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Honestly screw Michele obviously you care so its not that easy It wouldn't be easy for anyone but I'm so sick of seeing her degrade you & making you look desperate across every social media site & telling everyone that you stay wanting her "shit" shes feeding off of everyones replies that tell her how much better she deserves and how gorgeous she is well what about you!? You did nothing and are getting treated like shit & I'm SO sick of it You're beautiful to, and deserve just as much as Michele

Woowwww this is so on point oh my goodness 😩😩😩😩💕

sorry in advance

but my posts will mainly consist of me mourning juvia until she wakes up and if she doesn’t i’m even more sorry for what’s to come okay

Old Lady is pacing tonight. I don’t mind her much, since she’s the one who’s never done anything harmful, but I’m just so saddened by her tonight? I wish she could rest. I wish she could have some form of comfort and security. She’s so alone. If she has anybody, it’s Him, and his entire premise is to make one feel lonesome, and full of dread, and she just deserves so much better than that.

Guys, Alycia literally tried so hard to warn us