she da boss

miryel89 replied to your postPINESCONE, AM I RIGHT??? 

Host Club Pinescone au omg… We have… We have to make some art about it… Wirt/Haruhi and Dipper/Tamaki, or vice versa? Ahahahaha… ok, i’m sick i know…

Did you just mention my favourite anime? Of all times?? I don’t think this would suit them tho… Like, here’s how I can imagine this possible going: Club was Mabel’s idea (so girls are hostesses as well). Mabel is da boss! She, obviously, lured Dipper in. Since it’s Oran, Pines family is famous, so Dipper is used to acting on behalf of his family, and (as in the Tourist Trapped episode) he knows how to make girls like him (though he gets so flustered and embarrassed inside every time that Mabel has to reassure him at least 2 times a week that it’s ok and everybody understands it’s just a club, and that everybody just want to have a good time talking to nice people and stuff, and that Dipper doesn’t have to do anything that makes him uncomfortable) 

Wirt would obviously get in there by accident… perfect Haru! I’m sure Dipper would’ve just let a poor student go, but Mabel saw it as an opportunity (come on, Wirt is cute, and nerd as well, Dipper would love to have this guy around!) She didn’t, however, expect them to fall for each other… And again, they didn’t have a Romantic Poet type in the Club before, so Wirt ended up being one of the hosts! 

What other people should be hosting there? Wasn’t there a young boy from the middle school or something in OHSHC? In any case, that’s just a good reason to put Greg in there to just be cute, eat candy like Honey sempai haha. So we have Mabel (The Queen of the club, who pretty much created this club trying to get to know Pacifica better), Dipper (The Prince, though obviously not like Tamaki, everybody knows Dipper is a nerd, who just happened to be handsome and nice), Wirt (The Poet, who blushes easily and who is pretty sensitive and sweet, and who sometimes reads poetry, attracting a bunch of people in the room and just everybody love Wirt), Greg (The Little Brother type, who is mostly cute and chatty, but sometimes he can say something so intence and deep that it kinda crushes the room into a complete silence, while Greg comes back to his normal child self). Maybe Beatrice (The Bird, straightforward and open)? There are not a lot of male characters to put in there tho. 


honey where's my super suit?


My Super Suit!

I put it away!


why do ya need ta know?

i need it.

uh uh we’ve been planning this dinner for two months!

woman we are talkin’ about the greater good!

i’m your wife i’m the greatest good you evea gonna get!


Rachel Duncan face appreciation post.

Just look how she turns her head seductively.

She knows whose da boss; the way she conducts herself is evidence enough of her classy upbringing and she does it with style (Hmm da suits).

Ray Ray knows exactly what to say and how to say it and she doesn’t even flinch. Yes, she is a real bitch.


Rachel Duncan has taken over my life and I’m glad she did.