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Pyrrha Nikos for character study. Any character. Your writing makes my day and I'd love more of it :)

Hey there friend! This is messy and like fuck we have no idea what the silver-eyed warriors actually are but have some angst and shameless foreshadowing

“You know,” the redhead remarks calmly. “They have legends about people like you.”

           The girl being addressed—a tiny, little thing with short dark locks and wide, curious eyes—blinks in surprise, midway through shoving an entire cookie into her mouth.

           “Wha’?” she tries to ask around the treat.

           Pyrrha laughs softly, smiling at the younger girl’s antics.

           “My father used to tell me stories about silver-eyed warriors,” she explains, looking away to stare out at the cityscape of Vale. She rubs absentmindedly at her bares arms, a faraway look settling over her eyes.

           Ruby tilts her head, swallowing the cookie and studying Pyrrha in the moonlight.

           “Silver-eyed warriors?” she asks. “What does that mean?”

           Pyrrha shrugs. “I don’t believe it means anything. That’s just what they were called.”

           “Well, what did they do?” she asks. She shifts on the fence she’s perched on, while Pyrrha reclines against it, arms folded across her chest. With the current seating arrangement, the two girls are eye-level, despite their considerable height difference.

           It pleases Ruby immensely, and she smiles to herself as Pyrrha gathers her thoughts.

           “Back before Huntsmen, before Kingdoms, it was said that those born with silver eyes were destined to lead the life of a warrior,” she recites softly. “The silver-eyed warriors could strike fear into the hearts of Grimm with just a glance.”

           Ruby chews on her lip, swinging her feet where they hang suspended above the ground.

           “Is that really possible?” she asks.

           “Probably not,” Pyrrha admits with a rueful smile. She laughs to herself before sighing. “My father…I think he sort of viewed it as a challenge. He grew up hearing stories about these wondrous, valorous individuals with silver eyes, and then he’d go look in the mirror and see the greenest eyes in the world. He felt…slighted, I think.” She purses her lips, considering it.

“I bet he would have been a great silver-eyed warrior,” Ruby chirps. “Isn’t there a way Dust can change your eye color?”

           Pyrrha laughs. “I think it was a bit more than that,” she replies. “The Nikos family—my family—has always put an emphasis on destiny.”

           “What do you mean by that?” Ruby asks slowly, glancing down at the other girl.

           “Just…” she laughs a bit breathlessly. “This is going to sound so arrogant, but it’s widely believed that our family is simply…destined for greatness.” She shrugs. “There’s this understanding that no matter how hard you train—or if you don’t train at all—you will have greatness thrust upon you.” She flexes the fingers of her hand. “Whether you are ready for it or not.”

           Ruby’s brow furrows, and she reaches for another cookie in the bag she brought. “But like, what if you don’t train? And you go off and get eaten by an Ursa? That’s not greatness, is it?”

           Pyrrha chuckles quietly. Only Ruby could add such levity to a conversation.

           “Dying like that would be tragic,” she allows with a small smile, amused at the smaller girl’s question. “But then, dying in and of itself is not nothing. Death carries immense weight, does it not? We are all destined to die, yes?”

           Ruby shrugs, disliking the conversation’s course.

           “Well, yeah,” she remarks, nibbling on a cookie. “But like, not tomorrow, right?”

           Pyrrha laughs then. Loud and real and with the depth and clearness of a bell.

           “Not tomorrow,” she agrees, turning to send a smile over her shoulder. She offers a hand to help the other girl down, and Ruby readily accepts, twining their fingers and leaping from the fence to land softly in the grass below.

           “Maybe you could start a new trend,” Ruby suggests as they walk, offering the last cookie to the elegant warrior. “The green-eyed warriors.”

           Pyrrha chuckles, accepting the cookie. “I’m not quite sure it works like that,” she admits.

           “Sure it does,” Ruby chirps. “You could totally strike down a Grimm with just a glance or whatever. And Weiss would definitely try and change her eye color to join.”

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