she deserves just good things

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love of my life, TBH 💚💚💚

i just. i really love naomi. i love her in ring work and i loved her even more when we got to see more of her (and jimmy!) on total divas. she’s just an absolute sweetheart who deserves only good things in life and i legitimately cried when she finally won the women’s championship for the first time. 

also!! i got to see her win her title back LIVE at wrestlemania and even though i was dead as shit exhausted at that point, it was just….such a good thing. i love her so much. 


time to dance // panic! at the disco


You can survive this happening to you.


“I used to tell Walter, ‘Never start a fight… but always finish it.’ I didn’t start this fight… but by God, I’m going to finish it.”

Fuck people who treat you like you don’t deserve them.
Fuck people who couldn’t give a shit about if they hurt you.
Fuck people who make you feel like you’re not enough or not good enough.
Fuck them. You deserve better than them. If they actually cared about you, they wouldn’t treat you like that. You deserve better; you are far better than good enough and you deserve people who treat you as such.

maya hart was honest to god such a good fucking character like we followed her journey and not only acknowledged her severe home life issues but also were shown to understand it and the trauma a father leaving at such a young age left on her and we were able to watch her grow up with this and her mother being a single mother who was unable to stay at home as she was trying so hard to support their small family and how it influenced her to be the person she was today, we got to follow her through trying to forgive her father because it was the “right thing to do” and we were able to see that it was okay that she was unable to forgive him because that’s life and he really fucked her up and as a young girl, as a person, she is not obligated to forgive him, we were able to see her realise her worth in this world and that she is actually worth a damn because she is trying so hard to be a good person and care about the people she loves, finding out people actually really really care about her, accepting that her life is not just a series of bad things, but she deserved good things as well and thank you maya hart thank you for being one of the most relatable characters i’ve come across and inspiring so many little girls who are able to relate to the way you were portrayed and realise they can be loved too, no matter how fucked up things have gone in their lives

If you think Cristina is under appreciated and deserves more love clap your hands 👏🏻

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“She’d rival my daughter Diana, herself.”

- Queen Hippolyta on Kory’s fighting skill.

New Teen Titans V1 #13

THIS ^^ WHY DID YOU FORGET THIS, DC?!? Time and time again, DC keeps shitting on the true potential of the Alien powerhouse. 

Holy fuck I actually had an amazing day today. My mentee got a job at the org I volunteer with! Wendy Davis is coming to my org’s event on Saturday so I’ll get to meet her, and I found MEGA cheap flights to Rome to visit my friend there in February. YESSSSS
Latte Art
Howard Link/Allen Walker/Tyki Mikk
By Organization for Transformative Works

AS PROMISED THE LAT WE ALL DESERVE after some discussion im p sure we’re coining the ship name latte, very cute and i like the idea of them getting snarky over coffee together

the voltron insta community makes me vomit they keep going on that the vlog was “so great1!1!1! Stop complaining!1!1” or “allu///rance is canon omg!1!!1!1!1!1'its thriving!1!1!1!2!” And even one person said “flirting is a big part of who Lance is and it’s his main quality so stop acting like it’s such a big deal that it’s what his vlog was all about” (something along the lines of that) and I’m. Just so ???? Shut up ugly and maybe pay attention to things

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honestly the butchering of eva (and chris to an extent) really hurts me as well. like, i am so so hurt about so many other things as well, and sana deserves so much better, but honestly? chris seemed closest to sana out of all of them for 3 seasons? and eva's just backtracked completely it's like they threw s1 out the window. and honestly AU in which those two are the ones that are there for her, like sana was for eva. or at least chris, because she's always seemed close to sana. and NO NOORHELM

Hi, Anon!!

Literally, just give me more scenes of Eva/Chris/Sana. They can be The Golden Trio, along Even/Isak/Sana being The Holy Trinity.

All good things in life, come in threes.

And Sana? She deserves all the good things in life, just like Eva, Chris, Even and Isak do.

So I honestly hope Eva and Chris get some proper development tbh, aside from being the plot devices they are ALWAYS used as for being, and that Sana/Eva/Chris RISE tbh. 

Rest easy, space mom.

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why do you hate that riley made the team in rah rah?

Because the lesson of the episode is basically “if you try, you’ll definitely succeed”, but the problem with that is a) that’s not always true in life. Trying is commendable and a good thing, but it doesn’t always lead to success. And b) Riley doesn’t actually try. She puts on the uniform and shows up to tryouts and thinks she’ll get to be on the team based on her spirit alone (and she does 🙄), even though she’s objectively not good at cheerleading and could possibly get hurt. She doesn’t actually really try to get better at aspects of cheerleading.

But as much as I dislike the plot, it does go with the concept of Riley believing she deserves/will earn things just by being a good/decent person. And it was nice to see Topanga address that in Her Monster.

  • Person: Chen is so amazing! His voice is strong, his high notes are breathtaking, he is a good performer & on top of that he is the most amazing, and adorable person!
  • Me: Yeah :)
  • Person: But he could never be my bia-
  • Me: Unyeah :)

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I know you're doing the whole send me a number and i'll write it for you. However, GMACM just gave me a prompt to share. Here it is, Maya left/ is leaving and Riley is torn whether to make her stay or let her go the second time.

The thing is, Riley knows that Maya deserves more than life has given her, and just maybe life is starting to realize that as well. They have a family now, with Shawn and Katy and lots of love, Maya has people who care for her not because they have to but because they want to. Riley knows all this, and yet-

And yet she finds herself staring at the ground when Maya climbs in through the window, holding plane tickets to Ireland, the biggest grin on her face when she tells Riley how Shawn had surprised them, saying it’s only proper if they spend their first Christmas together in the country where everything had, technically, began.

Riley’s happy for her, of course she is, how could she not be? Best friends should be happy for each other when good things happen to them, not feel this knot of something unidentifiable in their gut. Maya’s finally letting herself hope, letting herself believe that good things can happen to her and not just Riley, finally accepting that, just maybe, she deserves these good things, so why can’t Riley just smile and be happy for her?

“Honey, are you okay?”

Riley looks up, sees the concern in Maya’s face and can’t help but remember what Smackle said back at Topanga’s when they were explaining their Secret Santa presents. 

Broken but beautiful. So, so beautiful.

“I’m fine peaches, just really happy for you!” Riley smiles, finally, even though it feels fake and Maya can probably tell, “When are you leaving?”

She prides herself on the fact that her voice doesn’t break on the last word.

Maya looks at her for a moment before sitting down next to her in the bay window, reaching over to hold her hand. “Remember when you told me to dream dreams? And that I’ll get everything I want in life?”

Riley remembers, of course she does, she remembers everything she ever said to Maya, however small, however inconsequential. “Yeah, and I was right wasn’t I? You’ve got it, Maya, I knew you would.”

“Riley, I don’t want anything life can give me unless you’re there with me.”

Riley blinks once, twice, then looks up at her best friend. 

Broken but beautiful.

“You should know by now that I don’t go anywhere without you,” Maya continues, tightening the grip she has on Riley’s fingers, “we’re leaving this Saturday.” She holds up the plane tickets, separating them so Riley can see that there’s two, “Do you wanna come with me to Ireland for Christmas?”

This time, when Riley smiles, it’s the most genuine thing she’s felt since Maya climbed in through the window that morning. “Yeah, I do.”