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This year that passed you’ve touched so many hearts and handed out so many smiles .. I admire you for genuinely always giving your family, your friends , your work and your fans 100% of you . Everyday you face challenges and knock them all down with a smile. You inspire/motivate people (including myself) around the world to strive for greatness with no fear of failure. I pray in this upcoming year God continues to bless you with wisdom , success and health. I pray for every door to open for you. I pray for you to live , laugh and love through out your upcoming journey. I’m so proud of of you my love. Forever here .#HappyBirthday @lestwinson #Smile #live #laugh #love #itsacelebration 🎉🎉🎉

Fire in my skin, drowning from within.

April’s POV from that scene in The Power Inside Her.

because dark!april deserved better as a character arc

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She’s singing, she’s burning, she’s soaring and flying and everything is finally so clear-


She turns her head, and sees yet another hopeless fool come to try and stop her.

“Foolish mortal,” She- Za’naron or April she can’t tell anymore- says, picking up the turtle and throwing him to the ground. “Stay out of my way.”

He gets up anyways, standing despite the blow. “April, it’s me, Donatello!”

Donnie? Who-

-pleading red eyes, outstretched hands, nothing but care and concern flowing from his emotions-

Her friend. Her best friend.

“…Donnie?” April whispers. Then-

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This morning I finished writing an explicit How to Get Away with Murder Bonnie/Annalise masturbation/fantasy fic. 

Tonight I finished writing a G-rated Gilmore Girls Paris/Rory post-revival domestic fic that’s so sweet my teeth hurt. 

This dissonance makes perfect sense once you know I’m a Gemini and Liza Weil is a force of nature.