the trees, shards of light piercing through the cool air and warming my skin.

As I walked amongst the weathered barks, the sound of my brothers laughing like fools in the formal gardens mercifully dying down, I stumbled upon her standing beside a reflecting pool. The water was a mirror in which she gazed upon herself, her long dark auburn hair swept over one shoulder, her simple but flattering deep purple dress swaying gently in the breeze.

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Cursed Child - 05/08/2017

UNDERSTUDIES GALORE!! For Cast 1, I hated understudies (cause I was so attached to Sam and Anthony) but for this cast, it’s a whole other story. I didn’t look at the cast board today (mainly because I was bursting to pee lmao) and the main ones we had were understudy Ron, understudy Draco and understudy Delphi (which I knew about previously).

Danny as Ron was brilliant. Dare I say he’s the funniest Ron I’ve seen out of Paul, Tom and him. He was great, his jokes were very clear, I was so impressed.

Ed as Draco, omg, this guy is so hot firstly like where did they find him, I couldn’t stop looking at him when he was on stage cause he’s just SO PRETTY. ANYWAY, HE WAS SO GOOD, LIKE ON PAR WITH ALEX AND JAMES, I was shook. He’s so good, I want to see him again, I love James but can he always be on holiday? He was funny, I love the part where Draco does the impression of Harry - “my scar is hurting”, Ed did this line SO WELL, I think I’m obsessed with him - #FullTimeEdAsDraco2k18

April as Delphi, she was great. I’m shocked this was her first Delphi performance, she played it very well. She played evil better than nice, her nice reminded me of Myrtle because she incorporated little squeaks in her lines like she does when she plays Myrtle, but it was still great. If you have the chance to see her, then go!! She plays the role differently to Annabel and Esther but still the same Delphi elements. 

The cast as a whole have improved so much - Theo especially. This was my 3rd time seeing the new cast and I wasn’t impressed with Theo when I went the first time on June 4th, but he’s like a different actor now. I don’t know if Sonia gave him a kick up the backside or if he’s been rehearsing more, but he’s a lot better and so adorable.

Samuel is fantastic. No more words.

I love Rakie so much. She does the DATDA scene amazingly well, it’s become one of my favorite scenes because of her. Rakie did THAT.

Jamie is great, he’s becoming stronger on stage, his Harry wasn’t very dominant, which he should as the play is called HARRY POTTER and the Cursed Child, but he’s improved on this. 

Honestly, on June 4th when I first saw the new cast, I was really worried, but they are in such good shape right now. If this is what they can do in just 2 months, I’m excited to see what they’ll be like in October-ish time. 

Some notes:

- The poly juice potion scene was probably my least favorite that I’ve seen it done. Maybe because i was in front row and I could literally see how it was done, it just wasn’t as smooth as before. I think I’m just being picky lmao

- April broke the time turner about 2 seconds too early, didn’t match the sound effect completely.

- Act 2, Scene 9 - this was a bit weird. When Albus said “I can’t okay?”, he was looking at Harry, not Scorpius, so Jamie as Harry said “you can’t what” or something like that and then Theo as Albus said “we’ll be better off without each other”, when he was obvs meant to say it to Scorpius and it was just weird that Albus was saying to his Dad, “we’ll be better off without each other” lol.

- Tom Mackley kissed his pumpkin and it was adorable (speaking of Tom Mackley, I LOVE his role in this new cast, he has so much fun on stage and it’s great to watch).

All in all, today was AMAZING and I AM SHOOK.

Wanted (1/3)

Here is my story that I contributed to @mores2sl. Due to the length, I’ve decided to divide it into 3 chapters.

Rated: E for explicit sexual content and explicit language. Because I like some hotness with my sweetness. 

Possible trigger: Discussion of a minor character’s infidelity.

Thank you to @sponsormusings​ and @papofglencoe​ for being amazing betas. Your support and friendship mean the world to me. And thank you to the fantastic @loving-mellark​ for your skills in making this hot banner.

Summary: Modern AU: Young newlyweds Katniss and Peeta live a simple life in their hometown of Victors County; a life filled with family, friends and the love they have for each other. But an unexpected turn of events, and a brush with the law, puts their relationship – and their sex life – to the test. And afterwards, nothing will be the same.

“Oh, dammit!” Katniss shrieks, dropping her knife next to the half-chopped parsley and running over to the stove to pull the burning pot of stew off the gas burner. Placing it carefully on the sink, she grabs a wooden spoon, hoping the meal is still salvageable - but very quickly she realises the food smells like charcoal and the bottom of the pot is singed black. Tears of frustration threaten to fall at the corners of her eyes and she lets out a sigh of defeat. Swiftly, she scrapes the burnt remnants into the nearby trash can and throws the pot into the sink with some hot water and detergent. She determinedly scrubs away her failed mess and prepares herself to start all over again. You can do this, Katniss. You may not be a domestic goddess, but surely you can cook a meal for your husband.

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Smallville Sentence Starters - Chloe Edition
  • 1: Wow. I can't believe you just delivered that line with a straight face.
  • 2: Did you just write your phone number down on _______’s hand?
  • 3: Your online horoscope suggests that you try not to flaunt your excitement.
  • 4: It's not a date. It's a fact-finding mission to see if he deserves a date.
  • 5: Funny, don't remember there being an "e" in "tornado."
  • 6: Now she's on a one-woman crusade to find an explanation. You know her, she won't stop digging until she hits China.
  • 7: I have enemies in high places.
  • 8: So, what do we do now? I mean, we can't just forget about everything that's happened.
  • 9: You know what? All this resting is driving me insane. These so-called "health-care professionals" just want me to stay in bed and eat Jell-O.
  • 10: You can't just go snooping around someone's house.
  • 11: So, because of some psychopath, you're gonna cut the rest of us out of your life?
  • 12: Impossible? Only in your mind. Sometimes you just need a little leap of faith.
  • 13: It's just hard thinking you weren't good enough for someone to love.
  • 14: I wonder who's more freaked out right now. Me, knowing I'm in a hospital where they get their medicine via dogsled... Or you, finally finding out I know your secret.
  • 15: Do me a favor, okay? Just keep a low profile.

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That video is such a bad idea. Theyre Wondercon not Rivercon there are people there for stuff other than the show, and most people know who cole sprouse is building there are a bunch of people who don't know what riverdale is. Jeez cami, I feel like her being bummed that she doesn't have more people that wanted to see her alone, she's making the ones that waited in a long line just to meet to meet her salty ass like irrelevant, like she wants quantity over quality but that's not what lasts.

Also that ask wasn’t meant to sound like Cami hate, I do really enjoy her, it just upsets me that she seems so jel of Cole and his “spotlight” when if she’d be patient she’ll have that in a year or two because she really is great, but no one wants to buy a ticket and wait in lines just to meet someone just for that person to be like ugh this is lame no one came to see me, but all y'all wanna see cole, thanks.

the video was definitely a thoughtless move, but i’m positive it was supposed to be a joke. she didn’t realize that it might insult the people who did line up to see her or the people who wanted to see her, as well as cole, but couldn’t afford both. i don’t think she was being petty, she was bored and figured it would be funny. i don’t quite understand why cami is getting all the heat and being called an attention whore and being accused of being envious of cole when lili is also in the video? that’s not to say that i think lili deserves to be hated on, but i find it fishy that cami is the only one getting negative attention for it. it makes me think people are just looking for reasons to validate their dislike of her, which, frankly, reminds me of the b*ronica stans that pick apart everything lili says and does to justify bullying her 

everybody knows that cole is the most popular cast member. he was ross’ son on friends which places him with the older audience and cody on suite life which places him with the younger audience. all of them have made jokes about it in the past, so either kj, cami, and lili are all secretly bitter or they’re just messing around and teasing like close friends do. so the video may have come across as snobbish, but i don’t think she meant it to 

((Dear me this is super long… Happy last day of Pidgance Week! (under read more)

Lance ran down the hall screaming. As he turned the corner he crashed into Pidge, knocking both of them to the ground.

“Pidge, we gotta run!”

“What’s going on?“ Pidge asked as Lance pulled her to feet. They both ran down the darkened hallway, Lance’s tight grip numbing Pidge’s wrist.

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Based on this photoset

It was Molly’s second time inside the tattoo shop. The first time, she’d looked around at the tall, glaring, heavily pierced bottle-blonde woman at the counter and the picture of a very large, very naked stylized vagina in full color hanging on the wall with the other sample tattoos, and she’d walked right back out.

Sally had told her it was the best in the area, though it certainly wasn’t the cheapest, and if she was going to do this, she wanted to do it right, so she braced herself and came back. The vagina was still there, but the woman at the counter had been replaced by a sharp-featured woman with dark hair. She was wearing a red silk sleeveless top that displayed her slender arms and the delicate black tattoos they wore.

“What would you like?” asked the woman. At first glance, she was certainly less intimidating than the large woman, but there was something about the bright red of her lipstick that warned of danger. Molly squared her shoulders and stepped forwards.

“Could I make an appointment for a tattoo, please?” she asked.

“I could do you now, if you’d like,” the woman said, without even glancing at the computer for confirmation.

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There’s so much sweet fluff in this one, and considering Halloween just ended and we’re all high on sweets, I think it’s fitting. Enjoy!

Everything bolded is Halloween or autumn themed/centric.

There are so many great fics out there that need to be recognized! If you find something you like on this list, be sure to show it the appreciation it deserves with likes, reblogs, and messages to the author! I hope you can find something to enjoy, and remember that if you’d like me to see your work, be sure to tag me in it!

Just a reminder that no all/mostly smut fics will be added. If they’re part of a series I will link non-smut parts.


  • Insta Love by @waywardlullabies (Reader x Sam) - This was such a cool idea! I loved how you described everything really well, and those last couple lines of dialogue were super cute!
  • Turn of Events by @moonlitskinwalker (Reader x Sam) - I loved this one so much! The reader’s thoughts interspersed throughout it made it super relatable, and I’m always a sucker for fics where the boys (especially Sam) are knights in shining armor in regular, everyday situations like cars breaking down! Also, can we talk about Sam driving the Impala? H-O-T, HOT!
  • Halloween Slumber Party by @torn-and-frayed (Reader x Dean) - I love your Dad!Dean fics, I really do. You write Dad!Dean and Jojo so well. Her costume was so cute and I think you did such an amazing job describing everything! The ending was so adorable and I loved it a lot.
  • Imagine Saving a Kid During a Hunt and When You Go Get Some Food, He Starts Talking to Dean About the Hunter’s Crush On You by @curliesallovertheplace (Reader x Dean) - Well typing that out was definitely a task, but it wasn’t a task to read this imagine. It was super cute, and the kid was just to die for! I loved how you wrote his lines and expressions, they were super cute.
  • Driving the Impala by @chelsea-winchester (Reader x Dean) - This fic was super duper cute, and I think that this is definitely something Dean would do for someone he really, truly cared about. You wrote it so well, thanks for tagging me!
  • Wagon Wheel by @waywardlullabies (Reader x Sam) - This was so, so cute! I loved the ending, of course, but the journey was just as fun! Sam is so thoughtful when it comes to special occasions and making things meaningful, and I think you portrayed that really well.
  • Masked Monkey With a Machete by @percywinchester27 (Reader x Sam) - This was so cute and super relatable for me! I’d be the kind of person who wouldn’t tell Sam it was my turn to pick a movie if it made him happy, and Sam’s response to the reader made my heart melt. Great job!
  • It Was Always You by @ruined-by-destiel (Reader x Dean) - This one was short and sweet, and I loved it. I loved the whole thing about the shirt, and the line where Dean says she looks better in it gets me every time.
  • Noisy Neighbors by @jotink78 (Reader x Sam) - I’ve never seen a fic with this premise before and it was so unique! I loved it! Not only was it funny, but it was fluffy, and that made it amazing. Great job and thanks for tagging me!
  • Imagine Cas Dressing Your Son for Halloween by @sup3rnaturalunkn0wn (Reader x Cas) - I love seeing Dad!Cas, especially when they’re canonical! They’re hard to find and even harder to write, and I think you did a great job with this! The costume you picked for their son is perfect, and I loved it.
  • It’s a Burrito, Sweetie by @teamfreewill-imagine (Reader x Sam) - This was freaking hilarious, I loved it! Not only is Sam/the reader/their daughter’s relationship adorable, but the relationship between their daughter and Dean was so, so cute. Great job!
  • One Taste’s a Myth by @waywardlullabies (Reader x Sam) - This one was super relatable for me, and I wish that I had had a Sam of my own when I was in high school, or even now! The whole thing was super cute and I loved it. I could easily picture it all in my head you wrote it so well!


  • Murphy’s Law by @writingthingsisdifficult (Reader x Sam) - I felt so bad whenever something happened, and the ending was such a surprise to me when it was revealed why everything had been happening! I loved this, great job!

Series Works

Links in the series section are always to the masterlist, or if unavailable, the latest post will be linked.

  • Chocolate Cupcakes by @crowleysplaythings (Nanny!Reader x Single Dad!Sam) - I loved the conclusion to this series! It was so good, and I loved all the twists and turns it took along the way to get to that point. Great job!
  • Choosing You by @writingbeautifulmen (Reader x Dean) - This Rockstar AU is killing me! I love the conflict between the two different bands and I can’t wait to see how the reader and Dean’s relationship plays out, especially with that whole talk from Cas that Dean got!
  • Time to Realize by @loveitsallineed (Reader x Cas) - I love, love, love this series! Seeing Cas and the reader be domestic and non-supernaturally is adorable, and I can’t wait to see where this goes! (Note: The next part of the series is actually out already, but it contains smut so I won’t link it, nor have I read it. I’m sure it’s great! You can find it by going to Karolina’s Masterlist.)
  • 90 Days of Autumn by @jpadjackles (Reader x Sam) - I’m still loving this series and I get so excited whenever I see that you’ve tagged me in a new part! It’s super cute, and I love that you do have little bits of angst sprinkled in here and there just to give it more depth. I’m excited to see where they’re relationship is headed, especially with the new development in the most recent part!

Non-Reader Works

  • Middle of a Memory by @tony-steve-sam-and-dean-writing (Megstiel) - This was such a cute little Megstiel fic! The last couple lines hit me hard, and telling it from Cas’ perspective made it unique. Great job!
  • Why Won’t He Break by @parvasilvi (Sam) - This was so, so cool. I loved all the reflections on past events and I think you wrote it really well. It was so heartbreaking at the same time, though, and it made me tear up again just thinking of everything Sam went thought. 

2. Vampire AU - Orihime as a vampire. 

Rating: T

I do not own Bleach.

It was all incredibly cliché, and this he only noticed when it was far too late.

The downpour outside had been entirely unexpected and it brought in a few stragglers on an otherwise unproductive day. A few took to booths and perused the menus idly while they waited for the rain to ease some. The lights were dull and the music mostly bland, nothing really to make the time pass by any quicker. He had, at that point, reserved himself to wiping down the counter and rearranging the bottles behind it.

When the bell above the entrance chimed at the arrival of a newcomer, he hardly deigned to acknowledge them any further than the customary, “Welcome.”

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Fanfiction Writer Appreciation Week has begun!

(It’s past midnight here, which means it’s technically Monday, and I wanna start.)

Each day during FWA Week, I intend to post a list of fanfic recs for one of my major fandoms. And for this first post, I’m starting with - big surprise - Fullmetal Alchemist. Some of my favorite pieces, with links to the authors on Tumblr if I know their Tumblr names, are as follows in no particular order:

1) “Shot Down” by Janieshi. A playful one-shot about a soldier who transfers to Eastern Command and is immediately smitten by the lovely, reportedly untouchable Riza Hawkeye. But why is everyone warning him not to waste his time trying to get her attention? This story makes me giggle every time.

2) “Unspoken” by jellyjay​. Five times Roy Mustang didn’t tell her he loved her, and one time he did. I had the distinct pleasure of RPing Royai with Jelly via email for roughly two years, and she always gives these characters delightful and authentic voices.

3) “On the Line” by glamaphonic. Five times Roy Mustang drunk-dialed Riza Hawkeye. A really funny, sexy, well-written one-shot.

4) “Blaze of Glory” by bleedingcoffee42​.  After the battle with Lust, Roy is anxious to leave the hospital and find a way to fix Havoc. Riza has to care for her stubborn injured Colonel and they finally come to terms with the fact that they are much more than co-workers. Coffee is pretty well known around here for writing yummy Royai and she doesn’t disappoint.

5) “Shall We Dance?” by stupidsexymustang.  Mustang and Hawkeye understood danger. But they were rather fond of a particularly dangerous game that no one would stop them from playing. SSM wrote this for this year’s Royai Week festivities and it is a very happy piece indeed.

6) “Lemon Tea” by Shimegami-chan. This one-shot is an AU, although it’s old enough that at the time it was written, it probably wasn’t intended as one. It’s about Roy meeting Riza at the military academy (which we know now didn’t happen) and how nobody could get close to her… but he finds a way to bond over a hot beverage. Even though it’s not canon, it’s still really good.

7) “Drifting Apart” by bayalexison. Bay writes a lot of good Royai stuff, and this is no exception. She takes on the time when Riza is Bradley’s hostage, prior to the Promised Day, and how Roy and Riza are faring in one another’s painful absence.

I know many other stories, but these are some of my favorites, so I wanted to share them. Happy Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Week!

my worst bruise is you / (1/?)

Special shout-out to @cutieodonoghue for her sweet words and belief in me. I wouldn’t have had the courage to begin again if it wasn’t for you. Thank you!

Rated T / 5,000 words / AO3

They say the first cut is the deepest,
And that might be true.
But bruises, oh bruises, they hurt too -
And honey, I think my worst bruise is you.

Two exes find themselves thrust back together again - in more ways than one.

Present Day - September, 2016

“Just shift your leg, Swan. These are tight quarters here.”

“Are you going to take my pants off or what?”

The tongue working a particularly sensitive spot on Emma’s neck sent shivers down her spine. (He still knew how to drive her crazy.) “Good things come to those who wait, love.”

Emma pulled sharply on the collar of his shirt, forcing his eyes to meet hers. “Take. Off. My. Pants.”

“I like it when you’re direct.”

“I like it when you listen,” Emma countered as she stood on the tips of her toes and pressed her hips flush to his.

His breath was warm against her ear as he whispered, “Tell me again.”

“I want you to fu-”

Emma was interrupted by a sharp knock on the door at her back. “Um, excuse me? The facilities are limited to one passenger only. You need to return to your seats. Now.”

It felt as if Emma had been doused in a bucket of ice cold water. Her senses were no longer clouded by him and the dirty things he’d been doing to her neck and her lips and her resolve.

“Well, I guess we won’t be joining the Mile High Club after all, love.”

“Way to state the obvious, Sherlock,” Emma replied as she tried to catch her breath and her sanity. “And don’t call me ‘love.’”

He smiled as if he knew she’d say that. “As you wish.”

“You’re not allowed to say that either.”

“What am I allowed to say?”

“Nothing,” Emma said as her eyes roamed the airplane’s tiny bathroom. “Now help me find my shirt.”

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