she deserved to win tbh

i feel like the teen category for the tda in vegas (both male and female) is going to be such a toss up, really anyones game and thats the way i like it!! I think they all have a fair shot and whoever wins will hopefully win bc they slay this years tda. Everyone comment who you would like to see win!!!! 

I hate season 9 bc everyone is sleeping on Sasha and she’s the most deserving of the win tbh like she encompasses drag culture the best out of all the girls and she’s the SMARTERST queen I’ve ever seen on drag race and I hate how that’s being overshadowed by her “weirdness” it’s almost as if the judges don’t appreciate how creative she is like Im mad

I think peppermint is gonna win tonight and she is beyond deserving tbh. She’s an lgbt icon, legend even, and she deserves it for what she brought to the show and what she’s done before and after.