she did it because there were people who needed her

its so important to have disabled presence in children’s media, disabled kids grow up with really harmful messages about being burdens, ugly and unwanted and that needs to be challenged, we need to be showing disabled kids that they’re valued and amazing

like I remember a few years ago here in the UK, there was a disabled woman, Cerrie Burnell, who’s right arm ends a little past her elbow, who did some presenting on kids tv and parents wrote in and complained about her and said she was scary for children and shouldn’t be there because she was disabled

children are seen as being needed to be sheltered from the ~terrifying~ and ~horrifying~ reality of disabled people and that really hurts disabled kids and also massively contributes to adults hating and fearing disabled people since that’s what they were taught to do as kids

whether it’s disabled presenters or disabled characters, children’s media has to do more to acknowledge and celebrate disabled people

angel dumott schunard walked up to a perfect stranger, asked him “oh my god you okay honey?” took him home, dressed his wounds, gave him food and let him stay with her for the night, the next morning he brought her to meet his friends who were like family to him (the trust!!) and she invited them both to life support (“on christmas?” “some people don’t have anywhere else to go today” like if u cry everytime) and as they were leaving did a little dance to cheer up roger, someone she literally just met, because she didn’t want to see him sad, her friendship with mimi and mimi’s story about how she always helped those in need, i can’t remember where i was going with this but i literally love angel with my whole entire being and want to let everyone know she deserves everything that is good in the world


“She was a real scholar of history—just curious about history, and obsessively read history—and understood how important it is who writes the history. And she knew it was up to her to define her husband’s legacy because he could no longer do that, and it had to be done quickly because there were dozens of other people ready to jump in and publish the first book about him, and she needed to be there to control it—and she did brilliantly.”

A probably incomplete list of things Anna Ripley has done, in no particular order:

  • Tortured a teenage Percy for the better part of a week.
  • Was complicit in the murder of the de Rolo family.
  • Was fully aware of a young Cassandra being held hostage by her family’s murderers and did nothing to stop it, nor gave any indication that she cared (”I’m not [Cassandra’s] keeper.”)
  • Produced and sold what she knew to be incredibly dangerous weapons, partially because she needed the money, but by her own admission, also for the simple reason that she knew it would upset Percy.
  • Willingly made a deal with a known demon for revenge.
  • Murdered a woman in Ank’harel just because she wanted her magic-eating cloak.
  • Lied to and manipulated Kynan Leore into believing that people who were mean to him exactly once were responsible for the destruction of his home, convincing him to be complicit in their murder with her.
  • Was very much a fantasy racist and human supremacist.

You can like a character who is evil. That’s fine. I like characters who are evil - I thought the Briarwoods were phenomenal characters and I was somewhat sad to see them go, and I’m going to miss Raishan when she’s gone. Ripley’s death was cathartic but I enjoyed her character too.

There’s nothing wrong with liking an evil character.

There is something wrong with literally trying to warp reality to fit your views that she wasn’t evil, just because you have a huge hate boner for her worst enemy. She was evil. Sorry. That’s just a fact. 

You can still enjoy the character. No one’s saying you can’t. Just stop lying to yourself.

cass stans are going around saying that cass doesn’t say anything and neda will go off, etc. when in reality cass wanted her out since week 1, and tried to get her backdoored. has been constantly going around saying neda needs to go after jury, and how neda is jealous of her because she is considered a better player than her and now how neda has to prove something and be the best female persian in the game to play. because people were saying cass was so much better. but i mean keep pretending that neda has some evil vendeta against cass, who did nothing wrong.

anonymous asked:

Let's give Star some credit, she held off so much pain and sadness and put Marco's need before her needs! There are people who would've manipulated Marco to suit their interests. She put her friend before her. Would you have done the same thing if you were in Stars position?

(sorry i forgot what this is in response to)
100% wouldve done what star did in this whole situation, if my best friend who i was secretly in love with was dating a rad girl and happy about it i wouldve kept silent, feelings get revealed? i wouldve lied to just keep him reassured and comfortable. leaving forever? might as well spit out what i need to because i cant run away now.
i love star so much because shes such an amazing and tbh underappreciated(not underrated) character who was judged over some of her flaws, even when she continued her support for marco. she had her moments of jealousy that were completely understandable, but she made sure marco was happy with jackie, and she did her best to keep jackie included. even tho she does have that habit of leaving her issues to fester (i have a big problem w that, sadly see myself there) she realized in the end that she cant ignore something and expect it to change or go away. even though its not peachy right now things will get better for them all and i just really love star on a god tier, shes my fav.

so yea give the gal some credit

The Next Time Round [CritRole Exalted AU]

So @blackestglass asked me for a Perc’ahlia Reincarnated Soulmates AU, and I’m saving the prompt for a write-later type of circumstance, but I decided to take the opportunity to write the very specific AU that I’m probably the only person interested in based on one of my very favorite Tabletop RPGs. So, for all five people who are interested, have a Critical Role Exalted AU. (You probably don’t need knowledge of Exalted to know what the hell is going on, but it might help.)

[Also on AO3]

[More about the AU]


The Nexus jail cell was a filthy wreck. Vex’s sense of smell revolted at the stench of standing water, mildew and human waste. She had taken point for their motley band which for this venture did not include the two Solars because they were both– rather conspicuous in their own way. Beside her Trinket groaned and Vex winced, wondering how much worse her bear must experience these smells. Her boot squelched in something unrecognizable. Vex made a face, and prayed that she had not just stepped in shit. These boots were new-ish.

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When he saw you, he felt something, but couldn’t find out what exactly it was. So staring at you was what he did, trying to find what gave him this odd feeling.
“Her name is Y/N.” Joe said to him.
“Y/N. That’s a nice name.” He said, smiling. “She seems to be lonely.”
“She somehow is.” Joe reacted.
“The people at the station don’t really want to talk to her, because they are ashamed that they don’t have such problems as she does. It sounds crazy, somehow, but that’s how it is.”
“ ‘Problems’? “ Barry asked.
“She’s mute.”
When he heared this, he knew what he needed to do. You were going to get a new friend who would try everything to make you happy.

If you want to request something, feel free to do that! :] (Request here!)

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Something that really bothers me is that everything that the princess wants she gets and while I'm over here working my ass of she gets everything.My parents raised me always saying if you want something you got to figure out how to get from nothing to something. But it's cool because she might be living the life right now but later on maybe in 10, 20 years when she is settling down what she did to all those people likeLuke will happen to her so for now I'm just waiting for karma to do its magic

Why is Arz trying to preach about Karma dealing with people who have done her wrong? I’m honestly curious who her tweets were about. Because honestly, Karma needs to kick some major sense into Arz’s face for how she’s treated people. I can’t stand the fact that she acts as if she’s some little angel of sorts. Highly annoying.

I’m assuming these are from different anons but they can be answered the same way so I’m putting them together.

Arzaylea seems like a narcissist to me. She’s entitled and thinks she’s always right and above everyone else. Maybe she’s so full of herself that she actually doesn’t even realize how ironic it is for her to say, “the universe has an amazing way of giving people back what they give it. so i’ll let karma do the rest.”

If she can’t see how hypocritical she’s being and believes she’s an angel who can do no wrong, she’s beyond crazy. She’s given the universe so much shit, so if she truly believes in karma, she better watch the hell out. I don’t believe that anyone as awful as her can just get away with every terrible thing she’s done. Like the first anon said, she’s living the life right now but it’s all going to come back to her one day. She better enjoy this while it lasts because one day everything is going to be taken away from her. She’ll finally get what she’s been giving people her whole life.


Imagine Being Natashas Sister And Meeting The Avengers

For Anon

“Here is where we are going to stay (Y/N)” Natasha states, gently straightens your shirt, and puts your bag on the empty bed.

You’re confused she had you hidden away in a cabin by a lake. You didn’t even know where it was on a map. Food and anything you asked for was sent once a month. Natasha visited every single chance she got. No one but her and Nick Fury knew you were there.

But now she’s taken you to a huge tower in New York City.

“Natasha I love this place but who are these new people we’re living with? Why did you move me?” you ask and nervously tug at your shirt. In the cabin you had a cable tv but Natasha told you not to watch news channels.

“They are good people I promise. I moved you because you’re seventeen now and you need to see the world that and I like to have you around” Natasha explains and hugs you tight. “I love you and I’m gonna keep you safe. This place is the safest place in the world.”

You believe her easily and hug her back.

You meet these good people the next morning after Natasha has helped you unpack.

“Guys this is my little sister (Y/N). She means more to me than anything in this world. (Y/N) meet the Avengers” Natasha introduces holding both your shoulders while you stand in front of her.

“You’ve probably heard of me I’m Tony Stark” a brunette man says vainly and grabs you hands holding them both tightly.

“No I’ve lived in an assassin program and cabin my entire life” you state bluntly and his smirk falls.

“I’m Steve Rogers” a tall blonde muscular man gently shakes your hand.

The rest of them speed by quickly till you get to a gorgeous curly haired brunette.

“I’m Wanda” her voice is stern and accent strong and thick. You feel yourself fall right there and then.

“I think I love you” you breath out and she chuckles.

“We’ll wait and see if I fall then too” she chuckles.

Weeks later she does and when you kiss sparks fly.

No where but up

Santana tapped her foot impatiently as she stared at Batman while waited for Dani to come home from work, the dogs had even been looking at her funny all day since she had been pacing around half excited half nervous for her girlfriend since it was her first day on the job. “I’m sure it went great. She’s great so why wouldn’t it go well?” She spoke out loud and shook her head since the dogs couldn’t respond and she probably looked insane right now.

She really hoped it went well because they needed out of the motel and into a real apartment, she’d loved Dani but they were both people who liked to have some space and their motel room did not provide that. She was over having a tiny fridge and the bathroom three feet from her bed.

Life is Bae

The reason i would never choose the end of sacrifice the bae is all that things Max did was to save Chloe.
Even when she killed Chloe was to save her from the pain and suffering of dying slowly , but if you choose to sacrifice Chloe?
She died alone in the bathroom , thinking that her best friend abandoned her years ago.
Thinking that Rachel possibly abandoned or that Rachel needs help but never knowing the conclusion of that.
She dies thinking that nobody loves her and that everybody leave her in the end.
She dies hating her stepfather, she dies without knowing how much Max loved her, how much Max did for her or how much Max made her smile.
She dies alone in a bathroom and all continue with their lives, so many people at her funeral , but they were people who have never been there for her , including Max,because here Max had already gone a long time ago.
Here nothing happened,so why this end exist? why give the power to control the destiny only to realize that you can’t control the destiny? To give that power to a teenager save her best friend,her lover, for her create new memories with her, fall in love with her, and then at the end make it all nonexistent? Like a dream or a nightmare.
Max is just a teenager having to choose between the love of her life, her friend from childhood or the lives of thousands ,thousands she doesn’t know ,innocent people, one decision she’ll have to live with. But why?
She didn’t ask for this, the powers, for any of this, she’s being punished for something she didn’t ask for, the powers aren’t a gift,she is being punished in both end options.
They are more like a punishment a reminder of what might have been if she act differently.
She’ll be traumatized in both ends. She’ll move on, but she’ll live with traumas that make no sense to anyone but her.
So yes i choose the bae.
Because how @surimistick at least saving the bae they will grow together and heal together.
Chloe with her will be what helps her heal, Chloe won’t leave her, but not because she feels like she can’t, it will be her choice, out of love, to save max from herself like max has saved her from fate and they will be alright.
I liked the bae end.
But i want to know more.
Survivors? As @bonthekitten
Kate said during episode four,she was leaving that morning with her parents so she should still be safe.
David + his cop friends + Jeffershit were in the bunker, so David and the cops should be okay.
The two whales diner actually doesn’t look beat up when you drive past it so maybe they stayed safe inside we’ll never know
I bet you people survived.
People who heard the radio and television in time and hid in bunkers that have in the city. Including Victoria Chase and others students of blackwell maybe.
I want to see people leaving shelters and being ok more than deers jumping from side to side.

Anyway thank you for this journey. I’m glad i played this game.

More Interracial TV Couples

  As a young black woman who supports interracial relationships, I am ecstatic to see a strong black female TV character who isn’t the mistress, with an equally strong white male lead.  I am so happy that the show runners did not do the typical thing and put Michonne or Rick with other people simply because they were of the same race.  Because lets face it in the Zombie Apocalypse who is really going to say “I can’t date him/her because he/she is not the same race as me?” The beauty of the character dynamics of The Walking Dead is that people from various financial, racial and sexual backgrounds that may have never met can find one another and form a rock solid bond that creates a family.  The fact that they have the balls to make Richonne canon proves that.  we really need to see more couples like this on tv. #Imjustsaying #RichonneDay
Please Stop - YouTube


Ok wow I need to address this. I’m probably going to make a lot of people mad, but at this point, I really don’t care. If you don’t know who this girl in this video is its Cinnamontoastken’s girlfriend, SuperMaryFace. Recently this beautiful young woman was told to go look at an impersonation role playing page of her, so she did; however, what she found was completely disgusting: role plays of incest, rape, and erotica were all over that Instagram account with her pictures splattered everywhere. It completely ruined her day because she felt like her personal life was invaded. What does her story have to do with anything? Well I’ll tell you.

Recently Mark and Jack did a collab together where they talked about what their viewers shipped and stuff like that. The fact that they talked about being stalked was scary. Both men are very nice and wouldn’t harm a fly, but I believe they are both tired of it. Hell, Mark has to MOVE again because fans are stalking him at night. I also heard that Yami is being stalked! Guys, you know you can get into major trouble for stalking, right? Well you can. Mary, Mark, Jack and the others love us guys, but we are really pushing the limits on their trust. I know everyone likes to ship Septiplier, so do I because I don’t try to draw them having sex or being butt ass naked. I get it, you ship it, but if you draw porn of it, don’t post it. If I was in their shoes, I would be really grossed out to see my private areas drawn in such a pornographic way. Drawing is fine, but Septiplier, Darkiplier/Anti-Septiceye, Markiplier/Jacksepticeye, etc YouTuber porn is not cool! If you role play as Mark/Jack/ And YouTuber, don’t be an ass and start making it a sex role play account. I’m begging you, if you want to be a troll and hurt these awesome people, just know there are ways of reporting you and the faithful fans will hunt that account down. No more stalking. One you can get into trouble and two it’s creepy as all balls! Please listen to me guys… 💔

NaruHina- The Manga vs The Last

OK, we start off with Naruto defending Hinata from bullies, who were attacking her because of her Byakugan. This is when Hinata’s affections for Naruto begins.

Why did we need this scene as the beginning for Hinata>Naruto. It contradicts the manga of Hinata wanting to give up but then she sees Naruto, the loser, never giving up and decides to follow his example. Now it just looks like she fell for her hero. One of the reasons people love NaruHina and that, unlike the rest of the village, Hinata liked Naruto before he was heroic.

It’s now two years after the event of the fourth Shinobi war. Naruto is teaching Academy students Taijutsu and Hinata is knitting a red scarf in remembrance of one Naruto used to wear back in the Academy, so she can give it to Naruto at the Rinne Festival, as a personal gift of love.

OK, so I guess when a girl risks her life to save you and confesses her feelings it’s not as effective a proposal as, say, knitting a scarf.

Oh, and let me address something else here. Dear NaruHina who say that Naruto was developing feelings for Hinata in the war. Really? Because at this point it’s two years after the war and he’s training students in hand-to-hand and Hinata has to confess…again.

Hinata attempts to give the scarf to Naruto, but her shyness prevents her from doing so. So you’ve grown closer since the war, but you still can’t give a gift. You’ve called him a “Proud Failure”, said you can tell when it’s the real him because of his eyes. Maybe we ought to try having Naruto captured/near death. That worked last time.

Hinata reaches Ramen Ichiruka and just when she’s about to sit down three kunoichi come and offer Naruto food. Hinata leaves and Sakura tries to tell Naruto to walk her home, but he doesn’t understand why. Naruto Supposedly-Was-Falling-For-Hinata-During-War Uzumaki needs his friend to give him a push.

Let’s pause here for a moment. Why is it forceful for every other character to push Sakura Naruto’s way, but it’s OK for Sakura to try and push Naruto Hinata’s way? Because Sakura loves Sasuke and wants Naruto out of the way? That’s what it seems like at this point.

Sakura tells Hinata that Naruto is very dense about love due to not having anyone in his life to express it for him and assures Hinata she’ll be able to win him over if she’s confident enough.

Oh, you mean like how anti NaruSaku say that Sakura isn’t a trophy for Naruto to win? Also, a what point is Sakura so sure Naruto will like Hinata? She says he’s dense to understand because he has had no one to express it to him.

Oh wait…

Hinata is practicing her confession in front of Naruto’s house and he shows up and offers her ramen at his house, but she notices a scarf around his neck and she runs of in embarrassment, much to his confusion. She thinks it might have been one of the girls that gave Naruto the scarf and thinking she lost her chance to be with him, she begins to cry uncontrollably.

Are we talking about the same Hinata who when Sakura hugged Naruto, she smiled? Before you argue Sakura had no romantic feelings for Naruto, note that Hinata wouldn’t even know this. She’s never there when those two interact so closely and as much as she can assume they’re just good friends, she can just as easily assume otherwise. Just look at how she reacted when she saw Naruto wearing a scarf that he could have brought himself. How you think she feel if she walked in on Sakura offering to feed Naruto ramen?

Later on they dive into a lake and it turns out to be a genjustu by Toneri. Naruto is shown various memories of his own past. Including his fight with Kiba. But when Hinata’s scarf begins to wrap around him it causes him to remember Hinata’s fight with Pain, her confession and Naruto is bewildered that she loved him all this time.

Hinata is found by Toneri and he announces his desire to wed her. Hinata refuses and Naruto arrives to protect her and fight Toneri, only to realise he’s a puppet. Toneri explains he’ll return for Hinata’s answer (didn’t she give one?) and Naruto won’t let Hinata out of his sight now that he realises his love for her.

I’m not going though the entire movie. I’ll say it again. Naruto during the war is falling for Hinata was complete bullshit. Naruto remembering her confession is bullshit. Think NaruSaku would be forced? Take a closer look at NaruHina whose movie has a) Sakura keep pushing Hinata to talk to Naruto b) Sakura forcing Naruto to walk Hinata and that the scarf can’t be that important and Hinata will be upset, when Naruto says the scarf means something to him. c) Naruto needs a Genjutsu to realise Hinata’s feelings.

So in conclusion.


  • would call us anti stupid and stubborn for not realising the obvious that the manga was showing.
  • said that during the war Naruto was starting to or had developed feelings for Hinata.
  • remembered her confession.
  • said that NaruSaku would be forced.
  • criticised NaruSaku for pushing Sakura Naruto’s way when she wasn’t interested and using Sakura as a prize for Naruto to win.

but what actually happened is

  • a movie was used to explain how they ended up together.
  • Naruto didn’t understand Hinata’s feelings until he saw memories of her fight with Pain and her confession, prompted by a Genjutsu.
  • didn’t remember her confession.
  • Sakura tells Naruto that his feelings for her was just another way to compete with Sasuke and that his feelings for Hinata are deeper than they ever were for her and that Hinata’s love for him is genuine. Naruto doesn’t say this. He doesn’t realise this on his own. It just looks as if Sakura wants to love Sasuke and needs Naruto out of the way. She shoves him towards Hinata.
  • Sakura assures Hinata that if she’s confident enough she’ll be able to win Naruto over. What? Like a trophy? Maybe he’s not interested.

NaruHina, while you can argue that NaruSaku would be forced, you’re only basing it on an assumption. NaruHina is actually what you accuse NaruSaku would have been.

Little By Little / Part 9

Hello darlings! After two weeks without uploading anything, thanks to llexis and happyfrasers I’ve been able to finish this chapter. I hope you like it! Although I don’t like to write stuff like that because it reminds me of people of my teenage years, I did the best I could. It was something the story needed, so… Enjoy it!



Another boring day at college and it was only 10 in the morning. 4 more classes until she could come back home and lay in her bed without doing anything. She yawned for the fifth time that morning, keeping her eyes fixed on Mrs. Lewis, who was reading a review of the last book she read that month. English was her favourite class, although she didn’t enjoy the last classes because the books they were studying, she didn’t like them enough.

“I’d like you to read it. If you’re interested in psychology, you should check some of Freud’s books.” Mrs. Lewis kept saying for the next long minutes.

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First date | 1976 | Rorlene


As she promised, Marlene waited for Aurora at the entrance of Hogsmeade. She made sure to send her an owl the day before just to make sure that they were still meeting. It was strange, but she was a bit nervous. This was a date, a proper date, as in two people who liked each other and Merlin she did like her. It was funny also, because she had not seen her until that new year’s eve party. They had been living in the same castle for years and never noticed each other.

She leaned against one of the buildings and debated on wheter smoking a cigarette, but then decided not to. She ran her hand through her hair and took in a deep breath, there was no need to be nervous, everything was going to be fine. A few more minutes later, she saw her approaching and she couldn’t help to grin. “Hey” she said softly and pecked her cheek, hoping that it wasn’t much.


What Clarke did at the mountain is NOT the same thing that Bellamy did to those 300 grounders.

Clarke had NO CHOICE, the mountain men were drilling into her people, they were going to kill every single one of them if she didn’t do something. She did it to SAVE HER PEOPLE.

Bellamy, on the other hand, did have a choice. He could’ve chosen to ignore Pike and not give him the guns, he didn’t have to go along with his plan. What Bellamy did was MURDER, he killed 300 people who there to PROTECT THEM, he knew that the Grounders weren’t there to hurt them but he went along with it anyways. His people didn’t need protection from anybody because they weren’t in danger.

Learn the difference between the two.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: the thing that most creeps me out about the Jaha/ALIE/Murphy situation is that ALIE and jaha clearly need Murphy, specifically.

Don’t tell me Jaha and ALIE couldn’t find a henchman to do their bidding for them.

No, jaha literally says “I need you, John”.

They locked him up in a bunker to “keep him safe”. Why? Why would ALIE bother to keep him safe at all? Why does she want him under her supervision?

Why is ALIE so sure “he’ll come around” in 3x01 and join their journey? Did she know he’d go if she were to give him an incentive - Emori? Why does she care? Is it only because Jaha does?

Why is it that Emori shows up literally the same day John is let out of his cage?

Why her, one of the very few people who were strangely nice and trusting of Murphy? Why now? Is it just this big of a coincidence?

WHY is John Murphy treated as this big of a deal?


Thank you for bringing these INCREDIBLE humans into our life.
britny1315 whenyoureyoungyoujust-run
dancinglikeits1989 jazyscott

And THANK YOU for tonight. We all had SO MUCH fun. Especially our Fearless Khloe! WHO SANG EVERY WORD! She did fall asleep because she was feeling a little sick but she was up for her FAVORITE performance, BAD BLOOD.

THANK YOU for your Clean speech which had me crying because without you knowing, those words tonight were EXACTLY what I needed to hear in our present life.

Ps you did an AMAZING job with the people you have on your TN team. Kevin and Sierra made Khlo and our whole family feel so loved and special at the booth today. Sierra is the SWEETEST HUMAN. So kind and caring. Thank you for having people on your team that are as incredible and kind as you.