she deserves all the awards and recognition

Hamilton is important

It is, you can’t deny it. Lin-Manuel Miranda is a lyrical genius. His rap musical has influenced people even outside of the Broadway community.

But do you know what else is important?

Waitress- a beautiful story of friendship and female empowerment. It has incredible performances night after night.

School of Rock- which has 15 kids under the age of 12 blowing people’s socks off with not only their vocal and acting skills but also the fact that they are actually playing the instruments live each night!!

Bright Star- a bluegrass musical, something that has never happened before, thrilling audiences with its beautiful musical and vocal performances. (I’m so sad it’s closing)

Spring Awakening- which is not only beautifully performed and choreographed but also includes an ENTIRE FREAKING LANGUAGE in it’s performances. Not only that but it also includes the first woman in a wheelchair on Broadway.

Plus so many more; Allegiance, Amazing Grace, Shuffle Along, She Loves Me, Fiddler on the Roof, The Color Purple, Disaster, Tuck Everlasting, On Your Feet and Dames at Sea. (There are so many more I could list)

Hamilton deserved a Tony win what it didn’t deserve was 11 Tony awards.

Broadway this year celebrated so much diversity and love but that was blinded by the bright star that is Hamilton. None of these amazing shows got any (to very little) recognition because everyone was to absorbed with Hamilton.

Too many shows were closed too soon because of the fact that Hamilton’s star burns too brightly.

ALL of theses shows are important, NOT just Hamilton.

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Yo Goop, what's ur opinion on the Rubies???

Head of the group, amazing outfit, on point glasses, spends her money buying food for the squad, huge gay mess, soft butch, loves quartzes. 10/10

Has no clue of what’s going on but tries her best, I’m proud of her, I know she can do it. Over-the-top adorableness, deserves an award. 10/10

Chaotic neutral, wants recognition, depth perception issues, gets in fights if you mess with her, has a quartz waifu but is too dork to admit. 10/10

Good at sarcasm, chaotic good. You mess with the squad you mess with her, best friend or worst enemy, Mom Friend™, prob has soft hands. 10/10

Stone butch, has a soft side for puppies, stays up every saturday night watching All My Biceps, weak for neck kisses, protective gf. 10/10

Y'all literally want black women to do whole ass performances for you and you still won't compensate them for their art and time in return?? like you don't even have to like Beyoncé to know that without Beyoncé a lot of people wouldn't even tune in like Beyoncé's performance is all everyone's talking about on social media. Adele literally stands there for 5 minutes and sings a song meanwhiles Beyoncé is pregnant with twins leaning sideways singing for y'all and she still doesn't get album of the year. Black women put so much time into their art and craft to not get the recognition they deserve smh we should just stop showing up to these white ass award shows
Rogue One Team Receiving Medals From Leia

              The cool metal met her skin causing her heart to beat even faster than it already was. She was always so brave through it all, she walked into a suicide mission without a second glance, why now was she more afraid now than she’d ever been? Her eyes scattered wildly across the crowd searching for a focus creating a blur of colors that made her head turn..

 "Jyn Erso.“ 

White. The spinning stopped and Princess Leia stood there wearing a beautiful white gown,smiling at her. 

"Congratulations. Welcome home." 

          Jyns eyes welled with tears. For the first time, she had a place where she belonged. 


                  An overwhelming sense of pride swallowed him whole. Standing in this position was all he had dreamed of since he was a little boy. Now here he was, receiving a medal from the princess herself. Cassian held in his smile. He couldn’t allow himself to be too happy, he didn’t feel as if he deserved it in the fear of becoming complacent. The Captain bowed his head to Leia.

 "Thank you" 


Cassians slowly glanced up at the princess. What? 

         Leia squeezed his shoulder. "Thank you." 

                Cassian beamed, he couldn’t help it. He stood straight, accepting his joy. This wasn’t the end, because he didn’t want it to be. 


            Chirrut who is usually so open and free, felt truly humbled standing in front of that crowd. He focused, trying to tell how many there must have been, but the noise was far louder than numbers. Chirrut switched his attention to the medal he held in his hand. He felt the engraving of his name etched into its side to praise him. So much had been given to him his life, this reward, these people. Never was he so inspired to give back. He was one with the force, but he was also one with his team.


                As if standing behind the rest of the rogue ones leaders could hide him from the hundreds of people staring, Baze still tried it. His head lowered, he was ashamed. All of these people dead, and still he was getting a reward? The work wasn’t over! Why were people still cheering when the Empire was still standing and ready? It just didn’t feel right. He wanted to fight.

“Baze Malbus.”

       Princess Leia called him forward to receive his medal. He complied begrudgingly and hurt. The medal felt like 1000 pounds around his neck. The Princess leaned over to him inconspicuously.

“Is there something wrong?”

“The war isn’t over.”

      Leia laughed. Baze’s eyes widened, appalled at this unexpected reaction.

“Yes.” She said. “But we need the inspiration. I’m looking to you to inspire us to fight.” Princess Leia looked at him expectantly. “Can you do that Baze?”

         His heart paused a moment while looking at the princess’ knowing eyes. He had to push himself more than he did anyone else and he was ready to start. Baze gulped.



            Bodhi giggled, he felt like he was leaping through the air out of excitement for his new friends. The Rogue One team were standing in a line onstage in front of him while he watched from the audience as they . Each of them had worked so hard and sacrificed so much, they truly deserved this recognition. He clapped giddily as Baze was given the last medal of the ceremony. He couldn’t wait to congratulate them all himself and most of all thank them. It was because of them he has a place to call home. Taking in the scene, Bodhi noticed a glimmer in the princess’ hand.

Who’s giving Leia her medal?

         The left over award  must have been for her, she was the only other one of importance who had helped in the situation. Leia turned to the line of rogue one members and looked over them. It looked like she was counting them, but found nothing she needed. She turned back around to face the crowd.

“Bodhi Rook?” 

He choked. What did she just say?

“Would Bodhi Rook please step forward?”

          The people that were around Bodhi parted like the Red Sea leaving him alone in the spotlight. “M-Me?” He sputtered, fumbling with his hair. Leia chuckled and rolled her eyes. “You.”

          Shakily,  he came up onto the stage, taking a place next to Baze at the end of their line. Leia approached him. She seemed to think it was cute how truly shocked he was. She laid the medal around his neck. “Congratulations Pilot.” 

               Bodhi couldn’t even wait for the applause to die, he wasn’t listening. He grasped the gold tightly in his palm and brought it to his face. It shone in the sun making him think of the stars. He smiled.


       It was pure amazement. Amazement that he could actually change what he had been before. This medal represented that for him.


                    This was a great challenge!! It was hard and needs some tweaks but I liked it because it felt very personal to each character. It’s truly amazing what they did out there dude and it must’ve been (would’ve been) a lot to process. Dang y’all. Hitting me with the deep requests.

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Hey I just wanted to say that I looove how much you love Danai! She doesn't get a lot of shine from the twd fandom but it's nice to see your support for all of her projects and I hope she finally gets the recognition she deserves


I feel like the TWD fandom loves her in general, but I mostly follow Richonne/Michonne fans so I guess I could be missing other stuff! I’m really super hopeful AEOM will get enough recognition to put her in Awards talk….

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: waitress is an amazing piece of art that sara bareilles and the entire cast and crew poured their hearts and souls into and it deserves so much more recognition. it could’ve dominated the tony’s any other year and it’s quite frankly unfair that it is stuck in hamilton’s shadow along with all of the other incredible musicals that opened this year.

Some Thoughts About the Awards Issue

I mostly stayed out of the awards discussion, except posting and reblogging my disappointment about Laura Main’s being constantly overlooked for awards. Although I did find it uncomfortable that that discussion seemed to turn into “Laura (and sometimes Bryony) vs. Charlotte”, that’s never been the issue for me. For me, it’s about one incredible performer who has done consistently excellent work on the show since the beginning, and who *always* gets overlooked at awards time. The frustration isn’t even specifically about this particular award. This is just another example to add to the annoyance. To a degree, the show itself is also frequently overlooked, but when the show does get nominated for awards, it’s other people who tend to get acting nominations. This is nothing against those other nominees. I’m happy for them, and I think this show is full of amazing talent. Still, for me this is never about who gets nominated instead of Laura. This is about Laura, who I think deserves recognition but rarely gets it.

Also, I did want to say one thing about one of the comments that was singled out as “criticism” of Charlotte, because  I do not see it  as criticism at all, but as merely a fact that I see happen all the time in show business. That’s the fact that performers who are generally more well-known tend to get nominated for awards more often than those on the same show who are known primarily for that show. I’ve seen this with CtM, in that the ones who’ve been nominated for awards even before this one tend to be the ones who were already famous/well-established performers before CtM (Jenny Agutter, Linda Bassett, Judy Parfitt, Charlotte Ritchie, Miranda Hart), or who became well-known outside of CtM while they were on the show (Helen George, who became much more talked about after being on Strictly Come Dancing).  Others, like Laura Main and Bryony Hannah, who have done other projects but are still known *primarily* for CtM, have been overlooked.  I’ve seen this on other shows as well, like Parks and Recreation, which had a wonderful cast but year after year, the only individual who got nominations was Amy Poehler, who is wonderful but *not* the only wonderful performer in that cast. I thought it was especially ridiculous that Nick Offerman never got an Emmy nomination, but Aubrey Plaza, Adam Scott, and others were also deserving and never got nominated (and this was before Chris Pratt took off as a movie star).

I think acknowledging that performers who are better known have an advantage for awards nominations is a simple recognition of a very real trend, and not a slam or criticism of the performer who does get nominated. As I said with the Parks and Rec example—I love Amy Poehler and think she absolutely *did* deserve all those Emmy nominations she got (but sadly, never won). Still, I wish she hadn’t been the only one getting those nominations. The same goes for CtM. I’m thrilled for Linda and Charlotte. They are wonderful performers and I hope one of them wins the award. Still, there are actresses on CtM that I think have done consistently amazing work who have been constantly ignored—Laura Main being the most obvious example—and I *do* think “name recognition” is a factor there. This is actually one of the major reasons I hope Laura does get to do Strictly some day (also because she apparently really wants to, as she’s said in several interviews)—because then more people will know who she is and maybe, just maybe, that may help her finally get the award nomination for CtM that I think is long overdue.

Still, congrats to CtM, Linda Bassett, and Charlotte Ritchie for their nominations!

Gather round children, let me tell you a story of unethical scientific practice and sexism. There’s a lot of controversy around this, but I will give you the very simplified story illustrated by a meme. Rosalind Franklin made huge discoveries and breakthroughs in the study of DNA structure. However, it’s been alleged that Watson used Franklin’s photo 51 in a presentation without her permission and without giving her credit. This was just the tip of the iceberg. Yes, Watson and Crick did do research and made a couple breakthroughs, however, without Franklin, they would have had nothing to stand on. It would have been fine if she were credited and given the recognition she deserved, however, that was not the case. Rosalind Franklin passed away in 1958, but shortly after Watson and Crick were awarded a nobel prize. Now, children must memorize the names of Watson and Crick in science class but might never learn about Franklin until much much later, if at all. History buried her and ignored her in text books for decades despite her amazing and groundbreaking work, and I think we all know why…

Listen - Chapter 8

AU where you know someone is your soulmate when they make a certain noise. It could be laugh, a sneeze, a moan, or simply them talking. Whether you decide to listen to that noise is up to you.

Kurt’s online boutique starts to take off when Grammy-award winning singer Mercedes Jones and Tony-nominated, Broadway actress Rachel Berry are both pictured wearing some of his designs. He laughs when he sees his high school friends name-dropping every chance they get during interviews and social media posts. Kurt is a bit jealous of Rachel and Mercedes’s success, but he knows they both deserve the recognition. Santana is jealous too – after all, they all were in high school together – but she’s more jealous of the fact that they didn’t have to go through countless years of schooling like she is to become a lawyer. She had pipe dreams of becoming a big star too at one point, but she decided to use her big mouth and fearless attitude to help people.

So now Kurt’s cutting back his hours at the Lima Bean and focusing on his designs, barely keeping up with the orders he’s getting. And if he occasionally sneaks a peek at apartments and shops for rent in New York, well, that’s just for him to know.

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Riley Matthews appreciation post

Let’s talk about Riley Matthews holding an award ceremony for herself every Friday after school not because she is obsessed with winning or with counting her accomplishments like her mother but because she doesn’t get that recognition anywhere else. She’s smart but not a genius like Farkle. She’s creative but not an artist like Maya. She likes sports but is not athletic like Lucas. She isn’t winning any awards or garnering any praise for the things she is good at so she gives them to herself.

Imagine seventh grade Riley leaving the auditorium with her School Spirit Award knowing what it feels like to win something even if it’s not a “real award” like her friends all received. It’s something that’s all hers, that she earned and that her peers noticed about her and voted for her to win. So as things start getting harder and her friends keep growing she decides to hold a weekly award ceremony so she can feel that way again.

This story was written at the request of @westiesheepie who asked for a Hiddleswift Emmy reunion fic. I hope I did at least some justice to your prompt though I admit that it wasn’t easy.

And it wouldn’t hurt you to read or re-read my drabble The Lucky One, found here.  While I won’t call this an official part 2, I do reference parts of it in this story.  

Moments – A Hiddleswift Short Story


Life is defined by moments.  Moments that are good as well as bad.  Moments that leave us breathless.  Moments that rip our hearts.  Moments that make us laugh and smile as well as moments that leave us in tears.  There are moments that we never want to forget, wanting to leave every detail of it etched in our minds and hearts.  From the music that played, the smell that tickled our nose, the way the moment felt.  Then, of course, there are the moments that we want to block out or, better yet, to change. Moments of pain and heartbreak. But even those moments define us. Actually, those moments may define us most of all.  

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From her early sucess in The X-Files to this year’s gripping return in the Fall, Gillian Anderson continues to mesmerise audiences.  

By Elizabeth Day Harper’s Bazaar UK DEC 2016

It would be something of an understatement to say that 2016 has been busy for Gillian Anderson.  In January, she stole scenes with effortless panache as the magnificently bitchy Anna Pavlovna Scherer in the BBC adaption of War and Peace.  That same month, she reprised the role of the FBI Special Agent Dana Scully for a six episode X-Files revival miniseries.

Then Anderson returned to the stage as Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire - a role that saw her nominated in 2015 for an Olivier and that later transferred to New Your.  As if that weren’t enough, she also starred in the third season of BBC’s The Fall, once again portraying the empowered, strong and deliciously sexy DSI Stella Gibson alongside Jamie Dornan’s sadistic serial killer, Paul Spector.

At 48, an age when some actresses might struggle to find interesting parts, Anderson continues to be inundated with offers.  Her versatility is astonishing - she is equally at home in cult sci-fi as she is in the corsets and wigs of period drama.

Her looks lend themselves to both big and small screens: aquiline profile, clear blue eyes, a slightly wonky nose that only serves to highlight the perfection of the whole.  In her twenties she was voted the ‘Sexiest Woman in the World’ by FHM: ‘I never understood that,’ she says. ‘I mean, i was wearing pastel Lycra and just really unappealing suits for the first years of The X-Files!’

In any case, she has always sought out darker material. Complexity is what draws her to a character.  She finds Stella Gibson ‘elusive and evasive… She’s not without flaws.  You see her lie, you see her make choices that are dubious. Those idiosyncrasies,’ says Anderson, ‘are what make her intriguing.’ 

Anderson herself is similarly fascinating; an ethereal beauty with a cast-iron strength of will. When she discovered her co-star David Duchovny was being paid double her salary on the X-Files, she demanded equal pay for the comeback season. ‘I’ve always behaved more like a traditional man than like a woman,’ she says.  Little wonder she was touted as the first female James Bond. It would certainly be inspired casting.

She tries to maintain a healthy sense of perspective about the awards with which she has been showered.  She recalls  the moment, last year, that the theatre director Michael Grandage called her seemingly out of the blue.

‘I said, “Hey Michael, why are you calling?” and he said, “Why am I calling? For the Oliviers!  I’m telling you that you’ve been nominated.”  And I said, “Well, how am I supposed to know that?” But apparently,’ Anderson says, laughing at her own absurdity, ‘people do know these things.’

She considers herself under ‘constant evaluation…And there are other things in my life that I identify as bringing great meaning and worth… You know I don’t generally go after awards.’ But Bazaar’s accolade is ‘a really lovely honour,’ she says, ‘and I’m flattered.’

Needless to say, as far as we’re concerned, Gillian Anderson deserves all the recognition that she gets.

Actresses who deserve to be nominated/win an award for their roles:

Mary McDonnell as Sharon Raydor on Major Crimes

Mary is that type of actress that when a character of hers is sad you are sad and when that character is happy you are happy. You feel what she is feeling. Mary does that in every episode of Major Crimes in her portrayal of Captain Sharon Raydor. Sharon was presented as a foe and someone you were not suppose to like when she first appeared on The Closer. (I liked her from the beginning but anyway) But through time she became someone people liked, respected and cheered for. I will even go as far as saying that I think the characters on the show like Sharon better now then they did Brenda. All that was possible because of Mary’s amazing acting ability. Mary was robbed big time for getting no nominated or win for her role as President Laura Roslin on Battlestar Galactica. I really hope people aren’t foolish twice and that she gets the recognition as well as the awards she deserves. 

The fact that a dark skin woman is getting her deserved recognition for all the hard work she's done and we still have people bashing her based on the color of her skin shows that society is ignorant.

People are so brainwashed on what beauty is all about.
People comes in all shades
If you’re not willing to accept that.
Fuck you.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: The cast deserved to go on stage and accept their award they have been working so hard and even though they won just having them up there would have given them the recognition they deserve that award show was so fucking boring except for Matt blessing us with his face and the fact that he had to reach down for the microphone like that shit was so cute but guess what was even cuter that cast they all looked stunning and I don't care them holding that stupid surfboard would have made my fucking night

I really love the Billboard Music Awards because they never fail to give Taylor all the recognition she deserves like every single time they always credit her being the amazing artist she is. No matter what the media is saying or whether she’s released new music recently or not, they always award her accomplishments and show her artistry the respect it deserves!

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So i don't keep up on these things very well but what happened recently between Miley and Nicki that cause her to fuckin wreck Miley? I'm not defending Miley at all but i feel i should have some facts lol

the jist of things is that Nicki Minaj pointed out on twitter how award shows and people like to fucking screw her out of the recognition she deserves, which is inherently racist.

The reason its plausible that it’s racist is because her work is provocative and she wears skimpy outfits, and her videos have millions upon millions of views.

Miley Cyrus does the same thing to the same degree, except by appropriating black culture, and generally being a racist piece of shit, but Miley gets the recognition as being “bold” and “trendsetting” while Nicki and her music are slut shamed, even though it does the exact same thing. Because that’s how racism works.

So then Miley says some utter bullshit, and Nicki was basically like “I’m comin for u bitch” and lo and behold Matron Barbie fucked Miley’s shit up in front of millions upon millions of viewers and the lordt was good

and then Miley proceeded to continue to become more racist than we already thought she was, by wearing dreadlocks on stage, not acknowledging the point of Nicki’s message OR her mistakes, and announcing her vote for Donald Trump. YIKES.

And none of it was scripted. :)

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I get what you're saying but I mean I don't see the big deal she worked really hard for 1989 and it's paying off I think that's fine

and here we go…I didn’t say she didn’t work hard but hell you don’t think all the other nominees worked just as hard. it’s gotta be tiring as an artist to know you worked your ass off on an album and these award shows are constantly going to rip your off over an album released two years ago. anybody with common sense can see that doesn’t make sense and it’s not fair. y'all are acting like 1989 was a key to the new world, cmon it was good but other artists (all the other artists in that category), deserve their time and recognition. it’s sad that most artists just know when they’re up against her (for anything) they’re going to lose. rightfully so, she deserves recognition but only when she’s done something that needs to be recognized. she hasn’t put out music in two years therefore there’s no plausible reason for her to be nominated for anything.