she deserved a good conversation with her father in which he would tell her he loved her so much and would be a part of her life

Cinderella - Jughead Jones

Request: Hi honey ! <3 I love all your imagines, you are such a good writer ! I was wondering, if you could write Juggy imagine, something like Cinderella story, where the reader is shy and clumsy girl, who doesn’t go out much often because of her stepmother and her daughters, but one night, with Veronica and Betty help (two fairygodmathers haha) she go to a school party, where she met Jughead, but when she was leaving in hurry, she left something, and Juggy is determined to find her ?

This was like, the cutest prompt I’ve ever read and I just had to do it! Let me know if you want a part 2 :)

Jughead x Reader + Beronica because I’m trash

Warnings: - Swearing / abusive step-family :c - if you deal with these kind of issues, please tell someone. Anyone. You deserve so much more <3 

Words: - 4,849

Cinderella, that was pretty much you in a nutshell.

You walked along the side of the hallway, lurking. You managed to pass through to the high school exit, unnoticed by anyone. Not that you were ever noticed. You could turn into a flying monkey and still no attention would be paid to you.

Not that you cared. You were a selfless girl, kind and virtuous. To everyone else you were the shy girl without friends, too perfect and studious to need anyone. Inside, you were longing for someone to talk too, because nothing and nobody in Riverdale is ever perfect. There’s always a layer of cracked stone hidden beneath the perfectly painted exterior.

The reason you didn’t have many friends was because you never really got out much, besides school. You weren’t used to much social interaction and all your spare time was spent in the library, doing your homework. You couldn’t do it at home, because you had to take care of your stepmother who would often come home high or drunk. Your stepsisters would blame you, and you would have to clean up all of the mess and damage that they left behind or your step-mother would beat you.

That was always another reason why you never let anyone know. You were too selfless and paranoid to make a fuss, you didn’t want people worrying over you or thinking that you were just seeking their attention. You had the bruises and the scars to prove your claims, but in your mind speaking out would just make everything worse.

Still, through all that you had bared, you wore a smile on your face and tried to stay positive. It was all for your Mother’s sake. She had died in a car accident when you were 9 and it had left you traumatised. Sadly you didn’t have much time to recover as your Father followed just 4 years later thanks to cancer. Your Mum always used to tell you to look on the bright side of life, to be kind and show love. All you wanted was to make her proud.

As you walked out into the parking lot to fetch your bike, you saw a group of people crowded around the racks engaged in conversation. You walked up to them gingerly, your body spiked with nerves. This was, as dubbed by Cheryl Blossom, the Sad Breakfast Club. You’d always admired them from afar. 

Archie Andrews was talented, in both music and sports. Betty Cooper was the typical girl next door, good grades and a strong mind. Kevin Keller was too fabulous for words, and you adored his confidence. Veronica Lodge was a powerful feminist, who stood up for herself, as well as standing up for her friends and fellow females. Then, there was Jughead Jones. You’d partnered up with him once in English class. He had a way with words, and you couldn’t help but ask him about his novel. His eyes had lit up with passion, a passion that didn’t die for the whole time the two of you conversed. His friends had been surprised at how talkative he was to you, how excited he was that you seemed to understand and respect his novel.

It felt great to finally have someone to talk to, about normal things. However, after that encounter you hadn’t really spoken to him, although he would sometimes acknowledge you with a small smile and a nod when you passed him in the hallway. You didn’t have the courage to interact with him more than you already did. Besides, you saw the look in his eyes. It was indescribable. The same look that clouded over your eyes daily, a look that nobody except those who possessed it would be able to see. The look of helplessness, that behind whatever perfect or basic exterior you had built up, was layered with secrets and scandal. You didn’t want to present yourself as another burden in his life when, without even talking to him properly, you could just tell he wasn’t going through the best of times.

You could hear that they were talking about Cheryl Blossom’s upcoming party. The party of the century. A masked party. Considering your status, you hadn’t received an invite so you weren’t going. The idea of taking on a whole new identity, the ability to let yourself loose without having to worry about how people saw you. It was thrilling, and sent anticipation and excitement coursing through your veins. How you would love to confidently dance at a party, socialise, do things that (Y/N) (Y/L/N) just wouldn’t do… couldn’t do. For once, after all the things you gave to the world, maybe taking something in return and having your fifteen minutes of fame was all you needed. 

Your daydreaming meant that you hadn’t been paying precise attention to where you were walking, and found yourself stumbling over a collection of bikes which had been carelessly placed in the middle of the pavement as there was no more space on the bike racks. Your felt your cheeks tint red with embarrassment as you collected the spilled contents of your bag, which you had forgotten to close. It was cliche and awkward, and what made it worse was that the SBC was right in front of you watching. They got down to help you pick stuff up and you muttered your thanks to each of them, keeping your head down. You felt someone touch your arm, and naturally you immediately leapt onto your feet away from the contact, jerking the touch away from you. Your eyes were wide and your heart was thumping. You were so skittish thanks to past trauma, and you felt your cheeks get redder as you realised it had only been a reassuring gesture from Jughead.

He was staring at you, bewildered, as he slowly walked closer and gave you your pencil case, one of the items that had fallen from your bag.

“Are you okay? -” He paused, as if trying to remember your name, not that you’d ever told him. He probably expected you to just give it to him there and then but you wanted to escape the awkward confrontation as quickly as possible. You weren’t sure why because to be honest, you would always prefer to be anywhere in the world that wasn’t home. However, if you got home late, you would just be making it worse for yourself.

“Yes, thank you. All of you,” You put on that charming smile of yours, before pulling out your vintage bike, which you had salvaged from a local junkyard. You’d manage to acquire mint green spray paint and the materials to make a small woven basket for the front, and the result wasn’t half bad. It wasn’t exactly the flashy modern bikes that lit up when they move, but you wouldn’t want it any other way. Finding the time to work for yourself was rewarding in its own sense.

You knew eyes were on you, something that you weren’t exactly used to, so you tried to get out of sight, as you rode down the street, as quickly as possible. You didn’t realise the curious spark mixed in with the helplessness in Jughead’s eyes, and you didn’t realise the suspicious glances that were exchanged between Betty and Veronica.

Home sweet home.

Home is where you feel safe, most wanted and most loved.

Your home was anything but sweet, and you felt like you were living in fear, that the hate your ‘family’ had for you was all you had going for your life.

You walked your bike up to the shed at the side of your house. It was infested with spiders and mice, and if your step-mother was in a particularly awful mood, the thickly coated, dusty floors would be your bed for the night. Lucifer, your step mother’s cat was perched on the door step. His name seemed appropriate considering his demonic demeanour and frequent attempts to claw your limbs out. His gaze followed you as you entered the house. 

Empty or smashed beer bottles clogged up the hallway, and you practically went en pointe to try and avoid the thick shards of glass that coated your path. You couldn’t hear the blaring noise of the TV, or the throwing of items coming from upstairs. This meant, it was one of those days where your stepmom went out the night before, drove to the next town over, got drunk and high and then proceeded to have a one night stand with some poor man. She wouldn’t be home until very late the following evening, and you couldn’t help but breathe out a soft sight of relief.

You had just gotten out of the shower, preparing to start on clearing up the glass when you heard the front door slam, followed by two whingey voices. Your step-sisters, Drew and Anna. Whereas your stepmom had physical abuse covered, your step-sisters preferred to hurt you verbally, to mock you and tease you, belittle you and reduce you to nothing but their own personal slave.

“(Y/N)!” You heard a screech from below your feet and you cringed inwardly, as you pulled on your comfort clothes. You knew you should have cleaned up first, but you just felt so stressed and uncomfortable from your fall earlier. Not that your own concerns were the priority in this household.

“(Y/N)!” Two simultaneous yells this time, sounding frustrated. The longer it took, the worse it would get, the more material they had to hurt you with. You hurriedly raced downstairs to their aid.

“Drew, Anna, how was your day?” You put on the nicest smile and sweetest voice you could muster. Anyone else would have snapped back at these sisters by this point, but you were an empathetic person and knew that deep down, these girls were suffering from their broken family just as much as you were. They just coped with it differently.

“Took you long enough, anyways, Cheryl invited us to her party and we need you to do our makeup like the… good sister that you are,” Anna gave a sickly sweet smirk. Your stepsisters had been sucking up to Cheryl for weeks in order to be invited to this party, and knew that you wouldn’t be going.

“She’s picking us up in her limo in about 2 hours, so hurry up. And don’t make further plans, you’re going to have to clean everything up before Mum gets home afterwards or she’ll kill you,” Drew snickered and Anna scoffed.

“Please Drew, we’re not that lucky.” The two sisters pushed past you, before walking up the stairs to their room. You felt your sensitivity levels topple over slightly, that remark was just a bit too far.

Somehow, you managed to slightly bond with your sisters over the makeup process. You tried things out on Drew, Anna would occasionally compliment how nice she looked and ask if you could do the same thing when it came to her. You almost felt like normal sisters. Until you were done. It could never last long could it? You just weren’t good enough.

Drew and Anna were wearing flamboyant dresses, with masks to matched. Their heels were higher than you thought was actually possible. As the two made their own final preparations, you were busy doing your own makeup and had laid out a pastel pink dress to wear. The dress was your mother’s, and you had managed to find it at the back of your closet from when you used to try and dress up in her clothes when you were younger. You wanted to go to this party. Why not? After all, you did everything for everyone else. For the first time, you deserved a little something back. Besides, you were sure Anna and Drew wouldn’t care, after all you had gotten on so well when you were doing their makeup. Well, better than usual at least. That had to mean something.

Cheryl wanted the party to be huge, so you were sure she wouldn’t mind if you tagged along with your sisters. It wasn’t as if you actually had any issues or rivalry with Cheryl, you just didn’t talk to her. You wouldn’t be surprised if your sisters had actually told people that they didn’t have any more siblings, and that you were just a loner only child.

You grabbed your ragged clutch, and made your way downstairs, after changing into the dress. You looked okay, but your mind was on the mask. You decided you were going to pick one up at the local costume shop on the way there, as you would travel on your bike rather than opting for the awkward journey in Cheryl’s limousine. 

You raced outside before Anna suddenly rushed up to you, shoving her iPhone into your hands.

“Ah! (Y/N) perfect, take a pic of me and Drew!” She exclaimed, before rushing back to Drew and posing, attempting to stick her chest out. You awkwardly tilted the camera to fit the both of them in it, before Anna raced back and snatched it off of you, flicking through the pictures you took. “Ugh this one’s blurry,” She muttered, as she paced back and forth.

“What are you wearing?” Drew bitterly scoffed as she circled you mockingly, like you were surrounded in shark infested waters. You suddenly felt intimidated as Anna’s attention snapped to you and she began to laugh and jeer at you.

“Goodness (Y/N), is that ugly piece of shit the best you could do?” She giggled uncontrollably and you felt tears crawl into your eyes.

“It was my mother’s” You whispered, not looking either of them in the eye.

“You keep dead people’s clothes? That’s weird, creepy, just like that Jughead kid,” Drew sighed, pulling on a loose lock of your hair. You jumped back from her and she rolled her eyes and scoffed at you.

“Wait… don’t tell me… that you thought you were coming to the party?” Anna stopped pacing, getting up close in your face and raising an eyebrow. You wanted the ground to swallow you whole right now.

“Well… I thought… m-maybe you would let me come with you? I just thought it was my turn to d-do something… for myself,” You stumbled clumsily, eyes trained to the ground. An awkward pause of silence skipped over you, before your stepsisters bursted into scathing hysterics. Pointing at you, taunting you. The tears freely flowed now. How could you be so stupid and naive to think somebody actually cared about you.

“You thought wrong you little bitch,” Anna’s voice sent chills down your spine as her tone turned menacing. She walked up to you, grabbed the frills of your dress and ripped them in two. You let out a strangled cry as Anna stepped back to admire her handy work. You fell to the ground, picking up the pieces that had come off of the dress and holding them close to your heart. You felt like Anna and Drew were destroying your whole world, taking it down brick by brick. When they learnt a weakness or a potential threat, they would eliminate it immediately.

You heard the clanging of metal, and turned your head to the left to see your bike which was being vandalised by Drew, who was madly hitting it with a large metal hammer. You crawled towards her, screaming at her to stop but Drew wouldn’t comply, not until the bike was damaged beyond repair.

One of the only things you’d ever been proud of, your spare time flushed down the drain in a matter of seconds. You stood up and bravely faced your two stepsisters in the eye, who were observing the surrounding chaos with satisfied looks on their faces. A black limo pulled up on your driveway, and the two walked off, only stopping when they heard you yell.

“Why me? Please! What did I ever do to you? All I’ve ever done is be nice to you, why do you hate me?!” Your voice was raw from the crying. The stepsisters looked back at each other, trying to come up with a response.

“Because you ruined our lives,” Anna spat at you, before grabbing Drew’s hand and pulling her away, leaving you to stand there and sob. Your knees collapsed beneath you with grief.

You sat in your bedroom, trying to collect yourself. Your mothers dress was placed under your sewing machine which you would have to fix later. You had managed to clean up the rest of the house which had helped in taking your mind off of the party momentarily. However, you now sat on the edge of your bed, reflecting on what could have been.

Maybe you should have reached out to someone, anyone who would listen. Like Jughead…

You just wished you had your own fairy godmother right now.

Suddenly, you heard a knock at your front door. This was strange, as nobody ever came to this house except the milkman and the postman. Your sisters were too embarrassed to share their address or invite anyone round, as you would likely be there. If it was your stepmom, she wouldn’t knock. She would barge in the door, yelling and shouting. 

Cautiously, you opened the front door, peeking out into the night. You were surprised to see two girls, two girls you recognised. Veronica Lodge and Betty  Cooper, who were both wearing matching black and white dresses, with perfect makeup and sympathetic smiles on their gorgeous faces. 

“We saw the bike, saw your sisters and put two and two together,” Veronica sighed. You bit your lip, not sure what to say, but Veronica had practically invited herself in and enveloped you in a hug, followed by Betty. 

“You don’t have to tell us anything, but we won’t sit here and let them get away with ruining your night,” Betty smiled, brandishing a box. Inside the box was a makeup bag, a pair of white embellished platform shoes, a black and white halter neck dress with black lace on the top, and the best parts, the accessories. A split down the middle, black and white mask. The white side was embezzled in sequins and feathers, whereas the black side was decorated with white swirls and fake flowers. Intricate floral patterns danced around the edges of both sides of the mask. On top of this all was the most beautiful necklace you had ever seen. A silver chain attached to what looked like a jewel encrusted ring, lined with a gold rim. More tears appeared in your eyes.

“Sorry if none of it’s really you, it’s all we had,” Veronica laughed nervously but you jumped on the two girls with another hug, except tighter.

“You didn’t have to do this, it’s all so beautiful….” You felt yourself choke on your words. 

“Honestly it’s-” Veronica began,

“Nothing” Betty finished, linking her arm with Veronica affectionately as they giggled at one another. 

“Don’t let these people ruin your fun, you gotta go out there and get your man!” Veronica beamed, resting her head on Betty’s shoulder as Betty nodded encouragingly. 

Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion and Betty and Veronica simultaneously rolled their eyes with a ‘tut tut’, exchanging glances.

“Jughead silly!” Betty spelt it out for you and you felt your face turn red all over again. “Yes! I knew it!” Betty exclaimed excitedly.

“I ship it!” Veronica and Betty squealed in a sing-song voice. You buried your face in your hands, but tried to laugh it off.

“I don’t even know if I can pull this stuff off guys. Honestly, it’s all so beautiful but it would probably look nicer on yo-” You began but the girls help up a finger in unison.

“Don’t even start with that crap. You are such a pretty, strong woman! You’ve been through all of this by yourself and you never even had to! You are going to own this party whether Cheryl Blossom gives a fuck or not,” Veronica retorted, and you grinned excitedly. 

The girls helped you redo your makeup, as you confided with them about your situation. It felt so good to get everything off your chest. They were so much more relatable than you expected and you honestly hoped that this wouldn’t be a one-off friendship. 

You were ready and dressed, hair done in a lace braid, necklace secured, feet comfy. All you needed now was to put your mask on. As you slipped it over your head, you felt a surge of confidence and power. This was finally your night, and you were going to earn it. 

“Look at what we’ve created Ronnie,” Betty danced around your room with Veronica excitedly. Your sisters had left to help set up the party earlier, so it’s not like you guys were even late yet, and the others were very excited. Suddenly, you felt the nerves rush back. What if they couldn’t get you in? If Anna and Drew knew you were there they would personally skin you alive. Veronica noticed you tense and she crouched beside you, resting her chin on your shoulder and sighing.

“In this mirror, I see a beautiful, young, independent woman who is currently discovering herself. You deserve this night (Y/N), it’s not enough just to dream these kind of things, you gotta finally step out of your comfort zone and live it up!” She shook you playfully and you laughed. This was your chance.

The ride had been fun, Ronnie had her own limo which she had managed to secure for the evening and you had picked up Kevin Keller on the way there, who played a huge part in settling your nerves with his gay humour. 

Veronica, being an influential person had also managed to get you into the party and you hadn’t even seen Anna and Drew so far.

Turns out that being anti-social for so long wasn’t a good trait to have in massive social events like parties where everyone knew each other and had plans for the evening. You felt out of place, and everything you dreamt of had faded. It was intimidating, all these masks practically trying to outshine each other. You lost your new friends in the sea of people and hadn’t found them since. You had managed to gain a lot of attention during the night though, which you were not used to. 

You currently stood pressed against the wall, drinking the non-spiked punch and avoiding the dance floor. Suddenly, you made eye contact with someone else pressed agains the wall. Probably someone that you would recognise in a festival crowd. No matter where you were you could pick him out. His crystal blue eyes and distinctive grey beanie which would not go off for any event. His raven haired curly locks which stood up at the back of his neck.

Your night (Y/N)

Feeling a surge of confidence, you kicked off of the wall and stood by him instead.

“Do I know you?” He asked almost instantly. Obviously everyone knew it was him from the beanie, and nobody would voluntarily come stand by him, it just wasn’t a thing people did.

“Not yet,” You let out a small chuckle, surprised at yourself. Your voice was deeper, perhaps even seductive. You sounded powerful but your stomach was whirling with butterflies as the boy gave a moment of silence to take you in.

“How mysterious,” He smirked back. Jughead’s mask covered a very thin surface area around his eyes, and was simply pitch black and made out of card.  He clearly tried very hard. “Student at Riverdale?”

“Are we playing a guessing game now?” 

“I guess,” You couldn’t really tell from the flashing strobe lights and intense atmosphere but you swore you could have saw him blushing.

“Yes, I am a student at Riverdale,” your heart thumped. There were obviously tons of students at Riverdale but you couldn’t help but get this overwhelming feeling that he knew it was you. Maybe Jughead felt the same way? You bit your lip, thinking about how you just wanted to be at a comfortable home with this boy right now. Like his house, because your house was simply hell.

This boy practically was your home, he made you feel safe and wanted. Although he didn’t even know this was you right now, you were just there for entertainment as he had nobody to speak to. If he knew who you really were, he would have left a long time ago. 

No (Y/N), your night! Have some faith in yourself!

“Have we talked before?” Jughead asked again, you paused deciding how you wanted to word this so that it was truthful but not too obvious.

“I expect so,” You played it off and you heard him grunt, causing you to let out another hearty chuckle.

God he loved that chuckle. It reminded him of (Y/N)

Hmm.. (Y/N)

Jughead looked up at the mysterious, elegant beauty behind the mask. He thought of (Y/N) and how suddenly an idea popped into his head. But she was so shy… it was just his biased mind because he had a cr- no, it was worth the ask.

Suddenly a slow song played over the speaker, and people paired off onto the dance floor. The two of you stayed against the wall until you were the only two left. You’d love to dance, but there wasn’t much space left and you wanted to dance freely with flowing motions. Jughead practically read your mind, as he bravely took your hand and lead you out onto a balcony, before placing his hands on your waist as you wrapped yours around the back of his neck, leaning into him and taking in his gentle scent. 

You slowly moved side to side, resting against him, only properly moving when he would twirl you around gracefully. 

“Do we have classes together?” Jughead murmured. You nodded your head dazily and he chuckled at your sudden tired mood, spinning you again. He let out a hmm in mock thought, causing you to weakly giggle. “Have we been project partners before?” His voice got quieter and more gentle. You paused, the swaying slowing. “Yes” you whispered against his jacket, clutching it tightly in your hands.

From inside, you could hear the song coming to an end but undisturbed, the two of you continued to dance. A comfortable silence swept over you as he twirled you one last time before stopping, his mouth coming closer to your ear and you felt Jughead’s hot breath on your neck. 

“Do you like English class?” He whispered gently into your ear and you felt yourself tense. Suddenly the loud chiming of a clock from above you caused you to break apart with a jump. He didn’t make it obvious that he knew, but it was the skittishness that made it clear who his mystery girl was. Your heavy breathing, turned into breathy laughing with Jughead before suddenly your whole body went rigid and your face paled.

“What’s the time?” You whispered, your face struck with horror. 

“Midnight, that’s what the chimes are for,” Jughead moved closer, his hand reached up to cup your cheek but you stumbled back, your hand flying to clasp over your mouth. You were trying to hold back sobs of fright.

Your stepmom would be home. She would kill you if you weren’t there and you didn’t exactly mean figuratively. She would beat you until you’re bloody, skin you alive and then eat your flesh in front of your own rotting carcass. 

You muttered hurried apologies before racing towards the balcony door. You had to sneak back home somehow, you had to get away. This should have never have happened. People like you don’t deserve these special nights, these special people. Your heart was thumping out of your chest as the adrenalin pumped through your veins

You let out a yelp of pain as you realised your necklace was stuck in your hair. You ripped it out, not caring that it fell to the floor. You didn’t even bother to pick it up, kicking off you heels and chucking them at Veronica as you ran away from the dance floor, from the party, from the mansion… from Jughead.

“Got it,” Drew smirked nastily, as she hit the stop button on the recording of you. She’d filmed the last minute or so of your dance with Jughead and your sudden departure.

“Mom would totally believe she stole all of that crap, including the necklace. I mean she must have. There’s no way that street urchin can afford that shit,” Anna sighed, “Did she honestly think that someone like her would fit in here? We’ll show her,” She clicked her tongue in satisfaction, before dragging her sister with her out the door.

Little did they know that they weren’t the only ones snooping on conversations. 

“Not if I have anything to say about it,” Jughead clasped the necklace in his right hand, Veronica and Betty standing angrily behind him. 

It’s 2am I’m so dead. This was kind of rushed, I’m so sorry <3

Let me know if you want part 2!
ALSSSOOO: thank you to @mrs-jughead-jones for being there whilst I wrote this and getting annoyed at Apple autocorrect with me.

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anonymous asked:

personally i don't like willhell because he's abusive and violent. but go ahead and invalidate my reasons. as someone who has actually suffered from abuse i find his behavior disgusting and manipulative and violent. grow up and see that your perfect guy is a disgusting fuckboy loser.

Oh wow, this should be fun. Thanks for your kind message. 

So let me start first by saying, Willliam is in no way perfect. Skam is not about perfect people. No one is perfect. Not Noora, not Isak, not Eva, not Sana (gasp she said it). No one. Every single character on this show has done something they aren’t proud of, something they are ashamed of…wait isn’t that the name of this show in fact? So don’t come off trying to make it seem like I idolize William, because I don’t. 

But also, as a human being with a soul and a pair of eyes, I can see the difference between a unrepentant, abusive, asshole and someone who is struggling in life. 

I’m going to try and be clear about this because no one else wants to see it, but it’s fun and I want to so let’s get rolling.

1. Abuse: William, a teenage boy with crush on a girl, goes about getting her attention in a game as old as time. Does he manipulate Vilde in order to get to Noora? Ya a little but in fairly harmless ways. He calls Vilde to talk to Noora. He snaps Vilde to ask if their bus is coming to his party. 

Ya but he is a dick to Vilde. He treated her like trash. So yes, well done on using your eyes in this one and only scene. He does talk down to Vilde and later explains to Noora that he did so to try and get Vilde to dislike him. He doesn’t want Vilde or her obsessive affections and was pretty clear that they were just a hook-up. Vilde even says that when she has sex with William, that he was very sweet and kind to her. (doesn’t quite sound like abuse).

When Noora goes on her date with William in order to fulfill their bargain, she says (after the date has come to an end) “I don’t owe you anything now” and William says “no you don’t owe me anything”. William obviously likes this girl and tried to do something sweet by taking her out and talking about his past and trying to explain a little about why he says the things that he says. At this point, Noora gives off the impression that she has done her duty and gone on this date, but then she does show signs of being interested in William after.

I’m still not sure where the abuse is coming from, but I’ll continue.

William teases her, tries to get her to come to his parties, tries to get her attention and despite Noora’s outward protests to the idea of hanging out with William, there is definitely interest and she is trying to fight that because of Vile (who, mind you, isn’t dating William so he has no obligation to this girl he slept with among several others). Obviously, Noora doesn’t want Vilde finding out so she becomes paranoid that William is going to tell Vilde about what happened (or didn’t happen) between them.

Despite all of this, and all of William’s teasing, he doesn’t ever tell Vilde anything. He goes along with Noora’s wishes for privacy and to keep what happened between them a secret.

When they start dating/seeing each other, William is completely interested in Noora. She is again paranoid because of his past behavior with sleeping around, that he is going to cheat on her or sleep around during Russ time. William seems insulted by this because it’s clear to him that he is only interested in Noora. He expresses this several times and even has several kind things to say about her when she opens up about her family.


As someone who has had some dark things in my past and in my family, I don’t necessarily open up about those right away or ever. It’s hard to talk about having a fucked up family. It’s hard to admit that your - in William’s case - brother is a psychopath, or that your sister is dead, or that your family is broken. Not exactly easy conversation for a girl who may or may not be invested in getting to know you and keeps pushing you away.

William has a dark past and while yes he acts like a prick a lot, it is a natural coping mechanism. He has a fucked up family life - none at all really - and so let’s shame him for trying to push himself as far away from that as he can. 

2. Violence - saying William is an awful person because of his anger issues is pretty demeaning. Not everyone can cope with anger in a sweet and calm demeanor. William gets into fights, just like Isak,Jonas, PChris, Boy Squad v Balloon Squad s4. It’s part of the way he defends himself and his friends. Is smashing a bottle over your enemies head a good way to solve an issue? Hell no. But this is someone who was anxiously trying to help his friends and defend his friends (as he explains to Noora) about what the Yakuza guys were doing to all of them. Again, was it right? No. But did he go around smashing bottles on everyone’s heads? Also no. People say he didn’t have remorse about this but it was very clear to me that he was ashamed of this anger and this side of him because he asked Noora to stay on the bus. He was concerned about what she might see and how it might affect her opinion of him.

Now, when it comes to the talk about ‘killing’ his brother: William was so angry with his brother for what he did to Noora, for taking advantage of her, that he probably wanted to kill the guy. That is not a ‘strange’ reaction. It’s a coping mechanism for people who would do anything to protect the people they love. Note, he didn’t kill his brother. I don’t think he even beat the shit out of him even though Niko would have deserved it for what he did. I think that’s called…….character development?

3. He victim blamed Noora when she thought she’d been raped: bullshit. This goes back to the anger issues and coping mechanisms. Not everyone knows how to respond when it comes to news that your brother may have raped your girlfriend, or in the initial situation, your girlfriend who you finally let your walls down for and love deeply, may have slept with your brother. Naturally, instead of beating the shit out of his brother (which old William might have done) or putting himself in a situation where he might have said cruel things to Noora when blinded by anger, he pushed himself away. It’s called self-preservation. He wasn’t shaming her for what happened. But it looked as though he felt that he failed her and himself and that he wasn’t going to let his walls down again.

Obviously that wasn’t the case.

I could list a thousand other moments where William was actually kind and tender to Noora when she was having an anxiety attack, when she was lonely. William’s reaction to Noora admitting she lied and didn’t testify against Niko is once again another reaction that shows he was sad and confused about a situation that caused so much tension between them. He hates his brother and hates what he has done to William’s relationship with Noora, and to Noora directly. Obviously, that news would mean he needed time to process.

Noora is a runner, as I’ve said before, and when she feels unloved (like she feels about her parents, or how she felt likely when Sana was being cold to her about Yousef) she runs, she steps away.

If you don’t believe me, just listen to Sana talk to Noora about half of the same shit above in S2. 

So please don’t try and come at me that you’re a victim of abuse so you’re the expert on William Magnusson. I’ve been verbally abused most of my life in a not so great family situation. My father is a manic-depressive and I have been scared for my mother on countless occasions. I have been verbally manipulated into making me feel as though I am to blame for things that I have not done. It has scarred me so much to this day that I still get anxiety during family get togethers.

I am in no way invalidating your abuse or your past. But looking at William, I don’t see a terrible person, a nasty person, an abuser, a toxic white man. I see him as a man who very much cares for Noora Amalie and would do anything to protect her, anything that she asked of him. A man who is kind, silly, goofy, loving, and understanding, but with a past who he also has to overcome, and has been for the last several years.

So please don’t leave nasty comments on my page.


Nine to Five (Part 3)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

A/N: The response to Part 2 was absolutely out of this world. I couldn’t believe it, I’m so happy that people are loving this as much as I am writing it. Enjoy Part 3; Just a reminder that this is a drabble series so I’m not trying to make each part 2k long, this part is only 905 words so don’t bombard me with “why is it so short” drabble series

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Originally posted by wydobrien

Over a month has passed, the most amazing and exciting month of your life. Accepting the job to be Rosie’s nanny was definitely the best thing you’ve ever done. She was a wonderful, adoring little girl that deserved the best in life, and you were determined to give it to her; along with the help from Stiles, who you would willingly give the award for Best Father within a beat of the heart. He had so much time for his daughter even with working a full time job, he never came home grumpy or too tired to spend time with her. Every time you left the house in the evening, he had her cooped in his arms.

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❝ I never asked to be who I am. ❞

Plot: You’re in love with Jaebum but he’s a DemiGod and you’re scared his father could get mad with him becuase he loves a human. 
Scenario inspired by this moodboard: “You don’t even know me”

Pairing: JaebumxReader

Words count: 1,8k+

Genre: Fantasy!Au 

For our -B. I hope you like it cutie; M. ♥

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! 

“Leave me alone”.

“What is your problem?” He asked with a doubtful expression; “Is there something you’re not telling me?”  

“Jeabum I’m just stressed.” You murmured, your voice were tired and you were avoiding his gaze.  

You felt his gaze upon yourself, was aware that he was following each move of your and it was only a matter of time before he found out what was the real reason of your bad temper.  

You threw yourself on the bed, hiding your face under the pillow and trying not to think about what you had read in those days, completely covertly to Jaebum.  

You wanted to learn more about that world and did not liked what you had discovered.  

“Y/N.. What’s going on? ”  

You felt his hot hand on your belly while his fingers began, idly, stroking your pale skin. That simple contacted provoked you a twinge of pleasure, which sprang through your body leaving you a feeling of peace and tranquility.  

“What’s the matter?” He asked again, leaning his soft lips against your ear.  

He was playing dirty and you now had learned to know him. So as you realized you could not stand up to him in those moments.  

“Nothing Jaebum, the study is stressing me out. That’s it. ” Broken voice and this time not by concern.  

Jaebum’s hand continued its exploration on your skin and a little moan of pleasure left your lips that you began to bite in trying to remain silent.  

His fingers began to caress the fabric of your bra under your t-shirt, so you opened your eyes only to lower your face and watch him carefully. His smile was hypnotic on his face and you wondering when you’d finally found the strength to get used to that beauty.  


“Jaebum… you’re playing dirty. ”  

“I like to do it.” He hummed, raising himself quickly and putting himself on you. He kept shifting on the handheld, as if it was like no effort in doing so, while his leg tucked into yours and widened them, leaving the space to get comfortable. His body was completely adherent to yours and the heat that you felt from his skin being bestowed on you, making you tremble visibly.  


“Tell me, baby.” His low voice struck your skin near your ear; “You know you can talk about everything.” He added, touching your lobe with the tip of his tongue.  

“Please.. I don’t want to talk about it. ”  

A groan of disapproval left his mouth, while with his teeth started to nibble your lobe and a few moments later came down on your neck. The part he loved to torture the most; since you two had started that strange but intense relationship.  

His tongue caressed the points where the teeth were slightly sunk into your flesh, while your body started to react with no more control.  


“I’m just worried about you.”  

“It’s okay, I swear.” That was a lie, but you didn’t want to worry him too; “But this won’t help me. I should study.. ”  

“Mmh.. study can wait. ”  

And it would wait.  


“Your screams have been up in my room, Y/N”.  

Your best friend had no problem getting noticed certain things, and at that time your wish was to disappear. Your face was completely bordeaux with shame, so you sank your head behind the book, trying somehow to avoid her questioning.  

“Y/N.. How many times did you do sex tonight? ”  

“I haven’t counted…”  

“BUT THAT GUY IS INSATIABLE!” She yelled upset, making turn three students and in unison, they told her to keep quiet.  

You, on the other hand, were even more embarrassed and would have killed her.  

More than insatiable, Jaebum had a different strength and it was all due to his nature as a Demigod. You know how he kept his strength with you because he is always scared to hurt you and it was one of the many things that you liked.  

“Could you concentrate on studying?” You mumbled, lifting slightly your eyes; “You know in a library it’s a habit to study ”  

“Sorry sorry… It’s that… Jeez… I envy you a lot. ”  

“Believe me. Right now I don’t envy me for anything. ”  

Your best friend’s gaze moved towards the direction in which yours was fixed.  

There was a man in his fifties, incredibly fascinating, looking right towards you.  

And you always hoped to avoid that day but no one had heard your prayers and had put you in front of one of the biggest problem in your life.  

“Do you know him?”  

You nodded, closing the book and murmuring to her not to wait but to run straight at home. You did not know what was going to happen and did not want to expose the true nature of Jaebum arguing with his father in front of your best friend.  


His look was severe, almost gruff, while you sat on a bench sheltered by a large willow tree that completely hides the view from the outside.  

You were looking at him, sitting on the side of the bench well away from him. He aroused fear and you think it is normal. He is Zeus not a man as others.  

Yet you could not believe you were face to face with the father of all Gods because until a few months earlier you even believed in the existence of those Gods.  

“What do you want from me?”  

“I knew from my drifter and disrespectful son that he has a girlfriend. You. ”  

You gulped, looking into his eyes, hoping that the conversation did not turn … In your death, for example.  

The voices of some girls, cheerful and carefree, came from behind the tree and made you jump so much that his big hand was instantly on your wrist, preventing you from falling from the bench. Immediately you freed your wrist from his grip, and thank him with a slight nod of your head.  

You did not like being touched, especially not from a stranger that might kill you at any moment.  

“You want to punish him for this? For being in love with a human? ” You asked with a small voice; “Don’t hurt him. He doesn’t deserve that, he’s a good guy. ”  

“Good guy. He is a Demigod and doesn’t behave as such. ” The contempt in his voice was a lot and you feel a pinch of nuisance, perfectly hidden behind your neutral expression.  

“You don’t even know him. You’re always on that mountain, watching us from above, without the slightest regard for his life. You know nothing about him, so why should he simply please you? He’s raised as a human, not as a God. ”  

“But it’s what he is.”  

“Only for a half part. ” You corrected him, emphasizing those two words with vehemence.  

Your meeting was not going well and you could see perfectly, even just by looking at his eyes.  

“He can’t be with you.”  


“Why? Like you said, you are a simple human. ” He struck with a hint of sarcasm, making you feel useless and inadequate.“ He will have to follow in the footsteps that I dra–”  

“Drawn to him. Still, father, I don’t have any intention to follow your path. ”  

You’ve never enjoyed the sudden appearances of Jaebum, always ready to scare you, but at that moment he seemed almost a gift of fate. Immediately you approached him, by apologizing with your eyes while he caressed your left cheek with his thumb.  

“I’m sorry ..”  

“You don’t have anything to be sorry for. Stay behind me, I got him. ” He reassured you with one of his beautiful smiles;“ You don’t have to be afraid. ”  

Right away you hid behind him, laying your hands on his hips and moving slightly your head to the side. You were still curious to see what would happen even if you were extremely scared for Jaebum. You do not want something happens to him, not because of you.  



“I would be happy if the next time you come on Earth, you let go of my girl.” He started saying with calm, emotionless tone. “Because bother me that someone bothering her while I cannot be with her.”  

“You know that this relationship shouldn’t exist.”  

“I never asked to be who I am.”  

“Jaebum… Don’t make him angry, please.. ” You murmured into his ear, clutching the shirt to keep him in any way. “He is a God.”  

“Don’t worry, baby.”  

Zeus’ gaze rested on you two again, starting to weigh what they could see.  

You lifted your gaze, meeting his stern eyes, and feeling an icy chill of fear throughout your spine. You hid even more behind Jaebum’s body, who seemed to sense your fear and for this he moved most fast, covering you totally.  

“Don’t touch her. ”  

“I won’t.” Zeus said after a few minutes of silence; “Maybe, thinking about it and seeing how you protect her, this relationship could bring its pluses.”  

“Then… so won’t you do anything to Jeabum??” You asked in a surge of courage, in the hope of a positive answer.  

The man shook his head, smiling slightly but continued to be incredibly intimidating. Jaebum, you could feel under the touch of your hands, remained tense and watched his father defiantly.  

“Jaebum”. You were worried, your voice the clear symbol of your nervousness.  

“Promise me you won’t interfere.” Jaebum said with calm, looking his father into the eyes.  

“I’ll not touch her. But you should remember who you are. ”  

“Don’t worry, you’re always here to let me remember. ” The sarcasm was obvious in those few words and you felt, even more, fear looking his father.  

Jaebum turned to you, looking at you with sweetness. “Stop instigating him.” You mimed with your soft lips but his answer was an amused wink, returning to watch his father much calmer.  

“Promise me.”  

“You don’t trust my words?”  

“On balance, father, you don’t know me like I don’t know you. So yes, I don’t trust your words.”  

“None of us are going to hurt her.”  

“You better, father.”  

The man greeted you with a nod and then in a sudden flash of lightning disappeared completely, leaving you breathless.  

So it was that way that gods disappeared? You did not know, but without asking leaned your head against Jaebum’s shoulder, sighing with relief.  

“Did he hurt you?”  

“No Jae.”  

“That’s what you were worried about? You were afraid he could hurt me if he knew about us? ”  

Your silence was a befitting answer for him, so he turned and squeezed you into his arms. They were welcoming, so you fixed your body in that embrace. There was calm at that moment, while he continued to caress your hair leaving it to slip through his fingers.  

“You have to tell me everything, all right?” He ordered, having a sweet tone. “You don’t have to hide anything, especially what’s bothering you.”  

“Mmh …”  

“Don’t be like that with me, Y/N I love you and I just want to make you happy, Gods and Demi-God excluded. I don’t care about them. ”  

“I don’t want you to get hurt because I’m a simple human..”  

“But you’re the only one who can destroy me, Y/n. No Gods can hurt me as much as you can do. ”

I. and when you kiss me, i am happy enough to die

Maven avoids tapping his fork against his plate.

It was a habit of his. The chink, chink, chink was grating on most people’s ears but strangely calming to him. The sounds of metal had always been fairly appealing to him, smooth and ringing. Lucky for him. Tomorrow Evangeline Samos, with her coy smile and easy metalbending, will probably be announced Cal’s consort, and then he would never be without the sounds of metal again.

Well. Until he was king. Even then, that is debatable. Evangeline is a strong possibility for marriage, after all, her family is powerful and influential enough to be very worth marrying into. He lifts his hand to tap his fork against his plate again, then thinks better of it and starts carefully cutting into the sirloin laid out in front of him.

Maven glances to his father.

Drunk, probably. Or at least halfway there. Elara Mother casts him a scrutinizing look when he calls for more water. She knows what he’s doing, but he knows that in the end it doesn’t really matter.

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I’ve found you at last

part 1 + ao3

The papers arrive in a manila folder, hand-delivered by the lawyer Nomi found and Lito hired, a small balding man with a terrible French accent when he speaks English. Kala leads him to the small office, grateful for the Cluster packed as silently as possible in the living room. She doesn’t want to have to explain why she shares an apartment with a dozen other people from all over the world, not when she is about to do something as important as this. Only Riley and Wolfgang are by her side when the lawyer goes through all the papers she needs to read and check and sign, initials and dates she scribbles at the bottom of each page.

It was settled that Rajan would leave her the Parisian apartment if she didn’t ask for anything else, and Kala had too eagerly agreed. Everything else had been done peacefully, through his lawyer and hers, emails sent back and forth halfway across the world during a week or so before the official papers were written, printed, and ready to be sent to a judge.

Hollywood movies Capheus insists on watching had prepared her for more trouble than her divorce turns out to be.

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Home (Part 6) // Stiles Stilinski

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6 (FINAL)

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles x reader
Word Count: 3,349
Warnings: Angst, cussing
Request from @a-queen-is-better-than-king:  “Hi could you do an imagine where the reader is Deucalion’s daughter and she leaves with him but returns to beacon hills. And she goes to see stile but it’s not really him it’s the nogitsuni. And since he was to feel pain he breaks her heart and tries to make her loose control please and thank you”

A/N: Here is it, folks. The final installment of Home! It only took me about a year to write six measly chapters to a story heh … enjoy! Thanks for all the support! I gotta say, I am pretty pleased with how this turned out so I hope y’all feel the same way!

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Escape; pt. 9 (final)

Reader x Jungkook // (???)!AU // 6311 words

Originally posted by donewithjeon

Summary: Everyone has a number over their heads that says how useful they are to society from 0-100. You have a number ‘4’. You leave the city for some peace but you meet your cocky neighbor who seems to get on your nerves.

Genre: Fluff? 

Y/LN refers to your last name/family name

A/N: I’m so sorry it took me so long hehe but yeah. Alright guys it’s for real the last chapter haha. It’s been such a ride, love you all (’: As always, feedback is welcome!

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5  // Part 6 // Part 6.5 // Part 7 // Part 8 


“You,” The officer says turning to face Jimin and Jimin freezes, pure horror settling onto his features. “Come out. You’ve got a visitor.”

Jimin scrambles to his feet and almost runs out of the cell. He breathes out a sigh of relief when the officer slaps on the handcuffs again. He’d never thought he’d be glad to feel the cold metal on his wrist again.

The officer guides Jimin to the interrogation room once again and Jimin feels his heartbeat finally return to its normal pace. Jimin hoped that the officer would let him stay in the room a little longer considering that it was probably his lawyer who had come to see him.

The officer uncuffs Jimin and Jimin strolls in the room. He glances at the young man before him and approaches the chair cautiously. That’s not my lawyer.

Jungkook quickly rises to his feet and bows slightly at Jimin.

“Hi, Jimin,” He says timidly. “I-I’m Jungkook.”

“Yes, I recognize you,” Jimin replies with a smile. “How did you get in here? I thought they only allow family or lawyers,” He whispers.

“I… I called in a favour,” He whispers in return. He clears his throat before beginning, “Look Jimin, I want you to know that I wasn’t part of any of—“

“I know,” Jimin interrupts. “Your father and brother dealt with me directly, so…”

He felt an overwhelming sense of need to bombard Jimin with questions about you. If you had said where you were going or if you looked alright. You, you, you but he knew that would do him no good. He still needed to figure out how to convince you of his innocence.

“Jimin, you have to tell me what’s going on because I’m so lost and everything’s kind of just… going wrong so please,” Jungkook begs.

Jimin lets out a deep sigh. “Basically your family has dirt on me and used it against me to try to access the factory floorplans for Y/LN Logistics,” He explains. “Diadem was the security code in place to keep the plans safe. So, they somehow figured out that Y/N knew the code and hoped that you did. They got the code, I entered it, things went wrong and here we are,” Jimin says all in one breath.

The two of them sit in silence for a while as Jungkook attempts to process everything he just heard.

“Okay, wait… okay… but do you know a guy named Hoseok? That Y/N dated once but I mean I found out he also—“

Hoseok? Why does that name sound so familiar? Then it clicks. Hoseok.

“You mean Jung Hoseok? The one that works for your father?” Jimin asks.

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“Wait what does he have to do with this?”

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The Boy Trapped in Shadow

Based on this imagine over at @imaginexhobbit

Kili x Reader

Warnings: FEELS. Self-esteem issues.

Word count: 1,557

Note: I read this post and then wrote this and I am so sorry.

The child wails, coaxing you none too gently from your sleep.

“I’ll see to him, Y/N,” Kili murmurs as soon as you hoist yourself up from your pillow; he leans over, pressing a kiss to your forehead before rising from the bed with a soft groan. “Don’t worry yourself, I’ve got him.”

Once more, your cheek hits the pillow and, despite trying your hardest while Kili was changing the baby, you lay wide awake as he settles into the chair near the bed, your infant son cooing in his arms.

“Now, we must be quiet,” you hear him whisper. “Yes, we must because your Amad is sleeping. She works so hard for us, you know, and deserves all the peace she can get.”

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anonymous asked:

1/4 So I had a lovely little thought. I love Toshinko, the idea of Ace!Toshinori and that he doesn't fall in love until after he's retired. He has time to focus on other things aside from his work. When it happens he thinks there's something wrong with him. He goes to Chiyo to see if it's his health declining. When Toshi is told it's something completely different he's a little scared. He has no idea how crushes work and ends up asking around for advice.

2/4 What he gets is a mixed bag of answers that leaves him wanting to stop having a crush altogether because of how damn complicated this stuff is. Toshi won’t admit who he has a crush on. He’s smart enough to know that it’s probably a big ‘no’ to feel something like that for one of your student’s parents. He goes about things pretending that there’s nothing to worry about. Maybe not realizing that he and Inko are steadily getting closer.

¾ It’s Inko that asks if he likes her, not an easy feat for someone as shy as she is. Accepting his own feelings by this point he admits it. Inko feels something for him too with how he’s been there for Izuku and their relationship as an unconventional family as well. Only problem is, Inko’s still married. While Hisashi isn’t really in their lives it’s hard to let go. Whether it’s out of shame or something else. Toshi feels like an idiot and Inko feels guilty.

4/4 While they agree to not pursue their feelings it’s not as easy as that to squash them. They still like each other a lot and have gotten a bit too comfortable with each other. Izuku would probably be quick to notice the sudden distance between them and start to worry. Had something bad happened? Was it something he had done? What can he do to try to fix this? (Sorry for the big ask! m(_ _ )m )


Ace Toshinori gives me life, tbh. And I really like the idea of him not falling for anyone before he retires. I have to say that the idea of him going to Recovery Girl to see if something is wrong with him made me laugh. When he explains how he’s feeling she just kind of looks at him over the top of her glasses and says that it sounds like he developed a crush on someone, not that he’s physically ill. Toshinori is shocked because yes, he isn’t feeling bad (the opposite, actually) but it’s definitely weird and he doesn’t know how to deal with it. 

GOSH CAN YOU IMAGINE HIM TALKING TO HIS FELLOW TEACHERS AND TRYING TO GET ADVICE. Mic says that doing fun things with them is the best way to go about dealing with crushes. Aizawa (I headcannon him as aromantic and asexual) just says something along the lines of not pushing too far and shrugs. Midnight says that the best part of any romantic relationship is ‘exploring’ and Toshinori doesn’t push for details. Nedzu goes into a very long lecture and Toshinori forgets most of it. But he thinks he gets the point - romantic relationships are very complicated and he’s glad he hasn’t had to worry about them for a very long. Whenever they ask who he has ~feelings for~ he can feel his face turn completely red and he never answers. 

He might try to pretend everything in normal where it concerns Inko, but he has A TIME with it. He knows how to conceal information and can be stealthy when a situation calls for it, but in this case he has to ‘act like usual,’ which is VERY HARD BECAUSE THIS ISN’T THE USUAL. HELP. (He feels very much like the fluffed-up otter pup left screaming on the top of a lake while his feelings dive down SOMEWHERE HE DOESN’T FULLY UNDERSTAND. x)

Inko asking if he likes her is very relieving. He’s not a liar, and maybe putting it out there will help. Inko isn’t shocked to hear that he does have feelings other than platonic for her - she’s an old hat when it comes to romance, after all, and Toshinori, bless his heart, couldn’t quite pull off his act. She tells him that she has feelings for him as well, and then the conversation stalls.

She told him a while ago about Hisashi, about their agreement - she raises Izuku on her own while he works overseas. They both know that what they have can’t go very far. Toshinori feels like an idiot - falling for his successor’s mother was hardly a wise thing to do, and she’s still married at that. Inko feels guilty and confused. Hisashi isn’t around, but the relationship they had was a good one. But … was time romaticizing their marriage? He hadn’t been around in years, had stopped calling soon after he was settled overseas. Izuku could hardly remember anything about his father, beyond what she told her son herself. But she’s still technically married to him, and doesn’t feel like she’s in any position to act outside of her legal marriage. They both agree to not allow whatever this is to go any further.

Izuku instantly notices the way they act differently around each other. There’s a distressing distance between the two of them, and they stick to ‘safe’ conversation topics, like his training or the weather. Before they had been growing closer, becoming friends, laughing and telling jokes. Izuku briefly wonders if Toshinori told her the secret of One-for-All, but that idea is quickly discarded. His mom would have talked with him if that were the case. The only other reason he can think of is that it was, somehow, his fault.

He tries to fix it, talking to both his mom and All Might about the other. The only real thing that he notices after his efforts is that they act a lot more awkward, not looking directly at the other and leaving their sentences open. Eventually Toshinori and Inko have to both agree that just avoiding it isn’t helping Izuku in the slightest, and may in fact be actively worrying the boy. 

They talk again.They agree that what they’re doing right now isn’t helping anyone, and it hurts both of them to be so distant with someone they’ve become friends with. They decide to not make any actions that the either is uncomfortable with, while still enjoying each other’s company like they had before. Inko voices the option of contacting Hisashi. It’s something that should have been done a long time ago, quite frankly, and now she has even more incentive to contact her legal husband. 


Tomorrow, When the War Began

So, this is my Klaroline fusion with an Australian series of seven books by John Marsden. It was also made into a film at one point and now a TV series apparently. This is my first foray into sci-fi. All chapter titles from the awesome soundtrack.

Caroline Forbes takes a post-graduation camping trip in the mountains with her friends only to return to nothing and no one. Can she find out what’s happened, especially with arrogant Klaus Mikaelson along for the journey

Chapter 1: Steer

Feel it falling off like clothing, taste it rolling on your tongue. See the lights above you glowing and breathe them deep into your lungs (Missy Higgins)

Storm Lake - IA

“May he rest in peace,” Bonnie murmured, looking at the fresh grave sombrely. The others in the circle had their heads bowed and eyes downcast, even Klaus.

Caroline watched stoically as Elijah shovelled the last of the dirt atop the makeshift grave. She had been playing with her beloved dog Jesse only four days earlier and now he was dead. How she had no idea. Caroline had found his lifeless body on the driveway and had run inside to rouse her parents but Liz and Bill had vanished. To where she had no idea either.

Looking back she realised just how young and naïve she’d been up until this point. Caroline’s biggest worry was passing her final exams and graduating with the rest of her class. Once she achieved both of those things, Caroline was looking forward to a lazy summer with friends before her interstate college experience began. Little did she know what and who was about to come for them.

When she’d tried to call for help, Caroline discovered the electricity was cut, the house phone line dead and their cell reception was non-existent. It was frightening, paralysing and eerie all at the same time. If only she could go back.

Six days earlier….

“It’s our last summer in town dad, the least you can do is let me take the jeep for a camping trip,” Caroline pleaded. “Anyway, it’s only four days, what’s the worst that could happen?” Famous last words in hindsight.

She was almost 18 years-old and it felt so juvenile to beg. She was headed to North Western University in a few months and the least she deserved was some form of reprieve from her parents over-protectiveness. In all of Storm Lake, Caroline had lucked out, being the only daughter of the town’s most prominent lawyer and the local sheriff.

Her best friends would tease her mercilessly, especially rebellious Katherine who would constantly flaunt the rules and sneak out with local boys past curfew. Caroline was jealous of her supposed freedom until her parents had decided to send her to boarding school in Des Moines. Caroline wasn’t quite sure how sending her to a big city with more than her fair share of guys was considered a punishment.

She’d been sad to lose her friend so suddenly at the start of senior year but at least she still had Bonnie. Well, that’s what she thought until the Mikaelson family arrived and threw their small town into a spin. The younger brother Kol had taken an immediate liking to Bonnie and they’d spent their time getting to know each other very well as it turned out. She’d been gushing to Caroline about her first time only days earlier.

There was no doubting their looks were impressive but Caroline decided early on that his brother Klaus Mikaleson was missing the personality gene unlike his sweet talking brother. He kept to himself, barely managing a mumble of response to anyone, too caught up in his art apparently. Bonnie had shared that Klaus resented his geologist father for bringing them to town for field research after growing up in busy London.

His oldest brother Elijah was already attending college at Princeton and their youngest sister Rebekah was at an exclusive music academy in Switzerland, leaving the two brothers in Iowa. Unlike Kol who’d made it his social responsibility to fit in, Klaus had chosen to keep his distance during his final year and Caroline wasn’t complaining. It was guys like that who weren’t worth her attention. Well, that’s what she told herself anyway. The only annoying and equally irresistible part was those dark, blonde curls and crimson lips that had a tendency to curl upwards into an annoying smirk when she passed him in the halls.

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anonymous asked:

I saw on tumblr a part of a comic where Raph is upset because he is craving a mother figure but none of his brothers seem to care, but April is there to comfort him. Besides seeing that, I wouldn't have pegged him down to crave a mother figure. What are your thoughts on him and his family craving a mother and closeness?

Hi there, anon! First off, I assume this is the comic part you’re talking about:

We’re gonna get to that real soon.

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Unwanted (part 3)

Summary: The reader is kidnapped by Hydra and finds out that she is Tony Stark’s daughter. She is taken under the wing of the Avengers with Bucky and Steve acting as her protectors. The reader discovers the truth about her family while trying to grieve over the death of her mother, who died during the events in Sokovia. Will she be able to forgive the people responsible for her mother’s death? Will she survive the danger that has fallowed her all her life?

Bucky X Reader X Steve

Words: 1422

Part 1 Part 2

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Anonymous said: Do you think if Claire found out that Jamie was alive after Brianna’s birth would she go back? Or would she wait a couple of years for Bree to grow up then go?

Another great ask from another great Anon! 

And another question I have a very distinct vision for that fanfic writers are welcome to take and run with (and if anyone decides to do so, please tag me so I can read it). 

There are so many aspects to this question that affect what I think would happen but since some aspects deal with spoilery plot points that do appear in the series, I’m going to throw it under a cut (it’s also kind of long).

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What Child Is This?

This is my @onceuponasecretsanta gift for @optimistof30thstreet. I hope you had a very good Christmas and have a Happy New Year! 

I know in the teaser the baby’s name was “Maria” but that was really just a placeholder name. I’ve changed it to Hazel. 

Hazel’s cries woke Regina. She rolled over, groaning when she saw her clock reading 3:30 AM. Beside her, Robin shifted. “I’ll get her,” he said, voice thick with sleep.

“No,” she croaked, patting his arm. “You’ve taken this feeding all week.”

“Because you were up early and home late. You needed the rest.”

She smiled, sitting up. “And I can sleep in in the morning. So let me go and you get some rest. Got it?”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” he sassed, giving her a bright smile. He closed his eyes as Regina wrapped herself in her robe. Before she even reached the bedroom door, his soft snores filled the room.

Regina padded down the hall to the nursery, walking into the room they had hastily thrown together when Emma had accelerated little Hazel’s entrance into the world. Over the past couple months, though, the family began to properly decorate the room for her. The walls were painted a light pink and an apple tree had been added by Robin when she wasn’t home. Henry had written parts of everyone’s stories in fancy gold wording around the tree, which had touched Regina when she saw it. Roland’s contribution was the little plaster sign with “Hazel” painted on it in childish lettering that hung over the girl’s crib. She herself had added a roaring lion on the headboard as a tribute to Robin.

Hazel’s cries died down to whimpers when she saw Regina, who picked her up. “I know, baby girl, you’re hungry. Let’s go downstairs and I’ll fix that, okay?” Regina soothed.

Once the bottle was made, Regina carried Hazel into the living room. She clicked on the Christmas tree and let its multicolored lights illuminate the darkened room. Regina positioned herself on the couch so that Hazel could watch the lights, which they learned since putting up the tree fascinated the young girl.

As Hazel watched the tree, Regina watched her. She was three months old and starting to settle into her looks. Her eyes had stayed blue, clearly her father’s rather than her mother’s. Both Regina and Robin had been relieved about that, though guilty that they had doubted if they could love her if she had Zelena’s eyes. There were a few more things that they could trace to Robin but not much they recognized from Zelena. And Mary Margaret swore Hazel had Regina’s smile and nose. “It’s possible,” she had said. “You’re her aunt so she could have some traits from you.”

But her hair puzzled everyone. When they had left the hospital with her, Hazel had brown hair that had seemed closer to Robin’s color than Zelena’s. When they returned from the Underworld, they had been surprised to find it had darkened drastically. Henry had held her and said, “It almost looks like your color, Mom.”

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For the First Time

A/N:  this is based off of a request I got from @alexstarnes1701, sorry it took so long to do this! This was fun to write aha, hope you like it!

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3153

Warnings: Language, mentions of alcohol, smut, unprotected sex, also it’s unbeta’d


You looked over at Dean as he restlessly kept tapping on the sides of the steering wheel of his car as he sped down the road leaving Lebanon, Kansas. The pair of you were off to your parents’ house in Lawrence and you could tell Dean was a little on edge and nervous about the whole idea of meeting your parents for the first time, not that he was openly willing to admit it.

You’d told him you were more than happy to go by yourself, it was just going to be a small family get together to celebrate your parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. But, he insisted on coming with you- he said things were seemingly quiet on the monster front and there were no current cases around that needed either of your help. Sam seemed keen on the idea of Dean joining you as well, reassuring you both that if there was any sign of trouble, he’d call first thing.

So, here you were, heading off to see your parents for the first time in months.

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Okay everyone. Breathe.

Take a deep breath and–


But I will get to that in a moment because quite honestly, this chapter was all around amazing and has left me with some questions!

Lets start with Makarov:

If you take into consideration how upset Makarov was about not being able to use Lumen Histoire and not having the resolve to not only protect all of his little brats but the entire world, this is pretty telling. He does not feel he has the right to be the master of a guild, and he has failed them multiple times. If were Makarov, I would feel pretty bad and like a failure because had I not cast Lumen Histoire and there were no dragons, everyone would be dead. It was a stroke of luck, and luck is not what protects and upholds a guild.

It is only appropriate that this will and feeling is reflected in Laxus.

Right now, Makarov has no one to fulfill his place and yet, he feels he has long since been out of his prime and in need of a successor. Gildarts left and Laxus is still not ready and slightly tainted by the Fighting Festival fiasco. He has no one left, and Makarov has to make a decision concerning the brokenness of his brats, his failure to them and their city, and the destruction has occurred on his watch.

So he disbands the guild, knowing his brats are all in different places of despair and there is seemingly no reason to rebuild something he cannot protect. The darkness of Fairy Tail– their Lumen Histoire– is it’s most powerful and darkest kept secret, and only those who have the power, integrity and resolve to weild it are fit to become Master of the guild. There is no one he can entrust that to and he has failed himself, even with Mavis’s words that it must not have been time for such a spell.

My assumption is that Lumen Histoire encompasses all of the darkness of Fairy Tail– maybe something related to Zeira or whatever occurred between Zeref and Mavis, some deep seated rage that is the only magic that is known to be able to defeat Zeref. Mavis has always opposed Zeref and Zeref was locked on Tenroujima along with her, so I am sure Lumen Histoire was created to defeat the darkest and most evil of all magics. It must be equally as dark and devastating.

What Makarov has in his hands is a guild of broken people whom he cannot protect that will all go their separate ways to discover who they are, what their purpose is and how they wish to go forward. They are always Fairy Tail mages, but without a central location. He is bowing out, but I don’t think this is forever. 

I fully expect Laxus to be the one to pull Fairy Tail back together because of the resolve he stated above to become more because he cannot protect what he cares about. We saw in the GMG his passion for his “family” of Fairy Tail, which is the exact same way Makarov views them, and it would be a fitting resolution to Laxus’s story of redempetion to draw back together that which he once sought to destory. He is a mage all of the members of Fairy Tail look up to.

I don’t think Fairy Tail is gone forever, because of Doranbolt.

What was the point of showing Doranbolt the truth of his position with the guild he can’t seem to escape (which I felt was so good because everything about him as Mest in Tenroujima felt so off and this really clears that up a lot– surprising, but definitely something I am glad to have had happen), only to tell him it was pointless because Fairy Tail is disbanded? I think this is to show the true power of family– this is the time for the brats to save Makarov and for them to usher in the new generation Mavis spoke about at the end of the GMG. 

It is also important to remember Makarov stated everyone has chosen their own paths. 

Laxus has set his resolve to stop holding back and allow himself to admit he cares (he hugs his team, calls himself pathetic, and states being that way cannot allow him to protect what he cares about). He is about using his powers to protect, allowing himself to admit what he cares about truck forward to protect and keep close that which matters. 

Then you have Wendy:

This page pretty much says everything I felt– the short hair for Wendy was not as climatic as it should have been and did not have the same effect of other similiar sacrifices in other series, such as Sakura cutting her hair in the Forest of Death in Naruto. It did signify a change in Wendy, but she has gone back to her usual appearance with a bit more resolve.

Gajeel is definitely not himself, for all his big talk about sending the dragons off with resolve and his bantering with Metallicana, he is truly upset about losing his dragon. I expect him to play a big part in what will happen next, and I do not expect Levy to leave his side. Her concern is palpable, and more than ever Gajeel needs her.

Erza has suffered terrible tortures that brought back horrendous memories for her, and here we see how a simple comment from Jellal seems to be the only reminder she needs that she is redeemable and so much more than anything that occur to her. He is making the best of his life as he can with what he has done, and she should do the same.

Also, the conversation with the Oracion Seis solidifies that Jellal’s distant and yet ability to appear right when Erza needs him (emotionally needs him) deals with Love. He wants nothing but the best for Erza and at the moment does not feel he is int he place to offer her what she deserves.

It’s unspoken.

Apparently, the same with Wendy’s hair, Mashima didn’t feel any need to address Minvera’s demonification which I find completely okay. Minerva is a completely different woman now thanks to the same power of Fairy Tail that was what changed the minds of Sabertooth and gave them the influence to recreate themselves. I am glad she is back.



Gray has gone to visit the grave of his family, added his father’s name, and Juvia has followed him– probably all the way to a different continent (I cannot remember off the top of my head if his home was somewhere else or not– but judging by the snow here and lack of snow where everyone else is I assume so). He is shocked to see her and I would venture to say a little unnerved and upset, but unlike usual Juvia fashion she starts off apologizing.

I am sure it took all of her resolve to follow him, and even more to finally step up to him and tell him what happened. If it has been a week, Juvia must have seen him in the time between and been unable to say what she needed to say.

This is pretty powerful. Not only is Juvia obviously ridden with guilt, she knows that telling Gray this will change everything. She has already convinced herself she has no right to his heart and is preparing to step away with all the cards laid out on the table. That not only shows how much she respects Gray, but also how sincere her feelings are. This isn’t about her. This is about him and how betrayed he will feel.

Gray knows already when she says she killed Keith that she was responsible for his father, but Gray doesn’t know that she knows that. You can tell by how he is not angry in these panels. He is looking straight at her– not like other panels where his emotions and Jvuia are involved, where he is not facing her or he bows his head to hide his eyes. 

Then Juvia says that she has no right to love him, and she drops the bomb.

She tells him that not only did she kill the necromancer (which Gray knew from the previous panel would have killed his father), but that she did it knowing it would kill Silver. She came to him apologizing with her heart out in the open and he is suddenly angry– his face goes dark, we lose the ability to see his eyes but he is still facing Juvia head on and she can see his face. He is mad.

Why is Gray mad? It’s a combination of things– the idea of Juvia being responsible for his is probably at first a feeling of deep betrayal, but so are her words to say she has no right to love him. He’s angry that she had to do it, and he’s angry that his own inability is what put her in that place. He’s mad that she would ever thing he would hold something like that against her. He grabs her, the same as he would someone he’s close to like Natsu or Lyon, prepared to tell her everything has to say– that she’s wrong, that she can’t say stuff like that, that she was the person he thought of last before he almost gave away his life and broke his promise of being with her in order to kill his father and he can’t. He’s angry because he chose to live so he wouldn’t have to see the tears of those he cared about and here is the woman he cares for the most crying and feeling as if she is to resign from him forever.

And his resolve shakes, because he cares. His father wanted nothing more than to be with his mother, and now he was. And Here is with the girl who he has spent so much time protecting, the one who has never given up on him– giving up on him.

She has done so much for him. It was Juvia who started to show him he did not have to do this thing called life on his own. It was Juvia who he wanted to protect– the same kind of protection his father wanted and failed to do for Gray and his mother. This is the Juvia who increases his power with her own, the girl who’s face broke his resolve in ending his life with casting Iced Shell. This is the girl who filled in for everything he failed to do and took on the guilt of ending his father’s life again by defeating a demon that nearly killed her.

He thanks her and then collapses into her and apologizes, over and over, for so many things. 

He is sorry his weakness put her in the position for having to kill his father. He is sorry for all the harsh things he has said to her. He is sorry he almost broke his promise to be with her. He is sorry he ever made her feel that his love was something she had to deserve and earn. To him Juvia has never been someone who had to earn anything– she deserved it and if anyone is weak, it was him for pushing her away.

The important thing to remember is that Makarov said all of the brats had chosen their path.




I am going to go out on a limb and say that Gray and Juvia are canon, because if this was the end to a series they would be. This is the first arc that did not end with Gruvia comedy. It ended with Gray unable to fight off his feelings anymore and with him succombing to the comfort of Juvia and then chosing to continue on with her. 

It ends with Lucy, broken and sincerely breaking my heart, running to find Natsu and Happy who were the ones who mad Fairy Tail into her home. She was precious enough to Natsu that she was the only one who he let know he was leaving and Natsu even said that was the hard part. I expect Lucy will find them; I do not want to think about where she will be without Fairy Tail and without Natsu. 

Natsu is END. Gray is going to destory END, and Juvia is with him. I expect Lucy will find Natsu. I expect this ending battle to be one of the most heartwrenching thing.

We thought Tartaros was bad? Just wait. It’s about to get even worse.

Flood my Mornings: Every Day and Everything

Notes from Mod Bonnie:

  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.
  • Previous installment: Fernacre (Jamie is surprised with an outing by Claire and ends up with a job).

Every Day and Everything 

Brianna, the light of his life, the joy of his heart, wrapped her arms around his neck in the sweetest of hugs, and declared:

“Peee-yooooo, Da!”

“Well, and ye dinna smell like a bed of roses yourself!” said Jamie, startled into laughter. He lifted her above his head and took a dramatic, tickling sniff. “Och, no, I’m forsworn: ye smell verra sweet, cub.” He kissed her repeatedly on the cheeks and neck until she began wriggling–giggling– to escape. “Ye’d best get accustomed to the smell o’ horses, a nighean.” He gave her one more noisy kiss and set her down. “Where’s your Mama, then?”

“In here,” came Claire’s voice from the kitchen, and Jamie’s whole body stiffened, as though reacting to a snapped twig in the dark. Was he only imagining that she sounded strange? Strained…worn…? Tired, perhaps? Well, and he was tired himself, was he not, after the day’s labor and the two long Car rides with Hank? Perhaps it had been a hard shift at the hospital today. Aye, surely that was it. Still, he followed Brianna into the kitchen somewhat braced. 

“Hello, there, sweetheart,” she said over her shoulder, reaching for salt with an apologetic, “Just one moment, alright?” She had already changed from her uniform into a cotton shirt and slacks and was stirring something on the Stove top. 

He came up behind her and placed a careful, tender hand on the small of her back. “It’s verra kind of ye to see to supper, Sassenach,” he said, genuinely thankful, as he knew cooking was not her joy.  

Penelope saw to it, truthfully,” she said deprecatingly, placing a lid on the pot and turning into his arms. “I’m just reheating.”

She did look tired, Jamie thought as she embraced him; or perhaps not tired, for he didn’t think lack of sleep had to do with it. She looked… subdued, and that troubled him all the more. Claire nearly always had a glint in her eye: from love, from excitement, from determination after some task needing to be done. In this moment, though, her arms wrapped about him, looking up into his face, she seemed glazed, distant, and Jamie had the distinct impression it was with some effort that she smiled warmly and asked, “Was it a good first day, sweetheart?”

“Aye, it was, at that.” He kissed her forehead and released her. He was still concerned, but did not wish to press her, and so sank down into one of the kitchen chairs.  “The tasks of conducting business havena changed o’ermuch in two hundred years, from what I’ve seen of it, at least as far as Fernacre is concerned. There are still ledgers to keep, inventories to maintain, records to properly file, and such. Made more telephone calls in one day than I thought I should make in a lifetime,” he said with a laugh, “but it got easier as the day went along.”

“Who were you having to phone?” she asked with the same note of forced cheer as she knelt to check on Bree, who was playing happily with George the toy rabbit on the floor next to the Frigidaire.

“Oh, well, mostly the folk from whom we purchase stock, so Tom could introduce me. The rapport makes a great deal of difference in transactions, ken. That was most o’ the morning. For a time, I was worried the whole of my position would entail sitting at the wee desk…” He paused for a moment, watching Claire’s back, which stayed (carefully?) turned to him as she went to wash her hands. “…but I did get outdoors for the afternoon, inspecting the stock and making my own notes about their ages and breeds and such–to determine what our purchasing priorities should be for the upcoming months; and then ended the day back indoors wi’ damn tedious invoicing,” he said, with a mock shudder he hoped would make her laugh.

She took the cue and chuckled, turning to face him at last, but the mirth had not reached her eyes. “Do you think you’ll enjoy the job, love?” she said, putting her hands in her wee pockets. “Think you can be happy in it?”

“Aye, I do,” he said with a smile, feeling a swell of excited contentment, despite his disquiet over her mood. “Aye,” he said, more emphatically, hoping to reassure her, just in case anxiety over his new position could possibly be the cause. “There’s plenty of the old world about it, but enough of the new to keep me learning.” 

“I’m so happy for you, sweetheart,” she said, bending down to kiss him, and Jamie could tell that she meant it.

Nonetheless, as she turned, when she surely thought he couldn’t see, he saw her face fall. “Claire, mo chridhe?” he said gently, catching her hand. “What’s happened?”

There was a moment when Jamie thought she was going to pull away and declare everything to be perfectly fine. He could see her mouth working in deliberation;  but as she turned to him, she seemed to deflate before his eyes. Without a word, she sank down onto his lap and put her arms around his neck, curling against him like a child.

Hey, now, hey,” he breathed, pulling her close against his chest. “Oh, my sweet lass…”

She wasn’t crying, just breathing heavily and clinging to him very tightly, burying her face in his neck and shoulder. “Just…hold me?” she said, voice tight.

“Always, mo nighean donn,” he said. He cupped her head and rested his lips in her hair, closing his eyes and rocking them gently, praying.

Ma-ma?” came a small voice a few minutes later, causing them both to open their eyes. Brianna was looking up with stricken concern and patting Claire’s bum. “Ma-ma? Ah-sad?”

Claire straightened a bit so she could reach down and touch Brianna’s cheek. “No, no, not sad, lovey. Mama just wanted to have a cuddle with Da.”

“M’okay, Sacknap!” the lass said, satisfied. After giving Claire a parting kiss on the footshe toddled off to resume her animated conversation with George. 

Jamie and Claire both watched her for a time as an excuse not to break the silence. Finally, though, Jamie squeezed his wife’s hip. “You are sad, though, aye?”

“Yes,” she whispered, after a long pause, not meeting his eye.

He kissed her cheek and temple, slowly. I’m here. I love you. Don’t be afraid, my love. “Tell me?” he said aloud. 

Slowly, without speaking, she reached into the pocket of of her trousers and pulled out an envelope.

Jamie inhaled sharply. “Jesus…He wrote back, then?”

Claire had shown him her letter before posting it, that second day together, the day before their wedding. With so much joy between them, it had seemed callow not to send a gesture of thanks to the man that had made their life-altering reunion possible; and yet each word had been a wound in her heart in the writing, no matter how genuinely she meant them.

July 7, 1950


I do not know if it is right for me to write you. You might prefer never to have cause to think of me again. I would not blame you, if so, and yet I felt I had to write to you to thank you for each and every one of the gifts that I learned about yesterday, when James Fraser appeared in my kitchen:

Your forgiveness in not pressing charges after what happened at Oxford (Jamie told me what happened, and how badly he must have injured you); the money and tickets (my God, the cost of these alone must have been exorbitant); the passport and birth certificate (I know you risked much in acquiring them: your position, criminal charges). 

And the trust for Brianna….Frank, this above all had me floored and in tears. Had you written to me of it before and I’d not seen, ignoring your letters? For the extravagance of this gift, for my shame at my own behavior, my conscience screams in my ear that I must refuse this, that it would be wrong to accept. Jamie, though, asks that I give you the gift of accepting your kindness; so, unless you should choose to rescind (which I give you full permission to do), I will say only thank you, THANK YOU, and God bless you for wishing to see to the care of my daughter. For the selfless love you showed toward the child that I promised you, then ripped away: I am grateful; I am touched; I am speechless.

What you did for Jamie, for me, was beyond what any person in your position would be obliged to do. Please know how deeply, utterly grateful I am for what you have done by giving Jamie the means to find me. You’ve given me my husband. You’ve given Brianna her father. Truly, you have given me more than I ever could have dreamed of, everything that I have mourned and buried. You’ve given me life again.

I’ve very nearly scratched that last paragraph out, for it must seem little more than salt in a wound, to prattle on about my happiness that came so directly at the expense of your own. So too does it feel woefully incommensurate with the deed. “Grateful”; “Touched”—these are flimsy, disgusting little words that do not begin to reflect the depth of my feeling; and yet I leave the above sentences where they stand, for it would be even more of a disservice to allow your actions to go down as casual good deeds or simple kindnesses.

You gave me everything, Frank. Everything. And whether or not my words can carry the intensity of how I feel today as I sit here writing to you, please hear me: I am eternally, brokenly, on my knees thankful to you.

And above all, I am sorry. I’m sorry for everything I took from you. Every minute. Every year. Past and future. For everything I did to hurt you, I’m so deeply, terribly, truly sorry.

You deserve far better, Frank, and I wish every happiness upon your life.


Jamie squeezed Claire tight with one arm and turned Frank’s reply over in his free hand. The flap was still sealed. He brought both arms around her and held her close for a long time before saying gently, “What is the worst that this letter could contain?”

“I don’t know,” she said, voice quavering.

“Ye do know.” He ran his fingers lightly over her back, speaking softly but without hesitation. “What is it ye fear he’s said, mo chridhe?”

“All the…I don’t know, Jamie, I just– had planned things so that we’d never speak again. Now, I have to…” She took a deep, ragged breath, “…face all the the terrible things he thinks about me…and the fact that they’re incontestably true.”

That she’d broken his heart thrice over and left him to pick up the pieces. Jamie remembered the rage and the pain in Frank Randall’s face. He knew the truth of how the man suffered.

“Could ye carry on,” Jamie asked with no trace of mockery, “if he told ye all his grievances against you?”

“Yes,” she said after a long silence.

He rubbed her hip slowly. “That is no’ to say it willna be painful…but you are strong enough, even for this.”

She nodded and took a deep breath. She took the letter from his hand and rose, walking over to the sink. There came the sound of ripping paper, the whifft of the letter being withdrawn. She stood hunched for a moment, steeling herself over the paper in her hand. Then, she turned and held it back out to him. “Will you read to me?”

Jamie took the letter and unfolded it, his heart racing, seeing at once that it was far shorter than her own message had been. God be with us, he prayed silently.

Dear Claire…” 

Jamie stopped and glanced up nervously.  She was leaned with her back against the counter facing him, but staring at the floor. He went on. 

Every day since we parted, I have grieved; I have wished; and I have raged.” 

“Jesus,” Claire whispered, squeezing her eyes tight as if to shut the pain out.


Jamie’s breath caught in his throat and he had to swallow hard before reading the next words.   

“…everything I have done since the day you and I met, I would do again, and gladly


Her head came up, stunned, and she made a small whimper, her eyes glassy with tears.

Jamie finished the letter very quietly. 

I wish every happiness for you, as well, Claire. And for your family. 



She put her face in both hands and wept, her strong, narrow shoulders hunched over with the immensity of Randall’s words.

Jamie stood and went to her, hugging her gently to him. “He wishes ye well,” he crooned. “You couldna wish for better than that, aye?”

She struggled to get a deep breath through the tears. “I really do want him to be happy–I do!” 

“I know….I know ye do,” he said, rocking her and smoothing her hair. 

“Until he's–happy–-finds someone who makes him–I’ll always feel…my fault…” She trailed off, crying harder. 

Jamie kissed her hair. “Ye canna hold yourself accountable for his happiness, Sassenach. We might pray for it, true, and we ought, but ye must release yourself from the burden of it.”

She nodded against his chest and let the rest of her tears fall silently against his chest, the peace of the kitchen disturbed only by the sounds of Brianna’s play at their feet.

Suddenly, Claire stiffened and pulled back to look him in the eye, her own wild. “I love you, Jamie,” she said, laying her cool hands on his face and giving him a little shake. 

“And I love you.“ 

“I love you,” she said again, insistently, almost violently, “—and I—I would never—” She shook her head, hard. “You should never think that—I could ever—” 

That she would ever do this to him. Leave him. Love another. 

“NO, mo ghraidh,” he said firmly. “NO. You loved Frank Randall; it would be wrong for either of us to pretend otherwise….but you’d never have left him if you’d had something like this between you…. God, never!” She dug her fingertips into his arms, lips working furiously as she tried to keep her emotion in check. "You and I,” he went on, “we’re different, aye? We’ve always been different. That kind of heartbreak…that damage and pain: they willna be for us, Claire. Not ever.” 

“But hhhow…” She exhaled heavily on the word, the pent-up distress rushing out of her, such that she had to gasp for air to speak. “…how can you be sure?”

“I’m sure of my own heart…and I’m sure of yours, mo chridhe. There’s nothing on earth to which I stake my faith more than that.” 

“Oh, Jamie,” she breathed, “Jamie, my love…I don’t want to believe we could ever–ever–” She made a sound of anger and pain in her throat. “But I thought I knew my own heart when I married Frank, too…and look at how…” She couldn’t finish the sentence, just clapped a hand over her mouth and shook with weeping. 

The lump in Jamie’s throat burned and choked him with doubt and fear (Jesus, could she)… 

…then vanished; utterly, completely vanished.  

“Ye ask me how I can be sure? Because the first time I took ye to the stones, after Cranesmuir, ye chose me, freely. You felt sorry about Frank, and couldna forget him entirely, true, but from then on, it was me…not him. Because the second time I took ye there, and ye went back to him, it was still me, aye?…even with him there and loving and willing before ye, ye loved me.”  He took her face, her lovely, red, tear-streaked face in both hands. “Because in life and death and beyond time, you’ve chosen to affirm that I’m yours just as you’re mine.”

He opened his mouth to speak the words, but they fell from her lips first. Their promise: 

“‘Til our life shall be done.”

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