she deserves more love tbh

My favourite characters are Levi, Eren, Hanji, Jean and Mikasa.
Levi bc he is so precious? He’s like nice in his own way and he was strong all this time, but I think he will have a little breakdown soon.
Hanji is just Hanji. Do I have to explain?
Eren is just like me: Angry. German. An suicidial bastard. Hahaha
Jean… idk tbh why I like him so much.
Mikasa, okay. She’s my baby and I need to protect her. She deserves better (same for all characters tbh).
But I also like agony.

Hi friends! So you may or may not be aware, but tomorrow (June 28th) is Maya’s birthday! Even though this is super short notice, I thought it would be really cool if we did something for her, since she’s such an angel and so appreciative of her fans.

So if you’ve loved her in Castle or Agents of Shield or any of your other projects (or if you just know that she’s a wonderful human being who deserves loads of love) then it would be super cool if you would participate – it’ll only take a second!

All you have to do is send me a message for her. It would be super cool if it was a picture of you holding a sign with your message because I feel like that would be more personal, but a picture of a handwritten message, or even just a few sentences typed are also fine! It can be anything from just “happy birthday” to much more – I’m sure she’d appreciate it all. Then just put it in my submit along with your name and either tumblr url or twitter.

I’ll put them all together into a big picture and send it to her tomorrow via twitter. Since it’s such short notice, I need your messages as soon as possible! I’ll send it to her tomorrow afternoon (~4pm GMT+1) so I need last entries at least a few hours before then.

If you have any questions feel free to message me either on tumblr or twitter. Even if what you send is just small it’ll be worth it and appreciated, so thanks in advance and please reblog to spread the word!