she deserves all the awards!

can we talk about ms. jade thirlwall for a minute? the girl who since she was little has been working her ass off to be a singer/performer? the one who would work any gig cause all she wanted to do was perform? the one who went through so much shit growing up and found solace in music? the one who tried out for xfactor twice and was rejected twice? the one who still had the courage to audition for the third time and was so hesitant to be part of a group? look at where she is now…a brit winner!! i am so beyond happy for her. our little jeed has come so far!!!

OITNB Season 5 Review

The Good
- Flaritza had so many iconic lines and they’re the absolute bestest friends, I loved them so much!
- Red was delightful, I’m constantly surprised by how well written her character is and how Kate Mulgrew is still able to infuse her character with this manic energy that is just hella enjoyable. I’m excited to see where she’ll go in Season 6, because her development is always amazing.
- Alex and Piper were 500% better than any season. Piper is a lot stronger than before, with a more introspective and balanced feeling to herself, while still having the same flaws as previous seasons. The pair overall works a lot better when they aren’t the spotlight pair and are able to just BE a couple. That proposal and the leadup with Piper’s mom and the tattoos were the best.
- Those flashbacks with the tattoos were the strongest flashbacks this season. I just wish all the flashbacks were this integral to the characters and story. (Watson’s flashback also kinda fits, but it wasn’t quite as strong)
- Taystee (Danielle Brooks) deserves all the awards. That was MVP this season. She had such a strong hols on the plot and kinda slips into that lead role that Piper vacated. It works extremely well.
- The focus of the season was so tight that (narrative filler withstanding) everything felt important.
- The amount of monolgues this season was brilliant. As an actor, I always love a well written monologue that is able to convey strong character. These come up soooo much, giving characters like Soso, Nicky, and Piper some of their strongest material. Suzanne also kills it with her monolgues, Uzo is brilliant.
- Daya gets the strongest development and ugh I’m feeling really bad for her, but I’m also glad she’s ignoring her mother and making her own choice. Also happy that the baby will be safe.
- Some characters like Sophia and Soso aren’t big players, but their actions and the power of their actors made them fantastic. Soso has a myriad of powerful moments and I’m just amazed.
- That finale with them all in the pool was spectacular.
- Caputo is still a very strong character.
- There are some brief little looks into the other charavters of the world, with looks into Maria’s boyfriend and Taystee’s daughter. I love these moments. They work so well.
- Gloria and Maria are still very strong characters, so I hope they get to keep growing.
- The stripper moment with the guard was iconic.

The Bad:
- The Nazis and The Methheads. Although they have some interesting moments, they were overall just narrative fluff. They were around for weird comedy and filler.
-A lot of the season has some filler plots. The bits with the methheads, the bits with Pennsatucky’s trial, some other plotlines.
- The flashbacks also tended to lack necessity. Many of them, while interesting, are extremely superfluous to the characters, either telling us information we could guess or that could easily be explained in dialogue.
- The balance of comedy and drama this season is extremely poor. Although it is extremely funny and dramatic, a lot of times we are subject to forced comedy to try and break away from the heavy drama. Stupid shit like the Nazis and the methheads plus the weird sexual harassment is done very poorly.
- This is more of a worry for the future than anything. The fact that everyone is being separated could prove to be a problem next season, so hopefully this all works out. I have faith.
- I don’t like Aleida. Her scenes just sorta suck this season.
- Sister Ingalls might be very dead/dying and I’m worried.

The Problematic:
- Piscatella’s backstory basically just being about how he’s sadistic cause he’s gay. He just gets too psychotic as the season progresses and begins to feel too inhuman. He does provide some of Red’s most interesting development, whoch I love, so he gets a bit of a pass.
- All the moments were the girls sexually harass the guards that are played for laughs. There are good dramatic moments of this, but a lot of the time it just feels awkward and disgusting to watch.
- Coates. That punkass rapist still around and it’s still hella messy.

Overall: Done messily, but the ambition of the season and the strength of it’s actors pull it through. It is an extremely strong season with a few low points, but the season presented enough brilliance to make up for it’s flaws.

Thanks for reading, you guys are cool.


I’ve just arrived home

and now I can talk about the clip more calm


I love love love loved it

And not only the ending

I loved the beginning too

The text that Sana sent the girls, wow, that made me cry, like I’m not kidding, it made me cry

and I felt so bad for Sana and Iman is such a great actress, she deserves all the awards

and then Sana was about to give up and THE GIRLS ARRIVE IN A VAN IN A LOSER VAN!!!!

And they are yelling at her and Sana is so geniunly happy like I WANT TO SEE THAT SMILE EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE

And Vilde defending Sana was awesome and the girls showing their fingers to the PM girls like YES BITCHES YES


BUT that being said, I still think that the girls need to talk, they need to sit down and talk about their stuff but at least now I’m sure they won’t fight again this season so it’s one problem solved

Which leads me to FRIDAY

I know that Friday may sound scary because now that Sana is happy, Friday will bring drama right? But you know what? I don’t care

Because if Friday brings drama, it’s going to be Yousef drama probably and then we’ll have TWO WEEKS to deal with Yousef’s plot and only Yousef’s plot (like yes, it’ll be also about Even but Yousef is also on Even’s plot so). So yeah maybe on Friday we don’t get the yousana happy clip we want (although I really really hope we do) but at least we know that the girls’ problem is solved and only Yousef’s is left to be solved so I think we can expect lots of yousana in these two weeks


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Blogs i should follow?

hmmmm i made this follow forever a little while ago, so that’s a list of ALL my favorite blogs. but here are like my top 5 writers (for sake of the writers i’m just gonna use ‘their’ to refer to all of them, i really don’t want to misgender anyone):

  1. @nike-shawn - first of all, their masterlist is absolutely beautiful. i know this is fairly irrelevant to most people (in accordance to whether you should follow them or not) but i’m genuinely like in love with it. it’s so nice. ANYWAY they are one of the most gifted writers i think i’ve encountered on this website. they write so poetically and it makes me cry every time. without fail.
  2. @babyshawwn - A TEASE. a mf tease. but anyway. their writing is absolutely flawless. they make me melt. i am a legit puddle after reading every thing that they write. and not to be blunt, but their smut is SO FUCKING GOOD. like 10/10 the first person i check if i want to read smut.
  3. @wordsandshawn - i’m pretty sure they’re like the the god of shawn mendes imagines. legit the first blog i found, the first shawn imagine i read. they made me want to write for myself. literally gets so many requests and doesn’t like crack under the pressure (aka they are an actual saint). they’re writing is SO cute and i love them all so much.
  4. @illumeshawn - tbh makes me insecure about my own writining and IDEC. we relate to each other and i love her. she literally CANNOT write things that are short????? like wtf????? underrated. deserves all the awards. please read all her writing
  5. @thesmutofthemendes - highkey speaks for itself. writes probably the best shawn smut. loves fucking with me, clearly. i’m convinced they want to kill me every time they write something. anyway. i’m crying

more blogs that i absolutely adore and deserve your love:

@ihaveabadreputation, @shit-to-kinda-okay, @whitechocolateperfection, @teen-mendes, @ruinrose, @aftertasteofmagcon, @peteventz, @mendesmoonlight, @mend-es, @pickeringboy, @wordsformendes, @raineshawn


@latteshawn - a bean. so sweet. her writing is so good too i just wanted to make something separate for her. i just love her. idek i don’t have much else to say. she’s an absolute sweetheart and if you’re not following her then wtf are you doing


Helena Bonham Carter wins Best Supporting Actress for ‘The King’s Speech’ - 64th BAFTA Portraits | 13/02/11.

“You know what I’m so used to losing it’s quite a strange feeling to win but ah it feels very nice. But no I.. children if you’re watching this it’s not about the winning! still feels nice. 

Erm, I’m thrilled to be considered in the same category as my fellow supporting actresses, and I’m not just sucking up, you’re all brilliant. Erm, my underskirt has got hitched up.. this is not a good moment. 

I think I should thank the Royal Family frankly because they’ve done wonders for my career. Erm this year, I seem to be playing Queens with ever decreasing head sizes. Next year I’ll be pin headed Queen. 

Erm, ok! I know I’ve gotta be succinct. I need to thank, I’m really really going to try to do this fast. First of all can I just say that I have fun and I love it and it’s my privilege to keep on working in this over subscribed profession and there is so many talented, talented people out there who never get recognition so I’m incredibly lucky to get this, and to get recognised and to get parts, and to go out and make a living by getting dressed up, pretending to be someone else for the day and then getting paid lots of money! And then I get an award for it so it’s as good as it gets.. Erm, erm, thank you..

 I’ll just say that I would love at this stage to walk off and say “I did it all by myself” just like my three year old but I didn’t, I’ve got a few people to thank. I’ve gotta thank all the producers, it was all your fault, you started it and Tom Hooper, thank you for not cutting me, for giving me all of my close ups, for making sure that the Queen Mother wasn’t totally eclipsed by the brilliance, the double brilliance of Jeffery and Colin. King Colin, you deserve everything you’re getting, and erm Jeffery you really should be the best supporting actress, I know where ever you are, cus he only, he really did have only eyes for.. for you.. 

Erm, and finally, finally finally.. OH the people who look after me! Melody, Carin Brott, Adam Isaacs, Shelly Browning.. I might never get this again so I might as well just, really stretch out! Shelly Browning, Adam Isaacs, yeah so all of them. Have I done, Nicky Vanguild aaand and then finally Tim Burton, who is my genius, and thank you for the big headed Queen and thank you for, well, helping me make the 8th and 9th wonders of the world, that are our children. 

And then finally finally, I’m really really getting there! *laughs* .. Erm, finally, finally, we get all the awards in this profession, there are many groups that go unsung. I wanted to dedicate this to all the best supporting wives around, in the world, existing. Queen Mother herself, and.. and my mum. And there’s no doubt, that were my father here, he would of given this to her. She was the most best, supporting wife you could of ever wished for. Thank you.”

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Not hating against brandon routh but how did he get nominated for best actor on eonline's awards and caity didn't get nominated for best actress??

because he was superman

Caity was in maybe 1 or 2 things that people would know her for aside from arrowverse? she’s the better actor by a long shot but Brandon has been around a lot longer, he was superman, the bad guy on Chuck, other things idk but he’s been around and Caity hasn’t.

Idk if thats the real reason but to me it seems like “who’s imdb is longer? oh him? ok hes better then nominate him”

★ good morning

rotoscope animation (gif) by the ever stellar @froschkuss, drabble by @elfrooted. thank you, chacha, for being you, the sweetest friend and kindest soul, as well as one hell of a hard-working and amazing artist. you have my eternal gratitude and admiration ♥

cullen’s arm, limp from the quietude of dreams undisturbed, tightens around him before either of them dare to crack their eyes open. alistair’s hand feels warm over his, fingers laced loose against his stomach, and he leans back, secured in his embrace, legs intertwined as thumbs and knuckles flutter in caresses unhurried. there’s a sound between them, a note of longing, i’ve missed you, and alistair smiles and cullen’s lips touch his cheek and he sighs, a chuckle that swells with the rise of his chest. it’s crowded, full, hearts pounding in gentle devotion, and alistair cranes his neck for him, the tender stretch of his mouth brushing against his own. good morning, and cullen hums and alistair beams, noses nuzzling, seeking, bodies molded and wrapped in languid urgency, lazy, senses stirred awake.

good morning.

and with him by his side, the same tremor in his breath, the same ease in his arms, open for him, willing, welcoming… he could never imagine a better way to start his day.

The Real MVP By: Y.Black

Ok the story started junior year, fall 03’. Well wait let’s take it back even further it was Labor Day weekend 2000. I was my 13th b-day weekend. My older cousins made it their mission to get me zooted for the first time. They were successful needless to say. But the conversation while I was lifted came in to play years later, in the fall of 03’.  They asked me if I was a virgin and at the time, reluctantly I said yeah. I mean hell I was young, they were who I looked up to. Crazy how shit changes though. So, the laughed I was in my feelings like “I should have lied.”  But the older of my two cousins broke into a monologue.
Cuzzo… Say wodie  (this was the time The Hot Boys ran shit)

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when you start fucking you gon run across this one lil’ broad who gonna put it on ya.  I mean you probably gon be aight. But you not gonna be able to last five minutes in that pussy. Trust me I’ve been there lil woe (he thought he was Turk or B.G. understudy for real). But take it from me you gon meet her. I don’t know when or where but she gon catch your ass.

Ok so fast forward to the spring of 03’ I lose my virginity to my sister’s friend. Couldn’t tell me shit, I was 15 she was 18. I was a man that day. So, it was cool got some head and all; only thing was I didn’t climax even after intercourse. She was all concerned like “Why didn’t you cum? Was it good? What didn’t I do right?” I told she was good, it was good. That was our only encounter.

So jump to the summer I am handed my girlfriends virginity one day after practice. I was so careful and cautious, I wanted everything to be as smooth and as perfect as it could be. I mean it happened but boy however uneventful, but it happened. I took my time and she gave direction; we had no clue what we were doing. Funny thinking about it now. With all the technicalities involved I didn’t climax yet again.  I was on cloud 10 honestly. I didn’t understand that all the worrying and precaution caused me not to reach my peak. In my head I was ready to go to the valley, put me on film. I can go for an hour, I had stamina for days you hear me.  Mr. Marcus watch out lil bih, lame ass Brian Pumper clear it.

Ok so let’s move to the fall the girlfriend and I are broken up and shit but she still the homie. But I have Drama this semester, which was a mixed class mostly seniors and juniors; couple of sophomores sprinkled in. Anyways I got to act an ass every other day for two hours and that was cool. So I get close to this chick, cute red thing she was a dancer and was outgoing. I was a nerd/jock, but I was cool as shit right. So we chit chat get closer and the attraction is there. We don’t act on it for months. Now we are in December we win state for football. And now I have some time after school for a couple of weeks before baseball starts up. Christmas is a few weeks away and so I find my time after school being spent with lil mama. The attraction on grew the more time we spent. We kissed here and there a couple times the vibe was cool.

So one day she asked for a ride home. I was like “come really you don’t have to ask.” So we cruise over to her grandma’s house. She was like “you want to come in?” My ass naïve ass said “shit you got some Kool-Aid.”

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She grabbed my hand a led me in and sat me on the couch. She went and fetched the drink and then she headed to the back to check on her grandma. She came back and we watched 106 & Park, well more like it watched us. We kissed and groped something serious. It was a whole different ball game outside the school house. Frankly she too the lead, and I wasn’t about to interject.

She unzipped my pants and put her mouth on me. I swear I should have left right then and there. She was getting it in, and I was so lost I forgot her grandma was home and frankly I didn’t care. Then she fucked the whole game up. She stopped sucking and looked me in the eye, dick still in hand and said “I love the way your dick us curved.”

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Nigga, I think I exhaled in that moment. She went back to sucking, while my feelings free fell right into her hands. After a few more minutes she said “I wanna feel you in me” after all she has done and confessed she could have asked for my hand in marriage I probably would have said “I Do.”

She grabbed my hand led me to the wash room and she took her pants off and she was like “let’s get it” and I was like “lets” my nerd ass.  She laid back I slipped the condom on and I was so high off of her I did something I had never done.  I kissed her kitty. I mean I felt compelled after she had praised my royal penis in such a manor. I gave it a nice long kiss before putting it in. Oh My Gawd!!!! It was completely different from my experiences beforehand, form the first stroke. It was like I had ice cream be for, but now they put chocolate syrup and sprinkles on it.

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Her thang grabbed me like she didn’t have any intentions of letting me go.  On everything I love I may have gotten 20 strokes in before I started feeling funny. I started feeling a tingle in my back, my breathing was quick I couldn’t explain it, my dick started to spasm. I was really like man this feel like heaven. Oh boy then my balls got tight and wave of euphoria hit me. I lost all control, a sound left my mouth I’d never heard before. I know now it was a moan. I couldn’t stroke any longer as my dick continued to tremor inside of her.

Instantly as I came down I tried to apologize. I knew I was better than that 20 strokes. I was embarrassed yet overjoyed at the same. I confessed “Sorry, ummm I..I…I… am better than that.” She was so cool about it, she deserved an award. “It’s all good baby you given me plenty” man she still stroked my ego after I came up short. It wasn’t til the third time we smashed and I didn’t last 5 minutes that I conceded to lil mama having that killa my cousin had warned me about 3 years earlier. I spent the whole Christmas break tryna clap back, but her pussy was undefeated against ya boy. She was Money Mayweather before Money Mayweather.

Salute to lil mama, a part of me still wants redemption but she was without a doubt the truth. I don’t even have any shame anymore I just tip my hat. And she brought a nigga a fly ass Roca Wear jacket that Christmas. She was the real MVP.

My Respect to Lili

Now I know how Lili felt during those days on set and MAN do I respect her. I feel like sh*t, the only thing I wanna do is just lay in my bed and contemplate my existance. But Lili FREAKING Reinhart acted the entire finale wonderfully. She didn’t even look sick. This girl deserves all the love and awards possible. Amazing actress.