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Random thought that might not make any sense (pardon any wrong things here):

You know how Matt was rescued by a rebel group? What if he was also trained to fight to the point where he could fight as well as the people from the Blade of Marmora? Imagine when Pidge ‘rescues’ him (or at least if Voltron forms an alliance with their group) all the sparring sessions - he’d be able to beat Keith, who’s basically the team’s best swordsman. (Pidge and Shiro’s mind would be totally blown because this is not who they knew, yet it’s still Matt.)

Or it could be that the rebel group forms an alliance with Voltron before Pidge or Shiro knew that Matt was in there. And since Matt is probably really smart (as smart or more so than Pidge probably) he’d probably get a high position in the group, like a tactician or one of the commanders. And then, what if the mission both groups are carrying out goes south. What if just then Matt from the command center realizes something wrong after staying quiet and just yells, “Something is wrong, you need to get out of there immediately!” And Pidge is taken by surprise and manages to gasp out “Matt?”

Katie? What are you–

“Matt, this is where you’ve been all this time–”

A voice full of awe. “Katie. You’re a paladin of Voltron. You’re… you’re crossing galaxies beyond what Earth would have even imagined, and you’re… you’re… actually making change.”

“Matt, please tell me where you are right now–”

An explosion. “Katie– Team Voltron, you need to get out immediately

“Matt, Matt, please–”

Find Dad, Katie. For both of us.” A soft smile. “Tell Mom I love her.”


A whisper. “I love you.”

They don’t even get to meet because they’ve been communicating through an intercom. The signal goes flat.

Pidge stays silent for the rest of the mission. She doesn’t hear from Matt again.

shes done, Veronica out. time to pretend she never murdered anybody and watch a movie with Martha. then move on and work on stealing everyone’s girl. bye.

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Could I request RFAxMC angst where MC doesn't come home from work, then later the RFA gets a phone call saying she got in a car crash? If not that's ok^^


~He wasn’t too worried when you were late because you sometimes went downtown to get some takeout for the two if you 
~But after an hour he had to admit that he was a little worried about you because it never took you this long so he decided to call you 
~Once dialed the number it rang for a minute before someone picked up”Hello” the person said
~”Uhh how do you have my fiances phone? Who are you”He asks angrily awaiting an answer.
~”Oh you’re her fiance you need to get here now shes been in a car crash an-” He hangs up and starts to go to the hospital
~when he gets there and he sees you he just breaks down a little seeing you like this hurts him so bad
~”I have to be strong for her”He whispers to himself


~He’s already late home so when you’re not there he panics because you’re usually home by now
~He tries to stay calm but ultimately fails because his princess could be in danger and he,the knight,cannot be there for you
~He calls you and when nobody picks up he freaks out even more than he was before so he gets on his motorcycle and starts to drive around town 
~He sees an ambulance and thinks you must of been stuck in traffic and had no signal but as he gets closer he sees a very familiar car that’s completely totaled
~”MC!”He shouts parking his motorcycle and running towards the scene and they try to hold him back
~”Please stand back sir”
~”No you dont understand thats my girlfriend is she ok?”He frantically asks
~The police officers look at eachother then look back at him”Im sorry sir but she was found dead at the scene”
~He just stands there tears rolling down his face before letting out a heart wrenching sob not caring who hears


~She was always home late but you,you had no excuse to be this late 
~It was already dark out and your workplace wasn’t to far from the house that you two shared plus,you were never late unlike her
~It worried her that you weren’t home yet but when her phone rang from an unknown number she picked up immediately
~”Hello is this…Jaehee..Kang?The person asked.
~”Yes…why are you there something wrong with MC?”She replies quickly
~”Yes there is you need to get to ___ Hospital immediately she was in a car crash and we’re not sure if she’ll make it or not”Jaehee immediately hangs up grabs her keys and is on her way
~ The car ride there was nerve-wracking she was trying not to ry but it was too late tears were already streaming down her face
~When she got there and saw you her heart just broke,you looked so weak and defenceless and she hated it but there was nothing she could do about it


~It took you weeks to let him agree to let you keep you job even though you technically didn’t need it,not at all 
~But you wanted to work and if it made you happy that’s all that mattered because its just work its not like you could get hurt or anything
~There this little thing I learned in 7th grade its called foreshadowing
~He came home early expecting to see you waiting for him but instead he got a quiet almost empty penthouse and this worried him
~He immediately got on the phone with your boss and demanded to know where you were but when he said that you left an hour ago instant worry flooded through his mind
~Already expecting the worse he got a call from the hospital and they said you were in critical condition he didnt just feel sad he felt angry
~Angry at himself for letting you go and not just letting you stay home where it was safe


~He begged you to stay home with him today but you told him that you needed money 

~”But MC we have tons of money”He whines holding onto your leg with you trying to shake him off

~”Get off me Saeyoung…goddamnit I’m gonna be late”You grab your bag and run out the door just leaving him sitting there waiting for you to come back
~He decides to get some work done whatever that is maybe end up prank calling Yoosung and making him cry…fun times
~But when your not back in time and he saw you leave on the cameras he got very worried 
~He tracked your phone and it was headed for the nearest hospital and then he went into full on panic mode and got in his car and started speeding not caring if he got pulled over that could be dealt with later but right now all he cared about was you
~”Please be ok please god”He prayed trying to calm himself down but failing horribly
~Once he got there he rushed straight for your room but by the time he got there the doctors were shutting the door
~”Hey wait I’m her fiance tell me whats going on”He says out of breath

~The doctor looks down at his clipboard and looks back up”Are you Saeyoung Choi?”
~”Yes I am please tell me whats going on with MC”He begs
~”I’m sorry but by the time we got there….she was gone”
~”NO…I refuse to believe this tell me this is a joke please”He grabs onto the doctor.”Do something anything I cant lose her”
~The nurses ended up dragging him away and he had to call Saeran to drive him home because he just didn’t trust himself to drive home


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The reason why said fangirling took so long to be sent was because I was speechless. Like, I was so speechless the entire time. In short: MINHO— NEED I GO ON???; AND Y/N OMG LIKE SHES PROBS DEAD; IM MAD AT MY YOONGI LIKE IM SORRY BUT HE DESERVED WHAT Y/N SAID TO HIM FFS; aND POOR TAEHYUNG LIKE OMG I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU BBY AND EVERYONES MAD AT YOU AND IFMNDKSJDKSJJF; AND JUNGKOOK OMGGGGG 😩; JIMIN CAN KISS MY ASS 😤. But the main point of this whole sob fest: MINHOOOOOOOOOOOO 😭💕

casper-rose said to jungk0oksthighs:
This update killed me in a good way. Laura, you’re doing great sweetie. 💕

minho… rip :(((( thank you so much for reading and as always for being so unbelievably kind! i don’t deserve you! sending all my love and thanks again! <3333

signs as awkward shit molly hooper says
  • aries: i’ve seen much worse, but then I do post mortems!!… OH NO SORRY<br>
  • taurus: and we’re having quite a lot of sex!!<br>
  • gemini: if there’s anything I can do, anything you need, anything at all you can havE ME… no..I just mean...I mean, if there’s anything you need…ITS FINE<br>
  • cancer: *feminine moan* OH NO THAT WASN’T…I-I DIDN’T<br>
  • leo: it’s okay it was my pleasure… i don’t mean pleasure I mean I didn’t mind I wanted to!!<br>
  • virgo: jim works upstairs in IT that’s how we met!! office romance!!<br>
  • libra: but got to stay positive. nobody wants an unhappy person working in a morgue…not that they want a particularly happy one either <br>
  • scorpio: how did sherlock recognize her from….not her face?<br>
  • sagittarius: have dinner???<br>
  • capricorn: he's nice we- he’s got a dog we go to the pub on weekends an- I’ve met his mom and dad, his friends and all his family and I havE no idea why I’m telling you thiS<br>
  • aquarius: it’s okay!!everyone else is busy with…christmas um </p>
  • pisces: you’re a bit like my dad…he’s dead! no sorRY</p>

alright but imagine Phoenix with a huge family and trying to invite all of them to his wedding

“Phoenix when was the last time you saw your Aunt Margaret”

“Um like…………… 1998 maybe”

“You were 6 years old”

“But Miles she’s family”

“Phoenix your Grandma Ruth is dead”


“Your mother called us 6 months ago to tell us she was dead”

“Oh really”


magnet chiropractor in armor oh yes. I tried to give him as close to historical Norse/ viking armor as I could (minus the parka lol), but if there are mistakes please forgive me!

also a bonus bunch of magnuses with headcanon appearances based on who his godly parent might be. I personally like the way the Baldur dad Magnus turned out.

Sweater Maintenance

Inspired by anon submission in the Transcendence AU blog, which you should definitely check out. May continue? (idk)

Dipper couldn’t remember when the sweater had first gotten so ragged around the edges. 

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