she decides


LADY ASHFORD: Then let me be clear that I have understood. Your charge - your mulatto charge… LADY MANSFIELD: (fiercely protective) That is enough! DIDO sits staring at the floor. OLIVER cuts in, aggrieved. OLIVER: (to Lady Mansfield) Is it not true enough, your ladyship? LADY ASHFORD: whose unfortunate circumstances of birth, we chose to forgive - has decided she no longer wishes the match with my son - a gentleman and an officer. OLIVER stares across at DIDO. He speaks quietly. OLIVER: Why, Miss Lindsay? DIDO is silent. LADY ASHFORD: (poignant and pained) Do you feel I have any lesser need to ensure my child’s wellbeing and future than you?…(beat)…Does she still have a tongue?
― Excerpt taken from script

Bubblegum Bitch

Summary: When Y/N finds herself wide awake one night, she decides to do some cleaning around the bunker. While listening to Bubblegum Bitch by Marina and The Diamonds, she doesn’t realize he boyfriend is watching her move to the music.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, fluff, smutty goodness

Word Count: 2,448

Request: Can you do a Dean fic smut or fluff (either is fine) of the song Bubblegum bitch by Marina and the Diamonds? Thanks so much! -Anonymous

Can you do a Dean fic inspired by the song Bubblegum bitch by Marina and the Diamonds. Thanks! - @mdoodles101

A/N: Beka ( @impala-dreamer) has been a trooper and an angel. She edited three stories one after another for me! Thanks again sweetie you’re awesome! I hope y’all enjoy, feedback is always welcomed!

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After a long hunt there were a few things you liked to do depending on how bad it was. You could either go straight to bed, have sex with Dean, of go for a run with Sam. Sometimes however, when all these things didn’t help, you were left with a sickening feeling deep within your gut.  And that same sick feeling was making it impossible for you to sleep. So instead you laid in the bed staring at the ceiling, Dean’s arm draped over your body as he snored softly. At least one of you was getting a good night’s rest.

After laying there wide awake for three hours you finally decided to use your time wisely. You carefully lifted Dean’s arm and slid out of bed. He groaned, turning over in the other direction and continuing to snore. You grabbed your phone off the nightstand and tiptoed out of the room, shutting the door behind you. Once outside you leaned against the wooden surface, sighing deeply; the sooner you got over the hunt, the sooner things would get back to normal.

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Autistic Chloe Price Headcannons~

-Her bullet necklace is actually a chew necklace that Rachel got her when she noticed her chewing on so many things she shouldn’t have been

-She only ever wears tank tops year-round because most clothes are sensory hell for her

-Her suspenders are used as a fidget where she’ll pull/tug on them when she’s having a sensory overload

-Her beanie is a comfort item

-When her dad died and Max left she had a meltdown

-When Rachel went missing she had one too before she decided to make the posters for Rachel

-Rachel and Max are the only two people outside of Joyce and William that have seen Chloe flap

-Her special interest is science

-When she found out about Max’s powers that became her special interest and wanted to know everything about them

-When Rachel found out because Chloe accidentally started to happy flap in front of her Chloe got scared that Rachel wouldn’t see her the same before Rachel said “That’s hella punk.”

-Chloe was forever known as A ‘hella punk autistic’ to Rachel and whenever she was feeling down Rachel would remind her of that.

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Whoops! Should have thought of that... Let's try again. Three sentence prompt: Shiro, Pidge, gen, classic cars

All gen all the time 8)

“You know how to drive it?” Shiro asks, in disbelief. “But they’re ancient!”

Pidge’s glasses flash in the light; she grins. “I’ve read the manual.”

(Send me a prompt and I’ll write a three-sentence ficlet!)

@dent-de-leon replied to your post “I feel like Pidge’s shield doesn’t get talked about enough. Like,…”

id also say it shows pidge’s nature as being more protective as opposed to head-on offensive. and being that her lion’s aspect is the forrest (which carries nature symbolism for nurturing growth, life, ect), and also how well she mastered the olkari belief all life is connected, it makes sense why she has the shield—something to protect and preserve—and not a weapon like keith. another thing, pidge is someone who endures and thinks long term. shield could = perseverance

Yeah, I think Pidge has definitely grown to see the team as people inside her sphere of protection and as such it makes sense that she shields them, but she didn’t always think that way. In the beginning she hadn’t yet decided these people were worth her time and effort, even going so far as almost leaving them, before she realizes wait I want to be there for them. 

And there could possibly be a parallel to how she doesn’t really start getting the hang of her shield until after the fall of the Castle and her change of heart. Correct me if I’m wrong but Voltron’s shield isn’t used at all in the first battle against Sendak’s ship right? And then it makes its first appearance in the fight against Myzax, where Pidge fumbles it and clearly doesn’t know how to use it. This could of course be attributed to the team being unfamiliar with Voltron at this early stage in the show, but it could also mean that Pidge hasn’t fully accepted her place on the team and her role as Defense for Voltron. After she decides to stay, after she decides she cares about these people and their cause enough to delay her search for her family, she becomes much more proficient at wielding the shield. And I think that’s because she has accepted them into her “group of people I care about and want to protect” list.

Also I just want to say I really like your last point about Pidge enduring and thinking long term

1.10 Press Release

“Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend” — (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) (TV-14, DL) (HDTV)
TRUE FEELINGS – GUEST STARRING MOLLY RINGWALD — When Fred (Luke Perry) decides to finalize the divorce with Archie’s mother Mary (guest star Molly Ringwald), Archie (KJ Apa) hides his true feelings.  Archie tries to win Valerie (guest star Hayley Law) back with a romantic evening, however, Betty (Lili Reinhart) hijacks his plans when she decides to throw Jughead (Cole Sprouse) a surprise birthday party.  Once Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) learns of the party, she decides to make it interesting and things quickly get out of control.  Meanwhile, Veronica (Camila Mendes) contemplates whether she should participate in the deposition to help get her Dad released.  Madchen Amick and Marishol Nichols also star. Dawn Wilkinson directed the episode written by Britta Lundin & Brian E. Paterson (#110).  Original airdate 4/13/2017.

I’m wondering, what if Nick freaks out when Jess says she’s in love with him and he doesn’t give her an answer and she decides to move out. Then when he meets with this book publisher he’s asked about his book dedication and he has to explain who Jess is and why he chose her to dedicate it to and then he realizes he does sill love her and runs after her.

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How do you think Peridot would decide to have a child? How did the cgs react? Did any of them try to convince her not to?

1. This AU diverges from canon after the events of Gem Harvest. Peridot’s interactions with Andy and Greg make her more curious about what humans are like, so she begins to do in-depth research on them. She finds herself being particularly fascinated by children, for a lot of the same reasons Rose was. She began to wonder about how humans made them and if gem reproduction was possible. She met Laura, that lovely lady who I posted drawings of earlier today, and the two of them hit it off pretty quickly. After a while of being in a relationship with Laura, and learning about Rose Quartz and how Steven was born, Peridot decided she wanted to have a kid.
2. All of them were initially very surprised, Pearl especially. After the surprise died down, the reactions of each of the CGs (+Lapis) were a mixed bag. Steven was happy at first because he would finally meet someone that’s half human and half gem, just like him. But then when he realized that he wouldn’t see Peridot again after Janet was born, he was sad. Pearl was understandably less torn up about it than she was with Rose, as Peridot was just a mere friend of hers. But she was still upset. Garnet was sadder about losing Peridot than one would’ve thought, but she didn’t let her mood affect how she interacted with Peridot before Janet was born. She supported Peridot all the way. Amethyst was actually angry at Peridot for having Jan, and was the only gem who actually tried to persuade her not to do it. Lapis’ feelings were the same as Garnet’s, but she was also just generally confused about Peridot’s decision, because she saw a lot less value in humans than a lot of the other gems did at the time.
3. As I said in 2, Amethyst. She was rather bitter about the whole ordeal, but as Janet grew up, Amethyst tried not to let her feelings about what happened to Peridot affect how she treated her. She knew it wasn’t the kid’s fault, and it would be stupid as hell to hate her just for being born.

This might’ve turned out a little lengthy, but I wanted to answer your questions as best as I could!

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Hey it's me again. So I have a request for you to pick me up after the end of the quarter here. Can you just do an one shot where everybody is a big happy family just eating dinner together? Including the parents? If you could I would love you. Well I already do but you get what I mean right?

Haha, hope you enjoy!


“Evan did you make sure the cookies didn’t burn!” Heidi called from the small dining room. Evan, who had just taken the cookies out of the oven, made a confirming noise as he placed them on a cooling rack. Why his mom had insisted to cook a large meal for eight people was beyond Evan’s mind but Heidi liked his friends and she liked Mr. and Mrs. Murphy so out of the blue she decided to do this. 

When the doorbell rang, Heidi quickly headed to the door. “Connor, Zoe, Cynthia, Larry! Welcome, everything is ready were just waiting for Alana and Jared,” Heidi smiled as she let the Murphy’s into her house. Cynthia and Heidi had become great friends, Cynthia even took Heidi to yoga with her sometimes. Larry liked Heidi, she was a kind woman, and the mother of his son’s boyfriend. 

Alana and Jared arrived shortly after, so they all took a seat in Heidi’s small dining room. Heidi really went all out, cooking a turkey, salads, really all the fixings. Usually it would be just Evan and Connor, or Evan, Connor, Jared, Zoe and Alana hanging out at the house so Heidi would just order pizza for the teens. 

Times like this Evan was thankful for his mom, he was glad she became friends with the Murphy’s, and with his friends, he was thankful she liked Connor. He was just thankful for his mom. “Mrs. H this is delicious,” Zoe smiled, Cynthia nodding in agreement.

Conversation came at ease for everyone. No one felt awkward, no one felt unsafe to talk. They were on big happy family thanks to Heidi Hansen, ina  way they were all thankful for this woman. Cynthia and Larry were thankful she brought their family closer together, Zoe was thankful to have another mom in her life, Connor was thankful he had somewhere to go when everything got to be too much for him. Alana was thankful Heidi taught her to be kinder towards people, Jared was thankful he had made friends because of this woman, Evan was thankful she was his mom.

As for Heidi, she was thankful she brought all these people together. “If you like the meal, you should see the dessert,” Heidi giggled. 

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"Emma is mad because Regina fucking took her parking spot" 😉

“Are you frickin kidding me?” Emma slammed her door shut, ignoring that she’d parked her car in the middle of the parking lot. She stared at the back of the Benz and very nearly slammed her boot into the rear bumper. That spot was her spot. That spot was where she parked every single damn day, except, apparently, for that day because someone—an Evil Queen—had chosen to be petulant.

She drummed her hands atop the Bug’s hood and tried to reign in her flaring temper. It wasn’t as if the spot were designated for the sheriff, after all, and this was a public parking lot. But there were a million parking spots available—even one just for the mayor, so Emma knew this was a personal attack. She couldn’t believe Regina would be that underhanded and mean, and all because Emma had won last night’s game of Trivial Pursuit.

The only thing left to do, she decided, was to leave a ticket.

She circled around her car, popped the passenger door open, and dug into the glove compartment. From within, she grabbed a pad of paper and a pen. She scrawled out “ONE TICKET FOR BEING A JERK – Please pay Sheriff Swan one kiss like you mean it by the end of the day. Late payment results in doubling the fine.” Huffing, she tucked the slip of paper under Regina’s windshield wiper and went to find somewhere else to leave her car.

That kiss later better be awesome, she groused.

“No matter how offbeat-looking Libra woman is, all she need do is decide to appear beautiful, and everyone within view will find it difficult to keep their eyes off her” woow this is true i must admit 

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after L denying camren yesterday i lowkey believe that they had a thing but C decided she wanted solo-so straight image and she didnt want any part of camren so she wanted to shut down the rumours and lauren got hurt. L has said many times that if she is in a relationship she want the other to be proud of her. L seems so angry and hurt and the fact that she just cant ignore camren comments makes me believe SHE got rejected/ignored by C (and not the other way around like in most fanfics lol)

Side note: I’m actually working on a fic where Lauren was the one head over heels in love, but Camila rejects her Hahaha. But we’ll see how it goes. 😂

Comfortable (Ordinary Heroes)

Diana’s eyes narrowed. She wanted to sit on the couch, but her parents were sitting on it. Oh well, she could just sit on one of their laps. But which one? She rubbed her chin. Whose lap would be more comfortable, her mom’s lap or her mommy’s?

She decided to start with her mom’s lap.

Ignoring the look of mild amusement her mom gave her, Diana climbed into her lap and shuffled around a bit before settling down. Her mom’s lap was definitely very comfortable. She reached over and draped one of her mom’s arms around her. There. That was very nice.

But what about her mommy?

Diana climbed out of her mom’s lap and settled in her mommy’s lap. Shuffling around again, she did the same thing as before and then settled one of her mommy’s arms around her.

“What are you doing?” Lightning asked.

Diana fidgeted. Her mommy’s sari wasn’t quite big enough to go around her too, at least not without some adjustment. “I’m seeing whose lap is more comfortable.”

“Is that so? Then maybe you should come back here.”

Diana shrugged. “I don’t know. Mommy’s lap is pretty comfortable, mom. I think I might stay here.”

Diana missed the slight twitch in her mom’s eyes as her mommy patted her on the head and shot her mom a teasing smirk.

“That’s fine, Diana. My lap is better anyway.”

“I don’t think it is,” Lightning retorted. “I think mine is better.”

Diana ignored their bantering in favour of reaching for the chocolate bar in her pocket. She could eat it while watching television. Drawn by the sound of her parents’ voices, Averia strolled into the room.

“Averia,” Lightning said. “Whose lap is better, mine or your mommy’s?”

“Huh?” Averia stared. “I don’t know. They’re probably pretty similar.”

Lightning’s eyes narrowed. She hated to lose. “Diana thinks your mommy’s might be better. We need a second opinion to be sure. Get over here.”

“I am not sitting on your lap!” Averia cringed. “I’m nine years old, mom.”

“Get over here.”

Week Twenty One on Accutane


Hi friends!

If my progress was a human, it could legally drink today.

So right now I am a big ball of emotion. I’m extremely happy, yet extremely frustrated.

Yesterday I had my 5 month checkup with my derm. She said my skin looks great (yay!) and we discussed some post-Accutane scar removal. I knew all along that I was going to need to complete 6 months, but the question in the air was whether or not I would need to do an additional month. I was on pins and needles. She looked at my face and decided that….*drum roll* ……she would decide next month.

*internal screaming*

So I could be completing my last month right now OR still have two months left.

I feel like a balloon that someone let all the air out of.

Good news is my skin is doing AMAZING. I haven’t had a single pimple in weeks. All the closed comedones under my skin have seemed to vanish, or their slowly rising to the top of my skin and then vanishing. Either way, I could not be happier.

As for side effects, I’m still very dry. Of course. I’m also very, very red. I flush really easily. This is hard because while my skin is clear, it doesn’t necessarily look clear do to the scaring and redness. But I’d much rather tackle those two things than the breakouts I was having before.

Here’s mah face:

You all are like….the best ever.



Y’all as much as I love Lucretia and DO believe that she was doing what she was doing because she loves her friends and was trying her best I still think it’s fucked up that she decided to steal a century of her friends’ lives without their permission… like taking away their choice in that matter and making them all forget who they are and then bringing them back in and making them work towards something they had previously decided they DIDN’T want to do…. is A Rude Thing at the very least

Someone recently accused me of being a genuinely nice person??? ME!  The woman who just this morning used 4 different flavors of swear words to chew out a fellow motorist who had their wipers on but not their lights and didn’t use a blinker while changing lanes in the rain.  ME! who often hangs up the phone at work only to hiss “maybe if you used your goddamn brain, you wouldn’t need to be fucking transferred.”  ME! who one time decided she didn’t need one of the items she placed on the checkout counter and actually asked the cashier to set it aside instead of walking it back to the proper shelf like a decent human being would

I am not a nice person.  I’m the WORST

@dusty-cookie I feel so sorry for Negan, he’s literally walking around with a big grin on his face and no idea whats really happening. I also feel sorry for RAe. She doesn’t know what to think or who she can trust. Everyone is lying or to put it another way, everyone is telling their version of the truth. The stakes are so high in TWD world, it must be in the back of her mind that whatever she decides to do then people are going to get hurt. Its gonna be so hard for her to make a decision when she see’s the deal he has with Rick and the way he leads his people. 


Pansy let out a frustrated sigh as she went into her bedroom.  For a long time she just paced back and forth, frustrated at even wasting time worrying about Ruby’s feelings.  It was clear Ruby cared about no one else but herself.  Pansy suspected the only reason she agreed to tutor Pansy was because she needed help with one of her own classes. Finally she decided to take care of her small indoor garden.  That always seemed to help calm her down and relax her.