she deserves all the awards!

when ji eun tak went quiet when shin was vanishing into thin air and she just couldn’t even say anything and just watched him disappear like that and then started crying, sobbing and screaming and covering her mouth with those hard breathing wailing noises towards the floor and crying out a small no in between, thats when i fcking lost it and ugly sobbed so much. 

kim go eun, you are an fcking amazing actress

like im pretty sure we’ve all cried like that before (i mean of course for various different reasons) but DAHMN it’s just the way she was able to act that out?? it was perfection. she was able to convey what ji eun tak was feeling at that moment losing her lover in front of her to us the audience/viewers and make us feel those feelings as well.

she deserves all the awards.

Can we please talk about how fucking amazing Emily was in the revival?

Regardless of your opinions on how shitty the musical was, or how awful Rory’s personality was, this bitch killed it. Seriously. Kelly Bishop deserves all of the awards for this outstanding performance she did.

I also have to give credit to ASP. This arc for her was truly moving. It reflected a woman finally being able to be herself, find her own identity outside of her husband and outside of being a wife, and being happy. It was so moving. While moving to Nantucket and becoming a whale expert was a bit weird for some of us, she found something she loved, and she pursued it.

And of course, this iconic moment…

I have never been so shook from Gilmore Girls before. Thank you Netflix for allowing our girls to curse.

This moment was so great in that she finally broke away from the societal norms that she had been held to for so long. She finally found the drive to set herself free from those biddies at the DAR, and the society that forced her to believe that her daughter was awful for not getting married after getting pregnant with Rory.

I could go on, but all in all, Emily Gilmore is one of the greatest and most well-developed characters I’ve seen in my life. Truly fantastic and amazing in every facet.


Helena Bonham Carter wins Best Supporting Actress for ‘The King’s Speech’ - 64th BAFTA Portraits | 13/02/11.

“You know what I’m so used to losing it’s quite a strange feeling to win but ah it feels very nice. But no I.. children if you’re watching this it’s not about the winning! still feels nice. 

Erm, I’m thrilled to be considered in the same category as my fellow supporting actresses, and I’m not just sucking up, you’re all brilliant. Erm, my underskirt has got hitched up.. this is not a good moment. 

I think I should thank the Royal Family frankly because they’ve done wonders for my career. Erm this year, I seem to be playing Queens with ever decreasing head sizes. Next year I’ll be pin headed Queen. 

Erm, ok! I know I’ve gotta be succinct. I need to thank, I’m really really going to try to do this fast. First of all can I just say that I have fun and I love it and it’s my privilege to keep on working in this over subscribed profession and there is so many talented, talented people out there who never get recognition so I’m incredibly lucky to get this, and to get recognised and to get parts, and to go out and make a living by getting dressed up, pretending to be someone else for the day and then getting paid lots of money! And then I get an award for it so it’s as good as it gets.. Erm, erm, thank you..

 I’ll just say that I would love at this stage to walk off and say “I did it all by myself” just like my three year old but I didn’t, I’ve got a few people to thank. I’ve gotta thank all the producers, it was all your fault, you started it and Tom Hooper, thank you for not cutting me, for giving me all of my close ups, for making sure that the Queen Mother wasn’t totally eclipsed by the brilliance, the double brilliance of Jeffery and Colin. King Colin, you deserve everything you’re getting, and erm Jeffery you really should be the best supporting actress, I know where ever you are, cus he only, he really did have only eyes for.. for you.. 

Erm, and finally, finally finally.. OH the people who look after me! Melody, Carin Brott, Adam Isaacs, Shelly Browning.. I might never get this again so I might as well just, really stretch out! Shelly Browning, Adam Isaacs, yeah so all of them. Have I done, Nicky Vanguild aaand and then finally Tim Burton, who is my genius, and thank you for the big headed Queen and thank you for, well, helping me make the 8th and 9th wonders of the world, that are our children. 

And then finally finally, I’m really really getting there! *laughs* .. Erm, finally, finally, we get all the awards in this profession, there are many groups that go unsung. I wanted to dedicate this to all the best supporting wives around, in the world, existing. Queen Mother herself, and.. and my mum. And there’s no doubt, that were my father here, he would of given this to her. She was the most best, supporting wife you could of ever wished for. Thank you.”

★ good morning

rotoscope animation (gif) by the ever stellar @froschkuss, drabble by @elfrooted. thank you, chacha, for being you, the sweetest friend and kindest soul, as well as one hell of a hard-working and amazing artist. you have my eternal gratitude and admiration ♥

cullen’s arm, limp from the quietude of dreams undisturbed, tightens around him before either of them dare to crack their eyes open. alistair’s hand feels warm over his, fingers laced loose against his stomach, and he leans back, secured in his embrace, legs intertwined as thumbs and knuckles flutter in caresses unhurried. there’s a sound between them, a note of longing, i’ve missed you, and alistair smiles and cullen’s lips touch his cheek and he sighs, a chuckle that swells with the rise of his chest. it’s crowded, full, hearts pounding in gentle devotion, and alistair cranes his neck for him, the tender stretch of his mouth brushing against his own. good morning, and cullen hums and alistair beams, noses nuzzling, seeking, bodies molded and wrapped in languid urgency, lazy, senses stirred awake.

good morning.

and with him by his side, the same tremor in his breath, the same ease in his arms, open for him, willing, welcoming… he could never imagine a better way to start his day.

TG: Re 37

1.) Yoriko wants to sell her bread in a cafe. You know who has a cafe? TOUKA. This best be foreshadowing.

2.) Takeomi x Yoriko is now added to my ship list.

3.) Urie, I love you but you need to calm the fuck down.

4.) Tokage needs to go. He hurt my babies Juuzou and Mutsuki in the past. He needs to die.

5.) Hori deserves an award for all the stalking she does for Shuu.

6.) Kanae is fabulous.


3x11 is everything I wanted


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  • Raven/Lindsey was perfect!!! How she switched between personas was incredible and she deserves all the awards. And she’s back to being my favorite BAMF! Soo happy!
  • Octavia started bad on this episode but she turned me around by the end. She remembered that she had a family and that she has a place in life!!! But I need to mention how annoying it is that Octavia gets to kill out of revenge and no one even blinks(that guard she killed at the end of last episode) and she gets to call out Bellamy for it like 5 min later (nvm that every word of that scene was untrue bullshit). Like she wouldn’t have slaughtered every Skaikru guard if she had an army at her disposal.
  • Montyyyyyy*crying* don’t care what you tweet Chris Larking, Monty is my precious cinnamon roll, so is Bellamy FYI, but baby will huuuurt soo much and Jasper will help him.
  • Jasper, you are great! And strong and smart and I love you! And I wouldn’t be mad at you and Raven but I’m not actively shipping it.
  • Sinclair is on short list of adults I like around delinquents and he’s awesome, he better survive!!
  • Niylah scene’s were blah for me, I don’t have an emotional connection to her and it annoys me that this show is constantly pushing down our throats that everyone else’s pain and anger is more justified and righteous than Bellamy’s and they all get to take it out on him physically. That being said, I actually think that confrontation between an innocent grounder that was hurt by the massacre and Bellamy was a needed thing for him.
  • So Bellarke…..FEEEEEEEELS!!!!! I just…All the looks and touches and words and movements and their sync…..EVERYTHING!!!!!