she deserves all the awards!

lena headey is the most incredible actress

she doesn’t need hair, makeup, or costume to completely change who she is, the person she is

and yes she’s an actress and it’s her job but HOLY HELL she’s god tier (and just…. DOESN’T have an emmy?? like who’s in charge here?)

just look at her in character as cersei:

and then, still in costume but out of character:

a comPLETELY different entity (i honestly think she’s unrecognisable as cersei)


it’s the way she moves her mouth?? and her gait?? and just everything holy guacamole

she has just,, been a diFFerent person?? in all of these gifs?? hOW? these are from only like 4 OF HER PIECES OF WORK

tldr; lena headey is an actual chameleon as well as being the most beautiful angel and all around lovely human and deserves all the awards

can we talk about ms. jade thirlwall for a minute? the girl who since she was little has been working her ass off to be a singer/performer? the one who would work any gig cause all she wanted to do was perform? the one who went through so much shit growing up and found solace in music? the one who tried out for xfactor twice and was rejected twice? the one who still had the courage to audition for the third time and was so hesitant to be part of a group? look at where she is now…a brit winner!! i am so beyond happy for her. our little jeed has come so far!!!

Cassie really came through for us with that schedule change

Surprises - Alexander Skarsgard  x Reader

Title: Surprises

Pairing: Alexander Skarsgard x Pregnant!Reader

Warnings: None

Prompts: Can I please make a request?YN and Alex met on set of True Blood,where she played his sister,and have been together ever since.I just want him happy and ridiculously in love :)

but can you imagine dad stellan playing matchmaker to his son Alexander amd YN who’s his co star? I know Alex is super sure of himself guy, but I’d love to him stuttering and being super adorkable when he meets her because it’s love at first sight for him

Alex and his gf YN(who’s also an actress) are giving an interview and she surprises him by speaking in perfect swedish ,and he can’t stop the cute/adorable awe look he give her

“Welcome, welcome Alexander! It’s so great to have you here!” Conan said with a smile and the man nodded his head with a smile of his own.

“It’s actually amazing to be here as well with you Conan, my wife is a great fan of yours! She always watches the show when she’s not working or is very busy.” Alexander said with a smirk.

“And you don’t?” he asked seriously and fake offended.

“Well I’m- I’m pretty busy…?”

“Are you asking me?” Conan didn’t miss the chance to tease him and Alexander along with the audience laughed.

“No, no.” Alexander laughed, shaking his head “But- but I am the one that has to find everything she’s craving for all the time and it’s not easy to usually obtain it!” Alexander chuckled.

“Baby Skarsgard is really keeping you fit then?” Conan laughed and he nodded his head with the smile.

“Absolutely, it cares about daddy’s fitness I am sure!” he shrugged with a smile “But, sharing a fun fact, most of the time when my wife is watching the show the baby actually kicks!”

“He’s a fan too? Why, I am very flattered! So you- you’re the unfaithful one? I’ll remember it!” he narrowed his eyes at the actor before actually laughing “Also, thank you to your wife! I’m a great fan of her movies and shows as well!”

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Gus Gibson

The silent we’ve only seen you in like two episodes hero of Wynonna Earp. She deserves a round of applause, she raised Waverly in two universes and even Waves felt in the altverse that she needed to take her name. She has now also taken Alice. She deserves all the awards. She also convinced Waves to follow her heart and go for it with Nicole.

God bless Gus Gibson. 

OITNB Season 5 Review

The Good
- Flaritza had so many iconic lines and they’re the absolute bestest friends, I loved them so much!
- Red was delightful, I’m constantly surprised by how well written her character is and how Kate Mulgrew is still able to infuse her character with this manic energy that is just hella enjoyable. I’m excited to see where she’ll go in Season 6, because her development is always amazing.
- Alex and Piper were 500% better than any season. Piper is a lot stronger than before, with a more introspective and balanced feeling to herself, while still having the same flaws as previous seasons. The pair overall works a lot better when they aren’t the spotlight pair and are able to just BE a couple. That proposal and the leadup with Piper’s mom and the tattoos were the best.
- Those flashbacks with the tattoos were the strongest flashbacks this season. I just wish all the flashbacks were this integral to the characters and story. (Watson’s flashback also kinda fits, but it wasn’t quite as strong)
- Taystee (Danielle Brooks) deserves all the awards. That was MVP this season. She had such a strong hols on the plot and kinda slips into that lead role that Piper vacated. It works extremely well.
- The focus of the season was so tight that (narrative filler withstanding) everything felt important.
- The amount of monolgues this season was brilliant. As an actor, I always love a well written monologue that is able to convey strong character. These come up soooo much, giving characters like Soso, Nicky, and Piper some of their strongest material. Suzanne also kills it with her monolgues, Uzo is brilliant.
- Daya gets the strongest development and ugh I’m feeling really bad for her, but I’m also glad she’s ignoring her mother and making her own choice. Also happy that the baby will be safe.
- Some characters like Sophia and Soso aren’t big players, but their actions and the power of their actors made them fantastic. Soso has a myriad of powerful moments and I’m just amazed.
- That finale with them all in the pool was spectacular.
- Caputo is still a very strong character.
- There are some brief little looks into the other charavters of the world, with looks into Maria’s boyfriend and Taystee’s daughter. I love these moments. They work so well.
- Gloria and Maria are still very strong characters, so I hope they get to keep growing.
- The stripper moment with the guard was iconic.

The Bad:
- The Nazis and The Methheads. Although they have some interesting moments, they were overall just narrative fluff. They were around for weird comedy and filler.
-A lot of the season has some filler plots. The bits with the methheads, the bits with Pennsatucky’s trial, some other plotlines.
- The flashbacks also tended to lack necessity. Many of them, while interesting, are extremely superfluous to the characters, either telling us information we could guess or that could easily be explained in dialogue.
- The balance of comedy and drama this season is extremely poor. Although it is extremely funny and dramatic, a lot of times we are subject to forced comedy to try and break away from the heavy drama. Stupid shit like the Nazis and the methheads plus the weird sexual harassment is done very poorly.
- This is more of a worry for the future than anything. The fact that everyone is being separated could prove to be a problem next season, so hopefully this all works out. I have faith.
- I don’t like Aleida. Her scenes just sorta suck this season.
- Sister Ingalls might be very dead/dying and I’m worried.

The Problematic:
- Piscatella’s backstory basically just being about how he’s sadistic cause he’s gay. He just gets too psychotic as the season progresses and begins to feel too inhuman. He does provide some of Red’s most interesting development, whoch I love, so he gets a bit of a pass.
- All the moments were the girls sexually harass the guards that are played for laughs. There are good dramatic moments of this, but a lot of the time it just feels awkward and disgusting to watch.
- Coates. That punkass rapist still around and it’s still hella messy.

Overall: Done messily, but the ambition of the season and the strength of it’s actors pull it through. It is an extremely strong season with a few low points, but the season presented enough brilliance to make up for it’s flaws.

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It's almost a week and I'm still smiling that CP won a Saturn Award. She's come such a long way. She embraced the praise and takes the criticism gracefully, she's been open about diversity in fiction, her acting keeps getting better every time she is on screen and she's proved most of the doubters wrong. This is a true journey and I am proud to be a fan of hers.

Candice is definitely breaking ground for those who will come after her. I hate that she has to read all the ignorant comments made about and toward her, but I know she is capable of realising those writing them are unhappy and unable to form intelligent thought and remain basic. 

She has given depth and breadth to the Iris character; if it wasn’t for her I don’t think I would have watched the show. As soon as I saw that she was cast, I knew I had to watch The Flash. She brings an element I have missed on tv, she is old Hollywood in the best of ways. And I know I’m not alone in thinking this. So many producers see it, including those not associated with the show. 

I wish her the best season 4 and hope she will continue to be recognised for her amazing work!

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★ good morning

rotoscope animation (gif) by the ever stellar @froschkuss, drabble by @elfrooted. thank you, chacha, for being you, the sweetest friend and kindest soul, as well as one hell of a hard-working and amazing artist. you have my eternal gratitude and admiration ♥

cullen’s arm, limp from the quietude of dreams undisturbed, tightens around him before either of them dare to crack their eyes open. alistair’s hand feels warm over his, fingers laced loose against his stomach, and he leans back, secured in his embrace, legs intertwined as thumbs and knuckles flutter in caresses unhurried. there’s a sound between them, a note of longing, i’ve missed you, and alistair smiles and cullen’s lips touch his cheek and he sighs, a chuckle that swells with the rise of his chest. it’s crowded, full, hearts pounding in gentle devotion, and alistair cranes his neck for him, the tender stretch of his mouth brushing against his own. good morning, and cullen hums and alistair beams, noses nuzzling, seeking, bodies molded and wrapped in languid urgency, lazy, senses stirred awake.

good morning.

and with him by his side, the same tremor in his breath, the same ease in his arms, open for him, willing, welcoming… he could never imagine a better way to start his day.

I don’t just miss Serena Campbell. I miss Catherine Russell. I miss watching her act her heart out. I miss watching her face and being amazed at how she moves one muscle and therefore changes the whole scene. And if you blink you might miss it. Catherine deserves all the breaks she wants but i can’t wait to have her back on the screen. And if it’s not as Serena then as some other character. Something she deserves, something challenging, something that finally shows the world what a great actress she is and that she deserves all the recognition and awards.


Naomi was everything this season. She was equal parts hilarious and tragic and deserves all the awards.