she demands a book


“You―oh, I like you.“ 

 "Where is she?” Amren demanded. 

 Where is she where is she where is she 

“Get the Book out of here,” I said, dumping the piece onto the ground. I hated the touch of them, their madness and despair and joy. Amren ignored the order. “Where is she?” Amren said again, pressing a hand to Cassian’s ravaged back. I knew she didn’t mean Mor. 

As if my thoughts had summoned her, my cousin appeared―panting, haggard. She dropped to the floor before Azriel, her blood-caked hands shaking as she ripped the arrow free of his chest, blood showering the carpet. She shoved her fingers over the wound, light flaring as her power knit bone and flesh and vein together. 

“Where is she?” Amren snapped one more time.

[on No One Else] In the original off-off-Broadway run, there was a different song here: “If He Were Here Now.” It was very dear and pleasant, but after getting to know Phillipa Soo better it was very clear that she was a superstar and her voice demanded a better song. She had read the book during that first run, and so while getting ready for the Off-Broadway transfer we talked a lot about Natasha; Pippa in particular loved some earlier scenes in the novel that expressed Natasha’s philosophical and spiritual sense of wonder, full of joy and youth, a quality that draws all these people (including Andrey, Anatole, and Pierre) to her…so a lot of this text comes from those earlier scenes, highlighted in Pippa’s emails.
His Words

“I’m heading out!” Pietro calls out to his sister as he stands by the door to their apartment.

“Tell me you won’t be coming back later tonight,” Wanda demands almost immediately, her eyes laughing over the book she’s supposed to be reading even as Pietro pulls on his shoes. “You’re going past the point of pitiful, and into stalker territory, brother.”

“I am not-!” Pietro bites off his own words and ignores his sister’s laughter as he reaches for his jacket. “I have no idea what you’re talking about. Don’t hurt yourself studying.”

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When Yang walked into her English class that morning, she had not been expecting to see a book laying on the floor near her desk. She knew immediately that it wasn’t hers; there were no outrageous colors or swirling designs on the cover, or her name written out in marker on the front. No, the book in question was a notebook with a plain black cover, the spine cracked and worn from how many times it had been opened.

Curiosity piqued, Yang swiped the book from off of the floor and flopped down onto her seat, glancing around. No one was looking her way, no one was shouting “hey, that’s mine!” at her or demanding that she return their property. Satisfied, she turned back to the book and stared at it, fingers twitching with anticipation.

She shouldn’t…

But that nagging sense of curiosity poked and prodded at her, imploring her to just take a peek inside. Maybe the person who owns this wrote their name in it… Yeah. I’m just doing them a favor by checking so that I can return it to them, she thought. Feeling completely absolved of any guilt, Yang flipped open to the first page….

And came face to face with herself.

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Characters: Dean x Reader (frienship)

Words: 604

Request from anon:  “Could you do a Oneshot about Dean helping the reader past her feelings of not being good enough, because the readers parent make her feel like shes never good enough. And the reader is tough and has the same eye color as Dean. Also Happy Birthday on Sunday!!!”

Thank you for the birthday wishes! And I did like writing this, I’m sorry it’snot longer, I just couldn’t find another way to make it longer. I hope you like it. Enjoy!

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Fic: At Last

I was feeling a little nostalgic about Glee last night and I realized that I have never posted this fic on Tumblr. It’s dedicated to my friend Jess, and without further ado, here it is. AO3.

Based on this: “My little sister came home from school one day and demanded I take her to the library so she could get books on sign language. I asked why? She told me there was a new kid at school and she wanted to befriend him. Today, I stood beside her at their wedding, watching her sign I Do.”

Deaf!Kurt. *Note* : I am not an expert on sign or ASL.

Cooper often found himself laughing at his little brother, and today was no exception. Cooper watched from the kitchen window as Blaine excitedly bolted from the school bus, his Power Ranger light-up shoes sparkling with each pounding step. Seconds later, he heard the door fling open. “Mama!”

“Not here,” Cooper yelled back through a mouth muffled by peanut butter and jelly. He walked into the hallway where he was met with eager brown eyes, unruly curls, and an outfit that looked too clean for an eight year old returning from school. “What’s up, short stuff?”

Blaine frowned. “I’m not short.”

Cooper laughed and held his hand out above his brother’s head. “Sure.”

Blaine glared at Cooper for a moment before his face brightened again. “I wanna go to the library!”

“How’re you getting there?” Cooper asked as he shoved the rest of the sandwich into his mouth.

Cooper didn’t even have to look at his brother to know what he was doing. Blaine’s wide eyes were innocently gazing up at him, the corners of his mouth turned down just enough to puff his bottom lip out. “You?”

Blaine’s brother laughed and turned around. “Fat chance.”

A defiant voice spoke to his back, clear and surprisingly confident. “If… If you don’t take me, I’m telling Mama what you really did with the money she gave you for school supplies!”

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