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Part 15 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language, Mention of drugs and Adult themes.)

Summary: Your group of friends have gotten on well for years, but what happens when a divide is caused by joining the wrong people? School AU
OT5- Baekhyun, Sehun, Jongdae, Minseok and Chanyeol.

Word Count: 2,739

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A/N: I personally think that this chapter gets a bit violent/mature towards the end. It’s nothing gory, but please don’t read it if you’re sensitive to force/ or attack.

“I’m fucking going to kill that prick!” Baekhyun screamed as Nel handed him a can of beer.

“Why what did he do?” Nel cooed in his ear as she began to soothingly rub her hand up and down his back. “You know Sehun can be a little prick just ignore him.”

“No! He’s really just…Aghh!!” Baekhyun slammed his hand down on his thigh as he took a swig from his can. Nel stroked the side of his neck with her hand, landing a kiss lightly on his cheek.

“Forget about him Baek. He’s no good, all you need to focus on is Reiji and the gang I just know that what happens next is going to be a load of fun.” She planted a kiss on his lips again.

“Nel…stop…” He slowly pushed her backwards. He didn’t like her in that was and furthermore she was now dating Reiji, yet she kept trying it on with Baekhyun he was scared that Reiji my find out and think that he was trying it on with his girl.

“Relax Baek. Now, tell me what he did to get you so mad.”

 “What the fuck is going on Sehun you need to tell me now. I need to know?” Your chest was heaving up and down, for all the years that you had known Baekhyun he had never acted in that manner, even when he was angry. He normally kept his anger to himself. He never let it all out like this. Sehun’s breath was heavy as he looked at you worriedly. You had never seen him like this either. “Whatever it is it can be patched up can’t it?” You asked, an air of fright hanging in your voice but he didn’t reply. “Sehun, we need to fix whatever is going on here.” You frowned as you unlocked your phone creating a group message with all of your school friends. The issue had to be sorted one way or the other and maybe this was the best way to calm the storm.  You typed a simple message asking everyone what they had gotten up to in the day hoping that this would stimulate some type of easy going conversation.

“You should go home.” Sehun mumbled, avoiding your gaze altogether.

“No Sehun, I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what’s going on stop hiding shit from me!” You pushed him angrily in his chest as he allowed himself to fall backwards onto the sofa.

“I’ve fucked up.” He mumbled burying his head into one of his cushions.

“How so Sehun?” You asked, as you slowly sunk down onto the chair beside him.

“I’m not sure I can or should tell you…” He was hesistant and for someone that was usually blunt and straightforward, this type of behaviour was raising alarms.

“Sehun…hey listen.” Your face softened as you held his hands in yours. “Just tell me, please…”

“Don’t…please don’t touch me.” He slid his hands out of yours as he rubbed his forehead and began to start talking. “I can’t tell you everything, but I’ll tell you what I can…” He paused for a while as he stared blankly ahead of him. “We were hanging out with Reiji, I’m not exactly sure why Baek wanted to start hanging out with him, but he promised that we’d have a lot of harmless fun together. I mean we knew they were wild but if Nel hangs out with them from time to time then they can’t be that bad right?” His face twisted into an expression that you couldn’t quite read, but it wasn’t really a healthy one. “I was really wrong… I decided to leave all of it, but honestly I think Baekhyun was too scared to escape from it all, after all Reiji did threaten us.” He let out an agonising groan as he pushed his hand back into his hair. “I found out that they kidnapped Youngjae after it happened, Baek says he didn’t know he was going to kidnap him either. So I told him to drop out, it will only get worse from that point, but he didn’t… Reiji told me if I wanted Youngjae back to come and get him. That was the text that you saw that night. He was holding him at the train station so I went to go and collect him, but they tied me up and pushed him into the tracks, that’s when I realised just how much damage these lot can do. He told Baek to come and get us if he wanted Youngjae to live but he new Baek wasn’t capable of doing that…” He bit his lip anxiously as he turned to face you.

“Why?” You frowned, sitting upright paying full attention.

“Because…Baek had been doing hard drugs with Reiji that day so he was incapacitated, that’s probably why he asked Jongdae to go. Honestly I’m shocked that he was awake at the time.”
You squeezed your eyes tightly shut in anger, what was wrong with Baekhyun? Didn’t you warn him to stay away from Reiji, to stay away from drugs?

“Listen Sehun, I just need to know how much trouble Baekhyun is in. I need to know how I can save him from this blasted situation.” You hissed as you peeled your eyes open to look at the taller male beside you.

“He won’t listen to you Y/N…not now, not after the fucking stupid stunt I pulled. It was supposed to help not get worse. You know how Baekhyun feels about you right?…” He turned to look at you slowly as your eyes widened in surprise. Your heart was thumping against your chest, the thought of Baekhyun having feelings for you overwhelming your senses.

“Huh?” You uttered, looking at Sehun. He rolled his eyes at your reaction.

“It’s obvious, Baekhyun likes you. I mean…he’s never told me but that much is obvious. I thought that if he were to think that something was going on with you and I then he would stop hanging out with Reiji and try to pursue you more. That would have meant he would have left the group, or maybe he’d work towards keeping you safe at least…” He paused.

“Keeping me safe? Why would he need to keep me safe?” You asked as you raised a brow at Sehun.

“I…uh.. I was just suggesting. If Youngjae was kidnapped only God knows what else might happen next. I thought that surely he wouldn’t want to put you in that type of danger” He dragged himself up from the chair. “But it went the complete opposite way, now he’s on the attack. He’s mad at me for sleeping with you and he’s mad at you for accepting it.”

“Well can’t you tell him it was all a lie?!” You panicked as you allowed your mind to wander and picture what may happen to Baekhyun next.

“It’s too late. He’s already in trouble.”

“Well what about you?” You asked.


“What about you? Are you safe…from Reiji.”

He laughed dryly as he began to pace up and down ever so slowly.

You felt scared at what would happen next and you were disgusted by the fact that Nel was allowing it to happen. You watched as he began to nervously play with his fingers making you feel extremely uncomfortable. Sehun wasn’t one to be easily spooked which meant that Reiji was more violent than you had initially anticipated.

“Why did you join in the first place?” You asked as you kept your eyes on him. He looked down at you and then turned his back at you avoiding your gaze. “Sehun!”

“I was angry okay!” He shouted back at you. “My parents are having a divorce, I was angry about that. I still am! I was angry that no one cared to ask, I was angry that you dismissed it after I told you and then the thing with Mei at the restaurant. Everything just built up and I thought, fuck it. Why not? What else do I have to lose?” His chest was heaving up and down as he breathed heavily in and out with his fists clenched. He was staring at you with hatred in his eyes and you were staring at him the same way back.

“Right, and so you thought getting involved with Reiji was going to get your parents back together and me and Mei to become bosom buddies did you?” You hissed as you stood up from the chair. “Look at what you and Baek have caused; this is eating into our fucking exams Sehun! And it’s probably traumatised Chanyeol and his family for life.” You stopped shouting as your heard your phone buzz with a notification in the group chat. You quickly read the message:

Baekhyun: Sehun I’m sorry I burst out like that; I’ve had a chance to calm down now. It was stupid of me. And I’d like to formally apologise to Mei for bursting into your apartment and ruining everything. Could you maybe send me her number so I could apologise via text, I just feel awful, I’m so sorry man.

You smiled down at your screen as you showed it to Sehun.

“Wait, maybe there will be no war. Maybe you two can call it a truce, hmm?”

 Baekhyun smirked down at the screen; finding the simplicity and stupidity of Sehun’s mind absolutely hilarious, he walked slowly towards his front door as he opened it the sound of the bell still reverberating throughout the house.

“You summoned. I came…soon I’ll be coming in a different way though.” She smirked at him sadistically as she walked further into the house and allowed him to shut the door behind her.

“You’re sure you want to do this?” He raised a brow as he looked at her.

“Where’s your bedroom Baekhyun?”
That gave him all the answers that he needed.
“Take you clothes off before you come inside.” She smiled coyly as she pulled her T-shirt up over her head and dropped it to the ground, her bra following after. “I like it better that way.”

The car ride home was slightly awkward with Sehun, neither of you said a word to each other; the air was extremely thick; stifling almost so you were glad when he finally pulled up outside your house.

“Y/N.” He said, causing you to sit still in your spot.  “I wish I could tell you more, I’m sorry.”

You shook your head as you turned your head to look at him.
“If you wanted to tell me more Sehun, then you would have told me more.”

“It’s not as simple as that.” He breathed. You grunted in response, all you could think about was who would be attacked next. What if it was Hani? You shuddered at the thought and swallowed hard; jumping suddenly as the sound of both of your phones scared you. It must have been the group chat. You looked over at Sehun who already had his phone in his hand. Suddenly his hands began to shake and his face began to turn red. He was breathing extremely heavily. You were severely confused at first, until you noticed that it was rage taking over him completely.

“What? What’s happened?” You asked.

You screamed as Sehun threw his phone to the back seat and begun to bang his hands against the cars horn.

“BASTARD!” he shouted.
Your eyes widened in fear as you slowly slipped your phone out of your bag opening the messaging application. Messages from Baekhyun on your screen.

Baekhyun: Ohhh and yeah in response to the question earlier. I was having a shit day but I soon turned it around.

Baekhyun:The image I’m about to send you is NSFW.

Your mouth dropped at the image on your screen. You felt an overwhelming amount of negative emotion and unwillingly silent tears fell from your eyes.
It was selfie of a naked Baekhyun and Mei lying beside each other. He hadn’t had he? He wouldn’t?

You knew you didn’t belong to him, but you felt so betrayed by him regardless your heart was crippling in your chest as you locked your phone and put it in your bag again.
Suddenly you heard the car doors click shut as Sehun revved the engine and sped off down the road.

“Sehun what are you doing? Take me back home!” You whined as you wiped your tears away with the back of your hands. Now he was on a rampage and you were frightened about what would happen next.

“He really wants to fucking play with me! REALLY BYUN BAEKHYUN, FUCKING REALLY?!” He screamed as he slammed his hands against the steering wheel and ran through a red light.

“SEHUN!” you screamed as he just about managed to swerve a passing car. “Sehun stop!”
But he didn’t stop until he had driven you both back to his apartment.

He practically dragged you out of the car and into his apartment. You were squirming under his grip, trying to free yourself but your attempts were futile. Sehun was strong and he was even stronger when he was angry.

“Take your clothes off!” He hissed as he lifted his shirt over his head.


“I SAID TAKE YOUR FUCKING CLOTHES OFF Y/N!” He screamed at you as he kicked his shoes furiously to the side.

“No!” You shouted back at him but it came out more so like a cry.
He looked at you through red eyes before he grabbed you by the wrist and dragged you to his room. He pushed you backwards roughly onto his bed, causing you to smack your head on the head board.

“OUCH!” You cried out in pain.
You were terrified as Sehun’s body was on top of you. He looked like a crazed beast and you began to panic.

“Two can play at that fucking game.” He hissed as he slid his hand over your thigh. “If they can fuck, then we can fuck. Take your fucking clothes off now!”

“No!” You screamed as you tried to push him backwards. “Get off of me!”

“Take them off!” He screamed as you as he brought his hands up to the bottom of your shirt.

“NO! STOP IT!” You cried as you struggled against his arms, you slapped him hard across the face which only seemed to anger him more. Your head was pounding and you couldn’t tell if you were bleeding or not but you couldn’t let Sehun do this; the both of you would regret it for the rest of your lives. “Sehun please no!” You sobbed as you slammed your hands up into his chest. “No no! I’m begging you please no! Don’t do this to me!”
You bit his arm hard and took the opportunity to push him off of you as he yelped in pain. He rolled off of the bed and fell to the floor as blood started dripping from his wrist.
You ran to the sink and rinsed your mouth out, the metallic taste of blood making you want to vomit. Your eyes widened as you saw Sehun approaching the sink from behind you causing you to run towards the balcony doors.

“Y/N wait! I’m sorry I’m really sorry.” He hissed as he ran his hand under the cold tap and pulled a bottle of wine from the rack overhead. “I can’t believe he did this.” His eyes were still red. He switched the tap off and opened the bottle of wine drinking half of it in one breath. You pulled a face realising that Sehun had five more of the bottles overhead. He sank to a spot on the floor with bated breath as he looked at the bottom of the wine bottle. “It’s going to be a fun night.” He smiled sadly as he tapped himself on the chest.

You heard a buzzing coming from Sehun’s house phone. He looked at it and turned his attention away again as he took another swig from the bottle. You sighed; still trying to catch your breath as you reached for the phone.

Hello, Oh Sehun’s residence can I pass on a message?”

“Where the fuck have you been why haven’t you picked up your phone!? Why hasn’t anyone picked up their phones?!”

“Jongdae?” You asked in surprise. “What’s going on?”

“It’s Ana!” you could hear him crying now. “Oh God! Ana’s missing.”

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Stark Kids visiting The Crypts

Am I the only one who has noticed every time the Stark Kids have visited the crypts in season 5 and 7 they have taken the path of the statue/person they were visiting?

Sansa visits Lyanna in the Crypts in Season 5

Pretty much takes on Lyanna’s storyline. We know Lyanna was not raped, but everyone in Westeros thinks that she was. After visiting her statue, Sansa marries Ramsay, and is raped on her wedding night, and everyday, for months until she escapes. But unlike Lyanna, Sansa doesn’t die, and cones out of it stronger than ever.

Jon visits Ned in the Crypts in Season 7

Jon chokes Littlefinger Season 1 Ned style. He takes on Ned’s storyline, heads south, and and ends up being held captive/prisoner on the island. But unlike Ned, he doesn’t reveal his real plans to Dandelion, he’s quiet, reveals very little, he is vague and weary and thus, manages to not get himself killed.

Arya and Sansa visit Ned in the Crypts in Season 7

Sansa and Arya take on Ned’s storyline. We are lead to believe Littlefinger is playing them both, the way he did with Ned, and even the way he did with Lysa and Cat. But unlike Ned, Cat, and Lysa, they don’t trust him, they don’t let him fool them, they don’t let him draw a wedge between them, like he did with their parents, like he did with their mother and their aunt, they team up, and finally put an end to all his schemes, they execute him and make him pay for all he’s done to their family.

Do guys see the pattern here? Because I do.

They sort of take 50% of the storyline of the person/statue they’re visiting, you think history will repeat itself, and it kinda does, but at the same time doesn’t, because the Starks have learned from their family’s mistakes.

I keep thinking, that Sansa will definitely visit Lyanna’s statue again in Season 8, and that Jon 100% will visit her. I would not be surprised at all, if they have a short scene with Sansa visiting Lyanna in the crypts, and lighting the candles, in the first episode, right begore Jon arrives at Winterfell. If you think of it, Sansa relates a lot to Lyanna, especially after what Ramsay did to her, because she thinks that Lyanna went through the same horrors as her, that she was raped and God knows what else, so I definitely see her visiting her statue from time to time, to pay her respects to a woman whom she thinks shared her trauma/s.

Sansa visiting her statue again, would foreshadow, that just like Lyanna, she will marry a Targaryen, one that is actually her son, but that unlike Lyanna, Sansa will not die, but live, both Jon and Sansa will survive.

Jon visiting his mother’s statue/tomb, also foreshadows his inevitable future union with Sansa. Lyanna was a Stark that married a Targaryen, and Jon is a Targaryen that will marry a Stark, mirroring her relationship and marriage with Rhaegar.

Jon marrying Dandelion, would not work, he’s a Targaryen, he’s the legitimate son of Rhaegar Targaryen, it would be a Targaryen marrying another Targaryen.

I would also not be surprised, at all, if after finding out about Rhaegar and Lyanna, Jon goes straight to the Crypts, only to find Sansa down there lighting the candles. I’d love for Sansa to find out about his oarentage, from Jon himself, and to see her console him, reassure him and be there for him. (D&D pls? 🙏)

I am among those who believe that Targbowl is coming next season, Robert’s rebellion 2.0, and that unlike his father (Rhaegar), Jon will not die.

All these scenes in the crypts, they are there to show us that history will not repeat itself, in totality, some things will be similar, but we will not have the same ending/s.

“Everything that happens will be something that you’ve seen before.” - but not quite.

Idk, I just thought this was interesting. I’d love to hear what you guys think about this, and please, do add more insight if you have it. 💙

Zenyuki Week 2017 Day Two: Memories

Two different oneshots in the views of different characters. Enjoy! (Also, I tried my best to stay on the prompt, but forgive me if I strayed off it a bit! 😅)

(Set during season one, episode five of the anime.)

Zen shivered as he laid himself down into the soft blanket of snow, looking up to the trees into into the sky. He and Mitsuhide had just walked into the small forest outside of Fort Laxdo after Shirayuki sternly suggested that he spend sometime outside so he wouldn’t fall ill. “I was impressed back there.” Mitsuhide stated, while leaning on a nearby tree and looking into the distance. “You let logic win over your stubbornness.”
Zen sighed, “You were right… again.” Mitsuhide looked back at him. “No need to sulk about it. I understand you were just concerned for Shirayuki… But you really should trust her. She knows what she’s doing.”
Zen thought about that for a second. Shirayuki did know what she was doing, and for Zen not to acknowledge that in the beginning was something that he would have to work on. “Something to work on..?” Zen thought to himself. Zen would’ve never have had that thought before. That was the problem. He had never thought twice about actions like that. Not before Shirayuki came. Shirayuki had that kind of effect on him. She made him want to improve himself, and become less of a selfish person. She helped him grow as a person, and he hoped that somehow, in someway– he could do the same for her. Be her strength. In the past, Zen had taken people for granted. While he has improved on that himself, he knew that a big reason was Shirayuki. He wanted to be someone she could be proud of.
Zen snapped back to his surroundings when Mitsuhide laughed and said “On a different note, I didn’t know you were so sensitive to the cold. Are you sure you should be lying down in the snow like that?”


The sound of a small paper weight falling off a desk is what woke up Shirayuki, she hadn’t realized she fell asleep on it and accidentally knocked it over while readjusting herself in her sleep. She sat up and wiped her eyes. “I fell asleep again. I wonder what time it is? The sun is already down…” She slowly sat up and picked the paper weight up from her floor, careful not to drop it again– which she often did. It was rather heavy and you could even see small grooves in the floor from dropping it so much. She chuckled at her own clumsiness and walked to the other side of the room, looking in the mirror and picking up a hairbrush to brush her crimson hair. Her eyes wondered in boredom but they soon were caught by something on the ground next to the dresser. “Oh, it’s the bookmark Zen gave me.” She started to stray off into her thoughts as she picked up and examined it.
Zen gave this to her.
Ah, Zen. He was probably off doing paper work or perhaps he was already in bed. Zen… what did that name mean to her? To others, he was a prince in the way of superiority. To her, however, he was a prince at heart. A gentleman, a kind young man whom she cherished as an equal. He was someone she could trust, and someone who made her want to be better. She found herself thinking those exact words often. Before she met Zen… her life was so different. The world seemed to be a harsh place where she could trust almost no one. After her grandparent’s lives were taken, she rarely opened up to anyone, whilst still remaining kind. Her grandparents had taught her that much. But after she met Zen… her heart softened up completely. She felt as if she could be open with him. He was someone she could rely on, and have comfort with again. He had her heart.

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Having one of those “a straight, white family friend just sent me a message asking why it’s okay to say queer but not the n word” afternoons. You know, like you do.

I answered, she listened. I was very polite, more polite than most people probably would have been (my blessing and sometimes my curse). In the end, she did not agree with what I had to say. I told her that’s okay, so long as you realize it’s not at all up to you and respect that (again, more tactful).

It’s so interesting. I’m in this deep period of discernment with myself about what matters most, about how I want to be in the world, what creative powers I want to use to help people and the planet. This, after many different career twists and turns. This, after a few days (weeks? years?) of putting myself out there and retracting, of being bold enough to speak, knowing when to listen and let others do the speaking, sometimes falling silent out of fear when I should have absolutely spoken up and persisted. And then today, I get this question. And I did not back down. Not one inch.

Okay, self. It’s okay. You did okay today, in this one moment. Now back to listening, in all kinds of ways.

I’m so tired of being told that it’s his loss. What did he lose? Did he lose the girl who cries in the middle of comedy movies because the sound of laughter is exhausting? Or the girl who keeps him up late because she doesn’t want to face the nightmares again? How is any of this a loss? To him he didn’t lose anything, he was finally set free.
—  I know I kept you caged, I just didn’t want to be alone.

“Take my believing heart!”

Little Witch Persona AU anyone? Phantom witches?? Witch thieves???

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Nine New Phantom Witches

character profiles, concepts and dialogues under the cut!

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random drama sentence starters
  • “Can you stop thinking about yourself for once?” 
  • “Don’t think I forgot about what you did last time.”
  • “I know you lied to me.”
  • “I’m not even sorry.”
  • “You backstabber!”
  • “I never want to see you again.”
  • “You never mattered to me.”
  • “I knew this was a bad idea.”
  • “Rot in hell.”
  • “It was supposed to be a secret!”
  • “No one loves me.”
  • “He/she/they is/are so petty…”
  • “You made me cry.”
  • “I don’t know who you are anymore.”
  • “How DARE you?!”
  • “I know you’re not talking to me…”
  • “I SAW you with him/her/them!”
  • “Just leave me alone.”
  • “What did you do?!”
  • “I told everyone that I didn’t want to talk but I’m actually dying for attention.”
  • “Just admit that was extra…”
  • “I forgive, but I don’t forget.”
  • “[text read thirty minutes ago]”
  • “Did you see what he/she/they was/were wearing?”
  • “So what if I had sex with your ex?”
  • “There’s something I have to tell you…”
  • “I can’t do this anymore.”
  • “You weren’t there for me when I needed you the most.”
  • “I never loved you.”
  • “It’s too late.”
  • “Quit ignoring me.”
i think it’s time i told you (i’m a fan of your universe) (1/1)

Years after Hawkmoth’s defeat, Ladybug and Chat Noir have a conversation about life, love, and marriage.

Ladybug checked her communicator for the third time that night, and frowned.

The green pawprint blinked idly back at her, resting at a junction between city streets—the same place it had been every other time she’d checked.

They hadn’t arranged to meet up that night. It was her turn for a solo patrol tonight, and there hadn’t been any trouble big enough to make calling for help a necessity. She’d stopped a couple muggings, interrupted a robbery—normal, small things. Nothing that needed an extra pair of hands.

And, sure, they both transformed just for the fun of it sometimes. Sometimes they caught one another out on morning strolls or midnight snack runs or impromptu patrols, but usually those involved moving around.

Chat’s tracker hadn’t moved in the past two hours.

She shouldn’t worry—Hawkmoth had been in jail for the past three years and Chat wasn’t in a bad part of town right now—but…


The green pawprint blinked at her from the same junction, at the same pace, unmoved.

Ladybug abandoned the end of her route and headed downtown.

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A Good Thing

“Bobby, you can’t keep doing that to him.”
Bob raises his eyebrows, putting down his fork. “Doing what, Alicia? Corralling our son into talking about his crush?”

Or, A fic about Bob and Alicia noticing Jack’s feelings for Bitty before even he does.

Bob Zimmermann is kind of messy, only a bit of a smart ass, and just a tad hard of hearing. Yet even without perfect hearing Bob can’t miss the affection in his son’s voice when talking about a certain line-mate.

Bob Zimmermann is many things, but he is no idiot.

“Did you get that paper done for your…what was it again- american pie class?”

Bob looks over his shoulder just in time to see Alicia send an appraising look from the couch. He catches a hint of a smile.

He winks back and she rolls her eyes in return.

Bob turns again to the large window, the white light blinding him for a moment. The large expanse of grass is still littered with snow, lining the way down to their lake. A blank sky hugs the horizon.

“Women, food, and American culture, Papa.”

“Right. So how’d you do on the paper? Did Eric help you out?”

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Please Forgive Me, Lance

Blue hated this so much. She’d wanted to go back on it ever since the first second she stopped letting Lance in. He looked like he’d cry. That made her want to cry, too.

But that had nothing on right now. It was in the middle of the night, two or three am in Earth time- Lance’s time.

He walked up carefully to her, looking her in the eye for two seconds at most, “Hey, Blue…. Look, I know you don’t want me, but I need to know. Please tell me why you gave me up.”

She’d wanted to. She’d wanted to reach out to her boy, to say, But I do want you. And it’s killing me that I can’t let you come back to me right now. And it’s killing me that it’s hurting you. But she didn’t. She couldn’t.

He continues, “Please, Blue… I want to know why you gave me up. I need to know why I’m not worthy of you. Am I even worthy of Voltron anymore?” His voice cracked, forcing the lion’s heart to follow suit. You are more than worthy. If anything I am unworthy of you. I didn’t want to, Lance, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry.

He’d whispered, “Why can’t I ever be good enough? Why am I always just a fill-in? Why can’t I ever be more than just an extra wheel?!” Blue hated this with every fiber of her being. She didn’t want to push him out. But she had to, for Voltron. Fight now, all she wanted to do was tell the world Fuck Voltron.

He’d dropped to his knees now, shoulders shaking. Little splash noises hit the ground. Blue felt her hypothetical stomach drop the second she’d realized what they were. Tears.

But God, how it hurt her when he sobbed, “Why did you even bring me here?! If you were just going to… to ditch me like that, why did you bring me here at all?!”

I’m sorry, Lance, I’m so sorry. I want you to pilot me, but you can’t. Not right now. I love you so much, but I can’t.

He’d sobbed, “I’m not even meant to be on this team! I want to go home, where I’m wanted!”My baby, you are wanted, I’m so, so sorry I can’t tell you and none of us want you to leave. You’re meant to be here, Lance. Please know that.

A whispered voice of, “Lance?” The former Red Paladin had walked over, Lance frantically wiping his eyes. He’d realized it was too late, just letting tears fall.

Lance whispered, “Keith. I just… why doesn’t Blue love me anymore?!” He latched onto the other’s neck, sobbing. I love you so so much Lance, my baby, my raindrop. She felt bad using that nickname. She felt she didn’t deserve it with how she was forced to treat Lance.

Keith had whispered back, “I don’t know, Lance… I’m sorry. I’m sure she has a reason.” Keith had glared up at her. He loved Lance a great deal, she could tell that by his normally fiery and passionate gaze becoming a cold and unforgiving glare.

After Keith had gotten Lance back to his room, probably to sleep, he’d returned. He had the same stony and cold look in his eyes. He was angry that she’d hurt him. Angry at her. She was angry at herself, too.

He told her, “You hurt him. A lot. I don’t understand why you aren’t fixing it. He’s doubting his place on the team because of you.” I know, and I hate it. I can do nothing.

Keith continued, “I don’t know what came over you, but freezing him out like that has made him so insecure. He doesn’t even think he deserves to be called a Paladin. All because you couldn’t spare two fucking sentences to tell him otherwise.” I wanted to. Go, how I wanted to.

She wasn’t angry at him. In all honesty, under all the sadness and guilt plaguing her, she was glad Lance had him.

“I just don’t get it. He was so devoted to you. I mentioned you once outside his door, and he made sure to tell me that you two were very happy together and that you were his lion only. He loved you-still does-and you don’t even care enough to tell him he’s important?!”

“Why don’t you get it, Blue?! I know how it feels to be abandoned like that. It kills you. It makes you feel like you don’t deserve the ground you walk on, the air you breath. It makes you feel so alone, even if you’re in a room packed with people. You’re hurting him so much, Blue. Do you even care enough to fix it?”

She did care. So, so much. She’d be killed for her Paladin without thinking twice. He was her baby. She loved him with everything.

“He thinks you hate him. I know that isn’t totally true. Because if it were, you wouldn’t deserve to be a lion. I try to tell him he’s important and wanted and loved, but he doesn’t listen. He thinks that just cause we’re dating I’m lying to make him feel better. He talks so highly of you.”

I don’t deserve it. I don’t deserve him. I’m horrible and awful and I shouldn’t have ever agreed to Black’s plan. I’m going to strangle her. He doesn’t deserve something like me.

He’d finished off with, “You’d think that after all that’s happened, you’d know that mistakes of this scale last a lifetime, and do irreversible damage.” After, he stormed out, leaving her to her thoughts. She was pushing the other lions out at all costs right now.

I hate this so much, and I’ll make it up to you as soon as I can. As soon as Shiro comes back, you’ll come back to me, and I’ll tell you everything.

She felt awful. She hurt her baby. Made him feel like he doesn’t belong. Made him think she hated him.

I’m so incredibly sorry, Lance. I can’t… I can’t let our connections come back, or I won’t be able to take it away again. I just hope Red will comfort you. Please don’t hate me, Lance. Please remember all the times I’ve told you how great you are.

I hate this so much, and I’ll make it up to you as soon as I can. As soon as Shiro comes back, you'lll come back to me, and I’ll tell you everything. Every single word about how great you are. Maybe then you’ll know why I did this. Please don’t hate me.

Please forgive me, Lance.


Pairing: Harry and Y/N

Word Count: 1600

Prompt (AU) : Harry took his anger out in sex-and you weren’t supposed to do that. He would go to the bar and find others just as terrible and lonely as him, drink, and then sink his sorrows into anything with breast and a hole were to put it. Niall always rolled his eyes the next morning and say to Harry “you’re a proper dick, yeh know that right?”, to which Harry would lift his middle finger up and respond with, “if soulmates are real she would love me anyhow.”

“Harry when you meet her your life will change,” Anne says, handing him a cup of tea.

Harry rolls his eyes, “I don’t care to meet her. It’s all bullshit,” Harry grumbles.

Y/N was never much of a talker; she had maybe said eight sentences in her whole life time. She wasn’t sure where the fear really came from, the fear of saying the wrong thing, of being too loud, of not being heard, so she kept to herself. People didn’t seem to understand though, they couldn’t comprehend why she chose to not talk, so she was labeled as weird, freak, stupid etc. Then they labeled her as mute (and she was) but she hated that term, she really did, Y/N just hated being labeled. At first it hurt, it really did, but Y/N soon learned to ignore them, she could only really care about what her Soulmate would have to say, and deep down a part of her wished that they were like her, quiet.

Soulmates, Y/N had been waiting for hers for a long time. She could remember sitting in class in fifth grade, when the teacher explained the process. She explained how everyone was born with a mark, a mark that only their other half had and she made them find that mark. Y/N’s was on her wrist, it was small, and lighter than her regular skin color, she wasn’t sure what it was at first, it just looked like a stick. But the teacher explained how the mark gets more detailed as they get older and closer to finding their person, and Y/N had noticed how that mark slowly grew into a small flower, a petal or two still missing.

Her teacher explained how every person was made for the other, and that they would feel their soulmates emotions, pain, negative thoughts, happy thoughts. They were connected and no matter what the other would always feel what their person was feeling. Y/N had learned that her person always seemed to be grumpy.

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andallwaswell-ish  asked:

Seamus and Harry are a couple. Draco really doesn't like that. (fanon) Pansy is just the person he needs

“Quick, Pansy, kiss me.”

Pansy stares at Draco, her face screwed up at the absurd suggestion. There are so many things wrong with that statement. First, ew, she is not nearly drunk enough. Second, she doesn’t like to be rushed. And third, most importantly, nobody tells Pansy what to do.

“I will do no such thing. Why would you – “ her eyes scan the Gryffindor common room, following Draco’s gaze, and fall on Harry Potter sitting on Seamus Finnigan’s lap – “Oh, I see now.” She sighs loudly, accepting her duty as best friend, but also making sure Draco knows just how unappealing she finds the idea. “Fine.”

The kiss is brief and methodical and, all in all, incredibly disagreeable. Pansy only hopes that Potter glances their way to see it so it isn’t all in vain. As soon as her mouth is her own again, Pansy downs the rest of her firewhiskey.  “Never, ever, make me do that to your chapped lips again.”

“Sorry,” Draco says, looking past Pansy – she’ll forgive his inattentiveness this once, “It’s just –

“You needed to make Potter jealous?”

“Yes and –“ Draco pauses, and his eyes finally land on Pansy. About time. “How did you know it was Potter?

Pansy snorts. Draco really is an idiot sometimes. “Well you hardly have a crush on Finnigan do you? And Blaise told me sometimes you say his name while – “

“I’ll have a word with Blaise later,” Draco says quickly, a small blush appearing on his face – that he would certainly deny if Pansy were to mention. “Now hold my hand, make it look like we’re an established couple. I don’t want Potter thinking I’m easy.  If you put your arm – “

Draco’s voice falters, his gaze back on Potter. Pansy turns to witness Potter and Finnigan locking lips in a rather exaggerated fashion. It’s not romantic or erotic. It’s just a kiss. The two must have zero chemistry, much like Pansy and Draco.

“Although, clearly, Potter is very easy.” Draco puts on his cold, taunting voice but his own jealously is obvious.

Pansy rolls her eyes. Sometimes dealing with Draco is like dealing with a small child. She moves beside him and wraps an arm around his waist so they can stare at Potter and his current boy toy together. The two have stopped kissing and are now drawing patterns on each other’s hands. Gryffindors, honestly. “Would you look at that, Draco dear? They’re holding hands. They must be an established couple as well.”

“Do you really think so? Finnigan doesn’t seem like Potter’s type at all. And I’ve never seen them alone together before. I would have noticed it if – “

“How about we go over and find out?” Pansy shoves Draco hard and is pleased when he stumbles forward. She enjoys catching him off guard.

“Wait – Pansy, no.” Draco tries to protest but it’s too late. Potter has spotted them. He extracts himself from Finnigan and stands up to greet them, a hand running through his hair. Pansy has to hold back a smirk – she knows Draco loves when Potter does that. Not that he’s ever said anything. He doesn’t have to.

“Malfoy. Parkinson,” Potter says without even glancing at Pansy. Typical. And predictable.

Finnigan stands up beside Potter. Draco – what a surprise! – ignores this. “Potter.”

“Finnigan,” Pansy adds, only to annoy Draco. He gives her a reproachful side eye before returning his gaze to Potter. She suspects it’s the last time he’ll glance her way tonight.

They all stand there in silence. Potter staring intently at Draco. Draco staring intently at Potter. And Finnigan sharing a knowing look with Pansy. At least he’s not as stupid as he looks then.

Finally, Potter speaks up. “I didn’t know if you’d come tonight.”

“I never miss a party…even if it is hosted by Gryffindors.”

It’s not true. Draco has missed several parties over the years. But at this stage, Pansy doesn’t think Potter or Draco would even notice if she spoke so she keeps her mouth shut.

“Might be time for a Slytherin party next,” Potter says.

Draco is clearly holding back a smile. Pansy bets he is creaming his bloody pants at getting to have an actual conversation with Potter. “We get a little wild in the dungeons.” They don’t. “Are you sure you could handle it, Potter?

“I think I could rise to the challenge.”

“Subtle,” Pansy whispers to Finnigan. Honestly, Potter’s clearly got it as bad as Draco. It’s embarrassing to watch this train wreck unfold.

“So, Finnigan, that’s new.” Draco doesn’t even acknowledge that the person in question is still by Potter’s side. Finnigan shoots Pansy an amused look at being blatantly ignored. Things are clearly not serious with Potter.

“Very. And Parkinson?”

“I’m right here you know?” Pansy interjects, unable to hold back. But it makes no difference anyway. Only Finnigan hears her.

“It’s been a while,” Draco lies. Pansy wants to smack him around the head. Sure, she is happy to help make Potter jealous but there’s no need to exaggerate.

“Really? I always thought you were just friends?”

“Yes, well, there’s a lot you don’t know about me.”’

“Like how he calls out your name every night in bed,” Pansy mutters underneath her breath. Finnigan, at least, catches and appreciates the jab if no one else does.

“Of course. Sorry Malfoy, I didn’t mean to question you. I’m just having a hard time grasping you and Parkinson together. I thought you were…you know.” Potter trails off, a hand rubbing the back of his neck.

Pansy holds back a groan. It’s like listening to children with these two.

“Gay? Like you?”

“Actually, I’m bisexual,” Potter corrects. “But yeah.”

“Finnigan doesn’t seem like your type.”

Finnigan flips a half-hearted bird at Draco. Not that he notices.

“And Parkinson doesn’t seem like yours.”

“Because I’m out of his league,” Pansy points out, flipping her own violent bird at Potter. She doesn’t know why she’s even bothering standing here anymore.

Draco takes a step forward. “So, what’s my type then, Potter?”

Potter mimics Draco’s action so that they’re almost chest to chest – Really? “What’s mine?”

“You need someone who doesn’t hero worship you, someone who will hold you accountable for all your actions, someone who isn’t afraid of your temper. You need someone who challenges you.”

Pansy shares a confused look with Finnigan – did they rehearse this or something? Draco’s not usually this smooth with his words, especially with Potter in such close proximity.

“And you need someone who understands your vulnerability but doesn’t use it against you, someone who treats you gently, someone whose affection is unwavering. You need someone who forgives you.”

They must have rehearsed this. Pansy has never heard Potter say anything remotely intelligent before. And she hasn’t known him to be particularly observant either.

“And I suppose you could never forgive me after all that I’ve done?” Draco hits back, still just as smooth. This is getting ridiculous.

“I already have,” Potter responds immediately as if reading a line from a script. From a terrible cheesy muggle romance movie that Pansy would never be caught dead watching. Yet here she is witnessing this sappy display.

“What about Finnigan?”

“I was using him to make you jealous,” Potter admits. Pansy looks to Finnigan for confirmation – he winks. “Did it work?”

Despite using the exact same trick himself, Pansy can see Draco is outraged at being manipulated. “Fuck you, Potter.”

“You wish.”

And then they’re kissing. Enthusiastically. Way too close to Pansy’s face. She can see every stray strand of saliva, hear every lubricated slide of their mouths. It’s revolting. And worse still, they’ve become the centre of the attention at the party, eyes drawn to Draco and Potter’s embrace with Pansy and Finnigan standing by awkwardly, looking like dejected fools.

Pansy could spoil it by pinching the hairs on the back of Draco’s neck in vengeance for being ignored. Luckily, she’s feeling particularly generous tonight, and she’d never admit it, but seeing Draco with Potter is sweet. In a disgusting, horrible, sappy way of course. But still, sweet. Now she just has to focus on her own happy ending. She spies Hermione Granger’s amongst the watchful eyes around them and takes her moment:

“Quick, Finnigan, kiss me.”

teen wolf as dads

derek hale

Originally posted by stilessderek

  • intimidating dad
  • “i want my daughter home by exactly 9 pm. are we clear on that?”
  • kind of distant / doesn’t talk much
  • not really the greatest at expressing his love for his children
  • but his kids know he loves them unconditionally anyway
  • doesn’t engage his children in the supernatural part of life
  • acts as his kids’ bodyguard
  • even as adults, his kids are afraid of incurring his wrath
  • hot dad
  • all his kids’ friends are shook over how his age compares to his beauty

liam dunbar

Originally posted by apollosdawntreader

  • overprotective dad
  • takes his father role very seriously
  • “always look both ways before crossing the road, okay?”
  • “dad, i’m 19.”
  • tries to be strict about going to school and getting good grades
  • because he doesn’t want his kids to suffer like he did in school
  • tries to act mature for his age but is low-key a child at heart
  • braggy dad
  • tells strangers at the park about all of the great things his kids have accomplished
  •  posts videos and photos of his kids all the time on facebook

kira yukimura

  • awkwardly adorable dad
  • trys to be cool
  • trys to keep up with the slang
  • probably will say “dope” in 2029
  • will definitely dab on her children without having any idea what a dab is
  • burns the bbq at the pool party and scraps it off without anyone seeing before serving it to guests
  • hiker dad
  • nature! camping! animals! trees!
  • builds a house in the middle of the woods
  • installs glass panel walls in her house so she gets that sense of being “one with nature”

theo raeken

Originally posted by wolfiehunters

  • life coach dad
  • “there’s a lesson for everything”
  • after all he’s been through, he’s become a super reflective person
  • charming dad
  • that smile can lure in even those super mean principals and get his kids out of suspension
  • “you’re not mad at us?”
  • “no. because i know that you know that what you did was the wrong thing to do and that you won’t make that mistake again.”
  • mechanic dad
  • can fix anything his kids break and not get upset at them
  • basically, he just wants to raise his kids so they don’t end up like him as a teen
The History of the RFA

*I was gonna put a keep reading but decided against it. I stop where I did because the events go differently depending on the route you take. Should I do one for each route???*

*Inspired by “The History of the World, i guess” and “The History of Japan.” Just imagine that voice reading this or it’s not gonna be as good.*

Hi, hello there, here you are. 

You’re at an apartment. But whose apartment is it? We’ll get to that later.

Knock knock, here’s a blonde girl. Who is that?

She thinks “wow I really like photography, I’m gonna go to a gallery” So she goes to a gallery.
Then she meets this guy 

Yeah that guy.
But who is that guy?

He’s a photographer and he likes her hair. So he says “wow, I really like your hair, what’s your name?”

so Rika says “Oh thanks, I like yours too, it’s a weird shade of blue. My name is Rika”

and V says “Oh wow is that you’re real name? We’re Korean, that doesn’t sound like a very Korean name unless one of your parents is foreign or maybe they just wanted to name you something foreign, y’know?” 

and so Rika says 

and V doesn’t say anything else.

Oh look now they’re dating! They’re religious people who like church. One day they’re at church.
Oh hey who’s that cherry-headed kid over there scavenging for food? 
“Oh shit,” V says, “That looks like someone who could really use our help”
Then he says:

and then the little cherry kid said

Then he says “Oh but my name is Saeyoung”

“Yes,” V whispers under his breath, “Our first great act of kindness”
So V and Rika see this kid at the church all the time after mass and bring bread for him. Yay bread.
Turns out Saeyoung’s twin brother, whose name is Saeran, is the weaker one. 

Yeah that one.
His dad’s in some deep political shit and his mom’s blackmailing his dad because his dad won’t tell the people voting for him about the kids he has so the mom threatens to tell the world if he doesn’t give her money and all she does is spend that money on alcohol

“Wow that really sucks,” V says, and comes back a few weeks later with an offering. “Hey I have an idea. How about we take you and give you a new life. You and your computer skills can get you a rad job and then we’ll take care of your brother for you. The catch is that you have to abandon him and become a completely new person.”

“Woah,” Saeyoung says. “I can’t do that, are you crazy”

“No,” V says,

“No,” Saeyoung says.

“But you should,” V says, “It’s best for him.”

“Are you sure,” Saeyoung says.

“Totally,” V says. “You just met me. Trust me though, it’s gonna go smooth.”

So Saeyoung says yes and they take him in where he’s

, converted to catholic and given the cool name “Luciel”
It’s got something to do with not wanting to be a fallen angel but let’s forget about him right now.

A few years later. Surprise! V and Rika wanna start a group together. What are they gonna do in the group?

“But wait” says Rika

“What is it?” says V

“What are we gonna call this group?” 

They have to think of something clever. Something super smart but also obvious so everybody knows their intentions. So they decide to call it

“But wait,” Rika says again, “We can’t just do this by ourselves. We need more people. I have a cousin”

“I have a childhood friend who talks to only me because other people don’t understand our rich lifestyle,” says V

“Oh hold on,” says Rika, “there’s another guy who’s really good at acting and had a pretty shitty childhood, we gotta invite him too”

“That’s pretty dank,” says V, “And my friend that I mentioned previously has an assistant that he can invite.”

“Wait, what about that kid from earlier?” says V.

They hold parties and make money that they donate and everything’s fine. Let’s go forward a little.

Knock knock. 

Who is it now??

Rika’s been struck by mental illness that’s causing her to have delusions. Well this isn’t good.

“I’ll help,” says V
So he takes her to a therapist. But she doesn’t wanna go to the therapist so she stops going to that therapist. Not that she goes to another one. She doesn’t go to a therapist at all.

“I wanna make a cult,” Rika says, “it’ll be totally chill. like a paradise, let’s do it”

“Woah,” V says, “You can’t just make a cult”

“Hey, that’s bullshit,” Rika says, “You can’t tell me what to do”
Then she jabs him in the eyes. Well, we don’t know if she jabbed him in the eyes yet. What she did to his eyes is unclear for now.

Oh no, V’s vision is deteriorating slowly over time. Now Rika’s run off to start her cult.

“Shit,” V says, “I can’t tell the RFA about this, what the hell do I do? Oh wait, I know:”

Woah. Now everyone’s heartbroken and there’s a funeral held for her. In fact, everyone’s so heartbroken that they stop holding charity parties for like two years.
Also Rika’s cousin really hates V for some reason.

Fast forward.
Ding ding. You just got a text. 

Now you’re inside a stranger’s apartment. Surprise again! Your phone suddenly opens up a random chatroom with five people talking about random stuff in their life.

Hey but wait, who are you?

Now they think you’re a hacker and you have to explain what happened and how you ended up in the apartment. You don’t know who this “Rika” or who this “V” is that they keep mentioning but whatever it probably isn’t important.

So you tell them, and they realize you can’t leave because something’s clearly weird, right? So now they’re faced with a dilemma 

anonymous asked:

did Octavia take the chip to become commander? It will be all Lexa's gay thoughts to make Octavia queer Lexa: Clarke was really good at sex Octavia: the fuck?

She isn’t a nightblood as far as I know which makes it even worse. 

Honestly they may get me to watch an episode again if they put Lexa in Octavia’s head whispering really inappropriate shit at the worst times. 

Lexa: “Her boobs look really great in that shirt.”

Octavia: “I’m in a council meeting, Lexa. Shut the fuck up.”

Lexa: “Tell her I say her boobs look really great in that shirt. If you do I’ll stop talking.”

Octavia: “No.”

Lexa: “Fine. I can just describe the things we did when we had sex. So Clarke-”

Octavia: “Clarke your girlfriend says your tits look great!”

Hot Chocolate

warnings: possible second hand embarrassment 

words: 1,201

pairing: peter parker x reader

request: ok ok how about an au where the reader works at a restaurant or something and peter comes in there a lot JUST TO SEE HER

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Emotional Cheating

“Hiya love.”

Harry greeted from the doorway of your shared bedroom, his eyes looking discreetly at the clock that stated it’s 1 AM in the wee hours of morning.

“Told you not to wait up for me.”

He took his polo off that was slightly damp from his swear along with his jeans, leaving him in his boxers, going to the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth, feeling the extra fatigue come to his system once he felt fresh from having been tired in the studio and having a few drinks in the bar.

He went to your side of the bed and pressed a kiss on your cheek, a downgrade of what used to be a long kiss on your lips or a hug in where he’d nuzzle his face on the crook of your neck, completely inhaling your scent before pressing little kisses.

“How was your day?”

“’S good, finished some backing vocals. Had a few drinks with Nick and Kendall.”

Your stomach slightly felt queasy at the mention of her, but the feeling lifted for a second to realize that Harry’s your boyfriend, not her’s.

You weren’t blind to not see the older pictures of Harry and Kendall every time you scrolled down your feed of any social media account, nor the times Hardy made clear and evident that she was just a friend yet with him being a bit more talkative when she was there.

Yet deep inside you, you had the assurance that Harry loves you, yet not eaxactly as much as expressive as you are.

“You tired, baby?”

You asked, your hand going through his hair which made him release a sound of comfort, his head pressed upon your palm, humming out an answer you expected.


You immediately relaxed once you heard Harry’s voice the moment he accepted your call, the bass of the loud music as his background not going unnoticed.

“Where are you, love?”

“O — oh! I forgot to tell you this morning! It’s Kendall’s birthday today!”

The plan of spending a special night with Harry crumbled underneath your fingertips, making you take a deep breath to control yourself.

It was supposed to be a night to be spent completely between the both of you, especially now that you were promoted a rank higher in your job, something that you’ve hoped for ever since the start.

“What time are you going home, H?”

He hummed, the image of Harry probably looking at his watch striking in your mind, making you wait anxiously.

“Maybe a few minutes after midnight? And Y/N, baby, I told you not to wait up for me. ’S the reason why you’re always tired in the morning.”

“God forbid I get tired, Harry. Wish her a happy birthday for me, will you?”

“Will do, love,” he almost shouted since he couldn’t hear himself through the music, the sound of his name being called by probably one of his friends being heard by the both of you.

“Okay. I love y-…”

You were cut short with the line being completely dropped, upsetting you maybe a bit more than it should, making you turn your attention to the drink in front of you.

“Cheating. They call it emotional cheating.”


Harry’s eyebrows immediately furrowed from what you were saying, stopping himself from putting some clothes in his duffel bag that would last him for a day and in his toiletries, his attention completely turning towards you whose arms are crossed and standing in the doorway.

“Love, what the hell are you saying?”

He asked, nearing towards you and putting his hands on your shoulder, a concerned look on his face.

“Is this about your birthday tomorrow? Baby, I told you I would make up for it. You know I promised James I would come to his baby shower. Which happens to be in a yacht for a day.”



“I would be lying if I tell you that I didn’t notice how invested you are in Kendall. Every time you see her, the picture; the conversations.”

Harry breathed out since he noticed you lately of you changing your habits slightly, of how your eyes looked tired.

Yet beyond that, he didn’t seem to notice on how much you compromised. On how much you adjusted your life around him so you could be simply with him.

“Love, it just happens that James invited Kendall too. It isn’t my decision.”

You stared at your feet, feeling the hollowness in your heart for what felt alike in the past few months, your hands being put on top of his shoulders.

“You love me, right?”

“I do.”

It was obvious.

The moment Harry appeared on the door from the night after James’ baby shower, he already knew that you knew it.

And in fact, you already knew it, if it wasn’t for the people tagging you on posts numerously that your phone blew up with notifications, nor the text James sent saying that he’s sincerely sorry because if he knew, he wouldn’t invite either of them and even scold Harry.

He was looking at you expectingly, the tears already flowing out of his eyes as his heart dropped on the sight of you sitting silently on the couch, cussing himself silently of how much he messed up.

“Please say something.”

His voice cracked, pleading for you to say anything, whether it would favor him or not because at that moment, the silence was killing him slowly. He knew how well you could give a silent treatment and remembered a promise to himself long ago that he wouldn’t cross you again because he hates it.

He hates every single bit of it.

“That’s a nice birthday present.”

His heart tightened of what she just said, regretting the things he’ve done faster than when he did it, fully knowing that you can’t and you’re not looking into his eyes.

“I’m giving you a choice. So you wouldn’t think of me as being selfish.”

You stood up, looking down the floor until your feet was a good ruler away from his shoes, making it as a basis so that you wouldn’t get close to him.

“Five days. First choice is I stay here and not talk nor do anything that has to do with me interacting with you. Second is that I stay in a hotel and we could talk. On the phone, one call. Five minutes a day.”

“Love-…” Harry cut himself short, clenching and unclenching his fist at the weight of the moment he carries.

“It would kill me to not either see you nor talk to you.”

You wanted to fight him with what he said, but you took off the urge, your gaze still fixed on the floor.


Harry gulped, desperately wanting to fix what he caused in the first place.


“Fucking pick.”

He knew it. He knew it better than anyone should to not break your trust. Especially when you cussed at him while fighting. And yet again, he brought it upon himself. The both of you suffering.

Harry hiccuped out his answer amidst his tears, feeling the pain sear right through his seams that he felt shitty to say the least.


Would he use his five minutes now?

It was less than thirty minutes after you left the house on the same day he went home, bringing yourself and nothing else but your car, your keys, your phone and your cash.

You figured that you would buy clothes in the mini botiques the hotel has once the air gets too suffocating in your room.

You figured that you would rely on the hotel’s complimentary incentives for the toilteries.

You figured that you would have a drink or two from the mini bar they consider that’s in their mini refigerator.

Harry thought of it for a moment if it would be a good time to use his five minutes. Even better is what’s he going to say.

Your commitment is hanging on by five phone calls he’s going to make, your judgement, and maybe includes his prayers for you to be back on his arms.

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Just Following Orders, Sir - Mitch Rapp

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Mitch Rapp/Reader

Word Count: 11,985

Warnings: 18+, NSFW, Oral (both receiving), Multiple Orgasms, Shower Sex, Teasing, Death of bad guys, Sir, Squirting, Voyeurism, Boob Job

Notes: I know this is long overdue, but the word count makes up for it right? I got delayed because of Howler Con (I lost 3 says yo). I hope you guys like this. I liked this idea a lot actually.

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